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Notes: The entry quest for the Chosen of Fate was one of the hardest given, in TFC's history. Here's an unusual glimpse at all the various hoops and challenges one had to jump through in the process of Joining Fate. The log focuses on Tybalt, a fellow who was a member of the following for a grand total of four days. :(

WARNING: This log does have some slightly adult (but not graphic) adult topic references.

Log is on: 9-4-2004-1-09-pm.txt

> who Tybalt
1 player.
Elf [ Ma: 8 Wa: 9 ] Tybalt The Very butcher of a silk button

The Sanctuary of Fate
[Exits: north up]
A small weaving loom is barely visible amidst the trees.
(Hide) A distressingly large, shiny black spider weaves webs here.

Tybalt arrives from the north.
Tybalt says (in common), 'Is the Lady of the Temple about?'.

You nod.
You say, 'I am, just keeping an eye on my folks, so I was distracted.'.

note read 16
[ 16] Tybalt: Entry.
Tue Aug 31 13:46:58 2004
To: Cordir
Greetings Weaver,
My name is Tybalt de Capulet. I beg a moment or two of your time.
I am old soul that has recently reawakened in this realm.
I wish to learn the ways of this new world, as well as the old.
My expierance is by no means vast, but by no means frail.
I humbly ask that you allow me to quest for induction.
Thank you, I will waste not another minute of your day.
Tybalt de Capulet. Prince of Cats.

Tybalt says (in common), 'No, I understand. I do not want to take your eye away from your followers'.

You say, 'Your note was intriguing.'.
You say, 'first, that you state yourself a prince of felines..'.
You say, 'second, that you're an old soul that I might know.'.
You say, 'and third.. that you're interested in Fate.'.

Tybalt says (in common), 'A hereditary title, purely.'.
Tybalt says (in common), 'Yes, I am an old soul come back, but never a famous soul I do not think.'.

You say, 'I'll be honest, two of those are intriguing enough to speak to you about the third.'.

You say, 'But equally honest, I don't accept many folks these days.'.

Tybalt says (in common), 'I understand if that is the case.'.

You say, 'I accept players, rather than characters.'.

Tybalt nods.

You say, 'So I would want to hear about the person behind the keyboard.'.
You say, 'perhaps odd, but... that's how I've kept fate small, and family like.'.

Tybalt says (in common), 'I understand.'.

You say, 'I look at it like this: are the people in my following folks I'd want to table-top game with?'.

Tybalt says (in common), 'This character is my oldest, I retain one other that is still active, in a sense.'.

You say, 'if so... cool. If not.. perhaps elsewhere would be best.'.
You say, '... in a sense?'.

Tybalt says (in common), 'He doesn't leave safe too much.'.

You ponder the question.
You say, 'that describes half the mud.'.

Tybalt laughs.
Tybalt says (in common), 'An ally that has followed the sequioa from birth and rebirth'.

You nod.

Tybalt says (in common), 'A mascot one might say'.
Tybalt says (in common), 'And has a love of titles, such as I'.

You ponder the question.

It is 4am on Ozymandiut the 26th, the month of Apathy,in the year 2672.
TFC started up at Fri Sep 3 03:00:30 2004 / The system time is Sat Sep 4 13:33:14 2004

You say, 'You know, this should be enormously obvious to me, but my brain's a tad wonky.'.
You say, 'I would ask this: Do you have any active anathema characters?'.

Tybalt shakes his head.

You say, 'Can you promise that while you're in the chosen, that when you play this character, your loyalty and focus will be here?'.

Tybalt nods.

You say, 'I'll be honest, until .. well.. recently... Fate was 100% primary characters, rather than secondaries.'.
You say, 'and I prefer it that way.'.

Tybalt nods.
Tybalt says (in common), 'My other has been always been for support and for service.'.

You nod.

Tybalt says (in common), 'I prefer to be a more active role in the shapes of the world now.'.

You say, 'You realize, I hope, that I am the most restrictive FLI on the mud when it comes to behavior, yes?'.

Cordir arches an eyebrow inquisitively.

Tybalt nods.

You say, 'I don't allow certain levels of language, I don't allow retaliation or initiation of combat unless justified or a Blade...'.

Tybalt nods.
Tybalt says (in common), 'Well, I wish to be a blade if that simplies things anyway.'.

You say, 'have you seen our Codes?'.

Tybalt nods.

You say, 'and our Rules?'.

Tybalt says (in common), 'I have.'.

You say, 'please review them for a moment.'.

