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Lexie (I)
Created January 18, 2000
Status Active
Race Human
Hometown Midgaard
Classes Warrior
Followed Natas
Partner Zahar
Relatives Dun


Mud Contributions:

[ 21] Lexie: The Avatar

Wed Oct 24 20:32:09 2001
To: all

Warning: I am poem-impaired. Read at own risk.

There once was a girl named Lexie
Who at times was quite loud and pesky.
One day she unwisely challenged an Imm,
Who replied that her chance of survival was slim.
Faced with the wrath of Lloth's Avatar,
She implored aid from near and far.
Eight brave souls stood valiantly by her side,
With one true hero as their guide.
For him, she pledged her solemn oath
To be disciple, friend, and to remove that fungal growth.

A very special thanks to: Mael, Noctus, Clue, Katrana, Solaron,
Wylin, Anduin, and Artanis for being the bravest people in this realm.

Also, thank you to Lins, Khorlan, Bubba, Wistom, Armalag, Tyreth, and Manx
for massacring the oodles of rabid drow hunting me before the Avatar was unleashed.

P.S. There isn't really a growth, I just needed something to rhyme
with "oath" - I swear!

Current Description: 01/11/2003

During the Kidnapping of DarkClaw from her wedding:

You see before you a petite young woman with long blonde hair.
Her dark blue eyes gaze out toward the horizon as if she is looking for something...
or someone.
Lexie is in perfect health.

Lexie is using:
<used as light>     (Moderate magic) (Glowing) the Torch of the Snowdog
<worn on finger>    (Artifact magic) a thin pink ribbon, taken from a baby's bonnet
<worn on finger>    (Artifact magic) (Pulsing) the love of Vex
<worn around neck>  (Artifact magic) a Major Amulet of Health
<worn around neck>  (Glowing) an intricately woven batskin necklace
<worn on body>      (Artifact magic) (Heathen) (Coruscating) the Dark Embrace of her Sinner
<worn on head>      (Moderate magic) an animal hide cap
<worn on legs>      (Potent magic) a pair of heavy cloth pants
<worn on feet>      (Moderate magic) a pair of animal hide knee-high boots
<worn on hands>     (Moderate magic) a pair of quilted cloth formal gloves
<worn on arms>      (Moderate magic) a pair of fur armlets
<worn about body>   (Moderate magic) the Crest of Cormac
<worn about waist>  (Moderate magic) a quilted cloth sash
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) an animal hide bracer
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) a reinforced leather wrist guard
<wielded>           (Red Aura) (Artifact magic) (Heathen) Sinteris, the dread snake whip
<held>              (Moderate magic) (Heathen) a black bone staff
<worn with pride>   (Red Aura) a black spider silk baldric
<worn with pride>   (Artifact magic) (Glowing) a small pair of crossed swords

You peek at the inventory:
(Red Aura) a cell key on a chain
(Red Aura) a leather belt with skulls and scalps on it
(Token magic) a clear red potion
( 4) a saddlebag
( 7) an egg casing
(Potent magic) a brown potion with glowing swirls
(Token magic) (Glowing) (Humming) a bag of sand
a gigantic leaf
a dolphin hide bag

Dressing for the Kindred Masquerade Ball, 12/20/2014

You see before you a petite young woman with long blonde hair.
Her dark blue eyes scan the horizon, as if she is looking
for something ... or someone.

Lexie has a special twinkle in her eye.
Lexie is in perfect health.

Lexie is using:
<used as light>     (Red Aura) (Glowing) a red dragon's eye
<worn on finger>    (Artifact magic) a simple ring
<worn on finger>    (Artifact magic) (seared) a ring-shaped scar
<worn around neck>  (Artifact magic) a delicate yet seductive perfume
<worn on body>      a French Maid's Outfit
<worn on head>      a bloodstained white maid's cap with a pert white lace veil
<worn on legs>      some white lace stockings
<worn on feet>      (Artifact magic) a pair of black leather stiletto heels
<worn on arms>      (Artifact magic) The Emerald Vambraces
<worn about body>   a blood-spattered white lace apron
<worn about waist>  (Artifact magic) a tightly laced white velvet waist cincher
<wielded>           a cleaver
<held>              a bloody feather duster
<worn with pride>   (Glowing) the Brooch of the One Dwarf
<worn with pride>   (Glowing) the Brooch of the One Dwarf
<worn with pride>   5 medals, 2 badges, 16 pins, 18 ribbons

WHO Lists:

Lexie - WHO Lists

Character History:

(Written for the Thanksgiving Day Writing Contest, 2011):

As she rests by the crumbling breakwater, the twinkling star’s reflection in the water causes Flora to think back many years, to Cearn the 27th, The Fool's Errand, 10 am. It almost feels like it was yesterday – holding the newborn baby girl while her mistress slept in the next room. She smiled, thinking back to the cherub, a golden curl already had formed on the top of the baby’s head which could not help being twirled by anyone nearby. The master of the house, a wealthy merchant, prepared to leave on business for several weeks, but entrusted Flora and the rest of the staff with the care of his wife and newborn daughter, Lexie. “I will protect them with my life, Sir,” Flora remembers saying, as the master said his goodbyes to the family and staff.

A cloud passes overhead, and the reflection in the water disappears. Flora’s mind wanders again - six years later, to Dreade the 23rd, The Thawing Ice, 3pm. Flora found herself holding another newborn for her mistress and master: Lexie’s brother, Dun. Things were different now. Fearing for his family’s safety, Flora’s master had brought his pregnant wife, small child, and core staff, to a Halfling village far from their wealthy Human town. The village’s doctor, Shye, hid the family in a small home near the banks of the In’zerre. They needed to stay hidden, for the merchant had unwittingly discovered some of the most rare jewels, weapons, and equipment on a decaying corpse. Rumors of the find spread within the Thieves’ Guild. Flora sighs as she thinks back to the dark days that followed. She had been training Lexie in the ways of the thief since Lexie could barely walk. But Flora knew the little girl would need mage and warrior skills now.

So just a few weeks after Dun’s birth, Flora took the two children on their daily walk to the village. She introduced Lexie to the divine warrior. But while in his training room, Flora received the most dreadful news: ### A merchant of Kuroth killed by someone at the Banks of the In’zerre ###, followed seconds later by: ### The wife of a merchant killed by someone at a Small Home ###! The divine warrior guarded the trio as they quickly made their way to Shye’s office. Shye gave Flora a pouch of gold and jewels the merchant had given him weeks before, for just such an event, along with a note:

Flora, the gold and gems should maintain you, Lexie, and her brother or sister, for a lifetime. Keep up their training, be strict with Lexie. I know she can be stubborn, stomps her feet quite a bit, and shouts that silly, “GIRL POWER,” but as you know, she has a good heart. She knows where the treasures are hidden when the time is right. You have my eternal gratitude, Your Master

Tears fill her eyes as Flora remembers that letter. She stands abruptly, and under the full moonlit sky, walks barefoot along a sandy beach. Flora thinks of the mages in the Lineaoth Mines. She had rushed the children to the mages and priests deep within the mines, who grudgingly agreed to keep the trio safe with obscurity spells and wards of protection. Lexie and Dun could practice their mage abilities there, and their warrior/thief/thug skills in the dwarven camp. But Flora was saddened that the children would now be forced to live in the shadows, no longer able to walk peacefully, rarely seeing sunlight. The darkness seemed to comfort the children, however, and with her bubbly personality, Lexie quickly made friends with the dwarven children in the camp. As she grew older, Lexie befriended a dwarf named Zahar. Flora did not approve of the hot-headed dwarf, but as a shaman he could offer Lexie protection that Flora could not. Zahar swore to protect Lexie and her brother with his life, and so he did for several years. When Zahar left on a long journey, Flora knew it broke Lexie’s heart. But Flora insisted Lexie stay within the safety of the valley and continue her training. Lexie started sneaking out of the mines, much to Flora’s consternation and dismay. She discovered that Lexie had been meeting secretly with the immortal Kim, who planned on becoming an evil Demigoddess. While it worried Flora, it also granted her some relief, knowing Lexie would be protected and Flora could focus her attentions on keeping Dun in line. He had harbored extreme resentment toward those still unknown persons that killed his parents, and seemed hell-bent on finding them, putting them all at great risk…

Flora stops when she spots a perfectly-shaped clam. She uses her dagger to open it and finds a beautiful grey pearl inside, a silvery sheen to it… Almost like the sheen of a thief’s dagger – Lexie’s first dagger. Lexie, with her long, golden tresses, and sparkling deep blue eyes, was certainly deceptive at first glance. One would hardly think she was an expert thief. Flora was so proud of Lexie’s accomplishments, but at the same time, worried that the attention Lexie received would alert those that still hunted her and her brother. Flora remembers how excited Lexie was, worshiping Kim and learning new mage and warrior skills weekly. It was there that Lexie met the handsome Triston, also a mage, warrior, thief. His reputation preceded him, however, as an incredible flirt! Flora was more than a little concerned for her beloved brat, Lexie. Yet, Triston took very good care of his “Blue Eyes,” as she never died in his presence - to mortals, anyway. Flora smiled to herself as she remembered the countless times Lexie got into trouble with invisible immortals.

When Kim retired, Lexie followed Triston to the Darkness and Kerriariadne - how fitting for one who grew up in the darkness of mines in order to survive, thought Flora. Lately, she had spent less and less time worrying about Lexie, and more time just visiting with her at the Café in the Gardens. Lexie loved the croissants there and Flora enjoyed seeing her little Lexie out in the sunshine once again. Their discussions inevitably turned to Lexie’s brother, Dun. He was straying along a malevolent path, still filled with rage and revenge. Lexie said she tried to speak with Dun many times about letting go of the hate, but it was as if he was in a trance of some sort. Lexie implored Flora to keep him safe, and she assured the concerned sister that he was. But truthfully, Flora had lost track of the boy’s whereabouts a few weeks beforehand. Flora reminded Lexie it was a time for celebration, as both she and Triston reached maximum levels in all three classes: mage, warrior, and thief. Flora was thrilled, as they could finally wed and Lexie could recover the treasures her father left hidden many years ago.

Returning to the crumbling breakwater, Flora rests upon a boulder, her gaze once again fixed on the inky blackness of the ocean. Flora’s mind wanders back to Triston’s absence. She hadn’t seen Lexie so upset, ever, and there was little Flora could do to cheer her up. She suggested Lexie try more of the quests in the realm, and it seemed to distract the girl, bringing out her competitive spirit. The Ironwolf clan took a special interest in Lexie, offering their protection as both friends and allies as she raced around the realm on various quest tasks. Flora was quite pleased also with the friends Lexie had made in Darkness and Fate: Indiga, Selune, and DarkClaw. Flora recalls the group shouting, “GIRL POWER!” over … and over. Oh, and who could forget Lexie’s visits to the Preacher’s mobile confessional, though his sermons and sacraments of penance rarely did any good when it came to her. Ahh, those were the days, indeed, thought Flora. Lexie was happy again, and that made Flora happy.

The twinkling water laps against the rocks at Flora’s feet. The stars above shine brightly, and Flora’s jeweled dagger sparkles as she scrapes barnacles off the surrounding stones. Lexie’s eyes sparkled as brightly as those stars overhead when she told Flora the wonderful news she and Vex Ironwolf, the Grim Warder, were getting married. Lexie had recovered the treasured items several days before and was now wearing the full set. There was little Lexie feared now, but Flora still feared for the girl’s safety. She kept in daily contact with Lexie, worried that she had those ancient treasures on full display, notwithstanding Vex’s vigilance. Lexie was always oblivious to danger, especially at this time.

An enormous griffon overhead blocks out the moon and stars – Flora hides between the larger boulders. Total darkness now. Total darkness then… the day Lexie literally vanished without a trace. Vex went in search for her, and he too vanished without a trace. It was a devastating blow to both Flora and Dun. They spent years searching for the pair, to no avail. Suddenly, Vex re-appeared, but still no Lexie. He left again to search for her and this time brought her back, barely alive, completely naked, and no memory of what had happened. The treasured items her father gave her were all gone, but at least she was alive! Flora’s eyes welled up with tears when she saw the pale, bony young woman - a ghost of her former self. She, Vex, and Dun slowly nursed Lexie back to health at Flora’s secret ocean side bungalow. Physically she recovered, but even today Flora catches Lexie looking out toward the ocean with a look of terror in her eyes. Her night watch almost over, Flora waits for Dun U’in, Fearless Mage of the Nashite Magi, to wake up and begin his rounds. Whatever took his sister Lexie is still out there, and still hunting her. Later, the Grim Warder will take over the watch. Flora will make sure that Lexie is never lost again.


