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Notes: This log was from when I was mortal and Conclave, not yet released to Gryphon’s service. So it was somewhere in the Winter of 1996. I edited it years ago, somewhat clumsily, taking out language indicators and other threads of conversation. Warning: It does contain some fairly disrespectful language. Molo is the 'Someone' in the log. As a bit of side explanation, because Cordir garnered so much interest from others, Molo had ordered her to be invisible at all times, without exception, when logged in. Thus, the all caps yelling at her about being visible. - Cordir 11:42, 22 May 2012 (MST)

Lorna tells Cordir ‘I once had a great deal of respect for you. I cannot say I possess quite that same respect now.’

Cordir tells Lorna ‘And, what, might I ask, lessened it?’

Lorna tells Cordir ‘In a great part, your actions in embracing the Conclave.’

Cordir tells Lorna ‘*raises eyebrow* Ah... so.. one's affiliations, not ones actions determine value in your eyes, then? How.. un Triat of You.’
Cordir tells Lorna ‘But I forget.. you studied a different Triat than I did, I suppose...’

Lorna tells Cordir ‘When one chooses to associate oneself with murderers such as those you have, to aid and help them, and embrace their goals . . . What does that say?’

Cordir tells Lorna ‘*chuckle* Really.... and did not the Wyrm identify for the Wyld?’

Lorna tells Cordir ‘It did. '.

Cordir tells Lorna ‘And I do not kill... nor do I volunteer my aid, Lady Lorna ‘.
Cordir tells Lorna ‘If you would accuse... get your facts straight.’
Cordir tells Lorna ‘I follow the commands of my lord. That is all.’

Lorna tells Cordir ‘The whole issue is easily rectified, if the Conclave would choose to take the appropriate actions.’

Cordir tells Lorna ‘I do not slaver for the blood of others, though I would ....’
Cordir tells Lorna ‘You ... are laughable, when you claim to have embraced Triat's wisdom, when you make statements like that.'
Cordir tells Lorna ‘I do not mean scorn or disrespect, truly, but..’
Cordir tells Lorna ‘I cannot understand how a mind that has embraced the Three can be so narrow.’

Lorna tells Cordir ‘I attempt my best to understand the Triat, but my duty to my followers and myself remains trye.’
Lorna tells Cordir ‘True, rather.’

Cordir tells Lorna ‘SO the lives of those in your Tigers who do not kill are as bloody as those of Basil?’

Someone ftells 'WHY ISN’T MY WITCH INVIS!?’

Lorna tells Cordir ‘And the Conclave declared the GENOCIDE of my followers.’

Cordir prays, ‘Because I’m arguing with Lorna. Snoop me.’

Cordir tells Lorna ‘The Conclave has not declared war on your following, Lady. This the Lich has stated in the past.’

Someone raises an eyebrow.

Lorna tells Cordir ‘not selective, but wholesale. That tends to harden a person.’

Cordir tells Lorna ‘I would imagine that You would have far fewer clothed followers, if it had'.
Cordir tells Lorna ‘and Basil is a mad dog, and needs to die on a daily basis..’

> c ‘improved invis’

You fade out of existence.

Lorna tells Cordir ‘High Council Members of the Conclave have stated they would slay every Tiger.’

Cordir tells Lorna ‘so citing him as example,,., does not impress.’

Lorna tells Cordir ‘That is not something I forget.’

Cordir tells Lorna ‘Members may have. Did an Edict go out? No.’

Lorna tells Cordir ‘Basil serves his purpose, as do all.’

Cordir tells Lorna ‘Members of your following think Basil is an idiot. Is that the mind of the Tigers? No. It is the opinion of some.’

Someone chuckles, evidently amused.
Someone says 'Stupid bitch'.
Someone glares around him.

Cordir tells Lorna ‘Conclave gives edicts when unilateral decisions are made.’
Cordir tells Lorna ‘Ours is an organization of sweeping freedom.’
Cordir tells Lorna ‘The council makes few rulings.’

Jahiliya tells Cordir (in common) '*poke* hello in there :)'.

Cordir tells Lorna ‘as individuals, some may have chosen to obliterate your tigers.’
Cordir tells Lorna ‘that is their prerogative.’

Someone chuckles, evidently amused.
Someone says 'You have a point'.

Cordir tells Lorna ‘By the same.... I know of several times that Zrie has NOT been slain, because he is considred honorable.’
Cordir tells Lorna ‘Basil is not given that courtesy, because Basil is NOT honorable'.

Cordir bows deeply.

Lorna tells Cordir ‘Ahh, but Zrie HAS been slain, multiple times by your fellows.’

Someone says 'The Conclave did not draw first blood on the stupid blues'.
Someone says 'they did'.

Cordir tells Lorna ‘And I have pled for his life, and it has been spared, as well, Lorna.’

Cordir nods

Cordir tells Lorna ‘And.. he was the first to offer me aid after Basil's attack.’

Jahiliya tells Cordir, ‘You two still talking?’

Cordir tells Jahiliya 'yelling at the dumb bitch..I’m so pissed at what she’s done to Triat.’

Your cheeks are burning.

Cordir says 'Pardon my language, lord'.

Someone says 'I hope she picked that one up'.

Cordir nods.

Someone snickers softly.

Cordir says 'I as well..’

Cordir tells Lorna ‘If you judge me by my aura, and not my acts, that is yours to do... but it is honorless, spineless, and NOT Triat.’

Lorna tells Cordir ‘I do not judge you by your Aura, Cordir.’

Cordir tells Lorna ‘Politely, lady, ... bullshit.’

Lorna tells Cordir ‘If I judged solely on auras, things would indeed be MUCH different altogether.’

Jahiliya tells Cordir (in common) 'wow...lagged for 5 min there...if you replied i missed it :>'.

Cordir tells Lorna ‘Basil has hunted me every day I have seen him since I became concalave'.
Cordir tells Lorna ‘As have all the other aggressive tigers.’

Lorna tells Cordir ‘Not all, Cordir.’

Cordir tells Lorna ‘What more could you do?’

Cordir tells Jahiliya 'Yelling at the sily bitch.'

Lorna tells Cordir ‘I ordered you left alone for a long time.’

Jahiliya tells Cordir (in common) 'which one?’

Cordir tells Lorna ‘*raises eyebrow* Really.... my goodness. Basil certainly follows orders. But then you inspire such loyalty.’

Cordir tells Jahiliya ‘THE Silly Bitch'

Lorna tells Cordir ‘I said, for a long time. I have since released that order.’

Cordir tells Lorna ‘And again, for what reason? You have given none.’
Cordir tells Lorna ‘I have not changed.’

Lorna tells Cordir ‘My observations differ, then, Cordir.’
Lorna tells Cordir ‘And I've only my observations to act upon.’.

Cordir tells Lorna ‘Name one action I have done, Lady... and I will respect your view.’
Cordir tells Lorna ‘But... you will not be able to do so.’

(There is a long pause, with no response)

Lorna tells Cordir ‘Pardon me for a moment, I'm having yet another discussion with your lich.’

Cordir tells Lorna ‘Perhaps he can teach you some wisdom then...’

Cordir tells Lorna ‘afk a moment.. laundry calls.’

Lorna tells Cordir ‘All the lich has taught me is a growth of my darker side. Something I'm not entirely thrilled with.’

Cordir tells Lorna ‘May I quote something for you? It is somewhat involved, but I'll speak quickly.’

Lorna tells Cordir ‘By all means, go ahead.’

Cordir tells Lorna ‘They are the words of Thaygar. I have every word he spoke memorized.. every word I ever heard from him.’
Cordir tells Lorna ‘..All this One cares about is that Nyx and Avith, with their bloody, broken bodies, showed themselves and their honor..
Cordir tells Lorna ‘‘to be more noble and far superior to whatever ‘virtue’ or ‘knowledge’ their killers had.’'.
Cordir tells Lorna ‘TO rage when Wyld's are Wyld... well.. that is your perogative... but...’
Cordir tells Lorna ‘Decrying those who are, in fullness, keeping their own nature...To then cry out, that yours are being attacked...Yet, take your enemy's tactics, and strike in the same way, yet still crying honor... '.
Cordir tells Lorna ‘That, Lady, smacks of sharpest hypocracy.’
Cordir tells Lorna ‘Either you are Wyld, and Wyrm, and Weaver, or you are not.. and you MUST acknowledge those in others, for them to be respected in you.’
Cordir tells Lorna ‘To do otherwise... mocks what you believe, for you do not display the fortitude of your convictions.’
Lorna tells Cordir ‘We are all composed and influenced by the Triat, whether we recognize it or not.’

Cordir tells Lorna ‘It is as if a child speaks: ‘You don't play by my rules, therefore, I do not have to!! But you still have to respect me anyway!’'.
Cordir tells Lorna ‘Until You and yours behave in a fashion that truly echoes those ways, and do not'.
Cordir tells Lorna ‘Protest when Wyld is Wyld, when you harbor it within your own breast....’
Cordir tells Lorna ‘Then you will have the respect of none.’

Lorna tells Cordir ‘I admit to the Wyld within the Tigers. It would be foolish not to.’

Cordir tells Lorna ‘Ask Zrie if my death was well done, and deserved.’

You ftell '*wave* Hiya.. don't mind me, I'm yelling at Lorna, so If I do not respond to you... just kick me, ok?’

Cordir tells Lorna ‘I would say he is a better judge of who I am and what I do, then You, Lady Lorna.’

Lorna tells Cordir ‘You stated a wish to hear of the Triat as Imparted to me by Lord Thaygar. Do you still wish that?’

Cordir tells Lorna ‘Did I have a blue aura, my behaivior would be little different.. did I have NO aura.. my behavior would be little different.’

Lorna tells Cordir ‘I listen to Zrie and others within my following, Cordir, and take all their advice into consideration.’

Cordir tells Lorna ‘*shakes head violently* NO. I do not. Because, in recieving that information, you assimilated it to your own views and structures.. at it is no longer the word of the One I revered.’

Lorna tells Cordir ‘I speak only as it was imparted to my from Thaygar, the very words on the page written by him.’

Lorna tells Cordir ‘So that you may judge for yourself if what he has given unto me differ than what he gave unto the Order.’
Cordir tells Lorna ‘Yet... your behaivior speaks another language.'

Cordir tells Lorna ‘Forgive the bluntness... but.. you treat Triat's Aspects as if they were hats, which can be changed on the whim of a moment.’
Cordir tells Lorna ‘Not a carefully chosen and sacred life path'.
Cordir tells Lorna ‘‘people are attacking my followers! We're going to be Wyld now!’ That ... does .. not.. quite... work.’

Lorna tells Cordir ‘*smirk* Part of the Tigers have ALWAYS been Wyld.’

Cordir tells Lorna ‘*chuckle* This I know, Lorna.. yet... your language suggested that all would be wyld, in the note you posted.’
Cordir tells Lorna ‘Your statements are ever vague and unclear on the subject.'

Lorna tells Cordir ‘Again, my offer to tell you how the Triat was imparted to me, directly from Thaygar, stands. '.
Lorna tells Cordir ‘My own understandings are mine, and I have not the breath, even in immortality, to try to get you to understand in my fashion.'

Cordir tells Lorna ‘I will revere, follow, and hold dear the Triat He imparted to be, at his knee... not in words written on paper, translated by a heart that is not his.’
Cordir tells Lorna ‘And.. mindful... I would not accept Triat learning from one who declared WAR on the Ebon Hand, soon after receiving immortality..’
Cordir tells Lorna ‘Who never walked a triat path in purity and fullness, until caught by a whim, a fancy..'

Lorna tells Cordir ‘I have never stated that all tigers would act Wyld. I stated that the Wyld would kill as is their nature.’

Cordir tells Lorna ‘Lord Thaygar shares wisdom with all... not all have the wit to receive it and use it.’

Lorna tells Cordir ‘YOU have NO understanding of the circumstances surrounding my introduction to the Triat.’
Lorna tells Cordir ‘and you never can, nor could any mortal.’

Cordir tells Lorna ‘*dryly* Lady... perhaps you should re-read the note you posted on the subject.’
Cordir tells Lorna ‘You're right... I am not Immortal. I cannot understand the convolutions of your experience.. Nor would I wish, for even a moment, to be in your .. '.
Cordir tells Lorna ‘paws.’
Cordir tells Lorna ‘I, dishonored, Oathbreaker, Outcast, have a clearer understanding of Their ways then you, Lady Lorna.’

Lorna tells Cordir ‘*sweetly* Oh, but Cordir, I stated the manner in which the Kindred would be regarded. Not of which Tigers would act what ways.’

Cordir tells Lorna ‘But.. this rather wavered off the original subject.’
Cordir tells Lorna ‘*chuckle* Sweet honey on the edge of a blade, lady Lorna... truly the Weaver's Way.. truly the Wyrm's way.. or is my sarcasm poisoning you?’
Cordir tells Lorna ‘*shrug* You will believe as you believe.’
Cordir tells Lorna ‘You do not know me. You know little of me.’
Cordir tells Lorna ‘But.. that is just fine with me'.
Cordir tells Lorna ‘I will continue to walk the Triat path, and the Conclave Path, and the path to Perfection'.

Lorna tells Cordir ‘And you do not yet understand. Flatly, OOC, I would only share the very words crafted by the hand of Lord Thaygar's Player, if you still wished me t'.

Cordir tells Lorna ‘And, Triat willing, and Nash willing, perhaps someday The Triat will have another Immortal voice to represent them'.

Lorna tells Cordir ‘fulfill your previous request, for you to judge.'
Lorna tells Cordir ‘But I will say that neither of us knows all of the Triat, for, in the words of Thaygar:'.

Cordir tells Lorna ‘And, responding OOC: Paul and I have spoken EXTENSIVELY about Triat, I have logs of ALL The triat stuff, and the way you play it is radically different than I, or any other ex-ebon know Triat...’
Cordir tells Lorna ‘So... that aside.’

Lorna tells Cordir ‘‘A good many things of the Triat are _still_ secret and not known to anyone on the mud but Thaygar . . .’

Cordir tells Lorna ‘I don't want to hear what you have to say. You have closed your mind, and made your decisions.’

Lorna tells Cordir ‘because no one has yet passed a quest sick enough to earn that knowledge.’

Cordir tells Lorna ‘You have colored Triat to your own personal views, and allowed behavior and actions such as would be the highest dishonor.’
Cordir tells Lorna ‘BUT AGAIN: Discussion of Triat was not the original subject.’

Lorna tells Cordir ‘I do not say I play it well, or understand it as well as others.'

Cordir tells Lorna ‘You think my death a fine thing... so be it.’
Cordir tells Lorna ‘I tell you that I am no different than I was -- you disagree. SO be it.’
Cordir tells Lorna ‘I will face Basil's Wyld blade as often as I must.. with the same result. Dignity, I hope. Honor. Perseverance. And I will move on.’
Cordir tells Lorna ‘So.. bring on your killer. Give him my scent and let him hunt. I will run, as I have always run.’
Cordir tells Lorna ‘For that is my path, and my honor. And nothing he does, or you do, can change that.’

Lorna tells Cordir ‘I am not entirely inflexible. Speak with Ozmo if you doubt that.’

Cordir tells Lorna ‘*shrug* I am not pleading for you to change your views. You will think what you _wish_ to think.’

Lorna tells Cordir ‘But you've done less to present logical arguments and more to criticize my failings.’

Cordir tells Lorna ‘But I know that there is division within the Tigers, and not all share those views.’
Cordir tells Lorna ‘What is logical about life? Nothing, Lorna.’
Cordir tells Lorna ‘What arguments should I present? You say I have changed, yet gave no concrete examples'.
Cordir tells Lorna `I say I have not, and note others who say the same...’

(no further response was received. Conversation died.)