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(This scene is precluded by Interview with a Vampire, and is followed by The Tale the Darkness Told. It was edited many years ago, to combine emotes and make it somewhat more 'story' like, while still retaining the signature elements of TFC play. Items in italics are room echoes.)

Ceremonial Room
Glittering gold inlay, black obsidian floors, and large amounts of precious gems make this room one the richest in all the realms. What makes it even more impressive is the room is massive, easily large enough to hold all the heroes of the world and have room to spare for many more. Throughout the room are various trophies from past heroes. Sealed by a magic field is Maurice's armor from when he was a paladin, in another alcove floating above its base is the mace Tynian used to smash his way to immortality, in yet another display is a sculpture of pure magical energy created by IvoryTiger. This room is for all the special moments in a hero's life, such as honor given by an immortal, marriage, reception of a major quest prize, or even a really special party.

Dusk is resting here.

Hum [ Sh: 9   ] Lena follows the trail of the Kindred Gatherers
Hum [ Ma: 8   ] Xancos, Evil mage of the Kindred.
Hum [ Cl:14   ] DarkClaw k'Treva, shadowed Gatherer. [ Kindred ]
Hum [ Cl:22   ] Telamon:Cleric of the Kindred.HoK.
Hum [ Sh:12   ] Sarah is quietly Kindred
Hum [ Cl: 9   ] Ankh: Kindred Gatherer of Evil...
Hel [ DemiGod ] Khore, Lord Vampyric of the Kindred.

Lena paces the room.

Dusk says 'having problems?'

Lena paces the room, lashing her tail.

Dusk says 'what's wrong?'

Lena shakes her head, not answering.

Dusk shrugs.

Lena paces the room. She stops, and sighs, then continues pacing the room, growling softly to herself.

Khore ftells: 'Lena, you are welcome to return when you wish.'

[Lena flees the Ceremonial Room, and Khore's gentle words, going to the Land of the Mutants, where she begins slaying them left and right.]

Khore tells Lena 'Little Lena... will you come?'

A green spider is DEAD!!

Lena tells Khore '*yowls unhappily, wordlessly*'.

Khore tells Lena 'Come rest here, I have something to say that might be appropriate.'

Some moss slime is DEAD!!

Lena tells Khore '*looks away* *whispers* Must I? I will if You command it... but...'

A fur ball is DEAD!!

Khore tells Lena 'Come then, for a moment, and then you may leave again if you wish.'

A slug is DEAD!!

A rolling stone is DEAD!!

Khore tells Lena '(OOC: would Lena mind terribly if Khore picked her up?)'.

Lena tells Khore '(*shake* s'okay.)'

[Lena moves swiftly back to the Cave of Khore, in reluctant obedience to His wishes.]

The Cave of Khore
[Exits: south]
An ornate wooden box pulsates with a dim red glow.

Khore, Telamon, Xancos, Sarah, DarkClaw, & Medea are here.

Lena bows gracefully before Khore.

Khore says 'I've killed for worse. And less.'

Medea whispers, 'But I DO believe in love, love for my family, for those who are truly important'

Lena paces restlessly, and glares over at DarkClaw.

Medea beams a smile at Khore.

Khore says 'I just have a few words.'

Medea bows her head.

DarkClaw sighs loudly.

Ankh ftells: ' Crap...Just died in the bazaar. sorta got lost, then found I was in bazaar, then got killed by a drunken thief or something'.

Khore sits down and thinks deeply.

Khore ftells: 'Help will come.'

Lena paces restlessly, lashing her tail.

Khore picks Lena up and places her gently on his lap, trying his best to calm her.

Lena growls softly.

Medea smiles at Lena.

DarkClaw ftells: 'Where in the Bazaar?'

Khore pets Lena gently and whispers, 'Because there is rain, do not believe the sun does not still shine behind...'

Lena shakes her head.

Medea bites her lip, then says 'I will take comfort in the Kindred, my Lord, in my new family. I may never be ready for more than that'.

Sarah ftells: 'You know where that is now, DarkClaw?'

Lena shifts gingerly on Khore's lap. Lena whispers, "May I go, Lord?"

Khore says 'Do you want to, Lena?'

Medea says 'Lord Khore, I think we both need to go...'

Lena twitches her whiskers miserably.

Khore nods. He hugs Lena and says 'You can go if you can tell me one thing, little wemic.'

Lena looks up at the Vampire Lord, tears trembling on her lashes.

Khore says 'Who stands behind you always?' He squeezes Lena fondly in a warm hug.

She shrugs despondently, then leaps gracefully off Khore's lap.

Medea hugs Lena.

Khore says 'Go, Lena. Slay your demons.'

Lena walks over to the corner, turns around three times and tries to sleep.