  • Lexie kidnapped DarkClaw from her own wedding and held her hostage, making demands on the groom, [Garland]]. Several attendees from the wedding went in search of the kidnapper, and made it clear that DarkClaw would be freed- ideally by force. Eventually, the bride-to-be was rescued without bloodshed. Since that time, Lexie refers to DarkClaw as "my pet."
  • Lexie is listed on Plaque24 of the Room of Records for her participation in the Golem Wars.
  • Lexie is listed on Plaque25 of the Room of Records for her participation in the Kobold Movers Quest.
  • Lexie is listed on Plaque26 of the Room of Records for her participation in the Team PK contest.
  • Lexie appears throughout the Quotables - in fact, she was the Most Quoted person of 2002, appearing in 11 Quotables, just barely beating out Abe and Natilena, who both had 10 mentions.
  • Lexie sent in an entry for the Top 10 Reasons You Don't Want Khore to Run A Quest
  • Lexie is mentioned specifically in the temple of Triston, the Den of Iniquity.
  • For reaching level 50 after 1273 hours, on April 12, 2002, Lexie is listed in the TFC Hall of Fame.
  • Lexie received votes for Most Lovable Mortal in BlissPoll 2000A.
  • Lexie received votes for, "Who Fears You Most?" in BlissPoll 2002A.
  • Lexie received votes for Most Helpful and Most Generous Mortal in BlissPoll 2002B.
  • Lexie commissioned Samiyah to write a song about her favorite topic: Lexie-ish Things

Player Provided Information:

Lexie LOVED to be spanked by the Preacher. Literally and metaphorically.

Lexie once helped me find a mob that had eluded me for some time. As a bard, I spend quite a bit of time on mobhunts, mobmasteries, and hunting down mobs with scores. To have a mob that no one can find for months on end was frustrating. After showing me the mob (a baby chick), she confessed that she'd found it because she loved to mark the room next door: The Poop Deck. "I like typing c port poop," she said. I have a little giggle every time I wander by. Thanks, Lexie!


Lexie ftells (in common), 'and for some reason...the vision of my arch-nemesis...Mount Buttercup...popped in my head'] (11/20/2011)

Personal Timeline:

2000 - 2001

03/17/2000: Lexie reaches effective 20th level.
09/06/2001: Lexie levels to 10 /24/24.
10/01/2001: [3] Lexie: Okk's "Saya" group = Kahn in disguise / Mon Oct 1 01:14:16 2001 / To: all / Please be aware that members of the "Saya" clan of Okk's following will do whatever they can to help the pk'ers in Kahn initiate an attack on an innocent victim. Do not trust anyone with "Saya" in title.
10/05/2001: Lexie gossips (in orc), 'I learned Orc today'.
10/14/2001: Lexie reaches Wa:14 Th:24 Ma:24.
[473] Lexie: Re: Darkness Change / Sun Oct 14 13:19:35 2001 / To: all / Viewing Status: ALL / I am not in favor of changing the darkness spell at all. Even as modified, it costs 50 mana to cast darkness. If the mage becomes hungry or thirsty, their mana regen lessens dramatically. They must leave the darkened room to eat or drink, and the darkness would then cease, thereby costing another 50 mana to reset darkness. Further, while the shaman and cleric classes have spells to completely eliminate ghosts (haunt and turning), the mage does not. Darkness is the only defense against ghosts, and it is only a temporary defense at that.
10/23/2001: Lexie is set upon by a series of Drow, which ends with Mael bravely being killed by Lloth's Avatar.
10/24/2001: [21] Lexie: The Avatar / Wed Oct 24 20:32:09 2001 / To: all / Warning: I am poem-impaired. Read at own risk.
There once was a girl named Lexie Who at times was quite loud and pesky.
One day she unwisely challenged an Imm, Who replied that her chance of survival was slim.
Faced with the wrath of Lloth's Avatar, She implored aid from near and far.
Eight brave souls stood valiantly by her side, With one true hero as their guide.
For him, she pledged her solemn oath To be disciple, friend, and to remove that fungal growth.
A very special thanks to: Mael, Noctus, Clue, Katrana, Solaron, Wylin, Anduin, and Artanis for being the bravest people in this realm. Also, thank you to Lins, Khorlan, Bubba, Wistom, Armalag, Tyreth, and Manx for massacring the oodles of rabid drow hunting me before the Avatar was unleashed. P.S. There isn't really a growth, I just needed something to rhyme with "oath" - I swear!
12/1/01 - Kim is promoted to Demigoddess. She starts a neutral evil sword following called the Slaves of the Heart. Her initial following description is: "Let the others quibble about logic and thought: The Slaves of the Heart have not lost sight of what is truly important - the wants and desires and emotions of the heart. If it feels good, do it! When things aren't fun any more, why do them?" Lexie is her first worshipper, Triston her second.


