Three Acolytes Seek Mastery

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Note: This is a '360-view' of the event, with logs from four different individuals interwoven to capture as much of the experience from as many points of view as possible. FTELL for both the Wyld Hunt (marked with a "#") and the Nexus (marked with a "*") are included. -- Cordir 11:39, 22 December 2011 (MST)


14 players.

Gno [  Lesser  Goddess  ] Katrana giggles with excitement. #Wyldess 
Hum [ Wa:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] Lexie the Nashite Girl, sits on Santa's lap.  *Vex*
Hel [       Cl:17       ] Graphite.
Elf [      Demigod      ] Boromir is the Master of the Nexus
Dwa [ Th:30 Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Ink, +|-|3 /\/\16|-|+y 5\/\/4rf
Hel [    Ma:18 Wa:15    ] Qwerty, The Gold Standard.
Elf [ Bard:  30  29  29 ] Aoide Mathwin: Ebon Bardling, Weaver's Acolyte HUNT
Hum [    Ma:21 Ra:20    ] Baric, wants a simple for xmas *Nexus*
Elf [ Ra:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] Corri the poky little puppy
Hum [ Ra:25 Ma:30 Tg:25 ] Troy keeps killin' them thar Threads
Elf [  Greater Goddess  ] Natilena.
Hum [      Demigod      ] Hutt Lin,  Philosopher of Wisdom
Gno [      Retired      ] Lycron, Lord of Crimson Hills Retirement Community.
Hum [    Triat Weaver   ] Cordir gazes about with spider's eyes - Ebon Weaver 

Cordir gossips, 'We will be starting in about 10 minutes. If you are planning on attending, please give me a TELL.'.

Boromir tells Katrana, 'anything I can do to help out? '.
Katrana tells Boromir 'I think we're good!'.

Lexie cants, 'does Ink get tortured in any way?'.

Boromir tells Katrana, 'ok :)'.
Katrana tells Boromir, 'Thanks though!'.

* Boromir ftells, 'how goes? '.
* Baric ftells, 'good. gonna watch this triat ceremony out of curiosity'.
* Boromir ftells, 'cool :)'.
* Boromir ftells, 'I'll be there'.

Katrana skips Wyldly into the room, nearly cutting you with a pair of open bloody shears.

Cordir nods in recognition to Katrana.

> time
It is 2am on Kelir the 14th, the month of the Deities' Wrath, in the year 3116.
TFC started up at Tue Nov 29 11 03:53:17
The system time is Sun Dec 18 11 18:55:19

Boromir smirks.
Boromir grins happily.
Katrana giggles.

Cordir says, 'Ready, Sister?'.

Katrana nods.
Katrana shows her approval by clapping her hands together.
Katrana says, 'I AM!'.
Katrana jumps from one foot to the next with anticipation.

Boromir says, 'and the candidates? :)'.

Katrana smirks.
Katrana says, 'As ready as they'll be'.

The ringing peal of a hunting horn echoes in the distance.

Boromir nods.

Thousands of tiny black spiders crawl out of the ground, scurrying about madly.

Katrana says, 'Though my Chronomancer is not here yet!'.
Katrana grumbles.
Katrana says, 'Always one to make a late appearance'.

A swirling black vortex of shadow and flame roars into being around you.

Troy arrives from a puff of smoke.
Corri arrives from a puff of smoke.
Baric arrives from a puff of smoke.
Lexie arrives from a puff of smoke.

Troy bows deeply.

Lexie smiles happily.
Lexie swears: @*&^%@*&!
Lexie says (in common), 'ack'.
Lexie says (in common), 'sorry'.

Corri says (in common), '...oh, Cirth would love to here here.'.

# Troy ftells, 'im wearing gold and robes'.
# Troy ftells, 'formal right?'.
# Aoide ftells, 'yep'.
# Aoide ftells, 'well, ceremonial at least'.

//\**/\\ : With the exception of the candidates... is there anyone who wishes to attend who is not in the temple?

Lexie says (in common), 'I'm here to witness torture of Ink!'.

Katrana looks at Lexie.

Lexie rests.

Lycron grins evilly at Troy.

Hutt gossips, 'me'.

Hutt arrives from a puff of smoke.
Hutt rests.

# Katrana ftells, 'Alright I expect everyone to behave'.
# Aoide ftells, 'and where is Vale?'.
# Katrana ftells, 'also turn on your logging things'.
# Katrana ftells, 'late'.
# Aoide ftells, 'clearly'.

Ink arrives from a puff of smoke.
Aoide arrives from a puff of smoke.

Natilena arrives in a hail of stardust.

Ink bows deeply.

Aoide curtseys gracefully for Cordir.
Aoide curtseys gracefully to Katrana.
Aoide curtseys gracefully to Lycron.

Katrana giggles.

Katrana shows her approval by clapping her hands together.

Ink grins evilly at you.

Aoide curtseys gracefully to Hutt.

Lexie rests.

Hutt bows before Aoide.

Cordir nods in recognition to Ink.

Cordir nods in recognition to Aoide.

Cordir tells Katrana, 'ready when you are'.

Katrana tells Cordir, 'alrighty'.

Katrana runs around the temple grinning Wyldly.

The flames within the six pillars roar, flowing out to greet the Incarna.

It flows around them in fiery greeting, causing their auras to flare.

Thick fingers of inky blackness begin to ooze from the walls.

The ebon tendrils flicker about the room in a chaotic dance.

* Baric ftells, 'is this an evil only thing?'.
* Boromir ftells, 'no'.
* Boromir ftells, 'anyone can do it but it will be challenging'.
* Baric ftells, 'ive read some about it on the wiki looks tough as hell'.
* Boromir ftells, 'it is ... not impossible just very challenging'.

Editor's Note: The answer Boromir provides is incorrect. Triat Mastery is only open to those individuals 
who have been part of a Triat following, or who have served (with the permission of a Triat Immortal) as 
an Unaligned Triat follower.

Katrana laughs and starts to climb up the Hand within the room.
Katrana perches upon it like a throne.

Cordir watches silently.

Katrana says, 'You Three have come for fun!'.
Katrana eyes dart from Ink to Aoide to ....
Katrana frowns. 'Wait! Only two!!'

Ink winces. Ouch!

Katrana stamps her foot.

Cordir says reassuringly, 'He will be here. Just not right NOW. In the future. In a moment.'

Katrana skin pales and her eyes glow crimson.

Boromir tells you, 'the ceremony waits .. to no a vale :)'

She looks momentarily confused, looking at the Temple floor beneath her.

Katrana shakes her head and giggles with anticipation from atop the Ebon Hand.
Katrana points to Aoide.
Spiders crawl out from the ground moving in a perfect circle around the bardling.

Aoide curtseys silently to Katrana.

Katrana says, 'One!'.

Katrana points to Ink.
Ebon flames appear and chaotically dance around the dwarf.

Katrana says, 'Two!'.

Katrana turns to her Sister.
Katrana pouts. 'Are you sure he will be here?'

Cordir closes her eyes and looks inward, seeking a specific Thread.
Cordir says quietly, 'The Chronomancer is trapped in one of his own spells.'
Cordir says quietly, 'He will escape it... eventually.'
Cordir says quietly, 'He will be here... just barely in time.' She smiles slightly.

Katrana says firmly, 'Then.. THREE!'
Katrana says, 'Now, me and Sister said it was important!'.
Katrana examines the Swarf.
Katrana says, 'Did you wash behind your ears?'.

> l ink

The Swarf looks quite out of his comfort zone.  His hair and beard are
neatly combed and he  appears to have bathed recently.
Ink has a special twinkle in his eye.
Ink is in perfect health.

Ink is using:
<used as light>     the light of hope
<worn on finger>    (Moderate magic) a plain band of black iron
<worn about body>   a striking black robe laced with gold sigils
<worn with pride>   (Red Aura) (Weak magic) (Glowing) the kiss of an Ogre concubine

Corri looks at Ink.

Katrana raises an eyebrow.

Ink sits down and thinks deeply.
Ink scratches his head.

Katrana grumbles.

Ink rubs a spot behind his ear and examines his finger.
Ink blushes.
Ink coughs.

Katrana looks at Aoide.
Katrana exclaims, 'Pretty!!'

Corri looks at Aoide.

> l aoide
Silent. Though not a word that generally describes the bard, she steps
with a deliberate silence today. Her ebon hair, generally plaited with
trinkets and bells, hangs unbound to her waist. Her hair gives off the
faintest scent of herbs and is just slightly damp. Pink-flushed cheeks
from a recent scrubbing also indicate that the bard has taken care to
bathe recently. She is dressed in simple white clothing, also freshly
cleaned. Her face, as if carved from stone, is calm. She must feel the
weight of the day, however. The hand holding her clarinet trembles and
her knuckles are white. She wears no jewels other than a simple cameo,
which lies on her clean skin next to a small indigo spider tattooed on
her chest, just about the heart.

Aoide has a special twinkle in her eye.
Aoide is in perfect health.

Aoide is using:
<worn on finger>    (Artifact magic) a seal ring bearing the Sigil Odegra
<worn around neck>  (Artifact magic) a pretty carved cameo on a golden chain
<worn on body>      a simple white dress
<worn on head>      (Moderate magic) (Glowing) a crown of violet fire
<worn on legs>      (Moderate magic) the Pact to the Triat
<worn about body>   a short white robe
<wielded>           (Invis) (Moderate magic) (Glowing) the Dagger of Faith
<worn with pride>   (Red Aura) (Glowing) a golden quill stained with ebon ink
<worn with pride>   (Red Aura) a brooch of a hollow-eyed mask bearing stag horns

Aoide looks down at her feet, blushing.

Baric offers Ink a bar of fine elven soap.

Ink thanks Baric heartily.

Cordir nods.
cordir says (in old-common), 'What is sacred, must be pure. I thank you both for your preparations.'.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'This is a unique and unprecedented event in the history of our faith.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'Three Acolytes, each pursuing one of the Aspects, seeking Mastery.'.

Cordir smiles slightly.

Katrana says, 'How fun! What a pretty number too!'.
Katrana says, 'Can I give them the quest!? '.
Katrana says excitedly, 'I want a pony, and a bunch of Threa...'

Cordir makes a gesture of calming and murmurs, 'Wyldess-Child. I call to your older self. Sleep now.'

Thunder echoes outside the walls of the temple.
The tendrils of blackness and the sable flames well up, flowing over the altar.
In a flash of sable light, the child goddess is gone.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'The Trial is a thing of solemnness. Of ancient history and tradition.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'You should know this, before you undertake it.'.

Cordir turns towards the mystic Gate to the East.

The ebon flames part. Between them, a glittering appears, like moonlight on spiderwebs.
A midnight sprite glides out of the fires and pauses, hovering.
A moment later, a thin, dark-clad figure emerges.

The Weaver's Shadow steps silently forward, moving to kneel before the Lady.

He says, 'Weaver... with your permission?

Troy looks around.

Cordir nods to Her Shadow.

The Weaver's Shadow says, 'Acolytes, it is important to realize that you will give up much under this testing.'
The Weaver's Shadow says, 'Pause and reflect for a moment on that which you treasure most.'
The Weaver's Shadow says, 'Know that it may be lost to you. Perhaps forever.'
The Weaver's Shadow says, 'Know that the quest will be difficult. _Some_ would say impossible...'

Aoide nods slowly.

The Weaver's Shadow says, 'A Triat Master, however, would not.'

Ink grins evilly.

The figure turns and bows before Corri.

The Weaver's Shadow says, And if undertaken with the proper spirit, even in failure you may gain much more than you lose in this endeavor.

Corri straightens slightly at the attention, fingers brushing vaguely at her dress.

The Shadow nods to the Acolytes then turns to bow before the Ebon Hand altar.

Ink beams a smile at Corri.

The Shadow bows formally to his Lady before silently melting into the gloom.

A blazing light appears, the blinding brilliance a sharp contrast to the shadows only moments before.

The ebon darkness flows away to the corners of the room, fleeing the illumination.

An elf with an azure tattoo across his face steps from the Light.

Solaron looks to those in attendance, giving each an arrogant smile.
Solaron inclines his head to Cordir with respect.

Cordir returns the nod, Her expression a complex mix of pride and loss intermingled.

Solaron says, 'Triat Mastery. One of the most difficult tasks I ever undertook.'
Solaron says, ' - but I grew in ways I had never imagined. '
Solaron says, 'I wish you all the best of luck, for you will need it. May the Light bless you if you are worthy.'

Wicked laughter rings as the shadows surge forth once more, overtaking the elf.

A gnome shamaness with living briars and roses on her arms stands before you, wise and terrible.

Katrana says, 'My lovelies, a pony?' Her tone is mocking.
Katrana chuckles darkly as she paces back and forth before the three.

Katrana says, 'You shall wish that is all that was asked from you.'.
Katrana looks to the ball resting at her feet and slices it in half with one swipe of her shears.
Katrana says, 'Sister, these Two come to us with a request of a Triat Mastery? '.

Cordir nods in answer. 'Aye, Wyldess. And a Third to come soon.'
Cordir makes a gesture of summoning.

The air in your lungs vibrates as the Great Pattern thunders into visibility overhead.
Each Thread aglow, interwoven... the possibilities endless.

Katrana glances to each of the acolytes.
Katrana says, 'How each of you have grown! And how much more you will yet grow during your travels.'.

Katrana glances to the Pattern above her and then to her Sister.

Katrana says, 'This, however, will be the most difficult trial you have ever faced, or will ever face.'.
Katrana says, 'To each of you, tasks will be given, representing each Aspect of the Triat.'.
Katrana says, 'They are meant to challenge your weaknesses and make you stronger. Both in our Faith and as an individual.'.
Katrana says, 'I speak now, not as your Goddess, but as one who undertook a Triat Mastery and succeeded. '.
Katrana says, 'There will be times in which you want to give up. There will be tears, there will be ...Rebirth.'.

Katrana grins Wyldly, closing her shears with a loud snap as if to illustrate.

Katrana says, 'Know that through these trials, I shall be there in one form or another. '.
Katrana says, 'I may be unable to help depending on the terms, but I am there.'.

Ink grins evilly at Katrana.

Katrana turns her head to the side in thought.
Katrana says, 'Perhaps before I leave, some words of guidance.'.

Katrana walks over to Aoide and whispers.
Katrana [GS] tells Aoide, 'I know you worry and miss my elder form. '.

Aoide closes her eyes.

Katrana [GS] tells Aoide, 'I will return one day. Take care of... me... until then. She needs to learn restraint. You can help her.'.

Aoide prays, 'yes, my lady, I do. I will.'.

Katrana [GS] tells Aoide, 'As for your quest, be strong. You are more than able to complete the task that is before you. '.
Katrana [GS] tells Aoide, 'You have the blessing of the Weaver and of the Wyld...'.

Aoide curtseys and whispers, "thank you."

Katrana walks over to Ink and whispers.
Katrana [GS] tells Ink, 'My Wyld Acolyte, this will be the most difficult task ever laid before you. '.
Katrana [GS] tells Ink, 'You are chaos, and will need to learn to control that. '.
Katrana [GS] tells Ink, 'I know it will seem impossible. But if *I* can learn to do that, so can you.'.

Katrana grins Wyldly before being stepping back into the embrace of the shadows.

Troy looks at Aoide.

A petite gnome child sits where the inky blackness was, pouting over a halved ball.

Ink nods in recognition to Katrana.

Katrana sniffs loudly.
Katrana says, 'Sister, do you wish to give Your Acolyte her quest? I must fix my ball!'.

Troy looks at Ink.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'Perhaps a brief moment, first, for those present to refresh themselves.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), '(please go ahead and eat and drink quickly and we'll resume)'.

( # Food is created & eaten)

Thaygar's Lost Temple
[Exits: east]
You feel as though you have stepped into the infinite Void, ebon
oblivion surrounding you in all directions. It is not cool here,
however. Instead, the darkness here is the searing calm at the
center of Hell. You stand on a circular floor comprised of obsidian
panels, suspended in the void.

Six pits form a hexagon on the floor, an altar at their center. Six
fires of midnight black flow out of the pits, flaring to the ceiling.

