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Samiyah (I)
"The Singer From The Sands"
Winner of the Laurel
Created July 18, 2010
Status Active
Race Human
Hometown Tribal Sands
Classes Bard
Followed Seraph
Currently Unaligned
Partner Blood-Bonded:Ghazkull
Parents Mortal:Zahra & Rasul
Spiritual: Seraph
Relatives Sister to Jamilla
Blood-Oathed Sister to : Cresom
Following Choir

Mud Contributions:


  • Won a writing contest for Bliss's new office (see note below). (05/28/12)
  • Won a restring writing competition, hosted by Hedschott. (06/09/12)
  • Won a letter writing competition, as part of Ink's three part quest. (08/03/12)
  • Won a 'Character Development' competition, hosted by Tes. (12/02/12)
  • Won the prize for 'Most Creative' performance, in the Love Our Immortals bardic circle, hosted by Aoide. (02/08/13)
  • Won the Three Witches quest content competition hosted by Natilena. (03/25/13)
  • Won second place in the Olympics Haiku Competition (0209/14): Souls across the globe / Some hunt - some sing - some wander / All find Challenge here
  • Wrote the description for Suriel's Icy Indifference, the winning snowman in the 2013 Snowman Wars.
  • Wrote the description for Sledward Snowed-In, the snowman of the Lost in the 2016/17 Snowman Wars.

[ 20] Bliss: Office rewrite Winner = Samiyah!
Mon May 28 10:32:11 2012
To: all
Samiyah wins! Congrats and on pet too.
Soloban 2nd place winner.
I will reward you soon!

Maps and Stuff

  • Updated Hovelton Farms map to include an additional 20 rooms. (July 18, 2012)
  • Worked with Soloban to correct errors on maps for Cymraeg, Temple of Isiira and The Jungle. (July 15, 2012)
  • Created 'Bard Chart' (Excel spreadsheet posted to the Forums) for use by Bards to track their levels. (July 2012)

The Choir

When Samiyah gave worship to her father, Seraph, he instructed her to mentor all of the bards within the High Order. After his retirement, she continued to do what she could to assist those who had been within the Order with her. As one of the few level 50 bards in the Realm, she has continued this offer of mentorship (with god+ permission obtained for forming a 'group'). The following individuals venerate Samiyah, and she actively works to help them in their growth:

Hum [ Bard:  30  29  22 ] Foghair, Will pay for spell crystals [Choir]
Min [ Bard:  17  10   5 ] Kikaz'tormali Zarnoka sings in the Choir for bacon
Hel [ Bard:   7   1   1 ] Meliodas the Dragon sin of Wrath.  (choir)
Aar [ Bard:  18  18  17 ] Tikruul Vr'Keet, Funkmaster Peacock, The LOVE Bird...
Hel [ Bard:   9   5   1 ] Silvae, A River connects us. (Choir)

Current Description:

The Bard before you is not pretty in the classic sense.  Her nose is a bit too
wide, her dusky skin marked here and there with scars and other irregularities.
There is no Fibonacci sequence to the underlying structure of her face, nary a
single hint of pre-Raphaelite exquisiteness in the braided length of her curly
hair. But her eyes - deep, dark chocolate pools of warmth and kindness - and a
smile that is infectious and utterly genuine - manage to make up for the gifts
Nature did not grant.  Her body is a distinctly pear shape, with generous hips
and derriere, but slender through the torso. Her strong and capable hands bear
the arabesque henna patterns of the tribe she has left behind.  They move with
animated grace as she speaks, drawing the observant eye to the faded scar upon
her left hand and twin punctures upon her wrist: bonds and vows sworn in blood.
Each gesture causes mesmerizing eddies in the midnight shadows that engulf her,
cloaking her form with their comforting presence (an enchantment wrought by an
ancient Kindred sorcerer to safeguard her from a Blood-bond long un-renewed).

Hers has never been a simple life, and it shows in the compassion clearly writ
upon her face.  A stalwart and loyal friend to villains and heroes alike, this
"mere slip of a girl" has defied gods to stand by those she loves and names as
friend and ally. She has been a shepherd to the young and a lioness in defense
of those bullied, gladly willing to throw caution to the wind to give aid when
needed.  It is no wonder, then, that she is loved as strongly as she is hated,
and embraces what comes from both in equal measure.

Ever Changing Sami - Previous Descriptions

WHO Lists:

3/6/2011 : Hum [ Bard:  10   6   5 ] Samiyah bint Rasul, seeking a Bardic Review
4/1/2011 : Hum [ Bard:  10   6   5 ] Samiyah is being stalked, srsly.
11/25/11 : Hum [ Bard:  11   7   7 ] Samiyah bint Rasul
12/17/11 : Hum [ Bard:  14   9   9 ] Samiyah bint Rasul, Singer from the Sands

05/24/12 : Hum [ Bard:  15  10  10 ] Samiyah bint Rasul: Seeking to buy Scores & Scrolls!
06/30/12 : Hum [ Bard:  18  14  14 ] Samiyah bint Rasul, singer from the sands
07/31/12 : Hum [ Bard:  21  20  18 ] Samiyah bint Rasul votes, "NO for Villon!!"
08/13/12 : Hum [ Bard:  22  20  18 ] Samiyah bint Rasul, wearer of the Laurel
08/15/12 : Hum [ Bard:  22  20  19 ] Samiyah seeks Soloban and Bard Council Review
09/05/12 : Hum [ Bard:  26  22  19 ] Samiyah bint Rasul
09/07/12 : Hum [ Bard:  27  24  19 ] Samiyah bint Rasul
11/23/12 : Hum [ Bard:  30  27  20 ] Samiyah bint Rasul seeks stories of Seraph
12/05/12 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  23 ] Samiyah bint Rasul.