01/20/2002: Lexie reaches Wa:23 Th:24 Ma:24, and completes mobmaster 40 (a student).
01/22/2002: Lexie, the First Slave Mistress of Kim, levels to Wa:24\Th:24\Ma:24.
02/01/2002: Lexie levels twice to reach Wa:27\Th:24\Ma:24.
02/07/2002: Lexie levels to Ma:25\Th:24\Wa:27.
02/09/2002: Lexie reaches Ma:26 Th:24 Wa:27, and begins meteor swarming in the temple area. The ghost of Valo begins haunting her. Keat gossips (in common), 'ghost of valo keeps fleeing.. :('. 'its all lexie's fault..'. Anduin gossips (in elven), 'Keat should haunt him with it :)'. Keat gossips (in common), 'ghost of valo worth 200xp.. thanks :)'.
02/14/2002: Lexie levels to Th:24\Wa:27\Ma:27.
02/16/2002: Lexie levels to Th:25\Wa:27\Ma:27.
02/18/2002: Lexie levels to Th:26\Wa:27\Ma:27.
02/20/2002: Lexie ascends to Th:27\Wa:27\Ma:27.
02/23/2002: Lexie reaches Wa:28 Th:27 Ma:27. Triston and Lexie leave the Slaves of the Heart, and join Kerriariadne.
02/25/2002: Lexie completes mobmaster 44, and is later sure that Shon is haunting her. She is then besieged by ghosts (all at once), and her title is changed to "I ain't afraid of no ghost". Eventually the staypuft marshmallow man comes to hunt her as well. Lexie gossips (in common), 'The staypuft marshmallow man says, come fight me', and her title becomes "hides in a Dark corner, afraid of the ghosts"
02/28/2002: Lexie reaches Wa:29 Th:27 Ma:27.
03/05/2002: Lexie reaches Wa:30 Th:27 Ma:27 and gets 20hp & a train.
03/08/2002: Gunner, Isolas, Kelanea, Lexie and Kaleyah finally managed to kill Bethany... and as Fate would have it, she ghosted! All the while, a certain Anathema (*cough*Kain*cough*) was harassing the group. Kaleyah, Keat, Indiga, Solaron, Famine and Lexie, having enjoyed their epic battle against Bethany, continue the rampage by killing Justice.
03/13/2002: Lexie slays the sailor for MM# and Ma:28\Th:27\Wa:30 .
03/16/2002: Lexie levels to Ma:29\Th:27\Wa:30. Kaleyah reports that "Triston and Lexie extricated me from the longship, where I badrecalled into a locked noteleport norecall room."
03/19/2002: Lexie is the topic of a post by Triston entitled, My Blue Eyes.
. Lexie's title is changed by a god+ to "Lexie's heart is beaten to a pulp by a mad god." (removing references that it was being haunted by Triston's ghost.) Lexie saves Kaleyah from Landru's Office area - a no recall, no teleport area.
03/22/2002: Lexie kills Khore and Triston!
03/30/2002: Lexie levels to Th:28\Wa:30\Ma:30 and completes mobmaster 58.
04/03/2002: Triston asked Lexie to marry him, offering her a chocolate dipped cookie and she said yes! ( <worn on body> (Artifact magic) (Heathen) (Chocolate-dipped) a large cookie). Coincidentally, Zahar logs on for "the first time in eons" and flips out when he hears the news. His first note on the topic is deleted, so he posts a second: Zahar: me again - Wed Apr 3 17:54:30 2002 - To: lexie all - Unfortunately my note was sticken before many people got to read it : ( It is not my fault that women are unfaithful... But I will say no more on this matter as not to anger the gods. So I hope everyone had a happy passover and easter! - Z
04/05/2002: Lexie cants, 'fear me!' so a god does.
04/06/2002: Lexie levels to Th:29\Wa:30\Ma:30.
04/10/2002: Lexie retrieved Fraser's corpse from Kharad Delving, and she & Triston gave just about everything back.
04/12/2002: Lexie reaches effective 50th (Th:30 Wa:30 Ma:30)!
05/21/2002: Lexie gets several goofy locations quests in a row, such as lower hall and midgaard.
05/23/2002: The remaining rounds of the 3rd annual golem wars are held, and the winner is The Fiesty Fiend! (Built by Lexie, Wyn & Selene; it is Kerriariadne's official golem).
06/16/2002: Lexie posts some questions for Tamar.
06/19/2002: Armalag posts a note answering Lexie's questions from 6/17.
06/28/2002: Lexie "forget what #86 was, but MM#87 was Divine Theologian". At one point in the day, Lexie's title is changed to "Lexie doesn't love you anymore. GET OVER IT!" by mysterious and unnamed forces.
07/06/2002: Lexie cants, 'i'm just not going to cant on cant anymore and all those itty bitty thieves out there wont get to hear the glorious canting of a canter'.
07/30/2002: Marius of Darkness dies in Demon Realm. Solaron, Lexie, and Abe head into Demon Realm to get the corpse. After about twenty minutes of them killing demons, Lins walks in and picks up the corpse for the CR.
