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Official Information

Scar is one of three pets belonging to the Retired Implementor, Madman.

Player Provided Information / Trivia

  • In early TFC, it was a tradition that mortals who had petitioned to become an Immortal had to fight Scar. This was Madman's way of removing their equipment, as Immortals are not allowed to retain their items. In every case except one, the mortal died in the solo combat. That sole exception was Tokugawa, who bested the demon.
  • Giving Scar a bath was one of the tasks that Madman gave to Cordir: Adventures in Demon Washing.
  • As part of Katrana's Triat Mastery Quest, because it was known she was petitioning for Immortality afterwards, one of her tasks for the Wyld was to fight Scar in solo combat. This was witnessed by several of the Chosen of Fate: Katrana's Death To Scar.
  • Scar's favorite edible treat (besides mortals) was a dusk of black gyvel
  • Scar got drunk on Bubbly potions.
  • Scar hated anything that hummed: equipment or people.
  • Scar has several brothers, including Scairz. They all have similar descriptions.

Notes/Wiki Mentions:


Long Description:
(Light Red Aura) (White Aura) Eyes of fire stare at you from the shadows.

Look Description:

Firey red eyes glare at you from within an inky blackness. No shape or form
can be determined, and you wonder how you would fight a creature which seems
to be made of nothing but shadow.
Scar has a special twinkle in its eye.
Scar is in perfect health.  

Scar is using:
<worn on finger>    (Red Aura) (Potent magic) an onyx ring
<worn around neck>  (Red Aura) a black cloak
<worn around neck>  (Red Aura) (Moderate magic) an amulet of power
<worn on head>      (Red Aura) a horned helmet
<worn as shield>    (Red Aura) a spiked shield
<wielded>           (Red Aura) a dark demon blade