01/30/13 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  27 ] Samiyah bint Rasul, a ghost of her self. 
02/06/13 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  27 ] Samiyah bint Rasul awaits two dawns.
02/18/13 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  27 ] Samiyah seeks to learn of Nash.
02/19/13 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  27 ] Samiyah kneels in silent prayer
02/19/13 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  27 ] Samiyah is sprawled, comatose, in the Coral Cave.
03/05/13 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  28 ] Samiyah bint Suriel, ukhayyatun Deme  <<High Order>>
03/16/13 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  29 ] Samiyah bint Suriel ukhayyatun Deme: High Order Bunny
06/14/13 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  30 ] Samiyah bint Seraph ukhayyatun Cresom: High Order
10/14/13 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  30 ] Samiyah bint Seraph has no songs - only a buttercup
10/15/13 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  30 ] Samiyah bint Seraph: time to wake the devil.
10/18/13 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  30 ] Samiyah bint Seraph sings a duet with the Wind
11/10/13 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  30 ] Samiyah, Outcast.
11/16/13 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  30 ] Samiyah: still so far from home
11/24/13 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  30 ] Samiyah bint Seraph, H/O Choir
12/18/13 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  30 ] Samiyah dreams of what holds a waking mind 

01/14/14 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  30 ] Samiyah hears every word whispered on the wind
02/14/14 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  30 ] Samiyah: sad songs say so much
02/19/14 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  30 ] Samiyah: one man's trash is another man's treasure
07/05/14 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  30 ] Samiyah, bound by blood and oath. (no refunds)
07/30/14 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  30 ] Samiyah thinks the drums of war are out of tune
09/30/14 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  30 ] Samiyah bint Seraph, blood-bound to Wind
11/19/14 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  30 ] Samiyah is Bound to the Wind, protected by the Night

01/23/15 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  30 ] Samiyah is Bound to the Wind, charmed by the Night
03/02/15 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  30 ] Samiyah, laying zombies to rest.
03/09/15 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  30 ] Samiyah's feet are tired.
03/15/15 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  30 ] Samiyah is wore smooth out.
05/22/15 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  30 ] Samiyah thinks Tyn means some OTHER bard..
07/16/15 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  30 ] Samiyah's hammer fist brought Chuck down. (FTB!)
07/22/15 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  30 ] Samiyah is why we can't have nice things
08/01/15 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  30 ] Samiyah believes in the Wind
09/02/15 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  30 ] Samiyah believes in Wind and Team Friendship
09/05/15 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  30 ] Samiyah is feeling Lost and Wyld at heart.
01/02/16 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  30 ] Samiyah, Wind-Bound, Night-Friend.  [Choir]
03/20/16 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  30 ] Samiyah, bound to the Wind, friend of the Night
03/20/16 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  30 ] Samiyah, bound to Wind, friend of Night [Choir]
03/26/16 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  30 ] Samiyah leads the Choir.
04/18/16 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  30 ] Samiyah leads the Choir. Wind-Bound, Night-Friend
05/29/16 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  30 ] Samiyah befriends Heroes and Villains alike: Choir: 8
08/26/16 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  30 ] Samiyah believes in the Wind.   
09/03/16 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  30 ] Samiyah isn't Lost, but is Found. [Choir]
01/08/17 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  30 ] Samiyah is helping bring about global warming
01/10/17 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  30 ] Samiyah is the FUN RUINER! *team global warming*
02/18/17 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  30 ] Samiyah is focused on Nicholai.
02/22/17 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  30 ] Samiyah was last here, traveling in circles.
02/18/18 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  30 ] Samiyah deftly dodges Cupid's arrow   (1)
03/15/19 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  30 ] Samiyah, siren of wayward souls (2)
10/09/20 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  30 ] Samiyah: cursed, confused and conflicted
10/13/20 : Hum [ Bard:  30  30  30 ] Samiyah will not be ash or sacrifice.

(1) Title IPS'ly provided by Abe.
(2) Title IPS'ly provided by Nicholai.

WHOIS Samiyah


Samiyah (I): Female Human 30 Bard, 30 Bard, 30 Bard (Eff. 50)
Last login: Tue 2020-10-13 18:49:37.
130 bard memorization phrases in use.
Was created 2010-07-18 07:26:12, and has
   played 10mth 25dy 1hr 36min  (actual time online).
18216051 total experience earned.
Awarded a braid, 2 platinum stars, 2 bronze stars, 7 medals, 4 badges, 17 pins, 185 ribbons.
Scored 133 mobmaster, 8480 mobhunt, and 9208 location quest points.
Scavenger hunts for the year   : 2nd.
Scavenger hunts overall        : 4th.
 7 day activity rank           : 2nd.
14 day activity rank           : 2nd.
30 day activity rank           : 3rd.
60 day activity rank           : 7th.
90 day activity rank           : 11th.
 7 day out-of-safe room rank   : 3rd.
14 day out-of-safe room rank   : 4th.
30 day out-of-safe room rank   : 4th.
PK ranking: 7th.
------------------------------- PK INFO -------------------------------
Has initiated 65 attacks [NR] (38 justified [201st], and 27 not justified [NR]).
[[Sami-Whacks|'''Has been attacked 197 times [182nd] (37 justified [209th], 160 not justified [119th])..''']
Is credited with 10 PKs [63rd] (9 justified [34th], 1 not justified [NR]).
Has been killed 1 time [NR] (0 justified [NR], 1 not justified [NR])
------------------------------- PK INFO -------------------------------

The Cutting of Threads

Saturday November 16, 2013 - Troy killed by Samiyah - Suicide by Naked Shaman
Saturday November 16, 2013 - Troy killed by Samiyah - Suicide by Naked Shaman
Friday November 01, 2013 - Ninja killed by Samiyah - You REALLY want me to cast dispel magic on you?!
Friday September 27, 2013 - Ludo killed by Samiyah - I am *NOT* a Scorpion, Ludo...
Sunday, November 02, 2014 - Kelek killed by Samiyah - Well, it was SUPPOSED to just be a spar, and you are supposed to FLEE in a spar!
Monday, October 12, 2020 - Sparhawk killed by Samiyah - Spar gone horribly wrong.

Monday March 25, 2013 - Samiyah killed by Sagan (II).

Character History:

Samiyah's Journal

Samiyah's Songbook

Samiyah's Origin

The nomadic tribes of the Great Eastern Desert have warred among themselves for centuries. Theirs is a harsh land, and child mortality rates are high due to the encroachment of bandits, rival tribes, and, of course, the desert itself. Children are prized... so long as they fall within the tribal definition of 'normal'.

Samiyah, daughter of Rasul, was born into a clan of goat herders. Her life was a quiet one, spent helping with the herd. She looked like the other children of the clan, with her dusky skin, dark eyes and hair. She played as they did, making games of things found in the desert. She learned, as they did, to avoid the scorpions and to read the patterns of the wind that hinted at the deadly sand-storms. If Samiyah never lost track of a goat in the dusk of sundown, or could whisper lullabies to calm the most fractious of children, it was not of particular notice. Girls were expected to do such things.

It was on the eve of her twelfth birthday that Samiyah's difference was discovered. It had been a difficult day, with a sand cat attack that morning. One of the younglings of the camp had been seriously injured at one of the more distant grazing grounds, and Samiyah was sent on the dangerous trek to the well for more water. Already tired and weary, she traveled a short distance out of sight and began to sing. She had realized, years before, that sometimes, if she sang just the right song - always quietly, always in secret - that wonderful things would happen. Instinctively, she had known that this was a a mystery she needed to keep to herself, for music was not a magic blessed by the Three. Protected from view by a large dune, she crouched in its shadow, dug a small hole and sang the bright, bubbling song that called forth water in a spring. It was her most sacred and magical song. Because they were so deep in the desert, it took several repetitions for the water to be called up, but finally, it filled the tiny basin she had created. She quenched her thirst, then filled each of the heavy camel-bladders with the crystal clear water.

Upon turning to head back to camp, she saw the horrified look of the tribal shaman, Abdul Salam, staring down at her from atop the dune. She was dragged back to the oasis camp and the 'magic-tainted' water dumped out so as not to curse any who might drink it. Samiyah was placed in the tent that enclosed one of the Altars to the Three Gods, for careful watching. The Council of Three met that night.

Before dawn of the next day, Samiyah was stealthily awoken by her mother's harsh whisper. "You must come quickly, child. We must go." The two hurried out of a slit cut into the tent and into the desert, not another word spoken. It was only when they were well away from the camp that Zahra broke her silence once more.

"You have a gift. They have told you it is of the unclean spirits, that it is haram, but it is a gift." Zahra looked proudly down at her daughter, one hand cupping the girl's cheek. "Seek your songs. Sing with beauty and pride. And never, ever, let them tell you that it is wrong!" Her mother's words were emphatic, startling Samiyah into tears. "Now go! They will be after you when they find you gone. Seek the pathway through the hills. And may you ever have shade and sweet water, my beloved girl. Blessings upon you."

Zahra began to sing. Zahra, who never raised her voice at the campfire, who was mocked for the grating tone of her words. Voice uplifted in exquisite song, she wove a spell of invisibility over her shocked daughter. "Go," she murmured, giving one last, gentle caress of Samiyah's cheek. As the girl stood staring, her mother turned and headed back towards the camp, another tune calling winds that obliterated their tracks.

Days later, hungry - but not thirsty - she staggered into a village of very small, furry-toed people. The village echoed with song, and following the noise, met a brightly garbed woman who trilled melody as she strode along the Bywater. "Hi! I'm Cadee! I thought I heard another singer!" The girl took Samiyah's hand, pulling her along, talking excitedly all the while. "You must be from the desert, dressed like that. Well. The world's a lot bigger than the dunes, that's for sure! C'mon! I have so many things to show you!" ... And off they went.

11/25/2012: The "Wisdom" of Helping Cresom

<257hp(xxx) 503ma(xxx) 573mv(xxx)(308936) 13089gp ft: Ramona > flee

Ramona makes a complicated-looking gesture.
You are blinded!
Someone dodges your attack.
Someone *** ANNIHILATES *** you.
You sure are BLEEDING!
You twist around to lessen the impact of someone's attack.
Someone devastates you.
You sure are BLEEDING!
Someone *** ANNIHILATES *** you.
You sure are BLEEDING!

<13hp(xxx) 503ma(xxx) 573mv(xxx)(308936) 13089gp ft: someone > TICK IN 3 SECONDS.

03/23/2013: Bunny

You ftell, 'grats on killing your first ghost, if i heard right/'.
You ftell, 'sorry, was running'.
Nordak ftells, 'nod....always running....thx'.
Seraph ftells, 'Samiyah is a bunny :)'.
Nordak ftells, 'hippity hop'.
You ftell, '*nose twitch*'.

