Of The Triat

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To: all
From: Thaygar
Subject: The Triune Rite
(Date Unknown - approximately 1996)

The Triune Rite has been invoked, for the first time in this Age.
Three have asked me, independently, of their own volition, for an explanation.
Ranae. Ghuda. Iguana. The youth. The adult. The aged.
Wyld. Wyrm. Weaver. Maid, Mother. Crone. Seeker. Sender. Sealer.

The Rite is spoken plainly. The Rite is spoken well.
Your servant hears you, Triat. Your servant obeys. Revelation:
The Ebon Path hath three forks. The Ebon Order hath three sects.
The Ebon Hand hath three gods. Each is honored in its own way.
This is the First Answer. Two Remain.

The Wyld are the killers, the chaos. Receiving little, they do all.
The Wyrm are the explorers. Aid they receive, freedom they lose.
The Weaver guard the Wyrm. Infinite aid. Infinite limits.
This is the Second Answer. One Remains.

The Wyld need not have honor, nor truth, though they may.
The Wyrm must have honor, and justify their aggressions.
The Weaver must BE honor, and be justified in all they do.
This is the Final Answer. The Rite is fulfilled.

And of my own free will, know this:
Europe is of the Wyld.
Pestis is of the Wyrm.
Typhon is of the Weaver.

May your destiny treat you well.
Thaygar - Master of the Order of the Ebon Hand