Flowing from the floor, a misshapen lump of obsidian reaches out like
an ebon hand.
(Token magic) A magical spring flows from the ground here.
( 6) A delicious magic mushroom is here.
(Invis 70) (Intense Light Red Aura) Katrana is here.
(Intense Dark Purple Aura) Lycron is here.
(Intense Dark Blue Aura) Natilena is here.
(Light Red Aura) Aoide is here.
(Light Red Aura) Ink is here.
(Intense Dark Cyan Aura) Hutt is resting here.
(Hide) Lexie is resting here.
Corri is here.
(Light Red Aura) Troy is here.
(Intense Dark Cyan Aura) Boromir is here.
(Intense Dark Red Aura) Cordir is here.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'Baric, please refresh yourself.'.

Natilena gets a Magic Mushroom.
Natilena eats a Magic Mushroom.
Natilena whistles a little tune to herself.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'we'll be resuming in a moment.'.

Cordir smiles at Natilena.

* Boromir ftells, 'Baric .. if you wish to make a trial of the Mastery .. I would suggest you level up to 30 30 '.
* Boromir ftells, 'its tough at max levels ... tougher at lower levels'.
* Baric ftells, 'what is the reward, if any?'.
* Boromir ftells, 'being recognized as a triat master'.

( # More eating )

Cordir says (in old-common), 'Ready?'.
Cordir arches an eyebrow inquisitively.

Aoide curtseys gracefully to Natilena.

Katrana fusses over her ball.
Katrana nods slightly to her Sister.

Ink nods.

Aoide comforts Katrana.
Aoide nods.


Cordir turns to face Aoide.

Cordir says gravely, 'My Bard. Will you temper your soul within the fire that is the Trial of Triat Mastery?'

Aoide says (in common), 'Yes, Lady Weaver. It has been seen and it is my desire to so prove myself.'.

Cordir nods.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'Aoide, ever have you been a child of passion and of life.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'Growing, Seeking, Changing. You have been support to your fellow Hunt and mothering caregiver to the young.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'Your life has been one of sacrifice and selfless service.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'These are all exquisite qualities... '.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'But in following this path, you have violated the spirit of your Geasa. '.

Cordir folds Her hands and looks at Aoide.

Aoide pales.
Aoide says (in common), 'it was never my intention to do so'.

Cordir walks over to Aoide, cupping the Bard's face in Her hands, Her aura flaring and shifting color at the touch.

The Weaver's eyes grow cold and remote. Her voice drops to a quiet whisper.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'You swore oath to the Wyld that you would not only aid your brothers and sisters of the Hunt'.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'but that you would join them in the fray and learn to sever threads, granting Rebirth.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'This you have not done in the full spirit of your Geasa. You have held back, have you not?'.

Aoide says (in common), 'Yes, my lady. Some I have not considered fair game for the Hunt.'.

Cordir nods.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'Through a lack of courage and self-confidence, you have violated the spirit of your Geasa.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'You swore an oath to the Wyrm that you would share your knowledge with the world.'.

Katrana utters the words, 'summon'.
Gheorghe arrives suddenly.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'This, you have not done saying always that a little more was needed.. it was never quite ready...'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'Through indecision and insecurity, you have violated the spirit of your Geasa.'.

Cordir looks into Aoide's eyes. 'Yet.. this was not your intent, was it?'

Tears fill Aoide's eyes.
Aoide says (in common), 'No'.

* Boromir ftells, 'a pking bard? kinda tough to work with'.
* Baric ftells, 'nod...that was my thought'.
* Boromir ftells, 'I've helped with these in the past when a member of the Chosen'.

Cordir nods.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'Stepping back onto the Path, is where you will find redemption.'.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'These violations, then, will be the core and foundation of your Triat Mastery quest.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'As you have refused to release souls from the Pattern'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'refused to embrace the Wyld that you gave oath to, so shall you become a ghost yourself.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'As you have shown indecision, you will be required to be decisive in your actions.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'For the duration of your Trial, the Weaver demands the following Sacrifice:'.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'Firstly - The sacrifice of your life and joyfulness.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'Willing Rebirth at the hand of the Wyldess, the shedding of your mortal flesh a reminder of spirit within.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'You shall become as a ghost yourself: Maintaining constant invisibility, revealing yourself to no one leaving no trace.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), '((Specifically: No public channels of any kind, including ftell, auction, gossip, yell, shout, etc))'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'You will utilize a Amnesic Lyrical to forget one of your current Thief skills '.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'and will learn Hide, utilizing it _at all times_.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'You may not express gladness in song or laughter (via emote or social)'.
Cordir says (in old-common), '((Your description should alter to reflect this change in demeanor.))'.

Aoide nods.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'Secondly - The sacrifice of the company of the living.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'Only the dead and Reborn shall accompany you, specifically, only the zombies you, yourself, create.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'You may have the company (in groups) of the living only when they, themselves, have endured Rebirth '.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'and stand naked before you save for three objects, one of which may be a weapon.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'Additionally: You may not seek restful sleep in the presence of the living.'.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'Thirdly - The sacrifice of free will. '.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'You will absorb the single-mindedness of the undead, with your unwavering focus that of your Trial. '.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'No aid may be given to any other for its duration; no other task taken up. '.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'Not a retrieval of a corpse, not the collection of gold, '.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'not the gifting of spells for a purpose not linked to your task.'.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'Do you accept these tasks laid before you in My name?'.

Aoide closes her eyes briefly.
Aoide says (in common), 'I do'.

* Boromir ftells, 'those are the conditions she quests under'.
* Boromir ftells, '3'.
* Boromir ftells, 'those are toughies'.

Cordir glances to all assembled.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'Should anyone bear witness to the breaking any of these sacrifices...'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'log/cmdlog the event, and post a note to myself and Katrana.'.

Corri watches on, unusually solemn.

Cordir takes a breath, nods, and continues.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'In my Sister, the Wyrm's name, I charge you with seeking the places, things, and essences of the dead.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'Find the ghost of a key and the door it opens.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'Find the ghostly campfire and the place it rests in.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'Obtain a crown of ghostly flowers and retain it for the remainder of your quest. Should it be lost, regain it.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'Map the Dream Realm and share it with the realm.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'Map the Caves of the Spirit and share it with the realm.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'Create a Mobmastery list of 30 creatures who are 'dead' :'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'zombies, ghosts, specters, spirits, etc (static loaded mobs) and share it with the realm.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'Find and document 30 rooms in which 'ghost', 'ghostly,' 'spirit,' 'haunt' or other undead references are found.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'and lastly..'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'Create and perform your Final Bardic Council offering. The topic should be appropriate to your Trial.'.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'Do you accept these tasks laid before you in the same of my Sister?'.

Aoide says (in common), 'Yes, my lady'.

Cordir nods.

* Baric ftells, 'both already mapped btw...'.
* Boromir ftells, 'she has to'.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'In my Sister, the Wyld's name:'.
Cordir glances over to where the gnome child sits, raising one eyebrow.

Katrana perks up briefly before focusing her attention back to her ball.

Cordir nods and continues.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'First: I bid you seek out the unsettled spirits of the realm, and give them peace. '.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'For these tasks, you are permitted the company of no more than two of the Reborn and any number of the undead. '.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'Also, _map the lands these creatures inhabit_ and share it with the realm.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'the ghost of a coachman'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'Mbaka the Shaman Spirit'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'The shade of So'shalktiren'.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'Second: To show your pre-eminence as a bard, you are bid slay the following:'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'a grisly bard...'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'Baird...'.
Cordir says (in old-common), '.. and Nevyn'.

Lexie winces. Ouch!
* Baric ftells, 'OUCH!'.
* Boromir ftells, 'it can be done'.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'Third.... to bind you to the spirit of your neglected Geasa...'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'Cut a Thread.'.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'Do you accept these tasks laid before you in the name of my Sister?'.

Aoide says (in common), 'Yes'.

* Baric ftells, 'she has to pk someone?'.
* Boromir ftells, 'yep'.
* Boromir ftells, 'and do it until she succeeds'.
* Boromir ftells, 'no matter what the cost'.
* Baric ftells, 'she has 0 pks.. heh..'.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'Do you understand all of the tasks set before you?'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'if you have questions, ask them now.'.

# Troy ftells, 'holy shit! Aoide, you can do it!!'.

Aoide says (in common), 'are tells considered a public channel?'.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'They are not.'.

Aoide says (in common), 'then that is my only question'.

