Kindred Vampyric

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Led By Khore
Holy Symbol the black Cape of the Ordinus Nosferatus
Alignment Evil
Attendants Asia
Future Immortal Followers DarkClaw
Ordained Mortals Palmer
Temple The Cave of Khore

Temple Key: the Seed of Darkness
Temple Altar: An ornate wooden box pulsates with a dim red glow.
Look Altar:
It is made from a wood you do not recognize, and glows with a red aura which
lights the immediate area around it. It is grey and ornamented with massive
iron fang shaped decorations. There is a word near the top of the coffin that
is only visible because it is darker and blacker than the surrounding darkness.
It says NOSFERATU. More words, these engraved, glow dimly white on the surface
of the coffin.

Following Description / FINFO:

From Nicholai (original source
Rules and Philosophy of the Kindred

- We are Kindred, our strength comes from within.
The affairs of others are of no concern to us unless they threaten us.

- Know who you are, and what you are. Maintain respect for your enemey
as well as your friend. You are kindred, you are better, let your silence be your
strongest words.

- You are free to hunt or not to hunt, free to befriend whoever you choose.
But keep in mind that your Kin come before all others.
The exception to this are the Childred of Ybarra who are forbidden to bring harm to others.


(In no particular order, list NOT complete:) Deamhan An-Shalach, Nicholai De Brabant, Lena, Ibram, Caine, Yvon, Valdrian, Toadpain, Cirth the Pale, Medea, Sarah, Darwin, Brutus, Requiem, Diaemon, Lucy, Lillith, Mystil, Sapphyre, Lucrezia, Kilter, Kaia, Diabhail, Thunderbolt, Sage, Xancos, Telamon, Ankh, Lauren, Palmer, Brian.

(From Nicholai original source
Albeleu, Astra, Athera, Attitude, Bali, Blackstaff, Brian, Brujah, Brutus, Bulldog, Callisto, Charisma, Cirth the Pale, Cold, Combee, Deamhan, Demian, Diabheil, Diaemon, Eclipse, Elzevir, Gryorg, Iesolt - Kyarmentari, Lauren, Lena, Lestat, Lucifer, Lucy, Machavelli, Malkil, Maxine, Medea, Mystil, Nacho, Nicholai de Babrant, Nosferatu, Oak, Oscuro, Palmer, Paria, Pez, Rahvin, Rohan, Saphyre, Sappho, Sarah, Saunter, Sauramon, Sengir, Shadowjack, Shahrazad, Shoshana Kyarmentari, Shushila, Sith, Taerok , Taws, Telamon, These, Triston, True, Typhon, VampyreD, Yvon

Hum [   Pugnus Noctis   ] Aren Blackflame.         *Kindred*                     October 3, 1998
Hel [   Servus Noctis   ] Combee returns from his colorless dreams.  Kindred     October 3, 1998
Hum [ Vispilio Sanguis  ] Palmer it means, dont hate me cause i'm beautiful.

Requirements for Entry

Following Trivia / Notes:

Additional Notes

  • The motto of the following was "Vivo et morior pro glofia ordinus nosferatus."
  • The following was broken into two parts: Hunters and Gatherers.
  • In a special roleplay session, each of the Kindred took on one Strength and one Weakness.
  • At one point, Khore reduced the following down to a barely-there presence, retaining only a handful of followers. This was the note he posted regarding disbanding the Kindred:

Khore: A fond adieu
Wednesday, July 17, 1996
To: All
There comes a time when life turns down roads untravelled. And so the road must be walked for lack of another way. The Kindred burned brightly, and so some will say too brightly as the candle died young. In the hearts of those who have been taught, there never was aflame so bright or will ever again burn as brightly. Respect. Honor. Pride. The Hunt.
In the end, it is only in the peace of darkness that the children of the dark can find solace. And so, The Kindred lord walks down a road that seems familiar and leads him to the oblivion of his childhood home. There is only the wind that rustles through leaves that have died but not yet fallen. And so too do angels hang from heavens, having fallen but not yet died.
The spirit of the Ordinus Nosferatus and the Kindred lives on, That is my desire and my wish. And though I hold none from finding another lord, would that they would keep the tenets of Respect always a part of them. No god can frown upon that...
And so I must walk this path. It leads me back home, but away from this home. Walk well. Hunt well. Live well. The purity of Darkness be with you always.
Khore. Vampyre Lord of the Kindred.
Fallen Angel of Solitude. Patron of Fear. Home at last.