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Sabella (I)
The Anguisette
Created 1996-ish.
Status Inactive
Race Human
Hometown Midgaard
Classes Mage
Last Seen 2012
Followed Molo
Spouse Never married
Partner A select and exclusive group ;)
"There are as many diverse pleasures of the flesh to be had, as there are different types of fish in the sea. Some are sweet and gentle and kind... some are brutal and bloody and ugly - but all pleasures of the flesh are a sacred sacrament of one form or another. Some leave you aching for more, and others leave you begging for mercy...What is it that you wish to learn?"

Mud Contributions:

  • Sabella was a regular participant in Halloween Costume Contests, winning several. (The source of most of her current restrings).
  • Sabella was also known to walk/dance/slither along the very edges of the rules governing physical intimacy on the Mud, with occasional lapses in judgement *cough* Tokugawa *cough* Kaira *cough*. (oh, and that conversation with Wish about tentacles...)
  • Sabella gave Kissing Lessons in the guild when she was bored. One fellow named Sturm was so distraught to learn that he'd been getting lessons from an Evil - and enjoying it - that he slew himself in his god's temple.
  • Sabella is (according to Lorna) responsible for inspiring a change to mud code: As a member of the Black Conclave with no fear whatsoever of death, she would oftentimes dive into the middle of a combat between much higher level combatants, and fireball - burning as many containers as she could before perishing. As a result of her doing so, time and time again, area spells were changed so that containers and equipment would only be damaged if the mage was Justified in attacking.

[ 17] Sabella: Contests and Prizes
Fri Dec 9 18:07:44 2005
To: Kerriariadne Tamar
To the Most Great and Wonderous Booga:
In my very best efforts to be a Naughty Darkling, I did Volunteer Schwartz for a description, which Tamar found most diabolical, which He wore for a whole month. Tamar, in Her kindness, did give me a nifty reward for this job of Volunteering.

When next you see the Mistress of Dreams, if you ask Her most graciously, you will receive the Prize your naughty witch did labor towards, and the boon she did beg: +2 mana, added to the light you bear.

Yours, always devoutly,

Sabella, Anguisette of the Dark Coven


Sabella: An Ode to Rath

Fri Dec 21 10:46:55 2001
To: all
Rath is spiteful, full of hate, his vicious tongue does not abate
and why, you ask, must he be mean? Read and I shall spin the scene.
In ancient times, he was not alone - "Alyria!" the name he'd groan
She was Neutral Nashite, hence: she was sitting 'on the fence'
And her aura, they both thought, kept her safe, not to be fought
For if the Conclave does not chase, who would rift her pretty face?
Safe in Neutral Nashite guise, non-aggressive, starry-eyes,
Far and wide, they'd stroll about (He really wasn't such the lout).
Tenderness, to her, he gave. She thought him sweet and kind and brave.
But one day, his heart it broke, when the mighty 'Dancer spoke.
His girl PK'd, his heart it died. Ask of love, he'll surely lie
Alyria's name will make him growl, and of love, he speak a'foul
For Rath, annoying every day, really does try to role-play
Its not his fault he's monotone. (he'd rather chase you through your zone)
But he tries, this grumpy red, to roleplay grief since love is dead.
All is left is "Wicked Judge," and from that aspect he won't budge
Everyone just gets a sneer, whether far or whether near
Never happy, banish joy, he's the ardent Arch-Lich toy
Doing what his Master wills, since his heart, it never fills.
And as he cannot love in turn, the sight of joy, it makes him burn
and so the acid from his tongue tries to banish other's fun
Those in love, he loves to hate and thus lives out his lonely fate.

The Epic Limerick Mosh of 2003

Thank you Coleman and Schwartzie and more 
Bringing humor, not threads full of gore 
Or stooping to sling 
an insult with zing 
You're gentlemen, both, to the core. 

It's hard to restrain, I admit 
When everyone's throwing a fit 
With a mouth full of bile, 
they love to revile, 
But you're always above all that .... *cough*. 

Ink and pen, wit and word, always glee 
Sharing humor, and laughter with me 
My respect for you grows 
with each line of prose 
So thank you, fine lads and Okkie! 