An Epic Seven Attack Round

Now fighting: a half-ogre member of the Upper Hall Guard
Your knifehand strike MUTILATES a half-ogre member of the Upper Hall Guard.
Your spearhand strike EVISCERATES a half-ogre member of the Upper Hall Guard.
Your elbow strike DISEMBOWELS a half-ogre member of the Upper Hall Guard.
Your back kick EVISCERATES a half-ogre member of the Upper Hall Guard.
Your head butt DISEMBOWELS a half-ogre member of the Upper Hall Guard.
Your backfist DISEMBOWELS a half-ogre member of the Upper Hall Guard.
Your jump outer crescent kick DISEMBOWELS a half-ogre member of the Upper Hall Guard.
You twist around to lessen the impact of a half-ogre member of the Upper Hall Guard's attack.
You dodge a half-ogre member of the Upper Hall Guard's attack.
You deftly move out of the way of a half-ogre member of the Upper Hall Guard's attack.

ft: a half-ogre member of the Upper Hall Guard > blynd

General Notes for RP:


Samiyah comes from the Tribal Sands. Hers was a culture of severe repression, a patriarchy based in the strict control of the tribe's male shaman. All other forms of magic - clerical, bardic, or mage - were considered verboten. In the way of the Tribes, all cultural expectations are set forth in the songs sung, and the outlook for women was very bleak. As a result of this upbringing, Samiyah is unusually modest: physically and emotionally. She avoids the casual touch of the opposite gender at all costs - although at this point, the sole mortal exception is her sworn brother, Cresom, and her Bonded, Wind. She is also somewhat superstitious, oftentimes resorting to tribal methods for dealing with problems: small braided charms to avert the Evil Eye, salt tossed over her shoulder to bind a Ghost, etc. She has taken a vow, sworn to her mother's name, never to "give oath to any not of the tribes, or to the gods that walk." (i.e., never marry in character or worship an Immortal). This is the reason she could not give worship to anyone except the God of her tribe (and her spiritual Father), Seraph.

Unusual Terms that Samiyah uses:

  • Sahib/Sayyida: "Honored One" (gender specific), used for all Immortals and anyone she respects deeply.
  • Haram: An action or mode of thought that is forbidden by tribal tradition, often a severely punishable offense (up to death).
Samiyah's Wizard Mark


  • Samiyah has a particular horror of bugs in large numbers or of unusual size or type. This stems from her escape from her desert home, when she stumbled into a dark passageway of the Pyramid and was showered in a hoard of maggots.
  • Samiyah has an instinctive obedience to the commands and instructions of immortals. (This is NOT mortal knowledge, and must be learned in character by immortals. ) Even the 'strong words' of immortals affects her mindset, views, and outlook.


  • On 05/24/2012, Samiyah's name was informally but "officially" changed by Natilena to "Sami" as "Samiyah" was 'too hard to spell.'
  • On July 27 - 08/04/2012, Samiyah took part in Ink's quest, placing 6th, 2nd, and 1st respectively in the three parts.
  • On August 4, 2012, during the Thank You dinner, the adventurers assembled made Sami flee the table in upset when they teased her about "proposing" to Gheorghe. (Samiyah swore an oath to her mother never to swear her heart to any man not of the tribes, and any god-who-walks.)
  • Samiyah has accepted paid commissions for a wide variety of folks for artistic works, including Anduin, Tes, Soloban and Teva. (Ink just likes to buy saucy one-liners ... he probably doesn't have the patience to sit through anything longer! ;) ) The most she has ever been paid for a work was by Tes.
  • Samiyah has won or at least placed in the top three in every single writing competition she has entered.
  • Samiyah was referenced (though not specifically named) in a creative work by Nicholai: Solitude.
  • Samiyah was the topic of Alfonse's level 10 bard review: A Song of Sami
  • Samiyah was the topic of Xander's level 5 bard review.
  • Samiyah was the winner of the 2017 Dead Presidents Day Quest, also assisting the second, third, and fourth place finishers.
  • Sami reached 20,000,000 exp on December 1, 2020

Wiki Mentions:

Player Provided Information:

Referencing: 4/1/2011 - Hum [ Bard: 10 6 5 ] Samiyah is being stalked, srsly.
My first interaction with Samiyah, a little bard who appeared to be a true newbie (oh, how she had me fooled) who was wearing a buttload of restrings and items that I didn't recognize (I should have understood when she said she was Faile's friend, her gear was probly set!) that all I wanted to do was help and make sure her gear was set for levelling...and that she understood just how difficult bard was, and that a new player to the game might have difficulties with the game knowledge and story/RP requirements (in retrospect, I 'srsly' have nothing I can do, but point and laugh at myself with a big 'HA!')...I think one of the best parts of this recollection is seeing the date attached to see it was April Fool's Day. Damn desert songbird scared me off helping newbies for a week, I swear!

Do I have a story for you! One day, my weapon happened to slip and Sparhawk was grouped with Samiyah. She instantly rescued him, took out her bedpost and facepalmed me nearly to death. Her belly-dancing contortion trick prevented me from doing any damage in return, so of course I jumped and fled! She is the ultimate example of Girl Power! *hearts* (see: Lexie Lurves Sparhawk!)

Nicholai says (in elven), 'well, for a foolish sand-goat girl, you seem to make quite an impression on those who claim to be great and powerful'. (12/19/2013)

Current Restrings:

You are using:
<used as light>     (Moderate magic) (Glowing) the unbreakable bonds of family                      * a gift from Cresom * 
<worn on finger>    (Moderate magic) an onyx band wreathed in starlight                             * Restring by DarkClaw *                    
<worn on finger>    (Moderate magic) (Bound) a bow of sisal and sable ribbon                        * a reminder of Tross & Nicholai * 
<worn around neck>  (Moderate magic) a delicate necklace of stars and moons                         * a token from the Kindred Masquerade *
<worn around neck>  (Artifact magic) (Glowing) a tribal-style necklace of lapis and opal pendants   
<worn on body>      (Potent magic) a sand-washed silk robe of soft desert hues                      
<worn on head>      (Artifact magic) a small striped insect, darting about quickly                  * a gift from Cresom * 
<worn on legs>      (Potent magic) loose trousers of green linen with muddy hems 
<worn on feet>      (Potent magic) elven-style boots made of Onyx dragonhide                       
<worn on hands>     (Potent magic) delicate patterns of mehndi framing her scars 
<worn on arms>      (Moderate magic) matching arm-cuffs of silver and moonstone 
<worn about body>   (Moderate magic) the protection of the night                                    * a gift from Nicholai *

For Details and other restrings: Samiyah's Restrings

A Gift For the LOST

(Random found and restring written by Samiyah)

(Artifact magic) desert robes in shades of blue and green  [m|AC 1 dex:8 ac:-3 1#]
Long description: Crafted in the tribal style, these loose robes hold the hues of a sunlit ocean.

