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Chronomancer of the Hunt
Acolyte of the Wyrm
Created April 29, 2011
Status Active
Race Half-Elf
Hometown The Half-Elf Camp
Classes Mage
Last Seen Active
Followed Katrana

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

A cold sensation embraces your body as a silhouette in the distance begins to take shape. As your eyes strain to focus, some details begin to take shape. Slender, not too tall, male. Human, certainly. Wait...the point of an ear is visible protruding through his hair, shoulder length, bone white, and unnaturally straight. His facial features are blurred, like trying to read the words from a page of a book that is being flipped through.His body is clad in an immaculate set of bright white leathers, with strips of an icy blue material bound just above his elbows, wicking away a vapor of some sort. And then the you feel it - like stepping into sunlight after being in a cave, a warmth flows through you, pushing back the bone numbing cold and the man is now directly in front of you, smiling. His skin is pale and smooth, and his features are sharp - high cheekbones that are set beneath his wide, oval shaped eyes. The sheen of of so much white is forgotten as you notice his piercing, bright blue eyes. The gaze they cast seems to reach past you, through you, beyond you. His greeting is wordless, a slight bow of the head with his eyes closed. The sounds of his movement as he passes you are dampened and muffled, but the moment he walks by the warmth recedes, the chill surrounding it fades, and, come to think of it, the hour is late...

WHO Lists:

Hel [    Ra: 3 Ma: 9    ] Vale the Half-Elf                                          05-01-2011 
Hel [ Th: 4 Ra: 9 Ma:15 ] Vale the Half-Elf                                          05-07-2011 
Hel [ Th: 5 Ra: 9 Ma:15 ] Vale is studying time                                      05-08-2011 
Hel [ Th: 8 Ra: 9 Ma:15 ] Vale is studying the threads of time                       05-09-2011 
Hel [ Ra:11 Th:11 Ma:15 ] Vale is looking for Thor                                   05-16-2011  
Hel [ Ra:11 Th:11 Ma:15 ] Vale, trying to find his way through kronos                05-16-2011  
Hel [ Ma:15 Th:11 Ra:15 ] Vale,stumbling through the infinity gauntlet               05-18-2011  
Hel [ Ma:18 Th:11 Ra:15 ] Vale is looking for Tokugawa                               05-19-2011  
Hel [ Ma:22 Th:11 Ra:15 ] Vale:arcane science of temporal exploration                05-22-2011  
Hel [ Ma:28 Th:11 Ra:15 ] Vale wades through time, buffeted by hatred                05-30-2011  
Hel [ Ra:16 Ma:30 Th:15 ] Vale, the Chronomancer   -Hunt-  (MudletHelpDesk)          06-08-2011 

Character History:


  • Vale was the winner of the first Quest of the Words, which was held June 2011 and sponsored by Cordir.
  • Vale was the Most Quoted person of 2011, with 5 quotables.


an unusual timepiece upon a long silver chain

Long Desc: There's something a bit odd about this pocketwatch. Perhaps it’s the way it glows.
Worn Desc: <worn with pride> an unusual pocketwatch upon a long silver chain

Look pocketwatch timepiece:
The air seems to shimmer and shudder around this timepiece, as if it was robed
in vapor or mist. It has an oddly long winding stem and the face of the watch
is concealed by a hinged cover. A long length of chain with a clip on the end
is attached to the top of the watch, allowing it to be secured to a garment.

Look cover:
The cover is engraved upon its face with a simple symbol - an hourglass -
which is surrounded by scrolling arabesques and intricate knotwork.

Look face:
Opening the cover, you note that the time displayed is midnight, and that
the second hand appears to be running backwards...

Look winding stem:
The winding stem is unusually long and is shaped like a key. As your inquisitive
fingers run over its surface, you realize that it can turn in either direction.
But who would wish to turn back time?

Look chain:
The chain is made of silver, polished to a near mirror shine. Each link
is perfect and strong, shaped like two ovals joined end to end.

Look hourglass:
The sands of the hourglass almost seem to visibly slip through the
aperture, from one hemisphere to the other. At this moment in time,
the sands appear to be running out...

Look knotwork:
The knotwork that surrounds the very outer edge of the cover are tiny
little triskales... three sided knots that alternate in color between
crimson, indigo and violet.

Look Keywords:
Object keywords: timepiece pocketwatch chain silver
Restring keywords: pocketwatch timepiece | cover | face | stem | chain
hourglass | knotwork | keyword keywords

Created on July 15, 2011, as a gift for Vale, in thanks for his contributions
to the project that helps time's ravages to stand still.

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

04/29/2011: Vale is created, levels to 7 mage, and joins the Wyld Hunt.
05/01/2011: Vale dual classes to ranger, and levels his ranger class to 8.
05/03/2011: Vale levels to 10 mage.
05/06/2011: Vale levels to 15 mage and starts a thief class.
05/08/2011: Vale levels to 5 thief.
05/10/2011: Vale levels to 10 thief and slays the duckling for mobmastery level 1.
05/17/2011: Vale levels to 15 ranger.
05/21/2011: Vale levels to 20 mage.
05/24/2011: Vale levels to 25 mage.
05/31/2011: Vale levels to 30 mage.
06/05/2011: Vale levels to 15 thief.
06/16/2011: Vale slays the bluegill for mobmastery level 5.
06/20/2011: Vale slays an orc child for mobmastery level 10.
12/18/2011: Vale accepts a Triat Mastery Quest: Three Acolytes Seek Mastery

Player Information: