Playing Chicken and Passing The Time

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January 9, 2006: It can be amusing for two RP'ers to "play chicken" -- push the envelope until one or the other 'blinks' and stops. In this case, Sabella and DarkClaw went head to head. Notable participants: Sabella, DarkClaw, Belsambar, Lestat, Grismal, Rufus

14 players.
Hum [    Wa: 8 Ma:17    ] Sabella, wicked little Anguisette of the Dark Coven
Hum [       Cl:20       ] Zimmiz Guards and Attacks stuff
Dwa [    Th:26 Sh:30    ] Kel, Shamanic Enforcer.
Elf [ Wa:25 Th:24 Ma:25 ] Rufus, Kindred Blade of Fate
Elf [    Ma:16 Wa:18    ] Svarog the Elf
Ogr [       Sh: 6       ] Expire the Ogre
Elf [    Ma:23 Ra:25    ] Teren al'Calis, Wyrmling Enforcer
Elf [    Ma:18 Ra:15    ] Scave Malyr. Stripper of Insanity
Min [    Wa: 7 Ma:11    ] Callous, Apprentice of the Black Conclave
Dwa [      Demigod      ] Wylin can dig it!  -shout +beer
Hel [ Th:23 Ra:30 Ma:30 ] Piter de Vries, Morbid Angel of the Black Conclave
Hum [       Th: 5       ] Diomed is mob-kill bait.
Hum [    Ma:29 Ra:30    ] Belsambar ate Frostbite's 'special' cookies!  *Analay*
Hum [ Th:16 Wa:30 Ma:30 ] Cytoxan, Seething Shadow of the Black Conclave

You ftell, 'hello, darkness'.

Belsambar ftells, 'hey there Sabe'.

You ftell, 'how goes it, crazymage/'.

The Lower Hall
[Exits: north up]
This hallway must have been built by giants! It is huge! Then
again, there are more than a few giants that belong to The Guild, so
it may just be so. A stairway leads up to another hallway above.
Rufus is resting here.
Belsambar is here.
Mish Leigh Salvandor will use her contacts to help you... for a price.

You lick him.
You shrug.
You say (in common), 'it just had to be done.'.

Belsambar licks you.

Sabella grins wickedly.


Belsambar snickers softly.

You sigh.
You say (in common), 'I miss Lanny & Emmy'.

Belsambar nods in recognition to you.
Belsambar nods in recognition to you.

Belsambar says (in common), 'the 'Charlie's angels' would be you 3 on here'.
Belsambar says (in common), 'in an evil, wicked kinda way'.

Sabella grins wickedly.

You say (in common), 'except the charlies angels aren't into three-way girl action...'.

DarkClaw has entered the game.

Sabella absentmindedly plays with her jewelry.

Rufus says (in common), 'but who isnt?'.
Rufus snickers softly.

You say (in common), 'Deecee!'.

Belsambar says (in common), 'well, that's part of the evil, wicked part'.

DarkClaw says (in common), 'Sabella!'.

> You lick her.

Belsambar says (in common), 'and they are, they just never televised those episodes'.

You say (in common), 'heya girlie'.

DarkClaw squeezes you fondly.

Belsambar says (in common), 'gotta love the internet'.

Someone utters the words, 'ghaiz gtui'.

DarkClaw says (in common), 'How've you been?!'.

Someone utters the words, 'oculoinfra waouq'.

Sabella squeezes DarkClaw a bit more than fondly.

DarkClaw grins evilly at you.

Rufus woners what the prize is going to be.

You say (in common), 'Been hangin.'.

DarkClaw says (in common), 'Haven't changed a bit, I see.'.
DarkClaw winks suggestively at you.

Sabella grins a long slow grin like a cat that's licked up a bowl of cream.

You say (in common), 'helllllll no.'.

DarkClaw snickers softly.

DarkClaw ftells, 'Still no announcement on the prizes?'.

Someone hugs DarkClaw.

You ftell, 'prizes?'.
You ftell, 'what prizes?'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'For the Snowman contest.'.

You ftell, 'what snowman contest?'.

DarkClaw looks at you.

Belsambar ftells, 'the quest you missed'.
Belsambar ftells, 'that I needed help on'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'The one that Natilena ran...just ended last night.'.

Belsambar ftells, 'I was online so much I pulled Kerri out of Cult'.