Khore says 'And if I truly believed you did not know who stands behind you always, I would not let you go.'

Lena sighs, laying her head on her paws.

Khore looks at her intently.

Medea says 'Thank you...thank you for putting up with my tale. I know it wasn't a pretty one'. Medea curtsies gracefully before her Lord.

Lena doesn't meet Khore's gaze.

He continues to look at Lena.

Lena doesn't meet his gaze.

Medea smiles at Lena.

DarkClaw say quietly, ' Remember, Medea...we are all here for you...'

Khore waves goodbye to Medea.

Medea stands up saying, 'Thanks DarkClaw'.

Ankh says 'What happened to her?'

DarkClaw says 'Khore?'

Khore says 'Yes, DarkClaw?'

Khore looks at Lena.

Lena doesn't meet Khore's gaze.

DarkClaw says 'I believe I will take my leave as well... It seems I have... upset Lena...'

Khore says 'I'm sure it was not your fault.'

DarkClaw shakes her head.

Lena shakes her head mutely at DarkClaw.

DarkClaw says 'It is my choice that upsets her...' and sighs loudly.

Lena shakes her head mutely at DarkClaw.

DarkClaw bows deeply.

Khore says 'Be at ease DarkClaw. Find happiness before sadness finds you.'

Khore sits down in front of Lena.

DarkClaw says 'G'd eve....and hunt well...'

Khore beams a smile at DarkClaw. DarkClaw hugs him. He waves goodbye to DarkClaw, then returns to his position in front of Lena.

DarkClaw leaves south.

Khore smiles warmly and looks at the young wemic.

Lena twitches her ears and does not meet her Lord's eyes.

Ankh looks at Lena.

Khore sighs loudly, saying 'What's wrong, Lena?'

Lena shrugs despondently.

Khore says 'Would you prefer to speak with me privately?'

Lena shakes her head, then lays her head down on her paws with a sigh.

Khore says 'Can I do anything?'

Lena shakes her head.

Khore says 'Want a fern to nibble on?'

Khore gets a small fern from the black Cape of the Ordinus Nosferatus.

Lena gets up and paces restlessly.

Khore puts a small fern in the black Cape of the Ordinus Nosferatus.

Telamon leaves south.

Khore picks Lena up unceremoniously and stares at her quietly.

Lena yowls in startlement.

Khore ftells: 'Good night, all you Kindred leaving.'

Khore says 'I want to show you something.' He nestles Lena gently on his arm, then twitches suddenly and huge leathery wings spring from underneath the dark cloak he wears.

Lena nods in acquiescence.

Telamon ftells: 'goodbye.'

You begin to rise into the air.

Khore locks the door.

You go higher and higher.

The floor begins to fade away and still, you ascend.

Lena hisses, and yowls in fear.

Khore says 'There there...' He pats Lena gently.

Lena starts clawing his arm, shivering in fear.

You find yourself surrounded on all sides by darkness. You feel a draft and you feel a brief bounce as Khore lands on something. It is dark.

Khore utters the words, 'light'.

Lena shivers in fear.

You find yourself on a ledge underneath... an incredible number of thousands of red... stars?

Khore puts his Chyld down.

Lena blinks in surprise.

He sits down, legs dangling over the side of the ledge, and says 'Don't jump, you'll fall a long way.'

Lena nods, slowly, cautiously.

The Kindred Lord asks, 'Would you feel safer closer to me?'

Lena nods her head frantically, eyes huge.

Khore pats his lap, and Lena leaps onto it.

Khore smiles happily, hugs her, and says 'hold on.'

Khore utters the words, 'extinguish'.

The room is plunged into darkness.

Lena sinks her claws into Khore's garment.

As your eyes adjust... the red stars grow brighter. You see a million million of them.

Khore says 'Lena... This is where I go... when I need to think. Do you know what those red stars are?'

Lena shakes her head, stammering 'I..umm..'

Khore says 'Each pair are the eyes of souls lost to the Maelstrom.'

Lena tilts her head to one side, considering his words.

He says 'Each pair is a failure in the name of Darkness to save someone. I have lost very few. I am very young. In the war that preceded the age of peace that Dracul ushered, most of those were lost. Then more were lost when Lestat returned to ravage the sanctuary.' He sighs heavily then whispers, 'I guard whom I can.'

Lena turns her face away, miserable.

Khore says 'I find those who are most pure in the darkness, and I guide them as best I can.'

Lena tenses her muscles, as if to jump off Khore's lap, pauses, then looks down, trembling.

Khore says 'Do you remember how you came to be with us and me, Lena?'

Lena shakes her head then says 'Well...I remember how I became Kindred.'

Khore nods, asking, 'But before that?'

Lena sits down and tilts her head to one side, thinking deeply. She says 'Hunting.. With Deamhan and Diabhail.'

