A Visit to the Doctor

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Notes: What follows is a series of three logs, all around the same time and events. Principle participants include Kestrel, DarkClaw, Nameless Demonspawn, Gwyrdain and Demian. DarkClaw was struggling with her feelings for [Nameless, and Kestrel sat her down for a chat. This log was edited shortly after it was made, to create more of a ‘story’ style read, with language indicators removed and emotes and says combined for flow. (Regarding the title - Kestrel was a very 'motherly' figure/persona, and had been given the nickname, 'Doctor of Mud Ills' by Madman.) - Cordir 13:13, 22 May 2012 (MST)

Part 1: DarkClaw & Kestrel

The Smouldering Remains of a Temple [Exits: west]
Charred and shattered marble surround a huge crater in the middle of the temple, the outward sign of the cataclysmic fury that rained down upon this place. Just standing here you wonder if you too are tempting the same fate as met whoever once roamed this place...but roams this world no more.
(Red Aura) DarkClaw is here.

DarkClaw says ‘(Sorry… lagging HORRIBLY!)’

Kestrel says 'I understand.. I will go slowly, if need be.. But we need to talk.' Kestrel gracefully sits, arranging her skirts. Then she tilts her head to one side, considering DarkClaw, and raises one brow, silently questioning.

DarkClaw nods.

Kestrel says softly, "Will you speak with me about Nameless?"

DarkClaw says quietly, ‘What do you wish to know?’

Kestrel folds her hands, and places them in her lap, then looked at DarkClaw, searchingly, eloquently. Kestrel delicately questions, "What... are your feelings for him? Your tone indicates...” Kestrel pauses, then continues, "Something... very strong."

DarkClaw says quietly, ‘Nameless has done more for me than anyone in this realm...’

Kestrel raises one brow, silently questioning.

DarkClaw nods.

Kestrel says 'May I ask? Please understand something, DarkClaw.. I am not a judge.. I am not a jury. I am not.. Polnevdra, who sometimes becomes more priestess than woman..’

DarkClaw smirks.

Kestrel says 'I am first and formost, MINE, then Nash's, then Gryphon's.. So... talk to me. Woman to woman. Fear not that your words will be used against you... or him.’

DarkClaw says quietly, ‘If you must know, Kestrel, I love Nameless...although I couldn't admit it till today...’

Kestrel says 'The shock of his death? Did that force you to realize?’

DarkClaw says quietly, ‘Possibly...’

Kestrel nods, almost imperceptibly. Kestrel says softly, "It was much the same, with Gryphon and I..."

DarkClaw says quietly, ‘I had no clue till today, also, that Khore and Nash were having problems...’

Kestrel says softly, "I denied it, over and over.. until I almost lost him to Immortality.."

Kestrel nods in understanding and agreement.

DarkClaw grumbles. DarkClaw nods in recognition to you.

Kestrel says 'That... will be rather of a problem.. Khore... does not like Nashites.. And I do not believe he sees any difference, despite aura, between the Fellowship and the Conclave. We will try and correct that impression, but it will take time. In the mean time.. Should you and Nameless.... '. Kestrel pauses delicately. Kestrel looks down at her hands. Kestrel looks up, meets DarkClaw's eyes, searching them. Kestrel says softly, "Follow your heart, dear child."

DarkClaw shakes her head.

Kestrel says softly, "But know.. he... will be torn. Either way... he will be hurt."

DarkClaw says quietly, ‘It's going to hurt either way...’ DarkClaw nods.

DarkClaw says '(*chuckle*)'.

Kestrel says softly, "He will not ... allow himself...” She pauses, and tries to find the right words.

DarkClaw raises a brow.

Kestrel says 'I have watched Nameless... Now and again, when he knew it not. I have always been intrigued by him. 'His.. sorrow.. his passion.. his... utter lack of self-value.’

DarkClaw nods.

Kestrel says 'He CANNOT, and WILL NOT see that he does have value.’

DarkClaw says 'Well-said...’

Kestrel says 'That...’ Kestrel smiles sadly. Kestrel murmurs softly, "That is your task to Heal, dear child." Kestrel lays one hand on her breast over her heart. Kestrel says softly, "I am the Healer of the Fellowship.. healing hearts, souls, minds, bodies...."

DarkClaw says quietly, ‘I'm afraid I won't be able to...we both know that Khore will not allow this to continue...’

Kestrel says softly, "But Nameless... driven as he is... I cannot heal..."

DarkClaw says quietly, ‘As much as it will hurt myself as well...’

Kestrel says sharply, "Stop right there, young lady!"

DarkClaw tenses slightly.

Kestrel reaches out and grasps DarkClaw's chin, and raises her eyes to her own. Raising one brow, silently questioning, she tilts her head to one side gazing sharply at DarkClaw. Kestrel says 'Now.. you just told me that you love that boy. Did you lie?’

DarkClaw shakes her head. DarkClaw says 'Never...’

Kestrel nods slowly. Kestrel says 'Yet... you're .. that.. willing to give him up? Without a fight?' Kestrel holds DarkClaw's gaze uncompromisingly.

DarkClaw sighs, her fiery red eyes flashing for a moment. DarkClaw says quietly, ‘I stand no chance against Khore...’

Kestrel says equally quietly, "Though a Vampyre, I think Khore understands Passion as well..."

Kestrel says softly, "We shall just have to speak with Him, shan't we?

DarkClaw nods. DarkClaw says quietly, ‘I had planned on it...’

Kestrel says 'Don't give up on Nameless... not just yet..." Kestrel smiles quirkily.

DarkClaw smiles slightly.

Kestrel chuckles softly under her breath. Kestrel murmurs softly, "Oh, the times I wanted to clobber Gryph over the head.." Kestrel smiles softly, reminiscing..

DarkClaw smirks.

Kestrel says 'Men are difficult.. and you have Chosen one of the tougher ones.. He.. has many, many wounds. He can be hurt.. with a single word, glance...’

DarkClaw says 'Perhaps...that is why I'm drawn to him...’

Kestrel looks at DarkClaw's fangs. Kestrel says 'There is a bit of the beast in both of you....A bit of the angel, as well. Though, Nameless cannot see his own value.’

DarkClaw says 'He is scared of me...literally...’

Kestrel says 'And that.. as he seeks Perfection.. he..

DarkClaw sighs loudly.

Kestrel chuckles softly. Kestrel says 'Dear, you're a VAMPIRE... it is WISE to fear vampires..’

DakClaw chuckles, evidently amused. DarkClaw says 'I suppose...’

Kestrel says 'But you're probably the first woman toward whom he's had feelings.. EVER.’

DarkClaw raises a brow.

Kestrel says 'Most do not see past the exterior.. I didn't, almost. It took a long time for me to see his value, for I was repulsed by his self-hatred and kept away but eventually..’ Kestrel smiles happily. Kestrel says 'I came to realize it.’

DarkClaw smiles happily. DarkClaw says 'His heart is one of Gold... Perhaps something more valuable...

Kestrel chuckles softly. Kestrel says 'no, dear... his heart is Silver..’

DarkClaw smirks.

Kestrel says 'I hope you will forgive my meddling..’ Kestrel smiles softly.

DarkClaw says 'On the contrary...I needed the talk...’

Kestrel says 'I see myself as something of a mother to all of the Fellowship.. even though only one of them is my actual child..’

DarkClaw smiles happily.

Kestrel blushes pink, and says, 'But isn't he a wonderful one?'

DarkClaw says 'Which one?’

Kestrel says 'Have you met Wren?’

DarkClaw shakes her head. DarkClaw says 'I'm afraid not.’

Kestrel says 'The Paladin of the Silver Fellowship is my son, Wren.’

DarkClaw says 'Until today, The only Nashite I had spoken to was Nameless...’

Kestrel beams proudly. Kestrel nods in understanding and agreement. Kestrel says 'Speak with Gwyrdain, some time... '.

DarkClaw chuckles, evidently amused.

Kestrel says 'I have heard he is quite honorable..’

DarkClaw says 'I had forgotten about Gwyrdain...him as well'.

Kestrel says 'I have spoken with the Lich, once or twice.. It was rather... interesting.’

DarkClaw sighs loudly. DarkClaw says 'This is going to be EXTREMELY hard...’

Kestrel raises one brow, silently questioning. Kestrel says softly, "What is, child? For nameless? Or against Nash?’

DarkClaw says 'For Nameless...’

Kestrel nods in understanding and agreement. Kestrel says 'I recommend... that you be an iceberg.’ Kestrel smiles softly.

DarkClaw raises a brow, confused.

Kestrel says 'Slow. Steady. Unstoppable. '

DarkClaw says 'Iceberg?’ DarkClaw nods.

Kestrel says 'Constant... not violent, not sudden, nothing startling.. just ever present.. ever persistent. I have said far too much. I am a meddling old woman.’

DarkClaw chuckles, evidently amused. DarkClaw shakes her head.

Kestrel laughs softly. Kestrel says 'But.. I can't help it... I love a good love story.’

DarkClaw says 'Your words are welcomed...and much appreciated.’

Kestrel says 'And Romeo and Juliet.... did not have it harder...’ Kestrel gestures, and fills the room with moonlight. Kestrel tips DarkClaw's chin up and examines her face. Kestrel says 'You're all shadows, girl... one can't properly look at you..’ Kestrel reaches out, gesturing for DarkClaw's hands. Kestrel says 'Or is that the point? A shadow? '.

DarkClaw offers her hands..

Kestrel takes DarkClaw's hands, examining them.

DarkClaw says 'Not sure...my life has taken on a whole new meaning now...

Kestrel nods in understanding and agreement. Kestrel turns over one hand and examines the palm. She traces the lines on DarkClaw's hand, then frowns and looks closer.

DarkClaw raises a brow questioningly.

Kestrel chuckles softly. Kestrel says 'Silly me..’

DarkClaw says 'What is it you seek?’

Kestrel says 'Of course you have a split life line.. you're a vampire.. silly me.’

DarkClaw says 'Not only that...but I have two forms as well.’ DarkClaw smiles happily.

Kestrel says 'I was looking at your love line.’ Kestrel drops the hand, sits back, obviously waiting. Kestrel raises an eyebrow.

DarkClaw says 'What did you see?’

Kestrel chuckles softly. Kestrel says 'What WILL I see? Would you change?" Kes grins happily. Kestrel says 'THEN I'll tell you..’

DarkClaw laughs. DarkClaw says 'It's nothing fancy, Kestrel...just a mere black tiger... Nameless hasn't even seen...’

Kestrel chuckles softly at your understatement... Kestrel says 'A 'mere' black tiger... ‘ Kestrel chuckles softly.

DarkClaw grins, whipping her raven-colored hair to one side.

Kestrel says 'We all have beasts, DarkClaw....some are internal.. some are external..’

DarkClaw says 'Agreed...’

Kestrel says 'The honesty lies with admitting.. where our own beast lies.. For me... it is internal. I’m... well..... rather bad tempered and. hasty sometimes. I need to work on that.’

DarkClaw smiles happily. DarkClaw says 'I'm sure we all are....depending on the situation...’

Kestrel says, “Nameless sees those qualities in himself, and thinks it some sort of proof of demonic taint.. rather than HUMANITY...Rather than proof that he is MORE than demon.. rather than LESS Than human. Perhaps you could point that out.. Does he not feel shamed when he exhibits his anger?’

DarkClaw says 'It's...his father...’

Kestrel says 'Does he not shrivel up, fold his wings in sorrow and shame? I know I have seen it..’

DarkClaw sighs loudly.

Kestrel says 'Ebencaleneezer... Gryphon and I discussed it before Nameless joined.’

DarkClaw says 'He sees nothing but his father in himself...’

Kestrel nods in understanding and agreement, then says 'And yet.. the ultimate expression of the soul.. his eyes... are human. And the truest, dearest expressions of his heart.. his emotions.. are human. Love.. courage... fear... gentleness... kindness..’

DarkClaw scowls at herself, her thoughts wandering.

Kestrel tilts her head to one side, considering the vampire before her. Kestrel says 'Yes?’

DarkClaw says 'I was never this soft...till he came along...’ DarkClaw sighs loudly.

Kestrel says 'Does the Lord Khore see kindness as a weakness? Compassion? Respect? Is not Respect one of the Kindred Laws?’

DarkClaw says 'Yes, it is...’

Kestrel says 'I think that Khore.. as a Father.. loves his Children... And I think.. he understands love ... between men and women.. I know that I would be moved to... well.... Un-Nashite lengths to protect my child. Should something threaten Wren..’ Kestrel growls softly. Kestrel smiles softly.

DarkClaw says 'Understood..’

Kestrel says 'But that is neither here nor there. Be honest with Khore. Speak to him. Tell him how you feel. I'll speak to Gryphon.. We'll see what we can do. All right?’

DarkClaw smiles happily. DarkClaw says 'Thank you, Kestrel...’

Kestrel smiles happily. Kestrel says 'Any time.’

Kestrel says 'Can I speak Out of Char for a sec?’

DarkClaw nods. DarkClaw says 'Sure'.

Kestrel says Kay..’ Kestrel says 'I know Nameless RL.. He can't get on tonight.’

DarkClaw says '*frown*'.

Kestrel says 'maybe tomorrow... maybe not.’

DarkClaw nods.

Kestrel says 'Has he already sent you the history via email?’

DarkClaw says 'No...’

Kestrel smiles happily. Kestrel says 'GOOD.’

DarkClaw says 'WHY???’

Kestrel says 'We're working on it and I needed to get him notes back.’

DarkClaw laughs.

Kestrel says 'we write together a wee bit.. critiquing each other's work.’

Kestrel says 'I write, he rips apart... he writes, I rip apart.. you know how it goes..’ You shrug. Kestrel says 'ANYWYAY..’

DarkClaw says '*smirk* I HAVE no background for DarkClaw. *laugh*'.

Kestrel says 'So make one. And.. more importantly.. Make a description.’

DarkClaw laughs. She says 'How did I know that was coming?’

You smirk.

DarkClaw says 'I'm lousy at that stuff.’

Kestrel says 'Because he's probably said the same thing'.

DarkClaw grumbles.

Kestrel says 'You're good at emotes and such..’

DarkClaw says 'Many times...’

Kestrel says 'That helps.. But a desc sets down the foundation. For example….’

DarkClaw says 'I've been roleplaying quite a while...not really with it tonight...usually, I'm better.’

Kestrel says 'Mine wasn't set when we spoke before the crash.’

Kestrel says 'IT is now..’ Kestrel smiles happily. Kestrel says 'You're fine, dear.’

Kestrel has been acting/roleplaying for 15 years....

Your cheeks are burning.

DarkClaw smirks.

Kestrel is an old lady.. gimme my cane!

DarkClaw says 'Well...not THAT long...only about 6 for me'.

You grin happily Kestrel says 'Take a look..’ You point proudly at yourself.

DarkClaw looks at you.

l self

Wide blue bird-like eyes stare back at you, penetrating, intense; like the gaze of some bluejay or kingfisher that's noticed you near her nest for the first time, judging your nature. Her strawberry hair cascades down her back free and unfettered, a bright honeysuckle cloak, as smooth and as brilliant as the feathered breast of any bird who ever flew the skies. And in those graceful, delicate movements of her petite well-developed form, in her gentle smile and comforting, healing touch, you see that no matter what your own nature, whether you are a defender or a predator, the judgment of the birds can have but one sentence:

DarkClaw says 'NICE!!'. DarkClaw smiles happily.

Kestrel says 'Yes, I know, the Mark of Mirth confuses many people..’

Kestrel says 'Oh... the lady who plays Lillith of the Kindred wrote it for me. I shall tell her you liked it.’

DarkClaw chuckles, evidently amused.

Kestrel says 'I cannot claim credit.’

DarkClaw nods.

Kestrel says 'Others.. yes.. not this one. I have a Kindred you have probably never met.’

DarkClaw says 'Oh?’

Kestrel says 'I'm planning to come on for a bit tonight.’

DarkClaw says 'I have another character as well...’

Kestrel says 'Perhaps we shall meet then. Under another guise..’

DarkClaw says 'Perhaps'.

Kestrel says 'Feel like telling? Or no?’ You shrug. Kestrel says 'Either way..’ You grin happily.

DarkClaw shakes her head.

Kestrel says 'I have a total of four.’

DarkClaw says 'Not this way...against game rules.’

DarkClaw sighs loudly.

Kestrel says 'All women.. I don't really like playing men.’

DarkClaw says 'otherwise, I would'.

Kestrel nods in understanding and agreement.

Kestrel says 'perhaps we shall have to meet, then.. behind other masks. But for now, I must depart.’

Kestrel curtseys gracefully to DarkClaw.

DarkClaw hugs you. DarkClaw smiles happily, then says 'Tell Nameless hi if you see him.’

Kestrel says 'If you would like help with a desc... let me know. I would be delighted to help.’

DarkClaw nods.

Kestrel says 'Want his pager number?’

Kestrel says 'Its a voicemail.’

DarkClaw says 'ACK! Would he want you to give it to me?’

You shrug. Kestrel says 'let me find out.. one sec..’

DarkClaw laughs. DarkClaw says 'How do I get out of here, too?’

Kestrel says 'this place is good to know about. It is a safe room.... But open to all alignments.. all temple rules, otherwise, apply.. don't drop stuff.. etc..’

DarkClaw says 'Good'.

Kestrel says 'from the courtyard.. W W W S E'.

DarkClaw nods.

You sigh. Kestrel says 'he's not answering. If he does, at any point tonight, I'll relay it.’

DarkClaw nods.

Kestrel says 'Is Lord Khore present? 'IF I may ask?’

DarkClaw says 'He has my e-mail address'.

DarkClaw says 'No, unfortunately'.

Kestrel says 'Or is he generally vis now when present?’ Kestrel nods, and says 'OK'.

Kestrel says 'shall we?'.

[Kestrel brings DarkClaw to the Ceremonial Room swiftly and without incident.]

Kestrel says 'Delivered safe and sound.’

Salem smiles at you.

DarkClaw waves goodbye to Kestrel. DarkClaw says 'Thanks.’

Kestrel says 'Hello, Salem, Black Dragon of the NASHITE Black Conclave.. Quiet tonight, Black Dragon?

Kestrel gracefully sits, arranging her skirts, then surveys the room, smiling.

Salem utters the words, 'yrl'. Your feet rise off the ground.

Kestrel smiles softly. Kestrel says 'Well.. thank you.. This bird does not often get to fly..’

Salem grins evilly.

Kestrel says 'I must go now..’

Fare thee well!

Part II: DarkClaw & Kestrel

The Smoldering Remains of a Temple [Exits: west]
Charred and shattered marble surround a huge crater in the middle of the temple, the outward sign of the cataclysmic fury that rained down upon this place. Just standing here you wonder if you too are tempting the same fate as met whoever once roamed this place...but roams this world no longer.
Gwyrdain is here.
Kestrel is here.

DarkClaw has arrived. She smiles happily, and rests on a bit of rubble

Gwyrdain smiles happily and nods in recognition to DarkClaw.

Kestrel says 'DarkClaw, what happened to Nameless?’

DarkClaw swallows hard.

Kestrel says 'He will not speak to me. He simply hangs his head in shame aNd says he has failed Lord Nash....’

DarkClaw closes her eyes and sighs, shaking her head.

Kestrel says 'That a lesson was taught him to return him to the Nashite Path.. But he will not say what the lesson was..’

DarkClaw tenses, feeling extremely uncomfortable.