>l codes

  1. Service: aid those weaker, and those new to the Realm.
  2. Honor: In all words and deeds. Your word is your bond and My law. Your actions reflect on the entire following and your Goddess in particular.
  3. Learning: Admit your mistakes and learn from them. Share your growth with your fellow Chosen, that they may avoid the same pitfall.
  4. Growth: Strive to become all you can, and do so with grace, integrity and honor, while observing your own personal Geasa.
  5. Respect: To Immortals, your fellows, your foes, yourself. Show tolerance for the beliefs of others, even if they conflict with your own. Public mockery shames us all.
  6. Courage: Dare to risk, to achieve, to find the nobility of spirit within.

(Look RULES and Look QUOTES for some further guidance )

> l rules
- Keep character separation. If you have a character in a following that is 'in conflict' with Fate, you *must* maintain a mininum of one hour real-time separation between logins. Violation of this rule is punishable up to and including death, corpse eating, rejection. Sharing information gained on Ftell, our Boards, our Email list, or Forums is also unacceptable, and may result in similar punishment.

- In dealing with Anathema, less is more. Avoid speaking, trading, selling, etc. You are granted specific permission, however, to cast useful spells upon any Ally who is hunting an Anathema.

- Foul language on any channel other than Ftell (I know you need a place to vent - use Ftell if you need to, but don't go overboard) is unacceptable. I expect those in Fate to behave with grace and manners.

You say, 'And let me know if you have any questions.'.

Tybalt says (in common), 'None at all. These are rules i've followed, regardless of place, since I began 6 years ago.'.
Tybalt says (in common), 'I've had my moments of forgeting that info exists...but i've moved past that.'.

You grin mischievously.
You nod.
You say, 'as have we all.'.
You say, 'Do you know what Geasa are?'.

Tybalt says (in common), 'A personal restriction to improve one's abilities and mindset.'.

You say, 'Do you have any thoughts as to what geas you might accept?'.

Tybalt nods.

You say, 'Please share them.'.

Tybalt says (in common), 'I thought that perhaps I would never keep the weapon of an enemy slain'.
Tybalt says (in common), 'It is not becoming of a man that prides himself a duelist to have an unfair advantage.'.
Tybalt says (in common), 'Or perhaps, simply not disarming in combat.'.
Tybalt says (in common), 'Again a PC.'.

You ponder the question.

Tybalt says (in common), 'Another would be to always present myself for IDs, to anyone.'.

You say, 'so you would not disarm, giving yourself a disadvantage?'.

Tybalt says (in common), 'The bain of a mages existence.'.

You say, 'or you would disarm, and return the weapon after the combat was over?'.

Cordir arches an eyebrow inquisitively.

You say, 'I'm not wholly understanding which you meant.'.

Tybalt says (in common), 'Not disarm, I'd rather be at a disadvantage and win with honor.'.
Tybalt says (in common), 'To never disarm against a PC. '.

You nod.
You say, 'Okay.'.
You say, 'A LOT of folks use the ID geas..'.

Tybalt snickers softly.
Tybalt says (in common), 'Then I suppose I could take another'.
Tybalt says (in common), 'Perhaps to never ID? '.

You say, 'I'd accept it, but would *prefer* to see something more unique and character defining.'.

Tybalt snickers softly.

You say, 'You have the demeanor of a duelist, you said... perhaps something involving stealth, quietude, dignity, courtliness?'.

Tybalt says (in common), 'Then, to never utter an unkind word to any enemy, publically or privately'.

You nod.
You say, 'I like geasa that restrict bad behavior.'.
You grin mischievously.

Tybalt smiles happily.

Cordir despises smack talk.

Tybalt nods.
Tybalt says (in common), 'I agree, it is a complete affront to what this game should be'.

You say, 'so that's two:'.
You say, 'no disarming, and no unkind words.'.

Tybalt says (in common), 'Finally, to never use backstab against an opponnent, should I take on that aspect.'.

You ponder the question.
You say, 'That's two combat restrictions of a fairly large nature, for someone who intends to be a blade?'.

Tybalt nods.

You say, 'I believe in challenges... but not crippling someone's effectiveness'.

Tybalt says (in common), 'I trust in my abilities, and also, I'm not sure if I would go thief anytime soon'.
Tybalt says (in common), 'But, I understand the hestitation.'.

You ponder the question.
You say, 'Abe and Noctus would have a fit if I allowed it.'.
You grin mischievously.
You snicker softly.

Tybalt laughs.