You ftell, 'oh. sucks to be me.'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'Bels busted his ass for it.'.

Rufus does something behind DarkClaw's back.

Rufus throws a snowball at DarkClaw.
Rufus throws a snowball at DarkClaw.
Rufus throws a snowball at DarkClaw.
Rufus throws a snowball at DarkClaw.
Rufus throws a snowball at DarkClaw.
Rufus throws a snowball at DarkClaw.
Rufus throws a snowball at DarkClaw.
Rufus throws a snowball at DarkClaw.
Rufus throws a snowball at DarkClaw.
Rufus throws a snowball at DarkClaw.

DarkClaw says (in common), 'ACK!'.

DarkClaw tickles Rufus.
DarkClaw tickles Rufus.
DarkClaw tickles Rufus.
DarkClaw tickles Rufus.

You say (in common), 'yaknow, that was SO not what I thought when I saw you do 'something' behind her back'.

DarkClaw says (in common), 'Cut that out!'.

You say (in common), 'Snowballs?'.
You say (in common), 'well.'.
You ponder the question.

DarkClaw laughs at you mercilessly. Hmmmmph.

You say (in common), 'maybe that's the core of the problem.'.

Rufus sits down and thinks deeply.

Belsambar throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!

Sabella grins very naughtily.

>desc clear
Text cleared.

Belsambar ftells, 'I love your perverted little ass Sabella, you need to be around more'.

DarkClaw ftells, '*nodnod* I'll second that!'.

You ftell, 'you have no idea just how perverted my ass is, Bels, dear.'.

Rufus has left the game.

DarkClaw ftells, '*rofl*'.

Belsambar ftells, 'oh you THINK I don't?'.

Sabella shakes the aforementioned perverted a... derriere.

You grin evilly at him.

Belsambar ftells, 'and what do you THINK I'm doing when you sleep in the same room around me, hmmm?'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'We missed you.'.

Belsambar ftells, 'I'm always checking out the good bits'.

You ftell, 'hahahahahahahaha'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'That's for sure.'.
DarkClaw ftells, '*snicker Bels*'.

You ftell, 'probably not what i was just doin'.

You ftell, 'it involved a belt sander and (EDITED). :-P'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'Wish Kerri was on to see you.  :-P'.
DarkClaw ftells, 'Ooooo'.

You ftell, 'yeah, i miss my booga'.

Belsambar ftells, 'hrm'.

You ftell, 'i wanna see if he got my prezzie for him'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'What prezzie?'.

You ftell, 'oh, and (EDITED)..’.

Belsambar ftells, 'I could see if he's available....'.

You ftell, 'i won a quest, and asked he get some mana on an item'.
You ftell, 'and i didn't know if tamar ever gave him the mana upgrade'.

Belsambar ftells, 'I just don't want to call in the middle of mini-booga-making and get yelled at'.

You ftell, 'oh, gawd, no, let the man get his nookie in peace'.
You ftell, 'or is that peace in nookie?'.

DarkClaw ftells, '*giggle*'.

Belsambar ftells, 'Wookie style nookie?'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'Both'.

You ftell, 'lots of screaming and body hair? '.

DarkClaw ftells, 'Hey, Magnus.'.

You ftell, 'screaming yes. body hair: no'.

Magnus arrives from above.
Magnus ftells, 'o god what did i log on into...'.

Belsambar ftells, 'dude'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'Hahaha'.

Belsambar ftells, 'have you ever SEEN a shaved Wookie?'.

Magnus ftells, 'would i want too?'.

Belsambar ftells, 'it's not pretty I tell ya, that's the one instance the hair is good'.

You ftell, 'a shaved wookie? that's vaguely terrifying'.
You ftell, 'you might wanna run, magnus....'.
You ftell, 'it's bound to be a little raunchy this evening.'.

Belsambar ftells, 'I would have warned him if he asked *snicker*'.

You ftell, 'we've already covered shaved wookies, belt sanders, (EDITED) and (EDITED)'.

Magnus sighs loudly.

Magnus ftells, 'chan -ftell dosnt work :('.

Belsambar ftells, 'and....'.

You ftell, 'and three way lesbian trios'.

Belsambar ftells, 'the un-released videos of the Charlies Angels 3-ways'.