Kestrel says 'I am very confused, and cannot help him if I do not know what happened. But I know it has something to do with you.. For he wept when I spoke your name and fled..

DarkClaw nods and whispers, 'Yes...it does... I...wronged him...'

Kestrel raises one brow, and asks, 'In what way?’

DarkClaw whispers, 'I.. She sighs, then whispers, '...laid with another...' Shaking her head, she whispers, 'Didn't fight my hunger...'

Kestrel stands and paces the room, her movements angry. She is making an obvious effort to calm herself.. and failing. Finally, she speaks, her voice tight and controlled. 'Speak.. tell the entire tale. Say what it is you are not saying.’

DarkClaw says quietly, ‘I've said all, Kestrel...’

Kestrel says 'You hide the truth behind .. a veil of truth, DarkClaw. I do not believe that you have said all. Speak.’

DarkClaw shakes her head, and says quietly, ‘He thinks he is the one who wronged me...but he's not...’ A sigh escapes the vampire’s lips.

Kestrel pauses and thinks deeply for a moment, then asks, 'Then why did I find him, naked, weaponless, and bleeding?’

DarkClaw sighs and closes her eyes again.

Kestrel says 'Or have you nothing to say on that, having, as you claim, said all?’

DarkClaw whispers, 'He...Nameless...went to Slue and waited for Demian...he knew Demian would come...' She shakes her head in disbelief and distress.

Kestrel says 'Had Demian attacked him previously?… I am assuming Demian is Kindred?’ She raises one brow, questioning.

DarkClaw says quietly, ‘I believe that he had, and yes, he is....’

Kestrel nods, and demands, “ Did you say nothing to prevent this? And .. more importantly.. What drove him to such dispair, self-loathing, and sorrow that he would.. '. She takes a deep breath, then continues softly, sorrowfully, 'Suicide.. in such a fashion?'

DarkClaw swallows hard, gathering her words, and whispers, 'As I said...Nameless thought that I wronged him because of something he did... I fought with Demian...yelled at him...he wouldn't listen...’

Kestrel says 'What did he think he had done?’

DarkClaw shakes her head, and whispers, 'I don't know...'

Kestrel raises one brow, then inquires, 'Truly, you do not know? Or you do not wish to speak it?’

DarkClaw says quietly, ‘Demian killed him out of sheer jealousy... Truly...I do not know...’

The priestess of the Fellowship nods, and then further inquires, “And.. when Nameless was slain.. what did you do?’

DarkClaw murmurs, 'I have not lied to you Kestrel...nor will I ever...’

Kestrel retorts 'There is a base lie, of intentional falsehood.. there is also the avoidance of saying, which is lie by omittance... I think you dance dangerously close, some times, to the second.’ She pauses a moment, thinking, and clarifying her words, then continues, ‘I thought you stronger, girl. Perhaps I was wrong.

Kestrel pauses and thinks deeply for a moment

DarkClaw looks up to Kestrel, her fiery red eyes darkened, her features frighteningly pale from lack of feeding.

Kestrel says 'I thought you were willing to take the risks..To love him.. despite all the opposition.. Secure in your love, and in his.’ Kestrel pauses in her tirade, examines DarkClaw's features, and a look of concern spreads over her face. She stops and thinks deeply for a moment.

DarkClaw whispers, 'Perhaps...we were both wrong...'

Kestrel says 'Gwrydain, would you loan me a sword?’

DarkClaw blinks.

Gwyrdain stops using a long sword, and hands it to Kestrel, who uses it to slash her hand, making blood flow everywhere. She then extends her hand towards the vampire, who backs away, her eyes wide.

DarkClaw whispers, 'No..'

Kestrel shakes her head impatiently, her features pale with the shock of the wound.

DarkClaw whispers, 'I will not drink from you...nor anyone...'

Kestrel snaps 'Don't be silly, girl.. if you are using your hunger as an excuse.. you'll have it to use no longer. Take responsibility for the actions you commit, and have committed. DRINK, GIRL! It is no betrayal to accept what is offered, in your obvious need. If you were wounded I would Heal you. This is the only way to do that.’

DarkClaw shakes her head quickly.

Kestrel says 'I need you rational and thinking, not starving and stupid!’

DarkClaw whispers, 'And what I need now...is to suffer...'

Kestrel says 'WHAT?’ Kestrel shakes her head in disbelief, tinged with disgust. She snarls, “That is not going to help Nameless. You .. betrayed that boy.. You don't get off the hook quite so easily. NOW DRINK!’ She imperiously holds out her hand, blood drenching her arm to the elbow.

DarkClaw stares at the offered hand, her senses reeling.

Kestrel cups her hand, allowing the blood to pool there.

DarkClaw stumbles forward, grabbing Kestrel's hand weakly and drinking, a low growl emitting from her throat.

Kestrel nods, and says curtly, “There. Drink as much as you need. Silly child, you've gotten yourself dangerously weakened. How do you expect to have will, strength, the wisdom to make proper choices if you are reeling with hunger?’

Gwyrdain gives a dark red jar to DarkClaw.

Kestrel says 'You may not eat bread, and drink water.. but your needs are as strong as those who do.’

DarkClaw pulls back quickly, her breathing rough and labored.

Kestrel looks in askance at the jar, and asks Gwyrdain, 'Is that...?’ He nods, confirming her suspicion. The priestess then turns back to the vampire, instructing her, 'Now.. take a moment. Collect yourself.’

DarkClaw brings a hand to her head, the throbbing seeming to echo through her.

Kestrel chuckles wryly, 'Sit, child, before you fall down,’ and gestures at a pile of rocks.

Gwyrdain feels an old wound throb, but shakes it off.

Kestrel lays a gentle hand on Gwrydain, and utters the spell, “Heal.” He nods his thanks.

DarkClaw lowers herself onto the dirt-covered rocks. Kestrel lays a gentle hand on her shoulder and utters the spell, “Heal.” She smiles, and then murmurs, ‘There.. That should do it. Give it a moment to hit.’

DarkClaw whispers, 'By the Gods, I love him so much...’ She sighs, catching her breath.

Kestrel whirls around at the vampire’s words, then takes a breath, and turns back away.

Gwyrdain says 'Funny how motives don't drive actions...’ He sits down and thinks deeply.

Kestrel takes a few steps away, murmuring something they cannot discern, then turns back, saying 'Tell me when you are balanced, DarkClaw.’

The Kindred nods slowly after a moment, and says 'I am...’

Kestrel says 'As cryptic as ever, Gwyrdain.. or do you have light to share, illuminating the topic more clearly? I would welcome another view.. do you know aught of the situation?’

DarkClaw lowers her hand, her features seeming to gain color.

Kestrel turns and examines the girl's face closely, then nods, satisfied.

Gwyrdain says 'I was commenting in my sarcastic fashion that that motives which normally drive action don't seem to be working here.’

Kestrel says 'She loves Nameless.. therefore she betrayed him? Is that what you refer to?’

Gwyrdain says 'No I mean her actions in the now'.

Kestrel raises one brow, silently questioning.

Gwyrdain says 'She loves him yet this motive does not drive her to act toward that ideal again'.

Kes says 'I would like to know why, if she loves him, she betrayed him with another.’ She turns to DarkClaw, obviously expecting an answer.

Gwyrdain says 'I on the other hand, don't want to hear anything about that', snickering softly.

Kestrel shrugs, and responds, 'You need not listen, Gwyrdain.. you are adept at leaving unnoticed.. However.. my concern is Nameless.. first and foremost.. and I need to understand why he is currently SUICIDAL.’

Gwyrdain smirks.

Kestrel says 'DarkClaw?’ She turns and fixes DarkClaw with a sapphire gaze frighteningly similar to Nameless's...

DarkClaw stares off, her fiery red eyes flashing brilliantly.

Kestrel studies DarkClaw as she gracefully sits, arranging her skirts.

DarkClaw says 'Kestrel...Gwyrdain...I know nothing I say can act as a reason...nor do I expect it to...’

Gwyrdain raises an eyebrow.

Kestrel says 'No, actually, DarkClaw, I would like to hear the pathetic excuse that you have for betraying the man you love....’

DarkClaw sighs loudly.

Kestrel raises an eyebrow, obviously waiting.. She continues, in the silence, 'Or... claim to love. Was he only an amusement? Something to feed on and discard? A distraction?’

DarkClaw growls low, struggling to contain herself, saying quietly, ‘I never fed on him...now would I ever do so...’ She turns around, her expression hard.

Kestrel says 'Go ahead... get angry, DarkClaw.. its the first honest real emotion I've seen from you this evening, other than self-pity and excuse..’

DarkClaw narrows her gaze.

Kestrel smiles, an edge to the expression that you've not seen before. Kestrel says softly, "There you go, girl.. be real. Be alive.. let’s get to the heart of this matter.. No more breast-beating, no more excuses.. let’s hear it. Why did you betray Nameless? Why did you not care enough to stop his suicide?’

Gwyrdain says 'If it makes you feel better, DarkClaw... you're very good at saying very little.’ He claps at her performance.

Kestrel says 'And why are you sitting here feeling sorry for yourself instead of healing and aiding the man you say you love?’

DarkClaw says quietly 'I don't know why, Kestrel... but if you truly believe that I don't love him, then why are you bothering wasting your time with me? What answer would you like to hear?...Perhaps, if you give me one, then I could please you...’ She sighs heavily, closing her eyes.

Kestrel says softly, dangerously, “DarkClaw, if you avoid the question one more time I am going to turn you over my knee and beat you like the child you are behaving like.."

DarkClaw shouts, 'I DON'T KNOW!!!’

Kestrel says 'That is .. pardon the language.. shit. You know why.. if you will only admit it to yourself, if not to me. I am not interested in giving you reasons to hide behind.. I want the truth.’

DarkClaw licks her dry lips, regaining her composure again.

Gwyrdain looks at DarkClaw.

Kestrel says 'If you will not give it.. then I will… be forced to take actions I will regret..’ The priestess waits a long moment, in the silence that follows. Then, she stands, sighing heavily, and asks, ‘For the last time, DarkClaw…’ Kestrel sighs.

Gwyrdain says 'Ok... I want that jar back if you don't want it...’

DarkClaw says 'What is it?’

Gwyrdain says 'what do you think?’

Kestrel says 'Blood, silly.’

DarkClaw blinks, and gives a dark red jar to Gwyrdain.

Gwyrdain bears fangs, and drinks blood from a dark red jar.

DarkClaw says 'Kestrel...My hunger for Nameless is stronger than anything...as well as my love... Whether you believe that or not, is beyond my control...’

Kestrel says 'Your hunger for Nameless is stronger then love? That doesn't quite seem.. right.’

DarkClaw shakes her head.

Gwyrdain says 'SO ACT, DON'T SULK!’

DarkClaw says 'No...both of them are strong...’

Kestrel says 'Are you saying you want to drink from him more than you love him?’

DarkClaw says 'NO!!’

Kestrel nods in recognition to Gwyrdain

Gwyrdain says 'YES!’

Kestrel says 'I am afraid I agree with Mr. Blunt, there..’

DarkClaw sighs loudly.

Kestrel says 'ACT.’

DarkClaw says 'How can I make you understand...?’

Kestrel says 'I have seen little but sulking.’

Gwyrdain says 'You cant'.

Kestrel says 'Be an adult. not the child I name you.’

DarkClaw nods in recognition to Gwyrdain. She mutters, 'You're right, Gwyrdain...I can't.’

Kestrel pauses and thinks deeply for a moment, then queries, 'Are you going to fight for Nameless? Or give him up?’

DarkClaw says 'Nameless is scared to death of me...of my passion... but I cannot give him up...’

Kestrel says 'He is afraid to be hurt by the first woman he has EVER LOVED, DarkClaw.. And you have just stabbed him in the gut and he wants to die...’

DarkClaw says 'And you don't think I want to do the same for hurting him????’

Kestrel says 'And you dare blame your actions on some hunger you cannot control.. refusing to take responsibility for what you have done?’ She glares angrily at DarkClaw, and snarls, “Girl.. you don't know real hunger..’

Gwyrdain sits down and thinks deeply.

DarkClaw growls.

Kestrel says 'Fine.. You hurt him... move on. What is the next step? The harm is in the past.. you cannot erase it. Now what do you do?’

DarkClaw sighs loudly, and confesses, 'I need help, Kestrel...’ She shakes her head, and says 'I don't understand him...’

Kestrel nods, and says 'I am listening, DarkClaw'.

DarkClaw says 'I want to see the real him...not the fear and sorrow he cowers behind...’

Kestrel says 'Do you not think he wishes to see the woman behind the hunger, fear, and fangs? You both wear masks..’

Gwyrdain says 'Is there one?’

Kestrel says 'That I do not know.’

DarkClaw sighs, shaking her head, and whispers, 'What can I do now?...'

Kestrel says 'Beg and earn his forgiveness... And, just as important, grant forgiveness to yourself and move on.’

Gwyrdain says 'Be content, keep sulking, or try'.

Kestrel says 'You can only hope to win his trust back.. for it is currently shattered.’

Kestrel nods at Gwyrdain’s words.

DarkClaw nods slowly.

Gwyrdain says 'Contentment can work...’He pauses and thinks deeply.

Kestrel says 'If you feel you must.... Commit some rite of penance and contrition.’

DarkClaw blinks.

(Global Echo by Madman) Zorg was the recipient of my "be nice to a mortal" deed for the day. Now I can slay at will. *grin*

Kestrel says 'Ask the Immortal to slay you. I will bring your corpse to Nameless. A life for a life. A new start.’ She shrugs and says 'I don't know... That sort of thing is for you to decide. It must come from YOUR heart.. Not mine.. or it is meaningless.’

DarkClaw sits down and thinks deeply, then nods, whispering quietly, ‘I understand...’

Kestrel says 'You betrayed him through Thirst.. Perhaps something in that could be used as Contrition. But state the Act clearly, in advance.’

DarkClaw nods and smiles to herself, her thoughts drifting. She whispers, 'I still, to this day, have the flowers he first gave me...' She shakes her head.

Kestrel pauses and thinks deeply for a moment, then says 'Did you know, DarkClaw... The ONLY time I have ever heard Nameless say “I”…. Was in reference to you?’

DarkClaw raises a brow.

Kestrel says '"i ... love her.." Not "this one"... "i".’

Gwyrdain says 'Hey... I heard that... But you weren't there'. He pokes Kestrel in the ribs.

Kestrel says 'Heard what? Ah.. Gwyrdain.. you are not present for all talks, at all times..’

Gwyrdain nods, and says 'but I heard it'.

Kestrel nods in reply and says, 'So..’

DarkClaw closes her eyes tightly, a single tear escaping, and lowers herself upon the stones again.

Gwyrdain says 'so nothing, just pretending to be a part of the goings on'.

Kestrel says 'DarkClaw k'Treva... stand.’

DarkClaw stands, meeting Kestrel's gaze.

Kestrel says 'Know this... Before you stands a priest and a mage... Nameless being a man of the common ... The three required for Outcasting.. Once for the Shattering of Trust. Twice for the Shattering of Love...Need I go on?’

DarkClaw shakes her head.

Kestrel nods, satisfied, and says 'I thought not. So.. Find your honor. Act. Stop whining, and hiding. there is a old saying, in my lands.. “Courage is the mark of the one who knows fear... and rises above it. A fearless man does not know courage.. for he is a fool, and fears nothing.” Think on it.’

DarkClaw whispers, almost inaudibly, 'Leareth...' She shakes her head.

Kestrel says 'Is Leareth the one for whom you betrayed Nameless?’

DarkClaw shakes her head.

Kestrel says 'I would have their name.. for I will not aid such a one..and would not do so inadvertently.’

DarkClaw says 'Leareth is my Grandfather...though I hate to admit...’

Kestrel says 'Neither will Demian have my aid... for the murder of a Fellowship.’

DarkClaw nods.

Kestrel pauses and thinks deeply for a moment. She says 'I have heard of the Dark One... Though I had thought that he .. was but a tale ..’

DarkClaw looks up quickly.

Kestrel pauses and thinks deeply for a moment. She says 'A word of advice..’

DarkClaw says 'No...if only he was,’ and nods.

Kestrel says 'Do not call fire... ever.’

DarkClaw blinks, and says 'Fire?’

Kestrel nods and says 'at your next Ascension.. you gain the ability to call the Firestorm...I recommend .. against doing so.’

DarkClaw nods.

Kestrel says 'But that is neither here nor there. We are done, here.. All that must be said.. has been said. It is time for thought.. and then action.’

DarkClaw whispers, 'Almost done...'

Kestrel says 'Those.. are up to you.’ Kestrel raises one brow, silently questioning. Kestrel says 'Almost done with what?’

Gwyrdain whistles innocently.

DarkClaw says 'There is thanks to be said, to you both...and...a name...’

Kestrel curtseys before the Kindred, and murmurs, 'Go, child.’

DarkClaw says 'However...although I have no right...I would ask one thing...’

say Kestrel raises one brow, silently questioning, and says 'What is that?’

DarkClaw says 'If I tell you the name...I need to know that it will not be said to another...’

Kestrel says 'To Nameless?’

DarkClaw shakes her head, and says 'Nameless already knows...’

Kestrel says 'Who, then?’

DarkClaw says 'To anyone... You asked for the name so you knew who not to assist...his name is Ariel...’

Kestrel blinks, and says “Very well.. know that I did not, however, swear, DarkClaw.’

DarkClaw turns for the opening in the broken wall.

Kestrel says 'I do not intend to speak of it.. However, I will not bind myself.’

She curtseys once more, and says simply, 'This conversation is done.’

Part III: Kestrel & Demian

The Smouldering Remains of a Temple [Exits: west]
Charred and shattered marble surround a huge crater in the middle of the temple, the outward sign of the cataclysmic fury that rained down upon this place. Just standing here you wonder if you too are tempting the same fate as met whoever once roamed this place...but roams this world no more.
(Red Aura) Demian is here.

Kestrel curtseys gracefully to Demian.

Demian smiles happily, bows deeply, and nods.

Kestrel says ‘I was in the other Smouldering Temple.’

DarkClaw tells Kestrel ‘*nod* My apologies…your words sounded strange at first. ’.

Demian looks at her.

Kestrel gracefully sits, arranging her skirts, knotting her hands in her lap, as if... nervous?

Demian leans up against the wall and studies you intently.

Kestrel looks down, breathes deeply, and calms herself, then raises her eyes to Demian’s ..They are intense, protective, loving, and furious.

Demian says 'No need to be nervous...’

Demian nods, and thinks he knows what is coming.

Kestrel says 'Demian... you Hunt.. As a Hunter, that is your nature. I understand that.’

Demian nods.

Kestrel says 'As a Kindred, you protect the other Kindred, being the sword the Gatherer's cannot be. I understand that.’

Demian nods.

Kestrel says 'DarkClaw is important to you. I understand THAT, too.’

Demian nods and clenches his jaw a bit.

Kestrel says 'What I do not understand.. Is why you so relentlessly hate Nameless. Would you speak with me about it?'.

Demian chuckles softly.

Kestrel tilts her head to one side, waiting to learn what Demian finds amusing.

Demian says 'I have a question for you.’

Kestrel nods and says 'Ask, and I will answer.’

Demian says 'How many times do you think I have killed Nameless?’

Kestrel says 'Once. With four other attempts.’

Demian nods.

Kestrel says 'Pardon.. five.’

Demian says 'I was just curious...’

Polnevdra ftells, 'Hello again, Lady Kestrel'.

Demian says 'It seems someone is saying I have killed him no less than five times.’

Kestrel ftells, 'Hello Polnevdra'.

Kestrel says 'That is not true, and I will witness to that fact.’

Polnevdra ftells, 'Is everything going well?’

Kestrel says 'He was slain by you once.’

Kestrel ftells, 'I am talking to Demian... about Nameless.’

Demian says 'Okay...after we have finished I would appreciate your telling Darkclaw that.’

Kestrel says 'Though you have TRIED five times.. that should not be confused with a successful attempt. I told her you had attacked Nameless four more times. She may have misunderstood'.

Demian nods, and says 'Ah.’

Kestrel says '(ooc: She was really in pain that night, and may have misunderstood)'.

DarkClaw has arrived.

Polnevdra ftells, 'Interesting...what's he saying?’

Kestrel says 'Hello DarkClaw'.

Demian nods.

DarkClaw stills.

Kestrel says 'Please allow me to correct a misunderstanding'.

DarkClaw says 'My apologies...I didn't know you'd be here.’

Kestrel says 'It seems that when I said that …. Oh, please, stay, dear.’

Demian looks away, his face tense.

Kestrel says 'Please,’ and pats the ground next to her.

DarkClaw lowers herself onto the ground beside Kestrel.

Kestrel searches DarkClaw's face for signs of over-thirst

Demian grinds his teeth a bit.

Kestrel says 'Have you been taking care of yourself? Not starving yourself, I hope?’

DarkClaw smiles happily, saying, 'No...I've been feeding.’

Demian looks very angry for a brief moment.

Kestrel winks at the Kindred merrily and askes, 'I don't have to yell at you again, do I?’

DarkClaw chuckles, evidently amused. ‘No,’ she replies.

Kestrel says 'Good. Ok… now.. This is important... I told you the other night that Demian had assaulted Nameless four more times.’

DarkClaw nods and says 'Yes...you did.’

Kestrel says 'I did NOT say that he SLEW Nameless four times. He attacked only. He WAS NOT successful. Nameless fled. Please.. understand that'.

DarkClaw raises a brow.

Kestrel says 'And accept my heartfelt apologies at the misunderstanding.’

DarkClaw says 'It seems I...misunderstood you...’

Kestrel nods, saying, 'Yes, dear.. you did.’

Kestrel says 'He was attacked. Not slain. Had he been slain four times in the thirty minutes, Demian would not be here now.’ Kestrel chuckles softly, an edge to the sound.

DarkClaw nods in recognition to Kestrel.

Kestrel smiles happily.

Demian looks at Kestrel sharply.

Kestrel says 'But.. That is neither here nor there..’

Demian hisses, 'yes...that would please you wouldn't it?'

Kestrel says 'I am here to talk to Demian and see if we can't resolve this mess'.

Kestrel says 'Demian... I follow Nash. That means something to you.. something unpleasant. You and Your Lord are used to the Conclave as an example of Nashites.’

Demian shakes his head.

Kestrel says 'We are not the Conclave.’

Demian says 'Not necessarily.’

Kestrel says 'We ... '. She chuckles softly. 'We are the servants of all. We exist to help. Nothing more. Nothing less.’

Demian says 'I have no problems with most Conclave. You are good. I am evil.’

Kestrel says 'And no.. your destruction would not please me. I would mourn your loss and comfort DarkClaw as best I could. However..’

Demian turns his head away.

Kestrel says 'I must also serve, and protect and help my brother... Nameless.’

Demian says quietly, ‘Yes...I'm sure she would be crushed...’

DarkClaw looks to Demian quickly.

Kestrel stands and walks over to Demian, gently turning his face until she looks him in the eyes.

Kestrel says softly, "Demian... you don't really believe that, do you? That is why this hurts you so much.. Because you know she does care for you in a way..’

Demian looks at you coldly.

Kestrel says 'But you wish .. wish so terribly it hurts you.. that it was more.’

DarkClaw frowns.

Demian says 'You know nothing.’

Kestrel smiles softly. Kestrel says 'You're right. I can only try to heal.. blindly, some times.. But my humble best. It seems thusly... Nameless is in love with DarkClaw. I believe that she loves him in return. I believe that you love DarkClaw, as well. I believe that she cares for you, but does not return your love in the way you wish her to. That is what I see. Am I blind?’

DarkClaw looks between the two silently.

Kestrel tilts her head to one side, awaiting the answer.

Demian narrows his eyes.

Kestrel utters the word, “Sanctify.” Demian is surrounded by a white aura.

Kestrel utters the word “Bless.” Demian feels righteous.

Kestrel utters the word, “Armor.” Demian feels protected.

Kestrel says 'There... you are as safe as I can make you. Speak... '.

Demian growls.

Kestrel says 'There is no one here who wishes you ill, Demian..’

Demian says 'Do you think I need to feel safe?’

Kestrel says 'Whether you believe it or not.’ Kestrel smiles softly.

Demian glares at Kestrel.

Kestrel lays a gentle hand on Demian's cheek.

DarkClaw says quietly, ‘Demian, please...’

Demian says 'You think I hurt?’

Kestrel says 'Oh, Lad... you fair scream out your pain to the world..’

Demian stares at both of you coldly.

Kestrel nods in recognition to him. Kestrel says 'Yes.. I think you hurt.’

Kestrel utters the word, “Heal.” A warm feeling fills Demian’s body.

Kestrel says 'And I wish it was as easy as that to fix it. But hearts do not heal so fast as that.’

Demian says 'You don't know what pain is.’

Kestrel pauses thoughtfully a moment.

Demian says 'I do. It is nothing to fear.’

Kestrel says 'I nearly lost Gryphon... from my own stupidity.. I have been slain, when all I sought was peace. I have been abandoned by those I counted as family and friends.. I have died, Demian, while my entire following stood one step away.. and let it happen. I know pain, quite well, Kindred. Perhaps a different brand than you.. but pain none the less.’

DarkClaw winces.

Demian says 'Perhaps you do... It does not matter. I feel no pain.’

Kestrel stops using a heavy rod, and offers her hand, open, weaponless.

Kestrel says 'Demian, though you have slain my brother, Nameless.’

Demian pats his mace lovingly.

Kestrel says 'My hand is still open, offered in friendship and healing.

Demian sneers and says 'How wonderful.’

DarkClaw utters the words, 'true seeing'.

Kestrel smiles sadly, sorrowfully. Kestrel says 'Oh, you poor boy.. I feel so ...’ She turns away, weeping.

DarkClaw shakes her head slowly.

Kestrel weeps silently a moment.

Demian says 'self-righteous. I believe that's the word you're looking for.’

Kestrel gathers herself with effort, and shakes her head. Kestrel says 'Nay, Demian. Sad. For you torture yourself so exquisitely.. Not even Lady Darkmoon Herself could cause more agony. I do not feel above you.. I don’t think myself high and mighty.. A servant cannot be those things. I am just a woman.. who is willing to try. That is all. And I see you bleeding before me now, and I want to try.’

Kestrel points at DarkClaw.

Demian snarls.

Kestrel says 'Look at her! LOOK! If you truly care for her... despite your denials.. Look at what you do to her with your actions. You are causing more pain to her.. than you do to yourself.’

Demian looks at Kestrel instead. Demian says 'You have a simple view of this situation. It is not correct.’

Kestrel smiles softly and says 'I am a simple woman. If I am wrong... tell me.’

Demian says 'You neither understand me, nor Darkclaw, nor even Nameless I think.’

Kestrel says 'Tell me why you hurt so badly...’

Kestrel chuckles softly, saying, 'I am on a Path to wisdom... I never claimed to have it, nor all the answers. I can but... try.’

Demian says 'I do not hurt.’

Kestrel smiles sadly, and bows her head, murmuring, ‘Very well.’

DarkClaw looks to Demian sadly, remembering their conversation the night before.

Kestrel says 'No one can be healed who insists on ripping off their own scabs. You are...’

DarkClaw says quietly, ‘Already, you've forgotten...’

Demian leans back and smiles coldly.

Kestrel bows her head, shaking it. She says 'Never mind. That won't help any.. Forgive me for wasting your time, Demian.’

Demian crosses his arms over his chest.

Kestrel says 'I had so hoped...’ She sighs, and says, 'Perhaps others. Perhaps another day.’

Demian says 'Wait a moment.’

Kestrel turns and leaves the Temple.

West-Southern Avenue : [Exits: north east south]
A studded leather helmet has been left here

Kestrel kneels on the ground and weeps, her head in her hands.

Demian tells Kestrel 'Come back please.’

The Smouldering Remains of a Temple: [Exits: west]
(Red Aura) DarkClaw is here.
(Red Aura) Demian is resting here.

Demian nods his head. Demian says 'Thank you.’

Kestrel brushes away tears, and tries to look brightly at Demian. Kestrel says 'Yes, Demian?’

Demian looks at Kestrel intently for a moment. After a long pause, he murmurs, 'Assume for a moment that you are right in everything you said before'. He grimaces a bit.

Kestrel nods slowly.

Polnevdra ftells, 'Did you finish that talk with Demian? If so, I'm curious how it went...?’

Kestrel ftells, 'Still talking'.

Demian says ‘What of it? What is your answer?’

Kestrel pauses thoughtfully a moment.

Polnevdra ftells, 'Okay'.

Kestrel says ‘My answer is ... not a simple one.’

Kestrel kneels, and prays briefly to Nash for the eloquence to say what is in her heart and mind.

DarkClaw closes her eyes, rubbing her temples.

Demian says 'I'm surprised. Go ahead.’

Kestrel says 'DarkClaw... do you love Nameless?’

DarkClaw says 'Yes...more than life itself, Kestrel...’

Kestrel says 'DarkClaw... do you love Demian?’

Someone chuckles, evidently amused.

DarkClaw utters the words, 'true seeing'.

Kestrel says 'Immortal... please... This is not a good time for amusement.’

Someone says 'I'm not here for amusement'.

Kestrel says 'If You would.... please... some privacy. With all due respect... what are You here for, then?’ Kestrel taps her foot, waiting.

Someone says 'To find out what's with all the info's I've been catching all night'.

Kestrel nods.

Kestrel says 'Then please… do so... in SILENCE.’

Someone grumbles.

Kestrel says 'Preferably from another room!’

Someone says 'I take my leave then'.

Kestrel says 'You have my full permission, though You need it not, to watch over my shoulder if you must.’

Kestrel curtseys to the Immortal.

Someone says 'But do try to give immortals a little more respect next time'.

Kestrel says 'I did say.. "With all due respect"...’

Demian snickers softly.

Kestrel says 'And I respect Your position.. if not your actions.’

Kestrel curtseys gracefully to the Immortal.

Kestrel takes a deep breath.

Demian smiles briefly as he imagines Kestrel flying into a frothing rage.

Kestrel turns back to DarkClaw.

Kestrel chuckles softly, saying 'I have not done that.. in... ages.’ She pauses thoughtfully a moment, then notes, 'The last time was when a Mirthie was slain in front of me. And the killer mocked me, him, and Coleman. I was... quite wroth.’

Demian snickers softly.

Kestrel says 'I ... am ashamed to say I flew into a rage, and killed the little bastard.’

DarkClaw looks at Demian.

Kestrel covers her mouth.

Kestrel blushes a delicate pink, saying 'Forgive me.’

Demian snickers softly.

DarkClaw chuckles, evidently amused.

Kestrel says 'That was the one and only time I have slain in anger.’

Demian says 'Hmm...not so pure as you'd like us to think, eh?’

Kestrel says 'I pray to Nash and Gryphon.. it does not ever happen again. I never.... ever ... claimed to be perfect Or pure.’

Demian says 'And I thought mirthers solved their problems with words'. Demian shakes his head disapprovingly.

Kestrel says 'Why would anyone listen to someone who had never sinned, sorrowed, or hurt? Demian.. stop mocking me. IF you wish to speak.. speak. But do not try to anger me. For I shan't let you.’

DarkClaw sighs and shakes her head.

Demian says 'I always do.’

DarkClaw says quietly, ‘This is getting nowhere...’

Demian snickers softly.

DarkClaw turns for the door.

Kestrel says 'DarkClaw.. peace'.

Kestrel lays a gentle, restraining hand on DarkClaw's shoulder.

c sanct darkclaw : DarkClaw is surrounded by a white aura.

Kestrel says 'Please..’

DarkClaw sighs loudly.

Kestrel says 'Wait. Sit.’

Demian says 'Ah yes...Darkclaw has all important question to answer'.

DarkClaw scowls and reclaims her seat again.

Kestrel says 'There was a question asked.. before the Immortal interrupted.’

Demian smiles mockingly.

Kestrel says 'Demian. Please. YOU asked me back'.

Demian says 'As if we don't know the answer.’

Demian nods.

Kestrel says 'I came back. Do me the courtesy.. And her the courtesy..’

DarkClaw says 'Demian...I do not wish to fight...’

Demian says 'I apologize.’

Kestrel curtseys gracefully to Demian, accepting the apology.

Kestrel turns to DarkClaw and lays a gentle hand under DarkClaw's chin, raising her chin until her eyes to meet Kestrel's.

Demian says quietly, ‘I have never fought you.’

Kestrel says 'I, Demian? Or …DarkClaw?’

Demian nods.

DarkClaw turns to Demian quickly, saying quietly, ‘If you have not...what do you consider your coldness?’

Kestrel says 'DarkClaw... Look me in the eyes...’

DarkClaw looks back to Kestrel.

Kestrel says 'Its a defensive mechanism the likes of which I have never seen before.’

Demian clenches his jaw.

Kestrel says 'but.. That is neither here nor there.’

Kestrel says 'Look me in the eye.. and tell me..’ She turns back to the young Kindred, and murmurs, ‘Can you honestly say you do not care for Demian...In any way, shape or form, romantically.’

Demian says 'I knew she'd say that.’ At the priestess’s words, he starts, and looks at Darkclaw searchingly.

DarkClaw takes in a deep breath, steadying herself.

Kestrel steps between Demian and DarkClaw, holding the girl's gaze with her own. She says gently, 'Don't look at him. Look at me. And tell me.’

DarkClaw says quietly, ‘I do care for him...’DarkClaw shakes her head. ‘But not like I do Nameless...’

Kestrel says softly, "That's part of what is making this whole mess... the Kindred in you calls to the Kindred in him.. .. but it's not enough.."

Demian breathes a sigh of relief, and looks at DarkClaw pointedly.

Kestrel says 'You avoided the question beautifully, DarkClaw.’

Demian says quietly, ‘Is that all it is, Darkclaw? The kindred in both of us calling out?’

DarkClaw says quietly, ‘Demian was there when I needed him...’

Kestrel says 'And....?’

DarkClaw narrows her gaze slightly, and growls, 'I did not avoid the question, Kestrel...I answered it the way I knew how...’

Kestrel smiles softly. Kestrel says 'If you say so..’

DarkClaw says 'Perhaps I hunger for Demian...but I've fought it...it is not as strong as my hunger for Nameless...nor my love...’

Kestrel says 'Now.. it was your turn to speak. Now be silent.’

Kestrel turns to Demian.

DarkClaw nods slowly.

Kestrel says quietly, "Demian. You love her, don't you? You Hunger for her, need her.. want her.. and cannot have her. And it makes you rage like nothing else ever has..."

Demian says 'You are biased toward your "brother"'.

Kestrel shakes her head, answering 'Nay.. I am not. That is what I see.’

Demian looks at you carefully.

Kestrel says 'I do not think Nameless is the perfect choice for DarkClaw.. Not by a long shot. BUT... they have chosen each other.’

DarkClaw 's eyes widen at Kestrel's words.

Kestrel says 'And I will try and help them as best as I can.’

Polnevdra ftells, 'Do you need anything, Kestrel?’

Kestrel says 'Nameless has FAR too many problems right now.. He is ... not ready for this relationship'.

Kestrel ftells, 'I am fine, dear.. thanks!’

Nameless ftells, 'good evening Fellowship *bow*'.

Polnevdra ftells, 'Just being mothering...*chuckle*'.

Kestrel says 'just a moment, please..’

Demian sniffles in sypathy for the abused Nameless.

Polnevdra ftells, 'Hello Nameless. Nice to see you ;)'.


Nameless tells Kestrel 'Polnevdra is mothering the Mother?’

Polnevdra ftells, 'What happened?’

Nameless ftells, '*ponder* why is that Lady Kestrel?’

Polnevdra ftells, 'Okay, what is going on?’

Kestrel ftells, 'I am asking. Not ordering. Please. Do not come here.’

Demian turns to Darkclaw.

Kestrel ftells, 'I would rather not give the reasons. Not at this time.’

Demian says 'Are you hearing all this?’

Nameless ftells, 'both of them?’

DarkClaw says quietly, ‘Demian...tell her...tell her what you said to me last eve...’

Kestrel turns and listens, saying 'Yes.. please. Tell me. Forgive the distraction. I needed to ensure our privacy'.

Kestrel ftells, 'And please, Nameless... DO NOT speak with DarkClaw right now. We need a little privacy.’

Demian says 'A moment...’

Nameless ftells, '*nod* of course lady kestrel'.

Demian looks at Darkclaw.

Demian waits.

Polnevdra ftells, 'I think I'm beginning to understand'.

Kestrel says 'He is not going to enter. I forbade it.’ Kestrel blushes a delicate pink, and says 'Well.. I asked rather strongly.’

DarkClaw frowns.

Kestrel says 'Continue, Demian.’

Demian says 'What I told Darkclaw was between us.’

Kestrel sighs. Kestrel says 'As you wish.’

DarkClaw grumbles.

Nameless ftells, 'Lady Kestrel ,if this one may ask...?’

Kestrel ftells, 'No, you may not. Not right now. Later'.

Demian says 'If she chooses to tell you and shame me...that is up to her.’

Nameless ftells, '*sigh* *nod* yes Lady Kestrel'.

Kestrel says 'There is no shame, Demian..’

DarkClaw says quietly, ‘She's right, Demian...you are torturing yourself...’

DarkClaw shakes her head and turns away from Demian.

Demian says 'I'll survive.’

DarkClaw growls low.

Kestrel utters the words, "Heal."

Demian says 'I am still waiting to hear the answer you have to offer, Kestrel.’

Kestrel says 'IT will avail you nothing, Demian.. you are not willing to be open and honest.’

DarkClaw turns around quickly, her fiery red eyes blazing at Demian.

Kestrel says 'Thus... my answer will help you not at all. If you cannot face the truth inside you.. You cannot face my answer.’ Kestrel bows her head sadly.

Demian says 'I can face a lot. Try me.’

Kestrel shakes her head. Kestrel says 'No. It is what is inside that is MOST important. Not what some interfering mother hen has to say.’ Kestrel smiles sadly

Demian says 'Okay.. I will be honest.’

DarkClaw says 'Kestrel...if I may...I wish not to be a part of this anymore...’ She looks to Demian disappointedly.

Kestrel says 'Go, DarkClaw, if you need to, child. Be at peace.’

Kestrel utters the words, “Sanctuary” DarkClaw is surrounded by a white aura.

Demian looks back at Darkclaw curiously.

Kestrel says 'That spell doesn't last long.. I suggest you hurry.’

DarkClaw says quietly, ‘Demian....’

DarkClaw says quietly, ‘It is you who seems shamed...remember that...’

DarkClaw leaves west.

Kestrel sighs and says 'That was.. unneccessary... and cruel. I am sorry, Demian.’

