The Theologian's Tears

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(Note: This log is probably the most heavily edited log posted to the timeline as of yet. At an original length of nearly 500 pages long, a lot had to be snipped out to make it readable. Hopefully, the original spirit is still conveyed 1/14/00.)
Backstory: In his character history, Talmud revealed that he had attempted suicide at a younger age. His body was broken and mangled in the attempt. It was only through the great and powerful magic of Queen Mariel that he survived, and his face was so disfigured that it no longer had recognizable features: no eyes, no nose, no mouth. This was a RP attempt to give him a little more normal looking face. It also references actions taken in Heartless No More.

Cordir says, 'Tonight, I set a difficult task to Chosen and friends assembled.'
Cordir says, 'It is dangerous, I warn you.'

Tripper raises a questioning eyebrow.

Cordir says, 'Both to body and to spirit.'

Ptarchyzk says, 'oh, well, maybe I should leave then.'

unlock n *Click*
op n Cordir opens the spider-web.

Durin nods in recognition to Ptarchyzk.
Serenity snickers softly.
Adso raises an eyebrow at Ptarchyzk.
Durin is right behind Ptarchyzk. Durin whistles a little tune to himself.

Cordir says, 'Depart in peace, then, Ptarchyzk.'

Adso snickers with Durin about their shared secret.
Ptarchyzk smiles happily.

Cordir says, 'But this is not a joking, laughing matter.'

Ptarchyzk says, 'naw.. what's a little trouble between friends?'

Cordir says, 'It is very serious to me.'

close n / Cordir closes the spider-web.
lock n / *Click*

Cordir says, 'Have all of you seen the Threads upon the Loom?'

Adso nods.

Ptarchyzk says, 'yeah.. make good yo-yo strings.'

Cordir says, 'in particular.... '
Cordir touches upon the storm-gray Thread.

Talmud shifts over to the small hearthfire in the west.

Cordir says, 'Nod when you have viewed this Thread.'

Adso nods.

Talmud closes his eyes, taking a deep breath.

Serenity nods.
Durin nods.

Adso looks at Talmud.
Talmud shifts uncomfortably.

Ptarchyzk nods.

Adso's tattoo doesn't like him.
Adso sighs loudly.

Tripper looks at Adso.

Cordir nods. Cordir says, 'What was lost to Talmud... We seek to regain this evening, in part. To understand what we seek... You must understand how it was lost.'

unlock up / *Click*
open up / Cordir opens the Pattern-Web.

Cordir says, 'Theologian, I excuse you from this...'

Talmud stands up.
Cordir says, 'You witnessed... and lived... it once before.'

Talmud smiles weakly.

Cordir says, 'Unless it is your wish to relive it?'

Talmud says, 'Lady. Gathered, friends.' Talmud bows deeply. Talmud shakes his head.

Makavalli is forcibly thrown to the ground!

Talmud says, 'I...'

Tripper winces. Ouch!
Ptarchyzk laughs.
Talmud blinks.
Cordir blinks.
Adso comforts Makavalli.

Cordir says, 'Pardon me!'

Ptarchyzk says, 'hiya Makavalli..'

Makavalli says, 'where am i??' Makavalli gasps in astonishment.

Adso laughs.

Makavalli says, 'i had a bad recall'

Durin chuckles, evidently amused.
Tripper giggles.

Adso says, 'pk time'

Makavalli scratches his head.
Adso pokes Makavalli in the ribs.

Cordir smiles wryly.
Cordir says, 'Well. Wasn't that a scene stealer.'

Ptarchyzk says, 'how interesting.'

Makavalli says, 'how'd you get in here, trip?'

unlock n / *Click*

Talmud chuckles, evidently amused.
Makavalli bows deeply.

open n / Cordir opens the spider-web.

Makavalli says, 'thanks'

Tripper says, 'interesting choice of land spots'

Cordir says, 'The door is open, Makavalli'

Adso says, 'n e d w w w n n n d to the guild'

Durin says, 'arcane magick'
Makavalli waves happily.
Durin winks at Makavalli.
Makavalli leaves north.

Cordir says, 'NO, Chosen magic.'
Cordir says, 'Not Arcane.'

close n
Cordir closes the spider-web.
lock n / *Click*

Durin coughs.

Talmud says, 'All have its purp...'

Talmud gazes at the door.

Durin says, 'bad choice of words'

Ptarchyzk says, 'thought it was arcane arts?'

Makavalli gossips, 'hehe sorry cordir'

Cordir tells Talmud, 'up into my office'

Talmud bows deeply. Talmud leaves up.

close up / Cordir closes the Pattern-Web.

Cordir says, 'Be still.'

Cordir gestures, and the indigo flames in each hearth flare and flow forth.

The flames dance around you, obscuring your sight of each person in the room.

Within them, images form...

You see a tall elven tower, as from the point of view of someone gazing from it.

Below, a verdant garden, stunning in its beauty.

A hand reaches out... holds the crenellation.... and uses it to propel themselves forward, and off... and down....

The ground rushes up to greet you...
..... darkness....

The flames fade... the image recedes...

unlock up / *Click*
op up / Cordir opens the Pattern-Web.

Talmud tells Cordir, 'Am I to return?'

Cordir says, 'Despair drove him to it. Perhaps love can return what was lost. He did not die.. it was a very close thing.'

Ptarchyzk says, 'so, he got really bad road rash?'

Cordir says, 'Only through Queen Mariel's magic was his life saved. But in that healing, he lost all his features... All that we take for granted..'

Cordir twiddles Adso's ear.
Cordir touches Serenity's eyelid.
Cordir taps Ptar's mouth.
Cordir twiddles Durin's nose.

Cordir says, 'All that we have... He does not. He perceives those senses through magic. I propose that we restore one of them this evening. The one most precious to most of us. Which we take most for granted. Sight.'

Durin nods.

Cordir says, 'I propose that we regain him his eyes.'

Serenity nods.
Serenity says, 'How would we do such a thing?'

Adso scratches his head.

Ptarchyzk fishes in his pockets.

Cordir says, 'First, we must find him eyes. Magical ones. I know that such exist... Perhaps some of you have even seen them.'

Ptarchyzk says, 'I have my father's eyes.. but I don't know how much good they'll be'

Serenity says, 'are they specific? There is a hag that has magical eyes.'

Cordir says, 'They are disembodied.'

Serenity sits down and thinks deeply.

Ptarchyzk says, 'floating red ones?'

Durin says, 'Mages tower'

Cordir says, 'We cannot give him the eyes of a beast.'

Serenity nods. Serenity says, 'i was thinking the same'

Cordir says, 'For that would give him only a beast's comprehension of sight.'

Serenity smiles at Cordir.

Ptarchyzk sits down and thinks deeply.

Serenity nods. 'Where is the Mages Tower, Durin? i am not familiar with that area.' Serenity smiles happily.

Durin says, 'I knew where it was before it decided to move....'

Serenity sits down and thinks deeply. Serenity says, 'it decided to move?'

Cordir says, 'Durin, do you know the way?'

Durin says, 'its magical' Durin shrugs.
Cordir nods at Durin.

Ptarchyzk says, 'Can't just use the communcator to call up Geordi, eh?'
Ptarchyzk sits down and thinks deeply.
Ptarchyzk says, 'well, then I guess it's the hard route'

Durin sits down and thinks deeply.

Tripper pokes Ptarchyzk in the ribs. Tripper says, 'Give them a chance to get into this'

Durin says, 'I have asked around before this, and I thing if the directions I got were good, I can find it again'

Ptarchyzk says, 'I know OF Mages tower, but not the route.'

Adso says, 'is that where the blue scroll is?'

Durin nods in recognition to Adso. Durin says, 'thats on the enchanter, appropiate' Durin snickers softly.

Ptarchyzk says, 'is that what they use to clean up after the Blue Flame?'

Adso says, 'arkanis or makavalli know the way'
Cordir says, 'Arkanis has offered to assist.'

Durin says, 'what do we do once we get there?'

Ptarchyzk says, 'kill things' Ptarchyzk smiles happily. Ptarchyzk says, 'I'm good at that.'

Tripper says, 'Ptar..... I'll smack you!!!!!'

Ptarchyzk sighs loudly.

Durin says, 'I was asking Mi'Lady ' He ruffles Ptarchyzk's hair playfully.

Cordir says, 'You must all protect Serenity. It is she that must bring the eyes back.'

Adso frowns.

Serenity says, 'ummm...'
Serenity says, 'ummm..'
Serenity says, 'ok'

Durin nods in recognition to Cordir.
Ptarchyzk says, 'good thing I can rescue then..'
Serenity suddenly looks a foot shorter.
Durin says, 'and I can heal'

Cordir nods and says, 'Each of you know your best skills. Use them, to protect her.' She smiles quietly at Serenity. 'it is her purity that will keep undo influences from them. Until they can be given to Talmud. Once that is done...'

Tripper says, 'What can I offer you the Questors?'

Cordir says, 'Then the more difficult task of the two remains. There is only one sorcerer powerful enough to do what needs must be done. Whose magic and vitaemancy is stronger than Queen Mariel's.'

Ptarchyzk says, 'and what if there is a PK attempt on this goup?'
Ptarchyzk checks the who listing.

Cordir says, 'Then defend yourselves.'

who conclave
5 players.

Elf [ Ra:19 Ma:19 Th:19 ] Stratos, Mage of the Black Conclave
Elf [ Th:21 Cl:30 Wa:30 ] Strat O'Caster, Phantom Lord of the Black Conclave
Hum [. .. . Th:24. .. . ] Palmer, Rogue of the Black Conclave
Hel [. . Wa:20 Ma:25. . ] Zaan, Wizard of the Black Conclave of Nashite.
Gno [ Wa:26 Sh:30 Th:26 ] Vulcan the Forge, Black Smith of the Conclave *NASH*

Cordir tells Vulcan, 'Black Smith, may I ask a personal favor of you?'

[At this point, the entire mud lagged, and almost everyone disconnected and reconnected.]

Ptarchyzk says, 'that can't keep happening.'

Vulcan tells Cordir, 'I apologize, I have a bad link it seems'

Cordir waits for the ripples within the Pattern to end.

Cordir tells Vulcan, 'As do we all. Black Smith, may I ask a personal favor of you?'
Vulcan tells Cordir, 'of course m'Lady'

Durin says, 'may I be excused to cure someone?'
Durin says, 'just for a moment'

Cordir tells Vulcan, '(ooc - I'm doing my first really big following-wide RP. It involves them running around mage tower... would you ask the Conclave to leave us alone for tonight?)'

unlock n / *Click*
op n / Cordir opens the spider-web.

Durin leaves north.
Cordir will wait for Durin's return.

Serenity says, 'i am clearing space momentarily'
(Serenity does a bit of gear sorting)

Ptarchyzk says, 'we need people with the str to get corpses, just in case.'

Vulcan tells you (in old-common), 'Have fun *bow*'
Cordir tells Vulcan, 'If you cannot give me your pledge, I understand... but please do not act on the OOC information I gave ...'

Serenity says, 'we have not yet broken fast, correct?'

Vulcan tells you (in old-common), 'If you see me, it will be because I bad recalled or some other twist of ... Fate :)'
Vulcan tells you (in old-common), 'It will not be by intention'
Cordir tells Vulcan, '*nod* My thanks.'

Cordir says, 'please do so, while we wait for Durin.'
[Everyone eats and drinks while waiting]

Durin arrives from the north. Durin rests.

close n / Cordir closes the spider-web.
Talmud arrives from above.

Adso beams a smile at Talmud.
Talmud bows deeply. Talmud lands softly on his feet. Talmud rests.

Cordir says, 'As I was saying.... The second task... Is to fetch the one sorcerer great enough to best Queen Mariel's magics. Unfortunately, he is one who does not ... look with favor... upon the Chosen.'
Cordir smiles wryly.

Ptarchyzk says, 'who?'

Talmud stifles a protective at the Queen's name.

Cordir says, 'Durin remembers, I am certain.'

Durin says, 'I can think of only one'

Serenity cocks her head to the side, in thought.
Tripper raises a questioning eyebrow.
Talmud winces. Ouch!

Cordir says, 'No mortal mage, this. A dark sorcerer...'

Durin sits down and thinks deeply.
Cordir says, 'One who gave up much, seeking Immortality he never gained.'

Talmud nods his head slowly, his mind rushing through the channels of Cillidellia.

Durin says, 'ah'

Serenity says, 'i have no idea'

Durin says, 'I have heard of him - tis not an easy task Mistress. Baron Marel'

Talmud shivers uncomfortably.

Cordir nods in recognition to Durin.
Ptarchyzk sits down and thinks deeply. Ptarchyzk says, 'who's he?'

Durin says, 'he lives in a castle, near a swamp'

Ptarchyzk says, 'by the ogre fens?'

Durin says, 'just finding the swamp can be very time consuming'

Tripper says, 'Lord of Castle Marel'
Durin nods in recognition to Tripper.
Cordir nods in recognition to Tripper.
Ptarchyzk says, 'oh.. the other swamp thing.'

Tripper says, 'I know the way to the Castle Marel'

Ptarchyzk says, 'and just how do we.. coerce this Baron to the task?'

Cordir says, 'Once we have both the eyes and the necromancer here.. We will see what bargain he wishes to strike for the service.'

Adso nods.

The spider-web opens.
Trakker arrives from the north.
Trakker closes the spider-web.

Talmud gazes at the balefires, watching them flare up a moment.

Trakker bows deeply.

Cordir ftells, 'Welcome, Trakker'

Talmud bows before Trakker.
Tripper bows before Trakker.
Adso grins neutrally at Trakker.
Trakker rests.

Cordir says, 'I'm glad you're here, Trakker.'
Cordir says, 'We'll need your strength for the task at hand.'

Trakker bows deeply.

Cordir says, 'to summerize quickly? Serenity? Would you be so kind as to catch Trakker up?'

Talmud says, 'Marel has been slain once for a friend'

Cordir says, 'He bears us much ill will. He will ask much.'

Talmud gazes at the pale-rose.

Adso says, 'i must be off.'
Adso bows deeply.

Cordir says, 'Thus... The first task... The Tower, for the eyes, gathered by a maid. The second task - the summoning of the sorcerer, the Baron. The third task - whatever the Baron asks for payment.'

Trakker nods.

Talmud strangely enough, seems to close his eyes again.

Adso says, 'good luck to you all!'
Adso waves happily.
Serenity hugs Adso. Serenity waves happily.
Adso utters the words, 'pass door'

Trakker says, 'I am familiar with both the Tower of Sorcery and the Castle of Baron Marel'

Talmud beams a smile at Adso.
Adso utters the words, 'pass door' Adso turns translucent.
Adso leaves north.

Ptarchyzk says, 'then lets all follow trakker and get this show on the road.. hmm?'

Trakker says, 'specific eyes in the tower??'

Serenity says, 'disembodied?'
Durin says, 'disembodied'
Trakker says, 'ahh'
Serenity says, 'i have a better memory than i give myself credit for'
Serenity smiles happily.

Cordir says, 'Serenity, your task is a challenging one'

Serenity laughs wryly.

Cordir says, 'Are you willing to accept it?'

Serenity nods.

Durin sings, "a hunting we will go, a hunting we will go..."

Serenity says, 'nervous as ... that hot place' She smiles happily.

Cordir says, 'Once Serenity has the eyes... attention... She will stay here while the rest fetch Marel.'

Trakker says, 'are we to go as a group then?'

Serenity nods.

Cordir nods and says, 'Everyone present has consented to take part. Talmud...This quest is for you.'

Talmud nods.

Cordir says, 'You may stay here, and meditate in the Garden, if you wish... Or accompany.'

Talmud says, 'The Triat has willed it that I do not. Hence the death... That much I have been convinced of... It is Their Will, and I will obey.'

Durin says, 'we need a plan though, if she is to bring the eyes here without killing them....she needs a quick escape once they are hunting her'

Trakker says, 'ok, Serenity. You have reds?'

Serenity smiles happily. 'i will'

Tripper says, 'I"m out, will have to stop'

Trakker says, 'you will follow me, but not group'
Durin says, 'may you help in this quest Mi'Lady ?'

Serenity says, 'i live in the southern continent. My first task is to reach You'

Cordir says, 'Now...'
Cordir says, 'Of concern... is That very issue.'

Serenity says, 'Where shall i report'

Trakker says, 'ahhh, we shall meet at the temple of Manger then'

Cordir says, 'Is there someone who can Portal her to the North?'

Tripper says, 'my portal is excellent'

Ptarchyzk says, 'mark me trakker or tripper. I will go to the temple and hang for ya. ok.. I'm off! no I'm not.' Ptarchyzk knocks on the door.

unlock n / It's already unlocked.
open n / Cordir opens the spider-web.

Trakker says, 'ok, who will portal serenity?'

Talmud says, 'Lady... Might I request something?'

Tripper says, 'your choice'
Trakker says, 'Tripper please'

Cordir nods in recognition to Talmud. 'Of course'

Cordir says, 'Serenity, have you been introduced to Tripper?'

Talmud says, 'I wish... I wish to be with the Queen Mariel, if it is possible...'

Ptarchyzk says, 'I just got TRakker's mark.. group her.'

Tripper says, 'then when we get there I will follow her'

Talmud says, 'In my weakened state, I cannot make the journey myself...'

Trakker says, 'the rest of the group shall convene in Mangar'

Cordir says, 'He is a dear friend of Mine.'

Cordir nods in recognition to Talmud. 'Seek comfort, Theologian. Your mind must be at rest.'

Ptarchyzk says, 'or give me a marked light, Tripper'

Serenity smiles happily. Serenity nods.

Talmud takes a deep breath, and again seems to close his... eyes.

Serenity says, 'i know, i am attempting to ... feel less nervous as we speak'
Serenity smiles happily.

Ptarchyzk says, 'ok.. I'm off' Ptarchyzk leaves north.

Durin says, 'he's still here?'

Trakker says, 'are we ready?'

Cordir says, 'All meet at MG Temple'

(At this point, the group splits up, eventually all arriving at the Temple of Midgaard. The assault on the High Tower of Sorcery is made, and the eyes are lured back. Trakker volunteers to find Marel by himself. All meet back at the Tapestry of Fate, after about an hour's labor. Serenity departs, her part completed. Trakker also brings back a ghost inadvertently, which is dealt with before anything else. Palin, Cordir's Apprentice, arrives, and joins the evening's work.)

Within The Tapestry of Fate [Exits: north up]
The Loom of the Weaver is here, coruscating with an unearthly radiance.

(Invis) (Translucent) (Red Aura) Baron Marel is absorbed in his torment.
(Purple Aura) Trakker is here.
(Red Aura) A pair of disembodied eyes floats here glaring at you.
(Invis) (Purple Aura) Talmud is here.
(Purple Aura) Palin is here.
(Blue Aura) Tripper is here.
Ptarchyzk is here.

Durin arrives from the north.
Trakker rests.

A pair of disembodied eyes arrives from the north.

Talmud seems to blink at the eyes.

Ptarchyzk says, 'and there's the eyes'
Palin looks at a pair of disembodied eyes.

Cordir says, 'I think we've addressed all issues, then.'
Palin nods.

Cordir closes the spider-web. / *Click*

Baron Marel makes a complicated-looking gesture.

Talmud takes a deep breath.

Cordir says, 'Now.... Milord Baron....' Cordir bows before Baron Marel.
Baron Marel bows before Cordir. Baron Marel says, 'Yes, Lady?'

Cordir says, 'I know you're not here of your own will... But I pray you'll accept our hospitality.. While a bit of a proposition is put before you.'

Talmud looks at Baron Marel.

The Baron inclines his head in a nod. Baron Marel says, 'I am listening.'

Cordir nods.
Cordir turns to Talmud.
Cordir says, 'This one...'

Talmud bows deeply.

She indicates Talmud.
Cordir says, 'Has need of vitaemancy.'

Talmud slowly removes his cowl.

Baron Marel says, 'And why should I help you, who stole my love's heart from me?' Baron Marel pokes Talmud sharply in the chest.

Talmud winces. Ouch!

The Baron gestures.

Palin's sores fester.
Palin's disease hits himself.
A pair of disembodied eyes's sores fester.
A pair of disembodied eyes's disease injures itself.

The Baron smirks.

[Disease runs rampant through the group. Several moments pass as this annoyance is dealt with.]

Baron Marel says, 'Speak, puppy.'

Talmud says, 'As I am.'
Talmud says, 'Baron...'

Talmud bows before Baron Marel.
Baron Marel bows before Talmud.

Talmud says, 'I...' Talmud falters.

Baron Marel says, 'Yes, Elfling?'

Talmud says, 'You have no reason to help me, Lord Baron...'
Talmud says, 'That much is true.'

The Baron nods with a snicker.

Talmud says, 'My face,'
Talmud indicates the stretch of skin.

The Baron roughly grasps Talmud's chin, raising it for his examination.

Talmud stands fast.

Baron Marel says, 'How delightfully freakish!'

Talmud winces visibly.

Palin glares at Baron Marel.
Baron Marel glares at Palin.

The Baron tilts Talmud's face from side to side.
Baron Marel says, 'Interesting work.'
Baron Marel says, 'And you propose...?'

Talmud says, 'Queen Mariel...'
Talmud nods.

Ptarchyzk says, 'I must depart, I'm afraid.'

The Baron indicates the eyes glowing nearby.

Talmud says, 'I beseech of you your power, your magic,'

Ptarchyzk quaffs a clear red potion. Ptarchyzk invokes recall magic. Ptarchyzk disappears.

Talmud says, 'to restore mine eyes,'
Talmud says, 'with these'

Talmud nods in recognition to a pair of disembodied eyes.

Baron Marel says, 'And what of payment? What of past offenses done to me, by you and yours?'