You say, 'you have one of resriction, another of restriction.... how about a required action of some form?'.

Tybalt says (in common), 'A duelist must be a man of his word, I must never break an oath or pledge, regardless of its nature'.

You ponder the question.
You say, 'That's actually part of the Chosen Code.'.
You say, 'so I can't allow it as a geas, since everyone's supposed to be doing it anyway.'.

Tybalt says (in common), 'Thus, if I state that I will explore demon realm now, I must or face any punishment that the one I promised feels fit'.
Tybalt says (in common), 'Perhaps the latter part of that geas would change the meaning.'.

You say, 'and if you broke your word to someone, and they demanded your corpse?'.

Tybalt says (in common), 'Then I must return it'.

You ponder the question.
You say, 'That's quite a challenge.'.
You say, 'For me, as well as you.'.
You say, 'I tend to get grumpy when eq voluntarily leaves the fol.'.

Tybalt nods.
Tybalt says (in common), 'Then I know never to make a boast that I cannot fufill'.
Tybalt says (in common), 'If I say I will attempt to rescue a corpse, I will attempt, not fufill.'.
Tybalt says (in common), 'A duelist in semantics is as valuable as a duelist with a blade.'.

You chuckle.
You say, 'Okay.'.
You say, 'But I would ask that you preferace any such oath with 'I give you my word' or something of that nature.'.
You say, 'so that it is clear when you give your word, and can be held to it.'.

Tybalt nods.
Tybalt says (in common), 'I will not exploit semantics to my favor, I will always be clear on my intent'.

You nod.

Tybalt smiles happily.

You say, 'Do you have my email addy?'.

Tybalt nods.

You say, 'then I look forward to receiving your history.'.
You say, 'and you have my consent to quest.'.

Tybalt smiles happily.

Tybalt says (in common), 'I have fufilled most of it, save a sponser.'.
Tybalt says (in common), 'And finding the sigil.'.

You say, 'that may prove tricky.'.
You say, 'A sponsor isn't just someone who stands and nods at the right time.'.

Tybalt nods.

You say, 'they know they are *responsible* for your behavior, now and always.'.

Tybalt says (in common), 'Borormir made it very clear on what a sponser must do.'.
Tybalt nods.

You say, 'and for teaching you the subtleties of my expectations.'.
You ponder the question.
You say, 'I should probably be honest about that part.'.

Cordir hops out of character.

Tybalt smiles happily.

You say, 'Hi. Bethany here. Gotta be blunt:'.

Tybalt nods.

You say, 'Don't know if you've worshipped a female FLI before or not...'.
You say, 'but it's WAY different. Good.. and Bad.'.

Tybalt nods.
Tybalt says (in common), 'I have.'.

You say, 'Just like any relationship with a woman.'.
You say, 'I don't accept competition, or anyone else trying to put themselves in charge..'.
You say, 'I get damned moody... and pms just like every other girl on the planet.'.
You say, 'Sometimes I do stupid crap. Like.. er... get retired.'.
Cordir scuffs her foot on the stone floor.

Tybalt smiles happily.

You say, 'But I love my following and I adore my followers, and I honestly enjoy being an FLI and helping folks.'.
You say, 'But cross me and I'll ruin you. I'm vindictive and bitchy when need be.'.
You say, 'But if you've been playing for 6 years... you already know all this.'.

Tybalt nods.
Tybalt says (in common), 'I do.'.
Tybalt says (in common), 'But allow me for a moment...'.
Tybalt jumps into RL mode.
Tybalt says (in common), 'My mother is a Ph'D, and teaches feminist thought, being a boy in that household taught me to roll with
many a punch'.

You giggle.
You nod.
You say, 'while we're ooc ....'.
You say, 'Fate has the HIGHEST concentration of alternative viewpoints on the mud:'.
You say, 'be it sexual orientation, religion, etc.'.

Tybalt says (in common), 'Again, I worry not'.

You say, 'I don't require folks to accept other's viewpoints, just their right to have them.'.

Tybalt says (in common), 'I agree'.

You say, 'and to disagree with courtesy.'.
You say, 'We've also got the *oldest* aged playerbase.'.
You say, 'Average age is 25+.'.

Tybalt says (in common), 'I grew up in the south, and then california, i've learned to accept all viewpoints.'.

You say, 'Sometimes topics get blunt and honest on Ftell.'.

Tybalt says (in common), 'That would make me younger, but being blunt or honest is not something I fail at'.