Current Description: 2015

It is an easy thing to imagine the woman before you committing the most carnal
and blasphemous acts, whispering filthy truths and debaucherous suggestions in
your ear. Her topaz eyes are knowing and honest, with nothing about her nature
concealed as she glances up to meet your gaze from beneath her lashes. Hers is
body built for pleasure, from the lush curves displayed prominently above that
tightly laced corset, to the softness of her full lips, and the wanton cascade
of her waist-length sable curly hair.  Gilded only lightly and delicately with 
cosmetics, her delicate features and golden skin are perfectly displayed.  One
crimson-tipped hand lifts, tribal henna patterns upon them, brushing a lock of
hair back behind one pierced ear, then down to caress the luminous pearls that
wrap around her throat before plunging into the magnificence of her cleavage.
The slick sound of them sliding between her fingers, the contrast of the white
purity against the tawdry scarlet of her nails, seems almost obscene in and of
itself, with no further words needed.
Sabella leads a charmed life.
Sabella is in perfect health.

Sabella is using:
<used as light>     a lantern of shuttered red glass
<worn around neck>  (Artifact magic) an exquisite necklace of thick white pearls
<worn on body>      (Sinful Aura) a tight corset of velvety midnight-black suede
<worn on feet>      (Moderate magic) impossibly high six-inch platform stilettos
<worn about body>   (Moderate magic) a slave chain of delicate gold links
<worn about waist>  (Moderate magic) a side-slit skirt of black suede
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) the scent of heavy perfume
<wielded>           the wiles of a skilled seductress
<held>              (Humming) a thick black wand
<worn with pride>   (Weak magic) a lavender glass rose upon a silver stem
<worn with pride>   (Weak magic) a lavender glass rose upon a silver stem
<worn with pride>   a badge, 3 pins, 6 ribbons

Sabella's Descriptions


2000: Black Conclave

You are Sabella the self-exiled. *ABENDER*,
112 years old (201 hours), created Fri Oct 31 97 21:49:31.
(Dreade the 3rd, The Testing of Fates, year 2256, 6pm.)
You were born before birth records were actually kept.
You live in Midgaard and your race is Human.
You are a level 2 Warrior, level 17 Mage.
You worship Molo, who appears to be OFFLINE
You have -9/221 hit, 167/167 mana, 187/205 movement, 16 practices.
You have 0 training sessions remaining.
You are carrying 4/34 items with weight 10/275 kg.
Str: MAX Int: MAX Wis: TRN Dex: MAX Con: TRN Chr: TRN
TRN = trainable, MAX = untrainable.
You are fairly lucky.
You have scored 5336 exp (151882 total), and have 200 gold coins.
You need 3035 exp for level 3.
You are mortally wounded.
You are unprotected.
You are Lawful Evil.

WHO Lists:

