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On June 14, 2012, a Birthday Celebration Quest was held. It had two parts:

Quest Part I:

71 spiders were released into the world, one for each century of the Weaver's existence. They varied in degree of challenge from a level 10 to a level 45 with combat specs. Each had three 'gifts' -- an exp circlet, a quantity of gold, and a quest object. The quest objects could be turned in for points.

Low Range: A small black spider creeps along, trying to stay hidden.
Quest Object: a sticky bit of web

Mid Range: This small black spider makes its way with a deadly grace and beauty.
Quest Object: a tiny pair of fangs

High Range: Quick and deadly, this spider is recognized by the red hourglass on its belly.
Quest Object: a poison sac

Celeste was the undisputed winner with 40 items turned in.
Cremini was the second place finisher, with 12 items turned in.
Shilea was the third place finisher, with 3* items turned in.

(*Shilea wanted credit for a quest item that she tried to store on Mish, that the Broker ate... but didn't get it, despite much pouting.)

Each of the top three finishers received some useful potions.

Quest Part II

Part two of the quest started promptly at 6PM system time with a reboot. This was planned to clear any wizard marks that might give mages an unfair advantage over other classes. Nine mobs were selected by Cordir as being significant to her lifetime. No hints or information was provided; seven had to be puzzled out, tracked down, and slain for the gift they carried. Two were unreachable by mortals, and had to be named on gossip. After the reboot, the Wyld Hunt spread throughout the Realm, eagerly seeking their quarry, entirely unopposed. One by one, the targets were slain:

  • The Great Dhole - To join the Ebon Hand, Cordir willingly and voluntarily died on the Great Dhole's fangs. Centuries later, the Great Dhole would provide lore to the Chosen of Fate to assist in the Binding of the Tainted and the rise of the Wyldess, Katrana.. and it was also the Dhole that, with his tears, baptized Clue and acknowledged her the Incarna of the Wyrm.
  • The Horrifying Essence - Cordir's kidnapping at her wedding to Keller Amberlin D'Augustine was the foundation of her relationship with Lord Nash and His followers.
  • Captain Vahzlune - Cordir spent an unusual amount of time on the Longship, left there as bait by Molo to lure Keller into harm's way. Later in her life, it was the 'home' of one of her Chosen.
  • Scar - given by Molo to Madman for his entertainment, Cordir was often set to tasks around the Great Implementor's office, such as cleaning, answering the phone... and giving his pet demon a bath. The two became friends, of a sort.
  • The Guardian Vampire - probably the most difficult of the mobs to know of, and also to find... For Cordir's Triat Mastery Quest, Cordir was required to find and slay the Guardian Vampire, who dwells at the end of an illogical maze. (After two weeks of searching, she learned that the mob can also be summoned through a Gate spell, and used that method.) This mob also had significance to Thaygar, as it was part of his quest for a quest to be permitted to wed Siren. Congratulations to Cremini for her determination in finding the Guardian Vampire.
  • Lestat, the Dark Enforcer - To be permitted to wed Deamhan an-Shalach, Cordir completed a quest set before her by Khore - and the death of the three Brothers of Sanguinna was one part.
  • Duergar Princeling - the mob that Cordir leveled to 30 on the second time, allowing her Application for Immortality.
  • The Black Dracolich - It was the courage of Abender Stormreaver, taking the wrath of the Black Dracolich upon himself to save Cordir's brother-in-law, Kennet D'Augustine that brought the warric to the Weaver's attention, and caused him to be named Destined. As a result of Abender's sacrifice, Cordir carries a shield of blood and bone, wrought from his corpse, to this very day.
  • Guardian - Keeper of the Geasa, early harbinger of the Weaver, the spider that dwells within Cordir's Midnight Garden has been one of her longest standing companions.

2012 Birthday Quest: Wyld Hunt Ftell

Katrana has very graciously allowed this (heavily edited) glimpse at the Wyld Hunt ftell, showing their adventures as they romped through the quest.

The Final Two:

Of the nine, seven could be reached by normal means. Scar and Guardian required Cordir's personal intervention. Nearly an hour and a half after part II began, Heschott called out the spider's name and was summoned to combat. Guardian had never been defeated one-on-one , but in a remarkable battle, the Inquisitor was triumphant. Thirty minutes later, Ink named Scar, and the battle was joined. (I have never seen someone be disarmed quite that many times.) He, also, was victorious.

2012 Birthday Quest: Hedschott vs Guardian

2012 Birthday Quest: Ink vs Scar

The Prizes

Each of the prizes named the mob on which it was found, and a link to the wiki or forums that would explain its connection to Cordir. The prize obtained by Hedschott for defeating Guardian includes a unique piece of lore never before revealed to mortals: the spider's True Name. That information has been removed in this document.

a holy relic from an ancient age

Long Description:  This relic bears the touch of Madness itself and holds a memory inside.

Look madness memory relic:
Grasping this relic, a vision sweeps into your mind:
A waifishly slender witch, hands trembling as they clutch a large sponge,
gingerly approaches a raven-winged demon that screams in fear. The demon
reels from a powerful slap from an unseen Presence, and obediently lifts
its wings for the witch to begin giving it a bath. Fear turns to playful
splashings and the demon begins nibbling at the fragrant herbs that have
been used to scent its bathwater. A bubbly potion is imbibed, rendering
a creature known for death and destruction into a drunken slumber. Witch
and demon reach accord and cleanliness.. and friendship.

Look Keywords:
Created for a 2012 Birthday Celebration, and carried by Scar the Demon.
Object Keywords: Relic
Extra Description Keywords: Madness Memory | Keywords | Link
extra keywords

Look Link:

a three-headed dire flail

Long Description:  Three spider-shaped heads dangle from black chains bound to a stout handle.

Look dire flail:
This dire flail was crafted with mayhem and pain in mind. The haft is a stout
black wood, trimmed down from one of the legendary Oaken staves, long carried
by the Lady's champion. It is bound in strips of ebon leather, the texture of
the hide revealing it to be dragonskin. From the tip, three black chains fall,
at their ends, three large spiders wrought of iron. Their legs are edged with
barbed claws that gleam as if with ichorous poison. Truly, this weapon would
be a horror to be struck with, tearing flesh with every bite.

Look spider heads bite:
Examining the spiders, you note the level of craftsmanship is uncannily and
disturbingly realistic. You can almost see intelligence in the eight eyes,
almost feel warmth in the bulbous body. Then one metal leg twitches, barbed
claw digging into your flesh for the briefest second and the truth is known.

Look oak oaken haft staff staves:
Gazing at the oak haft, you notice a wide varieties of scars and stains on
its entire length, including one that was very obviously formed by acid. A
vision sweeps into your mind:

The Stormreaver interposes himself, with the aid of two friends, between a
Hound and the Dracolich. Its acid breath utterly annihilates his arms and
armor, yet time and time again, he stands between it and others, accepting
its sole wrath until his death. This moment crystalizes the respect of She
who Weaves, and he is named Destined for his sacrifice and courage.

Look Keywords:
Created for a 2012 Birthday Celebration and carried by The Black Dracolich.
Object Keywords: dire flail
Extra Description keywords: dire flail | Spider Heads | Oak Haft | Keywords | Link

Look Link:
http://tfcmud.com/tfc/community/timeline/1999/draconote.htm Fate's Debt

(Woven) obscuring shadow and ebon flame

Long Description:  Only the Weaver can plait the ephemeral into reality: memory, shadow and flame.

Look Ebon Flame:
Fire so black it seems to eat the light around it flickers at the edges
of your vision, wreathed in shadow and smoke. Birthed from the hellfire
of the Ebon Temple, these flames lash out at those who would bring harm
to the wearer. Like the Wyld itself, they are ever-changing, flowing, a
living embodiment of the element of Chaos.

Look Shadow Memory:
Shadows and an icy cold wind strafe your very spirit, like the onrush of
a distant storm drawing near. Flickering images, fragments of memory, an
assault of emotion, flood your senses, too complex to comprehend fully.
A Presence interposes itself between you and this onslaught, bringing a
chill of calm, like the center of a hurricane. **This, you may not know
or see. This is Mine to keep safe.** Though the words are whispered in
a harsh tone, it is in your mind they are heard, not through your ears.
Perhaps this part of the Weaver's life story is not yet complete.

Look keywords:
Created for a 2012 Birthday Celebration and carried by the Horrifying Essence.
Object Keywords: Ephemeral Flame Shadow
Extra Description Keywords: Ebon Flame | Shadow Memory | Keywords | Links

Look Link:

an ancient black iron shackle

Long Description:  A single iron shackle, rusted shut, bears the seal of the Arch Lich.

Look Iron Shackle:
This shackle has been forcibly enlarged, once sized to fit and hold a
very small wrist. Scratches mar the surface as if multiple implements
were used to try and pry open the lock without success. The personal
seal of the Arch-Lich himself binds the shackle closed until His will
releases it. Holding it, you hear the faint echoes of pirate song, a
hint of prayerful chanting, and a dark and horrible laughter.

Look Keywords:
Created for a 2012 Birthday Celebration and carried by Captain Vahzlune.
Object Keywords: black iron shackle
Extra Description Keywords: iron shackle | keywords | Link
extra keyword keywords

Look Link:

a breastplate of massive sigiled ebon scales

Long Description:  Writhing Elder signs and sigils decorate each scale that forms this breastplate.

Look sigiled sigil ebon scale breastplate:
The tiniest scales of the Dhole's tail have been shed voluntarily to create this
breastplate -- yet still, they are massive, easily the span of both of a giant's
hands together. They are hard and unyielding, providing good protection from any
blow that might otherwise spill the blood of the wearer. Upon each scale, sigils
and signs of warding appear, visible witness to the grand enchantments cast upon
this armor. The faintest tinge of a bloody hue glistens, following the lines and
paths of the sigils, as if the scales themselves remember when the Weaver's life
blood was willingly spilled upon it in sacred sacrifice. Rebirth granted by Wyrm,
embraced by Wyld, Ascendant to Weaver - the sacred Path began here.

Look keywords:
Created for a 2012 Birthday Celebration and carried by The Great Dhole.
Object Keywords: wyrm scale breastplate
Extra Description Keywords: sigiled ebon scale breastplate | Keywords | Link
extra keyword keywords

Look Link:

a mystic binding by blood, bone and fang

Long Description:  Three materials - blood, bone and fang - have been crafted into a binding-ward.

Look blood bone fang:
The long, curved ivory fangs of a vampire frame and enclose a dark vial of
bone. Silver filiments weave between the two, binding them together as one.
Within the vial, blood pools, as fresh as the day it was spilled. Demonic
and Immortal, intermingled, one, shines softly with a cyan luminescence.

Look binding ward mystic:
Sigla can be seein within the silver traceries and filaments that bind
fang to philtre, potent enchantments of binding and protection from an
attempt to tear the wearer from their place in the Pattern.

Look Keywords:
Created for a 2012 Birthday Celebration and carried by Lestat, the Grand Enforcer.
Object Keywords: binding ward
Extra Description Keywords: blood bone fang | binding ward | Keywords | Link

Look link:

thin gloves of ebon black leather

Long Description:  Black on black embroidery subtly ornaments this pair of thin leather gloves.

Look thin gloves leather
Suitable for a mage or thief, these thin black leather gloves would not
impair the wearer from the most delicate or arcane of tasks. Their hue
is that of a deep sable, far darker than most leather can be dyed. Felt
more than seen, lines of black silk embroidery sweep along the cuffs: A
series of flames, writhing and dancing in Wyld joy. The faintest trace
of scent clings to these gloves - perhaps sulfer or a deep rot? - but a
specific source cannot be discerned.

Look black ebon embroidery:
The flames embroidered upon the gloves are hellish fires, enough to char
the bone of any unwary enough to stumble into them -- or the mind of any
cursed to rest within their grasp for the sake of love and devotion - or
Mastery sought.

Look Keywords:
Created for a 2012 Birthday Celebration and carried by the Guardian Vampire.
Object Keywords: thin leather gloves
Extra Description Keywords: leather gloves | ebon embroidery | keywords

armored nobleman's gloves of heavy leather

Long Description:  The seal of a Royal House is blazoned upon the armored cuff of these gloves.

Look Gloves Seal:
These gloves are designed to protect the wearer's hands at all cost: A
thick metal cuff would deflect a sword blow upward and away, and bands
of exquisitly articulated steel surrounds and guards each finger. Upon
the cuff is etched the Royal Seal of the lord of the Duergar caves - a
Prince of the Blood's birthing-day gift from his noble father. A small
bloodstain mars one bit of the leather, staining it sanguine forever.

Look Keywords:
Created for a 2012 Birthday Celebration and carried by the Duergar Princeling.
Object Keywords: heavy leather armored gloves
Extra Description Keywords: Gloves Seal | Keywords | Link

Look Link:

a writhing band of ebon flame

Long Description: Sable fires seethe and flicker, forming a perfect circle.

Look Ebon Sable Spider: The sable fires flicker and shift in a way that seems almost intelligent...The long tendrils solidify for a moment and you realize that the flames have given concealment to a small black widow spider. She gazes at you in silence, then a small nod.

Look Fire Flame: It is impossible to see where the fire begins and ends: it is a continuous stream of movement, wild and chaotic. These are the flames of creation and of death, sacred and profane. These fires witnessed the birth of worlds, a rebirth, a sanctification. They have danced within sacred spaces and holy grounds. They have borne witness to prophesy and pain, been balm to hearts shattered and broken.

Look Keywords: Created for a 2012 Birthday Celebration, and carried by **********, the Guardian Spider. Object Keywords: band flame sable ebon fires Extra Description Keywords: Fire Flame | sable ebon | Keyword | Link

Look Link: http://wiki.tfcmud.com/index.php/Guardian