Look Desert Robes:
Cascading down the wearer's form in a smooth flow of fine quality linen, these
robes are cut in the desert tribal style, but in a hue those repressive people
have never employed. Colors reminiscent of the gentle mid-morning sun dappling
upon the shallower waters of the Maelmordian Sea have been utilized. Deep blue
and azure, touched with sea-green, flow across the fabric, creating the effect
of waves flowing from the wearer's feet to shoulders. A narrow decorative edge
of embroidery complements the simple neckline, hem and wrists.

Look Embroidery Decoration Edge
Interlocking waves form a decorative embroidered edge. Carefully hidden
within the pattern, however, are words in the desert script: 
"For my Allies and Friends of the Lost - may you ever have shade and
sweet water."

Personal Timeline:

What It Took To Reach 50


07/18/10: Samiyah is created.
08/03/10: Samiyah receives Bard Council approval for level 5, singing "A Love Song of the Desert Tribes."


05/24/12: Samiyah receives Bard Council approval for level 10, reciting an original composition, "Find the Path".
05/27/12: Tormented and treated rudely, Samiyah sings a song for Kylor
06/09/12: Sami acknowledges help given to her by singing Ode to A Mushroom
06/22/12: Wanting to express her thanks for counsel and support, Sami sings A Song For Aoide
05/25/12: When she dies attempting Location Quest in Aarakocran City, and is helped by the Nashite, Samiyah performs a chant in praise of Avoozl
06/27/12: Upon receiving a generous gift from Mugen, Samiyah repays him with a poem, "In Praise of Elves"
07/03/12: Samiyah receives Bard Council approval for level 15, performing "The Lady Elemental," written about DarkClaw.
07/12/12: After being repeatedly info'd by a thief named Ogedai who swears he's "only practicing," Samiyah is stalked by Orgrim in Midgaard but manages to sneak away. Alas, he later catches up to her in Nydia, and only the Channelling Lyrical saves her life when his rift *** ANNIHILATES *** her. Later the same night, she performs a new piece written at Drakar's behest: "The Tower of Sorcery" which she adds to at the last moment to include her interaction with Orgrim. The performance is witnessed and her debt to Drakar acknowledged as paid by The Phantom of the Nashite Magi Himself.
07/14/12: While trying to help a newbie get out of the east gate of Midgaard, Samiyah is cursed and EVISCERATED by Daedalus, barely managing to escape (purely because he forgot to turn his chase triggers on).
07/15/12: Samiyah reaches effective level 30. She also travels to Cymraeg with Soloban and helps the cartographer clarify some of his maps.
07/20/12: Samiyah is DISEMBOWELED by Nebucanezzar, but manages to flee and quaff a recall potion in time. Later the same day, while exp'ing with Posion and Crunch, Samiyah sees that Hedschott has awoken. She alerts her group, but Crunch tells the group (in common), 'I DON'T FEAR HEDSCHOTT I EATZ HIM FOR BREAKFAST'. Moments later, the Inquisitor shows up in Candlespyre Mountain where the group is resting. Again and again, he leaves and returns, causing much consternation. The group moves to the Riverdale Plantation, shadowed by Hedschott, where Samiyah nearly dies from sheer nerves as he stands in the room watching the group exp. As Crunch attacks the last mob needed for level, Hedschott engages Sami, causing her wimpy to kick in nearly instantly. She flees and quaffs, safely making it to Recall with a mere 126 HP. Later in the evening, Hedschott kindly escorts Samiyah to the Adventurer's Inn, assisting her to complete MobMastery #40, Pertex the Mage.
07/26/12: Sami talks to DarkClaw about The Soul-Stealer.
07/27/12: Sami takes part in section one of Ink's quest, buying one doo-dad from Mish, placing sixth in the Challenge to Find the Strongest.
07/28/12: Sami takes part in section two of Ink's quest, placing third in the Challenge - Seeking The Most Clever!!
08/03/12: Sami takes part in section three of Ink's quest, placing first in the Challenge - Seeking the Most Creative, winning the Laurel.
08/04/12: Sami takes part in A Thank You Dinner‎, and is horrified when Eirin is slain. She is unable to discern the killer, but Sagan does!
08/16/12: Sami takes up a topic requested by Soloban, and performs her Level 20 Bard Review: The Baroness' Lament.. Afterwards, Tes asks her to write a song for him as well, which she does: The Hunters Call. He pays her an astounding 300k for the performance, which causes her to faint.
09/05/12: Samiyah is invited to the aftermath of a slumber party. There, she performs the only original piece that folks haven't heard: The Goat Song and it is decided that goats could easily be replaced by boys and the song would be just as true.
09/09/12: While helping a low level bard with some mobhunts, Samiyah is threatened by, and then attacked by, Sycora Starbreeze of the Legion.
09/25/2012: You have been appointed The Finder Adept! You have been awarded an honorarium of 25000 gold coins!  :)
11/15/2012: Samiyah is approached by Seraph to write a bardic work about his life, with a very big "Or Else" attached. She begins interviewing others who know him and researching all she can: The Soul Stealer's Bargain
11/2012 - 02/05/2013: Samiyah continues to hold Seraph's notice: The Soul Stealer's Prey


