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Gwyrdain (I - V)
Servant of Lord Nash
Created I: 1996ish
V: June 18, 2006
Status Active
Race Human
Classes Mage
Followed Persistently Unaligned
Partner (See Triva)

Mud Contributions:

Along with Facade, Gwyrdain created and practiced a "simple cipher" encoded tells system. This proved amusing to the Greater God Nayr who was attempting to decode the cipher. Unfortunately, not all immortals were so entertained and once brought to the attention of Madman this brief episode concluded; however, it's mark was forever carved into the stone tablets as TFC Player Rule 12.

Current Description:

Before you is a seasoned adventurer of medium build, hunched over a scroll. His hair is a reddish brown some graying over the ears. After a moment, sensing your glance, he rises to a full height of a little over six feet, and turns to face you. Now that you have a clear view, you recognize the signs of a lifetime of struggle in his unhandsome, weathered face. His wearied, grey eyes particularly inform you that if this man ever knew love or joy -- those days are now long forgotten. The remaining features of this face give him the distinct look of one from the Far West. For what possible purpose could he have traveled so far? Before you can follow this line of thinking, he speaks.
Gwyrdain says (in common), 'Have you heard tell of the only true God? His name is Lord Nash...'.

(written by Cordir, Approx 1997)
Grey eyes meet yours, unflinching. There is strength there, and the assuredness and self-reliance hard earned on the long, lonely path that his Lord has set before him. Those eyes also speak volumes of compassion, warmth, and perhaps a hint of joy. A neatly trimmed beard of reddish brown outlines a firm, if not outright stubborn jaw, which is marked here and there with trophies of a life which could never be called easy...

WHO Lists:

Hum [ Th: 8 Ra:11 Ma:11 ] Gwyrdain is having "one of those levels"                  (September 19, 1996)
Hum [ Th:12 Ma:15 Ra:12 ] Gwyrdain isn't into clever titles... (-gossip)  [Nash]    (October 26, 1996)
Hum [ Ra:19 Ma:20 Th:20 ] Gwyrdain follows where his Lord wills.... .. .  [NASH]    (February 23, 1997)
Hum [ Th:21 Ma:21 Ra:22 ] Gwyrdain is working towards a grey dawn.        [NASH]    (April 19, 1997)
Hum [ Ra:28 Th:27 Ma:27 ] Gwyrdain follows where his Lord wills...        [NASH]    (October 26, 1997)
Hum [ Ra:26 Th:25 Ma:26 ] Gwyrdain, Apprentice of Sirak                   [NASH]    (March 17, 2000)
Hum [ Th:15 Ma:16 Ra:15 ] Gwyrdain. Unaligned Nashite.  -=[XP Recovered: 37%]=-     (November 1, 2002)
Hum [       Ma: 1       ] Gwyrdain the Boy                                          (September 26, 2003)
Hum [    Ra: 8 Ma:11    ] Gwyrdain, Unaligned Nashite, returned from wandering.     (July 15, 2006)
Hum [ Th: 4 Ma:11 Ra:10 ] Gwyrdain.                    Servant of Lord Nash.        (July 29, 2006)
Hum [ Th: 9 Ma:11 Ra:10 ] Gwyrdain follows where his Lord wills.          [NASH]    (September 12, 2006)
Hum [ Ma:13 Th:10 Ra:10 ] Gwyrdain follows where his Lord wills.          [NASH]    (January 24, 2011)

Character History:

Historical Outline

In the Grand Library, these journals, tomes, scrolls, and scraps are secured for posterity and against prying eyes. The events herein recorded are true.
  • Youth and Early Manhood
    • Of the West and Its Realms
    • The Eldest Son
  • Disaster at Sea and New Lands
    • More Tempest Than Trade
    • Donning the Gray Cloak
    • Over the Winter Mountains
  • One Lord and One Love
  • Truth and Consequences
    • (Sealed) Joyful Anticipation and Unmitigated Anguish
    • Kuroth
    • The Apprentice's Apprentice
    • (Sealed) Retreat into the Depths of Despair
  • Rebirth and Return
    • (Sealed) An Entreaty to the Most High
    • De Novo Search for Heart's Desire
    • Strange Meetings

Historical Snippet: Cordir's Entreaty to the Chosen: July 25th, 2006

I write to you not as your leader, but one who would entreat a favor as a friend. There are times, within the great Pattern that structures our lives, that a binding of Threads together occurs. Destiny, Kismet, Fate, name it what you will. I have been deeply blessed to have been bound in this way to the lives of four others. Some you may know of from stories, others may be unknown to you. Some wounded me so greatly in their loss, that I do not speak of them. I write of one such bond, now.

In ancient times, while my aura was crimson and my oath given to Molo, a gentleman known as Gwyrdain and I courted. We were to have wed, but for the meddling of Sirak. It grieves me to but say his name.

Gwyrdain is returned to these lands, much changed. The veils of time have shadowed his memories, and he does not remember that I was ever a mortal, that we ever cared for one another, that we were to be wed. The days when I could, for the sake of that ancient caring, aid him directly are passed. Some say that memories define us as people: I have lost my own way through the mirror-maze of the mind, and come out the other side stronger for it.

I ramble – forgive me. This is a difficult thing to think upon. Too long, I shut these memories out, locked them away. A wound that never healed is torn open once more.

My entreaty is this: if, in the name of your friendship for me, you would be willing to grant any small aid to Gwyrdain, it would be a balm to me. Again, this is no command, but a heartfelt plea. If you should do so, give me word of your deeds, and I will reward them however I may. But, in all urgency, I ask this: Please do not relate to Gwyrdain that I have asked of you this favor. Let him remember in his own time, in his own way, if that is to be. I would not have him feel beholden in any manner.

Thank you all for considering this entreaty.

- Cordir


  • Gwyrdain was chosen by Sirak to be His apprentice.
  • Gwyrdain tutored Alyria (beloved of Rath) in the Nashite faith.
  • Gwyrdain is the only unaligned individual to have been unanimously acknowledged by each Nashite FLI, to be an member of the Nashite faith, and both bound and protected by Nashite Law.
  • Gwyrdain is specifically mentioned in the temple of Cordir, in the Grey thread: Threads of the Tapestry
  • Gwyrdain is specifically mentioned in Cordir's Ebon Book.
  • Gwyrdain is specifically mentioned in Cordir's Mortal History.
  • Gwyrdain is specifically mentioned in Corri's history:.
  • Gwyrdain co-authored "Colors" - a poem about alignment - with Nameless Demonspawn and Cordir.
  • A steak of Gwyrdain is found in Darkmoon's collection of PC bags/steaks.
  • Gwyrdain was known for his unique "level congrats": Gwyrdain gossips 'The Lord Nash has shown _great_ mercy in allowing you to reach level 4 , Satyr ... '. Gwyrdain gossips 'I congratulate you, but also warn you not to take His mercy for granted.'.
  • Gwyrdain was engaged to Cordir when she was a member of the Silver Fellowship (Approximately Fall-ish of 1996: An Engagement). For various reasons, the wedding never occured. (This information is not common knowledge and is currently obscured from Gwyrdain's memory. No reference to such should be made in-character unless the PC in question has direct knowledge of the event and cruelly intends to start a cascade of events that could result in the restoration of Gwyrdain's memory.)

Player Provided Information

Gwyrdain was cool. Just plain cool. He stayed in character, he role-played in a quiet and consistent manner, and he was a trailblazer in the Nashite faith: the Gray Wanderer, who was accepted as Nashite faithful without ever giving worship to an FLI. I always enjoyed our RP, and was sad when life pulled him away from TFC.

Wiki Mentions:

Personal Timeline:

Note: Gwyrdain was one of those folks who just quietly did his thing in the background, without bringing much attention to himself. He rarely - if ever - reported his events to either of the folks keeping a timeline of events.

Date Unknown: Gwyrdain is named Apprentice to Sirak.
December 22, 1996: A large Christmas GT is held in Phoenix, with Sohcahtoa, Wyrm, Splat, Shinu, Caradoc, Aladin, Foolkiller, Xaviera, Tokugawa, Furnock, Shushila, Kell, Agape, Crysania, Emaleth, Cerebus, JohnPaul, Syrinx, Facade, Gwyrdain, Scroll, Darkmoon, Malaki, Larry, Jyslin, Lorna, Zrie, Madman, Tynian, Assilem, Wazoo, Phooey, Kaplin, Zipp/Voltron, Marisa, Sloan, Nayr, Jaxxon, Maltor, Syla, & Talia attending.

September 15, 2002: Gwyrdain is created once more. (Welcome back, Gwyr!)
September 22, 2002: Gwyrdain reaches Ma: 4 Ra:11.
September 23, 2002: Gwyrdain levels to Ma:6\Ra:11
September 25, 2002: Gwyrdain reaches Ma: 8 Ra:11.
September 29, 2002: Gwyrdain reaches Th:4\Ra:11\Ma:10.
October 03, 2002: Gwyrdain reaches Th: 8 Ra:11 Ma:10.
October 18, 2002: Gwyrdain reaches Ra:12 Ma:16 Th:11.
October 27, 2002: Gwyrdain reaches Th:12 Ma:16 Ra:15, and in an unrelated incident, is taunted horribly on cant. (Details unavailable)

09/26/2003: Gwyrdain is recreated.

June 18, 2006: Gwyrdain is recreated.
July 25, 2006: Cordir posts a board note to the Chosen asking them to assist Gwyrdain however they may.

January 31, 2011: Gwyrdain is appointed The Finder Adept.
February 01, 2011: Gwyrdain is appointed The Lord Grand Finder.