Rites of Renewal

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(Notes: The Chosen of Fate held periodic 'Rites of Renewal' - to renew their bonds to one another. This was the very first such event, held at some point in 2000. This log is the combination of three different scenes throughout the day. Notable Individuals: Ananasi, Saran Cerementi, Trakker Longbow, Boromir, Ptarchyzk, Cirth the Pale, Nyx, Caradoc. The character of Serenity in this log was later renamed Tranquility. )

Within The Tapestry of Fate [Exits: north up]
The Loom of the Weaver is here, coruscating with an unearthly radiance.
(Invis) (Purple Aura) Serenity is resting here.
(Purple Aura) Angeline is here.
(Invis) (Purple Aura) Saran is here.
(Invis) (Purple Aura) Trakker is here.

Cordir closes the spider-web.
Cordir says, 'Chosen... It has been a difficult time for us all, of late.'

Saran nods.

Cordir says, 'We have lost many of our brothers and sisters... through time, through Fate, through a change in path. For everything, there is a time. I believe the Chosen need a time to heal. To revisit their spiritual roots. I asked you all to gather today... To hear the words of Cirth.'

Cirth bows before Cordir.

Cordir says, 'I would ask him to speak of that which is known as the Triat and how it has shaped him. And of his life. But before I turn the floor over to him.... I would ask something of each of you. I would ask that each of you share something. A secret. Something you have never told another soul.'

First Mate Bortizeth arrives from the north.

Cordir says, 'Tell either myself, or another Chosen.'

Angeline pats First Mate Bortizeth on his back. First Mate Bortizeth pats Angeline on her back.

Cordir says, 'In sharing such confidences, we share trust.'

Saran edges away from bortizeth.

Cordir says, 'And share knowledge of ourselves. I also ask that you give up one article that is of value to you. Something that is precious. In that sacrifice, we give of ourselves ...'
Cordir gets a nimbus of indigo light from bag made from Borlan hide.

Trakker scratches his head.

Cordir says, 'This is my sacrifice.'
Cordir eats a nimbus of indigo light.
Cordir says, 'And my secret is this: I constantly fear failing you, my folk.'

Angeline smiles at Cordir. Angeline sits down and thinks deeply.

Cordir says, 'Is there anyone else present who would be willing to do this as well?'

Cirth nods quietly.
Serenity nods.
Angeline nods.

Cordir says, 'Handmaiden?'
Cordir turns to Serenity, and listens.

Cirth knits his brows in deep thought.

Cordir ftells, '(Clarification: the article of value may be purely of sentiment.)'
Cordir ftells, '(And when you make the sacrifice, you can drop it to the floor, or put it in the pit, either one.)'

Serenity smiles happily. Serenity says, 'A pouch, while plain, it glows of magic for a reason unknown to me. Indicative of my natural curiosity and attraction to pretties, I have carried it' She smiles happily. Serenity says, 'I will place it in the pit, for one who needs it more' Serenity smiles happily.

Serenity says, 'My secret? Of that I can think of only one. '

Cordir nods in recognition to Serenity.

Serenity says, 'For those that knew of the vision, there is one who assumed he was part of it. He is not here, for that I am grateful'

Serenity curtseys gracefully to Saran. Serenity says, 'You were the one'

Serenity says, 'Next' Serenity smiles happily. Serenity blushes.

Angeline gasps as she realizes what Serenity did.

Saran bows before Serenity.

Cordir says, 'Brother? Would you be next?'

Saran nods.
Saran stops using a fur robe.
Saran drops a fur robe. As it hits the floor, it vanishes in a flash.
A thundering voice screams, 'Saran HAS DESECRATED HOLY GROUND!'

Saran nods at his sacrifice.

Cordir nods, and asks, 'What was its significance to you?'

Saran says, 'that was a gift to me from Mong, Ordained of life, a token of welcome on my first visit to the Spire. The Spire that now my home. (it was also a nice str item :) )'
Saran says, 'as for my secret ... this is somewhat ... difficult to say ... only You, Sister, would have cause to suspect it'

Cordir says, 'It need not be shared aloud with all. It may be whispered privately to one, if I did not make that clear'

Serenity gasps in astonishment.
Serenity pokes Cordir in the ribs.
Serenity pokes Cordir in the ribs.
Serenity pokes Cordir in the ribs.

Saran says, 'without acting on the urge, I have nonetheless ... in my learning of how to avoid being killed ... '

Serenity ties her beak SHUT.

Cirth comforts Serenity.

Serenity pouts.

Cordir says, 'I'm sorry, Serenity. I was pleased when you spoke aloud, but surprised... I am sorry I wasn't clearer.'

Serenity blushes. Serenity nods in recognition to Cordir.

Saran says, 'well ... part of me has taken an eager interest, and planned out, in excruciating detail, how to do it to others'

Angeline blinks at Saran, seemingly stunned.

Saran says, 'specifically, those who have hunted me'

Cirth raises an eyebrow at Saran.

Cordir nods.

Saran says, 'I am not ... proud of this ... but I have done it ... and continue to ...'

Cordir says, 'You ... rage... like none other within the Chosen.'

Saran nods in recognition to Cordir, saying, 'you know the deeper reason why. As a query ... from the angrier part ... we seek to end combat whenever it happens ... i take it teleporting the attacker would be considered ... too aggressive?'

Cordir shakes her head, and says, 'Not at all. You are removing them from the battle.'

Angeline says, 'that's only self defense'

Serenity says, 'that is one of those, you being anywhere but here is safer for me.'

Cordir says, 'Should they, through their own aggressions, come to harm...'

Saran chuckles, evidently amused.

Cordir says, 'That is their own Fate, and no blood on your hands.'

Saran thanks Cordir heartily.

Serenity grins neutrally.
Serenity says, 'no bath required'

Cirth smiles slightly and reveal his fangs.

Cordir says, 'Personally, I rather like the idea.'

Angeline says, 'no bath required :>'

Saran is overcome briefly with a red glow.
Saran throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!

Cordir says, 'And if all my Chosen could do so... well... It would be mete.'

Saran thanks Cordir heartily.

Cordir says, 'Angeline? Are you willing?'
Angeline nods.

Saran calms down and stands aside.

Angeline says, 'Of course' She stands and looks down at the floor.
Angeline juggles a multi-colored key ring. She says, 'This is the first item given to me after my..... unfortunate encounter with Daisy. It was given to me by Talmud.'

Cordir nods.

Angeline says, 'I shall put it in the pit, so that, tho he is gone from this realm, his generosity will live on, to benefit another'

Cordir smiles warmly, and nods, pleased.

The storm-grey thread upon the Loom seems to glimmer briefly.

Angeline says, 'and my secret' She blushes, then continues. 'I wish to quest....someday...to tread in my sister's footsteps' Angeline beams a smile at Serenity.

Serenity smiles brightly.
Cirth tilts his head.

Angeline says, 'And be another Handmaiden, to our Lady' She smiles shyly.

Cordir says, 'You have come far, Angeline.'

Angeline says, 'I have had not the nerve to say....because of my transgression'

Cordir nods and says, 'go ahead and put the key in the pit.'

Angeline nods and opens the spider-web.

Cordir says, 'When you return, perhaps Trakker would be next?'

Angeline leaves north. Angeline arrives from the north.

Serenity gives a leather pouch to Angeline.

Angeline beams a smile at Serenity.

Serenity says, 'Thank you'

Angeline leaves north.

Trakker pokes First Mate Bortizeth in the ribs.
First Mate Bortizeth pokes Trakker in the ribs.

Serenity giggles.

Trakker sweeps First Mate Bortizeth into a romantic waltz.
First Mate Bortizeth slaps Trakker.

Cordir says, 'Perhaps the first mate has a secret, as well...' She pauses a moment, and thinks.

Serenity laughs.
Cirth looks at First Mate Bortizeth.
Angeline arrives from the north.

Serenity says, 'If you wish assistance in sending him back to his land, let us know Trakker'

Saran looks at First Mate Bortizeth. Saran says, 'he presses daisies'

First Mate Bortizeth confides, 'I sometimes wish.... well... I always wanted to be.... A LUMBERJACK!'

Cirth snickers softly.
Trakker giggles.

Saran says, 'SEE ...it's true!'

Cirth says, 'It's never to late'

Serenity snickers softly.

Trakker says, 'say no more'

Angeline throws back her head and cackles with insane glee!

Cordir giggles.

Trakker nudges First Mate Bortizeth impatiently.
Trakker nudges First Mate Bortizeth impatiently.
Trakker winks at First Mate Bortizeth.
Trakker winks at First Mate Bortizeth.

Cordir says, 'A nudge is as good as a wink to a blind bat, eh?'

Saran says, 'it's ok, big guy'

Trakker sighs loudly.

Cirth snickers softly.

Saran hugs First Mate Bortizeth. First Mate Bortizeth slaps Saran.

Cordir smiles happily.
Cordir says, 'Okay, Trakker...'

Angeline laughs. Serenity laughs. Angeline says, 'This is an ex-parrot!'

Cordir giggles.

Serenity agrees with Angeline 100%.

Cordir struggles back into character.

Angeline grins neutrally and says, 'Oh, we have no fun...'
Serenity snickers softly and says, 'none'

Trakker says, 'my most cherished possessions, I simply cannot give up, I am somewhat embarrassed at this and find myself in a position'

Trakker scratches his head. Trakker blushes as he notices his boo-boo.

Cordir says, 'Would you prefer to let Cirth go next, as you consider things further?'

