Gregar T'Sarran

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Gregar T'Sarran
Danger Twin
Created 07/06/1999
Status Inactive
Race Aarakocra
Classes Shaman
Last Seen 2006
Followed Cordir (x2)
Relatives House T'Sarran


Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

Description While In Fate:
A tall Aarakocran hovers before you, wings holding him effortlessly aloft. He is not the biggest specimen you have ever seen, but his strength and capability are clearly evident. His feathers are gold-dappled brown, and upon each wing you notice a mark. The right wing bears an indigo Ward, proclaiming his Covenant with the Lady of Fate. The second is harder to identify... finally, recognition comes - the symbol of House Tsarran. You blink. An Aara? In Tsarran? Then you recall the tales: the lady long gone, its lord all but, and two sons, one of flesh, disowned, another of spirit, acknowledged.
A chaotic swirl of emotions dances in his gaze as he catches you looking so boldly. Truly a child of the Triat Wyld, though tempered by Weaver's honor and Wyrm's growth.
Suddenly, a roar shakes the very air, and he seems to brighten. "Ah, that would be my ancient green friend! Nothing like a dragonfight to start the day." He summons spells to cloak and ward himself, then flies off, leaving you to wonder if his glee and recklessness are but masks to cover something deeper...
Perhaps you will never know.

Wings curled protectively about him, this aara does not stand tall and proud like most of his race. Rather, he is slumped with the weight of the shame he has brought upon himself and others. Eyes unfocused, lost in memory, blinded by tears, he unconciously rubs his upper arms where, upon each, once a proud symbol pledged his devotion to his House, T'Sarran, and his faith, the Chosen of Fate. Now, like his soul, only scars remain. If only they could speak of it, for certain as the sun will rise, this student of the Wyld will not, not now or ever.

His wings curl somewhat protectively around him as the Aara before you gazes at you, eyes narrowed somewhat. His thin arms fold over his chest, baring twin scars where once, proud symbols pledged his devotion to a house - T'Sarran - and a lost faith - the Chosen of Fate. Scars marr his arms, legs and torso, the deep runnelling marks left by his favorite prey: dragons. He smiles, almost recklessly, and offers a welcoming hand. "Gregar." He snickers as it briefly bursts into blue flames, blows them out, and offers it once more, a twinkle in his deep yellow, falcon-like eyes. A light breeze causes a small gray feather braided into his hair to brush across his face, making him sneeze. He gently returns it to its place, smiling at the mark of trust and friendship given to him by his apprentice. "May Fate guide you, and Chance make life interesting." With a flourishing snap of his wings, the Tiger turns and takes flight.

WHO Lists:

Aar [       Sh: 6. .. . ] Gregar walks the way of the wyrm                       07/07/1999
Aar [       Sh:19. .. . ] Gregar Tsarran, Dragonslayer of Fate                   09/15/1999
Aar [       Sh:25       ] Gregar Tsarran Dragon Slayer of fate                   03/07/2000
Aar [    Wa: 6 Sh:30    ] Gregar Tsarran has finished his quest *fate/Taoiseac   08/13/2000
Aar [    Wa: 7 Sh:30    ] Gregar Tsarran *Fate/Taoiseach*                        09/10/2000
Aar [    Wa: 7 Sh:30    ] Gregar Tsarran *Fate/Taoiseach/NDB/TT*                 10/23/2000
Aar [    Wa:11 Sh:30    ] Gregar the handy-dandy bag machine *tiger-fate*        10-29-2001
Aar [    Wa: 9 Sh:30    ] Gregar makes a great mana battery *tiger-fate*         01-18-2001
Aar [    Wa: 9 Sh:30    ] Gregar that potions' MINE!! *tiger-fate*               01-30-2001
Aar [    Wa: 9 Sh:30    ] Gregar feels Tylorns pain *tiger-fate*                 02-20-2001
Aar [    Wa:10 Sh:30    ] Gregar...dragonslayer again *tiger-fate*               07-15-2001
Aar [    Wa:11 Sh:30    ] Gregar the handy-dandy bag machine *tiger-fate*        01-11-2002
Aar [    Wa:11 Sh:30    ] Gregar searches... the help wanted *tiger-fate*        01-27-2002
Aar [    Wa:12 Sh:30    ] Gregar has a clean record ooh! liberace! *tiger-fate   02-10-2002
Aar [    Wa:13 Sh:30    ] Gregar the cat who chewed your new shoes *tiger-fate   02-11-2002
Aar [    Wa:15 Sh:30    ] Gregar catbird, the ultimate in bi-polar *tiger-fate   04-26-2002
Aar [    Wa:16 Sh:30    ] Gregar a few good cooks!*Tiger-Fate*                   06-10-2002
Aar [    Wa:17 Sh:30    ] Gregar a few good cooks!*Tiger-Fate*                   08-12-2002
Aar [    Wa:17 Sh:30    ] Gregar still friend to fate  *Tiger*                   01-22-2003
Aar [    Wa:17 Sh:30    ] Gregar former Tiger, walks the path of the wyrm        03-23-2003
Aar [    Wa:17 Sh:30    ] Gregar seeks his place within the pattern *tiger*      03-24-2003
Aar [    Wa:17 Sh:30    ] Gregar returns to his home in Fate *former Tiger*      03-24-2003
Aar [    Wa:17 Sh:30    ] Gregar IMO Lt. Thomas Mullen 25co USNA '97 *fate*      03-25-2003
Aar [    Wa:17 Sh:30    ] Gregar old Tiger *Fate*                                05-20-2003
Aar [    Wa:17 Sh:30    ] Gregar on diaper duty *fate*                           06-05-2003
Aar [    Wa:18 Sh:30    ] Gregar prodigal shaman of FATE                         10-02-2003
Aar [    Wa:18 Sh:30    ] Gregar*fate* of the burned loincloth(stupid dragons    10-04-2003
Aar [    Wa:19 Sh:30    ] Gregar hunble... er.. nice er....fate                  10-07-2003
Aar [    Wa:19 Sh:30    ] Gregar cant spel anitheng *fate*                       10-10-2003
Aar [    Wa:19 Sh:30    ] Gregar kant spel anitheng *fate*                       01-19-2004
Aar [    Wa:19 Sh:30    ] Gregar's on again! Holy *fate* Batman!                 09-23-2004
Aar [    Wa:19 Sh:30    ] Gregar's on again! Holy *fate* Batman!                 05-18-2004
Aar [    Wa:19 Sh:30    ] Gregar's on again! Holy *fate* Batman!                 03-29-2005
Aar [       Sh: 2       ] Gregar the Aarakocran                                  06-13-2006
Aar [    Wa:20 Sh:30    ] Gregar T'Sarran has returned from the void *fate*      06-18-2006
Aar [    Wa:20 Sh:30    ] Gregar original danger twin wyld one o fate            06-25-2006
Aar [    Wa:20 Sh:30    ] Gregar original danger twin wyld one o fate            07-04-2006

Character History:

This land is repleat with the sins of the hordes, though none greater than those against your own brethren. Would be foolhardy to reopen the wounds by delving into their details. Suffices that sacrafices were made, and the prices were paid for mine, as well as others. Within each punishment, a new birth was found, a cleansing of all through the powers of the Wyld. Even the strong spirit of the Weaver succumbed to the will of the Wyld eventually. With it, the weaver incarnae and her fold found themselves anew. It was during this time of strife for the triat, that I, Gregar now of the unamed family, found my own divergent path among the fold of the Tigers.

I joined the tigers with my hands bound. Too long had I enjoyed the shelter of my neutrality. The gods did not see fit for me to be unleashed unto the realm and start the bloodlust I longed for. I held no delusions of grandeiur, I knew no one would fear me. Being a shaman who had recently started learning the ways of the warrior, I was weak and inneffective against my foes. This didn't stop me from trying. Twice I had managed to place the heads of my enemies before the altar of Tripper, for the gods are not without mercy. They understood mitigating circumstances and allowed me to provide vengeful retribution against those who had wronged me. In one case a petty thief, barely old enough to reach my pocket found his way to another Tigers' belongings. The item proved to be a holy object. A non-follower carrying one of our holy objects was sacrilage of the most intolerable sort. The gods saw fit that I might extract vengance for our following. Turning the wrath of a ghost upon the unsuspecting whelp, I waited in magically cloaked silence until he ran from his safeharbor to dispose of the haunting menace. Already weakened from the ghosts life drain, he was an easy target. I watched the fight start, then summoned all my power into a flare, sending it into the hapless thief, I wrenched his soul to and fro, tattering him like a leaf, and leaving him dead at my feet before I could draw my sword to press the attack.

That was my first kill from leaving neutrality. it left me giddy. Some would say it was without honor considering the large difference in age and abilities. Perhaps, but the thief knew what trouble he was stirring when he decided to steal. I feel no remorse for him or any of the others. Yes, there is the blood of others on these hands. How many, I could not say, not because I lost track in the countless thousands, no I was never that good, probably a quarter as many as most can claim, most likely even less. I just never bothered to stop and count. I was more interested in finding an outlet for my uncontrolled rage and new found sense of vengeance for the righteous.

I think now perhaps it was a way oif forgetting my sins and the friends I left behind. Through it all I did not forget how I had arrived at my new station. I lived such for a long time payhing heed to my new family but never forgetting my roots, but the Wyld again, found it's gale force, and started change. Tripper was absent more and more the tides of dark knew as much and began to swell. A following is nothing without it's god, Trippers tigers waned as an influence in the realm, until they were almost gone forever. Gregar left the realm for some time as well, when he returned he found the tigers only a shell of their former selves. He checked in occasionally to look for his old god, but never found him. Though loyal, I could not find what I needed in the Tigers anymore. I took Cordir's offer to join her new following.

So I stand here now, on the brink of my new adventure. More learned, a bit less eager to spill blood, but still Gregar none the less. Danger twin, spontaneous, and part of the peanut gallery in the back of each town meeting. I'm ready to rejoin my old comrades in the Chosen.


  • Gregar wrote "Gregar's Guide to staying alive on TFC," which was posted on Cordir's website for many years.
  • Gregar was the first person to be rejected by Cordir from the Chosen of Fate. He later
  • Jasmine was named Anathema for killing Gregar.
  • Gregar received votes in BlissPoll 2002A for the 'Person you most fear'.
  • Gregar is listed among the Names in The Sanctuary of Fate.
  • Gregar is mentioned in the August 25, 2000 retirement note of Okk.
  • Gregar was briefly mentioned during (Un)Life Lessons between Cirth and Dalmiera.
  • Gregar accepted a Triat Mastery Quest, but was unsuccessful in completing it.
  • Gregar's Tale was written by Gregar about his quest failure.
  • Gregar took part in the The Sins of the Fathers RP.
  • Gregar was there during some Wyld Goings On.
  • Gregar attended a A Storytelling Competition.
  • Gregar assisted in the restoration of Silonch's heart: Heartless No More.
  • Gregar was the topic of Boromir's Tale.
  • Gregar was mentioned in the diary of Garvax, for attempting to CR his fellow Chosen but dying in the process.


  1. Will make a bag and give it to someone every time he walks the realm.
  2. Will help two newbies before going to obtain experience, every time he walks the realm.
  3. Will only eat food given to him by other people.
  4. Will not use the Vortex. (7/28/99-8/1/99)
  5. Will learn three home cities of the Southern Continent that he does not already know.
  6. Will speak to no one save the Lady for 3 weeks. [To squelch the Wyld]
  7. Will wear nothing save a weapon and a ball of light until level 6 warrior[To repay karmatic debt to the Weaver, which he dishonored]
  8. Will learn of Nash for 3 outrealm weeks [As demanded by the Wyrm, to make sure ignorance never speaks for him again]

(#6-8 were penance for publicly mocking Nash - 5/4/2000)

Gregar took new Geasa while a member of the Tigers:

  1. The weaver is the giver, it sacrifices itself for others at all costs. The Weaver demands I give freely of myself and ask little in return. Therefore, in honor of the weaver, I promise that I shall not hoarde items... Any spare equipment that I cannot use will not be held on myself. Instead it shall be offered first to my brethren tigers in accordance with my promise to Tripper that my current following takes precedence, I shall then offer it to fate, whom I am sworn to protect second only to my brother tigers. Should fate not have use it shall be given directly to a newbie, not pitted. Further, from this moment forth should I fall at the hands of the enemy I shall not accept new equipment from tripper. I shall find new equipment on my own. That is geas number one, so let it be written.
  2. The wyrm seeks knowledge, always studying and teaching the young. With this in mind, I shall seek to know as much as possible about all followings. Should a newbie seek guidance in finding a god for themselves, I shall be able to tell them basic rules and guidelines for all, as well as some basic esoteric information.
  3. For the Wyld - should an innocent ask for my help in avenging them, I will do whatever within my power to aid them to that end. The truly evil shall pay for their wrongdoings.

Upon rejoining Fate in 2003, Gregar took new geasa:

  1. For the Weaver, I will create two bags each login and give them to a newbie or put them in the pit for others to use.
  2. For the wyrm, I will learn of each of the potions available from all vendors in the realm (and pools) and what each of them does.
  3. For the Wyld, I will seek acceptance in the Blades of Fate, to actively protect the young and those in Fate. If I am not accepted, I will still stand as guard to the young, making the lives of newbie killers a living hell.

Gregar's Quest

[ 7] Cordir: Gregar's Quest
Tue Jul 20 14:21:24 1999
To followers of: Cordir
In accordance with My Ways, Gregar has asked and been granted a Quest. I would ask that you allow him this challenge on his own...

Gregar... You walk the Way of the Shaman, one of reflection, and self-mastery. Yet each Student must have a Teacher to learn from. Thusly, I ask you to seek out and learn from each of the Shaman described below...

Typhon, Ebon Master - Learn of the perseverance he can teach.
Sadow, Wind Ruler - Learn of the tools and spells he can teach.
Allanon, Master Druid - Learn the wariness and survival he can teach.

Find each of the following Shamans, and slay them, bagging them.
In Skor'lanis, this one walks, guardian against strangers.
In deep Mines, this Goblin paces in a trace, yet alert to you.
On distant Isles, this Student seeks to learn of nature's ways.

Lastly, three Shaman have Ascended to the highest rank - Immortals. Learn their names, and in the case of two out of three, ask them what the best advice for advancement and survival they can offer would be.

When all of these tasks are complete, then you will have earned the boon you seek.

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

1999 - 2000

07/06/1999: Gregar is created.
07/08/1999: Cordir's 1000th birthday party. At the party, Durin and Gregar join the Chosen.
07/20/1999: Gregar accepts a Shamanic Quest from Cordir.
07/27/1999: Gregar completes his Shaman's Quest.
09/10/1999: Cordir and Lysanthir discuss Family Matters involving Gregar.
02/15/2000: Gregar reaches level 22 shaman.
04/04/2000: Gregar accepts a Trial of Mastery.
04/26/2000: Adso mobdies in Sanguinna three times and loses a level. Gregar also mobdies there. In an effort to help Adso and Trakker, who has arrived to help, Gregar breaks one of the strictures of his Triat Mastery Quest - and flies down the river to bring help.
05/02/2000: Gregar reaches WA:3/SH:30.
05/04/2000: Based on shameful behavior on gossip, Gregar takes on an Act of Contrition. (See note below).
07/20/2000: Gregar levels to 6th level thief, completing the last requirement of his self-imposed Act of Contrition, obtaining the levels with only a weapon and light source.
08/10/2000: Gregar's Penitence is discussed with the Chosen.
09/10/2000: Gregar reaches Wa:7/Sh:30.
10/05/2000: Gregar of Fate fights, kills, and bags the Great Dhole as a present to lighten Lady Cordir's mood.
10/31/2000: Gregar violates the rules of the Chosen, and Cordir discusses Gregar's Shame with the following and her Council. A few days later, Gregar is cast out of the Chosen.

2001 - 2002

01/09/2001: Gregar T'sarran joins the Tigers.
01/29/2001: Gregar of the Tigers accepts Tranquility of Fate as his shamanic apprentice.
2/12/01 Gregar T'sarran speaks Geasa before the Weaver.
02/20/2001: Tirayel of the Chosen hosts a story telling contest. First place goes to Brianna of the Tigers, second place to Cirth of the Chosen, and third place to Gregar of the Tigers.
04/03/2002: Gregar is one of the topics of Tranquility's post, Bad Bad Danger Twins.
07/21/2002: Gregar reaches Wa:17 Sh:30.
07/29/2002: Gregar kills a Winged Tinker for MM#40. Vladamir dies in the Spire and Gregar obtains (and bags) the corpse with some location help by Ananasi.

2003 - 2006

03/24/2003: Gregar rejoins the Chosen of Fate, taking on new geasa. Boromir stands as his sponsor once more, with a caveat: Boromir says (in common), 'I reserve the right to teleport him to dr .. blynd deaf and mute'. 06/06/2003: Gregar of Fate ascends to Wa:18\Sh:30.
09/24/2004: Natilena holds a pk rumble! Her summary says: Gregar killed by Ink, Thor killed by Orion, Guartwog killed by Valgar, Valin killed by Ink, Orion killed by Dart, Lex killed by Orpik, Eldric killed by Azeworai, Cujo killed by Mystaya, Dart killed by Ink, Valgar killed by Orpik, Mystaya killed by Orpik, Cyali killed by Orpik, Mistyfier killed by Ink, Faile killed by Orpik, Ink killed by Ink, and Azeworai killed by Orpik.
06/25/2006: Gregar and Pol decide to try their luck against Jair the Librarian, and he slays them both in a single round.

[ 0] Gregar: my shame
Thu May 4 19:46:39 2000
To followers of: Cordir
I have shamed myself, the lady and the following through irresponsible actions. I mocked NASH, not only insulting the god of many but insulting and humiliating the lady as well.
I would like to apologize to fate, my actions were not the responsible ones expected of a member of fate. I am truly sorry, for any pains caused to other members of the following by my actions.
In pennance I hereby make the following 3 geas:
To squelch the wyld which caused me to humiliate the following so, I hereby will not speak to anyone save the lady for a period of 3 weeks.
To repay karmatic debt to the weaver which I dishonored, I shall not wear anything but a weapon and a simple ball of light until level 6 warrior.
To make sure ignorance never speaks for me again, the wyrm demands that I learn of NASH for a period of 3 outrealm weeks.
such is my dishonor, such is my pennance