The Birth of Lyanthir Tsarran

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(Date Unknown)

Rhina's Temple
[Exits: north]
The floor seems rather rough for the expected marble and it sways a little in the breeze that stirs the.. .leaves? You're walking on a limb of the most immense tree that you've ever experienced. The living branches reach out to caress your face. Feeling little threat in you, they let you pass into the inner circle of branches, near the trunk. Rhina has arranged the boughs into a kind of bower here. You're surrounded on all sides by life; it is endlessly comforting. Loved as a part of nature, you feel the unspoken support of this
tree and its mistress. Birds flit through the slight enclosure, dropping small clusters of seeds and bright offerings on an altar of entwined branches. A small bird, completing its first flight, lands on the altar and lifts its head, its song of flying and life and the beauty of the world; an ecstasy of music and worship.
(Blue Aura) An altar of entwined branches is covered with bright offerings.
(Blue Aura) Azzark is here.
(Invis) (Blue Aura) Etris is flying here.
(Blue Aura) Fizgig is here.
(Blue Aura) Trap is here.
(Blue Aura) Vigor is here.
(Blue Aura) Jyslin is resting here.

Trap watches as the head begins to come.

Jyslin pushes again.

Tokugawa says, 'Can I watch?'

Fizgig smiles encouragingly at Jyslin.

Jyslin says 'Just save the baby.'

Trap says 'I have the head; PUSH.'

Jyslin pushes at Trap's order.

Vigor comforts Jyslin.

Jyslin looks at everyone, silver hair dark with sweat from her labors.

Etris says 'Keep your energy up.'

Vigor comforts Jyslin.

Jyslin groans and gives a final push. She screams loudly!
Jyslin groans loudly and bursts into tears.

Trap says 'End your contraction.'

Fizgig squeezes Jyslin's hand comfortingly.

Jyslin drinks water from a water jug.

Trap says 'We're going to do one more.'

Jyslin says 'One more?'

Trap says 'Relax.'

Jyslin looks at Trap like he's nuts.

Trap says 'One more will do it.'

Fizgig beams a smile at Jyslin.

Vigor comforts Jyslin.

Jyslin nods. Jyslin bites her lower lip.

Trap says 'BREATHE.'

Jyslin takes a deep breath.

Trap says 'Get water ready - one that's hot, one that's warm.'

Etris is overcome with plague, and instantly leaves the Temple, so as to avoid tainting the mother to be.

Tokugawa checks Jyslin for plague, and reports that he finds none.

Azzark says 'make sure Jyslin is okay.'

Fizgig nods in recognition to Trap.

Azzark says 'I'm clean.'

Vigor says 'Can't let the baby be born with disease.. need to rid it.'

Jyslin utters the words, 'uwwjiuhl.'

Tokugawa says, 'Fizgig is plagued. Trap also.'

Azzark says 'Molo's doing.'

Fizgig says 'of course.'

Everyone present takes steps to cure themselves, and protect Jyslin.

Trap rests.

Trap says 'all is OK.'

Jyslin closes her eyes slightly and says 'I can't go on.'

Azzark says 'Two 50th levels are here to watch your baby come to the world, Jys.'

Fizgig says 'Its o.k., Jys...'

Jyslin says 'Too tired.'

Azzark utters the words, 'refresh.'

Vigor gently strokes Jyslin's forehead and whispers to her reassuringly.

Fizgig says 'You can do it dear...'

Azzark says 'This is giving me white hair.'

Trap says 'Is the knife ready?'

Azzark says 'Sucking my power.'

Azzark says 'No knives.'

Trap says 'The child will have Black Hair, lot's of it. (smile).'

Azzark says 'She can do this. One push is enough.'

Jyslin says 'when?'

Trap says 'I NEED a SHARP KNIFE CLEANED in HOT water NOW.'

Azzark tells the group 'he's going crazy.'

Azzark says 'YOU DON'T NEED IT!.'

Jyslin gets a light silver dagger from a treasure chest.

Fizgig says 'oh yeah... the cord...'

Jyslin says 'use this.'

Trap nods.

Azzark smirks.

Jyslin gives a light silver dagger to Trap.

Azzark says 'I was going to use my special.'

Trap says 'perfect.'

Jyslin says 'It's the dagger from my Joining. Pure silver.'

Tokugawa summons a spring, then heats it with a carefully controlled fireball.

Azzark says 'Let me heat up the knife.'

Tokugawa says, 'Now use the spring to sterilize it.'

Trap nods.

Azzark purifies the room, cleansing it deeply.

Vigor comforts Jyslin.

Azzark says 'Whoah. I feel like I'm having a kid. Getting dizzy here. Never used so much mana at once.'

Fizgig wishes she could...

Vigor hopes he is not pregnant.

Tokugawa says, 'I think Azzark is just woozy from seeing this.'

Trap says 'clean is enough.'

Jyslin starts moaning.

Azzark says 'let me warm up the room.'

Azzark utters the words, 'firestorm.'

Azzark utters the words, 'firestorm.'

Vigor utters the words, 'pzar,' and Heals Jyslin.

Trap says 'I need one large clean cloth to catch the baby in.'

Tokugawa says, 'catch?'

Vigor hands Trap a large cloth.

Azzark says 'To hold. May I give your baby a blessing?'

Jyslin pants.

Fizgig beams a smile at Jyslin.

Trap places the cloth across his knees, directly below Jyslin.

Jyslin says 'yes.'

Trap says 'ready.'

Fizgig 's green eyes sparkle brightly as she smiles at Jyslin.

Vigor comforts Jyslin.

Jyslin says 'ready.'

Trap reaches to cradle the baby's head.

Jyslin arches in a final contraction.

Trap says 'Ok PUSH.'

Vigor utters the words, 'pzar,' and Heals Jyslin again, giving her encouragement.

Jyslin screams loudly as she gives a final push! Jyslin screams loudly!

Trap puts his other hand below the baby.

Jyslin breathes in deeply.

Trap draws the baby shoulders now visible.

Vigor is so excited that he cheers just for the hell of it.

Fizgig watches in awe.

Jyslin says 'alive?'

Trap says 'PUSH DAMMIT, this it the last.'

Vigor enthusiastically cheers Trap to victory.

Jyslin screams loudly!

Vigor says 'PUSH!!.'

Jyslin pushes.

Fizgig says 'come on Jys!.'

Jyslin bursts into tears.

Vigor pushes and wonders why he is.

Vigor says 'PUSH!!.'

Trap draws the baby fully out, and places it face up on the cloth.

Vigor is so excited that he cheers just for the hell of it.

Azzark says 'HEAL HER!.' Azzark utters the words, 'heal.'

Trap says 'It's here and It's a BOY.'

Jyslin collapses.

Vigor utters the words, 'pzar.'

Etris utters the words, 'pzar.'

Azzark utters the words, 'heal.'

Fizgig shows her approval by clapping her hands together.

Trap says 'It's here and It's a BOY.'

Jyslin says 'alive?'

Azzark utters the words, 'heal.'

Vigor shows his approval by clapping his hands together.

Jyslin says 'is the baby alive?'

Azzark says 'keep the baby warm.'

Fizgig nods.

Vigor beams a smile at Jyslin.

Azzark says 'Your baby has a loud voice.'

Trap takes the silver knife and cuts the cord.

Vigor says 'you did good, Jyslin.. you did REAL good.'

Vigor hugs Jyslin.

Etris wraps the baby in a blanket.

Azzark says 'good sign.'

Trap removes mucus from the child's mouth.

Vigor utters the words, 'gaiqhjabral.' Jyslin is surrounded by a white aura.

Jyslin gives everyone a worn out smile. Jyslin says 'oh thank gods.'

Azzark says 'just rest, Jyslin.'

Jyslin says 'I need food.'

Trap pokes the child in the ribs once and the child takes a great big breath.

Fizgig runs a comforting hand over Jyslin's forehead.

Jyslin leans on Fizgig.

Jyslin yawns.

Azzark says 'Can I see the baby, Trap?'

Tokugawa says, 'what's the child's name?'

Trap ties a small knot close to the child's belly button.

Jyslin says 'We....we chose Lyanthir.'

Trap says 'QUIET, I still have work to do.'

Jyslin says 'Lyanthir Tsarran.'

Vigor says 'Lyanthir Vigor Tsarran.'

Trap wraps the child in the cloth.

Vigor says 'that has a ring to it.'

Jyslin raises a silvery eyebrow at Vigor.

Trap says 'Fiz, are you ready?'

Fizgig nods in recognition to Trap.

Trap gives the child to Fizgig.

Azzark says 'You should name the kid..' Azzark sits down and thinks deeply. He says, 'Azzark,' and grins happily. 'A nice name.'

Fizgig gently takes the baby from Trap.

Vigor beams a smile at Jyslin.

Azzark giggles.

Trap says 'clean him and give him to his mother, please.'

Jyslin laughs slightly at Azzark's suggestion.

Jyslin beams a smile at Etris.

Fizgig washes him off and hands the baby to Jyslin.

Tokugawa says, 'Did you circumcise him yet?'

Jyslin says 'Gods....I thought the baby wouldn't live.'

Trap says 'Jyslin, lie back. I have some work to do. You are torn.'

Vigor gasps as he realizes what Tokugawa said.

Azzark says 'Let Toku do it.'

Etris hands the baby to Jyslin.

Vigor covers his eyes.

Azzark says 'He's most skilled with the knife.'

Fizgig says 'Here's your son, Jyslin, dear...'

