Darkness and Confrontation

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The Cave of Khore
You have entered what appears to be a subterranean cave, All around, the sounds of dripping water echo and reecho. The bounds of the cave are not readily visible; the walls disappear into the darkness. Flames, barely visible amidst the almost tangible darkness, hang suspended in the air flanking a wide sandy walkway to the apparent center of the cave, There you see rock formations jutting from wall and floor and ceiling at impossible angles, all crackling with a red lightning that leaps back and forth. The rocks form a circular enclosure around a raised section on the floor. Five great stone pillars of the gothic style melt into the floor and ceiling encircling the raised section. Each pillar has a black plague embedded in it, glowing with blood red letters. In the center of all this. an eerie red light emanates from an ornate wooden coffin.
Fear grips you as doubts about your self worth begin to tear at your soul. Internal conflict rages nearly suffocating you.. and then, there is only a dark flooding peace which overwhelms you. A voice intones, 'The Lord of this cave is the Lord of fear. He who shall enter his chamber shall fear nothing but him.' The presence of the Vampyre Lord Khore is overwhelming here... strangely terrifying yet calming you with a foreboding and silent stillness. High above you, the ceiling seems to writhe and move...
An ornate wooden box pulsates with a dim red glow,
Caine, Yvon, Valdrian and Darkclaw are here

Valdrian shuffles over to DarkClaw and holds her hand.

The temple begins to shake.
It starts quietly.. slowly.
It grows.

Khore sighs.

The cave's foundations throb violently.

Yvon says, 'Umm... is this natural?'

Khore closes his eyes expectantly.

Bats flail about the ceiling, circling about madly. The screeching becomes nearly deafening.

DarkClaw grimaces and covers her ears.

The bats flail about, and suddenly begin to tumble to the ground... many lie dead.

Yvon gasps in astonishment. DarkClaw frowns.

The ones yet alive crawl towards Khore and huddle closely about him.

Khore utters the words, 'protection chaos.' Khore's eyes flare brilliantly crimson.

A laugh booms throughout the chamber.

DarkClaw looks about quickly, her form tense. Valdrian shivers uncomfortably.

A Voice intones, 'He that has sought has found.'

Khore says I know.'

Caine raises an eyebrow.

Yvon looks up from her corner.

Caine says 'Curious'

The wind howls, 'I am here. I have found. I see. And will destroy.'

Khore says, 'The Maelstrom.'

The wind howls, 'Yes....

The shaking starts again, more violent than before.

Rocks hail down from above... yet clatter harmlessly around the gathered Kindred.. none striking

Khore grins evilly. Khore says, 'We have prepared.'

The wind howls, 'Impossible.'

DarkClaw looks about from each of the Kindred's faces, to Khore's.

Yvon stands behind Caine.

From behind Khore emerge the shadow of four figures. A fifth descends from the darkness and stands in front of Khore...

Bezil gazes calmly forth.

Eyes materialize from the haze and darkness. Tinged with grey, the pulsating black irises dance wildly in them... Light... tainted with Darkness.

The wind howls, 'Who stands before me? I know this face.'

The guardian vampire says, 'I am Bezil. Steward of be First House of Darkness. Guardian Vampyric of the Kindred.'

The wind howls, 'Yes... we remember... When the last vestige of Darkness was fleeing into the light that we believed to be... Oblivion ... You delivered him from us. .. but we have found it. And we will make it us. The darkness will be no more.'

The guardian vampire says, 'You seek the subversion of purity. Order.'

The wind howls, 'We seek what is destiny.'

Khore says, 'Whose Destiny?'

The wind howls, 'The future of all things, little god-thing of the Kindred. You are nothing to us.'

Khore chuckles.

The wind howls. 'You have sheltered him. Brought him here... and sought to hide him... to deceive we who are all. I am chaos. I exist in every soul.'

Khore's eyes flicker briefly.

The wind howls, 'Oh yes... oh yes... even yours... even yours...'

DarkClaw raises a brow, shifting uncomfortably.

The wind howls, 'You can no more stand against me than you can destroy yourself, petty lord.'