You say, 'It's not always a good idea to ask my why I went abruptly afk. :-P'.
You say, 'I tend to answer honestly. even if that's ,"Oh, I was (EDITED) Abe."'.

Tybalt says (in common), 'I must say i come from a much different background than most, so as long as others respect mine, I respect others'.

You say, 'We had a Muslim at one point, have had a Buddhist, Mormons, Catholics, Christians, agnostics...'.
You say, 'gay, bi, lesbian, straight...'.

Tybalt nods.

You say, '8 through .. well... 65.'.

Tybalt says (in common), 'On ftell I can tell many a story about many things that I have been through or seen.'.

You say, 'Oh. and I'm proud to say we have a very high percentage of active military.'.

Tybalt nods.

You say, 'again, something that can cause some conflict, given current politics and choices of the commander in chief'.

Tybalt says (in common), 'I try not to argue politics much over ftell or anywhere'.

You nod.

Tybalt says (in common), 'A reasonable debate is fine, but I understand politics is often not a science'.

You say, 'we often 'agree to disagree' and that's cool.'.

Tybalt says (in common), 'but a viewpoint, and I respect that'.

You nod.

Cordir slides back into character.
Cordir tilts her head to one side and regards you quietly for a long moment.
You say, 'Why Fate? Why now? Why this Thread within the pattern?'.

Quathros arrives from the north.

Tybalt takes off the bandanna and tooth pick and goes back to duelist.

Tybalt smiles happily.

You smile at Quathros.
You nod in recognition to Quathros.

Quathros bows deeply.

You say, 'not yet, Quathros. The day will come. Not today.'.

Quathros nods in recognition to you.

Tybalt says (in common), 'Ive come now because the world is new, and at times frightening'.
Tybalt says (in common), 'The world is changing, and I'd prefer to ensure that change is not detrimental to those I hold in esteem.'.

You say, 'an intriguing answer.'.

Tybalt bows before Quathros.

Quathros bows deeply.
You give a silver weaving shuttle to Quathros.

Quathros unlocks the pattern.
Quathros opens the pattern.
Quathros bows deeply.
Quathros leaves up.
The pattern closes.

You say, 'do you have any questions about what my expectations are?'.

Tybalt shakes his head.

You say, 'or do you have any doubts about what you can expect from me?'.

Tybalt shakes his head.
Tybalt says (in common), 'You have been honest, and I greatly respect that'.

Cordir grins wryly.
You say, 'I'm not always politically correct, or even fair. But I try to be honest and I try my best to treat my followers with respect.'.
You say, 'Some... make that difficult.... but...'.
You chuckle.

Tybalt says (in common), 'Honesty is more important to me than fairness'.

You nod.
You say, 'You do not know where the Sigil is, correct?'.

Tybalt says (in common), 'I have an idea, but not found it.'.

You nod.
You say, 'Then... I look forward to your discovery.'.

Tybalt nods.
Tybalt says (in common), 'No time like the present.'.

You say, 'Please let me know when you have the entirety of the quest completely.'.

Tybalt says (in common), 'I will. Thank you for the chance to prove myself'.

You nod.

Tybalt says (in common), 'I do not believe you will be disappointed.'.

You say, 'Time will tell, indeed.'.

Tybalt nods.
Tybalt smirks and quietly sings "I got time, on my side."
Tybalt winks suggestively.
Tybalt bows deeply.

You ponder the question.
You say, '... interesting.'.

Tybalt says (in common), 'Oh? Do tell.'.

You say, 'YOu have me intrigued. which is more than most accomplish who walk through that door without my aura.'.

Tybalt says (in common), 'Well, I should begin my quest'.
Tybalt bows deeply.

You smile happily.
You nod.

Tybalt says (in common), 'Thank you, for everything.'.

You say, 'clear path before you, and wind at your back.'.

Tybalt leaves north.


### [Tybalt tells Faile (in elven), 'I believe that is allowed, but is the Sigil Draktha in Citadel or in N'Kai itself?']
### [Faile tells Tybalt (in common), 'I can pick the north exit and you can walk all north and down into it.']
### [Tybalt tells Faile (in common), 'is it possible, if I lead, to accompany me to the Sigil?']

End of the Granite Cavern
[Exits: south down]

Tybalt appears out of nowhere.
Tybalt bows before you.
Tybalt smiles happily.

Tybalt says (in common), 'Well...I suppose I will now head to the Guild and spend my year and a day.'.

Tybalt quaffs a vial of a shimmering elixir.
Tybalt invokes recall magic.
Tybalt disappears.


You ftell, '.. and please keep an eye on Tybalt. Let me know what you think. how he acts.'.

Balin ftells, 'nod'.
Balin ftells, 'can do'.
Xylos ftells, 'he seems to be nice... not sh at all.'.
Xylos ftells, 'shy that is'.

Deyanira ftells, 'need me to question him?'.
Deyanira ftells, 'twist his arm?'.
Quathros ftells, 'break his back?'.


Deyanira ftells, 'I like Tybalt!'.
Xylos ftells, 'ditto'.
Xylos ftells, 'very nice'.
Deyanira ftells, 'he is really polite'.
Faile ftells, 'Me too!'.
Xylos ftells, 'nod'.
Faile ftells, 'Tybie is cool'.


Faile ftells, 'I've agreed to sponsor Tybalt'.

Tybalt tells you, 'I have found a sponser.'.

You ftell, 'okay...'.
Deyanira ftells, 'wait'.
Deyanira ftells, 'only if he gets me a rapier :P'.

who Tybalt
1 player.
Elf [ Ma: 8 Wa: 9 ] Tybalt Seeks his place within the pattern

(Snip: A total of two hours later...)

Tybalt tells you, '...I believe I have finished all my requirements, Lady Cordir.'.

You tell Tybalt, 'Does your sponsor have your history?'.

Tybalt tells you, 'oops, sent it to you. I can send it to her as well'.

You tell Tybalt, 'I've not received it'.

Tybalt tells you, 'I was told, not correct?'.

You tell Tybalt, 'that works. Though is usually faster.'.

Tybalt tells you, 'Ah.'.
Tybalt tells you, 'afk. sorry. RL calls.'.

Tybalt tells you, 'back'.

You tell Tybalt, '*nod*'.
You tell Tybalt, 'it still hasn't arrived.'.

Tybalt tells you, 'I could send it to stormreaver'.
Tybalt tells you, 'I sent to stormreaver as well'.

You tell Tybalt, 'lets see .. there it is.'.
You tell Tybalt, 'Got it. But I need to go afk and make dinner. Will read it and get back to you asap.'.

Tybalt tells you, 'Ok, I should still be around.'.


Somewhere in the Pattern
[Exits: down]
For a moment, it seemed that you stood in a lady's private bower for
her cherished lover, a massive bed hung with silken drapes, the room
decorated richly, the scent of sandalwood, vanilla and rose tingeing
the air. But as the drapes dissolve into individual strands of silky
webbing, you realize you are within a thick, sticky web and hundreds,
thousands of tiny black spiders scurry forth, eager to bind this new
prey for the enjoyment of their Queen. Surging forth, they become a
midnight marble slab floor, seething columns of blackfire holding up
an ebon crystal roof and an enraged storm all around lashes you like
a woman's righteous fury, each cold drop of rain the bitter tears of
rage or sorrow, every strike of lightning the lash of Her vengeance.
Lanae, Cordir's avatar, is here.

Tybalt arrives from the north.
Tybalt rests.
Tybalt whistles a little tune to himself.

You smile happily.
You say, 'sorry, been making and eating dinner.'.

Tybalt says (in elven), 'I completely understand'.
Tybalt says (in elven), 'I am waiting for the very same thing'.

You nod.

Cordir is reading.

Tybalt nods.

You say, 'ooc - uci, huh?'.

Tybalt nods.

Cordir smiles wryly.

You nod.

Tybalt nods.

You say, 'I have history, we have discussed geasa...'.
You say, 'is your service complete?'.

Tybalt nods.

You say, 'and your items collected?'.

> l entry
The silvery runes read:
The Chosen of Fate are individuals of honor, courage and integrity.
These virtues must be present in any applicant. The Path of Fate is
not for everyone. Much is demanded of them, and so as fair warning,
our Entry Quest is more challenging than any other in the Realm. The
following tasks must be completed by any who wish to join:

1. Change your title to 'seeks (his/her) place within the Pattern.'
2. Reach level 10, minimum.
3. Gain the sponsorship of a current member of the Chosen.
4. Write a character history. Your sponsor will tell you where to send it.
5. Present yourself for a one on one interview with Cordir.
6. Spend a `year and a day' of TFC time (two hours RL) assisting the young and new to the Realm with spells, eq, advice, and guidance.
7. Learn eight of the racial cities of your home continent. Be able to prove this knowledge by obtaining a unique item from each city.
8. Select three Geasa and discuss their suitability with your sponsor.
9. Find the Sigil Draktha in the Citadel of the North. Be able to reach it from your home city.

Once the quest is done, inform your Chosen sponsor.

Tybalt nods.

You say, 'do you wish to wait until your sponsor is present?'.

Tybalt says (in elven), 'I do not know. I'd like to accepted post-haste'.
Tybalt says (in elven), 'but that may be too brash.'.
Tybalt sits down and thinks deeply.

You say, 'your choice.'.

Tybalt says (in elven), 'I think I would like to be accepted now, if possible.'.

You say, 'All right.'.
You say, 'If you would, please restate your geasa.'.

Tybalt says (in elven), 'I may never disarm an opponnent in combat.'.

You nod.

Tybalt says (in elven), 'I may never utter a disrespectful word, publically or privately'.

You nod.

Tybalt says (in elven), 'I must yield all or any thing to a person to whom I break my word'.

The guardian spider looks at you keenly.

Cordir glances at the spider and nods.

Tybalt bows to the guardian spider.

The guardian spider begins to weave and spin a shimmering Thread, binding it to the Pattern of the Chosen.

You say, 'Would you present the tokens you have gathered, and explain why you chose each, and where it is from?'.

Tybalt gets a vial of a shimmering elixir from an egg casing.
Tybalt says (in elven), 'This elixir is sold in Hovelton by Lestiggen,'.
Tybalt says (in elven), 'This elixir is a life saving device, as precaution and quick thinking can both be necessary for survival'.
Tybalt puts a vial of a shimmering elixir in a saddlebag.

You nod.

Tybalt gets a spear from a saddlebag.
Tybalt says (in elven), 'This simple spear is from the guards that protect Thistlerock'.
Tybalt says (in elven), 'Merely a piece of wood and metal, in the hands of the dedicated, any weapon is an effective weapon'.
Tybalt puts a spear in a saddlebag.

You nod.

Tybalt gets a Patrolguard's Badge from a saddlebag.
Tybalt says (in elven), 'This patrolguard's Badge is from Dwarvenhold, held by it's cityguards'.

Abe arrives from the north.

Tybalt says (in elven), 'Honor and love for one's duty must be worn proudly, it is a shield as much as any piece of steel or
Tybalt puts a Patrolguard's Badge in a saddlebag.

You nod.

Tybalt gets a full-view helmet of plate from a saddlebag.
Tybalt says (in elven), 'This helmet is worn by the cityguards of Aracity'.

Abe looks at Tybalt.

Tybalt says (in elven), 'While protection is important, an observant eye is often the key to victory.'.
Tybalt puts a full-view helmet of plate in a saddlebag.

You nod.

Tybalt gets a water-stained book from a saddlebag.
Tybalt says (in elven), 'This book is carried by young mages in The Half Elf Camp'.
Tybalt says (in elven), 'Knowledge is nothing without the wisdom to harness it'.
Tybalt puts a water-stained book in an egg casing.

You nod.

Tybalt gets an ornamental bracelet from a saddlebag.
Tybalt says (in elven), 'This bracelet is taken from the giant eagles that guard Loth Lorien'.
Tybalt says (in elven), 'Even what seems to be petty jewelry can hold vital importance to the holder'.
Tybalt puts an ornamental bracelet in a saddlebag.

You nod.

Tybalt gets a jump rope from a saddlebag.
Tybalt says (in elven), 'This jump rope is taken from A young girl in Midgaard'.
Tybalt says (in elven), 'Even in times of war, it is for the happiness of all that it must be fought in order to be truly won'.
Tybalt puts a jump rope in a saddlebag.

You nod.

Tybalt gets a long stone-tipped spear from a saddlebag.
Tybalt says (in elven), 'This crude instrument is taken from the ogre guards of Og'.
Tybalt says (in elven), 'While even simpler than any other weapons, simplicity is often the strongest form of any plan.'.
Tybalt puts a long stone-tipped spear in a saddlebag.

You nod.

Tybalt bows deeply.

Isolas arrives from the north.

You say, 'Abe here is the co-leader of the Blades.'.
You say, 'You have said you wish to serve in that capacity.'.

Tybalt nods.
Tybalt says (in elven), 'I do wish it.'.

You say, 'He is the one you will need to convince of your abilities.'.
You say, 'I warn you: He trusts no one.'.
You say, 'and likes even fewer.'.

Tybalt nods.

Cordir smiles at her protective Knight-Champion.

Isolas mutters something about, 'elven champion' under his breath.

Tybalt says (in elven), 'Affection is not a pre-requisite for respect, thats all I want.'.

You say, 'yes, Iso, there's that, too.'.

Isolas looks up, wide-eyed.

Isolas says (in common), 'Did I say that outloud?'.

You say, 'Though a human, Abe was named the Champion of the Elves by Lord Myronides.'.
You say, 'A fact that daily torments poor Isolas here.'.

Tybalt says (in elven), 'Quite a task I can imagine.'.

Isolas grumbles.

Tybalt smiles happily.

Abe says (in common), 'Anyone can be elven champion.'.
Abe says (in common), 'You just have to kill me.'.

Tybalt smiles happily.

You say, 'Tybalt, we spoke earlier of loyalty and commitment.'.

Tybalt nods.

You say, 'Are you certain that you can offer that to the Chosen?'.
You say, 'That we can trust you with our lives and our secrets?'.

Tybalt says (in elven), 'I am positive. I give my oath that I shall never do anything to betray your trust or your friendship.'.
Tybalt says (in elven), 'Should I merit such.'.

Cordir glances at her beloved.
You say, 'You're eloquent. That makes Abe nervous and distrusting.'.
You say, 'Expect an uphill battle to earn his trust.'.

Tybalt says (in elven), 'I know no other way. If my speech leads him away from me, then I shall not speak'.
Tybalt says (in elven), 'Honesty lies not within words but actions, I ask for the chance to prove that.'.

You say, 'May I ask: What caused you to seek the specific sponsor you did?'.

Tybalt says (in elven), 'Faile was not only most kind to me, she is brave, and honorable'.
Tybalt says (in elven), 'She willing engages her enemies, and she is true to those she calls friends'.

You ponder the question.
You say, 'I'm going to need to step ooc and be real blunt for a sec.'.

Tybalt nods.

You say, 'Faile can be a total sweetie, but her char sep sucks a$$.'.

Tybalt nods.

You say, 'Does she know your alts?'.
You say, 'and is her sponsorship based on it?'.

Tybalt says (in elven), 'Nah, she didn't know my alts until after I asked.'.

You say, 'why did you tell her? or did she ask?'.

Tybalt says (in elven), 'Or my one alt as it were, and I can't say they have had much contact'.
Tybalt says (in elven), 'my MSN name kinda gives it away'.
Tybalt says (in elven), 'She asked for it, then she knew'.

You nod.

Tybalt says (in elven), 'If it was based on alts, I don't see why should favor me over mine'.

You say, 'I'm trying to monitor the char sep issues that are rampant on the mud.'.

Tybalt nods.
Tybalt says (in elven), 'I understand. '.
Tybalt says (in elven), 'The lines are very much blurred nowadays, and characters willingly admit to it.'.

You tell Tybalt, '... you're at UCI? Did you go to the GTs in CA while I was there?'.

You nod.

Tybalt tells you, 'No, never been to one'.
Tybalt tells you, 'besides the usual weekend gatherings of my friends that play this game.'.

You nod in recognition to him.

You say, 'I'm sorry for the third degree...'.

Tybalt shakes his head.
Tybalt says (in elven), 'I more than understand.'.

You say, 'but we've had several people attempt to join purely to cause us harm as trojan horses.'.

Tybalt nods.

Abe says (in common), 'I eat horses.'.

Tybalt says (in elven), 'That I do not doubt based on the actions of some.'.

Faile ftells, 'Greetings, Fate'.
You ftell, 'Faile, you're just in time.'.
Faile ftells, 'Hi Abe, so thats why all the evils fled'.
You ftell, 'please come to the temple.'.
Faile ftells, 'On my way'.

Faile arrives from the north.

Faile ruffles Tybalt's hair playfully.

Tybalt bows before Faile.
Tybalt beams a smile at Faile.

Faile curtseys gracefully.
Faile smiles at you.

You say, 'Faile, Tybalt seeks to join the Chosen.'.

Abe nods in recognition to Faile.

Faile nods.

You say, 'He lists you as his sponsor'.
You say, 'Is this so?'.

Faile nods in recognition to you.
Faile says (in common), 'I will stand for him.'.

You say, 'and are you willing to rise and fall in your fortunes with him?'.

Faile sits down and thinks deeply.

Abe leaves north.

Khorlan ftells, 'Greetings Chosen'.

Faile prays, 'As in he dies, I die sacrificially?'.
Faile says (in common), 'How so?'.

You say, 'If he falls, you help him back up.'.

Faile says (in common), 'Of course.'.
Faile grins mischievously at Tybalt.