Kestrel pauses a moment, then creates a large amount of food. She gestures at it, and invites Demian to eat, which he does, bowing his thanks.

Kestrel says 'I thought I sensed that.. I'm a mother.. I can hear an empty stomach miles away..’ Kestrel smiles softly as she thinks of her son.

Kestrel says quietly, "I am still here, Demian. And still willing to listen. I am not your enemy. I would be your friend, if you'd let me."

Demian looks unsure.

Kestrel again opens her empty, weaponless hands. She pauses thoughtfully a moment, then murmurs, 'Perhaps this will convince you.’

She reports: 212/212 hp 35/140 mana 223/223 mv 91048 xp.

Demian looks at Kestrel thoughtfully.

Kestrel says 'I am virtually strengthless..’ She then strips herself completely bare, and adds, 'Now weaponless and armorless.’ Kestrel then exits the Temple, heading into the corridor outside.

West-Southern Avenue  : [Exits: north east south]
A studded leather helmet has been left here

Kestrel waits in silence.

Demian tells Kestrel '(q) What would you have me say then?’

Kestrel tells Demian 'Come west.’

Demian has arrived.

Kestrel kneels and bows her head.
Kestrel says 'If you think me an enemy, Demian.. Strike. You'll be able to slay me, easily. I will not fight you.’

The day has begun.

Kestrel says 'But I hope you can see what I am truly offering.. Not my life, but my trust. And my help. If you will take it.’

The sun rises in the east.

Demian shivers a bit and closes his eyes.

Kestrel lifts her head and stands slowly, then slowly reaches out, palm open and out. She does not touch, merely ... offers… saying quietly, "The beast rages in us all, Demian.. the point is what we do with it... And whether we allow it to consume us, and those we love..."

He silently raises her up, and leads her back to the safety of the Temple.

Demian shakes his head and says 'I will not slay you.’

Kestrel says 'Thank you. I rather dislike death.’

Demian says 'A moment...’

Kestrel nods. She re-garbs herself, and seats herself on a pile of rubble. She retrieves a book from a carpetbag, and begins to read, glancing up every few moments at the Kindred Hunter. A long moment later, he bows deeply and murmurs, 'I am sorry.’

Kestrel curtseys gracefully to him, chuckling, 'That is just fine, Demian. You are important enough to wait for.’

Demian bows deeply.

Kestrel marks her place and puts away her book.

Kestrel says 'You were going to speak? Before the Kindred spoke to you?’

He nods, and quietly says, 'I have another question for you?’

Kestrel says quietly, "Yes, of course. Go ahead."

Demian says 'In regard to Nameless...’ He sighs loudly.

Kestrel raises one brow, silently questioning.

Demian says 'What would you have me do?’

Kestrel smiles sadly, and admits, 'There you have me, Demian. As his priestess, I am concerned for his safety. As .. a possible friend to you.. I can understand your need to rage against him.’

Demian says 'Ah...but we are all equal in the eyes of Nash...’

Kestrel says 'This is true. Absolutely true. Even if you aren't Nashite. I would offer this...’

Demian says 'Perhaps my safety depends on my hatred for him.’

Kestrel says 'Should you feel the need to rage.. to slay him.. I would ask you to hunt ... me. Instead.’

Demian says 'Why should I do that? It makes no sense. I do not hate you.’

Kestrel says quietly, "Because I am Nashite. Because I am responsible for him."

Demian says 'He is responsible for his own actions.’

Kestrel says 'Because I am a woman, like the one you want that denies you... and you cannot rage against HER.. so you rage against HIM. So... I offer myself.’

Demian says 'That is not true...’

Kestrel says 'Slay me instead of Nameless.’

She shrugs. 'Perhaps I'm off on that one.. I don't know. Just an instinct.’

Demian says 'At least not entirely.’

Kestrel nods, and whispers, 'Would you accept that offer?’

Demian says 'Last night I came to terms with something... Others had been saying it for a long while... However I never believed it to be true.’

Kestrel listens intently.

Gryphon gives Kestrel a long and passionate kiss.

Kestrel blushes a delicate pink.

Gryphon smiles happily and hugs Kestrel.

Kestrel says 'NOT NOW, dear!’

Gryphon smiles happily.

Kestrel makes shoo'ing motions.

Gryphon says 'Ok'.

Kestrel blushes a delicate pink and sighs. She says 'Please.. I'm sorry.. continue.’

Demian says 'They said that I killed Nameless out of jealousy...’

Kestrel nods.

Demian frowns.

Kestrel says 'And...?’

Demian growls in frustration.

Kestrel utters the words, "Calming" Kestrel says softly, "Go on..."

Demian says 'Others listen. This conversation is finished.’

Kestrel says 'There is no one else present. Gryphon left. From His place in the Heavens, did he cast on me. No one else is here.’

Demian says 'Then why is Unknown sending me tells?’

Kestrel says 'I have ... WHAT? I have True Sight.. He is not present!’

Demian says 'As do I.’

Kestrel says 'He may be INFOing.. But.. I assure you this conversation goes no further than I..’

Demian says 'I will not be mocked.’

Kestrel says 'A moment.. Let me have a word with the little voyeur..’

Kestrel tells Unknown 'EXCUSE ME, SIR! Keep your nasty little comments to yourself. Iknow not what they are, or why, but shut up.’

Unknown tells Kestrel 'they are not nasty'.

Unknown tells Kestrel 'you are very rude'.

Kestrel tells Unknown 'I am TRYING to speak with Demian. It is a delicate conversation. Your interference could wreck the possibility for reconciliation I am trying to'.


Kestrel rolls her eyes... Unknown thinks she's rude... *sob*

Kestrel tells Unknown 'And spying on others conversations is not rude?’

Kestrel tells Unknown 'And mocking Demian's words is not rude?’

Kestrel says 'I am getting lectured on MY rudeness..’ She giggles. 'Ah well.’

Demian says quietly, ‘I don't care anymore...’

Kestrel pauses thoughtfully a moment.

Unknown tells Kestrel 'SHEESH'.

Kestrel says 'There is some where we can speak.. completely privately. Although it is dangerous. If that would make you more comfortable.’

Someone joins someone's group.

Kestrel growls angrily. Demian says 'This is ridiculous.’

Kestrel says 'It is. This level of discourtesy is infuriating.

You pray 'My Lord Gryphon..’

Someone tells Kestrel 'Yes, my dear?’

You pray 'Would you kindly ask the immortals snooping me to back off?’

You pray 'They are NOISILY interfering with my conversation with Demian'.

You pray 'And this is something of a delicate conversation.’

Someone tells Kestrel 'I am now snooping'.

You pray 'They are in the room.’

Demian says 'It matters not. If they wish to listen it is fine.’

Kestrel nods.

Demian says 'I say nothing secret now.’

Kestrel gathers her composure with difficulty. 'Go ahead, Demian.’

Someone tells Kestrel 'Im ceasing the snoop'.

You pray '*nod*'.

Someone tells Kestrel 'Ok'.

You pray 'Tell the peeping toms to ... never mind.’

Kestrel says 'Go ahead.’

Demian says 'Although my reasons for attacking were good enough...’

Kestrel listens...

Demian says 'And I would have done so based on them alone...’

Demian says 'I was indeed jealous.’

Kestrel nods slowly.

Demian says 'Now wait...’ He looks at Kestrel carefully. 'You seem stuck on this notion of love.’

Kestrel is open, listening, and unbiased. She nods, and says 'It is what I believe. '.

Demian says 'To be honest, I do not know whether I love her or not.’

Kestrel says 'Am I wrong, Demian?’

Demian says 'I do not know. Perhaps you are right.’

Kestrel says 'It seems... the saddest case of it I have e'er seen.. That is for you two to decide.. Not an interfering old lady such as myself..’

Demian says 'I do know that I hunger though... I am drawn to her.’

Kestrel says 'I understand... in some small way.’

Demian shrugs. 'That is how it is.’

Kestrel says 'Then.. that is the present.. what of the future?’

Demian says 'As I said before though, all jealousy aside I would have killed him anyway.’

Kestrel says 'Because he is Nashite, and not Kindred?’

Demian shakes his head.

Demian says 'Because he hurts a member of the kindred who is, if nothing else, my friend.’

Kestrel says quietly, "Please understand something, Demian... I hold Nameless JUST as responsible for his death as I hold you.. He SUICIDED. That is wrong...’

Demian nods, and says 'He is weak. It did not surprise me.’

Kestrel says 'And.. in return.,.. he is deeply hurt by DarkClaw.’

Demian says 'I care not for his pain.’

Kestrel says 'He does not have a sense of self, or self-worth. And when DarkClaw, by her own admission... betrayed him.. His only means of expression was death.’

Demian says 'There I disagree.’

Kestrel says 'So do I.’

Demian says 'I believe Darkclaw is wrong.’

Kestrel says 'A Vampire feeding is not infidelity. It is food. And their nature. Nameless... AND DARKCLAW.. do not understand this..’

Demian says 'She did more than feed...’

Kestrel pauses thoughtfully a moment.

Demian says 'And I still do not believe it wrong.’

Kestrel says 'They... had made no promises, but.. there was a bond.. an implied trust. That was broken, if only by her deciding that it was.’

Demian says 'If so it was an unnatural bond.’

Kestrel says 'It is one they have chosen, Demian. Natural, unnatural... they have chosen it. And neither you or I can deny it...’

Demian says 'She is not happy. And she deserves better.’

Kestrel says 'That may be.. But it is HERS to decide.’

Demian says 'I can show her.’

Kestrel shakes her head.

Demian says 'I agree.’

Kestrel says 'You will only drive her deeper into his arms. Every angry action you take.. Frightens her... and pushes her further from you.’

Demian shrugs. 'Wrath is not my only tool.’

Kestrel says 'Guile, seduction... Kindness..’

Demian says 'Honesty.’