Cordir nods.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'Tasks have been offered, accepted, and understood.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'My Bard, Your Trial begins upon the morrow, at the suns last dying light. '.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'Know that you have my blessing in your endeavor.'.
Cordir utters the words, 'Bless'.

Katrana giggles and stands.
Katrana bounces her ball quickly and grins Wyldly at Aoide.

Lycron places a hand on Aoide's shoulder and bids her safe journey.

Katrana says, 'A ghost! No scaring me!'.

Aoide says (in common), 'Thank you, Lady'.

Katrana stomps her foot.
Katrana looks over at Cordir and frowns. 'I am hungry. I want another snack!'

Cordir nods.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'Perhaps this would be a good moment to take another break for refreshment.'.

Vale arrives from a puff of smoke.

### [Troy tells Corri (in common), 'mean quest, she has to map circus and jesters']

Cordir says (in old-common), 'please refresh yourselves.'.

# Katrana ftells, 'only missed Aoide's'.

Vale bows deeply.

# Vale ftells (in old-common), 'i'm not really dressed yet :X'
# Katrana ftells, 'did you gather things?'.
# Vale ftells, 'no :('.
# Katrana ftells, 'it's alright'.
# Vale ftells, 'hrrm'.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'And see? Just in the nick of time.'.

Katrana says, 'I was worried!'.

* Baric ftells, 'will the conditions and terms of their mastery be posted somewhere?'.
* Boromir ftells, 'forums probably'.

( # Folks continue to eat. Ink gives some clothing to Vale, who rearranges his gear and gets himself dressed for the event. )

# Vale ftells, 'gleeful sage'.
# Vale ftells, 'ah ha'.
# Ink ftells, 'you should probably remove all else :P'.
# Vale ftells, 'working on it'.
# Katrana ftells, 'the no removes are alright'.

Vale says (in old-common), 'my hero'.


Cordir says (in old-common), 'Is everyone prepared?'.

Corri scratches her mittens behind the thumb, nodding solemnly.

Ink nods.
Aoide nods in recognition to Cordir..

Ink looks at Vale.

Vale says (in old-common), 'tattoos don't come off'.
Vale smiles happily.

Katrana nods.

Cordir nods in recognition to Katrana.

Katrana says, 'You're done?'.
Katrana taps her foot.

Baric looks at Vale.

Vale nods.

Boromir tells Ink, 'good luck :)'.
Ink tells Boromir (in common), 'Thank you! :)'.
Ink tells you (in common), 'I am more fearful for mine :P'.
Boromir tells Ink, 'it will be tough .. doable but very tough :)'.
Ink tells Boromir (in common), ':)'.
Boromir tells Ink, 'just work your way through it :)'.
Boromir tells Ink, 'I think you can do it .. '.
Ink tells Boromir (in common), 'I will certainly do my best'.
Boromir tells Ink, 'its all yours bucko .. grab and go!'.

Katrana says, 'Soooo...I think Ink should go next!!! I want to see how excited he is about his! Its so much fun!'.

Katrana turns to Cordir and whispers, I think he will like his!

Ink chuckles at Katrana's joke.

Ink pats Katrana on her back.

Cordir tilts Her head to one side, regarding Ink with an empty ebon gaze.

Cordir says slowly, 'Like it? Perhaps. Perhaps not. But I think he _needs_ it.'

Katrana climbs to the top of the Hand and stands so everyone can see her.

Katrana says, 'My Acolyte, Ink, are you ready to go forth and do what me and my Sisters say?'.

Ink says (in common), 'Yes.'.

Katrana pouts.
Katrana mumbles, That didnt sound as pretty as when Sister said it.

Ink comforts Katrana.

Katrana says, 'Ink! You have scared lots of Threads for a long time!'.
Katrana says, 'You are truly a Wyldling: constantly changing, unpredictable, and chaotic in nature.'.

Ink says (in common), 'Luckily for you, my goddess, I am also not as refined as Aoide'.
Ink snickers at his own evil thoughts.

Katrana smiles proudly at her complex sentence.

Katrana giggles.
Katrana says, 'For you, the Wyld is a part of your being. It is what you are best at!'.

Ink smiles happily.

Katrana says, 'But always using your strength means that you are not good at other things!'.

Katrana says, 'You asked Sister for the hardest Trial to date!'.
Katrana giggles.

Corri frowns at what Ink did.

Ink scratches his head.

Katrana glances to her Sister.

Cordir smiles slightly and nods.

Hutt winces at Ink.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'I think, perhaps, you will not be disappointed in the challenge it brings to you.'.

Aoide smirks.

Katrana says, 'My Wyldling! You say all the time that there is nothing you cant do.'.
Katrana sits down and thinks deeply.
Katrana giggles.

* Baric ftells, 'he's gotta kill something big naked'.

Ink blushes.

Katrana says, 'In MY name I ask of you the following:'.

Katrana says, 'With no more than three mortals to help you, cut the Threads of three times three
greats of the realm!'.
Katrana says, 'Three Legends! '.
Katrana says, 'The Tempest, the Executioner, and the Elven Mage Guildmaster of Loth Llorien. '.

# Troy ftells, 'dibs'.

Katrana says, 'Three Ladies! '.
Katrana says, 'Myrrhine, The High Priestess of Jester Night and Bethany the Gypsy Fortune Teller.'.
Katrana says, 'AND the Three Demon Brothers: Scar, Scriem, and Scairz. '.
Katrana says, 'Keep proof of all of those adventures until you are finished with your Trial.'.

Ink nods.

Katrana says, 'With NO additional help except from me*: Clear the Master's Tower, killing each and every creature in it! '.
Katrana says, 'AND'.
Katrana says, 'Cut the Threads of the unique monsters of the Demon Realm and one of each type of demon residing there. '.
Katrana says, 'Keep proof of that adventure until the end of your Trial. '.
Katrana says, '(*The only help allowed is in the creation of the bags or steaks required as proof.)'.
Katrana says, 'If you lose the are to go through those tasks...again.'.

Katrana says, 'Do you accept these tasks in my name?'.

Ink says (in common), 'Yes'.

* Boromir ftells, 'do the tower first .. '.
* Boromir ftells, 'then the rest'.
* Baric ftells, '*whistle*'.

Katrana grins innocently.

Katrana says, 'For my silent Sister, the Wyrm.'.
Katrana suddenly appears more mature, and calm. Her demeanor reminds you of one long gone from the realm.

Katrana says, 'Ink, you are to help develop the community as a whole, as a contributor and a mentor. '.
Katrana says, 'Before you, are set three times three tasks - '.
Katrana says, 'Three tasks for your sense of the Community and the People therein:'.

Katrana says, 'First: Complete a CR for one of Good, one of Evil (not in Hunt), and one unaligned within your PK range.'.
Katrana says, 'Return ALL items, retaining none. The corpse may NOT be an empty one. Log each one, providing it to me.'.

* Baric ftells, 'he's gonna CR whoever Aoide kills...'.

Katrana says, 'Second: Run 3 Quests for the enjoyment of the public.'.
Katrana says, 'These should be open to _all and any_ participants.'.
Katrana says, 'You must provide the prizes and administer the entirety of the quest.'.

Katrana says, 'Third: You have known many of the souls within the Pattern, having walked this world for so long.'.
Katrana says, 'Share your unique perspective on them, providing information on three plus three individuals (on the wiki). '.
Katrana says, 'Additionally: Pick one who is NOT of the Hunt and teach them three pieces of hidden knowledge.'.

Katrana says, 'Three tasks for your sense of the Lands, and the spirits within:'.
Katrana says, 'First: Petition the Area Coordinators to update an existing 2x zone to current economy and writing requirements.'.
Katrana says, 'Improving the usefulness and functionality of the zone, and _complete the assignment_ through to implementation.'.
Katrana says, 'You may have mentoring assistance but the primary work must be your own.'.
Katrana says, 'Second: Map the following areas: Baba Yaga's Hutt, Candlespyre Mountain, and the Triton Halls.'.
Katrana says, 'Share this knowledge with others (post to the wiki).'.
Katrana says, 'Third: Find the chamber in which a spider sigil provides safety for one who has seen what cannot be unseen.'.

