The Wedding of Jahiliya & Zrie

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A restful sanctuary : [Exits: east]
This place is quiet, peaceful and strangely refreshing. There is what looks like the handle of a beryllium dagger with an uncut emerald beset, stuck in the ground. You try and pull it out, but the earth will not yield it to you; it is stuck fast.

Look Jahiliya:
The devotions of others move me, but I have chosen to walk my path alone.
Not for me the solace of Kindred, or companions on the road of Mystery;
Not for me perfection and blood in the service of Nash.
My way touches all ways, my friends are many--
brothers and sisters in soul if not faith, in heart if not blood.
But where they are sworn to fight, I may stand aside;
Where they are forbidden to help, I may reach out my hand.
My choice is my own, my path is my own, my pain and my joy are my own.
For liberty, I trade family; for choice, faith.
Eyes open, hands empty, I walk my road silently, in peace.
Jahiliya is in perfect health.
Jahiliya is using:
<used as light> (Magical) (Glowing) a war banner
<worn around neck> The Amulet of True Seeing
<worn on body> a red dress
<worn on legs> red stockings

Look Zrie:
You see a slight human standing before you, or at least he looks human. However, when he turns his head, you notice slight points on his ears. His dark eyes hold years of learning, and slight crow"s feet attest to those years. His dusky brown hair has started to turn ashen, yet it will be many seasons before that befalls him thoroughly.
More striking is the trained falcon, perched contentedly upon his left forearm, poised and ready for the hunt. As you look at the bird, it looks back at you knowingly as her owner seems to communicate wordlessly with her. Then you hear him purr "Easy now, Talessir. This one is worthy. Harm is not intended." You note the bird of prey visibly calms at those words.
He raises a hand in a farewell gesture to you, and you notice a marking on his palm. It appears to be a feather of some sort, and you notice small points gleaming around it. "Fare thee well, traveler. May your passage here be restful." He utters something unintelligible, and dissolves from your view... You then hear from the nothingness "If you are needing, merely entreat my assistance."
Zrie is in perfect health.
Zrie is using:
<worn on neck> the Amulet of True Seeing
<worn on head> a golden circlet
<worn about body> a heavy red robe
<worn around wrist> (Magical) Talessir the Falcon

Sirak drops 28 cinnamon rolls.

Cordir raises her eyebrow inquiringly.

Cordir says "Are all present that need to be present?"

Tel flips Tokugawa over his shoulder.

Sirak gives a cinnamon roll to Lorna.

Jahiliya says "Hookah is not, but she is not in the realms at this time".

Tel wants one.

Cordir tells Jahiliya "Are you ready, dear?"

Sirak gets a cinnamon roll, and gives a cinnamon roll to Tel.

Cordir tells Zrie "Are you ready, dear?"

Jahiliya tells Cordir "Yes, please start before they all start getting stupid with the rolls :)"

Tokugawa says "Beer is for after the ceremony".

Zrie tells Cordir "as soon as the gods get done playing, yes".

Cordir says "OK.... enough. Everyone, please be seated."

Sirak says "what food do we want?"

Nyx, Tokugawa, and Xaviera all take a seat.

Cordir says "None, Sirak. Please. Take a seat."

Jyslin rests.

Sirak drops an old chair, and sits.

Foolkiller sits next to Xaviera and holds her hand.

Lorna drops a large cathedra and rests upon it.

Tel sits crosslegged in midair.

Zrie tells Cordir "like I said, once the gods are done playing..."

Cordir says to all assembled, "We shall be starting now... therefore, at the bride and groom"s request....From this point on, until the ceremony is over....

Sirak tells Cordir "it would be nice if they were actually visible *smirk*".

Cordir says to all assembled, "NO EATING, DRINKING, TALKING, SOCIALS OR EMOTES!"

Jahiliya tells Cordir "*snicker* you go girl"

Cordir says to all assembled, "These things are earthly intrusions upon a special, spiritual moment for Zrie and Jahiliya. Please, show them the respect that they, and this time, are due. That means no playing with the food."

Cordir glares icily at Sirak.

Sirak stares down at his feet.

Cordir says "Lady Jahiliya, Lord Zrie, would you please become Visible to all present?"

Jahiliya and Zrie both nod.

Zrie gets steak made from eddie from bag made from Khore hide and eats it.

Sirak glares at Zrie.

Cordir gazes about the Glade, and smiles.

Zrie says "excuse the eat, but..."

Jahiliya frowns at what Zrie did.

Cordir says to all assembled, "Friends, family, and Immortal Lords and Ladies... We are gathered here today for a sacred rite. The joining of two lives, two hearts into one. Brought together by destiny and choice, Fate and free will, Jahiliya and Zrie have come here today to start a new life.. together. Is there any here who has a valid reason that these two should not be wed? If so, speak now, or hold silence forever."

Cordir waits a moment, then nods when there is no dissent.

Cordir turns and looks at Jahiliya.

Jahiliya bows before Cordir.

Cordir says to Jahiliya, "Jahiliya, your road has always been a solitary one, your heart your own.

Yet now, you wish to join with Zrie, sharing love, sharing hope and joy, despair and tears... all that two hearts can share."

Jahiliya nods.

Cordir says to Jahiliya, "I ask you now.. is it your intent to wed Zrie?"

Jahiliya nods, and says "Yes, it is".

Cordir nods and "Very well... do you have any specific token of your love for Zrie? If so, give it to him now."".

Pyros smiles happily.

Sirak says "shhh!".

Jahiliya says "It has already been given," and takes Zrie"s hand and turns it palm-up.

Cordir nods and smiles at Jahiliya.

Cordir turns at looks at Zrie.

Cordir says to Zrie, "Zrie, your road has been one of change.. Walking the path of the Tiger, then the Triat Weaver. Your heart has been given before, yet now, you wish to share it with the woman who stands at your side. I ask you now - is it your wish to wed Jahiliya?"

Zrie smiles happily.

Cordir raises her eyebrow inquiringly.

Zrie says "I do desire to wed Jahiliya, yes."

Cordir nods and says "Very well...Do you have a token of your love for Jahiliya? If so, give it to her now."

Tel sighs loudly.

Cordir smiles at the couple and says to them, "We stand here, not in a grand temple or edifice, but amidst the wonders of the natural world. I would ask the primal elements to come, be here now, and witness this rite."

Jahiliya hold"s Zrie"s hand.

Cordir chants, "Let earth come, and give these two a foundation upon which their lives together can be built."

There is a gentle welling, a rolling of the earth beneath your feet which subsides leaving you feeling strangely stable and if you stood on

the bedrock of the earth

Cordir chants, "Let Air come, and bring with it the gift of clarity and truth, that they may see their way clearly."

Foolkiller tells Cordir "DOH".

Cordir tells Foolkiller "its ok..."

There is a soft breeze which flows over you caressing you and sweeping all doubts and falsehoods away.

Cordir chants, "Let Fire come, and cleanse these two, that they may face their future untroubled by the past."

There is a wave of heat and flame which washes over you leaving you unharmed but tingling.

Pyros spontaneously combusts in a burst of red and black fire! Pyros emerges from a churning mass of fire and smoke which rapidly dissipates.

Cordir chants, "Let Water come, and ease the pain of change, soothing away doubts, fears, or other concerns."

It begins to rain.

There is a swirl of moisture over you like the kiss of gentle rain which calms you and leaves you completely at peace

Cordir nods and says to the couple, "Jahiliya and Zrie.. you stand consecrated and purified, on the brink of the cycles of change, attended by Mortal and Immortal, and Primal Elements alike...

Cordir says to the couple, "I ask you both a second time.. is it your intent to wed?"

Jahiliya says "It is."

Zrie says "Yes".

Cordir smiles at the couple and says to them, "Please take each other"s hands."

Jahiliya squeezes Zrie"s hand.

Zrie takes Jahiliya"s hand.

Cordir wraps a white cord around the couple"s wrists, binding them together.

Cordir says to the couple, "With this cord, which represents spirit, I bind your souls together, that you two may become one, and you may grow together in wisdom, truth, and love."

Cordir wraps a red cord around the couple"s wrists, binding them together.

Cordir says to the couple, "With this cord, which represents flesh, I bind your mortal forms together, in token of the blood you would shed for the other, and the possibility of the children which may someday come."

Cordir says very seriously, "One last time I ask...Is it your intent that you walk the Path of Life together..?"

Jahiliya says "A third time I say, it is my intent."

Zrie says "yes, beyond anything else I desire!".

Cordir nods, and takes a deep breath.

Cordir turns and looks at Jahiliya.

Cordir smiles and says to Jahiliya, "Jahiliya of the House of Veladorn, do you take Zrie, to be thy love, ever and always, until world"s end?"

Jahiliya says "I do."

Cordir turns at looks at Zrie.

Cordir smiles and says to Zrie, "Zrie, of the House of the Weaver, do you take Jahiliya to be thy love, ever and always, until world"s end?"

Zrie says "I do."

Tel snickers softly, then says "sorry".

Cordir says to the couple, "Then by the power vested in me by your own love and trust, By the Sealer of Souls, and by the Elements present,"

The sun rises in the east.

Cordir says to the couple, "I now pronounce you husband and wife.. may all the powers present give blessings on this union!"

Jahiliya and Zrie smiles happily.

Cordir cheers the two.

Sirak gives a round of applause.

Tokugawa enthusiastically cheers Zrie to victory.

Sirak drops a keg.

Cerebus shows his approval by clapping his hands together.

Jahiliya kisses Zrie passionately.

Cordir hugs Jahiliya, then Zrie, smiling.

Nyx gives a round of applause.

Tokugawa enthusiastically cheers Jahiliya to victory.

Foolkiller gives a round of applause.

Xaviera smiles happily and bounces around.

Zrie kisses Jahiliya passionately.

Jyslin hugs Jahiliya.

Nyx smiles happily.

Tel is so excited that he cheers just for the hell of it.

Xaviera enthusiastically cheers Zrie to victory.

Jyslin hugs Zrie.

Sirak eats a cinnamon roll.

Tokugawa says "Congratulations!".

Pyros licks Jahiliya. Pyros licks Zrie.

Tel shows his approval by clapping his hands together.

Xaviera enthusiastically cheers Jahiliya to victory.

Cerebus shakes Zrie's hand.

Jahiliya smiles happily.

Pyros waves happily.

Jahiliya hugs Pyros.

Xaviera hugs Zrie.

Lorna smiles happily.

Tokugawa draws a cold, frosty beer for Zrie.

Nyx shakes Zrie's hand.

Nyx hugs Jahiliya.

Xaviera hugs Jahiliya.

Jahiliya hugs Lorna.

Cordir says to all assembled, "This rite has ended... Merry meet and merry part, and merry meet again!!!

(Note: And the revelry continued for quite some time... at some point, the bride and groom slipped away, leaving friends to continue the celebration. FYI, the reason Foolkiller said, 'DOH!' to Cordir - she was a mortal at the time of this ceremony, and he was providing the Room Echos. One of the lines was broken into two, disrupting the 'flow' of the echo. )