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Ancient History


WHO Lists:

(See WHO Lists)


10 characters. Total online: 10.
Hum [ Triat Weaver ] Cordir.
Hum [ Greater God ] Tokugawa.
Aar [ Bard: 17 17 17 ] Ethran would be Lost without DarkClaw.
Gno [ God ] Lycron, Lord of the Crimson Sun.
Elf [ Greater Goddess ] Tamar, dreaming of dreams
Hel [ Wa:12 Th: 9 Ma:15 ] Malice, the amazing Half-Elf.
Dwa [ Founder ] Tynian is 99.217% distracted.
Hum [ Bard: 13 7 4 ] Foghair will sing for spell scores
Elf [ Ra:30 Ma:30 Th:30 ] Ghazkull, Triat Initiate. *Almond* *CBS:1923*
Hel [ Bard: 30 29 24 ] Cicero, Gleeman of the Nexus


Year Description

Weddings & Ceremonies

Weddings & Renewals Ordainments & Ceremonies
The Wedding of Estrelle & Crowbar - Log by Mort, approx. 1995 The Ordainment of Nyx by Cordir
The Wedding of Syla & Pyros - Log by Kaern, approx. March 1996. [1] The Ordainment of Dantrag by Solanthas
The Wedding of Natilena & Zakath The Ordainment of Chronic by Molo
The Wedding of Jahiliya & Zrie The Ordainment of Whitehawk by Okk
The Wedding of Cordir & Keller The Ordainment of Thingone by Kerriariadne
The Wedding of Cordir & Deamhan The Ordainment of Armalag by Tamar
Thaygar Informs Cordir & Deamhan it's time to Renew Their Vows The Ordainment of Clue by Cordir
The Wedding of Katrana & Solaron The Ordainment of Legolas by Tamar
The Wedding of DarkClaw & Garland The Ordainment of DarkClaw by Cordir
The Wedding of Marisa & Talen The Ordainment of Tassadar by Plato
Siren & Thaygar Renew Their Vows Bliss is "Ordained" by Vorax
The Wedding of Lania & Solanthas The Ordainment of Lanfear by Cordir
The Wedding of Gwenhwyfar & Elladan The Ordainment of Garland by Tripper
The Wedding of Bliss & Hornblower The Ordainment of Vivi by Natilena
The Wedding of Areanna & Whitehawk The Ordainment of Fobro by Clue
The Wedding of Aoife & Whitehawk The Ordainment of Mistyfier by Clue
The Wedding of Riella & Tiax The Ordainment of Riella by Tiax
The Wedding of Alyria & Rath The Ordainment of Ink by Solanthas
The Wedding of Tranquility & Noctus The Ordainment of Schwartz by Coleman
The Wedding of Aslan & Talyn The Ordainment of Tay by Isolas
The Wedding of Mystaya & Seraph The Ordainment of Kethran by Cordir
The Wedding of Erian & Isolas Rededication of the Sanctuary of Fate
The Wedding of Sybill & Azeworai DarkHeart Joins Virtue
The Wedding of Katrana & Rashiel Mystic Initiation
The Wedding of Lynain and Azar Three Acolytes Seek Mastery
The Wedding of Evelyn and Ghazkull

Contest Entries

Area Runs & Mobs

Player Versus Player

Notes & Assorted Items

In Character Interviews

Hybrid Logs / Stories

Continuing Stories

Mind Blank Spell

The Soul Stealer

Fateful Hours & Bardic Circles

For these logs, please visit the Fateful Hour and Bardic Circle pages.

Please also visit the Chosen of Fate page for links to all of their special event logs.