The Hat of Doom

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(Notes: For a time, all of those who wished to become Immortal had to first seek out the Guru, and pledge an Oath of Questing. They were then assigned a number of Quest items to obtain, depending on their level. Each of the Quest items had to be an object that they could normally wear or wield; no metal quest items for mages, etc. These items could only be found through use of a 'third sense' that only Questors had, called ESP. Only a Questor could see the special identifying marker of (Glittering) upon the Quest Item, so there was no getting your friends to help! And then came the tales of those who did find the items, and the results... Exact date unknown: Approximately 1997/1998)

Cordir is carrying:
(Glittering) a fur hat
(Red Aura) a Crest of Lord Nash
bag made from Ivarr hide

Tokugawa tells Cordir, '1u 1e, he said he'd help.'

Entrance to Temple Courtyard
[Exits: west up]
(Blue Aura) Brand is here.
(Invis) (Blue Aura) Quinntum is flying here.
(Blue Aura) Tokugawa is here.

Cordir bows deeply.

Tokugawa looks at Cordir.

Cordir says, 'Greetings, Gentlemen.'

Quinntum says, 'Hello Cordir.'

Tokugawa says, 'Hi.' Tokugawa grins happily.

Brand says, 'hola.'

Cordir says, 'Brand, would you be willing to assist me?'

Tokugawa tells Cordir, 'which item is it?'

Brand says, 'sure, what you need?'

Cordir says, 'Well, I am about to wear a Questor item.'

Quinntum cringes in terror!

Brand says, 'and?'

Cordir says, 'I have heard rumors of horrid things happening when folks do that.'

Tokugawa nods.

Cordir says, 'Such as being stunned, damaged, etc.'

Brand says, 'ahh.'

Cordir says, 'I was wondering if you would assist me in case I am rendered

Cordir tells Tokugawa, 'hat.'

Brand says, 'sure.'

Cordir crosses her fingers for luck.

Tokugawa tells Cordir, 'heh, I cant see the flag now.'

<320hp(320) 275ma(275) 292mv >
Cordir stops using a pair of spectacles.
Cordir wears a fur hat on her head.

An eerie quiet falls and you can hear your heart beat.
The wind starts blowing, stronger and stronger... Pain and
Agony fill your being...
Lightning flashes all around. A bolts slams into your chest!
A sudden thunder clap knocks you to your knees!
From the storm a voice says, 'Congratulations Cordir. 4 left.'
The storm retreats, leaving you stunned on the ground.

<243hp(320) 210ma(275) 217mv >
A warm feeling fills your body.

<320hp(320) 210ma(275) 217mv >
Brand looks at Cordir.

Quinntum checks on Cordir's health.

Brand grins happily.

Quinntum says, 'perfect health.'

Cordir says, 'My thanks, Brand.'

Tokugawa claps at Cordir's performance.

Brand says, 'any time.'

Cordir says, 'Four more to go.'

Quinntum cringes in terror!

Tokugawa tells Cordir, 'where did you find it?'

Brand says, 'you actually have to wear em?'

Tokugawa nods in recognition to Brand.

Brand winces. Ouch!
Quinntum says, 'man...'

Brand shivers uncomfortably.

Cordir says, 'If it is an item I cannot wear or wield... I am out of luck.'

Quinntum says, 'what do they do tho?'

Tokugawa says, 'wonder how long you would say there stunned.'

Cordir says, 'Tokugawa, when you wielded the weapon, did it disappear?'
Cordir says, 'My hat vanished...'

Tokugawa says, 'yes.'

Cordir says, 'ok.. good.'

Cordir says, 'Lets see if I can find another!.'
Tokugawa says, 'good luck.'

Cordir says, 'Thanks. I'll need it.'

<end scene>

(Additional Notes: Cordir was to try for many days to obtain the five items required for completion of the Quest. Unfortunately, the Questor was challenged to obtain them without dying. Cordir's search took her to many parts of The Realm - and she died... a lot. Each death nullified that Quest, and any items she had obtained to that point. So she would start over... and over... until she finally died so many times that she lost 30th level. To regain it, she had to 'convert' and become a 3x character, which caused her to lose two more levels, due to the difference in exp charts. She fell to 27th level, and once more, began the slow trek to her goal; Immortality.)