Talmud says, 'That...'
Talmud's skin pales slightly.

Baron Marel says, 'What could you possibly have to pay me enough to ignore those offenses?'

Talmud says, 'is your discretion...'

Baron Marel says, 'You stole from me my truest love's heart.'

Talmud begins to speak, but holds his tongue.

Talmud says, 'I am... naked of this world,'
Talmud says, 'reborn twice within the recent past.'

Baron Marel says, 'Do you honestly believe that I covet ... things?'
Baron Marel says, 'That I do not have all that I want?'

Talmud says, 'Your ways are unknown to me, I am afraid, Baronship.'

Talmud says, 'But...'
Talmud says, 'I ask that you consider...'

Baron Marel says dryly, 'My ... tastes... and ... needs... are a bit more ... esoteric.'

Talmud's nerves, taut already, seem to unravel.
Talmud nods his head slowly.

Talmud says, 'Is there anything?...'

Baron Marel says, 'I require... things more personal.'

Talmud's voice almost breaks into a pleading tone.

Baron Marel closes his eyes and breathes deeply.

The Baron murmurs, 'Her scent....'

Tripper raises a questioning eyebrow.

The Baron opens his eyes, and whirls to stare at Tripper.

Tripper sighs as if on memory.

Baron Marel says, 'YOU, SIR!'

Tripper says, 'Yes Baron??'

Baron Marel says, 'How dare you know of her?'

Tripper nods in recognition to Baron Marel.
Baron Marel slaps Tripper.

Tripper says, 'I know of whom you speak, yes'

The Baron's eyes narrow.
He turns back to Talmud.

Talmud bows slightly.

Tripper says, 'You seek knowledge of a fair woman of this realm?'

The Baron points at Tripper.
Baron Marel says, 'He has something I want.'
Baron Marel says, 'I will take it as payment.'

Talmud looks at Tripper.

Tripper says, 'Yes Baron, I do, and YOU will pay for it'

The Baron grits his teeth and growls in rage.

Talmud says, 'Lord...'
Talmud says, 'I ask...'
Talmud says, 'that you ask payment of me.'

Baron Marel snarls, 'It is HE who is supplicant here!'

Talmud says, 'It is I who beseech your service.'
Talmud says, 'These, my friends,'

Baron Marel snarls, 'HE, who pleads at my feet.'

Tripper says, 'If you vow to restore the Lad's eyes I shall tell you what you want'

Tripper says, 'But you must deal with ME'

Baron Marel mutters a foul curse.

Baron Marel strides over to Tripper, and grasps him by the vestments, lifting him off the ground.

Talmud raises his voice in alarm.

The Baron afixes Tripper with glare.

Talmud says, 'Baron...'

Tripper whispers the name 'Silonch' lightly, just loudly enough for the baron to hear.

The Baron whispers, 'And If....'
He snarls.

Tripper raises a questioning eyebrow.
Tripper says, 'yes???????'

The Baron snarls, 'And If ... IF.... I cast this spell.... I want it.'

Tripper says, 'I will not barter with you Baron'

Baron Marel says, 'Not the words, not your thoughts...'
Baron Marel says, 'I want that memory.'
Baron Marel says, 'Part and parcel. All of it.'

Tripper says, 'and you shall have it'

Baron Marel says, 'Your ... word?'
He raises one eyebrow.

Tripper raises a questioning eyebrow.
Tripper says, 'deal?'

The Baron snarls. "I want your WORD.'

Tripper says, 'I have such knowledge that will fill your nasty soul'

The Baron grits his teeth and fumes in rage!

Tripper says, 'I am a man of my word... but what of yours?'

Baron Marel says, 'I am a sorcerer. My word and oath are binding.'

Talmud watches on, visibly shaken.

Baron Marel says, 'Oh, I have not forgotten you, little Elfling. You will pay, as well.'

Tripper bows his head only slightly inn recognition.

The Baron takes a wicked black dagger from a sheath at his waist.
The Baron slashes his palm, blood oozing fourth.

Tripper holds out his hand to Cordir.

Baron Marel says, 'By my blood, which is my magic, I swear it.'

Cordir takes Tripper's hand, and holds it out towards the Baron's.

The Baron slashes Tripper's hand with the blade.

Baron Marel says, 'By your blood, you swear it?'

Tripper says, 'by my blood and my honor I swear to fulfill my part of the bargain'

The Baron nods.

Tripper nods.

Baron Marel says, 'What are you willing to pay, Elfling?'

Talmud says, 'What do you wish of me?'
Talmud says, 'Payment...'

Baron Marel says, 'What are you willing to sacrifice?'

Tripper says, 'I shall give you the memory of a kiss, so sweet as to rival the products of the bees'

Talmud unconsciously runs his hand down his sweat-drenched face.

The Baron visibly steels himself to ignore Tripper's words for the moment.

Tripper says, 'of lips the color of strawberries'

Baron Marel says, 'Or will you hide behind others?'

Baron Marel points at the dwarf.

Talmud says, 'My...'

Baron Marel says, 'Will he pay for your eyes?'

Talmud says, 'No.'

Tripper says, 'of the touch of lips as light as a rose petal'

Talmud glances at Tripper, then returns to gaze sadly at the Baron.

Baron Marel says loudly, 'SILENCE!'

Baron Marel says, 'Our deal is struck. Torment me no further.'
Baron Marel says, 'I deal now with the Elf.'
Baron Marel says, 'Or any willing to bargain further in his stead.'

Tripper nods in resignation at the baron.
Talmud turns to the gathered.

