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Created 1994
Status Retired
Retired January 1996
Race Half-Elf
Hometown The Half-Elf Camp
Last Seen 2003
Followed Darkmoon
Spouse Coleman
Immorted AMB: April 1995
Retire: Jan 1996
Following University of Evil

Mud Contributions:

Sex. Lots and lots of sex.

Current Description:

After your first glace you quickly realize this is NOT a halfelf
to mess with. She appears quite strong and able to
crush you without thinking twice. And yet, there seems to be something
more to her. Something a bit exotic. Your not sure if it is in
her piercing emerald eyes or her teasingly wicked grin,
But you are unable to decide whether to worship or run from
this incredible enigma before you.
Ginny is bathed in the essence of charisma.
Ginny is in perfect health.

WHO lists:

01/19/2003 : Hel [ Retired ] Ginny Old as Passion, Young as Infatuation

Character History:

History Snippet:

Triston gossips (in common), 'they should all take me, tie me up...and....grin....I'm a treat for any and all goddesses'.

Ginny gossips, 'I didn't realize you gave yourself so easily Triston'.

Triston gossips (in common), 'well I was in a slump...and what could be wrong given to four beautiful goddesses?'.

Ginny gossips, 'the more quickly you give yourself...the less valuable you are'.

Triston gossips (in common), '*edits himself* *sighs* taste of better quality is what I seek lady Ginny :)'.

Abe gossips (in common), 'I think Tris needs some 'special' alter time with Ginny.'.

Ginny gossips, 'but alas i have no altar'.

Abe gossips (in common), 'psh'.

Ginny gossips, 'and all my toys seem to have bags are empty'.
Ginny gossips, 'what fun would it be if i could not make him scream deliciously'.

Triston gossips (in common), 'Pain brings about instruction of what is to come....and very...stimulating *grin*'.

Ginny gossips, '*grin* and much much more'.

Triston gossips (in common), 'I think these mortals today are repressed....With you and Darkmoon no longer serving the realm with regularity they have grown soft.'.


  • Molo was a worshipper that later immorted.
  • Ginny was well known for the debauchery of the parties in her temple. This was prior to the 'no mud sex' rules. (There are some rumors that they were implemented after her Retirement.)
  • One of the Mistresses in the Dream Realm (written by Foolkiller) is based on Ginny's player.
  • Ginny visited the MUD in 2003. Logs of those visits are found here: A Visit from the Headmistress / Story Time With Ginny
  • "Ginny's wicked Kiss of Darkness" was a restring created for Abe after Ginny's visit (linked above).
  • Ginny's temple included an admonishment to her followers that they educate the worshipers of Coleman (her husband) in the 'true evil.'
  • Ginny is specifically mentioned in the temple of Ozmo: Ozmo's Temple
  • Ginny is specifically mentioned in the temple of Darkmoon: Darkmoon's Temple
  • DarkClaw and Cordir made a series of limericks about the entire pantheon of TFC. Ginny's was:

That Ginny's a girl I sure miss,
Melt a eunuch with one simple kiss
Made the most of the dark
or in public, in parks
and the touch of her whip was sheer bliss.

Immortal Entry & Exit:

Entry: Ginny enters and you feel an overwhelming Darkness envelope your soul.
Exit: Ginny disappears and you long for the Darkness to touch you again.

Player Provided Information:

In a word: Kinky. She didn't care who you were, she didn't care if you were in her following - she would find me alone in some forest and want to do SOMETHING kinky. She was an equal opportunity seducer.
You could be out exp'ing, minding your own damned business, and Ginny would show up and try to seduce you. You may have never met... that didn't matter. And it didn't matter if you were mortal or immortal, either.
I never interacted with Ginny as a mortal; my focus was elsewhere. But the ripples of her presence on TFC were widespread and noticeable. She and I had a lovely chat during one of her visits many years after her Retirement: A Visit from the Headmistress and she had people absolutely swooning for her attention!

Personal Timeline: