A Foul Smelling Ivory Rose

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who Ivory: 4 players.
[Wa:30 Cl:30] Cujo, "The Rabid" Arch-Prelate of the Ivory Rose.
[Wa:7 ] Oleg, Guardsman of the Ivory Rose
[Lesser God] Kalten, Keeper of the Ivory Rose
[Ra:19 ] Leviathan, TRACKER II of the IVORY ROSE

Ceremonial Room [Exits: east)
Glittering gold inlay. black obsidian floors, and large amounts of precious gems make this room one of the richest in all the realms. What makes it even more impressive is the room is massive, easily large enough to hold all the heroes of the world and have room to spare for many more. Throughout the room are various trophies from past heroes. Sealed by a magic field is Maurice's armor from when he was a paladin; in another alcove floating above its base is the mace Tynian used to smash his way to immortality. In yet another display is a sculpture of pure magical energy created by Ivory Tiger. This room is for all the special moments in a hero's life, such as honor given by an immortal, marriage, reception of a major quest prize, or even a really special party.

Oleg is here.

Lena tells Kalten 'Hello, Immortal. May I speak with You for a moment?'

Oleg has arrived.
Oleg looks at Lena.

Lena gazes back at Oleg with huge green eyes and says 'What do YOU want?'

Oleg smiles happily.

Lena tells Kalten 'I had a question about something one of Your people did. I was wondering why Cujo would .. umm.. mark me with his scent.. He "peed" on me.'

Lena tells Kalten 'And I was wondering if that is some new Ivory Rose ritual or something.'

(There is a long pause, while Lena waits for any response…)

Lena says 'Is Kalten Link Dead, or just rude?'

Kalten tells Lena 'Hmm'.

Lena shrugs.
Lena says 'I guess he is not link dead.'
Lena lashes her tail angrily.

Kalten tells Lena 'He will refrain from peeing in the future, Lena'.

Oleg says, 'he's definitely not rude. What do you want with him anyway??'

Kalten tells Lena *embarrassed smile*'.

Leviathan has arrived.

Lena tells Kalten '*Bow* Thank you. It was rather unexpected.. I'd never even spoken to him before then, and he peed on me. **bow* Thank You.'

Cujo has arrived.

Lena lashes her tail angrily.

Cujo looks at Lena.

Lena gazes back at Cujo with huge green eyes. Lena says "What do YOU want?'

Oleg looks at Lena.

Cujo says, 'Heh. Please our Lord. Remove all and give to me to save time.'

Lena giggles and says, 'I don't think so.'

Cujo says, 'As you wish.'

Lena says, 'You're not even in my range.'

Cujo says, 'Heh. Maybe not.'

Lena says, 'So if I fall, it will not be by YOUR hand, Cujo.'

Cujo says 'we shall see'. He snickers softly.

Lena says 'So.. Ivory Rose just greedy for equipment..?'

Cujo says 'No, we at war. You part of it'.

Lena says 'No honor combat, no cause?'

Lena sighs.

Lena says, 'Silly silly cujo.'

Cujo says 'we at war lena'.

Lena says 'Perhaps you should thank Kindred.. We taught a valuable lesson... PRAC AT JACEK!'

Lena giggles.

Cujo says 'we shall teach you a bigger one'

Lena giggles.

Lena says 'Ohhhhh...'

Lena shivers in her boots.

Lena says 'Help help.'

Cujo says 'heh.'

Cujo leaves east.

Lena walks over to the corner.
Lena turns around three times and sleeps.
Lena twitches her ears.

Note read 53:
Khore: A War.
To: Kindred Followers Kalten
In the act of the Hunt, Diaemon, our Hunter, attacked an unwary Ivory follower practicing. He slew him, as he is the Hunter and so Hunted. In the aftermath, it was discovered the Follower, Tal by name, had in his possession the Practicing Kit of Kalten. I cannot, and will not, be held responsible for Kalten's mis-care of his Kit. It was not returned. I faced an angry Lord of Ivory that said unkind things. He has declared a war. So be it. We have fought and we will continue to fight. Ours is not the way of submission. Defend yourselves. His will be aggressive. Kill them first.
Khore, Lord of the Kindred

Oleg looks at Lena.

Lena gazes back at Oleg with huge green eyes and says 'What, Oleg? Never seen a girl before?'
Lena twitches her whiskers in amusement. 'Gotta keep starin'?'

Oleg is waiting patiently.

Lena raises her eyebrow. 'You think I'm leaving this room? Silly Oleg. I just came in to talk to Kalten.'

Oleg eats a plum.

Lena says That is done.'

Oleg says 'why don't you do that then??'

Lena says 'One Kindred against Three Ivory Rose? I don't think those are good odds.. I am a Gatherer... not a Hunter.'
Lena says, 'I do not seek fights. It is not my Path. Try a Hunter if you want a fight. They will play with you.'

Oleg says 'I'm an Ivory Rose, that's good enough for me.'

Lena shrugs and says 'You're more bloodthirsty than me, then.'
Lena twitches her whiskers.

Oleg says 'maybe, but that's the warriors way.'

Lena nods. 'Fine.. do your thing... but do not be silly and expect this cat to lie down for your knife..'

Oleg says 'Pardon me m'lady....'
Oleg bows before Lena.
Oleg says, '...but this is a Halberd.'
Oleg smiles happily.

Lena shrugs and says 'I had not bothered to look at you.. SO I have not memorized all that you wear.' She brandishes the Luck Blade. 'This is the Luck Blade.' She shrugs. 'So?'

Oleg says 'might need it eh?'

Lena says 'We both have weapons, I don't intend to use mine. I am a Gatherer. I am forbidden the Hunt.'

Oleg says 'what is the difference, you're Kindred.'

Lena chuckles.
Lena says 'Blind.' She drops to all fours and pads over towards Oleg. Lena sniffs Oleg, memorizing his scent, and says 'I'll remember you.. I won't fight you, but I'll remember.'

Lena smiles, baring her fangs, then twitches her whiskers, and waves.

(End Scene)