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Thaygar (I)
Master of the Ebon Hand
Ebon Lord of Death
Lesser God
Created Pre-1995
Status Retired
Race Giant-Kin
Hometown Mt. Aire
Spouse Siren
Children son: Thayren
Areas Written Ruins of the Citadel
The Caverns of N'Kai
The Village of Skull Top
The Lands of Skull Spire
Immorted AMB: Nov 1995
1st Demi: Dec 1995
Lesser: January 1996
God: July 17, 1996
2nd Lesser: June 21, 1999
Following 1st: Ebon Hand
2nd: Servants of Death

Mud Contributions

In addition to writing several zones (see sidebar) and his temple: Thaygar's Temple, Thaygar is the creator of the lore of the Triat, and the concept of the Trial of Triat Mastery. These were heavily influenced by the Cthulhu mythos created by H.P. Lovecraft, and the White Wolf Werewolf RPG. He later grated two other immortals to be part of the Triat mythos: Lorna and Cordir. He was a driving force in RP, getting even the most hardcore PK'ers to get in on the fun (sometimes).

Areas written by Thaygar, including his office, have been the location of many a RP session or special ceremony over the years.

General Information

Thaygar was one of the Lesser Gods of the 2x era of TFC. He led The Ebon Hand, an evil order based on the Triat. The core concept of the Triat was that of three entities or forces of nature: the Weaver, the Wyrm, and the Wyld. Most within the following aligned themselves with one of the three Aspects of the Triat, with the majority of them taking the Wyld's path.

Thaygar rose to Ambassador, DemiGod, Lesser God, was demoted to Dem God, and then restored to Lesser God (01/96). He later rose to God (07/17/1996 - see note below), then Retired. He came back as a Lesser God (06/21/99) for a time, then re-retired.

Current Description: 1999

Before you stands a tall giant, stoically bearing constant, searing pain. His
right hand is sheathed in black, flickering fire, giving Him great insight,
but also making His eyes dance with the faintest glimmers of insanity. You
realize that He must have carried that burning flame for decades, if not
centuries. You wonder what that much constant pain would do to you, but
refrain from contemplating the thought for long.
Thaygar is bathed in the essence of charisma.
Thaygar is in perfect health.
Thaygar is using:
<worn around neck> (Blue Aura) the Coils of the Spiral
<worn around neck> (Red Aura) the Aspects of the Triat
<held> (Humming) an Ebon Hand
<worn with pride> (Glowing) the Medallion of God-hood


Towering amidst the rubble about you, you see a mighty warrior.
His right hand is burned horribly black, giving name to both
he and his following. Before you stands the Groom of Siren,
Thaygar of the Ebon Hand.
Thaygar is in perfect health.
Thaygar is using:
<used as light> (Glowing) the Soul of the One Dwarf
<worn on finger> (Flaming) the Ring of the Ebon Hand
<worn on finger> (Flowing) the Band of the Dark Mist
<worn around neck> (Crimson) Five Circles of the Order
<worn around neck> (Crimson) the Chain of the Eldritch
<worn on body> (Ashened) the Sender's Annihilax
<worn on head> (Ashened) the Rings of Summoning
<worn on legs> (Ashened) the Seeker's Stride
<worn on feet> (Ashened) the Gaian Firmament
<worn on hands> (Ashened) the Sealer's Web
<worn on arms> (Ashened) Weave of the Web
<worn about body> (Shining) the Skin of the Black Demon
<worn about waist> (Shining) the Orbit of the Brass Wyrm
<worn around wrist> (Shining) Fangs of a Guardian Vampire
<worn around wrist> (Shining) the Circlet of Dragon Fangs
<wielded> (Flaming) the Flames of the Ebon Hand
<wielded off-hand> (Flowing) the Vapors of the Dark Mist
<worn with pride> (Magical) (Glowing) (Humming) the Medallion of Godhood
<worn with pride> (Red Aura) the Ebon Sigil Odegra

About Those Restrings:

(Written by Thaygar)
Upon his finger is worn his wedding ring from Siren (the Band of the Dark Mist) and signet ring of his Order.
The Circles about his throat are a symbol for the steps of power within the Order. Also about his neck, lies a mystic chain linked to the Dhole. If ever its links were broken, the entire Dhole (and not just the drowsy head portion that's visible in the depths of N'Kai) would awaken and surge forth.
Upon his body and head are two items linked to the Sender of Eight. An eight-layered armor with octagonal patterning that contains a fragment of the eternity of Oblivion itself, capable of Dismissing or Unmaking anything. The Rings were a pair of earrings capable of Summoning (for one) and Binding (for the other) any conceivable creature. The Sender/Wyrm focus dealt with improvement of body and mind. The Rings just allowed an acceleration of this process, while the Annihilax uncreated any unworthy creations.
The Seeker/Wyld was a fitful wanderer and destroyer. Nothing could outrun it, nor could anything hide from it. With it's Stride, it could span continents in a breath, and with it's ties to the land, it could unerringly step directly to any desired target, knowing precisely where to go to get there. Thus, the objects upon his legs and feet.
Upon his hands and arms... The Sealer/Weaver sets history in place before it is even experienced. Gazing into even a fragment of the Great Web allows insights into all of it. The Web fragments Thaygar had were sometimes loosely connected by Strands to the greater Web, or sometimes held together like a cat's cradle to see images of the past or the future.
The remaining objects upon his person were tokens from his great Quests.. The skin of the black demon was the Final Quest Item, from the Third Quest to marry Siren: kill Madman's first Demon. The skin of this Demon, slain by Tel, Phaze and Thaygar.
The Orbit of the Brass Wyrm was his Second Quest Item, from the Second Quest to marry Siren. Thaygar, a level 30 Warrior, had to kill the Brass dragon and use its key to get prize behind it. Madman, being his own evil self, put a guardian Vampire behind the door opened by the Brass Dragon's key.
About one wrist, Thaygar wears the fangs of the Guardian Vampire, from the First Quest to marry Siren. He was set to find and kill 'a great undying threat' without any help and get prize before the MUD crashed (a common occurrence those days). Thaygar killed every zombie, undead Dragon, ghost, skeleton, and other undead mob he'd ever heard of. Finally someone was kind enough to mention the graveyard crypt to the south of Midgaard. Twice he found the short path to Hell, and on his second trip there, his hand took on its signature Ebon Flame. Finally, he found the creature, and slew it.
The token upon his other wrist was in rememberence of the "Quest to Obtain a Quest". Thaygar had to Quest for Maurice to get *permission* to ask Madman for a quest to wed Siren. He had to get some shaman to use the new make bag spell to make bags of as many different dragons as he could find. Zentar stole the bags at one point, and Malanor was ordered by Sirak to kill Thaygar at another point. Many dragons died. Maurice gave permission at long last, and thus began The Great Quest for Siren's hand.