DarkClaw ftells, '*grin*'.

You ftell, 'well, yeah, that too'.

Magnus ftells, 'hey i want one of those'.

Belsambar ftells, 'I'll ftp it to you later'.

Jaerith gossips (in common), 'so..what's everyone up to?'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'Oh don't worry, Magnus...we can include you in something, too.'.

Magnus ftells, 'aight'.

Belsambar ftells, '*snicker*'.

DarkClaw gossips (in common), 'Tryin' to stay awake.'.

You gossip (in common), 'Talkin dirty :P'.

Zimmiz gossips (in common), 'im sleeping'.

Belsambar ftells, '*sniffle* And me with a woman for once'.

Expire gossips (in common), 'yawn'.

Jaerith gossips (in common), 'well that's a plethora of information..'.

You ftell, 'what? Who stole your heart?'.

Magnus ftells, 'no....that is ok'.

DarkClaw ftells, '*snicker*'.

Viscous arrives from above.

Belsambar ftells, 'Wait, I hope Analay logs in, Sabella can molest her and I can watch....'.
You ftell, 'i don't molest!'.
You ftell, 'i __educate__'.

Belsambar utters the words, 'detect invis'.

Belsambar ftells, 'Hrm'.

You ftell, 'I'll have you know my sexual instruction has been sold for quite a lot of money.'.

Belsambar ftells, 'just as fun to watch'.

You ftell, 'and I've made Goodies so feel so guilty at their sins they killed themselves.'.

Belsambar ftells, 'I have....7750 gold on me....'.

You ftell, 'that would get you somethin  ;-)'.

Belsambar ftells, 'how far will that get me in the BS degree?'.

DarkClaw grins evilly at you.

Magnus sits down and thinks deeply.
Mish says, 'I'm told that you have 13540 gold coins on deposit, Magnus.'.

You throw back your head and cackle with insane glee!

DarkClaw ftells, 'Not very far.'.

Mish says, 'I'm told that you have 731 gold coins on deposit, DarkClaw.'.

DarkClaw laughs.

Belsambar ftells, 'wait, I need my MD'.

You say (in common), 'honey, I'd do you for free'.

Belsambar ftells, 'I have a MD is BS I forgot'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'But I've got my fangs. I don't need gold.  ;-)'.

Belsambar ftells, 'err'.

You give DarkClaw a long and passionate kiss.

Magnus says (in elven), 'yay!'.

DarkClaw purrs contentedly.

Magnus says (in elven), 'er'.

DarkClaw softly nuzzles your neck.

Magnus says (in elven), 'her not me'.

Sabella arches her throat up to Darkclaw's fangs.

Viscous looks at you.

DarkClaw scrapes her fangs lightly against Sabella's neck, teasing.

Orion sits down and starts to polish his Sceptre.

Sabella runs her nails down the line of DarkClaw's back..

Viscous says (in common), 'raw5r'.

Magnus looks at DarkClaw.

Sabella moans and arches up into DarkClaw's mouth.. er... fangs....

Belsambar ftells, 'shouldn't you take this to the Sequoia?'.

DarkClaw arches her back, pulling Sabella closer and sinking her fangs deep into her throat.

Artichondra raises an eyebrow.

Sabella presses her body up against DarkClaw's, curve meeting curve.

DarkClaw ftells, 'Hehe, nah.'.

You start to moan.

Belsambar ftells, '....and if you pursue this much farther, I'm sure Kerri will get mad if I ~don't~ call him :P'.

Magnus ftells, 'hey man free payperview'.

Zimmiz looks at DarkClaw.
Zimmiz looks at you.

DarkClaw growls low, feeding hungrily from the wound.

Zimmiz says (in common), 'bah both are dressed'.

DarkClaw ftells, '*grin*'.

Zimmiz sulks in the corner.

Sabella parts her lips, her tongue darting out to wet them.

DarkClaw laughs at Zimmiz mercilessly.

Artichondra looks at you.

Belsambar says (in common), 'of course they're dressed'.

Artichondra comforts Zimmiz.

Sabella moans, her mouth open and hungry.

Belsambar says (in common), 'they're not in the baths'.

>rem all
You stop using the delicate chrysoberyl bracelet.
You stop using (Naughty) spiked heel Mary Janes.
You stop using a menacing machete.
You stop using (Sinful Aura) a tight corset of velvety midnight-black suede.
You stop using the intricate amber amulet.
You stop using a pair of reinforced leather sleeves.
You stop using the luminous peridot bracelet.
You stop using a calling card.
You stop using a quilted cloth fur-trimmed coat.
You stop using conviction and belief.
You stop using a quilted cloth belt.
You stop using a pair of animal hide pants.
You stop using a pair of padded cloth formal gloves.
You stop using the fiery onyx amulet.
You stop using the fractal adamantite ring.
You stop using the chromatic tourmaline ring.
You stop using a leather cap.
You stop using a war banner.
You can't remove (Shimmering) a black crescent-shaped vial.

Artichondra chuckles, evidently amused.

You wear (Naughty) spiked heel Mary Janes on your feet.

Zimmiz looks at you.
Zimmiz says (in common), 'aha'.

You wear (Sinful Aura) a tight corset of velvety midnight-black suede on your body.
You wear conviction and belief as a decoration.

Zimmiz says (in common), 'better'.
Zimmiz says (in common), 'much better'.

Artichondra looks at you.

DarkClaw pulls back, licking the wound closed, then moving to Sabella's lips to let her taste herself.
DarkClaw gives you a long and passionate kiss.

Sabella grins wickedly at DarkClaw, and hungrily meets her kiss.

Belsambar says (in common), 'Piter, you missed the strip down and redress'.
Belsambar drools on himself.

The newsboy arrives from above.

Sabella delicately uses her tongue to lick the blood from DC's fangs.
Sabella rakes her tongue over DC's fangs, letting the blood flow from lips to mouth.

Magnus ftells, 'hey bels this is better than downloading porn....'.

Sabella curles her body more tightly into DarkClaw's, her hands roaming from DC's shoulders to butt.

You start to moan.

Sabella kisses DarkClaw hungrily.

Belsambar ftells, ' know what, how many times have I heard you go 'but I don't swing that way...' this past week?'.

DarkClaw grins, pulling back and winking.
DarkClaw says (in common), 'I'm SO out of practice.'.
DarkClaw sighs loudly.

DarkClaw ftells, 'Who?'.
Belsambar ftells, 'You just lost all protection with that defense on ftell.'.

Sabella whimpers slightly, her eyes dilated and her mouth open and wet.

Belsambar hugs DarkClaw.

DarkClaw ftells, 'You talkin' to me?'.

Belsambar ftells, 'Yes you :P'.

Sabella whispers, 'Tease.....'

DarkClaw ftells, 'I don't swing that way OOC.  :-P'.

Belsambar ftells, 'I know....'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'But DC's a different story.'.

Zimmiz leaves up.

Sabella lets out a long, slow, sigh.

Magnus puts a gigantic leaf in an egg casing.

Belsambar ftells, 'but I can tease you about OOC talk IC on ftell all I want lmao'.

DarkClaw gives you a long and passionate kiss.

DarkClaw ftells, '*snicker*'.

Sabella moans and melts into DarkClaw's kiss.

Magnus says (in elven), 'o bah'.
Magnus has left the game.

Zimmiz arrives from above.

DarkClaw says (in common), 'You were delicious, always.'.

Belsambar ftells, 'Wheee....this really IS like free paperveiw'.

Sabella whispers against DC's mouth, 'Hurt me, darlin, please..?'
Sabella removes a hairpin, letting her ebon hair spill down to her thighs.

Belsambar ftells, ' have no good my imagination works....*drools on himself*'.

DarkClaw raises a brow slowly, a soft chuckle escaping her lips.

Zimmiz says (in common), 'i better prepare this'.
Zimmiz gets a safety kit from a saddlebag.
Zimmiz rests.

Artichondra looks at you.

Sabella says softly, 'You, a vampire, should know how keenly pain adds a piquant flavor to pleasure.'

DarkClaw tangles one hand of fingers in Sabella's hair, pushing her back against the wall abruptly.

Sabella gasps and lets out a long, sensual moan of pleasure.

Sabella moans, 'yes... harder, please...'

Belsambar climbs up the wall, and affixes a curious rig to the ceiling, then drops back to the floor.

Belsambar's spell does not go off.
Belsambar's spell does not go off.
Belsambar rolls his eyes.