02/04/2013: Samiyah participates in the Immortal Appreciation Bardic Circle, and performs "Thirst". She receives a prize for Most Original and Creative.
02/06/2013: After a disagreement with a friend, Samiyah is shocked when Belgarion attacks her: The Soul Stealer's Gambit.
02-12-2013: Samiyah learns that she won a quest that Tes held, but that all the prizes purged. :(
02-17-2013: Katrana shows Samiyah her Thread within the Pattern... the Desert Opal Thread, and Wish gives her a quest, for a chance to interact with Similus.
02-18-2013/02-19-2013/02-20-2013: Seraph returns Samiyah's soul and repudiates her. Hours of prayer and the words of DarkClaw make him relent. He bids her to finish her quest from Wish. She does so, and is permitted to touch the ancient evil artifact. As warned, the consequences are severe, leaving her comatose and near death. Seraph heals her by entwining part of his soul with her own, and commands her to sleep. Wish orders the two out of his temple, and later follows, demanding to know what she experienced: The Soul Stealer's Strategy‎
03-04-2013: After sending a Message in a Bottle that is taken quite badly, Samiyah is coolered for disrespect to an Immortal (Both Seraph and Wish).
03-05-2013: Samiyah gives worship to Seraph and is the first to join the High Order.
03-06-2013: Both DarkClaw and Wish formally order Samiyah's death... and she meets Tross for the first time.
03/10/2013: Samiyah wins the level 40+ bracket of Boromir's Elemental Sprite quest.
03-13-2013: When Seraph gives grave offense to The Triat, the Hunt is called down upon the High Order - Samiyah in particular: The Soul Stealer's Consequence
03/17/2013: Samiyah fails a spectacular 18 mob mastery quests in two days.
03-23-2013: Samiyah completes all of the mobhunt and location quest requirements for her final level. At this point, only two tasks remain: Mobmastery #88 and her Final Performance. She also (against her better judgement) enters The Cursed Circus for the first time, and is saddened when Sirka perishes there and she is unable to perform the corpse retrieval.
03-25-2013: Through a well executed plan (crafted by Ink, he would like it known!) and layered attack with Eathor, Samiyah is killed by Sagan.
03-29-2013: Samiyah attempts to interview the new candidate for Ordained of the High Order. When he is made their Holy Advocate, she has a heart to heart with Seraph about jealousy.
04-01-2013: After trying to wake up a fellow member of the Order after he was slept by Shilea, Samiyah becomes a vigilante. Corri introduces Sami to her kitten-mittens and Sami warns her about Venom. Later still, Corri tells to story of Cirth, and Sami assists in a Sanguinna corpse rescue. Samiyah and Ghazkull begin to feel the first connections of their blood-bond awaken. Venom and Samiyah argue the finer points of education, auras, and the merits of sand-goats. He gloats about some of his plans to charm Corri. Samiyah begins destroying items of Charm Person to foil Venom's plans. Late in the evening, she confesses to a Trickery of allowing Venom to believe she had done a thing she had not (but found funny).
04-02-2013: Venom Charms Sycora and attempts to make a bargain with Samiyah to prevent future charmings. Samiyah seeks the counsel of her god, who bids her refuse all such bargains. Samiyah has an audience with Katrana about the Hunt called on her and its completion. Seraph bids his unruly daughter to attend him, and they discuss recent events and her actions. He allows her to see the souls of some of those she cares for from her desert home, and gives her the choice whether or not to allow her mortal father's soul to be punished.
04-04-2013: Embarrassed by Venom's mockery that she is ignorant, Sami begins to take lessons at the Riverhold School from Elvalee. Alfonse asks Sami's permission to write a bardic work about her. Seeing that Venom has been made a Kindred, Sami begins warning every female she sees of his bad intentions. Kerriariadne comes for a visit, and tells Samiyah the story of Similus. Venom perishes and Kahann grabs his corpse. Some items are returned via Samiyah, much to her dislike.
04-05-2013: Needing to research all things mage-craft and vampiric, Samiyah seeks out Nicholai De Brabant, eldest remaining mortal vampire and a sorcerer of great power. She pesters him with many, many questions, and his answers lay the foundation for her plans to rescue Sycora from Venom's charm. She also quizzes him about her blood, coming to a theory about the elves of DarkClaw's bloodline. Later that night, Samiyah successfully breaks Venom's charm on Sycora, earning her the mini-lich's fury.
04-06-2013: Venom takes the title, 'Al-Shaitan' specifically as a declaration of his intent towards Samiyah. Wish and Sami speak briefly about the recent events - her poem, his transformation, and the bag of her hide she gave to Tross. He makes a tricky bargain with her, saying he will give the bag back to Tross, if she will confess certain sins to her deity. She does so, and he is reminded of her wrong doing, causing them friction -- entirely Wish's intent.
04-07-2013: For the first time in her sheltered life, Samiyah wonders what it might be like to be kissed... and discovers that her journal is missing.
04-08-2013: Seraph, who knows her every thought, teases Samiyah about her thoughts of the day before: Seraph ftells, 'did you get your kiss?'. He gives her permission to seek out a single kiss from the subject of her affection, Ghazkull. Sami seeks out further advice on the topic from DarkClaw, who confesses that, given her affair with Venom, she is not the best one to be giving such advice.
04/09/2013: Cromick, the centaur patriarch, falls to the bard as she obtains MM#88, the last required for her final level.
04-10-2013: Samiyah recovers her journal with Seraph's aid. After heated conversations with a variety of people over the last few days, Sami's temper snaps, and she throws her shoe at Wish's temple door. She explains her odd behavior of late, and apologies for an unkind comment she made... and admits the true source of her discomfort of late. He doesn't quite no how to react, and leaves. She confesses all to Seraph, and he works a magic to embed her journal into her spirit so it can never be lost again. She also prays to him to let him know what happened with Wish's door. Without a single word, Sami and Venom have an entire conversation in the Guild. Wish discovers the damage done to his door, and seeks out Seraph to wrangle a confession from the culprit: Samiyah shouts (in common), 'and you ARE GOING TO DISCOURTESIES MY PERSON WITH YOUR ALCHEMIZING!'. She gives him the torn up pieces of her poem and faces Seraph's wrath for her behavior.
04-11-2013: Samiyah awakes in the temple, having fallen asleep on her knees, crushed by the disapproval of her Deity for her behavior. She flees to the desert where she once more tries to pierce the Veil. There, she falls asleep, exhausted, unknowing that Venom lurks nearby. When she wakes, she meets up with Tross and they realize that neither one is upset with the other, much to their confusion. They discuss lessons, goats and then chat with Aoide, who joins them. Sami very quietly asks Aoide's advice about kissing... All of this quiet girltalk is harshly interrupted by Venom's appearance, and Sami overreacts badly to both his presence and his taunting about having seen the spot she goes to, when she needs to cry. Late that evening, she chats with Ghazkull about his search for an item in the Citadel. She meets him there and they wander through the area and into N'Kai. There, she helps him obtain the Incense of Enlightenment, and asks him to teach her how to kiss. Samiyah says (in common), '.. I begin to see how kisses can be trouble..'.
04-12-2013: Sami and Venom run into each other at the Herbalist of Riverhold. Venom's intended purchases are prevented and he swears revenge. Venom says (in common), 'Now I have a new demand to make once you are under my boot heel'. He begins his torment by giving her a steak of Corri, which she entrusts to Mnaramenth (who later eats it by accident).
04-13-2013: The day of Venom's revenge... Jamilla, the sister Samiyah never knew she had, is obtained by the Demi-Lich and Embraced as a Kindred. Venom states his demands for her release, which Seraph refuses. Amidst the tumult, Ghazkull leaves the Lost. The exhausting and emotionally gut-wrenching evening ends with Samiyah sharing her blood with Ghazkull a second time.
06/14/2013: Samiyah visits her homeland, hidden within the Tribal Sands. (Level 30 bard review)
09/14/2013: Samiyah gets a lesson in defense, when a possessed Zephyr attacks her home village. Later, Totec, Corri and Samiyah go on an adventure to the Shrine of Neutrality. It ends poorly, with all three dying to the Dragon Mistress. Totec says (in common), 'on the bright side, you now have a patented Totec Adventure(tm) to remember'.
10/15/13: Samiyah takes part in a journey to the Tribal Sands where she, Sanitarium and Jamilla find the phylactery that contains the soul of Venom. Seraph releases the soul, and Venom is reborn.
10/18/13: Samiyah blood-bonds fully with Ghazkull, inviting him to slake his Thirst a third time.
11/10/13: With Samiyah as horrified witness, Seraph tears Ghazkull's heart from his chest, to break his daughter's blood-bond with the Kindred.
11/16/13: Samiyah becomes the first mortal to ever directly cast a 6/7 enchant, without use of a scroll or relic.