* Boromir ftells, 'this is a tough one'.
* Baric ftells, 'nice... three biggies off the list :)'.
* Boromir ftells, 'heh'.
* Boromir ftells, 'I have maps of two of those :)'.
* Boromir ftells, 'its all doable'.

Katrana says, 'Three tasks for your sense of resources, and their utilization:'.
Katrana says, 'First: Add three times three times three items to the Limited Items list on the wiki, including effects and locations.'.
Katrana says, 'Second: create a list of the same number of consumable/quaffable items that are NOT sold by shopkeepers.'.
Katrana says, '(Random potions are not applicable.) Share it with your brethren.'.
Katrana says, 'Third: Add valuable Player-Supplied Information to three times three times three spells or abilities on the wiki.'.

Katrana says, 'Ink, do you accept these tasks in the name of the Wyrm?'.

Hutt tells Katrana, 'holy hell what did ink get himself into?'
Katrana tells Hutt, 'It's not over yet!'

Ink nods.

Aoide whistles appreciatively.

* Boromir ftells, 'I would have had trouble with the mobs .. tghe rest .. I could have done as a mortal eff 50'.
* Baric ftells, 'and he has to rewrite and area?'.
* Boromir ftells, 'yes'.

Hutt tells Boromir, 'wow his so screwed'.
Boromir tells Hutt, 'no .. aside from the mobs .. i could have done much of that as a 2.x mage eff 50'.
Hutt tells Boromir, 'true.....but it’s all drawn out'.

Katrana nods.

Katrana's demeanor reverts to that of the gnome child.
Katrana giggles.

Katrana looks to Cordir.

Katrana says, 'Sister Weaver Do you wish to give Ink those tasks to perform in your name?'.

Cordir nods and walks slowly over towards Ink.

* Baric ftells (in common), 'and he has to rewrite an area?'
* Baric ftells, 'i didn't recoginze the other two big mobs she listed with scairz'.

Katrana hops from one foot to the next with excitement.

> l ink
The Swarf looks quite out of his comfort zone. His hair and beard are neatly combed and he appears
to have bathed recently.

Ink has a special twinkle in his eye.
Ink is in perfect health.

Ink is using:
<used as light> the light of hope
<worn on finger> (Moderate magic) a plain band of black iron
<worn about body> a striking black robe laced with gold sigils
<worn with pride> (Red Aura) (Weak magic) (Glowing) the kiss of an Ogre concubine

Cordir holds his gaze with Her own, as Her aura flares and crackles, shifting.

Cordir says quietly, 'Ink, since before the days of your worship, I have known the chaos of your soul.'
Cordir says quietly, 'Long have you been the ripple upon the surface of the water.'
Cordir lifts her hand in an slightly undulating movement.

Cordir says quietly, 'I challenge you to find the depths within yourself, to define just who exactly you are.'
Cordir draws her hand down, indicating what lies beneath the water's surface.

Hutt tells Katrana, 'lol it gets harder?'.
Katrana tells Hutt, 'oh yes'.
Hutt tells Katrana, 'ohgod'.

Ink winces. Ouch!

Cordir says (in old-common), 'As you asked for the most difficult Trial thus offered, I, too, set before you three sacrifices and challenges'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'Each with their own series of tasks.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'If you were concerned that the tasks already set before you were not hard enough on their own - '.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'I assure you that what I demand will bring them to the level you claim to seek.'.

Ink smiles happily.

# Troy ftells, 'You will live at this mud Ink :P'.
# Ink ftells, 'haha'.

Cordir smiles slightly, but the expression is not kind.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'Ink, I bid you sacrifice your frivolity and seek knowledge of your Self.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'First: Write a character history, of a minimum length of 500 words. It may not contain the word, 'swarf..
Cordir says (in old-common), 'send it to both your Lady Wyldess and to me, and publish it publicly. (wiki)'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'Second: Write a series of spell emote triggers (minimum 3) and at least 1 Immortal pray/tell trigger '.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'These should support and further develop your history/persona. Their use is required.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'Third: Take on three Geasa and swear them before the Wyldess and the Guardian, at minimum.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'Others may be present at Her whim. '.

Cordir smiles at Katrana.

Cordir smiles slightly and adds, 'I would also wish to be present, but will defer to my Sisters preference.'

Katrana smiles and nods.

Cordir pauses a moment, tilting her head to one side, and thinks.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'And I know - you are thinking... 'that's not so bad. Homework. I can do it..
Cordir smiles at Ink.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'There's more.'.

Ink whistles a little tune to himself.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'Ink, I bid you sacrifice the spotlight you love so dearly and develop a stronger sense of others.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'First: Perform an act of service for a friend, an enemy, and a stranger.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'For each, explain to the recipient and to your Lady Wyldess and me how that action further glorified or exemplified an Aspect of the Triat.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), '((Clarification: these may not include the corpse retrievals required for the Wyrm.))'.

Cordir smiles evilly.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'Second: Actively develop the leadership skills of others by serving in a subordinate role.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'For the duration of your quest, you may not lead a group.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'Instead, focus on teaching others the means of being better leaders, group awareness, etc.'.

Ink sighs loudly.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'Third: Work with the other two Triat Initiates to craft an RP event'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'focused on another, not yourself - for the Wyld Hunt as a group or the mud as a whole.'.

Cordir says (in old-common), '.. and now is when it gets bad.'.
Cordir smiles slightly.

Katrana grins Wyldly.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'Lastly: Ink, I bid you sacrifice your careless nature and explore your sense of self-value'.

Cordir tells Ink, 'Careless, as in, without care, not clumsy. :P'.
Ink tells Cordir (in common), 'haha'.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'First: As you have been unwilling to acknowledge your Dwarven heritage..'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'calling yourself a 'swarf'..'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'for the duration of the quest, it will be stripped from you.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'You will be Reborn as another race, with another home town, upon acceptance of this quest.'.

Corri blinks.

Boromir tells Cordir, 'elf!!'.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'Second: For the duration of your quest, you are forbidden the dance of death.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'You may not risk your life in attacking others, or standing and fighting when attacked.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'You are _required_ to flee and abjure all player combat for the duration of your Trial.'.

Hutt tells Cordir, 'dear god this is demented!'.
Cordir tells Hutt, ‘This is Triat Mastery.’.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'Third: Hold your own life sacred. Frivolous death is forbidden to you.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'If you experience Rebirth more than three times during your quest, it will be held as failure.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'I repeat: Die three times while on this quest and you fail.'.

Ink nods.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'Do you accept these tasks in My name?'.

Corri pales sharply.

Ink says (in common), 'Yes'.

* Baric ftells (in common), 'wow... people are gonna be on him like white on rice'
* Boromir ftells, 'yep'.
* Boromir ftells, 'its a toughie'.

Corri flings herself forward before Cordir, all trace of comfort lost to the Aspect of the Weaver.
Corri awaits, head bowed, for recognition. Her knuckles whiten in tension, touching the ground.

Cordir blinks and looks at the Dryad.

Katrana raises an eyebrow.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'Yes, Corri?'.

Corri turns her face upward, stammering faintly before finding her voice.

Corri says (in common), 'Weaver... three times, mercy. You ask sacrifice. You ask Ink to sacrifice of himself. Sacrifice recklessness.'.
Corri says (in common), '...yet three rebirths, and he is freed from effort. Freed from the struggle. Freed from terrible hope.'.
Corri says (in common), 'Mercy once... grant him exception from his three deaths'.
Corri says (in common), 'Mercy twice... grant him knowledge of the true cost of death'.
Corri says (in common), 'Mercy three times... grant that for each death beyond what he is bidden... another will lose what he risked.'.
Corri says (in common), 'I beg of you .. let the sacrifice be sharper. Let the death be another's'.

Katrana tilts her head to the side.

Cordir blinks, surprised.

Corri says (in common), 'Three times... let me stay such failure by my own thread, and offer for each own levels of strength, in sacrifice.'.

Cordir frowns.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'You would offer all that you have in sacrifice for him?'.

Corri tells Cordir (in common), 'each time he dies after three, (up to 3 times) i lose a level... or..more as you see fit. 3 sounds ..round :P'.

Cordir turns to the Wyldess. 'He is yours... what say you?'

Katrana sits down and thinks deeply.

* Baric ftells (in common), 'what did Corri offer??'
* Boromir ftells, 'sacrifice herself for him '.