Hum [ Ma:15             ] Sabella the mild-mannered, sweet little girl.  (Day of Deception: May, 1997)    
Hum [ Ma:18             ] Sabella, Mage of the Black Conclave.                   June 1997
Hum [    Wa: 2 Ma:17    ] Sabella Witch of the Black Conclave.                   June, 2000
Hum [    Wa: 2 Ma:17    ] Sabella the self-exiled.      *ABENDER*                08/18/2000 * 
Hum [    Wa: 2 Ma:17    ] Sabella.                                               08-28-2000
Hum [    Wa: 2 Ma:17    ] Sabella..................tigress.                      02-04-2001
Hum [    Wa:30 Ma:17    ] Sabella.                                               02-05-2001 (Test Port)
Hum [    Wa: 2 Ma:17    ] Sabella, Penitant Witch of the White Tigers            08-10-2001
Hum [    Wa: 2 Ma:17    ] Sabella lights a candle for NYC/PENT. Tiger            09-16-2001
Hum [    Wa: 2 Ma:17    ] Sabella, Witch of the Tigers.                          11-03-2001
Hum [    Wa: 3 Ma:17    ] Sabella: a tiger of no consequence.                    03-15-2002
Hum [    Wa: 3 Ma:17    ] Sabella: Anguisette of the Tigers                      06-06-2002
Hum [    Wa: 3 Ma:17    ] Sabella waits for stripes to fade.                     07-30-2002
Hum [    Wa: 3 Ma:17    ] Sabella, wicked little girl once more.                 08-30-2002
Hum [    Wa: 4 Ma:17    ] Sabella, the wicked little Witch. (Coven Anguisette)   10-09-2002
Hum [    Wa: 4 Ma:17    ] Sabella the wicked little nun. (Coven Anguisette)      12-04-2002
Hum [    Wa: 5 Ma:17    ] Sabella, the wicked little girl. (Coven Anguisette)    10-18-2003
Hum [    Wa: 7 Ma:17    ] Sabella, the wicked little girl. (Coven Anguisette)    03-21-2004
Hum [    Wa: 7 Ma:17    ] Sabella, wicked little Anguisette of the Dark Coven    01-29-2005
Hum [    Wa: 8 Ma:17    ] Sabella: savemefromtheseevildeedsbeforeigetthemdone    01-09-2006
Hum [    Wa: 8 Ma:17    ] Sabella, Wicked Anguisette of the Dark Coven           12-07-2007
Hum [    Wa: 8 Ma:17    ] Sabella, Wicked Anguisette of the Dark Coven           02-28-2008
Hum [    Wa: 8 Ma:17    ] Sabella is THAT Naughty Girl. Anguisette. Coven. Dark  01-02-2009
Hum [    Wa: 8 Ma:17    ] Sabella has been a VERY BAD GIRL....                   03-29-2009
Hum [    Wa: 8 Ma:17    ] Sabella has been a VERY VERY BAD (Nashite) GIRL!       07-??-2010
Hum [    Wa: 8 Ma:17    ] Sabella: Wicked, Wicked Girl. [Coven]                  02-12-2011
Hum [    Wa: 8 Ma:17    ] Sabella: Wicked Girl. [Dark Coven Nashite]             02-12-2011
Hum [    Wa: 8 Ma:17    ] Sabella: Wicked Girl. [Dark Tiger Coven Nashite]       02-12-2011
Hum [    Wa: 8 Ma:17    ] Sabella: Heaven help me for the way I am               01-18-2012
Hum [    Wa: 8 Ma:17    ] Sabella: screw the roses, give me the thorns           04-11-2013
Hum [    Wa: 8 Ma:17    ] Sabella: Wicked Witch of Nashite Alchemy               04-12-2013
Hum [    Wa: 9 Ma:17    ] Sabella, [W]icked Witch of Nashite Alchemy             05-10-2013
Hum [    Wa:14 Ma:17    ] Sabella, Wicked Witch (1of13)                          04-27-2014
Hum [    Wa:14 Ma:17    ] Sabella: ihaveservedandihavesinned (1/13)              12-31-2015
Hum [    Wa:14 Ma:17    ] Sabella: fire, meet gasoline.                          05-09-2015

* The day Sabella was granted god+ reform from the Black Conclave.

Character History:

(written while in the Black Conclave)
Sabella was born in the Great Eastern Desert, to the nomad families that wander there. She is not certain how old she is. As a very young girl (somewhere around 4? 5?) she was given in tribute / payment to the Black Conclave, so that they would not utterly destroy the nomads. She has served them ever since…
First she worked as a cleaning drudge, keeping swords and armor as gore-free as her unskilled hands could. Cuffs and blows and other humiliations were hers in abundance. But it was attention, acknowledgment that she existed, so she found herself craving even this most brutal of touch.
Then, later, as she approached her teens, those hands were put to … other… uses. She has a extensive knowledge of the sensual arts, and is very, very practiced. Her first orgasm occurred as she was kicked to death by Sirak and Molo as a gift on her 16th birthday - for her, pain and pleasure are irrevocably linked.
Her personality's true nature is revealed in the way that she courts death. Sabella is often seen attacking those far, far more physically adept and powerful than she. She always runs, but sometimes, not quite fast enough… and then true release comes. Better than any sexual release - for those brief few instants before flesh and body are rejoined, she is free. Violence is inextricably linked to freedom, and her weapon of choice is cleansing fire. She burns… why not let others, as well…?

Historical Scenes/Logs

08/29/2004: Meeting Isolas

Isolas says (in common), 'You know, something just struck me.'.
Isolas says (in common), 'You're Sabella.'.

You say (in common), 'Yes. Yes I am.'.

Isolas has heard stories.
Isolas grins mischievously.
Isolas says (in common), 'Fun stories.'.

You say (in common), 'seductress of gods, plaything of .. well.. more gods...'.
You say (in common), 'Do-er of very nasty things.'.

Isolas nods.

You say (in common), 'She who had piercings in multiple places, gifted to her by Lorna..'.

Isolas says (in common), 'Sounds like the same Sabella as the stories.'.

You say (in common), 'and who carried around a stripper's pole.'.
You say (in common), 'Yep.'.
You say (in common), 'Me.'.

Isolas grins mischievously.
Isolas nods.

You say (in common), 'The woman who took on BOTH Emaleth AND Lanfear.'.
You say (in common), 'but... also the woman who levels slow and doesn't meet Booga's level requirements.'.
You say (in common), 'Therefore.'.

Isolas' mind begins to wander.

You say (in common), 'I am also the woman who needs to get her ass out and exp.'.

Isolas says (in common), 'I dunno, I think I'd rather hear some more stories as opposed to you be leveling.'.

You say (in common), 'well, stories won't get me into Darkness.'.
You say (in common), 'And I sure as frick aint going Good again.'.
You shudder from the sheer thought of it.
You say (in common), 'I had enough of that.'.

Isolas says (in common), 'Fine. Off you go.'.

Sabella arches one wicked brow in the direction of the darkest shadows.

You say (in common), 'Unless naughty stories WILL get me in...'.
Sabella remembers that Someone is afk.
You sniff sadly. *SNIFF*

Isolas says (in common), 'afw, to be exact.'.
Isolas says (in common), 'Fantasy football, you see.'.
Isolas says (in common), 'Important things.'.

You say (in common), 'could you wizmark me, please?'.

Isolas draws a funny looking rune on you.

You ponder the question.
You say (in common), 'can you steak stuff?'.

Isolas says (in common), 'The next one will cost.'.

Isolas says (in common), 'Perhaps.'.

You say (in common), 'what's your price?'.

Isolas says (in common), 'We'll not discuss that right now.'.
Isolas says (in common), 'What do you need steaked?'.

Sabella's lips twitch in a rather naughty smile as she imagines the possibilities.

You give the corpse of Sabella to Isolas.
Isolas's steak made from Sabella looks very filling.

You get steak made from Sabella.
You say (in common), 'Thank you.'.

Isolas nods.

You say (in common), 'I always like to keep track of who is eating me.'.

Isolas says (in common), 'Good information to have.'.

Sabella winks audaciously.

You say (in common), 'Indeed.'.

Faile gossips (in common), 'Quoteable? ### [Sabella says (in common), 'I always like to keep track of who is eating me.']'.

You say (in common), 'Not something one should lose track of.'.

Deyanira gossips (in common), 'funny as do I'.

Isolas says (in common), 'Let's hope not.'.

You say (in common), 'well...'.

You say (in common), 'You could follow me around and spell me up while I try and remember where the hell I can exp without getting splatted..'.
You say (in common), 'and I could flirt with you outrageously until He comes back from AFW.'.

Isolas says (in common), 'I think not. The ring on my finger will not allow such things.'.

You say (in common), 'Its amazing what a little determined spit and sucking can remove. :-)'.

Isolas gulps.
Isolas says (in common), 'Yes, well..'.
Isolas says (in common), 'As much fun as that could be..'.

Sabella smiles sweetly.

Isolas says (in common), 'Probably isn't the best of ideas.'.

You say (in common), 'Well, then you can follow me around and pretend not to stare at my ass while I exp.'.

Sabella wiggles the aforementioned assets.

Isolas sits down and thinks deeply.
Isolas says (in common), 'I think that's fair.'.

Sabella giggles delightedly.

You say (in common), 'that way, it’s not your fault.'.

Isolas says (in common), 'well, I mean.. technically.. you're right.'.

You say (in common), '"What could I do?! She was shakin’ it RIGHT THERE in front of me"'.
You say (in common), '"Would you have me just let her wander around, half confused, and get killed? It was my civic duty"'.

Sabella grins entirely wickedly.

Isolas says (in common), 'But on second thought..'.
Isolas says (in common), 'That grin brings back my senses..'.

You sniff sadly. *SNIFF*
You say (in common), 'Fine.'.
You say (in common), 'Be that way.'.
You say (in common), 'I'll be back in four levels or so.'.

06/25/2006: The Loss of Kerriariadne

You gossip (in common), 'Cuss Foul Language Cursing Filth Foul Bad words bad words bad words! WHO STOLE MY BOOGA!!!??'.
You gossip (in common), 'I demand the immediate return of my Booga! :('.

Boromir gossips, 'good luck :)'.

Someone gossips (in kobold), 'Join the club :P'.

You tell Boromir (in common), 'I mean, where in the name of all that's unholy am _I_ going to fit in, without my Booga?'.

Boromir tells you, 'well ... we always have openings for people who are not lockstep :)'.

You say (in common), 'This whole 'we are going to steal your Booga' joke has gone on long enough'.
You say (in common), 'I want him back, and I want him back NOW!'.

Sabella stamps her little foot.

Krakatoa says (in common), 'I'm not in on the joke, sorry'.