Tokugawa says, 'I'm no cleric.'

Azzark says 'I can't use knives.'

Jyslin takes her new baby from Fizgig. Jyslin says 'oh...he's so...'

Azzark says 'I can give it one heck of a blessing.'

Jyslin says 'looks like that damn fool ranger I married.'

Jyslin smirks.

Fizgig closes her eyes as a single tear rolls down her cheek.

Trap takes needle and thread from bag of Pendragon.

Azzark says 'yep.' Azzark winks at Jyslin.

Vigor beams a smile at Jyslin.

Azzark says 'a ranger thief cleric.' He smirks and says 'What a moron. No one does that.'

Vigor aspires to be just like Azzark.

Azzark giggles at Vigor's actions.

Trap places 2 golden stitches in Jyslin.

Jyslin winces. Ouch!

Fizgig looks at the baby with wonder in her eyes.

Jyslin tries to ignore the extra things that must be done and cuddles her Lyanthir.

Jyslin smiles happily.

Trap says 'an make the lady a tight as a virgin (giggle).'

Fizgig lifts her pendant off her throat and looks at it sighing softly.

Jyslin raises a silvery eyebrow at Trap.

Trap says 'Cloth please, wet and HOT.'

Jyslin says 'after Myronides and two children…' She shakes her head with a smirk.

Trap says 'Jyslin, this won't be nice but it is necessary.'

Jyslin says 'do what you must.'

Trap says 'hot cloth please!!!.'

Fizgig hands a cloth to trap.

Trap nods.

Azzark says 'Let me see the baby, Jyslin.'

Trap says 'thank you.'

Jyslin rests with her baby in her arms. Jyslin bites her lower lip and gives the baby to Azzark.

Vigor's sores fester. Vigor's fever MUTILATES Vigor!

Tokugawa hands (steaming)(hot) a cloth to Trap.

Vigor utters the words, 'judicandus eugzagz.' Vigor's sores begin to close.

Trap cleans up Jyslin. ( The bleeding will continue for a while but there seem to be no problems)

Azzark says 'This one is like his father.'

Jyslin's sores fester. Jyslin's fever *** DEMOLISHES *** Jyslin!

Tokugawa reports that he senses a mark of Death imprinted on Trap.

Azzark utters the words, 'cure disease.'

Jyslin's sores begin to close.

Azzark says 'good thing you handed me the baby, Jys.'

Jyslin nods.

Fizgig nods.

Trap says 'Get rid of the damned plague in here.'

Vigor comforts Jyslin who yawns widely.

Azzark kneels holding the baby in his arms.

Tokugawa says, 'plague gone now.'

Trap places materials in a large bowl.

Azzark's blue aura spreads, flowing over the baby and covering the room as he concentrates.

Azzark gets up slowly.

Trap covers Jyslin. ( I guess modesty is out at this point)

Jyslin smirks and says, 'No kidding.'

Azzark hands the baby to Jyslin.

Vigor chuckles, evidently amused.

Jyslin says 'Trap and Azzark know me as well as Myronides does.'

Fizgig says 'mostly..'

Azzark says 'You've got one heck of a kid there.'

Jyslin blushes.

Vigor looks at the baby's belly button to see if it's an inny or an outy.

Azzark says 'he took a lot from me.'

Jyslin cuddles her baby boy.

Azzark says 'That blessing drained me big time. He's going to be heck of a man.'

Fizgig smiles happily.

Vigor grins happily.

Azzark pats Jyslin on her back.

Azzark says 'good job.' He smiles happily and hugs Jyslin.

Vigor beams a smile at Azzark.

Trap covers the new mother with a soft blanket.

Azzark says 'I think I'll go and faint over there in the corner.'

Vigor casts sanctuary on the baby.

Tokugawa smiles at Jyslin.

Jyslin says 'He was quiet all though the pregnancy until now.'

Vigor says 'he's an inny.'

Azzark faints in the corner.

Tokugawa says, 'good work Jyslin.'

Trap says 'All right you all have 10 minutes. Mother and baby need rest.'

Jyslin says 'thank you.'

Vigor beams a smile at Jyslin.

Azzark says 'think it's time for us to leave.'

Fizgig 's eyes look distant.

Azzark says 'let them get some rest.'

Fizgig shakes her head to clear it.

Jyslin smiles happily.

Azzark utters the words, 'protection evil.'

Jyslin says 'thank you.'

Azzark utters the words, 'bless.'

Fizgig says 'um.. yes..'

Trap says 'Fizgig, Azzark, thanks you for your help.'

Azzark utters the words, 'heal.'

Jyslin says 'I owe you so much.'

Jyslin says 'did anyone get the time of birth?'

Hyena ftells 'nod.'

Azzark says '2:55 'p.m.'

Trap says 'OK everyone OUT!!!.'

(end scene)