Corri fails to find her breath for words, but nods shortly to the question.

## Troy prays, 'say yes!'.

Katrana says, 'Swarf...would you let Corri sacrifice herself because of your failing?'.

Ink blinks.

Katrana raises an eyebrow at Ink.

Ink sits down and thinks deeply.

Corri turns her attention to Ink - even, with solemn trust.

Katrana says, 'Either way...I'll have my pretty cut Threads'.
Katrana giggles.
Katrana hops from one foot to the next awaiting an answer.

Corri pales faintly again at the giggle.

Ink says (in common), 'I gratefully accept this offer by my dear friend'.

Cordir frowns.

Ink says (in common), 'WITH the added assurance that I will not allow it to happen'.

Katrana says, 'Then it is so.'.

Cordir says (in old-common), '.... Mercy has never been asked for, in Triat Mastery.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'Yet from a Triat Master...'.

Cordir looks at Corri.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'I will grant it.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'Ink, if you should fall a fourth time, the loss will be Corri's.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'A Fifth? the loss is Corri's.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'A Sixth... the loss is Corri's.'.

Ink says (in common), 'In denying a friend the opportunity to exemplify true selfless sacrifice I would be denying what I have vowed to accomplish through my quest.'.
Ink says (in common), 'Thank you, my lady'.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'A seventh... and you fail. '.

Cordir turns to face the little Wyldess and nods. She takes a step back.

Katrana giggles.
Katrana says, 'I do love change '.

Katrana licks her lips and smiles with delight.

Corri says (in common), '*she slumps at the Weaver's decree, whispering softly* in such mercy... he can find only greater sacrifice.'.

> l corri
Corri the poky little puppy - Triat Master

At first glance, you are struck by the impression of youth.  Energetic blue eyes
shine outward, reckless and engaging.  Fine wisps of copper curls frame delicate
cheekbones, and she pushes the hair tolerantly out of the way.   The rest of her
hair, once plaited in long braids, sticks out sharply in all directions  a rude
and ragged chop leaving her shorn.  A dark ribbon lays across her neck, creating
a sharp border between chin and clavicle.  Behind her neck, the velvet fabric of
the ribbon is smeared by five pale lines of dust.

She pushes yet another escaping curl back behind her ear, sleeve tugging back at
the motion to show a few tattooed ash leaves sneaking into view at her wrist. As
you find further opportunity to study her, you realize there is an aged and well
weathered tree etched across her entire back. Branches are drawn along each arm,
a scattering of leaves flowing wistfully across her forearms.  At the bony point
of her elbow, a black-inked raven feather grows from the end of a branch.   Down
at her ankles, you see the tattooed ends of the roots,  snaked from her hips and
tumbled around her calves down to the soles of her feet.  Carried proud upon her
form, the inked form of a majestic Ash looms in black, earthy brown,  and shades 
of muted green.
Corri has a special twinkle in her eye.
Corri is in perfect health. 

Corri is using:
<used as light>     (Glowing) a vial of stardust
<worn on finger>    (Artifact magic) (Wriggling) a woven ring of grass and grubs
<worn around neck>  (Artifact magic) (Quivering) The pebble of worldly destruction
<worn on body>      an elegant green dress
<worn on head>      a wide-brimmed hat
<worn on feet>      (Moderate magic) wispy anklets
<worn on hands>     (Powerful magic) (Squirming) a pair of oddly fuzzy mittens..
<worn about body>   an autumn-gold cloak
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) a wispy bracelet
<wielded>           a black dagger 

Corri pulls back to the crowd.

Katrana says, 'My Acolyte, do you have any questions?'.

Ink shakes his head.

Katrana says, 'Ink you'll start your quest tomorrow too!'.

Ink smiles happily.

* Baric ftells, 'so he fails on 4,5,6, she gets rifted?'.
* Boromir ftells, 'no ...'.
* Boromir ftells, 'probably somethign else'.

Katrana says, 'Now...who needs food or drink?!'.
Katrana says, 'Cause I'm hungry again!'.

Baric raises hand.

( # Eating and drinking snipped )

Corri looks faintly ill, and simply shakes her head.

Boromir beams a smile at Corri.

Boromir tells Ink, 'you have a alot to do :)'.
Ink tells Boromir (in common), 'indeed!'.

Katrana tells Cordir, 'Nice one by Corri :) I was NOT expecting that'.
Cordir tells Katrana, 'yikes, me either.'.

Katrana scans the room.

Katrana says, 'Are we ready!?'.

Troy shows his approval by clapping his hands together.

Troy pokes Natilena in the ribs.

Corri tells Boromir (in common), '**HEY TEHRE**'.
Boromir tells Corri, ':)'.
Boromir tells Corri, 'hmmm yhou look familiar :)'.
Corri tells Boromir (in common), 'hehe..zomgosh, did you catch that exchange?? -not- planned until just now.... i guess i have to play more again heh :P'.
Boromir tells Corri, 'yep saw that .. you and ink thought that up? '.
Corri tells Boromir (in common), '*shake* just me, with nod/permission from cordir to seek mercy'.
Boromir tells Corri, 'heh '.
Corri tells Boromir (in common), 'i kept ..choking on the idea of, not leading, with only 3 helpers.. killing those mobs...and not dying more than 3 times.'.
Boromir tells Corri, 'only 3 rebirths for all of that ? sheesh .. '.
Corri tells Boromir (in common), 'plus ... easy to shrug if you die and fail. harder, .... if your failing causes others to suffer.'
Boromir tells Corri, 'yeah I know '.

#Vale ftells (in old-common), 'nod'


Aoide looks at Vale expectantly.

Katrana giggles Wyldly and turns to Vale.

#Troy ftells (in common), 'i think you did'

Katrana points to the Chronomancer.
Katrana says, 'Chronomancer, it is your turn! Are you ready to receive your Trial!?'.

Vale places his hands behind his back, lowers his head, and steps forward.

Katrana nods.
Katrana nods to herself proud in her choice of words.

Katrana says, 'For my silent Sister, the Wyrm.'.
Katrana suddenly appears more mature, and calm, once more taking on the demeanor of one long gone from the Realm.
Katrana says, 'As this is _your_ chosen Aspect, it will be the most challenging and extensive element of your Trial.'.

Katrana says, 'First: Explore the realms of the past.'.
Katrana says, '((During the initial span of your quest, three ancient zones will be installed for a period of no more than two weeks.))'.
Katrana says, '((During that time, you must first FIND each, then explore the entire zone, map it, and clear it:))'.
Katrana says, '((Killing each and every mob and object, taking note of all shopkeepers and detailing every item sold.))'.
Katrana says, '((Items within these zones are NOT to be removed from them: Take with you _only the knowledge gained_.))'.
Katrana says, '((This information must be compiled and shared with others (posted to the wiki).))'.

Natilena tells Cordir, 'how do you kill an object :P'.
Cordir tells Natilena, 'you hit it with a hammer!'.'

Katrana says, '((These zones will _not_ be announced to you prior to their installation.))'.
Katrana says, '((You will receive only one hint, in the form of a riddle, as to their identity and location '.

#Aoide ftells (in common), 'awesome'

Katrana says, '((which will be as close to their original location as possible.))'.
Katrana says, 'You may have the assistance of no more than three others in your task.'.
Katrana says, '((Clarification: NONE of the objects in these zones may be removed, by yourself or anyone else.))'.
Katrana says, '((Once you have found each doorway, ask the Weaver for the key.))'.
Katrana says, '((She and I will stand witness as to the completeness of the task.))'.

Cordir nods.

* Baric ftells, 'ooh...'.
* Boromir ftells, 'heh'.
* Boromir ftells, 'curious which 3 they will be '.
* Baric ftells, 'locked zones so no one else can go in'.

Katrana says, 'Second: Explore the realms of the present.'.
Katrana says, 'Walk those paths that join our world. '.
Katrana says, 'Map three connect zones of the southern OR Outland continent and share this knowledge with others (post to the wiki).'.

Katrana says, 'Third: During your quest, a new land will appear, which was created by my Sister!'.
Katrana looks over at Cordir and indicates her with a graceful gesture.

Cordir nods.

Katrana says, 'Explore it, map it, and clear it, sharing the knowledge you gain with others (post to the wiki). '.
Katrana says, 'Bring a maximum of three individuals with you. One should be another Triat Initiate.'.

* Baric ftells, 'ooh.. Cordir's zone going active?'.

Katrana says, 'Fourth: Reach 50 mob mastery points.'.

Katrana says, 'Fifth: Reach 1000 Location Quest points.'.

Katrana says, 'Sixth: Reach 500 Mob Hunt points.'.

Katrana says, 'Seventh: Complete 50 personal or mud wide scavenger hunts.'.

#Aoide ftells (in common), 'not that you need help'

Katrana says, 'Eighth: As you gather knowledge and lore, seek out that which has already been written.'.

Katrana says, 'Document the location of a minimum of three times three books which can be collected'.

Katrana says, 'Obtaining them all and providing them as a library to the Wyldess.'.

Katrana says, 'Ninth: A note will be posted to you and you alone. In it, are a series of nine riddles.'.
Katrana says, 'Solve each riddle, and obtain the object or slay the creature that it names. '.
Katrana says, 'When all of it is found, bring them to me. '.

### Something has been posted to notes.

Katrana says, 'Vale, do you accept these tasks in the name of the Wyrm?'.

Vale says (in old-common), 'I do'.

Katrana nods.

Katrana's demeanor shifts quickly to the gnome child.
Katrana claps with excitement.

Troy shows his approval by clapping his hands together.

Katrana says, 'Sister, would you like to offer the Chronomancer your Trials?'.

Cordir nods gravely, stepping forward to stand before the elf.

Cordir tells Vale, 'note posted, btw.'.

The Weaver's aura shifts and flares, burning with bright intensity as She speaks.

Cordir looks up, holding his gaze. Her eyes seem to pierce through him, to his core.

> l vale
A cold sensation  embraces your body as a silouette in the distance begins to
take shape. As your eyes strain to focus, some details begin to take shape.
Slender, not too tall, male. Human, certainly. Wait...the point of an ear is
visible protruding through his hair, shoulder length, bone white, and
unnaturally straight. His facial features are blurred, like trying to read the
words from a page of a book that is being flipped through.His body is clad in an
immaculate set of bright white leathers, with strips of an icy blue material
bound just above his elbows, whicking away a vapor of some sort. And then the
you feel it - like stepping into sunlight after being in a cave, a warmth flows
through you, pushing back the bone numbing cold and the man is now directly in
front of you, smiling. His skin is pale and smooth, and his features are sharp,
high cheekbones that are set beneath his wide, oval shaped eyes. The sheen of
of so much white is forgotten as you notice his piercing, bright blue eyes. The
gaze  they cast seems to reach past you, through you, beyond you. His greeting
is wordless, a slight bow of the head with his eyes closed. The sounds of his
movement as he passes you are dampened and muffled, but the moment he walks by
the warmth recedes, the chill surrounding it fades, and, come to think of it,
the hour is late...
Vale has a special twinkle in his eye.
Vale is in perfect health.

Vale is using:
<worn on legs>      The Emerald Leggings
<worn on hands>     (Potent magic) tattoos in an ancient, faded ink
<worn on arms>      The Emerald Vambraces
<worn about body>   a plain white robe

Cordir says (in old-common), 'Vale, as you have wandered through the Threads of time, you have been disconnected from the people and the community as a whole.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'In so doing, you have lost touch with some of your humanity. '.

# Troy ftells, 'agree'd :P'.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'You have made your field of study your sole comfort and focus, using your training as a shield to hold others away.'.

Vale smiles weakly and his face appears haggard, and tired.

Cordir stands on tiptoe to reach up and cup his face in Her hands.
Cordir utters the words, 'heal'.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'You are bid set aside your solitude and isolation, embracing all that is mortal.'.
Cordir lowers Her hands.

Vale blinks slowly, his face comprehending the spoken, and unspoken words.

Cordir says (in old-common), '(one moment)'.

Boromir utters the words, 'summon'.
Java arrives suddenly.

Boromir bows deeply.

Cordir nods.
Cordir continues.

Darius arrives from a puff of smoke.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'For the duration of the quest, the following is demanded in sacrifice:'.

Darius rests.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'First: As magic has been your shield, use of your natural magical casting abilities are forbidden. '.

# Aoide ftells, '*comfort*'.

* Baric ftells, 'OUCH!'.

Cordir pauses a moment to let that sink in.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'You may, however, use any potion or magical object you are able to obtain, or any spell you have Memorized.'.

Corri blinks.

Katrana grins Wyldly.

# Aoide ftells, 'you are turning into a bard! :P'.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'Second: As isolation has been the wall around you, all groups that you are a part of, you must *lead*.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'Third: As solitude has been a barrier you erected, when present in a safe room, you must be *visible*.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'Fourth: Upon entering the realm, you must greet the world on three separate channels: Gossip, Cant and Ftell.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'Fifth: For the first fifteen minutes of your presence in the Realm'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'you must specifically and directly offer to assist any of the young that are present. '.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'If none are present, this requirement is waived.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'Sixth: As your rigidity of manner and formality has been the moat that you used to keep separate:'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'For the duration of your quest, you must bear the favor of a lady. '.

Ink giggles to himself.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'This may be a purely platonic and courtly relationship... or not...'.

# Troy ftells, 'Ink, you're not a lady!'.
# Ink ftells, 'not yet!'.
# Troy ftells, 'lawl'.

Darius cuddles Ink.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'but you must seek out a Lady who inspires you and ask for the favor of a token from her hand. '.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'It must be included in your description or worn at all times if a physical object.'.

# Aoide ftells, 'hehe, maybe race and sex change? :P'.
# Ink ftells, '*snicker*'.
# Troy ftells, 'Vale has to get married :P'.
# Aoide ftells, 'well, no..just pick a lady friend, platonic or not'.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'Do you accept these tasks in My name?'.

Vale's arm, bent at a 90 degree angle, extends in front of him and he opens his palm.
Vale's gaze meets his palm, and from it a small sphere of pale blue light is born.

Corri peers forward, intrigued.

Katrana tilts her head to the side.

Darius tells Ink (in common), 'your suckin dude haha'.

Corri tells Boromir (in common), 'wow. no magic, as a mage. no teleport. no .. lightning bolt. nothing.'.
Boromir tells Corri, 'concise .. a mage doing warrior '.

Darius tells Ink (in common), 'lol dont tell me about the mobs (i kinda helped on that one)'

Vale's pupils wax and wane with the flicker of the light.

Boromir raises an eyebrow.

Vale's other hand methodically clenches and unclenches his fist.

Katrana glances to Cordir and whispers, 'Is he sick?!'

Cordir cups Her hands around Vale's - cradling but not touching - the light.
Cordir murmurs, 'It's his magic, I do believe.'

Vale speaks in a low, hoarse voice,'I do not know if I can'

Cordir says (in old-common), '... But will you -try-?'.

Vale takes a deep breath, clenching his other fist and abruptly ending the sphere's existence.

Katrana climbs down from atop her perch.
Katrana runs to the Chronomancer's side.
Katrana utters the words, 'heal'.

Vale raises his gaze and his eyes are alight with something unfamiliar and unsettling.

Katrana blinks.

Vale finally speaks, and the hesitation and difficulty of the words grate the air like steel on a stone.
Vale clenches his teeth.
Vale says (in old-common), 'yes'.

Cordir nods once, silently, stepping back once more.

Katrana glances to her Sister then to Vale.

Corri withdraws into her cloak, a tension visible in the set of her shoulders.

Katrana whispers, 'Do you think you can continue?'

Cordir tilts her head to one side.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'Do you wish me to speak for you, Sister?'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'Or were you speaking to him?'.

Katrana glances to Vale.

Cordir glances over, unsure.

Katrana says, 'To the Chronomancer.'.

Cordir nods.

Vale's foul demeanor seems to come to a boil and it slicks off his face like water
Vale's eyes once again take a kind light as he recognizes the tiny gnome immortal in front of him.

Katrana blinks.

Vale smiles a broken and tired smile, 'Yes, of course'

Katrana giggles.
Katrana says, 'Yay!'.

Katrana pulls the Chronomancer to eye level.
Katrana pulls the daisy from her hair and twirls it between her fingers.
Katrana says, 'Because you still have my tasks!'.
Katrana jumps from one foot to the other with excitement.

Darius giggles.

Katrana says, 'For the Wyld...'.
Katrana whispers, 'That's me...'
Katrana nods at herself; she must be getting senile.

Katrana says, 'Organize a group and grant Rebirth to those that I say! '.
Katrana says, 'Three with birth like me! From royalty!'.
Katrana says, 'Emperor Tharune, The Triton King, and Queen Mariel '.

Katrana says, 'Three with birth the opposite of me!'.
Katrana scrunches her nose.

Katrana says, 'Castan the Blacksmith, Jair the Librarian, and Borlan'.

Katrana says, 'Three of animal birth!'.
Katrana says, 'the Dangerous Watersnake, the Mastodon Matriarch, and the Nautilus.'.

Katrana says, 'Do you accept these tasks in my name?'.

Vale says (in old-common), 'I do'.

Katrana giggles.

Katrana shows her approval by clapping her hands together.
Katrana says, 'Do you have any questions about your tasks?'.

Vale says (in old-common), 'no, I do not'.

Katrana giggles innocently. 'Then tomorrow for you, too!'
Katrana giggles.

Katrana shows her approval by clapping her hands together.
Katrana runs to her Sister's side.

Lycron places a hand on both Ink and Vale's shoulders and bids them a safe journey.

Cordir smiles slightly as She looks at the tiny Wyldess.

Ink beams a smile at Lycron.
Ink bows before Lycron.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'Mastery has been offered and accepted.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'On the rising ...' She looks at Aoide. '.. or setting of the sun..'
Cordir says (in old-common), 'Undertake these tasks with honor - for yourselves, for the Ritae itself, for all those who have undertaken it before you.'.
Cordir bows deeply.

Katrana giggles from atop the Ebon Hand.
Katrana says, 'My Weasels! Tomorrow, please show the realm that you are starting your quest!'.
Katrana says, '((Place Initiate within your title.))'.
Katrana says, 'Also, you have 12 Outworld months to complete your quest. '.
Katrana says, 'If it is not completed by the Outworld date of 12.19.2012, you will fail.'.

Hutt tells Vale, 'good luck man'.

Katrana pouts.
Katrana says, 'Lastly, if at any time you fail.'.
Katrana says, 'Or you give up...'.

Boromir raises an eyebrow.

Katrana scowls and stomps her foot.

Vale tells Hutt (in old-common), 'thanks'.

Thunder crashes through the temple nearly deafening you.

Katrana mutters, I will be -VERY- mad if you give up....
Katrana glances to her Sister.
Katrana says, 'Post a note to me and Sister telling us this news.'.

Cordir says gently, 'But sometimes, even then, there is growth.'

Katrana grumbles.
Katrana says, 'I suppose'.
Katrana says, 'Can I still be mad?'.

Cordir nods in recognition to her.

Katrana grins Wyldly.

Java chuckles, evidently amused.

Katrana glances to all present.

## Troy prays, 'I have a request! Because i am still training in the ways of the triat. I ask the Triat goddesses to allow me to observe the quests as a form of training'.
Katrana [GS] tells Troy, 'of course'.

Darius tells Vale (in common), 'dude your suckin'.

Vale says (in old-common), 'I do have a question'.

Vale tells Darius (in old-common), '?'.

Cordir nods to the Chronomancer.

Katrana raises an eyebrow at Vale.

Vale says (in old-common), 'the...restrictions'.

Darius tells Vale (in common), 'just a hard quest (good luck)'.

Cordir nods.

Boromir raises an eyebrow.

Corri's shoulders stiffen again.

Vale says (in old-common), 'are in place as soon as I step foot on this plane'.
Vale says (in old-common), 'not just when I work on the...tasks'.
Vale says (in old-common), 'is that accurate?'.

Cordir says (in old-common), '... Correct.'.

Katrana nods.

Vale says (in old-common), 'I see'.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'Upon placing 'Initiate' in your title.'.

Katrana says, 'Makes things...more fun!'.
Katrana giggles.

# Troy ftells, 'vale cant id anymore, or detect invis, or invis, or portal!'.

Aoide says (in common), 'I also have some questions'.

Katrana nods.

Aoide looks down at her feet, blushing.

Cordir nods in recognition to Aoide.

Aoide says (in common), 'some I didn't think of at the time'.

* Boromir ftells, 'Baric .. java if either ofyou wants to do a quest .. be ready :)'.

Corri's gaze settles in silence on Vale.

Katrana says, 'Now is the time to ask!'.

Aoide says (in common), 'just to be clear'.

Cordir nods.

Aoide says (in common), 'I am forbidden joy in emote or social'.

Cordir nods.

Aoide says (in common), 'am I permitted the other socials?'.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'yes.'.

Aoide says (in common), 'those that aid me'.
Aoide says (in common), 'that are permitted 3 items only'.

Cordir nods.

Aoide says (in common), 'is that 3 items total, or three worn items?'.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'Worn.'.

Troy grins evilly at Aoide.

Aoide nods.

Hutt says, 'ouch'.

Aoide says (in common), 'and both other Acolytes have quests that specifically mention aid from others'.
Aoide says (in common), 'or aid from another initiate'.

Cordir nods.

Aoide says (in common), 'may I assist in those? Or is that violating my oath to do nothing but my own?'.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'in ways you may not yet have realized..'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'the trials have portions that are interwoven.'.

Ink tells Darius (in common), 'i have to organize my plan of attack first'

Aoide says (in common), 'and the same question for if someone asks for help. May I answer with help? or is the restriction to spoken aid as well?'.

Aoide nods.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'If you are selected by an Initiate to assist them - so long as it does not violate YOUR strictures as to groups and the living - '.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'you may.'.

Aoide says (in common), 'I understand'.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'If you are asked for help, you may not take *action* on their behalf.'.

Aoide says (in common), 'but I may answer truthfully? As is my Geasa?'.

Cordir nods.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'you may.'.

Aoide curtseys gracefully.

Vale rests.

Aoide says (in common), 'thank you, that is all'.

Cordir nods.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'I have one more task for each of you'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'It is not part of your Mastery.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'But I would ask it none the less.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), '.. if you are willing.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'At the end of your Mastery, when the Trial stands complete... '.

Ink nods.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'I wish you to give me a Geas.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'One for each of the Aspects you embody.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'Do you understand this request?'.

Ink nods.

Aoide says (in common), 'yes, my lady. Though it is no easy thing you ask.'.

Cordir says (in old-common), 'To clarify: It would be a geas *I* would swear.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'Not you.'.

Ink sits down and thinks deeply.
Ink says (in common), 'oh...'.

Cordir glances over at Corri. 'And you as well, Triat Master. I would ask the same of you.'

Ink scratches his head.

Corri breaks her gaze finally on Vale, a flash of ..anger? sorrow? briefly visible as she turns then to Cordir. She blinks, refocusing, and nods simply.

Cordir nods.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'This rite is ended.'.
Cordir says (in old-common), 'May you all go in peace.'.

Ink bows deeply.

Katrana runs to each of her followers giving them huge hugs.

Thaygar's Lost Temple
[Exits: east]
You feel as though you have stepped into the infinite Void, ebon
oblivion surrounding you in all directions. It is not cool here,
however. Instead, the darkness here is the searing calm at the
center of Hell. You stand on a circular floor comprised of obsidian
panels, suspended in the void.

Six pits form a hexagon on the floor, an altar at their center. Six
fires of midnight black flow out of the pits, flaring to the ceiling.

Flowing from the floor, a misshapen lump of obsidian reaches out like
an ebon hand.
A scorched robe lies here, smoking.
( 6) A delicious magic mushroom is here.
(Light Red Aura) Troy is here.
(Dark Cyan Aura) Baric is here.
Darius is here.
(Dark Cyan Aura) Java is here.
(Intense Dark Blue Aura) Natilena is here.
(Light Red Aura) Vale is resting here.
(Intense Dark Purple Aura) Lycron is here.
(Light Red Aura) Ink is here.
(Intense Light Red Aura) Katrana is here.
(Light Red Aura) Aoide is here.
(Intense Dark Cyan Aura) Hutt is resting here.
(Hide) Lexie is resting here.
Corri is here.
(Intense Dark Cyan Aura) Boromir is here.
(Intense Light Cyan Aura) Cordir is here.