Sabella squirms her voluptuous body against DC's, writhing with need.

Belsambar's spell does not go off.
Belsambar utters the words, 'invis'.

DarkClaw snarls, pulling Sabella's head back roughly by the hair.

You gasp in astonishment.

Belsambar utters the words, 'waterbreath'.
Your lungs fill with water.

You say (in common), 'yessssss......'.
Sabella lets her hands roam over DC's curves, fitting herself to the taller woman's body.

DarkClaw leans down, her lips barely hovering over Sabella's, her breathing hot and uneven.

Sabella whispers against DC's lips, 'You, dear, are an exquisite kisser. You should release that hunger more often.'

Belsambar does a handstand in the middle of His country, and the grabs ahold of Bel's feet.

DarkClaw whispers, "You're going to get me into trouble."

Belsambar hangs upside down.

Sabella chuckles throatily. 'is there any better place to be?'

DarkClaw chuckles, evidently amused.

Belsambar says (in common), ' I don't have to even waste the mental energy on levitation'.

DarkClaw says (in common), 'OOC: Unfortunately, I don't wanna press my luck.  :-P'.

You say (in common), '*ooc: huh?'.

Sabella arches one dark, wicked brow.

Belsambar says (in common), 'damn, and I was just getting comfortable'.

Zimmiz utters the words, 'tongues'.
Zimmiz utters the words, 'tongues'.
Zimmiz utters the words, 'tongues'.
Zimmiz utters the words, 'tongues'.

You giggle.

DarkClaw ftells, 'I don't want to get in trouble for going too far. Heh.'.

You say (in common), 'he said ,'tongues'.'.

You ftell, 'in trouble with whom?'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'The immortals.'.

Zimmiz says (in common), 'tongues everywhere'.

You ftell, 'we haven't done anything against mud rules. :-)'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'Well, it's pushing the limits, though, isn't it? *smirk*'.

Sabella sighs dejectedly, and slides out of DarkClaw's embrace, letting her lips trail down the vampire's body.

You ftell, 'aint that the only place to be?'.

Belsambar ftells, ', not really....'.

DarkClaw ftells, '*snicker* It used to be.'.

You ftell, 'awwwwwwwwwwww'.

Belsambar ftells, 'you're skating them, but until you actually get graphic'.

You ftell, 'Redfernes... *sigh*'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'Redfernes?'.

Belsambar ftells, 'go to like'.
Belsambar ftells, 'Mysterra falls'.
Belsambar ftells, 'or som safe room nobody is that's all pretty'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'Doesn't help with info.  :-P'.

Belsambar ftells, '...'.
Belsambar ftells, 'where's a pair of 32 OBS when you need em'.
Belsambar ftells, 'heh'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'DC hasn't done anything like this in ages.'.
DarkClaw ftells, 'She got soft!'.

Belsambar ftells, 'Sabe, You need a damn obscurity, or all people'.

DarkClaw ftells, '*snicker*'.

Belsambar ftells, 'of all people*'.

You ftell, '*sigh* *sniff*'.

Belsambar ftells, 'I'll go find you one or something, get it restrung into some sort of collar for the RPing'.

You ftell, 'woot. :>'.

Belsambar ftells, 'at least they cannot see YOU on info, heh'.
Belsambar ftells, 'DC, iono, maybe I should just get Sabe 2 or 3'.
Belsambar ftells, 'one for her, and one for her playmates'.

DarkClaw ftells, '*grin* *nodnod*'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'Well, if she's gonna be around again!'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'Are you comin' back, Sabella?'.

You ftell, 'well, as often as i can.'.

Belsambar ftells, '....'.

You ftell, 'school keeps me busy. :<'.

Belsambar ftells, 'I'll drag you on by your hair if you need it'.

You ftell, 'mmmmmmmm'.

DarkClaw ftells, '*snicker*'.

Belsambar ftells, 'I thought you'd enjoy that ;)'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'I need a smoke.'.
DarkClaw ftells, 'BRB'.

You ftell, 'i'm flattered.'.
You ftell, 'she makes out with me and then wants to go suck on something :>'.

DarkClaw ftells, '*snicker*'.

Belsambar ftells, '*cackle*'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'You obviously haven't heard my pickup line, Bels.'.

