Spell Reclassification & Damage Adjustment June 1994

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(Tynian's notes: These notes were taken from a notes data file, and partially wikified. Includes a couple of declassified notes to other Implementors)

Sender Tynian
Date Thu Jun 16 17:30:04 1994
To all
Subject Spell Changes / Damage

Mages and clerics: Yes, some of your spells disappeared. Ivorytiger and I went through all of the spells, and decided which spells go to which classes. Some spells that mages had were ruled more clerical in nature, and removed from the mage spell list. Ditto with cleric spells. These decisions will not be reversed, so if your favorite spell did disappear, it's gone. There are three reasons spells will no longer show, and can no longer be cast. 1) The spell level was adjusted, 2) The spell was removed for a class, and/or 3) The spell is alignment-restricted. (Mostly clerical) spells have been judged based on alignment. Some spells can be cast by any cleric of sufficient level. Some spells may be cast by only Good (or only Evil) clerics, and others may be castable by all but Good (or Evil) clerics. Now for the good news. 1) Ivorytiger is writing new spells, as indicated by 2) the new spell list. (HELP SPELLS). Please note that many of the spells listed have yet to be implemented, and as such do not have help entries. 3) Reimbursements for practices used on spells no longer castable will be considered on a case by case basis. How is this done? You must talk to IvoryTiger or myself "in person" (character to character). It is recommended that you change your title to NEED TO SEE AN IMP. We will figure out how many practices to reimburse you. Decisions are final, but we will try to be equitable.

To those that have noticed, damage has changed. This was done since damage was out of hand. The mobs were adjusted accordingly. If anything, the players got the better end of the adjustments...

Sender Tynian
Date Thu Jun 16 17:30:17 1994
To ivorytiger maurice tynian
Subject Practice reimbursement.

Unfortunately, one has to be able to access the player file directly to see what spells can no longer be cast by a character. Anyway, the best way I could figure to handle reimbursements was to snoop the character in question, and have them to a 'practice'. Take note of what they do have access to, then go directly to the playerfile and compare the spells listed there. Write down the spells that didn't list. Check the player's INT. Give them the benefit of the doubt, and list the *LOW* score (out of permanent and modified). The following is the number of percentage points a spell will go up, based on INT:

(Table removed, much of it is still relevant --Tynian)

Divide the percentage the skill was practiced by the INT percentage, and round the result up. This is is number of practices to be reimbursed. After all unusable skills are tallied up, and the number of practices to reimburse is calculated, DELETE THE SKILL LINE OUT OF THE PLAYERFILE. This will keep a player for talking to one Implementor, and then talking to another one later, to get even MORE practices. Let me know if there are any questions.

Sender Tynian
Date Thu Jun 16 22:24:24 1994
To ivorytiger
Subject New spell help

I need to get ready for work. Spellcasters are a bit upset, as we figured they would be. It was mentioned that perhaps if the help files were updated with the new spells, they'd have something to look forward to. Between you and I, think we can get some help up on the new spells?

Sender Tynian
Date Sat Jun 18 13:23:58 1994
To all
Subject End of Implementor Reimbursements

I did my first manual spell/practice reimbursement today. And it was also my last. It was a long and tedious process that I don't wish to repeat.

I'm going to let the MUD handle the practice reimbursement. I'll explain the situation to it, and it will reimburse spell practices and such much more quickly and easily than I can. <grin>

Thanks for your patience and support.