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Silonch (I)
The Pest of the Arch-Lich
Created April 24, 1998
Status Inactive
Race Elf
Classes Mage
Last Seen August 10, 2011
Followed Molo


Mud Contributions:

Silonch: How deep is the knowing

Fri Oct 13 13:39:08 2000
To: all
Heart's blood
dream woven
through all that I am.
Soul bound
through lifetimes
Traversing worlds
Spanning time
Hauntingly beautiful
Blessedly sweet
deeply held
Forever mine

Silonch: Secret Hearts

Sat Aug 12 12:41:18 2000
To: All

The secrets of a heart remain sacred
Given and held in trust
Seek it not, for it's purchase
Be it blessing or curse
Is not for the likes of thee.

I will die ten thousand times
and lie down in the arms of my enemy
Before I take one step
to be less then what I am - and be only
What you would make of me

And thus, I remain only
In everything that was
and a faint whisper
of sweet dreams to be
Thy ghost a fleeting memory

I wish there was a place for me
Where something awaits me other then hurt
I do find it only in my dreams
and never, ever
At the hands of men.

The secrets of a heart remain sacred
Given and held in trust
Seek it not, for it's purchase
is both blessing and curse
when it is not held
By thee.

Silonch, Sorceress of the Black Conclave of Nashite
Devoted Pest of the Arch Lich

To Those Who Would Seek Lord Nash

(written for the temple of Drakar: The Nashite Sodality of Peace)

"To those who would seek Lord Nash:

Know that this journey is not an easy one, nor for the weak of heart, or 
for those of fickle spirit. 

Worship with no small measure. Once blessed, build a sacristy, deep within 
your soul. Let no other enter. Let the praise of Lord Nash beat in the 
rhythm of every heartbeat. Breathe faith into your lungs. Tattoo it, or 
etch it, with blood upon your forehead. Allow FAITH to nourish and light 
all that you are.

Sing Lord Nash's praises from the rooftops. Fell the walls with your joy.
Fear not the massive that rise against you, for they are set to make you
strong. They are GIFTS.  Understand that faith, by its very nature, does
not require proof. Know that in the very act of belief - the bonds of this
sacred trust - there is an untouchable power and peace.

Waiver not from your quest. Find perfection in the voice of your God, the
hands of your brothers and sisters, and by the grace of Lord Nash, in the
truth of your own heart. 

Only in Lord Nash is there immortality and faith without end. Blessed be 
those who believe.

- Silonch, Witch of the Black Conclave of Nashite
Devoted Pest of the Arch-Lich"

Current Description:


A soft blush stains the cheeks of the slight elven girl as she notices your gaze.  
She shyly looks up through her lashes and whispers, "Pardon me."
She sidesteps out of your path, and then glances back.
"Can I be of service?  What seek thee?"
She unconciously covers a spot just below ...where her heart should be.
She waves a soft goodbye.
Perhaps we shall meet again, and you will share your story.
Silonch has a special twinkle in her eye.
Silonch is in perfect health.  

Silonch is using:
<used as light>     (Glowing) a war banner
<worn around neck>  (Artifact magic) a Minor Amulet of Health
<worn on body>      an elegant green dress
<worn about body>   the grey robes of the clerk
<wielded>           (Potent magic) (Humming) a Mourning Star
<held>              (Moderate magic) a golden rose
<worn with pride>   (Red Aura) the Mark of the Black Conclave
<worn with pride>   (Moderate magic) (Heathen) the Symbol of the High Mage of Kuroth

(Written by Cordir)
You draw a ragged breath at the sight of those eyes; dark orbs filled with an unrequited longing that consumes her days. Like a flame, she burns for one purpose only - but he knows it not. Realizing that you are not he, she turns, head bowed. Her hair falls to shield her face like a midnight black veil streaked with intriguing locks of crimson and starlight, matching the twin auras that swirl about her petite form.
Almost as if she somehow _hears_ your pity and interest, she whirls, the color high in her pale cheeks. "Don't you DARE..." The words are edged out from between gritted teeth, the slightest hint of moisture in her eyes. Her fists clench, but do not stray to her weapons; odd for one who wears the symbol of the Arch Lich's Black Conclave. With such fiery passion, she almost seems more suited to bear Tel's Blade. But no, she has chosen another Path - one to a Perfection as distant as the man who holds her heart... but still, she must strive... or else be extinguished.

(Written by Cordir)
Silver laughter catches your ear, and at its lovely, merry tone you simply must pause and discern its source. Scanning the area, it could only have come from the woman over there… She seems comely enough, with dark, flashing eyes and black hair that is streaked with intriguing locks of scarlet and white. Her clothing is simple but well made, her manner friendly and open…but her aura - and the wicked, bloody Mark she wears with pride - denote her as one of the Lich's loyal servants. What a puzzle, you think. A maid… especially one so seemingly kind and gentle… in the Conclave? She doesn't have the look of a Hunter about her, though the magical shields that swirl protectively about her give tale of her magecraft skills.
She notices your intent gaze, and a light blush creeps over her cheeks. One hand steals up to her throat to close protectively around a necklace of briar roses that lies there. Noting her concern, others in the room glance your way, their hands instinctively much closer to weaponry than her own. One protected and cherished, then, by many… for the auras of her friends are not simply in concert with her own.
Finally, it dawns upon you. The briar rose.. token of the heart given and lost and found again by Fate… those colors in her hair, those eyes, which until recently held only sorrow and longing… now you recognize her…

WHO Lists:

04/29/1998   Elf [ Ma: 5             ] Silonch the Elf Maiden
05/22/1998   Elf [       Ma:10       ] Silonch is a little mage to big for her britches!
06/21/1998   Elf [       Ma:13       ] Silonch thanks Bootmaster & Vecna with all her heart.
12/??/1999   Elf [    Ma:20 Wa:15    ] Silonch, Sorceress of the Black Conclave 
03/??/2000   Elf [    Ma:22 Wa:15    ] Silonch, Sorceress of the Black Conclave 
09/11/2001   Elf [    Ma:25 Wa:15    ] Silonch, Witch of the Black Conclave.    
08/06/2002   Elf [    Ma:26 Wa:15    ] Silonch, Witch of the Black Conclave.    

Character History:

My Precious Silonch,

I know as I write this, my daughter, that some of which you find here will hurt and surprise you. I wish I could be there to guide you and help you through what I know will be difficult times. It is my hope that some of what you learn from this missive will help you make your way through dark and treacherous times. Know one thing, my sweetest child, everything I did, I did for you. Please, trust in my words, and let this new knowledge guide you into a new morrow.

When I was not much older than thee, I spent a great deal of time at the spring in Loth Lorien. It was my favorite place to sit and dream. On one such day, I ran to the spring to find it already occupied. I quickly hid behind a bush and peered through the branches to see who dare invade my sanctuary. A Southern Elf, dressed in royal blue, was lying next to the spring. He wasn't moving, and I feared him dead. I ran for help and my mother and I returned to the spring. My mother had him brought to our home and she worked day and night to save his life. It was not an easy thing, and four days and nights passed before he before life again colored his cheeks. I was sitting beside his bed the next morning when he finally opened his eyes.

For the next three months he stayed with my family, mending his wounds and regaining his strength. I'll not tell you his name daughter, now or ever. You will see why as I continue my story.

I helped him on his daily walks and we spent a great deal of time together. He told me tales of adventure, battles against great evil, and of beauty and riches beyond my wildest dreams. His blue aura assured that I was safe in his company, so my parents would allow me out with him unchaperoned.

Aura alone does not a man make my daughter, never forget that. I was a young and curious girl, and he, a strong and experienced man. I fell in love. He soon was aware of my interest, and of my intent to make him mine. Before long, as most men be, he gave in, and took the sweet innocence that I (unknowingly) entrusted to him.

It was a rapturous few weeks. We would steal whatever time we could and meet to lay in each others arms. It was during one of these times my child, that you were conceived. You are my love, my greatest joy, the only thing I do not regret.

It was after one such stolen sultry night, that a messenger arrived at our door. He was wearing my love's rich blue colors, and said he sought a man of royal lineage. The messenger's eyes fell upon the man behind me, and his face lit up with joy. The words he spoke still echo in my heart.

"I bring great news, sir! The search is finally over! Your lady wife is with child. The child is expected with the dawn of the new moon. Your lady asks you to journey to her side. All welcome the newest heir to the throne!"

My world ended. Your father left without a backward glance. The messenger left my family gold to repay us for the care of your father.

I was given no explanation or apology. And, perhaps that is to be expected, I was naught but a common girl. It would be above my station to hope that I might find a place in his life. I did at least, I thought, deserve to know that he had a wife. But such a word did never cross his lips.

From that day on, I hated the blue aura. I vowed when I learned I was carrying you, that he would never learn of you. I left my parents home and traveled to place west of Og, and there spent the remainder of my waiting time.

As I prepared for your birth, I was alone, and frightened. I feared not only the upcoming birth, but also that I would be virtually unprotected and unable to defend myself. I took the remainder of my gold and ventured silently in to Og, seeking a midwife.

It was there I found Calyx, your guardian. She hid me in her home and aided me with your birth. In exchange, I gave her all that remained of my gold, and my solemn vow that you would be raised in the teachings and faith of Lord Nash. I left you there, my dear, in her care. She will raise you as her own and teach you what you need to know to some day wear the aura you are destined for.

I gave her my word that on day of your 16th ascension, she would take you to Molo, the Arch-Lich of the Black Conclave. You will join the faith. From that day forth, you will walk in safety - wearing the mask of evil. Your father, should he ever learn of your birth, will never find you there.

As I prepare to leave you my dear, I say only two more things. First, forgive me. I could not take you with me on my return to the family. This loss will grieve me every day of my life. But should it be known that I bore a child of the man, my family would send word to your father. That I could not bear. He'll never know of you, as long as there be breath in my body.

Secondly, a word of advice my child. If I could foreswear anything else, it would be this:

I wish you not an evil man, and in these times, there is only the Conclave to hold up the teachings of Lord Nash. Though I trust you will hold your faith dear to you, know this before you give your heart.

Love only a man who wears NO aura. It is in such you will find a man who is his own master. He'll not hide behind faith or following. He will speak only his own mind, not the falsity of heritage or 'belief.' It is in such strength you will find true happiness. His actions will speak of his heart, not the bidding of his god, or his family. I wish this for you my child.

My pen does shake and my tears threaten to blur my last words to you. In a moment I leave a final kiss on your brow. My love goes with you, now and always my daughter. Fare thee well.


  • The memory of a kiss between Silonch and Tripper was the price paid to Baron Marel, for his aid in a ritual to restore eyesight to Talmud the Theologian.
  • Silonch is referenced in the temple of Tripper, as one of the "Three Ladies."
  • Silonch is referenced in the mortal history of Isolas and Corri.
  • Silonch is referenced in the history of Lanfear.
  • Silonch received three mentions in BlissPoll 2000A - Most Enigmatic Mortal, Most Lovable, and Most Friendly.
  • Silonch received votes in BlissPoll 2001B, though it was most likely an attempt at humor: The People You'd Most Want to Take with You to Visit the Master of Magic.
  • Silonch received votes in BlissPoll 2002A, though again, it was most likely humor: What person do you most fear?
  • Silonch took second place in BlissPoll 2002B's vote for Nicest Mortal.
  • Tylorn quested two immortals - one for the restring and one for its crafting - to create a gift for Silonch, seen below.


Worn: (Aflame) the mark of a demon's kiss
Long: Magically aflame in testament to the passions that inspired it, the perfect imprint of a kiss burns here.
Look mark:
Crimson against white, the still-burning mark of a kiss bestowed by one who is demon-kind glows darkly beneath your gaze. Perhaps it is fueled by the still raging desire that inspired it, yet held in check from harming she who bears it by the equally deep love borne her.
Look kiss:
Every being has an essence. Here, a fragment of the fiery soul of one who has given his life to the Arch-Lich, his devotion to Nash, and his heart to the woman who bears his kiss, burns. How it has been wrested from his flesh and bound by his lips' caress as a gift, you can only imagine... and shudder at the thought of any creature being so driven and tormented by passion, devotion, faith and loyalty, that they would willingly give up some bit of their essence into the keeping of another...

Wiki Mentions:



Board Note by Tripper:

[Board 7] Tripper: Silonch, Tripper's Crimson Lady
Fri Sep 14 15:55:43 2001
To followers of: Tripper
Silonch of the Black Conclave is a favored of Tripper. She is a long time friend and to be protected. She does NOT have the heart of the Conclave, but through a mis-guided sense of loyalty cannot or will not desert that which still pains her heart. She is to be loved, and cherished and protected by my Tigers. I will tolerate NO abuse of her.

Isolas' Thoughts:

06/22/2003, Log by Cordir:
Isolas is reading Silonch's history.
Isolas sighs loudly.
Isolas says (in common), 'She is without a heart.'.

You nod.
You say, 'I know.'.
You say, 'I retrieved it for her once.'.

Isolas says (in common), 'She is, at times, my closest friend.'.
Isolas says (in common), 'As she is to many, I'm sure.'.
Isolas says (in common), 'But still, I want to know more.'.

Cordir smiles sadly.

You say, 'we were once sisters.'.

Isolas says (in common), 'In faith?'.

You nod.

Isolas says (in elven), 'And it seems in similar circumstances.'.

You nod.

Isolas says (in elven), 'You, unceremoniously brought into the Conclave against your will, and she promised to Lord Nash before her birth.'.

You say, 'True.'.

Isolas says (in elven), 'Her mother writes, "Love only a man who wears NO aura."'.

Isolas half smiles.

Isolas sighs loudly.
Isolas says (in elven), 'Oh well.'.
Isolas says (in elven), 'Another silly dream of mine, nothing more.'.
Isolas says (in elven), 'It's funny, really.'.

Cordir arches an eyebrow inquisitively.

Isolas says (in elven), 'You lose loved ones, slowly but surely, and your friend is always there for you.'.

Isolas says (in elven), 'And then you wonder, why didn't I see it before? Perhaps she is the one.'.

Isolas says (in elven), 'But then, you do not wish to break what you have built in friendship.'.

Isolas says (in elven), 'And so you dare not speak the words.'.

Isolas says (in elven), 'The ones that change that friendship forever.'.

You say, 'it can be an interesting moment, when you dare to speak or act.'.

Isolas says (in elven), 'When I lost Rosalind, my first love, she was there.'.

Isolas says (in elven), 'When I was thinking I'd never love again, she was there.'.

Isolas sighs loudly.
Isolas says (in elven), 'And yet, without a heart, my feelings could not be returned.'.
Isolas says (in elven), 'By her, rather.'.

Isolas smiles sincerely, something not often seen.
Isolas says (in elven), 'I suppose I shall be going.'.
Isolas says (in elven), 'Thank you for listening, Lady.'.
Isolas says (in elven), 'I'd like to continue later.'.
Isolas smiles.
Isolas says (in elven), 'But, for now, I must depart.'.
Isolas bows deeply.
Isolas stands up.
Isolas leaves north.

Personal Timeline:

April 98 - Silonch is created.

06/21/1998 At level 13, Silonch dies to a demon. Bootmaster attempts a CR but something bad happens. A big (INVIS) mage CR's for Silonch. She later learns that this mage is Vecna. She asks everyone in the realm what they know about him.

July, August, Sept 1998. Silonch wears a title "Hopelessly devoted to...?". When finally asked about it, Silonch reveals that she's hopelessly devoted to Vecna.

Someone tells her that perhaps the Conclave has magic that will help her grow and be strong enough to venture someday with Vecna, so she joins the Conclave at level 16.

She rarely sees the Vortex mage, but pines for him. On one occasion when she was able to see him, she gives him a "love letter" which has been spellbound with her heart.

November 98 (?) Vecna is assisting Duvel with a CR, and has Duvel hold the bag containing the letter while he is on his mission. Duvel dies of plague while in the guild holding the bag, and his trigger sacs his corpse (and the hold bag containing Sil's letter). Silonch is now "Heartless."

October 3, 1999 - In a ritual lasting over an hour, three pieces of a letter are joined, and three pieces of a heart are restored into one... and returned to the lady Silonch who had lost them: Heartless No More

October 14, 1999 - Silonch stumbles into the Copper Dragon, and is promptly slain. The dragon later dies of indigestion, assisted by Skynard.

January 29, 2000 - Silonch of the Black Conclave bad portals to the Longship, and, in her words, 'Doesn't panic for once.' Some of that is due to the gentle guidance of a friend, which inspires her to write "The Face of Courage".

Feb, 2000 - Silonch dies in the Conclave temple, and Tylorn removes her heart from the corpse.

Feb 8, 2000 - Silonch posts, "Tylorn the Hunter"

March 30, 2000 - In an effort to assist Stouthbound with a mob mastery, Silonch dies to Scariz... twice... and looses a level.

April 1, 2000 - Silonch regains 24th level mage.

April 5, 2000 - Silonch turns down Wolfgang for "the 101st time", according to the amorous Wolfgang.

May, 2000 - Silonch levels to 25th Mage / 15th Warrior.

October 13, 2000 - Silonch posts "How Deep is the Knowing.

November 1, 2000 - Silonch's heart is obtained by the Tigers. Mass chaos ensues and threats are levied against the Tigers should it not be returned to Tylorn. Cordir talks to Silonch about the situation. <LOG>

November/December 2000 - *It is believed that Silonch's heart was sacrificed on the floor of the Tiger temple.

October 18, 2001 - Dezmond publicly pledges himself to Silonch.

November 21, 2001 - Silonch of the Black Conclave levels to Ma:26\Wa:15!!!!!!!!!

November 19, 2002 - per the timeline: "Today I had a bad portal to the Chamber of Storms. The Ancient blue Dragon had me for breakfast. Nazinthas, without being asked, retrieved and returned my corpse - intact. His kindness is much appreciated by Silonch, Devoted Pest and Former Blue Dragon Burrito."

November 25, 2002 - Cordir runs a 20 question trivia contest. In a tie breaking final point, Greaver barely wins out over Silonch, with Cynder close behind.

November 30, 2002 - The world is stunned and delighted when Silonch, Witch of the Black Conclave, LEVELS to Ma:27\Wa:15.

January 12, 2003 - Silonch posts Insidious to the TFC forums.

2006 - Silonch joins the Lich and Vecna in alternate realms.

Sunday May 30, 2010 17:12 Silonch (I) reformed from Molo's following. (Against her wishes).

June 2010- March 2014 - Silonch makes sporadic appearances on TFC. She sits in the guild, looking for her Master, her brothers, her Wizard. She writes a secret diary.