Ebon Offerings

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Back Story: Cordir was a wee little mage, not yet a member of the Ebon Hand, nor had she been given the entry quest as she was not high enough level. While she was leveling and developing her history, she posted a number of poetic notes alluding to the subject of the Triat. Jahiliya (who, at that time, was married to Thaygar) was very supportive of her efforts and RP. This log begins mid-conversation, discussing her notes and plans.

Jahiliya tells you (in common) 'and confusing the heck out of everyone who bothers about the notes and doesn't know what it's about'.

Jahiliya tells you (in common) 'which is another point in your favor *grin*'.

Thaygar tells you 'this one does not enjoy being ejected to Outworld when he tries to scan all posts that have been made ... so, how many poems have you posted? :)'.

You tell Thaygar (in common) 'I have a small, insignificant offering I would like to make, if I may be so bold'.

You tell Jahiliya (in common) '*THANKS!* (blush)'.

You tell Thaygar (in common) 'A total of Three'.

Thaygar tells you '? feel as bold as you wish'.

Thaygar tells you 'hrm ... this one has only seen 2 ... *starts scanning*'.

You tell Thaygar (in common) 'the Winds of the Typhon blew away the first'.

Thaygar tells you 'ah, see the last one now'.

Thaygar tells you 'nod. most pleasing'.

You tell Thaygar (in common) 'if I lay the offering on your altar, will it be destroyed..? I am uncertain of the ramifications of such an act, by one such as I'.

Thaygar tells you 'such an item would be annihilated. you may pass the item to me through a surrogate, such as Pestis'.

You tell Thaygar (in common) 'I inquired if she would be willing, but she stated it would be destroyed in her posession'.

You tell Thaygar (in common) 'Fighting Dragons as such, it would not survive'.

Thaygar tells you 'what, pray telll, is the item? ... could pestis simply transfer it immediately bto me?'.

You tell Thaygar (in common) 'The Lady Jahiliya has offered to hold it until a member of your order is available'.

Thaygar tells you 'if Pestis feels above the task, THAT perception can be remedied easily'.

You tell Thaygar (in common) 'I wished to make offering of an Amulet of Steadfastness to any in your service that it might be of use to'.

You tell Thaygar (in common) 'That was not my perception - only that she feared it's accidental destruction'.

Thaygar tells you 'nod. provided that i am on now, she can simply immediately transfer it'.
Thaygar tells you 'or Brujah could'.

You tell Brujah (in common) 'Excuse me, sir, may I inquire where I might find you?'.
You tell Brujah (in common) 'I would give an offering to Thaygar, but must give it to one of his Following'.

Brujah tells you (in common) 'a pardon milady, but i have no more levelling gear for you to borrow...and i'm above pit'.

You tell Thaygar (in common) 'I shall attempt to make contact with Brujah, if that is acceptable'.

Cordir stands from her kneeling position on the floor.

Thaygar tells you 'nod. ... discussing it'.

Cordir turns and bows to the altar.

Cordir backs out of the room.

(Cordir travels to the Pit from the upper temple level.)

Brujah smiles at you.

You curtsey to him.

You give the Amulet of Steadfastness to Brujah.

You curtsey to him.

You say (in common) 'If you would be so kind as to offer it to the Master, I would be in your debt'.

You tell Brujah (in common) 'Ivarr made me a gift of several items for leveling purposes... but I thank you for your past help'.

You tell Thaygar (in common) 'Thank you for your time, and attention to one such as I'.

You tell Thaygar (in common) 'I have given the Amulet to Brujah, and will take up no more of your time'.

Thaygar tells you 'nod. this One has the item. the Order thanks thee'.

Sohcahtoa has arrived.

Brujah tells you (in common) 'Thaygar accepts and Thanks you for the gift'.

You tell Thaygar (in common) '*bow*'.

Cordir is glad in her heart that her offering was accepted.

Cordir can now rest for the night in peace.

You curtsey to your audience.

Thaygar bows before you.