Khorlan ftells, 'lots of us on :)'.

Tybalt smiles happily.

You say, 'You educate him on our ways and subtleties.'.
You say, 'you warn him when I'm having a bad day and likely to rift first and ask questions later.'.
You say, 'You take responsibility for him.'.

Faile throws back her head and cackles with insane glee!

Faile says (in common), 'Tyb, unless she seems really really nice...'.
Faile says (in common), 'Beware'.
Faile winks suggestively.
Faile says (in common), 'Hell hath no scorn'.

Tybalt agrees with Faile 100%.

Faile says (in common), 'Like this Goddess's fury.'.
Faile hugs you.

You nod.
You say, 'true enough.'.

Cordir is a coldhearted, evil, horrid bitch. No. Really.

Faile says (in common), 'EBG'.
Faile says (in common), 'EBG syndrome.'.
Faile says (in common), 'It's a saddening sickness really...'.
Faile says (in common), 'But we help her through it'.

You say, 'Naw. its honesty.'.
You shrug.

Faile offers the Lady a cup of herbal mint tea.

Tybalt smiles happily.
Tybalt says (in elven), 'I'll manage I think'.

Tybalt says (in elven), 'OOC: I need to get going in a few moments unfortunately. Its supper time.'.

Cordir sips from the steaming cup of tea and smiles.

You say, 'then lets speed this up.'.
You say, 'Tybalt, do you swear to serve Fate with thought, word and deed?'.

Tybalt says (in elven), 'I swear it.'.

You say, 'and to obey my rules and codes as well as those of the mud?'.

Tybalt says (in elven), 'I swear it.'.

You nod.

You say, 'then please give me your oath.'.

Tybalt says (in elven), 'I, Tybalt, give Cordir, and all of her chosen my solemn oath that I will serve them in every action of my

You smile happily.
You nod.

You tell Tybalt, 'go ahead and worship'.

Tybalt now worships you!
Tybalt is zapped by a studded leather shirt.

Faile beams a smile at Tybalt.
Faile looks at Tybalt.
Faile ruffles Tybalt's hair playfully.

> accept tybalt
You have accepted Tybalt into your following.

Tybalt smiles happily.

Faile says (in common), 'Let's replace that'.
Tybalt is so excited that he cheers just for the hell of it.

You ftell, 'welcome, Tybalt'.

Faile ftells, 'Welcome Tybie!'.

Deyanira ftells, 'wee!'.

Xylos ftells, 'welcome !'.

Deyanira ftells, 'Hi Tybalt'.

Deyanira ftells, '*hugs*'.

Tybalt ftells, 'Wow...I worship Cordir and my shirt comes flying off'.

Abe ftells, 'Die.'.

Tybalt ftells, 'Hello all.'.

Deyanira ftells, 'lol'.

Faile ftells, 'She has that effect on men'.

Ptarchyzk ftells, 'wooooo...'.

Faile ftells, 'Usually it takes some physical action...but you're special'.

Tybalt ftells, 'Apparently so.'.

Faile ftells, 'Just don't spank her, Abe gets mad'.

You ftell, '*blink* Uh....'.

Faile ftells, '*chirps mischievously*'.
Faile ftells, '*whistles an innocent tune*'.

You ftell, 'Tybalt, please familiarize yourself with our board list, particularly the Anathema list.'.

Ptarchyzk ftells, 'faile.. innocent.. uh huh. Suuuure.'.

Tybalt ftells, 'Well, I hate to ruin the happy welcome, but my associates are about ready to drag me out of here...'.

Faile ftells, 'See you soon, Tyb!'.

You ftell, 'also, please PM me on the forum so I can add you to our group.'.

Faile ftells, 'And Welcome!'.

You ftell, 'and email me an eq list.'.

Faile beams a smile at Tybalt.

Faile enthusiastically cheers Tybalt to victory.

Faile ftells, 'Oh, and fix your title'.

Tybalt ftells, 'hehe'.

Faile ftells, 'Put Fate in there creatively as possible'.
Faile ftells, 'Decent.'.

Faile curtseys gracefully.

Tybalt ftells, 'I'm a slave to habit sometimes'.

Faile says (in common), 'By your leave, Lady.'.

Tybalt ftells, 'I'll be witty after I stop recieving death threats from hungry friends'.

Faile nods in recognition to you.
Faile leaves north.

Tybalt ftells, 'See you all soon enough, and thank you.'.

Tybalt prays, 'Thank you much.'.
You tell Tybalt, ':-)'.

### Tybalt has quit.