Tripper says, 'It shall be I, with whom you bargain, if you want this memory'

Talmud says, 'I ask... I ask for none to be made on my part.'
Talmud raises an eyebrow at Tripper.

The Baron turns to Durin.
Marel pokes Durin sharply.

Durin says, 'yes Baron?'

Tripper says, 'No other here has what this creature wants, but I'

Baron Marel says, 'What would you give up for your friend?'

Talmud says, 'No... dwarf. Please. Durin.'
Talmud says, 'Your sacrifice for my gain...'

Durin says, 'do you wish your sight back Talmud?'

Talmud says, 'I will not stand by idly watching others lose while I...'

The Baron grits his teeth in a rage.
Baron Marel says, 'My magics do not come cheaply.'

Talmud says, 'I... have my sight. But my eyes...'

Durin nods.
Durin says, 'I understand'

Tripper says, 'I am match for the Baron'

Talmud says, 'WHAT IS IT YOU WANT, then Baron?'

Baron Marel says, 'I demand ... a sense.'

Tripper says, 'have faith in me talmud'

Baron Marel says, 'If I am to grant sight...'
Baron Marel says, 'I demand something in return.'

Talmud says, 'Ask.'

Baron Marel says, 'A Loss for a Gain... as the Lady's mentor would say.'

Talmud nods.
Baron Marel says, 'It is for you to choose.'

Durin sits down and thinks deeply.

Talmud says, 'What loss?'

Durin says, 'sense of touch?'

Baron Marel says, 'A sense, dolt.'

Talmud calms himself.

The Baron slaps Talmud across the lips. 'Your voice.....'
The Baron slaps Talmud across the ears. 'Your hearing...'
The Baron slaps Talmud across the hands. 'Your touch...'

Tripper says, 'Talmud, have faith in me.'

Talmud seems to close his eyes, lowering his head.

Palin says, 'Well, technically, he is not gaining a sense Lord Baron, just a pair of eyes'

Baron hisses softly, and glares at Tripper.

Talmud says, 'Tripper... your loss... to what gain?'

Tripper snarls angrily.

Baron Marel says, 'You would have me do this, for such a small thing?'
The Baron raises his head, and says, 'Then let me taste of the wares.'

Tripper says, 'I am a match for him, I lose only the memory of the event'

Baron Marel says, 'Let me know what it is that I purchase.'
Baron Marel says, 'If it is sweet enough....'

You feel cold air blow around you.

Tripper says, 'you purchase the sweet memory of a kiss from Silonch.'

You feel cold air blow around you.

Baron Marel says, 'I know that, dolt!'
Baron Marel says, 'Let me SEE it.'

Tripper nods.

The Baron reaches out one eager hand.
The Baron places his fingertips upon Tripper's forehead.

Tripper steps close to the baron.
Tripper leans slightly forward.

Marel closes his eyes.
Marel breathes deeply.

Tripper cringes as if protecting himself.

Talmud stares fixedly at the ground, breathing heavily.

Marel suddenly reaches up and grabs Tripper with both hands.
Baron Marel says, 'I will have it....'

Tripper takes a deep breath.

Palin moves closer to Tripper.

Baron Marel says, 'As payment... in ... full.'

Talmud seems to blink.

The Baron lays both hands upon Tripper's forehead.
A dull red glow surrounds the Baron and Tripper.

Tripper's body twitches.

The Baron mutters an evil sounding phrase.
Baron Marel says, 'yes......'
The Baron trembles.
Baron Marel says, 'yes......'

Tripper's body shakes, hands clenched in pain, struggling.

Baron Marel says, 'Silonch... beloved....

Talmud winces. Ouch!

Tripper's knees tremble, struggling to stay sane.

Palin says, 'That's enough Baron...the rest when you perform the rite'

The Baron shouts an unintelligible phrase, and pulls his hands from Tripper.
The Baron staggers back, a delighted look upon his face.

Marel touches his fingertips to his lips, a look of wonder in his eyes.

Tripper's knees buckle and hands on the floor break his fall.
Talmud rushes to Tripper's side.
Palin helps Tripper to his feet.

Baron Marel says, 'Paid. In. FULL!'

Tripper's breath comes in big racking gasps.

The Baron laughs exultantly.

Baron Marel says, 'And now for the little elf.'

Tripper sits back on his feet.

Talmud himself loses control over his body, falling to his knees.

Baron Marel says, 'Lay down, little elf. This will hurt.'
Baron Marel says, 'A LOT.'

Talmud steels himself.

Marel smirks nastily.

Talmud does as the Baron commands.

Marel kneels upon the floor next to the Theologian.

Tripper's eyes open slowly and begin to focus.

Palin says, 'Be ready Durin, you may be able to help ease the pain'
Durin nods in recognition to Palin.

He grasps his dirk, and holds Talmud down.

Durin stands up.
Talmud's body trembles slightly.

Marel smirks nastily.

Cordir exclaims, 'No...! Why don't YOU all hold him down. I would rather that the Baron not do so'

Durin nods in recognition to Cordir.
Palin nods in recognition to Cordir.

Tripper shakes his head slowly clearing his thoughts.

The Baron raises one eyebrow, but nods.

Palin says, 'As you wish m'Lady'
Durin says, 'Baron, if you please'

Cordir says, 'I would rather it be hands of love, not hate.'

Palin kneels by Talmud's side.

Baron Marel says, 'As you wish, Weaver.'

Talmud's body shakes uncontrollably.

Durin kneels across from Palin...

Palin says, 'Excuse me Baron...could you please stand?'

Tripper brushes a lot of hair out of his face and becomes aware of those around him.