01/31/2014: When Similus is Shattered, Samiyah is sent by Seraph to the Realm of Souls to retrieve the pieces.
02/16/2014: Samiyah's time in the High Order comes to an end: The Soul Stealer's Goodbye
04/02/2014: Samiyah assists Nicholai with a plan to deal with his progeny.
07-01-2014: Wind awakes from nightmare for the first time in months, and Samiyah is there to ward his sleep so that he can, at last, find rest.
07-07-2014: Based on a very odd conversation with Belsambar, Samiyah seeks out DarkClaw to learn if what he has said is a lie.. and in doing so, learns some surprising (theoretical) things about the acts of intimacy between a man and woman.
07-08-2014: After awaking from yet another disturbing dream, Sami seeks out the Archmage to ask if he knows about certain spells... when she seeks her slumber that night, it is not her own dreams that cause her to awake, but those of Wind.
07-14-2014: When he falls in combat, Nicholai and DarkClaw enjoy the opportunity to torment and tease Samiyah with the prospect of a bag of his corpse.
08-05-2014: Samiyah learns a meditation from Belsambar to help her cope, but Venom appears to taunt her efforts.
08-01-2014: Struggling with the pain of an unfulfilled bond, Samiyah seeks solace in Sanguinna. Finding no end to her suffering there, she asks Belsambar for some advice. Later that day, she sends a messager to Wind, not knowing that her words were intercepted...
09/27/2014: Wind drinks for the first time in nearly a year, restoring balance to his bond with Samiyah.
09/28/2014: Samiyah earns 346 points in a 14 round mobhunt, creating a new record.
10/12/2014: Samiyah breaks her own record, completing a 15 round mobhunt, with a final score of 374. Moments later: "You are one of the elite mob hunters in the realm! You have been awarded the Hunter Elite Medal!"
10/14/2014: Learning that Sparhawk is only 17k from level 40, Samiyah takes him to the Hall of Memory and they knock out his final level in about 45 minutes. The final mob is in Kuroth, and a group gathers there to witness it, including Cresom, Kelek, Belgarion, and Lexie. After Sendres is slain, Lexie "hugs" Sparhawk (with her weapons). Samiyah rescues him, as does Kelek, and Lexie flees. (In Lexie's version of events: Samiyah's half moon yoga dance move *** ANNIHILATES *** you! )
11/09/2014: With lots of help from Belsambar, Sparhawk, Kelek and Ludo, plus donations from Anduin and Ink, Samiyah wins the Raking the Leaves quest, run by Natilena. Based on false information, she gives all of the extra-point leaves to Belsambar, in the hopes it will solidify his taking second place, leaving her with 131 points. The fibbing second place finisher is barely beaten (128 points), but the win still secured. Belsambar takes third.
11/13/14: Samiyah sings a Song for Theros.
11/15/14: Samiyah is deeply honored when Nicholai gives her the gift of the protection of the night.
11/19/14: Samiyah performs a commissioned work for Lexie: "A Few of Those Lexie-ish Things".
11/27/14: Samiyah is deeply honored by her blood-brother, Cresom, when he entrusts her with some personal mementos.


