Khore Stages a Coup

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Note: This conversation occurred on the immortal channel. While logs containing "Immtalk" are generally not allowed, this log has been reviewed and released for public view. I don't recall what time period this log was made, but Khore was an active God+ and Bliss was still an Ambassador. - Cordir 09:01, 8 June 2012 (MST)

Bliss: Hi Khore

Khore: Khore, your highness, lord Implementor SIR, you mean.
Khore: And hi.

who khore
> 1 player.
Hel [ God ] Khore, the Implementor (coup) <Inv 60>

Cordir: *bow* *Grove* Greetings, Khore, Your Highness, Lord Implementor, Sir

Bliss: *curtseys before the Highness himself*

Nicademus: hey, Hi what he said

Khore: How's everyone?

Cordir: Doing pretty good

Nicademus: humbled by your presence

Bliss: Quite well thanks

Khore: *marks down five points for Nic*

Bliss: hehe

Nicademus: and strangly aroused now that Bliss is here

Cordir: Actually, I was overwhelmed and stunned by your presence into speechlessness, momentarily

Bliss: *smirk*

Khore: 3 points for excellent copy cat attempt to Cordir.

Khore: negative 5 for bliss, for failing to take the hint.

Khore: negative 10 for the smirk.

Bliss: :P

Khore: negative 15 for only being an ambassador.

Bliss: He was being facetious tho

Bliss: I knew that and picked up on it

Cordir: So lets make her NOT an Ambassador, Your Royal Highness...

Khore: negative 10 to bliss for slandering a loyal subject of mine.

Nicademus: no I wasnt

Bliss: thus, the groan
Bliss: Yea, I'm with Cordir *hops around*

Khore: It's in the works, Cordir.

Cordir: Wonderous well, Sir.

Khore: Provided we determine she has been a suitable ambassador.
Khore: Her current newbie death tally is 170.

Bliss: *cough* I have!

Nicademus: she told me that she felt she needs maybe another 100 hrs to get more seasoning

Bliss: Your loyal subject lies

Nicademus: *gasp*

Khore: another negative 5 for slander.
Khore: Nicademus, why does she slander us so?
Khore: An assault on the King's subjects is an assault on the King himself!

Bliss: Uhh

Nicademus: she is confused and overwhelmed

Bliss: Yes that's it

Khore: To be expected of one so young.

Bliss: *nod**nod*

Khore: I am going to run a quest next week I think.

Cordir: YAY!
Cordir: That would be very cool

Bliss: neat! what kind?

Cordir: Tripper and I are working on a joint following quest

Khore: The king does not reveal his plans to the court Jester, Bliss.

Bliss: Bah!

Cordir: Now you sound like Rath

Khore: Negative five for insubordination.

Bliss: *wiggles around in her Jester's cap*

Cordir: That's his favorite word.

Bliss: ok bleh!

Khore: So the score stands at 5, 3, and -65
Khore: Go ahead Bliss, make my day.

Bliss: Uhm...
Bliss: er

Khore: Anyway

Bliss: I cannot believe you left me speechless
Bliss: Has anyone ever left me speechless?

Khore: In the soft glow of our glory, oftimes, mere immortals are left thus.

Bliss: *ponder*

Khore: I am so full of myself.

Bliss: hehe, you are

Bliss: *hides*

Khore: Negative 15 for agreeing with a statement meant for disagreement.

Khore: at negative 100 you get death,sacced.

Bliss: Ack!!!!
Bliss: All my lovely baubles?!

Khore: What the King giveth, the King taketh away.

Bliss: -20 more.....

Khore: grin
Khore: Cordir

Bliss: hmm

Khore: the King's cook asks for more recipes.

Cordir: Great and Terrible Lord Khore, Soul of Darkness and Shadow and All that goes Bump in the Night... please show mercy upon Bliss, she who is least of
Cordir: your acolytes .. For she is but a humble newbie Imm and doesn't know any better.. we plead Your mercy Lord Khore..

Nicademus: I rather think she needs punishment

Cordir: Promptly, Lord, Your cook shall have them
Cordir: Do You have a preference, Sir, on their subject Matter?

Bliss: *smile Cordir* *thank Cordir*

Khore: hmm

Bliss: I'm afraid to speak now *sniff*

Khore: Cordir's plea has been heard.
Khore: As as her bribe of recipes.
Khore: (Nonspecific tasties will do).
Khore: Uh, we that go bump in the night hereby absolve Bliss of her transgressions.
Khore: And I'm getting a little dizzy with all the surnames and titles and so on and so forth.

Bliss: *curtsey* Thank you Lord Khore
Bliss: Thanks Cordir !

Bliss: Thanks NOT Nicademus :P

Nicademus: Bliss you will grow to love me with time

Bliss: *groan*

Nicademus: heh I know you love me

Bliss: *grumble*
Bliss: I am afraid to disrespect the loyal servant
Bliss: doh!

Nicademus: heh

Cordir: Khore, anything I can do to help with your quest?

Khore: I'm sure I'll think of something.
Khore: I appreciate the offer.
Khore: Probably ask you to do some mob descriptions for me.

Bliss: How much do servants of a king get paid anyway?
Bliss: I'm getting tired sweeping out this Void!
Bliss: Well that just won't do..I can't sweep no more!
Bliss: Unless I get a raise

Cordir: Bliss, you ever hear what I did to cleanse the floor of Madman's office... or even worse, Lord Thaygar's office?

Bliss: Eww, no!

Khore: The void has a built in trash-bni.

Nicademus: heh, ok 100% raise from your current salary Bliss

Khore: Sweep things towards the center, and it... uh... voids.

Bliss: What did you do Cordir?

Cordir: I cut my wrists, let the blood drain into a bowl, and crawled on my hands and knees, using my HAIR as a mop, Bliss.

Bliss: ACK!!!!
Bliss: *comfort Cordir* Why!

Cordir: Devotion. Faith. Belief.
Cordir: Duty.

Nicademus: bah
Nicademus: cut your wrists and mopped the floor?
Nicademus: thats past devotion

Khore: SHeesh, and I thought I was being harsh when I asked her to take the trash out.