Belsambar ftells, '....or I have no memory....lay it on me....'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'I specialize in typing, burping, and casually overlooking the obvious. *smirk*'.

Sabella gives the laces of her corset a yank, tightening them.

You ftell, 'hiya Lestat'.

Belsambar ftells, 'Lestat! You missed all the fun!'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'Hey, Lestat.  :-)'.
DarkClaw ftells, 'BRB'.

Belsambar ftells, 'Again!'.

Lestat ftells, 'what fun?'.

Mia leaves up.

Sabella absentmindedly toys with her jewelry.

Belsambar ftells, 'sexy RP'.

Lestat ftells, 'heh'.

You ftell, 'me going as far with DC as we're allowed to on a PG mud. :-P'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'Wouldn't have that problem on HoG.  :-P'.

Belsambar ftells, 'hey, after spending 80 hours on a quest with nobody around, there's been constant people on ftell'.

You ftell, 'bels, you ever see the calling card abe gave me?'.

Belsambar ftells, 'this is great'.
Belsambar ftells, 'nope, heh'.

You ftell, 'you gotta give it back, and NO, you don't get to redeem it'.

You give a calling card to Belsambar.

Belsambar throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!

Belsambar gives you a calling card.

You hold a calling card in your hands.

Belsambar ftells, 'I couldn't ask for it if it was allowed anyway :P'.

You ftell, 'why not?!?!'.

Belsambar ftells, 'I'm taken, I have to be good....'.
Belsambar ftells, '...for the most part'.

You ftell, 'I gave Stouthbound one in the middle of GH once'.

You ftell, 'using only socials and two emotes. :>'.

Belsambar ftells, 'lmao'.
Belsambar ftells, ' talent'.
Belsambar ftells, 'I will say'.

You ftell, '*emote: slowly drops her knees in front of Stouthbound.'.
You ftell, '*emote: uses a dagger to carefully but permanently remove Stout's pants.. in pieces.'.
You ftell, 'social: Nuzzle... Lick.... nuzzle... lickk... kiss... moan... lick.. kiss... nuzzle.. moan... (repeat)'.
You ftell, 'is there *ANY* question what is happening?'.

Belsambar ftells, 'absofuckinlutely none snicker'.

You ftell, 'and is there any violation of TFC rules? Nope.  :-)'.

You sigh.
You pout.

You say (in common), 'I miss my lanny!!!!'.

Sabella tugs hard on one piercing.

Viscous says (in common), 'i loved her'.
Viscous snickers softly.
Viscous stabby stabby.

You say (in common), 'I loved her... literally. and vigorously. and often.'.

Belsambar ftells, 'hahahaha, I know.....I can get away with quite a fair amount myself...'.
Belsambar ftells, '*snicker* I love socials'.

You say (in common), 'should I use the khore priestess desc, DC?'.
You say (in common), 'or this one?'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'Okay, I'm done sucking on it.  ;-)'.

You ftell, '*moan*'.

DarkClaw nods in recognition to you.
DarkClaw nods in recognition to you.
DarkClaw grins evilly.
DarkClaw sighs loudly.

You say (in common), 'which?'.

DarkClaw says (in common), 'I still miss the Kindred days.'.

You say (in common), 'Khore's priestess?'.

DarkClaw nods in recognition to you.
DarkClaw says (in common), 'Yes'.

You say (in common), 'i gotta find it. :<'.

DarkClaw says (in common), 'Arella, watch out for Sabella. She'll wrap you into her seduction quicker than I would in my old days.'.

Belsambar looks at you.

You ponder the question.
You say (in common), 'naw'.

DarkClaw snickers softly.

You say (in common), 'Arella's too uptight for me.'.

Viscous looks at DarkClaw and shudders.
Viscous says (in common), 'thats just gross'.

DarkClaw says (in common), 'You wouldn't have liked the display we just did a little while ago, then.'.

Lestat licks DarkClaw.

You say (in common), 'yeah, that's right, Viscous... girls making out are ickky.'.

DarkClaw says (in common), 'He left.'.

Someone gives you a long and passionate kiss.

Sabella closes her eyes and leans into the kiss.

You say (in common), 'hello.... Someone...'.

Lestat (unseen) ftells, 'heh u can’t see me?'.

Belsambar ftells, 'Lestat kissed you'.

You ftell, 'nope, couldn't.'.

Belsambar ftells, 'she has 17 mage detect and you have 29 mage invis'.

You ftell, 'my detect suuuucks.'.

Lestat (unseen) ftells, 'all in guild'.

Someone whines annoyingly. Why don't you slap him?

Lestat (unseen) ftells, 'bb soon'.

Belsambar ftells, 'well quit being such a bloodthirsty motherfucker so people aren't scared of you'.
Belsambar ftells, ':P'.

You ftell, 'what's wrong with being a bloodthirsty motherfucker? I like vampires!'.

DarkClaw snickers softly.

Belsambar ftells, 'nothing wrong with it'.

Belsambar ftells, 'it's the pk sociopaths'.
Belsambar ftells, 'people leave safe when I'm on, they're not scared of me'.
Belsambar ftells, 'I could probly kill Jashon pretty easily, it's sad'.
Belsambar ftells, 'ignoring he's ally'.
Belsambar ftells, 'ok, so...Jaerith is a better example :P'.

You ftell, '*whimper*'.

Belsambar ftells, 'even though I wouldn't mind killing Jae actually'.

Sabella leans against the wall, and slides down until she is seated on the hard stone floor.
Sabella squirms slowly.

Belsambar raises an eyebrow.

Belsambar grabs one of Sabella's hands and drags her into the nw corner of the room.
Belsambar says (in common), 'welcome to my Country!'.

You say (in common), 'and...?'.

Belsambar says (in common), 'uhm'.

Sabella raises her chin and looks at Bels challengingly.

Belsambar says (in common), 'Iono. I think I have to petition to build a monument to our founder'.
Belsambar coughs.
Belsambar says (in common), 'me'.
Belsambar coughs.

You say (in common), 'You don't strike me as the Dom type, honey.'.

Belsambar grins evilly at you.
Belsambar says (in common), 'I can be....'.
Belsambar says (in common), '...when I want to be...'.

You say (in common), 'And I need a good, long, brutal, wicked, painful episode to show me what a bad bad girl I've been...'.

You sigh.

Belsambar chuckles, evidently amused.

You say (in common), 'sadly, it's that other part that ruins it, hon.'.
You say (in common), 'I can't bend knee to anyone who, in turn, can be put on their knees.'.

Belsambar chuckles, evidently amused.

You say (in common), 'its just ... it has to be the that way.'.

Belsambar says (in common), 'ahhh, but you miss out on half the fun when you only pick one'.

You say (in common), 'Anyone who isn't strong enough to *force* me onto my knees, I generally put on theirs.'.

You say (in common), 'but it's not what I need at the moment.'.

Belsambar chuckles, evidently amused.

You say (in common), 'I can catch or I can hit... '.
You say (in common), 'I just *prefer* to be the one _taking_ the hit.'.

Belsambar says (in common), 'I'd *force* you to your knees, but I don't think you need that either'.

Belsambar snickers softly.
Belsambar snaps his fingers.

Belsambar watches the perimeter burst into flames.
Belsambar says (in common), 'wheeee!!!'.
Belsambar ftells, '9x9 area :)'.

Grismal arrives from above.
Grismal tickles DarkClaw.
Grismal tickles you - hee hee hee.

You say (in common), 'Gris!!!'.

Grismal grins wickedly.

You say (in common), 'ohmigod!'.

Belsambar licks Grismal.

You say (in common), 'honey!'.
You say (in common), 'baby!'.

Belsambar looks at Grismal.

DarkClaw gasps as she realizes what Grismal did.

Grismal tickles Belsambar.

DarkClaw says (in common), 'Grismal!'.

You say (in common), 'lovemuffin!'.

Belsambar says (in common), 'IT LIVES!'.

DarkClaw hugs Grismal.

DarkClaw is so excited that she cheers just for the hell of it.

Grismal smirks at Belsambar's saying.

>bounce grismal
You bounce onto his lap.

Grismal hugs DarkClaw.

Grismal cuddles you.

Sabella wiggles on Grismal's armored lap.

Grismal purrs contentedly.

Sabella presses her assets up against Grismal's chest and gives him a huge hug.

DarkClaw grins evilly.

You say (in common), 'Where ya been, Trouble?'.

Belsambar says (in common), 'I've been dragonslaying, where you benn?'.
Belsambar says (in common), 'would have been good to have ya! :P'.

