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Log Dated: 1-10-2002
Log by: Cordir

Maimer cants, 'I declare you a foolish Sinner, Orpik'.

Torchbearer cants, 'Oh the might of Maimer's declaration!'.

Maimer cants, 'Truth is mightier than the sword!'.

Torchbearer cants, 'If I were mortal, I could not withstand it!'.
Torchbearer cants, ';)'.

Maimer cants, 'exactly, my plain is to drive sinners to insanity!'.

Torchbearer cants, 'hehe'.

Torchbearer cants, 'laugh'.

Maimer cants, 'Torchy, you assisting me in the destruction ofSinful souls?'.

Maimer cants, 'or should i say redemption? hrm'.

Torchbearer cants, 'Actually, Maimer, you're on my list of Sinful Souls'.

Torchbearer cants, 'So I'm not terribly sure if "helping" you is the right word'.

Torchbearer cants, ';)'.

Maimer cants, 'and what has Maimer fallen short in, to be on your Sin list?'.

Torchbearer cants, 'Not you, personally, Maimer'.
Torchbearer cants, 'The following which you represent :P'.

Maimer cants, 'Sure you are not mistaken?'.

Maimer cants, 'Is it not a willful act that I represent this following?'.

Torchbearer cants, 'It is indeed, and I suppose a sinful act at that'.

Maimer cants, 'Why make such an incorrect statement at first? Have you not connected the dots?'.

Torchbearer cants, 'I was giving you the benefit of the doubt: Assuming you sinned in ignorance'.

You tell Maimer, 'One point that amuses, is that by allowing his followers to group with evil, he has fallen into his own definition of 'bad goods.

Maimer tells you (in common), '*nod*'.

Torchbearer cants, 'Ah well, it seems a preacher is no more than a blasphemer himself, who knew? :)'.

Maimer cants, 'irg, disconnected'.
Maimer cants, 'Its interesting Torch, how you use the faulty tool of Sinners to try and deceive me'.
Maimer cants, 'Using such faulty devices would nearly impart Sin on your own character'.

Maimer cants, 'How do you tell the truth with lies?'.

Torchbearer cants, 'Have I ever spoken lie?'.

Maimer cants, 'How is truth perpetuated with deception?'.

Torchbearer cants, 'I think not'.

Maimer cants, 'You claimed that it was not I that sinned but my following, you were incorrect'.

Torchbearer cants, 'If you refer to my followers, deception is ended with deception'.

Maimer cants, 'Your followers are not the issue at the moment'.

Torchbearer cants, 'As I said before, I was giving you the benefit of the doubt, Blasphemer Maimer'.

Mael cants, 'can I be a blasphemer?'.

Mael cants, 'does the title come with some kind of button or pin?'.

Maimer cants, 'giving me the benefit of the doubt? by making an untrue statement?'.

Maimer cants, 'You said it was not I that sinned'.

Torchbearer cants, 'I was hoping that you did not, Maimer ;) But now you admit that you do'.

Maimer cants, 'I never admitted a Sinful act'.

Torchbearer cants, 'You said that you willfully chose to represent a sinful following'.

Maimer cants, 'I said I willing choose to represent a following'.

Torchbearer cants, 'I assumed that you represented it ignorant of its falsehoods. You have admitted that this is not true'.

Maimer cants, 'Are you ignorant that it takes an action to represent a following?'.

Torchbearer cants, 'Your presence represents your following. You need do nothing'.

Maimer cants, 'Do you realize that a mortal needs to worship a God before he belongs to a following and represents it?'.

Torchbearer cants, 'I'm quite aware of this, Maimer, is this not what you do?'.

Torchbearer cants, 'It seems you are running in circles in a futile attempt to deceive those who listen'.

Maimer cants, 'If you are aware of that, then you admit you claimed in your head that I commited a sin (in your eyes)'.

### Korran killed by Orpik at Inside A Forest

Torchbearer cants, 'Admit it, Maimer, you are a sinner. The very epitome of what you so despise'.

Torchbearer cants, 'Those who sin ignorant of their sins have pure intentions. Yet they remain sinners. '.

You gossip, 'Actually, it is you that is the hypocrite. Your statement to the Realm of your intent (FINFO) states the Conclave is your enemy. '.

You gossip, 'Yet.. undeniably, your people directly assist through spell, CR, and grouping, this 'enemy'.'.

Maimer cants, 'Torchbearer, I find it appauling that a fellow good like yourself has lied to me'.

Torchbearer cants, 'This is why you were on my list of the sinful, Maimer'.

Someone cants, 'While you were busy in a heated religious debate Maimer, did you notice that your inaction caused a member of the following you represent to die?'.

Torchbearer cants, 'It was not your intentions, necessarily, but that you sinned in ignorance. This was the benefit of the doubt I gave you'.

Maimer cants, 'dang, i just missed that last cant torch'.

Torchbearer cants, 'It was not your intentions, necessarily, but that you sinned in ignorance. This was the benefit of the doubt I gave you'.

Maimer cants, 'i am only on a one-screen telnet session, i cant even see what i type'.

