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Viteazu (I)
Created 2006-02-02
Status Active
Race Ogre-Kin
Classes Bard

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Viteazu is one of the reasons I made it past level 10 as a bard. He was extremely helpful as I figured out the class mechanics and we even wrote a song together--my very first--to thank Cordir for auctioning a bag of scores and scrolls one night when we bards were feeling neglected. He and I had to pool all of our money together to buy it since neither of us alone was rich enough to win the auction. We still would have lost had Tikruul not bowed out after our pathetic all-in bid. We make an interesting pair, he being a dim-witted Half-Ogre and me being an overly verbose Elf, but I certainly would not have continued playing the class without him to show me the ropes.

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