Character History

Jerald told the following story about Thaygar: (With apologies for the Jeraldspeak)

"'When we were young an' th' world was new..." Jerald said. " Tel an' I served th' Demigod, Splat. Tel was his Paladin, an' I was his High Priest. Tel's companion in all adventures in those days was th' Giant warrior, Thaygar. Thaygar served nae master, an' save for Tel an' maeself he spoke little. His mind was set on one goal, an' one goal only... for ye see, his heart hae been taken an' he was smitten w' th' Silver Lady. Unfortunately, shortly before mae birth th' Lady was corrupted by gods o'darkness an' became Siren, th' Mistress o' th' Dark Mist. This would prove th' seed o' woe tha' would sprout many o' th' present worlds-troubles. "Tel an' Thaygar journeyed together, Tel w' a mind merely t' th' next adventure an' th' service o' his laird. Often Tel would aid mae quest t' help th' new w' items but in time, they both began t' reach th' pinnacles o' power, an' Thaygar declared he wished t' wed Siren.

"A Mortal declaring such was unheard o', for in those days only one wedding...tha' o' Crowbar an' Estrelle, hae occurred, an' Maurice was wrath t' hear this, for in his heart he harbored a secret desire for th' still beautiful lady. Aye, this was in th' days ere th' fall o' Thalos, so a mighty quest, in three parts, was given. But th' quest itself is another tale, one long an' nae t' be told w' this. A' th' end he was truly a god, but he was also quite evil an' quite mad. His faith was th' Ebon Hand, after th' hand blackened by th' demon a' th' end o' his quest An so began a reign o' darkness tha' echoes still t'day…."


  • Thaygar is specifically mentioned in the temples of Bliss and Cordir.
  • Thaygar received votes in BlissPoll 2000: Second Most Powerful Immortal, Most Intimidating Immortal, Most Enigmatic Immortal.
  • Thaygar is the head of a 'Immortal Lineage' with a total of 26 in his 'line'.
  • Thaygar is extensively referenced in the mortal and immortal history of Cordir

Player Provided Information

Thaygar's Favorite Room on the Mud

The Short Way to Hell ...
[Exits: none]
You fall ...
                                hmm .... it's getting really HOT!
You fall ...
                                                                you fall ...
          Slowly you are cooking as you fall further ... your skin is burning and
your hair evaporates ...  

                                                                                                               you fall ...

                                          and fall ...

                                                                                                 AND STOP! 

Welcome to HELL!

But even in Hell we give you another chance.

(Intense Red Aura) Thaygar is here

Wiki Mentions

[51] Thaygar: Final Ascension

Wed Jul 17 20:10:45 1996
To: all
This One has been blessed by the Mercy of the Triat, and the honorable Judgement of those who are both their Masters and their Thralls. As a consequence, this One has attained the Final Ascension: the shedding of all mortal bonds. This One is saddened that he must release those he holds the dearest, his own loyal followers. All who have remained faithful will be sorely missed ... even those whose faith stemmed more from terror than from honor :) No matter. You are all free. Hunt well.
The Order is no longer a mere following, and this One is no more a mere godling, unknowing of the Triat's full glory. With the Final Ascension, this One at last comprehends the full Majesty of the Three, and must now wholly dedicate himself to expressing that Majesty to all. Thus, this One now walks, as he did in his mortal years, the Path of Balance. The Triat no longer rage within me. They are One with me, and from this Turn onward, this One is dedicated to making their glory available to all.
In the next Cycle, this One will reshape the Order to include all who wish to pursue the honor associated in personal agony. For all, this One will resurrect the Legatos Obolus, that all may quest in the glory and the names of the Triat, and reap their just rewards thereby.
Until this One's Masters bid him speak again, Hunt Well.
Thaygar - Master of the Dancers of the Ebon Spiral

Personal Timeline:

As of 2000-08-31, Thaygar : Ebon Ruler of Death and Ritae, the Giant-Kin level 72 Lesser God had played for 2074 hours
As of 2000-03-17, Thaygar : Ebon Ruler of Death and Ritae, the Giant-Kin level 72 Lesser God had played for 2072 hours
As of 1999-12-30, Thaygar : Ebon Ruler of Death and the Soul, the Giant-Kin level 72 Lesser God had played for 2070 hours
As of 1999-06-30, Thaygar : Ebon Ba'ham of Death and Despair, the Giant-Kin level 72 Lesser God had played for 1778 hours
As of 1996-08-13, Thaygar : Putting the Romance BACK in Necromancy, the Giant-Kin level 73 God had played for 1695 hours

Player Information: