The Wedding of Lynain and Azar

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The Wedding of Lynain and Azar

Log created on 8/7/9. This log was kindly submitted by Foolkiller.

Who Trinity:

Hum [ Th: 6 Ma:20. .. . ] Darrin here 1 min gone the next *saavik*
Hel [ Cl: 8 Wa: 9. .. . ] Aethir, Knight Errant of Trinity (E)
Hum [ Th:13 Ma:18 Wa:20 ] Lynain Reznicek of Trinity(E) -=Azar=-
Hum [ Wa:28. .. .. .. . ] Bond.. James, Bond: His Majesty's Secret Service Hum [ Cl:12 Wa: 9. .. . ] Pliskin is no longer naked. (good thing) Trinit[E] Hum [ Cl:16 Wa:18. .. . ] Crysania Trinity*I* -=RANZAR=- Gia [ Wa:17. .. .. .. . ] Hawser: Embraces Infinity for Trinity Elf [ Ma:15. .. .. .. . ] Pippin Silverstone. Temporarily Lost. -=Trinity*I*=- Hum [ Cl:24 Wa:21. .. . ] Azar Reznicek, Trinity {O} TEC, -=Lynain=-

The Temple of the Foolkiller
Have you gone blind? No - giving your eyes a moment to adjust to the lighting, you realize that the Temple of the Foolkiller is not dark, bur neither is it brightly lit. A faint blue light shines from the top of each wall, illuminating words, scriptures and pictures that draw your eyes and tantalize your mind. Above, you see moonlight streaming down over all, yet wasn't it daytime when you entered here? Under you, a luxuriously carpeted floor crawls out to each corner of the room, the color of the carpet is indistinguishable, yet the carpet itself reflects the blue light from the walls in such a way that it appears a fine mist rises from the floor. The walls appear to be dark and foreboding, yet the give off a nourishing warmth and feel that removes your cares from your soul. You see various furnishings selectively placed around the room for your comfort and enjoyment. It is obvious that the owner of this temple regards this as a place of sanctuary and learning.
A large, finely decorated keg of fine wine rests here.
(46) A delicious magic mushroom is here.
A large pretzel, covered with salt, tantalizes your taste buds.
( 5) A cup of elven tea smells fabulous.
(10) A delicate morsel of food, what can you expect for such a price?
( 2) A plum pie looks and smells delicious.
( 7) An apple pie smells heavenly.
( 5) A cinnamon roll sits here, smothered with icing.
( 9) A cake is here.
(Blue Aura) An Orb containing the All-Seeing Eye of Eternity floating
within sits on a marble pedestal in the center of the room.
(Blue Aura) Pippin is here.
(Blue Aura) Crysania is here.
(Blue Aura) TerraHunden is resting here.
(Blue Aura) Cassandra is here.
(Blue Aura) Ayesha is here.
(Blue Aura) Trap is here.
(Blue Aura) Aethir is here.
(Blue Aura) Lynain is here.
(Blue Aura) [[Azar] is here.

The lights in the temple fade

An altar appears at one end of the temple, a soft white light shines upon it

Foolkiller walks to the altar and stands behind it.

A soft light emanates from the altar, shining warmly over you

Foolkiller says, 'Thank you all for coming to this solemn ocassion'.

Ayesha says (in elven) 'I had no where else to frolick, sir :)'.

Ayesha giggles.

Foolkiller says, 'At this time, I would ask the groom to please rise and come stand before me'.

Darkmagic rests.

### Gaul has connected.

### [Pippin told Throckmorton 'trying not to be upset at the fact that shes getting married before me :)']

Azar stands, and walks tward Foolkillers.

Azar pokes himself in the ribs, looking very sheepish.

### [Somewhere, Smiloid flexes]

Foolkiller smiles gently at Azar.

Lynain beams a smile at Azar.

Foolkiller says, 'Azar, friend, warrior, priest, do you have a cohort to stand with you on this day?'.

### [Crysania told Ayesha 'if you have triggers, FK asked that everyone turn them off :)']

Azar nods.

Foolkiller says, 'Then name this person, that he may also be recognized'.

