What To Do About Katrana

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Date: 06/20/2011 Background: This log directly follows Story Time for Wyldess. Katrana had been transformed into a child, and Vale expounded on an idea he had to Aoide and Cordir.

Vale says (in common), 'goddess...could you....'.
Vale says (in common), 'earmuffs?'.

Katrana covers her ears.

Aoide laughs.

Vale says (in common), 'excellent'.

Cordir arches an eyebrow inquisitively.

Vale says (in common), 'Aoide, Weaver, I have a theory on our dear goddess's....regression'.

Aoide says (in common), 'interesting trick you've taught her'.

Aoide raises an eyebrow.
Aoide says (in common), 'oh?'.
Aoide says (in common), 'please share'.

Vale says (in common), 'ah welll...'.

Vale wrings his hands together as he attempts to put his thoughts to words.

Vale says (in common), 'I have been doing some research'.
Vale says (in common), 'and I have a hypothesis'.
Vale says (in common), 'it is known in the arcane that gods and pantheons are created on the faith of mortals'.
Vale says (in common), 'if something is believed in...truly believed in....'.
Vale says (in common), 'it will be'.

A brightly colored butterfly drifts by, temptingly close to the Wyldess, then flits a bit away.

Vale says (in common), 'now, this is les applicable to our goddess in question as she is more a....'.

Katrana chases the butterfly, jumping after it with her hands on her ears.

Vale scowls at the butterfly and makes a flimsy gesture, a small wind buffeting the creature away.

Aoide covers a giggle with her hand.

Vale says (in common), 'more a....force of nature, than a god'.

Vale smiles crookedly at the irony as he watches the breeze send the butterfly floating along.

Vale says (in common), 'but!'.
Vale says (in common), 'please, I apologize for rambling'.
Vale says (in common), 'but allow me...'.
Vale says (in common), 'what is the strongest stage of a mortal life? '.
Vale says (in common), 'surely childhood'.
Vale says (in common), 'children are nigh impervious'.

Katrana looks around and smiles as Manatheren bounds into view.

Vale says (in common), 'they fall from trees and dive from cliffs and have courage that knights grow green with envy of'.
Vale says (in common), 'and, currently, the Wyld Hunt is a strong following'.

The hound bays with a call of the Hunt, and chases after the butterfly.

Vale says (in common), 'so strong, that....'.

Manatheren, Hound of the Hunt arrives from a puff of smoke.
Manatheren, Hound of the Hunt leaves west.

Katrana giggles chasing after them.

Vale says (in common), 'perhaps our devotion has caused our goddess to relapse into childhood? Into the strongest stage of her mortal incarnation?'.

Aoide sits down and thinks deeply.
Aoide says (in common), 'so you would suggest *less* devotion?'.

Vale frowns a bit as his mind goes over the intricacies and details

Vale says (in common), 'ah no....of course not'.
Vale smiles.

Katrana leaves west.
Katrana arrives from the west.

Vale says (in common), 'we need only devote ourselves to discovering a way to truly separate Katrana from the mundane laws of the arcane'.

Aoide says (in common), 'oh is that all?'.
Aoide giggles.

Vale smiles happily.

Aoide says (in common), 'sounds..complicated'.

Vale says (in common), 'aye...no small task'.

Vale gently attempts to pull Katrana's arms from her ears.

Vale says (in common), 'it's ok now goddess, you may join us again'.
Vale says (in common), 'just a theory'.

Aoide smiles happily.

Vale winks across Katrana at Aoide.

Katrana looks to the Chronomancer.

Katrana says, 'But, I was going to get that butterfly!'.

Aoide curtseys gracefully.
Aoide leaves west.

The queen spider leaves west.

Vale pulls the butterfly from behind Katrana's ear. It lands on his finger and he holds the pale, lengthy digit in front of Katrana's nose.

Katrana gasps in astonishment.

Vale smiles and nods.

Vale says (in common), 'go ahead'.

Katrana quickly cups her hands around the butterfly.

Vale looks at Katrana.

Katrana looks up to Vale and whispers, 'Did I get it?'

Vale places his hands over Katrana's and gently pries them open. There is nothing.

Katrana gasps in astonishment.
Katrana says, 'Did I make it poof?!'.

Vale makes a slight gesture, and the butterfly appears on Katrana's nose. Her eyes crossing to attempt to put the insect into focus.

Katrana giggles.

Vale says (in common), '(i committed the cardinal sin of rp, i couldn't help it. i wanted kat to look cross eyed!)'.

The gnomish child's eyes cross, and she takes a deep breath inward.

Katrana puffs up her cheeks and blows slightly up toward her nose.

Vale watches the butterfly flutter off and settle into the nest of brambles and tangled hair.

Katrana giggles.
Katrana sits down and thinks deeply.
Katrana says, 'I shall name him...Flutter.'.
Katrana nods at herself; she must be getting senile.

Vale grins evilly.

(end log)