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Mish Leigh Salvandor used to be an adventurer like you, until she tried to steal from the captain of an elite guard unit, and lost her right hand to the captain as punishment, while her adventuring party just watched. She has never forgiven her old friends for not rescuing her from this fate, even though they were outmatched. She found that she could gather more gold with less risk and effort by working with Merrick, Guido, and shopkeepers from across the realm to locate equipment for adventurers. She is saving as much gold as she can put her hand on, hoping to purchase a wish spell from the gods to replace her severed hand, which prematurely ended her adventuring career. It is too much work to re-learn her previous talents with her left hand, and besides, she's more or less legit now, and the gold has been coming in pretty steadily. She even has legal authorization to do business in the guild as a broker. She is not responsible for lost searches or items, but generally, she keeps things together.

She winks at you and says, 'How can I help you?'.

Mish is in perfect health.