Kestrel says 'But... make certain that you do not try to force YOUR truth to become HER truth..They are not always the same.. My truth is not yours, is not Gryphon’s, is not Molo’s, is not.. etc .. you get the idea. We, as individuals, can only see through our own eyes. What is plain to you, is NOT to her. What is plain to me, is NOT to Nameless.’

Demian says 'Let me tell you something...’

Kestrel listens.

Demian says 'I have utter confidence that I am right.’

Kestrel says 'That She should not love Nameless, that he is unworthy of her?’

Demian says 'My suspicions have been confirmed by Nameless himself that their relationship can not last.’

Kestrel nods. ‘Then if it is bent on self-destruction.. Stand back, watch it happen, and be there for her when it is over..’

Demian says 'He told me that he was incapable of love.’

Demian shakes his head.

Kestrel says 'The same way you are not capable of kindness, Demian.. You are... as is he.. He simply.. hasn't... and you simply.. don't allow yourself.’

Demian rolls his eyes.

Kestrel says 'DarkClaw is the first being he ever HAS cared about.’

Demian says 'Hey now. We've only met this night.’

Kestrel grins, 'Ok ok.. so that one was a bit much..’

Demian says 'You do not know me.’

Kestrel says 'I'll retract that one. But I HAVE heard a lot.. from many. Not just nameless. Not just DarkClaw.’

Demian looks at Kestrel with interest.

Kestrel smiles secretively.

Demian says 'I would know what you have heard.’

Kestrel says 'I keep secrets, Demian. Yours.. and those of others.’

Kestrel says 'I will not answer, I am sorry.’

Demian frowns.

Kestrel says 'But.. know I will not answer others questions of you.’

Demian says 'It doesn't matter since everybody knows anyway.’

Kestrel says 'Some think of me as a Mother Confessor, type. Secrets.. stay with me. They go no further.’

Demian says 'So I am open and honest with you... And yet you will not tell me of the rumors others spread? I do not see that as fair.’

Kestrel says 'Nameless will not hear the details of this conversation... from me, anyway. You speak with me, honestly and openly. As did they, voicing their fears and hopes. Would it be fair to share yours, with them? No. Its none of their business. And it is none of yours.’

Demian grinds his teeth.

Kestrel says 'Im sorry.. but.. that is the way it must be. It is a matter of Trust.. '.

Demian says 'You do not have to tell me names. I merely want to know what information you are operating under.’

Kestrel says 'I will not break yours.. I will not break theirs.’

Demian says 'You are using your information.’

Kestrel chuckles softly. 'I cannot forget... of course I am. And if it will help.. I will be ruthless in my knowledge. Ask DarkClaw about the Outcasting. I can be.. harsh. IF the situation calls for it.’

Demian says 'I do not understand. I do not care of these other people's hopes and dreams. I want to know what they are saying about me. The assumptions you are making about me.’

Kestrel says 'No..... have I been wrong? If I am wrong... Much of it is my own instinct, Demian, not the influences of others.’

Demian says 'And yet there is more...you said as much'.

Kestrel says 'Else I would have lured you somewhere and killed you.. that's not my way.’

Demian looks at the wall, his face full of fury.

Kestrel says 'I'm here. Talking. Honestly and openly. What others say matters so much to you? Why?'.

Demian says 'I grow tired of this constant speculation. People analyzing me.’

Kestrel says 'Only because it's right on target. I'll stop. I will speculate no more.’

Demian says 'You may be nosey, but at least you say things to my face. You are not a coward.’

Kestrel says 'Indeed, I am.. a right nosy bitch, I am.’

Kestrel chuckles softly.

Demian shakes his head.

Demian says 'Were your speculations right on target? I do not think so.’

Kestrel says 'All right. Then... I shan’t speculate any more.’

Demian says 'I do not believe you. You will not voice your speculations you mean.’

Kestrel giggles, 'Well... ok.. You have me there. A woman MUST speculate.. Else go insane.’

Demian snickers softly.

Kestrel says 'But I will not assume they are truth.. And I will ASK, rather than TELL you..Is that a deal?’

Demian says 'Fine. I am still frustrated.’

Kestrel says 'About?’

Demian says 'These other speculators who like to wag their tongues.’ He smiles grimly.

Demian says 'And when I get frustrated...’

Kestrel says 'You get violent?’ She asked, not told, you notice..

Demian grins evilly, and nods in recognition to her.

Kestrel says 'I'm trying, at least....’

Demian says 'Yes. Much blood will be spilled I think.’

Kestrel sighs, and says 'I sorrow to hear that, Demian. I can only pray... That you accept mine, instead of Nameless's.’

Demian says 'I will not.’

Kestrel says 'Then.. I will have to do my best to stop that from happening. And if I die in the process... I die in the process, I guess, For I will not fight you.’

Demian says 'And how will you do that?’

Kestrel says 'I will follow Nameless. Keep him under Sanctify, Bless, and Armor at all times. I will Heal him. I will do all I can to keep him safe. Or, I will let you rage, all you like, against me. And I will die for you, so that he need not, so that DarkClaw need not be hurt again..’

Demian shrugs. 'You can try your best. I advise against standing in my way.’

Kestrel smiles sadly.

Demian says 'But I see you are set on this path.’

Kestrel says 'I can only try my best, Demian. I do not want my friend, Nameless, to die. I do not want my friend, DarkClaw to be needlessly hurt'. You killing Nameless again.... Will only hurt her, hurt him, hurt me..’

Demian says 'If it hurts Darkclaw I am sorry. If it hurts you...I suppose I may be sorry as well.’

Kestrel says softly, "If you truly care for her... why do you do things that hurt her so badly?"

Demian says 'Nameless... It is my intention to hurt.’

Kestrel says 'And it is my intention to heal. You, Him. Her. Myself.. All.’

Demian says 'Wonderful.’

Kestrel says ‘That does not stop me from doing this..’

Kestrel offers her hand, once more.. open, and empty.

Demian says 'I am a hunter. It is what I do.’

Kestrel sighs, and nods. 'That is fine... but.. I did not think Hunter's had to always walk alone.’

Demian takes Kestrel’s hand in his own and looks into her eyes.

Kestrel meets his gaze steadily.

Demian looks disturbed for a moment, then says 'This one does not intend to.’

[Demian leaves the room. Kestrel automatically follows him through the Temples, to the Guild.]

Kestrel says 'Would you prefer I follow myself?’

Demian says 'I advise you to fol self.’

Tyb tells Kestrel 'uhm'.

Nameless ftells, '(oh man...)'.

Ankh beams a smile at Demian.

Tyb tells Kestrel 'are you aware that you have a tag along?’

Kestrel tells Tyb 'Its a long story.. I am following HIM.’

Kestrel ftells, 'nameless, get under cover.’

Demian says 'I advise you to fol self, Kestrel.’

Tyb tells Kestrel 'oh'.

Nameless ftells, 'why? what has happened?’

Tyb tells Kestrel '*hug*'.

Kestrel says 'Please, Demian.. This is not neccessary..’

Poor Alley [Exits: north east south west]
You are in narrow and dirty alley leading east and west. The leather shop is to the north, and the Adventurer's Guild is to the south.
The sky is rainy and a warm southerly breeze blows.
(Red Aura) Demian is here.
(Red Aura) Diaemon is here.
(Red Aura) Ankh is here.

Kestrel sighs.

Kestrel stops following Demian.

Kestrel says 'Blessings on you...’

Demian nods in recognition to Kestrel.

Kestrel says 'I pray you find peace.’

Nameless ftells, 'k’trev...DarkClaw and this opne are walking on the beach...’

Kestrel ftells, 'GET INTO SAFETY NOW!!!!!’

Nameless ftells, 'what has occured?’

Kestrel ftells, 'Demian, Ankh, and Diaemon are ALL HUNTING. I am on my way.. where are you?’

Kestrel ftells, 'I don't know.. where are you?’

Nameless ftells, '*shake* they are all hunting this one? This one will be safe in a moment'.

Kestrel ftells, 'shut up and tell me!!!!’

Nameless ftells, '*concerned look* as this one said, Lady DarkClaw and this one are on the beach'.

[Kestrel sprints down to the Beach]

On a Rocky Beach : [Exits: north east west]
(Blue Aura) Nameless is here.
(Red Aura) DarkClaw is here.
Kestrel breathes a sigh of relief.

Nameless bows before you.

Kestrel says 'FOLLOW ME, NOW!!! BOTH of you!’

Nameless says 'this one thinks you may over worry Lady Kestrel'.

DarkClaw blinks.

Kestrel says 'I DO NOT'.

DarkClaw says 'What is wrong?!’

Nameless says 'this one also thinks Lady DarkClaw is in no danger'.

DarkClaw now follows Kestrel. DarkClaw joins her group.

Nameless now follows Kestrel. Nameless joins her group.

Kestrel utters the word, “Sanctuary” DarkClaw is surrounded by a white aura.
Kestrel utters the word, “Sanctuary” Nameless is surrounded by a white aura.

[Kestrel runs the group back to Midguard at top speed, fairly flying down the Great Western Road, and up to the Smouldering Temple.]
Nameless sighs and shakes his head.

DarkClaw frowns.

Nameless stops following you.

Kestrel says quietly, "I spoke at length with Demian."'

Nameless says 'and?’

Nameless shifts his wings until he is comfortable... Nameless raises an eyebrow.

Kestrel says quietly, "I felt there was danger. Great danger."

Nameless nods.

DarkClaw shakes her head.

Nameless says 'Demian is no danger to this one...’

DarkClaw says 'He would not attack one of his own kind...’

Nameless says 'he thinks that by killing this one over and over, his is 'proving' something'.

Kestrel raises one brow, silently questioning. Kestrel says 'Perhaps.. I am a silly, over protective old woman.’ She curtseys abruptly to Nameless and DarkClaw and leaves.

(End Log)