Tiger Retribution List - July 2002

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[ 6] Tripper: Tiger Retribution List ( JULY 2002)
Tue Aug 20 20:49:32 2002
To followers of: Tripper
This is the Tiger Retribution List. Those on this list may be killed at will because they have either killed Tigers or demonstrated a pernicius will to do so in terms of multiple attacks.

Additionally, you may kill any individual for whom you have a Valid Justification achieved SINCE you became a Tiger.


Abaddon      Agralebean        Alderson       Alex
Angelus      Apollyn           Arbin          Arianas
Aries        Aster             Azmodin        Bashful
Calh         Chronic           Cici           Cybrid
Daelin       Dalaran           Dantareth      Dante
Deadly       Dezmond           Droane         Dunst
Eamon        Edge              Elistan        Famine
Fei          Gabriel           Gann           Grim
Grindel      Ibram             Ilisam         Iso
Jaerith      Jasmine           Justi          Kain
Kaltar       Kandrell          Kenrobe        Kilrath
Kyle         Laurana           Lictilon       Lightft
Lins         Loki              Lokum          Luvela
Lyim         Mael              Maldobar       Minair
Modred       Mordith           Morphius       Nosferatu
Omnipotence  Orgrim            Orpik          Packard
Pan          Pele              Percivile      Rath
Rocky        Rubicant          Shazam         Shorn
Silvermoon   Sin               Slusk          Sneeky
Sober        Stealth           Sullen         Tinan
Titan        Toxic             Trinety        Tylorn
Tyr          Uriel             Valence        Vampric
Vex          Vhirrek           Volkov         Wish
Witchblade   Zahar             Zakarious      Zmandforkso 

Effective Date: 5 JULY 2002

Actively aggressive members of the Coven have been returned to this list. Coven, as a group, will never again be exempt from retribution. The Coven has broken three non-aggression pacts. With the posting of this list, Coven, as a group is removed from the War front and normal Tiger PK rules apply to them as with any one else.

Members of Veldrin and Gavin's following are starting to show up on this list as expected. They have shown a tendency to be aggressive PKers. I fully expect that more will show in time as I collect info on their activities.

REMEMBER - YOU are responsible for the names on this list. If you do not report attacks, then do not expect to have your personal nemisis listed. Report, Report, Report.