Grismal says (in common), 'here, there'.
Grismal says (in common), 'you know'.

You nod.

DarkClaw says (in common), 'Don't think he'll be slaying any dragons for a while.'.

Grismal says (in common), 'dragonslaying?'.

who grismal
1 player.
Hel [ Wa: 5 ] Grismal.

Grismal says (in common), 'dragon appetizing'.

Belsambar says (in common), 'nah'.

You say (in common), 'dude, you SHRANK'.

Belsambar says (in common), 'I can tank now :P'.

You say (in common), 'that sucks!'.

Grismal grins wickedly.
Grismal says (in common), 'yeah there are no pfiles left to restore'.

DarkClaw snickers with Grismal about their shared secret.

Belsambar says (in common), 'oh whoah'.
Grismal sulks in the corner.

You say (in common), 'hell, I could tank for him. :>'.
You sniff sadly. *SNIFF*

Belsambar says (in common), 'HLY CRAP'.

DarkClaw comforts Grismal.

You say (in common), 'oh nooooooo'.

Grismal nods.
Grismal shrug.
Grismal says (in common), 'wouldn’t have played anyway'.
Grismal says (in common), 'not seriously'.

Belsambar sniffs sadly.

You sniff sadly. *SNIFF*

Belsambar says (in common), 'who cares bout serious :P'.

(Conversation about a medical issue snipped)

Grismal says (in common), 'I wanted to pull out my list!'.

Belsambar snickers softly.

Eldric laughs.

Belsambar says (in common), 'oooooh'.

Miressa snickers softly.
Miressa looks at Eldric.

Belsambar says (in common), 'damn'.

You grin evilly at Grismal.

Belsambar says (in common), 'I need a list :('.

Grismal tickles you - hee hee hee.

You say (in common), 'Gris, baby, you can be on my list anytime.'.

You giggle.

Grismal raises an eyebrow.
Grismal says (in common), 'sounds like a plan to me'.
Grismal pencils in his name.

You grin evilly at him.
You say (in common), 'woot.'.

Grismal says (in common), '... what did I just sign up for?'.
Grismal laughs.

You giggle.
You say (in common), 'you missed the lesbian vampire on submissive action earlier.'.

Grismal pouts.

You say (in common), 'you did!'.

Belsambar nods.
Belsambar nods.

You say (in common), 'I made DC stop, for fear of immortal retribution.'.

Belsambar coughs.
Belsambar says (in common), 'uhhhhh'.

DarkClaw snickers softly.

You say (in common), 'er, I pushed her far enough that she stopped.'.

Belsambar nods.
Belsambar nods.
Belsambar snickers softly.

You say (in common), 'sorry, my brain's still addled from being chewed on.'.

Eldric snickers softly.

Belsambar comforts you.

DarkClaw says (in common), 'I think I'm finally not swimming in messages.'.
DarkClaw pants.

You say (in common), 'not to mention the ...workout... I got earlier..'.

Belsambar says (in common), 'tappity tap tap!'.
Belsambar cracks the whip.

DarkClaw softly nuzzles Grismal's neck.

You say (in common), 'I gotta go'.
You say (in common), 'The Man wants his dinner'.

Grismal smirks.

DarkClaw pouts.

You say (in common), 'and maybe more kinky sex.'.

Belsambar chuckles, evidently amused.

Grismal laughs.

Belsambar ftells, 'have fun'.

DarkClaw says (in common), 'Tell him he can't have you!'.

You blink.
You say (in common), 'YOU tell him that'.

DarkClaw snickers softly.

You say (in common), 'I aint gonna!'.

Belsambar says (in common), 'yyyeaaahhh...ok'.

DarkClaw laughs.

DarkClaw squeezes you fondly.

Grismal hugs you.

Sabella sooooo doesn't wanna get into THAT much trouble.

DarkClaw says (in common), 'Loving you, sweetie. Hurry back!'.

You hug Grismal.
You say (in common), 'dude, you take care'.
You say (in common), 'and call if you need to, whenever, whyever.'.

Grismal nods.
Grismal hugs you.

You say (in common), 'He sends his best, btw'.
You say (in common), 'while blowing things up on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas'.

Grismal says (in common), 'regards from me as well :)'.

You grin evilly.
You wave.