You Should Go Evil!

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Back Story: Due to being heavily affected by the 'Heat Metal' bug, Scipio (a skilled and feared low-range PK'er in the Black Conclave) had left the mud for several months. Upon his return, a relative newbie attempted to give him advice on which following to join. Date approximately 12/12/96.

Bongo tells you (in common) 'dont you want to be in conclave? they are high powerful but still evil pk'ers'.

You tell Bongo (in common) 'What do you suggest?'.

The Mausoleum of Molo, the Arch-Lich
[Exits: east]
(Red Aura) The Unholy Codex of the Arch-Lich rests on a pedestal here.

Bongo tells you (in common) 'i dont know , its your choice. be evil, its cool thats all the advice i can give'.

You tell Bongo (in common) 'So why shouldnt I be Conclave again?'.

> whozone
Players near you:

Rendar gossips (in common) 'does anyone have leveling eq I coudl borrow?'.

Bongo tells you (in common) 'i dont know, i just wanted you to know that everyone or most people dont like

them(well most people dont like my following either)'.

You tell Bongo (in common) 'Hmmm'.

You tell Bongo (in common) 'Are you aware that I am one of the reasons people do not like the Conclave?'.

Bongo tells you (in common) 'but dont let me stop you, have fun being evil like me'.

Bongo tells you (in common) 'why?'.

You tell Bongo (in common) 'I joined the Conclave shortly after Zara did.....I have over 50 kills....I lost count'.

You tell Bongo (in common) 'I am probably closer to 100'.

Bongo tells you (in common) '?!?'.

Rendar auctions (in common) 'anyone need a war banner?'.

You tell Bongo (in common) 'I just havent played in about 3 months'.

You tell Bongo (in common) 'I was Conclave before Sadow was 30th level'.

Bongo tells you (in common) 'you serious, 100 kills. i havent even one yet!'.

You tell Bongo (in common) 'Deadly serious, my friend'.

Bongo tells you (in common) 'wow, i am not going to mess with you ever!'.

Tel gossips '*twiddle*'.

You tell Bongo (in common) 'That would be wise, as Nashites are not allowed to attack each other'.

Bongo tells you (in common) 'oh, you are conclave also? doh, i meant nashite also?'.

Jerg gossips (in common) 'help, please'.

You tell Bongo (in common) 'The Conclave is the essense of Evil Nashite, in my opinion'.

Faille gossips (in common) 'What Jerg?'.

Dell gossips (in common) 'Whatcha need?'.

Bongo tells you (in common) 'who else is nashite, as in gods?'.

Tyrall gossips (in common) 'Wassup Jerg?'.

Faille gossips (in common) 'Jerg?'.

Bongo tells you (in common) 'is it fun in conclave, you must get the best eq ever, huh?'.

Jerg gossips (in common) 'I just died, I can't move, and I don't know where I am '.

You tell Bongo (in common) 'Ozmo, Molo, Simon, Sirak, Darkmoon, Primal, ...I think that is the list of Evil Nashite Gods'.

Myronides gossips (in common) 'CoNgRaTs from Nature Harp on level 3 !!'.

Faille gossips (in common) 'type look and read the description..'.

Bongo gossips (in common) 'there are good nashite gods?!?'.

Doc shouts (in common) 'conc'.

Tel gossips 'well 1'.

You tell Doc (in common) 'Nice typo...heh'.

Doc tells you (in common) 'hehe'.

You tell Doc (in common) 'I think its just me'.

> who conc

1 player.
Hum [ Cl:11 Wa:15 ] Scipio needs to speak with a God+ (Conclave)

Doc tells you (in common) 'yup, your own your on tonite ;)'.

You tell Doc (in common) 'I think I will be ok *grin*'.

> wizl

Tynian(E) IvoryTiger(N) Madman(E)
----------------------------GREATER GODS--------------------------------
Sirak(E) Jaxxon(G) Darkmoon(E) Nalya(N) Thaygar(N)
----------------------------LESSER GODS---------------------------------
Sinclair(G) Kalten(G) Tel(G) Molo(E) Syla(E)
Caradoc(E) JohnPaul(G) Splat(G) Psykill(G) Cerebus(G)
Agape(G) Coleman(G) Pixel(E) Pyros(E) Lorna(G)
Rhina(G) Dirkstrom(G) Khore(E) Ozmo(E) Primal(E)
FoolKiller(G) Gryphon(G) Zarous(G) Ironbrain(E) Larry(G)
Bumblefoot(G) Assilem(G)
Cyrix(G) Malkav(E) Raistlin(G) Mekt(E) Sajkald(G)
Dadon(E) Rudolf(G) Masher(G) Robert(G) Nina(G)
Slash(G) Slyxx(G) Estrelle(G) Daliah(G) Ginny(E)
Raze(G) Aahz(E) Kim(E) Siren(E) Simon(E)
Only Lesser and Demigods may be worshipped.

> who 15 21

11 players.
Hum [ Ma:16             ] Nevik.
Hum [ Cl:11 Wa:15       ] Scipio needs to speak with a God+ (Conclave)
Gno [ Cl:15             ] Sloth is lookin for his 2 other toes
Elf [ Ma: 2 Ra:15       ] Harp... (Nature)
Hum [ Ra: 3 Sh:17       ] WarhammerII The wondering Templar Knight
Elf [ Cl:14 Wa:15       ] Tyrall the infinite apprentice. Trinity [I]
Hel [ Ra:10 Ma:12       ] Frostflower Tokugawa's Troublemakin' Trinity-E Tinkerbell
Hum [ Ra: 6 Ma:15       ] Quinntum First Wizard Of The Ivory Rose & Id Machine
Hum [ Cl: 1 Wa:15       ] Akistaikar?
Hum [ Ra: 9 Ma:11 Th:11 ] Gunny silverstar,seeker of knowledge,Trinity(E)
Hum [ Wa: 6 Cl:13       ] Raake of Lamb with garlic cloves *yum*

> who 20 50

11 players.
Hum [      Paladin      ] Mercury, Not-so-Lost Sheep of the Ivory Rose <QS>
Hum [ Wa:29             ] Emma is following the Tiger
Hum [ Wa:24 Ma:27 Th:16 ] Triston Clarissa didnt pay enough so 5k 4 enchants
Hum [ Ma:26             ] Macros the Black       <Guardian of Fire>
Hlf [ Cl:20 Wa:10       ] LiteFellow serves NATURE for the myopic
Elf [ Ra:30 Cl:30       ] Myronides Tsarran, Avatar of Natural Forces   [Jyslin]
Hum [ Ma:20 Ra:24       ] GIJoe,Sorcerer of Passion, Woodsman of Instinct.
Hum [      Paladin      ] Boyardee:Paladin of all good food far and wide.
Hum [ Ma:22             ] Merlyn needs int,and luck leathers
Elf [ Th: 7 Ma:30 Ra:30 ] BaconBits stole a Tiger Guard from Zanga.
Hel [ Wa:17 Cl:20       ] Jyslin Tsarran, Myronides' Lady of NATURE's Dance