Bezil steps aside...uncertainty flashing in his eyes.

A voice intones, 'We/I/Us... have not forgotten. I am the Eldest, Maelstrom.'

The wind bowls, 'You are a myth, Darkness. You are a shadow, hiding in the presence of beings so small they have no comprehension of US.'

A voice intones, 'No. They do not comprehend. But you have forgotten that comprehension as well. You have embraced what is chaos. What has torn you. What is become you. The purity of existence is lost to you,'

The wind howls, 'Words. Words you spoke as we tore the dying fragments of your self and placed them into us.'

A voice intones, 'I am not dying now..'

The wind howls, 'How will you stand against me?'

Khore says, 'We will not.'

DarkClaw blinks. Yvon gasps in astonishment.

Khore says, 'Your coming was ordained. Predicted. And we are prepared to welcome you.'

A cackling laughter fills the cave, echoing and rechoing into silence.

Bezil stares at Khore, his expression unreadable.

Khore says, 'My brother.'

The shade of the Third Son says, 'I am Dracul. Third son. The youngest.'

Khore says, 'My mentor.'

The shade of the Grand Vampire says, 'I am he who was the first Steward. Vlad. The Father.'

Khore says, 'My test and challenge.'

The Dark Enforcer says, 'I am he. Eldest Son. The Turned. The Traitor, The Returned home. Lestat.'

Khore says, 'My guide.'

The ogre mage says, 'I am Khan. I bear no titles. I simply am.'

Khore says And... my Guardian.'

The guardian vampire says, 'Bezil.'

The wind howls, 'Introductions? How quaint. You are prepared to welcome me... I seek no welcome. I take what I have come to take. Release the Fragment of Darkness. Send him to me. I will seek no more. No more forever, from you.'

Khore says, 'He is my charge.'

The shade of the Grand Vampire says, 'And mine, before his.'

Khore says, 'I will not release him.'

A voice intones, 'Nor shall I/We/Us be released.'

The wind howls, 'Give him to us, or we will take you all.'

Khore says, 'No.'

The wind howls, 'The Kindred are weak. Your prepared army is a shadow of the Wemic resistance of the True Order Nosferatus. And even them, we crushed out of hand. In fact... we did it with his help...' Tendrils of smoke point accusingly at Lestat.

Lestat does not flinch or move.

Khore says, 'I am aware of my brother's past.'

The Dark Enforcer says, 'As am I aware.'

The wind howls, 'How do you prepare to stop as... or rather as you say... how do you prepare to welcome us?'

Khore says, 'You seek an Avatar.'

The wind howls, 'We seek nothing.'

Khore says, 'You seek an Avatar.'

DarkClaw looks on, her features twisted with lack of understanding,

Khore says, 'You seek one through whom your voice will speak to this plane. One who will accept you. and be _you_.'

The winds still ever so slightly.

The wind howls, 'And you present yourself to be this... leader? This voice through which I may speak?'

Bezil whispers, 'No, Lord...'

Khore says, 'I do.'

The wind audibly quiets.

DarkClaw swallows.

A cold breeze flows through the room... tangibly... as the skin of a snake...

The wind howls, 'We seek the Darkness.'

Khore says, 'I control it. I am its Keeper.'

A voice intones, 'You know not what you do, son of Vlad, keeper of us/we/I.'

The silence that settles is so thick the air feels like it oozes into your lungs...

Khore says, 'I know what it is I do.'

A voice intones, 'You cannot know.'

The wind howls, 'Your offer...Khore...'

Khore says, 'I know your need. The host must be willing.'

The Dark Enforcer says, 'As I was.'

The wind howls, 'Host is a misnomer, child. I am become you. You will cease to be Khore the Kindred Lord. You will be Khore, the Maelstrom.'

Khore says, 'I know.'

Imperceptible resignation... sadness? begins to grow in the eyes of the Kindred Lord.
... and fear?...

Khore says, 'I know.'

The wind howls, 'Foolish child, you need but speak the words.'

Khore utters the words, 'Morior, Morior et Vivo. Infinitus, Noctus Semper.'

Bezil whispers, 'I die. I die and live. Forever... night eternal.'

Winds begin to howl furiously, ripping at you. Your eyes begin to water uncontrollably.

DarkClaw looks to Bezil quickly, then back to Khore.

The force of the winds is unnatural... your skin feels the harshness of it... you are pushed uncontrollably in circles as the wind swirls.


Khore crumbles to the ground, uncontrollably siezuring.

DarkClaw gasps in astonishment.

Khore screams in agony.

The guardian vampire says. No... my lord...'

Yvon tries to fight the wind to reach her lord and give him comfort.

Like a funnel, the tangible wisps of grayish white smoke pour into Khore's eyes...

There is a stillness.

Khore rises slowly.

His voice...

Khore says, 'I am he.'

Unnoticed, Vlad and Lestat stand on either side of Khore. Khan stands behind, and Dracul faces him.

The shade of the Third Son says, 'You are who?'

Khore says, 'Khore. Khore, the Maelstrom incarnate.'

Khore's eyes dance silvery white... miniature storms swirling in their depths.

Khore shouts, 'No!!!

Khore falls to his knees suddenly and convulses uncontrollably.

Khore says, 'Who am I...?'

Dracul shuts his eyes.

Lestat shuts his... in apparent memory...

Khore stares frantically around, taking each Kindred in his gaze.

Khore says, 'Do you know me?' Khore's eyes dance with the madness of one who is lost.

DarkClaw responds quietly, 'We know...who you were...'

The ogre mage says, 'Now..'

Swiftly Lestat and Vlad hold both of Khore's arms and pin him the ground. Khore begins to struggle, screaming loudly. Dracul draws a huge iron fang from his cloak.

Khan utters the words, 'Bind'

DarkClaw jumps slightly, unable to tear her gaze away.

Khore continues to scream violently.

DarkClaw shakes her bead quickly. Yvon shuts her eyes.

Swiftly, Dracul stabs the mighty fang into Khore's neck Two strokes... two perfect holes.. which do not bleed.

The guardian vampire says, 'The time is now. Save him and save yourself and all of us....

A voice intones, 'And so it comes to pass. The Purity of Darkness passes from this world...'

Caine nods.

A voice in ones, 'On the hope of a new era...'

The darkness coalesces to a form which stands, featureless before the Kindred. A voice intones, 'I am he. Darkness.'

Caine bows low.

The Kindred gaze... through him... unable to perceive him... He is little more than... human shaped.. and utterly black.. The shape moves towards Khore, still struggling in the grasp of his captors. It leaps up, and, too, like a miniature maelstrom flows into the holes left by the fang of Dracul.

Khore screams again, in intense anguish. He shudders and twitches violently... and slowly... begins to stop.

The guardian vampire says, 'He will never be the same.'

The ogre mage says, 'Release him.'

Lestat and Vlad release his arms.

Dracul stands.

Deamhan arrives and bows deeply, murmuring greetings to all.

Khore's body lies still and motionless on the cave floor.

The ogre mage says, 'Hello Deamhan, demon spawn.'

Deamhan bows deeply before the ogre mage. 'Greetings, sir'

The ogre mage says, 'Behold your master now.'

Deamhan says 'Is my lord in need of any aid that I might give, sir?' He looks uneasily at his prostrate lord.

The ogre mage says, 'He is beyond your help. And ours...'

The Kindred watch as the wounds caused by the iron fang in Dracul's hand begin to close. Dracul drops the fang. It clatters on the floor.

A soft voice says, 'And will you all stand by? And let this, your lord, to whom you have sworn fealty eternal... pass?'

Khan gazes about him rapidly. The ogre mage says, 'Who goes?'

Deamhan looks around, unsure of what is happening, but says 'Of course not... if there is aught to be done...'

The guardian vampire says, 'I know that voice....'

A soft voice says, 'I have not forgotten yours, Bezil, And it has been long.'

There is visible confusion on the faces of Vlad, Lestat and Dracul.

The shade of the Grand Vampire says, 'You... cannot be?'