Azar pokes Trap in the ribs.

Trap grins happily.

Azar chuckles, evidently amused.

Foolkiller holds one hand out, palm upturned, towards Trap.

### [Ayesha replied to Crysania 'and I don't belive in triggers :)']

Trap walks forward to join Azar.

Azar laughs.

Foolkiller says, 'Trap, please rise and stand with Azar'.

### Fistandan has advanced to level 7.

Foolkiller says, 'Trap, you are here to support Azar in this endeavor are you not?'.

Trap says 'I stand here friend and Champion of both'.

Foolkiller nods.

Lynain beams a smile at Trap.

Trap smiles happily.

Ayesha raises a hand "I just did the floral arrangements..."

Foolkiller says, 'Then I ask both of you to turn, and look to the door of my temple, and see what awaits Azar'.

### [Rahvin told Fanblade 'not really sure how it works, might be saving throw']

### [Somewhere, Rahvin knocks on the door.]

Azar turns around.

Trap turns as directed.

Pippin smiles happily.

A warm, pale rose light shines down at the temple entrance, illuminating Lynain and Cassandra in a beautiful glow

Trap gasps in astonishment.

Azar grins happily.

Foolkiller says, 'Come forth my children, your time has arrived...'.

Foolkiller beckons Lynain and Cassandra.

Lynain walks slowly towarda the alter.

Darkmagic stares at the sky. Darkmagic drools on himself.

Pippin smiles and sniffles softly.

### [Somewhere, Pippin smiles and sniffles softly]

### Sweetpee has connected.

### [Drakai replied to Phileo 'ok thanks']

### Braden has connected.

### Osiris has connected.

As Lynain and Cassandra move, the light follows, their every move made graceful and lovely by the light

Lynain beams a smile at Azar.

Ayesha whistles appreciatively.

Lynain walks to the altar and curtseys gracefully to Foolkiller.

### [Crysania told Ayesha '*poke*']

Foolkiller beams a soft smile at Lynain.

Foolkiller says, 'Hello my child...are you prepared for this day?'.

Lynain says 'yes my Lord I am'.

Foolkiller says, 'Cassandra, do you stand with her and support her in this endeavor?'.

Cassandra says 'yes i do'.

Foolkiller smiles happily.

Foolkiller says, 'Excellent'.

Lynain beams a smile at Cassandra.

Cassandra beams a smile at Lynain.

Foolkiller raises his hands, and the temple is softly lit by warm candlelight.

Foolkiller says, 'Thank you all for coming to this most glorious of days for Lynain and Azar'.

Lynain eyes shine in the candlelight.

Foolkiller slowly opens the book of ceremonies and adjusts his glasses.

Aethir sniffles softly.

### [Ayesha replied to Crysania 'isolation can kill you from the inside miss, take it from me ']

Foolkiller says, 'Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today in the sight of man and god...'.

Foolkiller says, 'To congratulate Lynain on finally snaring the poor sap she's been chasing for years'.

Aethir chuckles, evidently amused.

Azar grins happily.

TerraHunden smirks.

Crysania giggles.

Lynain nods.

Ayesha sulks in the corner.

Foolkiller says, 'Lord knows Azar has been running, but he finally ran outta gas, and Lynain lassoed him'.

Foolkiller says, 'Marriage is a commitment, a partnership, a love affair. Those who think otherwise do not understand it's meaning at all'.

Foolkiller says, 'It is to celebrate that union that we join these two forevermore in the bonds (or shackles) or matrimony'.

Lynain smiles happily.

### [Lynain group-told 'no fair']

Foolkiller says, 'Lynain, do you, being of sound mind, and gorgeous body, take this pickled amnesiac, Azar, as your lawfully wedded, totally dominated husband?'.

Azar smirks.

Lynain says 'hmm Yes I do Sir'.

Ayesha waves the banner, "Say Yes.."

### [Somewhere, Ayesha waves the banner, "Say Yes.."]

### [Throckmorton told Gaul 'the only thing I'm getting out is the bongolo']

Crysania giggles.

Azar grins happily.

Ayesha whistles a little tune to himself.

Foolkiller says, 'Do you have anything to say to Azar before you are joined?'.

Foolkiller pokes Azar in the ribs.

Azar smiles happily. Azar says 'oh, hehe'.

Foolkiller wasnt talking to you - he was talking to your bride to be.

Azar says 'of course I do :)'.

Lynain says 'Azar I feel very fortuneate to be marrying my best friend'.

Aethir snickers softly.

Ayesha holds up a 9.5 from the German judge.

Azar laughs.

Lynain says 'one who will supply me in mushrooms the rest of my mud life'.


TerraHunden pokes Darkmagic in the ribs.

Darrin arrives suddenly.

Lynain beams a smile at Darrin.

Foolkiller smiles at Lynain.

Darrin rests. Darrin beams a smile at Lynain.

Nayr fades into view.

Darkmagic eats a cookie. Darkmagic eats a cookie. Darkmagic holds food tight. Darkmagic growls.

Pippin has returned from the void.

Pippin ftells 'Scream!'.

TerraHunden drinks water from a water jug.

Foolkiller says, 'Azar, do you, being of sound mind, and potbellied body, take this luscious, if naive, creature as your lawfully wedded, cute as hell bride?'.

Pippin smiles happily.

Ayesha giggles.

### [Aethir told Lynain 'I have something for you to chuckle over later too - remind me']

Azar nods in recognition to you.

Ayesha motions in sign language, "Say Yes...."

Azar says 'I do'.

Azar says 'er, yah :)'.

Darkmagic seconds the motion.

Lynain beams a smile at Azar.

Foolkiller says, 'Do you have anything to say to lynain before you begin your life of slavery..err - Wedded bliss?'.

Azar shakes his head.

Pippin smiles happily.

Foolkiller pokes Azar - Smart Move :)

Lynain giggles.

Azar nods in recognition to you.

Foolkiller says, 'Be there anyone here with the guts to try to talk Azar outta this?'.

Aethir wouldn't do that for the World.

Darkmagic sits down and thinks deeply.

Ayesha yells, "Take her in the Back Azar!" :)

Foolkiller looks around hopefully.

Darkmagic shakes his head.

Pippin sighs loudly.

Foolkiller sighs sadly.

Foolkiller pats Azar on his back.

Azar chuckles, evidently amused.

Foolkiller is truly sorry.

Azar pats Foolkiller on his back.

TerraHunden comforts Foolkiller..

Azar grins happily.

Aethir values his life too much to try and dissuade Azar.

Pippin smiles happily.

Darkmagic nods in recognition to Aethir.

Foolkiller says, 'Would the seconds please produce the manacles..errr - symbols of bondage..ummm - Wedlock?'.

Lynain raises an eyebrow.

Pippin smiles at her Daughter..

Azar grins happily.

Trap fumbles through his many containers in a frantic search. Trap says 'ahh'. Trap raises the ring in triumph.

Lynain nudges Cassandra impatiently.

Cassandra holds out Lynains ring.

Darkmagic giggles.

Foolkiller turns the pages in his book, looking for the centerfold.

Pippin giggles.

Aethir chuckles, evidently amused.

Trap giggles.

### Caliman has advanced to level 12.

TerraHunden gasps as he realizes what you did.

Pippin raises an eyebrow curiously at Foolkiller.

Foolkiller says, 'Please give the rings to the happy couple, that they may exchange them'.

Lynain says ':)'.

Cassandra gives Encircled by Lynain's love to Lynain.

Trap gives Lynain's blue diamond ring w/a golden dolphin band to Azar.

Foolkiller says, 'Lynain - give your ring to Azar and repeat after me...'.

Foolkiller says, 'With this ring...'.

Lynain gives Encircled by Lynain's love to Azar.

Lynain says 'with this ring'.

Foolkiller says, 'YOU ARE MINE!!!'.

Pippin snickers softly.

Azar gasps in astonishment.

Lynain says 'YOU ARE MINE'.

Crysania giggles.

Aethir giggles.

Azar laughs.

Ayesha laughs.

Lynain bounces around.

Darkmagic chuckles, evidently amused.

TerraHunden enthusiastically cheers Lynain to victory.

Lynain bounces around.

Ayesha says (in elven) 'only a human :)'.

Foolkiller pokes Azar in the ribs to get him to wear his ring.

Darrin blends into the shadows.

### Closing link to Darrin.

Azar wears Encircled by Lynain's love on his left finger.

Foolkiller says, 'Azar, gie your ring to Lynain and repeat after me'.

Aethir looks at Azar.

Darkmagic looks at Azar.

Azar gives Lynain's blue diamond ring w/a golden dolphin band to Lynain.

Foolkiller says, 'With this ring..'.

Lynain beams a smile at Azar.

Azar says 'with this ring'.

Foolkiller says, 'I declare my undying love for you, dearest Lynain'.

Trap grins happily.

Azar says 'I declare my undying love for you, dearest Lynain'.

Azar nods at himself. He must be getting senile.

Lynain giggles.

Lynain wears Lynain's blue diamond ring w/a golden dolphin band on her left finger.

Aethir looks at Lynain.

Pippin smiles happily.

Darkmagic looks at Lynain.

Foolkiller says, 'What the Imps have joined together, let no mere mortal or Immortal put asunder'.

Foolkiller says, 'By the power vested in me by the state of intoxication, I now pronounce you man and wife'.

Foolkiller says, 'You may now kiss the bride'.

Aethir chuckles, evidently amused.

Azar hugs Lynain.

Azar kisses Lynain passionately.

Darkmagic cries on Pippin's shoulder.

Ayesha whistles appreciatively.

TerraHunden lets loose a ceiling shaking cheer.

Ayesha is so excited that he cheers just for the hell of it.

Aethir is so excited that he cheers just for the hell of it.

Nayr is so excited that he cheers just for the hell of it.

Crysania is so excited that she cheers just for the hell of it.

Lynain hugs Azar.

Pippin beams a smile at Darkmagic.

Lynain kisses Azar passionately.

Pippin is so excited that she cheers just for the hell of it.

Darrin lets the darkness engulf him his golden eyes shine out.

Azar sweeps Lynain into a romantic waltz.

Foolkiller is so excited that he cheers just for the hell of it.

Lynain bounces around.

Azar gives a pretzel to Lynain.

Someone enthusiastically cheers Azar to victory.

Aethir lits the roof with a wild Cheer!

Pippin beams a smile at Darrin.

TerraHunden hugs Lynain.

Foolkiller lets out a loud WHOOP!!! and slams shut the book.

TerraHunden hugs Azar.

Ayesha yells, "DO THE HUMAN!"

Ayesha blushes as he notices his boo-boo.

Lynain eats a pretzel.

Trap enthusiastically cheers Azar to victory.

TerraHunden says 'congratulaions to you both'.

Cassandra hugs Lynain.

Pippin hugs Lynain.

TerraHunden sweeps Cassandra into a romantic waltz.

Pippin hugs Azar.

Foolkiller says, 'Congratulations you two'.

Cassandra beams a smile at TerraHunden.

Lynain hugs Cassandra.

Trap enthusiastically cheers Lynain to victory.

Ayesha giggles.

Foolkiller shakes Azar's hand.

Azar thanks you heartily.

TerraHunden says 'now let the festivities begin'.

Lynain hugs Foolkiller.

Foolkiller hugs Lynain.

TerraHunden grins happily at Cassandra.

Ayesha winks at Crysania.

Trap hugs Lynain.

Darkmagic congradulates lynain.

Pippin kisses her daughter lightly on the cheek.

Foolkiller says, 'Ok - LET'S PARTY!!!!'.

Lynain hugs Pippin.

Trap hugs Azar.

Nayr grins evilly.

Pippin grins happily at Foolkiller.

Darkmagic congradulates Azar.

Ayesha starts drinkin'.

Pippin beams a smile at Nayr.

Lynain beams a smile at Nayr.

TerraHunden cheers Foolkiller on, confident that he will win.

Azar kisses Lynain.

Darrin utters the words, 'portal'.

Aethir wraps both Azar and Lynain into a largeish hug.

Crysania gossips 'CONGRATS LYNAIN AND AZAR!!!!'.