Random Items Debut

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(Tynian's note: This note was taken from the raw note file, and partially wikified)

Sender Tynian
Date Tue Jun 7 19:45:15 1994
To all
Subject Random objects, limited items, etc.

Okay, random objects are now in effect. Please let me know if there are any problems. Basically, mobs have a certain chance to be carrying a certain object. Yes, it's not logical right now. A city rat might be carrying a suit of plate, or what-not. Eventually, I'll go through the area files, and "fix" things so that it's a little bit more logical.

Here's what to come. Non-random objects will become true "limited" items, which means only a certain number of those objects can exist in the game, including players, even those players that aren't online. Some objects that are now on the MUD will cease to exist in the near future. Those players who have such objects in their inventory when the objects are removed from play will, of course, get to keep them... until they die, at least. There will be equipment restrictions, based on class. I'm telling you this now, so that you can start collecting equipment that falls within the restrictions. Once the equipment restrictions are in place, we'll be ready to introduce dual-classing. It will cost a pretty hefty sum of money, so you might want to begin saving now. In the next message, I will list the weapon restrictions.