You say (in common), 'well, it has to be a joke.'.
You say (in common), 'they can't have taken my Booga away for real, now can they?'.
You say (in common), 'I refuse to believe such a thing.'.
You sniff sadly. *SNIFF*

Joining Magi: 07/20/2010

You say (in common), 'The Requirements for Entry require sponsorship from a Council member'.
You say (in common), 'Would you be such an individual?'.

Mugen says (in common), 'yeah i will sponsor you'.

You curtsey to him.
You say (in common), 'Thank you'.

Mugen says (in common), 'we have a high counsil'.
Mugen says (in common), 'i cant spell'.
Mugen says (in common), 'called the Cadre'.
Mugen says (in common), 'me, Kaira, hiro, quick, and jet'.

Sabella's lips twitch.
You say (in common), 'I _think_ that Kaira might speak for me.'.
You say (in common), 'Given our... communications... earlier today'.

Mugen says (in common), 'either way, I will sponsor you as well'.

You thank Mugen heartily.

Mugen says (in common), 'did she make you do a quest yet?'.

You say (in common), 'No.'.
You say (in common), 'She made me endure a variety of torments.'.
You say (in common), 'involving her tongue, fingers, and an iron rod.'.

Mugen laughs.


  • Sabella is the only member of the Black Conclave to receive a no-level-loss God+ reform for proven FLI misconduct.
  • One of Sabella's favorite verbal sparring partners is/was Rath.
  • Sabella has had longstanding (read: years, a decade in some cases) flirtations with several individuals and Immortals, both male and female. Notables include Abe, Tokugawa, Isolas, DarkClaw, Pol, Lanfear, and Stouthbound.
  • Sabella sent in an entry for the Top 10 Reasons You Don't Want Khore to Run A Quest.
  • Sabella took first place in the BlissPoll 2011A in the category, "Best Swinger" (The Sicko Category).
  • Sabella is rumored to be the topic of one segment of a level 50 Bard's Final performance.

Wiki Mentions / Logs


Player Provided Information:

It's almost impossible for me to capture the totality of my interactions with Sabella. The best phrase that comes to mind would be, "fearlessly intimate." When death and loss are all around, none of these things mattered to her, and she was quite well-focused on the object of her desires. Articulate and conversant, she could engage anyone for hours. In her amorous moments, she had an unmatched flair that gave TFC a whole new dimension.
Ghazkull snaps his fingers suddenly, 'Sabella... think of all of the... haraam -- did I say that correctly? -- thoughts that a woman could have regarding a man. I guess you could say that she is the embodiment of those thoughts'.
DarkClaw sighs and leans into Sabella's touch, then smirks. "You cannot be my aunt. Not after the things we've done."
DarkClaw tells you, 'Sparhawk ftells, 'She is more perverted than I thought'.'.

Quotable Moments:

meme by Aoide
Abe ftells, 'I'm not to be blamed for anything. I'm sitting here in den, heavy rod in hand, minding my own business.
Sabella ftells, '*raises her eyebrow archly in Abe's direction* So... how's the swing on that heavy rod, Abe? Do you do... *drops voice huskily* ..swing the big damage?'.
Abe ftells, 'I'm just trying to keep it off the floor, thanks.'.
Sabella ftells, '*innocent falsetto* Oh, Please, Mr. Stormreaver, let me help you with that! We wouldn't want your heavy rod to get dirty! I'd be glad to polish it clean'.
Abe ftells, 'Well luckily it's not two-hand, otherwise Em would have to help ya.'.
Emaleth ftells, '*ducks in anticipation of....yeah....that'.
(Emaleth, Nov 24, 2001)

Abe ftells, 'My rod is fine, I guess. I just need help with this full sack.'.
Sabella ftells, 'I'll get right on that. ID's, I mean...'.
Abe ftells, 'Anyone spare a container?'.
Sabella ftells, 'I've got an empty trap you can borrow.'.
Abe ftells, 'Yeah I can dump my sack into your trap and I'll be good to go, thanks.'.
Doza (unseen) ftells, 'now what would happen if someone just walked in on one of those sentences without knowing whats goin on'.
(Emaleth, Nov 24, 2001)

You say (in common), 'You could follow me around and spell me up while I try and remember where the hell I can exp without getting splatted..'.

You say (in common), 'and I could flirt with you outrageously until Kerri comes back from AFW.'.
Isolas says (in common), 'I think not. The ring on my finger will not allow such things.'.
You say (in common), 'Its amazing what a little determined spit and sucking can remove. :-)'.
Isolas gulps.


Faile gossips (in common), 'Quoteable? ### [Sabella says (in common), 'I always like to keep track of who is eating me.']'. (08/29/2004)

Belsambar ftells, 'Wait, I hope Analay logs in, Sabella can molest her and I can watch....'.
You ftell, 'i don't molest!'.
You ftell, 'i _educate_'.

Krakatoa says (in common), 'I was telling Boro that you're like an evil Corri'. (06/25/2006)

Paython says (in common), 'woah nekid'.
Sabella tell Paython (in common), 'I'm not naked, I'm wearing a corset and stockings.'.
Paython tells Sabella (in common), 'ok kinky nekid!'.
Sabella tells Paython (in common), '*smile* is there any other kind?'.

Sylvan says (in common), 'Do you praise Lord Nash'.
Sabella says (in common), 'In a manner of speaking.'.
Sylvan says (in common), 'Have you ever hurt a Nashite?'.
Sabella answers carefully, 'Yes, but they wanted me to. Very much.'

Vale says (in common), 'THAT'.
Vale says (in common), 'is a timelineable action'.
Vale says (in common), '"Ink gives a pearl necklace to Sabella"'.

Bliss gossips, 'My boo-boo is all better now...thank you, Sabella :)'.
Sabella gossips (in common), '.. I hadn't even gotten to your boo boo, yet, Lady Bliss... perhaps another time.'.
Bliss gossips, 'OMG'.

Sabella gossips (in common), 'Struggle is always fun. Even when the conclusion is forgone.'. (03/24/2013)

Sabella prays, 'it keeps saying, 'You are hungry' ... but my mouth is already full...'. (04/30/2013)

### Daelarga has advanced to level 16.
Boromir gossips, 'Gratz Daelarga :)'.
Daelarga gossips (in common), 'Thank you. :)'.
Sabella gossips (in common), '*says with her mouth full* grtz..'.
Fayil gossips (in common), 'full of what?'.
Fayil gossips (in common), 'nevermind I dont wanna know'.
Sabella gossips (in common), '*grins* I don't discuss my Patrons..'.

Sabella murmurs, sotto voce, ‘I'm having difficulty with coitus interruptus with Star, but we all have our burdens...' (09/12/2015)

Sabella says (in common), 'How is a lady supposed to make an improper advance when it requires pliers and a can opener?'. (09/14/2015)


an exquisite necklace of thick white pearls

worn: <worn around neck>  (Artifact magic) an exquisite necklace of thick white pearls
Long Description: Perfectly matched pearls lay here in a long thick strand worn around the throat.

Look pearl necklace:
Four adventurers worked long and hard to gather up these precious treasures
and gift them to one they greatly admired, but it was the generosity of yet
another, a scion of Goodness as a foil to their wickedness, that gave it an
exquisite shape and form.  The contrast of the perfect, creamy whiteness to
the smooth dusky skin beneath, and the crimson nails that lightly stroke in
a suggestive caress, is the stuff of fascination and obsession.

Personal Timeline:


At the encouragement of members of the Conclave, Sabella duals to Warrior. She finds this entirely not to her taste. When 3x is implemented, Sabella delays converting. When she finally does, she loses three mage levels due to the difference in exp levels. This makes exp'ing even more of a misery, and for the longest time, Sabella simply becomes a presence in the Guild.

1998 - 1999:

Sabella makes rare visits to the world, despising, as she does, her current sense of being trapped in inconvenient levels. During this span, she offers kissing lessons and gains a reputation as a wicked seductress. One of the God+ becomes her 'patron' of sorts, and gifts her with a variety of RP restrings and reslotted items.

2000 - 2002

The world has changed for the tempestuous Sabella. Many months ago, she was commanded by her Master, the Arch Lich, to seduce Abender Stormreaver. She felt herself incapable of the task, but yet undertook the attempt in a subtle way. This hunt was to be her downfall. Pursuer became prey. She found herself ensnared heart and soul by the warric. Stripping herself of all that she was, she follows him now, silent as a ghost at his heel. Her wicked garb gone, clad only in a simple white dress, eyes downcast, she exists in a gray half-life. Still bearing the mark of the Lich (too young in her warrior skills to seek the Implementor's release from Molo's service), she is disdained and hated by her fellows and by goods alike who see only the red aura remaining.