A soft voice says, 'Silence... please.. I must tend to he who is in need.'

Khore's body is lifted up... as if cradled in two invisible arms.

Toadpain arrives. Toadpain hides. Toadpain is quiet.

A soft voice says, 'Whose body is this? Will no one claim to know it?'

Deamhan murmurs quietly, 'It is our lord's.'

Noiselessly, the Coffin swings open.

DarkClaw whispers, 'It is our Lord Khore's...'

A soft voice says, 'Name him.'

Deamhan says 'Lord Khore.'

The shade of the Third Son says, 'Is it you...?'

Caine says 'He is Khore, Keeper of Darkness, Lord of Fear'

DarkClaw looks to Caine quickly, then back to Khore's lifeless body.

A soft voice says, 'Be silent, dear Dracul, Yours in due time, My second son is in need.'

Deamhan blinks.

Khore's hair, in locks matted against his forehead is gently stroked... by hands invisible.

A soft voice says, 'Awake, dear child.'

The shade of the Grand Vampire says, 'You have passed... and have not been awoken!'

Deamhan looks searchingly into the darkness where the someone holding Khore should be...

A soft voice says, 'Vlad, I am not one who dies in such a way who stands and lets her favored son be rent and torn. Nor to let his father stand idly by and watch him be the sacrifice for he who is too weak himself to bear it.'

Bezil whispers, 'Ybarra....'

The Kindred feel the softness of a breeze... almost a light smile...

A soft voice says, 'That name has been too long missed, Bezil. Who inhabits this body now?'

The guardian vampire says, 'The Maelstrom.'

The shade of the Grand Vampire says, 'The Darkness.'

A soft voice says, 'How can both inhabit this body which are mutually exclusive? Perhaps the Kindred know better... Who inhabits this body that I hold in my hands?'

DarkClaw sighs loudly.

A soft voice says, 'Do you not know? Who is your lord, dear Kindred?'

Deamhan says, 'Khore...'

Yvon puts her head in her hands. 'Khore...it has to be.'

A soft voice says, 'Why yes....'

DarkClaw whispers, "Khore...'

A soft voice says, 'The demon child speaks first... and speaks correctly.'

The shade of the Grand Vampire says, 'Khore is no more...'

Deamhan says, 'He must be!'

The shade of the Third Son says, 'He cannot be!'

Deamhan looks abashed.

Yvon says 'It can't end like this!'

The ogre mage says, 'And where is it written that fate bows to your wishes, Yvon, Kindred?'

Deamhan says 'Forgive me, great ones, but...my faith will not let me give up hope'

A light laughter...

DarkClaw nods in recognition to Deamhan. 'Agreed.'

Yvon says 'My hope's eternal, ogre mage.'

A soft voice says, 'In their childish and blind faith, they see more than you. my assembled lords and Masters.'

Deamhan puts a hand tentatively on Khore's shoulder.

The touch is warm. His body is no longer cold.

Deamhan breaks into joyful smile. 'Brothers, Sisters!'

Yvon smiles happily.

Deamhan says, 'He is not gone'

A soft voice says tersely, 'Remove your hand, child... quickly.'

Deamhan does so.

Almost as Deamhan removes his hand, a tendril of grey smoke darts out, reaching... reaching...

The shade of the Grand Vampire says, 'You see? The Maelstrom.'

The shade of the Third Son says, 'Had you left your hand there, Deamhan, your soul would now be a part of the Maelstrom.'

Deamhan shivers uncomfortably.

DarkClaw winces.

Yvon comforts Deamhan.

A soft voice says, 'That warmth... is not Khore.'

Deamhan says, 'Then...the warmth is not... ah.' He nods.

DarkClaw frowns. Deamhan frowns.

A soft voice says. "Khore is buried somewhere beneath the storm that that is the Maelstrom... that Darkness.'

Deamhan says (in common) 'Is he... conscious of it? Of any of it?'

A soft voice says, 'I do not know, But he is not lost.'

The shade of the Grand Vampire says, 'He cannot be recovered!'

Deamhan says, 'Is it possible that he might be?'