02/13/15: Awards are implemented this week, and Samiyah gains a number of honors:

<worn with pride>   Human Matriarch Braid
<worn with pride>   Human Elder Braid
<worn with pride>   Platinum Huntarium Star
<worn with pride>   All-Star Platinum Medallion
<worn with pride>   Bronze Huntarium Star
<worn with pride>   2 braids, 2 platinum stars, a bronze star, a badge, 9 pins, 29 ribbons

02/14/2015: During the 2015 Valentine's Day Quest created by Tynian, Samiyah bears witnesses to an epic fight: The Eldest vs Clark Kent
02/28/2015: Samiyah reaches #1 on Mobhunt Rank: *** 1. SAMIYAH 6206 ***
02/16/2015: Samiyah takes third place in the Valentine's Day Quest.
03/16/2015: Samiyah ties for fifth place in the President's Day Quest.
05/09/2015: Samiyah takes part in her second ever AMMQ, and to her shock, not only survives to the end, but wins!!
05/20/2015: Samiyah, The Finder Adept, is here. Sami receives her very first Finder Adept ranking!
05/23/2015: After a long-awaited reboot, Sami finds that she now appears on the XP Ranks -- in 15th place! Later in the day, Tynian runs a pair of AMMQs, and threatens the participants with Samiyah -- though she is happily helping Wind exp and does not participate. Still...

Dwa [      Founder      ] Tynian: Fear the Bard.
Hum [ Bard:  30  30  30 ] Samiyah thinks Tyn means some OTHER bard...
Bard-Fu Beats Chuck-Fu! 07/16/2015

06/01/2015: Samiyah is appointed The Lady Grand Finder! (Lady Samiyah, The Grand Finder, is here.)
06/05/2015: Samiyah helps her Bonded reach effective level 40, an event witnessed by three Goddesses as he fights himself to cast off an evil magic that threatened to take hold.
06/06/2015: The Bond between Samiyah and Wind is deepened yet further.
06/07/2015: Defiant, Samiyah withstands the inquisition of her father, Seraph, regarding the prior evening's events. She is forbidden by him to assist Wind, should her Bonded take up a Trial of Triat Mastery, with dire repercussions threatened.
07/03/2015: Shaken and afraid of what might be asked of him, Samiyah stands in support of her Bonded as he receives his Triat Mastery Quest.
07/12/2015: Happy Five Year Anniversary! You have been awarded the 5 Year Pin!
07/16/2015: Samiyah defeats Chuck Norris.
08/01/2015: Samiyah regains the Human Matriarch braid, much to Lexie's howling chagrin.
08/06/2015: Samiyah puts quill to parchment and completes a work for the first time in quite some time. The topic is her Bonded, Wind, titled, His Changing Shores
08/10/2015: Samiyah reaches #4 on XPRANK and Mobmastery 104.
09/05/2015: Samiyah receives the Tango Badge (6 months of online time) and achieves the top spot for XP Ranks: *** 1. SAMIYAH 5771982 ***
09/07/2015: Samiyah gets to mobhunt round 12, and makes a new personal best score of 380.


01/22/16: Well, this happened.... Hum [ Th:21 Ma:20 Wa:21 ] Edge samiyah is my hero!!!!
03/02/16: Sami receives the Veneration Badge.
04/02/16: Sami receives the Bronze Veneration Star and the All-Star Bronze Medallion. In less joyful news, a member of the Nexus spends two hours following and harassing her, and later, her companion, Ludo. She responds with silence, Ludo responds with humor, filling the fellow's inventory with steaks, as stalking is hungry work. They utilize a scroll to put him to sleep, then order Samiyah out of the way so they can 'punish' him. She refuses, and is attacked. Later than night, she reaches nine million total exp.
04/03/16: Upon discussing the situation of the prior day with Boromir, he admits that his follower was being a "poopiehead." They are in full agreement.
05/30/16: Samiyah, grouped with Humphrey, slays the Onyx Dragon to reach 10 million exp! Also... DarkClaw gossips, 'Someone needs to write an "I Like Big Bards" song now.'. Samiyah gossip (in common), '..Challenge accepted. :)'
11/10/16: Samiyah reaches 1,000 HPs (equipped).


January: Samiyah takes part in the Snowman Wars, assisting the Lost team to reach second place.
02/17/17: President's Day Quest 2017 launches!
02/22/17: Sharing laughter and a long-standing joke from the first Dead Presidents Quest years ago, Sami gives Nicholai an impulsive hug. This (highly unusual) event is noticed by DarkClaw, who dares Drakar to hug the bard. A conversation ensues, in which the Tiger is turned down....No Hug For You
02/24/17: Samiyah is the first to receive the new AltWorld Warrior Ribbon!
02/26/17: Samiyah takes first place in the 2nd President's Day Quest! With the help of others, most especially Nicholai, Mercury, Zhou and Abe, she is able to clear the entire list. She puts in 117 hours on the quest in 1 week. She receives the Ded Pres '17 Winner Medal and the Dead Pres '17 Total Victory Ribbon.
02/27/17: Samiyah is named Finder Adept!
03/02/17: Samiyah is named The Lady Grand Finder!
06/16/17: Samiyah has an interesting conversation with Laujar about House Veladorn.


February 2018: With help from friends, including Abe, Mercury and Nicholai, Samiyah takes first place in the 2018 Valentine's Day Quest.

Player Information:

Samiyah's player enjoys Middle Eastern dance, music, culture and food. In the past, she took three semesters of Middle Eastern Dance at Orange Coast Community College and loved every bit of it - though physical disability prevents her from dancing any more. Her two 'in-character' theme songs for Sami are from the Bellydance Superstars Volume 3 CD: "Drama Queen" by Sahar, and "Tribal Dream" by Issam Housham.