08/01/2002: [ 27] Lexie: Now that the Booga has spoken... / Thu Aug 1 21:38:55 2002 / To: all / Two days ago, a newbie died in Demon Realm...Grungar I believe. He gossiped incessantly for a CR, quite understandable. After some time passed, and still no CR had been successful, I had canted that it seemed a girl must go in and take care of this, and so I went. When I first walked into Demon Realm, no corpse had been located by any of the group there. I was searching for some time as were the others in Demon Realm. I was aware two other corpses were there, and while it was not my priority to find them, if I did, *I* planned on returning them. Galithandril died in there too and so when I went back in a second time, I was looking for yet another corpse because I did not know immediately that either Grungar or Gali's corpses had been recovered. Kantor joined the search in there and at some point told me both corpses were found. I was relieved and ready to go. I saw the group move past me and thought I could get Galithandril's corpse right then. I moved and landed in Zul's chamber and there was Mandrake's corpse. I got the corpse, and being no fool with Zul, darkened and jumped. I don't recall my exact words, but I ftelled that I got a corpse. I admit, I was excited at the prospect of teasing Mandrake once I portaled back, hoping I could make him a slave for a day or sing over gossip for the return of his corpse. But when I checked inventory when I got back to guild, there was no corpse. I tried to make the best of the predicament I now faced...as you can now see why I chose not to say anything at the time. My Lord was invisible to the realm, he was in control of the corpse. I needed to leave and could not stay to see what could be done. I obey my Lord in all things and chose not to speak about this until He had spoken. I am very sorry this caused distress to Mandrake, but I do not appreciate the false accusations thrown at me. You should, all who know me, know that I NEVER sell eq, I give it freely (well with a special inscription maybe) to anyone that is in need. I am here to id items, give spells, enchant weapons...and do I ever ask for money or items in trade? Think of this next time you accuse me. My reasons for being Evil are solely for my family, whom I cherish and seek only to protect. Do not assume all who wear a red aura are corpse looters.
08/20/2002: Cordir runs a quest, and first place is won by "The Three Ladies (and a wolf)" - consisting of Marisa, Lexie, DogDaze and Vex. Lexie and Vex are briefly locked into a Jail Cell.
09/04/2002: Lexie kills "the guildmaster ... ranger one in LL" for MM#89.
09/05/2002: Various mobs from Velalasir keep attacking the temple area: (Translucent) (Light Red Aura) (White Aura) The High Priestess of Lloth snarls at your intrusion! ... and they turned into ghosts almost every time they were slain... Abe, Gytar, Lexie, Vex, Rubicant, Mordith, and others had fun fending off the invasion. Lexie has successfully killed a mobmastery target for level 90 - the divine clairvoyant.. whichsparks a chat on gossip about language.
09/06/02: Lexie cants, 'where is a hairy spider!'. Someone cants, 'your armpit'.
09/07/2002: Pardoquilian bad recalls to the Strands. A CR is performed by Mordith and Abe, with Lexie, Vex, and Rubicant luring the demons out of the way. 09/14/2002: Lexie completes mobmaster 92 (Jair the Librarian).
09/15/2002: Lexie breaks the sailing ship by killing the Captain, who fails to repop properly. without its captain, the ship will not sail. ### Lexie killed by Tynian at The Crest of Took Hill Lexie cants, 'Lesson for the day'. Lexie cants, 'first, do not break the sailing ship'. Wunk cants, 'don't piss off Cordir?'. Lexie cants, 'two, do not say Tynian's first rift was not so bad'. Wunk cants, 'off rather'. Tokugawa cants, 'haha'. Lexie cants, 'because the second will surely kill'.
09/18/2002: Belsambar levels to Ra:24\Ma:20; this is pronounced a miracle by several present. The level also makes Lexie REALLY happy since she can now "stalk" him.
09/21/2002: Lexie cants, 'where I am, celibacy is uninvited'.
09/23/2002: Lexie completes mobmasters 93 thru 96 (divine thief, Slue, Amirth & Scriem).
09/25/2002: Lexie gets a 6 point LQ for 956 points total.
09/26/2002: On this date, Lexie is #23 on the EXP Ranks, #6 on the Location Quest ranks, #2 on the mob hunt ranks and #4 on the Mob Mastery ranks.
09/30/2002: A game of Mob Hunt ends in round 5: Lexie won with 36 points, and Alucard came in second with 0 points.
10/06/2002: ### Lexie tells Clumsyfool, 'Spank me baby']
10/14/2002: Lexie reports, "I got Mistyfier's corpse from Plague's Chamber (Demon Realm) in 10 minutes. Then Fastq decided to be a brat, and Lexie and Lins both died to Ramona since Ramona didn't suffer the lag we did So it took me literally 3 rl hours to CR Lins corpse in Skull top but i got it and returned intact! " 10/15/2002: Lexie actually spots the elusive Jungle Master, who then beats his drum three times and disappears in a cloud of smoke.
10/27/2002: Lexie performs a CR for Persephone today, when the Fater goes afk, thinking she was in her temple (but one room out), and went AFK with a haunting ghost on her. Lexie ran up and grabbed the corpse before others could, returning it.
10/29/2002: What is believed to be the highest combined score on a mobhunt occured today... The game ended after round 8. Lexie took first place with 177 points and Noctus came in second with 174'.
11/01/2002: Cordir runs another contest involving teleports, trivia, and scavenger hunting. Despite much grumbling about the trivia, Mael wins, Quarnel gets second place, and Lexie takes third. Khore provides spiffy prizes. ### INFO: Lexie's chances of winning this quest killed by Khore at The Void.
11/04/2002: Lexie performs a CR for Stalkr when he dies to Frisnor. Lexie has become a miscreant.
11/06/2002: Kerriariadne gossips, 'I hereby formally decree, announce, make known, publicize, and otherwise run my mouth...' Kerriariadne gossips, 'That Vex and Lexie have my permission to marry! MUHA!' (Vex & Lexie get permission to marry from the Booga, which somehow leads to the entire mud being turned into a newt.) 11/08/2002: DarkwingDuck 'steals' a hug from Lexie, intended for DarkClaw, assisted by the abbreviation code. A game of Mob Hunt concludes at round 3. Lexie won with 10 points and Garland came in second with 0 points.
11/09/2002: Lexie completes mobmasters 98 & 99 (the Clerk & Captain Niall). Lexie gossips (in common), 'found the dragon turtle that anni'd me a bunch :( But I just had some dragon turtle soup....and it was yummy'.
11/10/2002: Lexie gets MM #100 - Borlan and MM #101 - Magistrate.
11/21/2002: Lexie gains MM#101 and #102!
11/27/2002: ### INFO: Lexie has successfully killed a mobmastery target for level 104. ( Your vampiric touch mauls the Magistrate. You gain 11 hit points! Your pierce MASSACRES the Magistrate. The Magistrate is DEAD!! Congratulations! You have killed your target. You receive 3184 experience points.) She then fibs a lot, claiming that no, Vex didn't give her any Heals to help her with the fight.
12/05/2002: A game of Mob Hunt ends in round 6: Sicarian won with 48 points and Lexie came in second with 33 points. Lexie has scored 10 points on a location quest (1063 points total).
12/06/2002: Cordir runs a game of Teleport, and Quarnel is the winner, getting a rift for a prize. Other competitors winning points on the scoreboard were Vex, Sylt, Traume, and Drakar. During the quest, Lexie is removed from it after being the one who asked for a game in the first place, because she gossips "bah!" to Vex and Sylt everytime they get a point. (Guess she should have been gossiping to Quarnel instead :P) Anyway, Lexie's the worst bad sport Marisa's ever seen: Hum [ Wa:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] Lexie, CEO of Bad Sport, Inc. [104] --*Vex*--. Quarnel and Lexie CR'ed Drakar's corpse from Velalisier.
12/07/2002: Lexie completes at least seven Location quests, bringing her total to 1217 points.
12/09/2002: Lexie starts a company: "Bad Sport, Inc". Lorax joins her company, becoming its Financial Officer. A game of mob hunt ends in round 6: Maimer won with 36 points and Lexie came in second with 27 points. Lexie cants, 'I was rifted repeatedly by unknown sources of evil'. Lexie cants, 'merely for singing a song'. Lexie cants, 'bah!'. Lexie cants, 'doh'. (as she is rifted again)
12/11/2002: Lexie actually has to use a recall potion.
12/12/2002: Lexie holds a naming contest for her pet ferret.
12/15/2002: Lexie becomes a miscreant, and blames it on her latest pet, Chia. A game of Mob Hunt ends in round 2. Lexie won with 7 points and Boyardee came in second with 0 points.
12/16/2002: Lexie and Wunk both get handed nodrops, and Wunk discovers you can wear sheep poo on your feet.
12/18/2002: [12] Lexie: An Ode to the Suicide Mage / Wed Dec 18 04:53:33 2002 / To: all /
He laughs in the face of death, And is rarely one to guild sit.
Curious one day to smell Scrie's breath, Scrie, of course, would have none of it.
So off on new adventures, he did prance Til one day he decided the Third Floor
Was where he wanted to dance. Oh my, before my eyes there were goodies galore!
Christmas comes early for one naughty girl. Many thanks to that suicidal fellow,
Who walks into rooms that make a sane mage's hair curl. Please keep up the adventures and never mellow.