Trakker says, 'I would sooner leave this realm than willingly give up my sigil and blade' He scratches his head.

Cirth says, 'Perhaps there is something else, dear to you?'

Trakker says, 'you are all as dear to me, and I'm not ready to give you up either'

Cirth snickers softly.

Trakker says, 'the rest is just fluff'

Angeline beams a smile at Trakker.
Serenity sits down and thinks deeply.
Trakker sighs loudly.
Cirth looks at Trakker.

Trakker says, 'ok' Trakker sits down and thinks deeply.
Trakker nods in recognition to Cirth.

Cirth says, 'Lady, may I go first, so Trakker can think?'

Cordir says, 'Go ahead, Cirth.'

Trakker says, 'please Cirth, I'm sorry'

Cirth step put of the shadows.

Angeline comforts Trakker.
Cirth comforts Trakker.
Cirth gets a quill pen from a pitch black cloak.

Cordir smiles at the sight of the quill.

Cirth says, 'This pen was given to me a very long time ago as a gift'
Cirth drops a quill pen. As it hits the floor, it vanishes in a flash.
A thundering voice screams, 'Cirth HAS DESECRATED HOLY GROUND!'

Cordir nods.

Angeline winces. Ouch!

Cirth says, 'Lady Cordir, it was a wonderful gift and I have appreciated it greatly' He bows before Cordir.

Cordir smiles, and nods in recognition to the Scribe.

Angeline gasps as she realizes the significance...

Cirth says, 'As for secrets... Many of those who know me may think that my life has been straight as an arrow, that my thread in the tapestry always pointed towards this'

A pale-gray thread within the Tapestry glimmers.

Angeline refluffs her feathers, and settles back down.

Cirth says, 'I have always been walking among those of red aura and darkness, until the Chosen of Fate. But in my earliest youth I had the ambition to champion good...'

Angeline murmurs "without darkness, there can be no light"

Cirth says, 'Nothing I ever discussed of course with my fellow followers of that time or later'

Serenity nods in recognition to Cirth.
Cordir nods in recognition to Cirth.

Cirth bows and steps back into the shadows again.

Cordir turns to Trakker with an inquiring glance.

Angeline looks around.
Angeline beams a smile at Trakker.

Angeline encourages Trakker, silently.

Trakker gazes upon the Emerald thread.
Trakker sighs at himself. What a sorry sight.

Cordir holds up her hand, bidding Trakker pause.

From the shadows of the chamber, the Lady's Ordained steps.
He drops to one knee before the Lady.

Cirth bows before the Shadow.

The Shadow whispers, 'My secret...'

Saran bows to the Shadow.

The Shadow whispers, 'Is my name... '
The Shadow whispers, 'Once, long ago, I bore another name. It is this name that the Triat claimed, in the crafting of N'Kai...'
The Shadow whispers, 'That the Lady speaks of, when she gathers Petitioners in N'Kai.'
The Shadow whispers, 'My name... was Night.'
The dark figure bows his head for a moment.

Cirth nods solemnly.

He raises his gaze, grey eyes meeting each of yours in turn.

Angeline blinks slowly, and sighs.

"The Shadows are my home They are all that I am. This, the Weaver knew, and demanded as sacrifice," he continues.
He stands, and from within the surrounding darkness, pulls out an object of inky blackness.
He looks down at the object in his grasp, and nods.
He nods, and says quietly, 'This I shall give up. A bit of shadow, to the hands of another in need.'

Saran whistles appreciatively.

The Shadow bows before his Lady, and steps back.

Angeline says, 'Ahhh...'

Cordir says, 'A portable hole? A fine offering indeed.'

Serenity nods.

The Shadow nods.
He slips back into the darkness, disappearing from sight.

Saran starts gathering for the next 1.03 mil ...

Angeline grins neutrally at Saran.

Cordir nods. Cordir listens intently, her eyes on the Pattern.

Saran suggests First Mate Bortizeth as a worthy sacrifice.

Serenity snickers softly.
Cordir pokes Saran in the ribs.
Angeline giggles.

Serenity reassumes a straight face.

The emerald green thread glitters.

Angeline sighs...sooo pretty!

Trakker says, 'I shall give up no material thing but one I hold almost as dear to my heart as you all. I shall leave my home - Dearest Loth-Llorien'

Angeline blinks at Trakker, seemingly stunned.
Trakker sighs loudly.
Cirth bows before Trakker.

Trakker says, 'for a period of three times three mortal weeks'

Cordir nods in recognition of Trakker.

Trakker shivers uncomfortably.
Cirth comforts Trakker.
Angeline hugs Trakker.

Trakker says, 'as for secrets'

Serenity says, 'a sacrifice, though not material, still of stunning complexity.' She curtseys gracefully to Trakker.

Trakker says, 'a secret is required.....hmmmm'

Trakker says, 'i cannot type, but that is no secret'

Cirth snickers softly.
Angeline chuckles, evidently amused.
Serenity giggles.

Saran nods solemnly.

Cordir grins.

Trakker says, 'I do not conspire to hold secrets from you all. I will share part of a secret'

Cordir arches one eyebrow inquiringly.

Serenity says, 'I do not think any of us conspire to hold secrets. Sometimes, secrets happen.' She grins at Trakker.

Trakker says, 'It is not a personal secret, though a secret of the realm. Would that be sufficient?'

Serenity cocks her head to the side, in thought.

Cordir nods.

Trakker gets a silver dagger from a mage's spellbook.

Serenity is fascinated.
Cirth listens intently.

Trakker says, 'you in this room may be to small in stature to appreciate this, but if any of traveled to the Dragons tower, in the Tulgey Woods, there is a Statue of Dhraxx on the ground floor. This silver dagger, in my possession, is the first of the keys to unlocking the secrets of the Tower'

Cirth raises an eyebrow.

Trakker says, 'I spent too many hours to count, attempting to solve the riddles of the place. The silver dagger unlocks the statue of Dhraxx'

Angeline nods.
Serenity smiles happily.

Cordir smiles happily and says, 'Knowledge is a fine offering.'

Trakker says, 'I have sworn never to divuldge the secret, and I will not break the trust' Trakker blushes as he notices his boo-boo.

Angeline grins neutrally at Trakker.

Cordir nods in recognition to Trakker.

Cirth bows before Trakker.

Trakker says, 'at the finding of a bank, my penalty will commence'

Cordir smiles happily and says, 'Thank you, Chosen, for participating in this little ritual. I appreciate the sacrifice and trust shown.'

Angeline smiles at Cordir.
Trakker bows before Cordir.

Cordir says, 'Boromir and Adso, earlier, we held a small rite. Its purpose, to cleanse and renew our spirits. In the spirit of this rite, each present offered up a secret to the others - to bring us closer - And each offered up a sacrifice - something of value to themselves. Would you be willing to participate as well?'

Boromir ftells, 'yes ... I would ...'
Adso says, 'afk'

Cordir says, 'Boromir, are you ready? Or do you need a moment?'

Boromir ftells, 'I am ready '

Cordir nods and says, 'Then speak a secret...'

Boromir ftells, '*deep breath* '

Cordir says, 'In general, folk spoke aloud. However, it was not required.'

Serenity smirks.
Angeline pokes Serenity in the ribs.
Serenity giggles.

Cordir blushes and says, 'Something I apparently did not make clear enough. And Serenity paid the price of embarrassment, for which, I apologize.'

Cordir gasps and says, 'Cirth... would you repeat that to all?'

Boromir ftells, 'I'd prefer to use FT ... for this is to be shared amongst us ... not the entire realm :) '

Serenity turns a fair shade of purple. Serenity ftells, '*nod*'

Cirth says, 'um..'

Boromir gets steak made from prism dragon from an egg casing.

Cirth says, 'I'm glad to inform all that I am 2k to lvl 25, my first real level since version 3.x...'

Serenity claps her wings together with glee.
Boromir claps at Cirth's performance.
Angeline says, 'Wow!'
Saran enthusiastically cheers Cirth to victory.
Boromir claps at Cirth's performance.
Boromir claps at Cirth's performance.

Cirth grows small reds spots on his pale cheeks.

Angeline showers Cirth with confetti!
Serenity says, 'Cirth! That is fantastic indeed'
Cordir smiles proudly.

Cirth says, 'As I said I am not very fast'

Serenity shakes her head, saying, 'What is speed when you gather to you knowledge and honor?' She curtseys gracefully to Cirth.

Boromir says, 'deliberate perhaps ' He beams a smile at Cirth.

Cirth bows before Serenity.

Saran says, 'embodiment of the Weaver'
Angeline nods in recognition to Saran.

Cirth says, 'You honor me'

Cordir says, 'the tortoise and the hare... each finish, reaching their goals. How, is not important. It is the DOING and the achieving that is equally important.'

Saran says, 'and the tortoise gets a cool green shell'

Angeline smirks.
Cirth nods in recognition to Saran.

Boromir says, 'the hare gets windburned *grin* '

Cordir smiles happily and says, 'Boromir... go ahead.'

Boromir says, 'hmmmm'
Boromir says, 'in my hand I hold something ... an item to mark a first for me '
Boromir juggles steak made from prism dragon.

Serenity beams a smile at Boromir.

Boromir says, 'the first dragon .... that I was able to ... '
Boromir grins neutrally. Boromir says, 'best in a round of combat '

Cordir smiles at Boromir and says, 'Well done!'

Boromir says, 'without losing my life first'

Angeline grins neutrally at Boromir.

Boromir says, 'and that was due to a bad portal'
Boromir grins neutrally.

Serenity giggles.

Boromir says, 'soooo ......'

Angeline knows mages who know many parts of the realm due to bad portals.

Boromir says, 'I have kept this ... oh ... for hmmm a couple hundred years or so'

Cordir whistles innocently, carefully NOT remembering such adventures.

Serenity snickers softly.

Boromir bows before Cordir.

Boromir says, 'an aside ... I try to learn from those ... and forget the bad portions :) '

Cordir chuckles. 'wisdom.'

Angeline says, 'many mistakes are lessons in disguise' She smiles ruefully.
Serenity nods in recognition to Angeline. Serenity smiles happily.

Ptarchyzk arrives from the north and raises an eyebrow.

Serenity curtseys gracefully.

Boromir says, 'well .. using that logic .. I am wise beyond my years *chuckle* '

Serenity says, 'Greetings Ptarchyzk'
Angeline curtseys gracefully to Ptarchyzk.

Boromir says, 'Hi Ptar'

Ptarchyzk says (in halfling), 'quite the gathering..'

Cirth bows before Ptarchyzk.
Serenity grins neutrally.

Boromir drops steak made from prism dragon. As it hits the floor, it vanishes in a flash.
A thundering voice screams, 'Boromir HAS DESECRATED HOLY GROUND!'

Cordir says, 'Hello, favorite Sneak.'

Serenity winces. Ouch!

Boromir nods and shrugs.

Ptarchyzk smiles at Cordir.

Cordir says, 'And your secret, Boromir?'

Boromir says, 'so goes another piece of history'

Serenity grins neutrally.

Boromir says, 'secret .... '

Ptarchyzk says, 'quite the gathering here today.'

Cordir nods.

Serenity grins neutrally at Ptarchyzk.
Angeline nods in recognition to Ptarchyzk.

Ptarchyzk hops into the hammock and swings gently.

Boromir says, 'a secret shared is not a secret anymore '

Cordir says, 'We celebrate the past, and cleans ourselves for the future.'

Boromir says, 'let me gather my thoughts ...' He sits down and thinks deeply.

Angeline says, 'that is the second sacrifice...that of a secret :>'
Serenity giggles.

Boromir starts slowly.

Ptarchyzk sits down and thinks deeply.

Boromir says, 'I ... for better or worse ... have always had an opinion and an idea as to how things should be done ... some here have been gracious enough to endure my ... attempts to .... help'

He grins wryly, then sits down and thinks deeply.

(During this time, Caradoc, the Eldest Evil, visits, and is greeted. He stands about, observing for a time, but then departs without speaking a word.)

Cirth says, 'Chosen, Atheist, Eldest... Lady, I must depart.'

Boromir bows before Cirth.
Saran bows before Cirth.

Cirth says, 'I am very glad to have been able to be here today'

(Cirth is hugged, waved at, etc., and departs.)

Cordir smiles at Cirth, and waves.
He waves happily and leaves north.

Boromir says, 'and the dread I have is to ... be so ... ' He chuckles, evidently amused. 'Overbearing in my ... non-requested attempts to .. ' Boromir sighs loudly. 'run things that I will alienate those in this following'

Angeline shakes her head and hugs Boromir.
Boromir hugs Angeline.

Cordir says, 'This is not a concern I hold, Boromir.'

Boromir bows before Cordir.

Serenity says, 'I do not agree Boromir. You are always of assistance, even sometimes insistent about being helpful, but helpful nonetheless' Serenity beams a smile at Boromir.

Boromir says, 'it is one I hold .. M'Lady'

Cordir says, 'I trust in your wisdom, as Foolkiller did before me.'

Ptarchyzk swings petulantly in the hammock..

Boromir bows before Cordir. Boromir chuckles, evidently amused.
Boromir says, 'even Lord Foolkiller did comment on this ... '
Boromir falls silent ...
Serenity hugs Boromir.
Boromir hugs Serenity.

Cordir says, 'Adso? Did you wish to participate as well?'

Adso says, 'i dont really have any secrets' He scratches his head.

Serenity says, 'We welcome your honesty.'

Cordir says, 'Trakker had no 'secrets' per se… So he shared a knowledge with us that few know. A secret of the Dragon Tower.'

Adso says, 'ok, i can do that'

Cordir says, 'Anything of that nature would be perfectly appropriate.'

Adso says, 'the location of a nice item that i hoard?' Adso grins neutrally.

Boromir grins neutrally.
Serenity laughs.
Angeline chuckles, evidently amused.
Serenity nods in recognition to Adso.

Ptarchyzk says, 'oo.. secrets?'
Angeline grins neutrally at Ptarchyzk.
Adso pokes Ptarchyzk in the ribs.

Cordir nods.

Serenity grins neutrally at Ptarchyzk.
Adso says, 'you are next buddy'

Cordir says, 'Certainly.'

Ptarchyzk raises an eyebrow.

Serenity laughs. Serenity nods in recognition to Adso. Serenity agrees with Adso 100%.

Boromir turns on the tape recorder.

Cordir says, 'And Ptarchyzk is welcome to participate as well. He is practically one of us.'

Serenity giggles.

Saran says, 'so long as it's not the airy potion with clear spots and light blue swirls that Stouthy hoards! :)'

Angeline smirks at Ptarchyzk's saying.

Adso says, 'i have this nice vial that i carry with me'. He quaffs a glass vial. He is surrounded by a white aura and his skin turns to stone.Adso struts proudly.

Angeline says, 'Oooo'
Boromir grins neutrally.

Serenity says, 'That is a powerful vial'

Cordir nods and says, 'quite nice'

Ptarchyzk says, 'very pretty..'

Adso says, 'stoneskin and sanctuary, and quite powerful, because it lasts a while'

Boromir listens intently.
Angeline prepares to write.

Adso says, 'sadly, only one of them pops at a time'

Serenity smiles happily.
Boromir smirks.

Adso says, 'it is on the fairy on the second floor of masters tower'

Saran says, 'so unfortunate for eveyone else :)'

Ptarchyzk scribbles in his notepad.. waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Serenity says, 'Perhaps that is with a purpose. There need not be 50 with that power at the same time.' She grins neutrally at Adso.

Adso nods.

Boromir says, 'that is something to be considered'

Angeline says, 'would be sort of silly'

Adso says, 'as a gift, i hope one of you will go and get it from the fairy after this meeting' He smiles happily and says, 'you might have to slay the poor fairy twice though'

Cordir nods and asks, 'And for a sacrifice?'

Boromir says, 'actually getting to the second floor is the first item to accomplish'

Adso says, 'that poor fairy has died to my sword more times than i care to remember'

Saran says, 'no less than it deserves ... foofy wings'

Boromir grins neutrally.
Ptarchyzk snickers softly.
Angeline grins neutrally at Saran.

Serenity says, 'foofy wings?'

Adso says, 'and that is my sacrifice as well'

Serenity preens herself, arranging her feathers just so.
Serenity does her birdie strut.

Adso says, 'i will give this vial to someone else in the following'

Saran says, 'your wings aren't foofy'

Serenity poo-poos at Saran.

Ptarchyzk says, 'wait.. sacrifice?'

Angeline and Serenity have NO foofy-wings.
Angeline squawks "Pretty bird! Pretty bird!"

Serenity grins neutrally.

Boromir smirks.

Adso says, 'it is a no drop item though' He smirks at Angeline's saying.

Serenity hugs Saran.

Saran notices the pattented Anti-Foof technology woven into every feather.

Serenity grins neutrally.
Boromir chuckles, evidently amused.
Angeline chuckles, evidently amused.

Cordir ponders a moment and says, 'Perhaps that is what those golden markings on Flutter's wings are.'

Serenity grins neutrally and nods. Serenity says, 'Must be'

Angeline says, 'Foof?'

Cordir says, 'Ptarchyzk? Do you wish to participate in the ritual as well? It is a serious matter...'

Angeline grins neutrally at Ptarchyzk.

Cordir says, 'And you are welcome to refuse, if you do not feel comfortable participating. But you are welcome to do so.'

Ptarchyzk says, 'whats this bit on sacrifice?'

Angeline whispers "peer pressure" "peer pressure"

Cordir says, 'First, a secret is shared... Bringing us all closer. Second, a sacrifice is made - either to another present, to the gods themselves (drop it on the floor) or to the pit.'

Angeline says, 'Don't worry Athiest, YOU are not to be sacrificed' Angeline snickers softly.

Cordir says, 'Or, it can be something less specific..'

Saran says, 'and getting cool curses in the process!'

Cordir says, 'Trakker sacrificed his home town.'
Adso raises an eyebrow.

Cordir says, 'And will live elsewhere for a span of three times three mortal weeks'

Caradoc oozes from a shadow...
Caradoc chuckles, evidently amused.

Cordir says, 'Giving up his beloved Loth-Lorien'

Saran says, 'which sure will surprise everyone else who used to live there'
Cordir pokes Saran in the ribs.

Serenity beams a smile at Caradoc.

Ptarchyzk sits down and thinks deeply.

Boromir wonders if sacrificing good sense would count.

Cordir says, 'Do you wish to do so, Ptarchyzk?'

Boromir grins neutrally.

Caradoc stares at something past your shoulder. You turn to see what he's looking at, but nothing is there. When you turn back, he is gone.

Cordir says, 'There is no shame in refusal.. But if you do wish to participate, it is a serious matter, not a joking one.'

Ptarchyzk says, 'I'm not sure what secrets I posses.. that are considered such..'

Cordir says, 'Adso and Trakker both shared knowledge of secret things within the Realm. Knowledge they have, that few others share. Others spoke of secret fears.'

Serenity stands up.

Cordir says, 'What wakes one in the night.'

Angeline says, 'or desires' Angeline blushes.
Serenity says, 'That seems to be a birdie thing'

Cordir says, 'For myself... My fear is that I will fail my Chosen.'

Ptarchyzk sits down and thinks deeply. He says, 'sure.. why not.'

Adso enthusiastically cheers Ptarchyzk to victory.

Cordir smiles warmly at Ptarchyzk. Cordir says, 'Go ahead, Ptar..'

Who Fate:
6 players.
Min [. . Wa:27 Ma:26. . ] Adso, Favoured of Fate.
Elf [. .. . Ma:21. .. . ] Saran Cerementi - Fate Crunchy Snack
Elf [ Ra:17 Th:18 Ma:18 ] Boromir Servant of Fate - Husband of Cassandra
Hum [ Lesser Goddess ] Cordir An-Shalach: Fate. Faith Manages.
Aar [. .. . Sh:20. .. . ] Angeline, Please don't squeeze the Shaman :> *FATE*
Aar [. .. . Sh:19. .. . ] Serenity the anti-Foof Handmaiden to Cordir. <Fate>

Cordir turns to Ptarchyzk and waits.

Ptarchyzk says, 'I fear that I will not achieve my goals of reaching level 40..as a non-magical person.'

Serenity nods in recognition to Ptarchyzk.

Angeline says, 'I'm sure it's sometimes tempting to investigate the arcane arts'

Cordir nods in recognition to Ptarchyzk.

Serenity says, 'That is a tall order. '

who ptarchyzk
1 player.
Hum [ Wa:23 Th:26 ] Ptarchyzk the Atheistic Muggle

Ptarchyzk gets a slender stiletto from an egg casing.

Ptarchyzk flips it over his shoulder.. playing with it.. only to toss it high into the air, letting fall point first in the center of the sigil.

Ptarchyzk drops a slender stiletto. As it hits the floor, it vanishes in a flash.
A thundering voice screams, 'Ptarchyzk HAS DESECRATED HOLY GROUND!'

Angeline says, 'Oooo'

Boromir grins neutrally at Ptarchyzk.

Cordir says, 'And what meaning does that object hold for you?'

Ptarchyzk says, 'my spare.. as I get disarmed frequently.'

Cordir nods. 'A worthy sacrifice.'

Boromir comforts Ptarchyzk.

Cordir says, 'Chosen and friends, thank you... For gathering, for sharing, for sacrificing, for growing.' She smiles happily and continues. 'I have bound you here for too long... Go in peace, if you wish.'

Serenity says, 'It has been quite a productive day'

Cordir says, 'Stay if you wish...'

Angeline grins neutrally at Serenity.

Ptarchyzk says, 'and besides.. now i have to go bribe off debt for sticking it in the floor like that. '

From within the shadows of the chamber, a lithe figure steps.
He bows slightly before the Lady, Chosen assembled, and the Sneak.

Boromir raises an eyebrow.
Adso looks around.
Boromir looks around.

In an instant, he slips out the door, and is gone.

Boromir looks around.

Angeline blinks.
Adso raises an eyebrow.
Serenity sits down and thinks deeply.

Angeline says, 'Who was that masked man??'

Serenity giggles.

Cordir says, 'Whom else lives in shadows? Whom else could it be?'

Saran says, 'the Loan Arranger'

Serenity rolls her eyes.
Cordir groans loudly.
Angeline cackles gleefully at Saran.
Serenity pokes Saran in the ribs.

Cordir beats Saran about the head and shoulders with an anti-pun club.
Boromir thikns Saran is cashing in on too many bad jokes

Serenity giggles.
Angeline grins neutrally.

Cordir thinks the topic should change soon.

Angeline loves bad puns..hence, the title.

Saran looks innocent ... what!?! He loaned me some money!

Serenity doesn't seem to be paying attention.

Boromir says, 'so thats why you are interested in them? ' Boromir grins neutrally.

Adso groans loudly.

Later That Day...

Within The Tapestry of Fate [Exits: north up]
The Loom of the Weaver is here, coruscating with an unearthly radiance.
(Invis) (Purple Aura) Ananasi is resting here.
(Purple Aura) Elaina is sleeping here.

Ananasi twiddles Elaina's ears.
Ananasi says (in common), 'is the plan for elaina to wake up eventually?'.

Cordir nods.

Cordir says, 'she's afk a moment.'.

Ananasi says (in common), 'or is her sacrifice wakefulness?'.
Ananasi grins neutrally.

Elaina wakes and stands up.

Ananasi smiles happily.

Elaina bows to someone.
Elaina blushes.

Cordir says, 'Ladies?'.

Ananasi bows deeply.

Cordir takes a deep breath, then slowly releases it.

Elaina says (in common), 'what have I that is of import to sacrifice?'.

Elaina curtseys gracefully.
Elaina smiles happily.

Cordir says, 'That, Elaina, is something only you can decide.'.
Cordir says, 'Ananasi... do you have your secret and sacrifice?'.

Elaina stops using a surcoat emblazed with a red dragon.

Cordir says, 'I must say first... That the secret need not be shared with all. However, most of the Chosen earlier did so after Serenity shared hers aloud, not realizing it could be private. The choice is yours.'.

Elaina smiles happily.
Elaina nods.

Cordir says, 'Are either of you ready?'.

Ananasi is about half ready.
Ananasi says (in common), 'Go ahead, Elaina'.

Elaina is still thinking.

Ananasi says (in common), 'ah'.
Ananasi says (in common), 'I am ready'.

Cordir says, 'Go ahead, then, Ana.'.

Ananasi ftells, 'My secret, which I share freely with all the Chosen'.
Ananasi ftells, 'is the place I find most...holy, and conducive to my weavings'.
Ananasi ftells, 'the place in the misty woods not far from Cillidellia'.
Ananasi ftells, 'where dragons are said to land'.
Ananasi ftells, 'though I have never seen one there myself'.
Ananasi ftells, 'Still, it is a place of much beauty, and I go there alone to meditate and prepare for Weaving'.Ananasi bows before Cordir.

Cordir smiles.
Cordir nods.

Ananasi ftells, 'And my sacrifice, that for the space of one outworld week'.
Ananasi ftells, 'I shall not use my portal spell, which reweaves my place in the world'.

Cordir blinks and says, 'That is a sacrifice indeed, for next to Trakker, I've never seen a mage so devoted to Portal.'.

Ananasi laughs.

Elaina smiles happily.
Elaina thinks she is ready.

Ananasi says (in common), 'It helps me see and move within the Pattern of the world'.

Elaina shivers uncomfortably.

Cordir says, 'Go ahead, Elaina.'.

Ananasi ftells, '*ponder* If I may, I would like to make an exception to that for the purpose of doing corpse retrievals for others, if it is needed'.

Ananasi ftells, 'but no portaling for my own benefit'.

Cordir ftells, '*nods* Certainly.'.

Elaina ftells, 'My secret is a fear...'.
Elaina ftells, 'that I will never be allowed to be a person in my own right and that I will always base my own identity on others and their opinions of me'.

Cordir nods in recognition of Elaina.
Cordir says, 'And your sacrifice?'.

Elaina ftells, 'I was once blessed with a giftt from a cherished friend... I hold it dearest to me, and I wish to sacrifice this item as a renewal of my faith and as a symbol that I should remain selfless...'.
Elaina points to the surcoat embalzed with a red dragon.

Cordir says, 'And who gave it to you?'.

Elaina says, 'Trakker....*sigh*'.

Cordir nods in recognition of Elaina.

Elaina ftells, 'will you accept this my lady? '.

Cordir nods in recognition of Elaina.

Elaina sacrifices a surcoat emblazed with a red dragon to Cordir.

Cordir says, 'Either: Drop it to the ground, destroying it...'.
Cordir says, 'Or put it in the pit.. or... never mind.'.

Elaina says (in common), 'oops'.

Cordir says, 'now its god gifted.'.

Elaina blushes.

Ananasi chuckles, evidently amused.

Elaina says (in common), 'I'm sorry I thought by your nod you meant yes'.

Ananasi says (in common), 'Fiber for the Lady's diet'.

Elaina blushes.

Cordir eats a surcoat emblazed with a red dragon.
Cordir nods.
Cordir says, 'it is done.'.

Elaina sighs loudly.

Cordir says, 'Thank you, for participating.'.

Elaina nods.
Ananasi bows deeply.

Cordir says, 'I will add your tales to those of the others, and post them for all the Chosen.'.

Elaina says (in common), 'thank you for letting me.'.

Cordir ftells, 'BTW...'.
Cordir ftells, 'I received a warning.'.

Ananasi ftells, 'oh?'.

Cordir ftells, 'Aries was apparently angry that due to his Anathema status, I wouldn't post his achivements on the timeline'.

Ananasi ftells, 'sigh, another one of those eh?'.

Cordir ftells, 'So... apparently he decided to seek the 'Historically Important PK category.'

Ananasi ftells, 'sigh'.

Elaina ftells, 'what would that be?'.

Cordir ftells, 'mention on the time line, and has sworn to kill Chosen.'.

Ananasi ftells, 'that would be one of us big people, eh?'.
Ananasi ftells, 'or many of us'.

Cordir ftells, 'But... please be even more aware.'.

Ananasi ftells, 'oh, he was hunting us anyway, it probably is true'.

Ananasi nods.

Elaina sighs loudly.

(end scene)