Doc & Maimer vs Ibram

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<470hp 247ma 351mv 4159gp> 
Ibram arrives from the east.

<470hp 247ma 351mv 4159gp> 
Maimer's crush wounds Ibram.
Maimer's crush injures Ibram.

<470hp 247ma 351mv 4159gp> 
Your soul rift *** ANNIHILATES *** Ibram.

<470hp 232ma 351mv 4159gp>
Ibram parries your attack.
Maimer's crush injures Ibram.
Maimer's crush injures Ibram.
Maimer outmaneuvers Ibram's dodge attempt.
Maimer wounds Ibram.
Ibram is DEAD!!
You hear Ibram's death cry.

<470hp 220ma 351mv 4159gp> The corpse of Ibram is lying here.
When you look inside, you see:
The corpse of Ibram contains:
(Weak magic) an animal hide cap
(Weak magic) a pair of padded cloth commoner's pants
( 2) (Weak magic) a pair of fur gloves
(Weak magic) the polished spinel amulet
(Weak magic) a fur robe
bag made from giant panther hide
(Weak magic) a padded cloth evening gown
(Weak magic) the flaring emerald bracelet
(Powerful magic) a pair of reinforced leather sleeves
(Weak magic) the tarnished tourmaline amulet
(Powerful magic) The Eternal Love of The Bounce
(Glowing) a war banner
(Powerful magic) a pair of animal hide knee-high boots
( 2) an egg casing
a black silk beltpouch
(Weak magic) the blurry quartz amulet
(Weak magic) a leather bracer
(Powerful magic) the carved chrysoprase ring
a leather backpack
(Moderate magic) an alligator skin cloak
a small wooden brooch
(Weak magic) a pair of leather gloves
(Weak magic) a quilted cloth sash
( 2) (Weak magic) a padded cloth girdle
a bag of aarakocra hide, filled with dried kiwi