01/06/2003 - Lexie kills the jungle master. 01/08/2003: Lexie and Uriel kill the tempest just for fun.
01/11/2003: Lexie kidnaps DarkClaw from her wedding. 01/23/2003: Lexie reports, 'Oh and I'm going to stab Rubicant when I see him'.
01/30/2003: Lexie cants, 'quickly some god+ sleep Vex'. and quickly finds HERSELF slept instead.
02/03/2003: Lexie goes nuts on the typo list (even more so than normal) and later finds out that every one has been fixed.
02/23/2003: Lexie cants, 'I honestly think there are no more typos in this entire realm' Tynian cants, 'Not to worry. I'm adding a few here and there, just to keep the typo industry going.'.
03/06/2003: Lexie posts an "important notice". 03/12/2003: Maeron and Lexie go up against the Ancient Blue Dragon to perform a CR for Trell.
04/03/2003: Boromir dies in Jester's Keep to the Billow Weeds and Lexie & Vex perform the CR.
04/06/2003: Lexie is the first to complete mobmaster 105! (Ramona, and she uses over 100kg of magical stuff in order to do so.)
04/07/2003: Lexie slaps Avangeline around for MM #106.
04/11/2003: Lexie completes mobmasters 110 & 111 (also Scriem).
05/02/2003: Valin reports that, 'Wish attacked.. I tele'd to Zul... got killed and Lexie and Alucard beat Tylorn and Wish to corpse'. 5/21/2003: Lexie is the first to complete mobmaster 112! (as well as #113 - they were a a vile sea creature and the veil of fog).
05/24/2003: Lexie completes mobmaster 114 (some slime mold).
05/26/2003: Bophal dies to the Dark Horrifying Essence and Lexie performs the CR. Vex reports that he CR'd Lexie in the Dragon Tower. Lexie completes mobmaster 115 (the ebon dragon).
10/19/2003: Lexie cants, 'god!'. 'remind me not to spy on immortals any more :P' after dying 3 quick deaths in a row to Tokugawa, Tamar and then Kerriariadne because she info'd them. As far as her corpses go, Someone cants, 'You gotta play a game, three corpses shuffle them between you then let her pick one person..'. 'Then she gets the corpse back that person is holding!'.
10/23/2003 - Lexie posts the hilarious War of the Words to the TFC forums.


06/23/2004: Lexie passes the 5000 point mark in mobhunt points.
06/29/2004: Cordir runs a mini trivia/object quest, and the winner is Lexie.
07/01/2004: Lexie passes the 5000 point mark in location quest points.
07/04/2004: Three days after hitting the 5000 point mark in location quest, Lexie passes TEN thousand points.
07/16/2004: Lexie hits 15001 location quest points.
8/9/04 - Lexie appears on four of the five Rank Listings from this day.
8/31/2004: Lexie passes the 6000 point mark in mobhunt points.

2011 - 2012:

11/09/2011: Lexie is restored. 11/10/2011: Lexie worships Isolas
11/27/2011: Lexie celebrates her 1800th birthday.
12/04/2011: Lexie is rejected by Isolas.
12/13/2011: Lexie worships Boromir but he doesn't accept her.
12/23/2011: Lexie gives her worship to Isolas, becoming one of the Magi.
05/23/2012: Lexie celebrates her 2201th birthday!