Yvon says 'How can we help bring him out?' Deamhan nods in recognition to Yvon.

The Dark Enforcer says, 'Wait. It once... was a part of me. Am I not recovered?'

A soft voice says, 'No Lestat... It once used you as a puppeteer uses a marionette. It did not become you.'

The Dark Enforcer says, 'No.. but my recollection is strong. It dominates, It is overwhelming and encompassing. The sense of self is buried... even now, I struggle to know who I am.'

Toadpain says 'Sacrifice all, would I, to end this war and return Khore to us.'

Deamhan nods in recognition to Toadpain, as does DarkClaw.

Toadpain says 'yet I am weak... and small'

A soft voice says, 'I am weak and small.'

Caine says 'No...you are one link in an unbreakable chain.'

Deamhan says 'As are we all' Deamhan sighs loudly.

Toadpain says 'Together? Perhaps...?'

Deamhan says, 'But....together?'

A soft voice says, 'I am the mother, and I have come to aid my child because of bonds which are meaningful beyond death. And because greater things are waiting... for him and his chosen. Of what I can see. Of what I can foresee.'

Deamhan murmurs softly, 'Milady, all of our bonds to Khore are beyond death.'

Invisible hands rest Khore in his coffin.

Yvon says 'We would all like to help if you'll just tell us how.'

A soft voice says, 'There was another. Another whose child is lost. Where are the souls the Darkness held?'

The guardian vampire says, 'Abandoned.'

The ogre mage says, 'Nay. Not abandoned.'

The guardian vampire says, 'Then where?'

The ogre mage says, 'It refused to abandon the burden.'

The ogre mage says, 'The darkness drew it all ... and all of it entered into that body. Khore. The maelstrom. The Darkness. And a million souls.

The ogre mage says, 'Some of them... the wemic Nosferatu,'

Deamhan says 'Tyrphus?'

The ogre mage says, 'Tyrphus is among them.. As is the lady Rhynewyl.'

Deamhan nod.

A soft voice says, 'You have asked him to sacrifice much.'

The shade of the Grand Vampire says, 'He asked. He asked to volunteer.'

A soft voice says, 'Are you prepared to do the same?'

The shade of the Third Son says, 'Yes.'

The shade of the Grand Vampire says, 'Of course.'

The Dark Inforcer says, 'I have much to atone for. Of course.'

The guardian vampire says, 'My life for the Bearer of the Kindred Standard, m'lady.'

A soft voice says, 'Bezil, if your life was asked, you would only be sacrificing one fraction of one fraction of what Khore has given you.'

Bezil appears ashamed.

Deamhan says softly, 'Milady, that is true of any of us.'

DarkClaw says quietly, 'Yes...'

A soft voice says, 'Aye. Be not ashamed, Bezil. I merely speak so you would know. What is the nature of the Maelstrom?'

The ogre mage says, 'It is chaos. It is Darkness and Light intermingled in impossible ways. It is a constant struggle... for control... It is night. and day. Fire, and Water. Eternity. and Never.... It is struggle. Conflict. The incarnation and embodiment of such Conflict. It is purity tarnished, dirtied, sullied, ruined... tainted.'

DarkClaw's eyes flicker in understanding. Valdrian nods in recognition to DarkClaw.

A soft voice says, 'What does it fear?'

The ogre mage says, 'Purity.'

Toadpain says, 'Peace?'

Deamhan says 'Order?'

The ogre mage says, 'Order.'

DarkClaw nods in recognition to Deamhan.

The ogre mages says, 'Yes.'

Caine says, 'Darkness.'

The ogre mage says, 'Not any Darkness. The Last Darkness... the last pure Darkness... the last untainted Darkness...'

The ogre mage says, 'It fears peace as much as it fears complete and total hate. It fears anything that is not conflict. Chaos is the Maelstrom.' Khan pauses. 'My lady... I begin to understand...'

The shade of the Grand Vampire asks, 'What?'

A soft voice says, 'I see things which you cannot. My place and plane are not here... my power here is... transient...'

DarkClaw whispers, 'Then there must be....order... amongst the Kindred.'

The ogre mage says, 'If... Chaos is everything that should not be... Separate the Chaos, Mix Darkness and Light... you have conflict. But... Separate... the Conflict... bring the Light into One vessel... the Darkness into the other... You destroy the Chaos… Create order… and lose nothing.' Khan's eyes flicker with realization. The ogre mage says, 'Do you see?'

Deamhan says, 'Yes...but I do not see how ...'

A soft voice says, 'Quickly... it stirs.'

Khore's eyes flare open momentarily... swirling gray matter dancing fiercely there...

Tendrils of grav smoke whip about... unable to find anything... they withdraw.

A hoarse whisper, 'You cannot do this thing... fools... we cannot be destroyed...'

Yvon says 'we have two branches... do we not?' Deamhan nods in recognition to Yvon.

Khore's eye suddenly flare bright red.

Khore says Moth-... you...?'

A soft voice says, 'Easy, my son.'

Deamhan stops himself, just barely, from reaching out to touch Khore.

Khore whispers softly, 'The... I… cannot… who...'

Khore's hair is stroked by hands invisible.

A small cry echoes around the room. 'You cannot do this to him... do something... please.'

Khan nods with purpose. 'We have asked no less of him. Join hands with me, VIad, Lestat, Dracul. Kindred, you too... join yours amongst yourselves...'

Deamhan takes DarkClaw's and Yvon's hands. Toadpain joins hands. Yvon holds Caine's hand, Valdrian grabs Deamhan's hand. Darkclaw reaches out for the offered hands. Caine joins hands.

Khan utters the words, 'Ordinus Semper'

The guardian vampire says, 'The Order Forever'

Khan utters the words, 'Separate'

The wind begins to pick up fiercely. A column of incredible energy pours from Khore's chest up skyward into the darkness.

Khore's eyes suddenly flair open as he begins to scream in great agony!

Yvon tightens her hold. DarkClaw jumps, startled.

Khore screams in anguish, 'AaaaaaAA!'

The ogre mage says, 'Do not release your hold!'

Khore screams 'YOU ARE DESTROYING ME!'

The ogre mage says, 'Do not listen. That is Khore the Maelstrom!'

Toadpain holds on tightly. Deamhan hangs on tightly to his Kin's hands.

DarkClaw looks on pleadingly, tightening her grip.

Skulls and faces, monsters, lightning, flare about the Column. The Kindred begin to see things... SEE things like Hate/love... Fear/Courage.

Deamhan gulps uneasily.

The Kindred see them tangibly separating. each half flailing about the other.

Yvon shifts her stances unsteadily.

The ogre mage says, 'INSECURITYI!'

VIad steps forth.

A column of energy smashes into him, sending him flying back against the cave wall.

DarkClaw takes in a sharp breath.

Vlad crumples, his eyes, raising slightly... seeing... his lack of self worth... The shade of the Grand Vampire says, 'Dear lord..'

The ogre mage says, 'Take too, then Vlad, Peace...'

A tight beam of light leaps from the column and envelopes Vlad.

Vlad stands, placidness.... and understanding on his face.

Deamhan grips his kin's hands so hard his knuckles turn white, in his concern for his lord.

The column leaps still, powerfully dancing as Khore continues to writhe and scream in agony. It leaps left and right... light and darkness shedding in every direction.

The ogre mage says, 'SELFISHNESS!'

Dracul pauses, then steps forth. A huge beam of energy slams into Dracul, who merely crumples to the ground.

The ogre mage says, 'And... with it... Courage, Dracul.'

A lightning bolt leaps from the column and surrounds Dracul.

The ogre mage says, '.. Hate.... I will take this if....'

The Dark Enforcer says, 'Nay. This is mine, Mage.' So saying, Lestat leaps to stand by Khore.

The bolt of energy that slams into Lestat flings him far above the room. He does not get up.

The ogre mage says, 'So be it... and take with it Strength... oh bearer of dark pasts...'

A blue flame shimmers about Lestat momentarily... as he begins to stir.

The ogre mage says, 'Loneliness...'

The guardian vampire says, 'I have known loneliness the most. This has always been for me.'

Silently, a light envelops Bezil.

The ogre mage says, 'And knowledge.'

The light shimmers around Bezil more... who glances around... and wordlessly flies away.

The ogre mage says, 'And mine... Weakness... and Solidarity.'

The column surges once more, the Mage is drowned in the brilliant light that flares into him.

The room blinks dark

Deamhan murmurs into the darkness, 'And what to us?'

Khan rises lowly... his frailty apparent.

The ogre mage says to Deamhan, 'Do not ask. Khore carries those still.' He turns to the Kindred. Khan says, 'You will each, the True Kindred, carry one Strength and one Weakness. For all your days eternal... his burden will be shared.'

Deamhan bows deeply.

Yvon nods.

DarkClaw nods.

The Kindred hear the raspy breath... and a voice... familiar.

Khore rises groggily and says 'Goddamit... if I have to level... one... more... ugh... god...'

DarkClaw gasps in astonishment.

Yvon giggles weakly.

Caine says 'Impatience?'

Valdrian points proudly at himself.

Khore sits up... as if a hand is propped behind his back.

Yvon says 'I'm glad to see you're well, Khore.'

Deamhan smiles slightly.

The ogre mage says, Well.. hardly.... but he's Khore... the Kindred guardian, dominant in his consciousness again. He still harbors the million souls... the Darkness.., and now, remnants of the Maelstrom…'

Khore says ... A voice...I heard…'

A soft voice says, 'Shhh. I will be back to see you.'

Khore says, 'That voice... yes... I will be waiting.'

A soft voice says, 'I must be gone... Take care of my son, little ones…'

Deamhan smiles at Khore and bows deeply.

Darkclaw whispers, 'Of course... '

Yvon curtseys gracefully.

A breeze passes through the room and the Kindred each feel a kiss on their foreheads.

Deamhan murmurs, 'We will milady. And…if I may make a request on my lord's behalf?'

DarkClaw smiles happily. Yvon smiles happily. Valdrian smiles happily.

A presence passes from the room.

Deamhan sighs softly.

The shade of the Grand Vampire says, 'I imagine I will be seeing her again....

Yvon hugs Khore.

Khore says, 'It can be no longer this way. I needed to talk to you. Before... this happened. But... it was not to be. We have... lost sight. I see that now, harboring... my original intent inside me. The Kindred have failed their goal. We never sought world domination.'

DarkClaw frowns.

Khore says, 'I wish... you could somehow understand.'

DarkClaw says quietly, 'We have not lost hope, Khore… nor faith...'

Khore says, 'You have no idea, my Kindred… Look to your south.'

There is a metal plaque embedded in the wall of the cave atop the massive iron door

"Vivo et morior pro glofia ordinus nosferatus"

Deamhan nods

Khore says, 'The Kindred were to exist... for and of themselves. The Order Nosferatu..'

Deamhan says 'We... have not forgotten, Lord...but lost our way?'

Khore says, 'That has been lost in us. Only now, with a million voices in my head... And the all encompassing wisdom of Darkness itself... Do I see the error of my ways. The true Kindred among us are few. And so... The Kindred shall be few. I cannot, and I will not... support a large following. Many will be rejected.'

DarkClaw sighs loudly.

Khore says, 'Our gatherers... wilt be a proud and Noble elite.'

Deamhan stares at the floor quietly, pensive.

DarkClaw says (quietly) 'Perhaps it is a lot of my fault, for speaking to so many...'

Khore say:. 'Our hunters... a proud and effective enforcer sect. As it stands... It cannot be. And no, DarkClaw. My wish at one time was for a large dominant following. I see now... one sees the many and one sees the ordinary. One sees the few, the outstanding... and that is what they should see in the Kindred. Respect is dead, I will not let it die.' Khore looks down.

Deamhan reaches out a hand as if in protest.

Khore says, 'Speak. Deamhan,'

Deamhan says 'I--do you mean the respect of others for us, Lord, or our own respect?'

Khore says, 'Our own. I have, in recent days, looked upon other and said... 'There is a Kindred... who does not live up to the Kindred name.' This has saddened me and it should never be thus, Rather... I should look upon you all... and say... there are the Kindred... my pride, without exception.'

Deamhan says 'Ah. I see...l thought you meant other, I understand now.'

Khore says, 'And so it shall be done. All in this room tonight shall stay. You are the Kindred, You will be the Kindred.'

Yvon smiles happily.

DarkClaw smiles with relief.

Deamhan bows deeply.

Khore says, 'Strive.'

DarkClaw bows before Khore.

Caine bows deeply.

Yvon curtseys gracefully for Khore.

Valdrian nods.

Khore says, 'Our laws are not to be shamelessly cast aside. Hunter, know the hunt. Respect. and know Respect. There is no place for error, And now. I must ask something else of you.' Khore looks down.

Valdrian nods.

Deamhan says 'Anything, Lord, you know that.'

Yvon says, 'You have but to name it m'lord.'

DarkClaw says, 'Anything, Khore...'

Khore says, 'I carry the burden... And now I must pass it on...'

Deamhan says, 'Then share it'

Khore says, 'One strength, and one weakness.'

Caine nods in agreement to Khore. Yvon nods.

Khore says, 'Choose them, they become yours. Each Kindred will carry them, and always live with them. Valdrian. yours is pre-chosen.'

Valdrian raises an eyebrow.

Khore says, 'Your weakness shall be "Lack of Common Sense".'

Yvon giggles.

Valdrian nod s.

Deamhan stifles a snicker.

Toadpain smiles happily.

Khore says, 'Since you are already so evident in it.'

DarkClaw chuckles, evidently amused.

Valdrian says, 'laugh it up, fellas. One of you will get "crotch itch for a lifetime".'

Darkclaw comforts Valdrian.

Deamhan grins evilly at Valdrian.

Kbore says 'But your Strength Valdrian, shall be the covet of many.'

Valdrian says 'the covet of many?'

Khore says, 'It is the indomitable spirit. Who else stands with me and laughs when he, through his lack of common sense, gets killed by a dwarf. Calls himself an idiot, then races back for his corpse? And laughs all the way?'

Deamhan chuckles, evidently amused. Valdrian smirks.

Khore says, 'So that shall be you, Valdrian.'

Caine chuckles, evidently amused.

Khore turns to Yvon and says 'What shall be your strength?.

Yvon says 'my weakness is probably being over-trusting?'

Khore says, 'Your weakness is Gullibility. Don't hide it with pretty words.'

Yvon says 'But strength? I'm not used to thinking in terms of good points'

Khore says, 'So be it. Humility, for it is a strength. What is yours, Caine?'

Caine says 'My lack of emotion or compassion. Cold logic'

Khore says 'Your coldness is your weakness. Your strength is cold Calmness that accompanies it. Appropriate.'

Khore says, 'Caine, the Cold.'

Caine bows.

Khore says Toadpain?'

Toadpain says 'My weakness? Cynicism....'

Khore says, 'Undoubtedly..'

Toadpain says 'Strength? Self Control?'

Khore says "So be it. And you, Deamhan.'

Deamhan bows deeply.

Khore says, 'Demonchild, name yours...'

Deamhan says, 'Lord, my weakness is rushing to judgment too fast...Call it pride? Overconfidence?'

Khore says, 'Rashness. No pretty words.'

Deamhan blushes and nods. 'My strength, sir, is faith.'

Khore says Indeed it is.'

Khore says And so, that leaves you, Cirth.'

Cirth says, 'I shall name my strength and my weakness?'

Khore says You should do so.'

Yvon hugs Cirth.

Cirth says 'This is not my native language and therefore I shall have trouble describing them but I'll try... My strength so far has been m patience, I'd say. I am very old and have lost many times and still I am here.'

Kbore says 'Interesting. Your perseverance and Patience are your strength. And your weakness?'

Cirth says 'perhaps my weariness of life?'

Khore says, 'Your jadedness.'

Cirth says 'It's all pale and grey'

Khore says, 'I understand, You have no idea how I understand sometimes...'