Marel stands and steps momentarily out of the way.
Marel glances over at Tripper, a hungry look in his eyes.

Palin gently but firmly grasps Talmud's arm.
Talmud's body tenses.
Palin nods in recognition to Talmud.
Durin nods in recognition to Palin.

Marel steps over to Tripper where he lays upon the ground.

Tripper says, 'You are paid in full'

Baron Marel murmurs, 'What else, I wonder, of my lady do you have in there...'

Palin says, 'Trakker can you get his feet please?'

Durin grasps Talmud's other arm and braces himself.

Cordir stands between Tripper and the Baron.

Talmud says, 'No... Baron'
Talmud protests weakly.

Cordir says, 'Paid in full, may I remind you, Lord Baron?'

Tripper says, 'That, Sire, you shall not know.'

Baron Marel bows sharply.
Marel smiles nastily, and nods, retreating.

The Baron returns to stand over Talmud, gazing down at the sweating, shivering elf.

Palin says, 'It seems Trakker is in a trance...'

Talmud turns his head towards the Baron.

Tripper bows his head weakly at Cordir.

He has the look of a sadist in his eyes... knowing he will cause pain, and delighting in it.

Cordir smiles quietly at Tripper.

Palin says, 'Tripper have you enough strength to hold Talmud's legs?'

Cordir gestures, and spiders by the thousands creep down from the webs about the chamber.

The spiders flow over Talmud, weaving swiftly.

Tripper says, 'He is your brother, tend to him,'

A silken web binds Talmud's legs to the floor, as they retreat.

Tripper says, 'I..... cannot help you further'

The spiders return to the webs.
Cordir nods in satisfaction.

Palin nods in recognition to Tripper.

Talmud looks at Tripper, sadly, thankfully.

Cordir turns to the Baron. 'Ready, sir?'

Tripper leans against the warm stones of the hearth, shivering.

Talmud trembles.

Cordir says, 'And be warned, should you do ought to cause more pain that absolutely necessary.... I will know if it... and act...'

Baron Marel says, 'Aye, Weaver.'

The Baron steps over to Talmud, and kneels beside him, raising the blade.

Talmud turns his head, and stares at the storm-gray thread shimmering.

Two quick passes of the knife....
Blood flows....
Talmud screams once, and falls unconscious.

Tripper gazes at the lovely strength of the leader of these men.

Baron Marel says, 'Weaver... the eyes...'

Palin checks for a pulse.
Palin says, 'He is alive...barely'

Cordir reaches forth and catches up the disembodied eyes.
Cordir hands them to Marel.

The Baron places them in their proper alignment upon Talmud's face, murmuring dark enchantments.

Marel turns to the dwarf. 'Heal him.'

Durin utters the words, 'heal'
Durin utters the words, 'heal'
Durin nods.

Marel continues murmuring spells, binding the eyes to mind and flesh.

Durin says, 'done'

Talmud screams again, as if from memory of pain...

Palin watches in fascination.

Talmud looks around, wildly...

The Baron lays his hands over the eyes, closes his own, and incants a spell.
He removes his hands, and smiles darkly.

Talmud blinks.

Palin says, 'Its OK Tal...'

The Baron stands and steps back a pace.

Talmud's face seem to be wet... streamed with tears from his... eyes.
Talmud blinks.
Talmud puts a cold hand upon his closed eyes.

Palin beams a smile at Talmud.

Cordir steps forward, and with the sleeve of her garment, wipes away the blood and tears.

Talmud shivers again, looking at each gathered, in turn.

Palin releases his hold and stands up.
Cordir gestures, and the spiderwebs fall away.

Talmud tries to get up, but falls down again weakly.

Durin releases Talmud, and stands up.

Tripper sighs quietly, a slight pleased smile on his face.

Palin says, 'How do you feel Tal?'

Cordir murmurs, 'Rest.'

Talmud blinks.

Cordir murmurs, 'Don't try and stand.'

Talmud says, 'Tripper'

Tripper nods in recognition to Talmud.

Talmud looks at the elf weakly.

Tripper says, 'yes??'

Talmud says (in elven), 'What words could replace a memory...'
Talmud says (in elven), 'What service replace your sacrifice...'

Tripper says, 'Has the Baron kept his part of the deal?'

Talmud rubs his eyes.
Talmud says (in elven), 'Yes... yes... he has.'

Baron Marel says, 'You can see, can you not?'

Talmud nods in recognition to Tripper.
Talmud says (in elven), 'I can.'

Tripper says, 'Your health is my reward'

Talmud begins to say something in protest, but then falls unconscious a second time.

Cordir swiftly kneels beside him.

Talmud's eyes seem to move in his sleep, as if in dream...

Durin catches Talmud and lowers him to the floor gently.

Cordir lays a gentle hand on Talmud's brow.
Cordir reaches up, and the storm-gray thread gleams.
Cordir murmurs, 'Peace, Theologian. Rest.'

Cordir stands, and steps over to Tripper.
Cordir lays a gentle hand upon Tripper's arm, gazing up into his eyes.

Tripper bows weakly at Cordir.

Cordir says, 'Tripper, dear friend.... '
Cordir says, 'I cannot thank you enough.'

Tripper says, 'forgive me lady if I don't stand at the moment'

Cordir smiles quietly. 'Of course.'

Cordir kneels beside Tripper, laying a hand upon his arm.

Tripper says, 'the look on your face as you watched Talmud's first sight is enough'

Cordir reaches up and touches lightly upon the dark-green thread.

Cordir utters the word, 'Heal.'

Cordir stands gracefully, and turns to face the Baron.
Cordir says, 'I think it is time you were going, sir.'

Baron Marel says, 'Ah, but I'm bound here by more than your will, Lady.'

Talmud's eyes flutter open weakly, silently watching the scene...

Baron Marel draws a funny looking rune on Trakker.
Baron Marel says, 'I have been given mortal insult by that one...'

Cordir nods. Cordir says, 'He is ... not available for your hunting. Here, in this place, I ward him. You may not have him, unless he chooses to meet you in battle.'

Cordir says, '(ooc - besides, he's still afk, I think.)'
Tripper snickers softly.
Durin chuckles, evidently amused.
Talmud says (in elven), '(grin)'

Cordir says, 'Therefore... If you behave yourself... you may stay, Baron, until such time as you gain satisfaction, or can magic yourself out.'

Baron Marel says, 'How... gracious of you.'
Marel smirks.

Tripper utters the words, 'invis' Trakker fades out of existence.

Baron Marel says, 'HA! You think your paltry magics better than my Sight?'

Palin says, 'Well it was worth a shot Tripper'

Tripper nods.
Tripper says, 'he sees well'

c 'dispel magic' trakker / Ok.

c invis trakker / Trakker fades out of existence.
Tripper says, 'you should have excellent sight Talmud'
Tripper smirks.

Palin says, 'And he smells funny too'

Talmud smiles weakly.

Cordir says, 'VERY good sight, Baron.'

Baron Marel says, 'Why thank you, Milady.'

Palin sniffs the air.

Talmud sighs, laying down again.

Cordir says, 'It will take some time, Talmud, before your senses adjust.'

Cordir pokes Baron Marel.
Baron Marel slaps Cordir.

Talmud gasps in astonishment.

Durin sleeps.
Durin wakes and stands up.
Durin raises an eyebrow.

Durin says, 'you ok Talmud?'

Talmud says, 'I... must have been dreaming. I imagined the Lady being slapped...'

Durin frowns.

Talmud looks at Cordir.

Her face is clearly marked by a handprint.

Talmud looks at Baron Marel.
Durin looks at Baron Marel.

Talmud growls.

Cordir says, 'Tis no matter. The Baron has little sense of courtesies.'

Palin says, 'Oh...forgot Tripper can't get back in'

Palin and Durin leave north.

The Baron smirks.

It is 10am on Cearn the 7th, the month of the Testing of Fates, in the year 2390.

TFC started up at Thu Jan 13 12:27:57 2000 / The system time is Thu Jan 13 22:55:45 2000

Talmud says, 'Does... anyone have any food and water?'
Talmud grins weakly.

Durin stands up.
Durin utters the words, 'create food'
Durin utters the words, 'create food' A Magic Mushroom suddenly appears.
Palin utters the words, 'create spring' A magical spring flows from the ground.
Durin utters the words, 'create food' A Magic Mushroom suddenly appears.

Talmud gets a Magic Mushroom. Talmud eats a Magic Mushroom.

Durin utters the words, 'create food' A Magic Mushroom suddenly appears.

Talmud gets a Magic Mushroom. Talmud eats a Magic Mushroom.
Talmud drinks water from a magical spring.

Durin utters the words, 'create food'
Talmud drinks water from a magical spring.

Durin utters the words, 'create food' A Magic Mushroom suddenly appears.

Talmud says, 'Thank you, both' Talmud smiles happily.

Palin gets an obsidian decanter from an egg casing.
Palin fills an obsidian decanter with water.
Palin gives an obsidian decanter to Talmud.
Palin says, 'For you'

Talmud says, 'Thank you'
Talmud smiles happily.

Talmud lays on the ground, staring into the Void.
Talmud closes his... eyes for a moment, letting the dizzy spell pass.

Cordir stands between Tripper and Talmud, seemingly unsure who needs comfort more.

Talmud stands.
Talmud grasps onto the Loom for support.

Tripper says, 'Take care of your Chosen Mistress'

Talmud says, 'Look after him, Lady.'

Cordir chuckles softly.

Tripper smirks

Talmud says, 'I will be well in time... I did not lose anything.'
Talmud smiles a bit sadly again.

Cordir gestures at both elves.
A soft glow swirls into being, and slides into the Pattern, seeking out two particular Threads.
You feel better!

Tripper says, 'The Baron is gone??'
Tripper nods.
Tripper takes a deep grateful breath.

Cordir says, 'He enjoys our hospitality yet.'

Cordir gestures, and the flames within the archway dim slightly, easier on weary eyes.

Baron Marel prays for transportation home.
Baron Marel is consumed in a cloud of black smoke.

Talmud says, 'Hmm...'

Palin says, 'Well that was fun'
Durin says, 'somewhat anticlimatic'

Talmud chuckles at Durin's joke.
Durin smirks at Palin's saying.
Palin nods.
Palin says, 'Very'

Durin chuckles, evidently amused.
Palin shrugs.

Cordir ftells, '(ooc - Story is Over for the night.)'

Talmud ftells, '(ooc _i'm_ physically tired. heheh)'
Cordir ftells, 'Congratulations, Theologian.'
Durin ftells, 'hehe'
Palin ftells, 'hehe'
Cordir ftells, 'YOU"RE tired... my fingers are falling off'
Palin ftells, '*laugh*'
Talmud ftells, '*smile* Congratulations owed to those around *smile*'
Talmud ftells, '*grin cordir*'
Cordir ftells, 'That was NOT pre-typed'
Durin ftells, 'oof'
Palin ftells, 'Kind of like typing for two, huh Cordir?'
Cordir ftells, 'that was all improv'
Cordir smiles quietly

(End Scene)