  • September 1, 2000: Khore hosts a story contest - "WHAT IF..." The deadline for entries being September 8th.
  • September 8, 2000: The Final Entries of the Story Writing contest are collected. Cirth the Pale, Scribe of the Chosen, is the winner, and the entries are posted on Cordir's website. Sabella's is not posted - instead, a large 'CENSURED' graphic is in its place.
  • September 9, 2000: Khorlan Farseer offers 100,000 gold to anyone who can provide him with a copy of Sabella's story writing contest entry.
  • September 10, 2000: A bit of chaos ensues over Sabella's story. Rath tries to get Cordir to give him a copy, claiming Sabella wouldn't mind. She refuses. Sabella posts a note that no one is getting the story. Khorlan ups the offer to 200k. Khore and Cordir agree that Sabella's story will not be released to the general public, as it violates mud rules for decency.
  • September 18, 2000: Sabella is granted a god+ Reform for Cause (having been rendered unplayable by her FLI).

Granted freedom, she has devoted her new life to repairing the damage she had caused in the past. Her owner, Abender Stormreaver, is gone from the Realm. She can but serve in a manner that would be pleasing in his eyes. The place to begin that road is with the Tigers he once served, in February of this year.

  • November 11, 2001: Sabella levels to Wa:3\Ma:17,her first level since nearly 2x.

Finding Abender's beloved Tigers as corrupt, selfish, and bloodthirsty as any she served aside in the Conclave, Sabella makes the decision to lay aside all her oaths and walk alone for a time. Perhaps healing will only come with re-emergence of a crimson aura...

  • June 6, 2002: Sabella, Emaleth and Lanfear have a lovely long visit in the Baths. At the end of which, some strange things happen with mushrooms...
  • July 30, 2002: Sabella requests and is denied release from the Tigers and posts a note about her status.
  • September 2, 2002: Sabella joins the Ash Moon Coven.
  • October 7, 2002: Sabella levels to Wa:3\Ma:17.
  • October 25, 2002: Solaron auctions off a Level 31 Health Amulet, "free to first person to give me a reason I like.". Sabella wins, with an auctioning of "Because I'm a wicked, filthy, naughty girl, who will teach your wife horrendously evil things to do to you?"
  • October 31, 2002: Sabella wins the Halloween Costume Contest. Her prize: <worn with pride> conviction and belief. A log of that night.

2004 - 2006

Sabella is restored by Tynian. Upon entry into the world, she finds that she has been reformed from the Ash Moon Coven, and joins Kerriariadne's Dark.

  • 02/08/2004: Sabella performs a dance in the Baths by request.
  • 03/21/2004: Sabella participates in her very first AMMQ, while being followed by Tynian. Needless to say, she is smashed like a bug.
Ramona *** DEMOLISHES *** you! 
You are incapacitated and will slowly die, if not aided. 
You have been KILLED!! 
This visit to the afterlife brought to you by Ramona.  

Tynian says, 'Almost had her!'. 
You say (in common), 'well, yeah... she was nervous.'. 
Tynian giggles. Tynian throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!
  • 10/31/2004: Tamar: The Something-th Annual Halloween Costume Contest Winners=== / Sun Oct 31 18:18:18 2004 / To: All / First let me say that there were only a few entries, possibly due to my erm, lateness in posting this quest (sorry!). But the winning entries were wonderful, and will be posted on the forums if you would like to see what they were. Jeda wins for most humorous, and Sabella wins for most likely to make Khore drool. (See me for your prizes, and thanks to those that participated!) Sabella requests that her restring prize be converted into a +mana light for her deity, Kerriariadne.
  • 01/29/2005: Level 8 Warrior: 1/254 hp, 0/192 m, 5/235 mv, 4/41 prac, 0/1 trn.'.
  • 10/31/2005: Sabella wins the Halloween Costume Contest.
  • 12/09/2005: Sabella gets her contest prize: (Naughty) spiked heel Mary Janes.

Sabella is reformed on May 31st, 2006, when she logs in to find that Kerriariadne has Retired.

2009 - 2011

  • 01/19/2009: Jose tells you (in common), 'what is the format for your imp id alias?'. You tell Jose (in common), 'I don't have one. I have fingers. I type.'.
  • 03/28/2009: The Mausoleum of Molo, the Arch-Lich [Exits: east] The Unholy Codex of the Arch-Lich rests on a pedestal here. Frostbite, Molo's avatar, is here. Sabella does VERY RUDE things to Frostbite.
  • 2010: Sabella visits and impetuously gives her worship to Isolas, but asks for release two days later, leaving the Realm.
  • 08/11/2011: Sabella and friends detail How to Accessorize an Outfit. She is given several generous gifts by various benefactors, including a Goddess Who Shall Remain Nameless, and the boys of the Wyld Hunt.
  • 12/31/2011: Sabella's entry for the "Help A Girl Out" contest is selected by Natilena as the winner!
With a slightly tipsy giggle, the cute chick before you blows on a noisemaker,
causing it to unroll and toot loudly. She grins, winks audaciously, and gives
her glittery top hat a quick adjustment, catching it before it slides off her
head. "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" she exclaims. "Where's the party! Because I am SO, SO,
SO THERE!!" Her voice rises in tone and volume as she gestures with the glass
in her other hand, sloshing some sort of frothy pink fruity drink all around.

<used as light>     a half-burned sparkler
<worn around neck>  a garishly beaded plastic necklace
<worn on body>      a frisky little black cocktail dress
<worn on head>      a glittery top hat
<worn on legs>      back-seamed stockings
<worn on feet>      five-inch platform stilettos
<worn about body>   several streamers and a scattering of glitter
<worn about waist>  a thin black belt with a rhinestone buckle
<worn around wrist> a series of bangles set with diamonds

2012 - 2013

January 2012: Sabella visits, causing her usual uproar. On one occasion, she invites those of suitable level and ability to supply references and an application to have her as a personal Pet. Teva of the Nashite Magi expresses his interest, but Isolas forbids it, given Sabella's disrespectfully brief past with the Magi. Another visit, she kisses Bliss's "boo boo" all better... (Quotable above).
February 2013:

  • Sabella assists with the testing of Wish's temple door, and to do so, has to worship:
Sabella ftells, 'Hello, oh mighty tentacled fantasy object!'.

Sabella ftells, 'I am sorry. The fantasy was too real. I cannot live this way.'.
Sabella ftells, 'you must let me go. '.

Wish ftells, 'of course, as you wish sabella'.

Sabella ftells, 'i know it will be hard, but ... you must.'.

Wish ftells, 'it was nice having you...oh yes...hard is an understatement'.

You have been rejected as a follower of Wish!
  • Sabella visits and hears that an old friend, DarkClaw, is having some man troubles. She sits Belgarion down for a chat.

March 2013:

  • Sabella visits and is introduced to a fellow named Venom who asks to study with her about her homeland. Over the next two months, they have a number of conversations about its history and magic. As part of her price for doing so, she requires Venom to take her out exp'ing and gains her first level since 2005. She also makes the decision to seek out Wish, and discuss his views (and her standing) on the Nashite faith, although Cresom attempts to convince her to join Wisdom.
Sabella gossips (in common), '*sigh* well. I can see you are all hiding Wish and his tentacles from me on _purpose_.'.
Sabella gossips (in common), 'I shall take my business elsewhere. This is _terrible_ customer service.'.

Mnaramenth gossips (in elven), 'Why would I hide his tentacles'.

Sabella gossips(in common), '... '.
Sabella gossips(in common), 'there is literally no reply I can give that isn't against the rules.. ;)'.

April 2013:

  • April 6: Sabella accepts a long-term Patron and gives her first kissing lesson in quite some time.
  • April 16: After a lengthy and non-consensual tease by Mud Code due to her door testing earlier in the year, Sabella finally gives her worship to Wish, joining Alchemy.

2015 - 2016

September 2015:
Sabella visits for the first time in a while. She meets Ghazkull Mahsong, who asks her for a favor, but is unwilling to pay her price. She also meets Asterius, a newly turned Kindred, and tests his self control. On a delightful note, she also learns about the access panels in Mnaramenth's armor. She attempts reconciliation with DarkClaw, but the Kindred Queen's passions are too roused for conversation...

October 2015:
Sabella visits and assists Sparhawk with an adjustment to his belt...

November 2015:
On one stroll up to the baths, Sabella finds that someone else has beaten her to her favorite relaxation spot. She meets Foghair, a young bard with a bit of wildness to him. They discuss the more rare pleasures to be had in pain. Some weeks later, they meet again, and the pools of the bath (and the thieves of the Realm, one of which offers to sell infos of their interactions for 25k each) are witness to a test of his desire to please her. On another visit, she makes a bargain with the Eldest, taking care of some of his prized possessions.

May 2016: Sabella visits, to discover that little Foghair is not quite so little any more. He gives her a gift and then departs, leaving the Anguisette trembling and uncertain at their exchange.