Torchbearer cants, 'Heh :P'.

Maimer cants, 'sigh gotta go'.

Dundrave gossips (in common), 'NO offense offered but I think that the words of the dawnbringers hold no meaning as they have no honor and lie at the drop of a hat.'.

Maimer cants, 'work'.

Torchbearer gossips, 'To your kind, Dundrave, we have no intentions of speaking truth. Our lies are your punishment for destroying the Spirit of Good'.

Dundrave gossips (in common), 'Your kind are Chaotic evil... wouldnt it be nice if you had the play your aura? instead of hiding behide the blue aura?'.

Torchbearer, leader of the Dawn Bringers, Intermediate Power of the Sentry.
Following's self-perceived alignment: Lawful Good.
Followers may not attack one another
Brief following description:
The Dawn Bringers of Virtue follow teachings based upon the principles
of JohnPaul, Pope of Holy Virtue, and the lessons learned from the angelic
holy war between Torchbearer and the Plane of Heavenly Virtue. Followers of
the Dawn embrace the virtues of faith, charity, hope, prudence, justice,
temperance, and fortitude to enhance their lives and the lives of others.

Torchbearer has ordained the Priests of Dawn to watch over His worshippers
and their allies. The priesthood is a central focus of Fate's divine plan for
Seraph Torchbearer, and its tenants will prove challenging to even the greatest
of the realm's clerics.

Torchbearer gossips, 'Not so, Dundrave. Though I cannot expect you, a Misguided, to understand the wisdom He, my Lord and Master, has provided me'.

Dundrave gossips (in common), 'May i ask who your lord and master is? lord Torchbearer?'.

Dundrave gossips (in common), 'My guess would be Nash'.

Torchbearer gossips, 'Blasphemy!'.

Torchbearer gossips, 'For He that I worship is the Ruler of the Heavenly Plane of Virtue!'.

Mikejs gossips (in halfling), 'do u really think u have a chance against an immortal?'.

Torchbearer gossips, 'And Ruler of all Planes!'.

Dundrave gossips (in common), 'NO Mikejs.. i dont even mean disrespect.. i just wish to awaken the blind'.

Mikejs gossips (in halfling), 'ok!'.

Dundrave gossips (in common), 'I see his followers grouped only with Nashites.. so why not think that he would worship nash?'.

Torchbearer gossips, 'You can awaken a blind man, Dundrave, but he will remain blind'.

Torchbearer gossips, 'It is I, and He, that give the blind sight. Silly Misguided'.

Dundrave gossips (in common), 'May i ask how am i misguided? I dont group with Nash.'.

Torchbearer gossips, 'Or perhaps the Nashites are the least of this world's cankers?'.

Torchbearer gossips, 'And that in fact you, the false blue, the destroyer of the Spirit of Good....'.

Mael gossips (in elven), 'I'm the most!'.

Dundrave gossips (in common), 'Maybe you are right... for The Dawnbringers sure are festering if you can see the double meaning'.

Torchbearer gossips, 'Is the disease which I most abhor!'.

Dundrave gossips (in common), 'May i ask what the TRUE BLUE is? is it liars and honorless knaves?'.

Dundrave gossips (in common), 'for that is what your following would show'.

Vampric gossips (in common), 'You know whats really funny is when a blue cleric dies to disease'.
Vampric gossips (in common), 'That just cracks me up'.

Dundrave gossips (in common), 'it is Vampric.. when he is linkdead.. and caused disease by a blue grouped with a clave'.

Torchbearer gossips, 'These are only means to justice, Dundrave. And more civil means than the brutish death other "good" avengers have attempted to administrate'.

Talyn gossips (in common), 'You know what's funny? When Vampric goes fleeing head over heals from a little 19 cleric :)'.

Dundrave gossips (in common), 'it is quite funny'.

Vampric gossips (in common), 'He was caused diseased by a blue?'.
Vampric gossips (in common), 'How does that work?'.

Dundrave gossips (in common), 'no.. but a clave and a blue grouped caused the disease'.

Vampric gossips (in common), 'In safe?'.

Dundrave gossips (in common), 'Lord Torchbearer.. I respect you for your position. But you are a hypocrite and your followers are the trash of the mud... they couldent hack it in a '.

Dundrave gossips (in common), 'following so they came to you.'.

Torchbearer gossips, 'No, they were just enlightened, and as such, misunderstood'.

Plato gossips, 'OUCH'.

Torchbearer gossips, 'And now I channel their energies for His most High and Holy purpose'.

Dundrave gossips (in common), 'hehe.. i heard that of many.... many mass murderers.. and thieves.. they were mis-understood..'.

Dundrave gossips (in common), 'so in that.. they did GOOD'.

Dundrave gossips (in common), 'Often the motives of those that lie and steal are MISUNDERSTOOD'.

Draven gossips (in common), 'Dundrave stop arguing with TB'.

Draven gossips (in common), 'its getting quite annoying'.

Torchbearer gossips, '*snicker* ;)'.

Dundrave gossips (in common), 'Draven i am not arguing.... I am just expressing a point of view.'.

Draven gossips (in common), 'well no one cares'.

Tyrell gossips (in common), 'Debate and argue are not always the same thing'.

Torchbearer gossips, 'So, Dundrave, did you ever get to your point? :P'.

Dundrave gossips (in common), 'I think i did.. Lord Torchbearer... my point was That your following is Chaotic evil.. why not change your aura to match your actions?'.

Torchbearer gossips, 'It is most certainly not Chaotic Evil'.

Torchbearer gossips, 'We are the epitome of the True Good, Dundrave. Your mind has been tainted so long from false teachings you know not the difference'.

Dundrave gossips (in common), 'Sorry Lord Torchbearer i worded that poorly.. they act Chaotic evil but hide behind a Blue aura of sentry.'.

Vampric gossips (in common), 'Dundrave what is an aura?'.

Torchbearer gossips, 'Too an ignorant and misguided soul, they may appear this way, but I assure you that you're mistaken ;)'.

Dundrave gossips (in common), 'I see Lord Torchbearer.. that the nashite come to your rescue... well played.'.

Draven gossips (in common), 'hes not the only one Dundrave'.

Dundrave gossips (in common), 'NO Draven he is not......'.

Teluin gossips (in common), 'I care I care I care!!! *bounce*'.

Vampric gossips (in common), 'Dundrave, you merely are frustrated because you don't have one so powerful as Nash to back you.'.

Dundrave gossips (in common), 'Orpik is a supporter of his.'.

Teluin gossips (in common), 'oh wait...'.

Draven gossips (in common), 'i was a Dawn Bringer once and they are not Chaotic Evil hiding'.

Torchbearer gossips, 'It is blasphemy that it would be the Nashites who best understand the Truth. You should be embarrassed that you did not see it before them, Dundrave'.

Dundrave gossips (in common), 'A goat.. vampric... let me tell you the nashite goat rams hard..... stinks though when he gets his head caught in the barbed wire.'.

Teluin gossips (in common), 'ok I'll try and be nice'.
Teluin gossips (in common), 'shut up'.
Teluin gossips (in common), 'please?'.

Dundrave gossips (in common), 'I agree.. Teluin.. my point is said... I am finished.'.

Torchbearer gossips, ';)'.

Vampric gossips (in common), 'Anything stinks when it gets caught in a barbed wire, but I wont get into who puts up the fence and why'.

Draven gossips (in common), 'thank god'.

> who

28 players.
Gno [       Cl: 5       ] Azazel the Gnome
Hum [       Wa: 4       ] Calivax the Boy
Dwa [       Cl:30       ] Artanis, Vending Machine of Wisdom {CoE-TLR} *Teeka*
Hum [    Wa: 5 Ma:15    ] Solonar Wanre Faeruk d'lil Veldrin
Elf [ Ra:27 Th: 9 Ma:26 ] Celeborn.
Elf [      Demigod      ] Kerriariadne Bala'Bandienne, Lord of the Dark. 
Elf [    Ma:26 Wa:30    ] Wish, Black Knight of the Black Conclave
Elf [       Ra: 9       ] EganraC.
Hum [ Sh:17 Ra:15 Th:15 ] Vampric, Agent of the Black Conclave of Nashite
Elf [    Ra: 4 Ma:19    ] Caebrym Crow: Elven, Because it's worth it. -Coven-
Hum [       Cl:18       ] Kerien first Priest of Dawn
Hum [    Ra: 7 Ma:15    ] Isitititis Svart Trollpacka of Nattblad *Draven*
Elf [       Cl:13       ] Mars the Elf
Elf [       Cl:15       ] Draven Kalitri. Blazing Cleric. *Isitititis*Slave*
Dwa [    Wa:21 Cl:30    ] Garland: Weaver of souls -=Tiger=- *Star*
Gno [       Druid       ] Teluin, Druidic Knight of Wisdom   {DDRU}  *Mish*
Hlf [ Cl:14 Wa:11 Th: 9 ] Christoster the Imposter,Wicked Critter of the Coven
Hum [    Cl:25 Wa:25    ] Dundrave tiger monk
Hum [ Ma:23 Th:15 Wa:19 ] Tyrell, Prodigal Tiger Magician
Hum [      Demigod      ] Plato, Philosopher of Wisdom   *Bridget* 
Elf [       Cl:19       ] Talyn Napei, Husband to *Aslan* -Tiger-
Elf [ Th:28 Ra:30 Cl:30 ] Orpik, Scarlet Dervish of the Black Conclave.
Hum [    Demigoddess    ] Bliss, Goddess of the Ashen Moon 
Hum [      Demigod      ] Torchbearer: Who are we but the destroyers of the world?
Hum [    Demigoddess    ] Cordir: Fate Reborn. 
Hel [ Ma:22 Ra:23 Th:21 ] Korran Stonebow, The Tiger's Shadow... *Aphrael*
Elf [ Wa:30 Th:25 Ma:30 ] Mael the Reckless, Patriarch of the Coven
Dwa [    Wa: 2 Sh:30    ] Dogdaze loves Absorb