Khore says 'You must have noticed... you are not exactly of this world.'

Lena flinches. Khore strokes her gently, soothingly, but she leaps off Khore's lap onto the ledge, pacing the confines of the ledge, keening softly.

Khore frowns, then asks gently, 'Do you not wish to speak about it?'

Lena looks down at her feet, anywhere but at Khore. She whispers, barely audibly, "I... am ashamed..."

Khore says 'Lena.'

Lena twitches her ears.

Khore says 'Above you there is more of my shame than I can ever bear to accept. Do you think I do not know of shame?'

She shrugs despondently.

Khore says 'Do you think I do not see the strength of Nash... and my weakness against him?'

The Wemic Chyld hisses at that Name.

Khore says 'Do you not think I cannot see the failure I will be to protect the Kindred if and when...But do you see me let that stop me from doing what I believe?'

Lena shakes her head.

Khore says 'And do you ever see me giving up to him?'

Lena shakes her head.

Khore says 'Not while I draw breath. But there is more than Nash to be guarded against. There is loss and confusion.'

Lena blushes beneath her fur, flushing pink on her muzzle. She says hesitantly, 'But you don't breathe, Lord..'

Khore chuckles, evidently amused.

She says 'You're dead..'

Khore says 'I breathe, not air.'

Lena is confused.

Khore says 'The mana that stirs me that I use to protect you. I draw that from the world that surrounds us.'

Lena nods slowly.

Khore says 'I breathe that. I will not succumb. Not while I have my own will. But as I have said…There is more than Nash to guard against. There is you...'

Lena says 'Guard against me?'

Khore says 'I am trying to guard against.. Whatever that is that surrounds you.'

Lena lifts one claw and taps her heart, murmuring, 'Its me. Nothing outside. Inside. Hurts.'

Khore picks her up and hugs her. She yowls softly. He squeezes Lena fondly, cuddling her.

He smiles, and asks, 'What hurts, little one?' Khore sets Lena back down next to him.

Lena whispers "Heart."

Khore says 'Why? Do you miss something?'

Lena growls softly, confused. She moves her head from side to side, sightlessly, looking for the words, then sighs, pulling on her tongue in frustration.

A voice intones, 'There is more than words.'

Khore smiles happily.

Lena flinches at the sudden voice.

Khore says 'Do you remember the Darkness, Lena?' He gestures around him, saying, 'The last vestige of the pure darkness that once was all and all encompassing.'

Lena shakes her head.

A voice intones, 'I have not died. Whom do you bring to me, Khore, son of Darkness, heir ...?'

Khore says 'A lost one.'

A voice intones, 'There was loss before there was Khore. There was loss before there was The First.'

Lena whispers sorrowfully, "A freak... a bad Kindred..."

A voice intones, 'I have been lost. Those whose eyes you see within me... are lost.'

Lena whispers "selfish.. no good.."

Khore looks down at Lena in surprise, and asks, 'Why do you say this thing?'

Lena looks nervously up at the Darkness.

A voice intones, 'Shall I... Khore... embrace... the lost one?'

She growls, "Wasn't born... not natural.. was... made."

Khore says 'She is not ready.' He raises his eyebrows in surprise.

Lena whispers, "Freak."

A voice intones, 'I see her. She is not...'

Lena says 'No one like me.. NO ONE.. NO family... no mother... no father.. No one to love.. HATE DarkClaw'.

Khore says 'What about me?'

Lena says 'She has someone to love. Selfish.. Do covet that..' She sighs, dejected.

Khore says 'I do too.'

Lena says 'S'posed to be selfless. Love kindred. But don't KNOW kindred any more'.

Khore says 'You have wandered far. And been gone long.'

Lena says 'Can't find Deamhan, can't find Diabhail.. Nor Mystil, or... Don't KNOW anyone.. They think I'm a pet..'

Khore says 'Wait.' He stands up and says 'Do you know this one?'

Lena says 'New people, new scents...' She gazes back at Khore with huge green eyes, saying 'You?'

A voice intones, 'This one, we have known. I have known. Have known, this one... we, us, I have.'

Khore says 'No, Lena... I ask... him.'

He says 'Has she... ?'

A voice intones, 'Others? Yes. Many... at one time... there numbered... like stars.'

She gasps in astonishment, blinking.

Khore gently asks, 'Do you wish to ask, Lena? Or shall I?' His young charge sits bolt upright, shivering uncontrollably. She looks at Khore pleadingly, and nods.

Khore says 'Where have the others gone?'

A voice intones, 'Others...'
A voice intones, 'Gone.'
A voice intones, 'Maelstrom...'

Lena whispers, "So they are... gone..?"

A voice intones, 'Behold.'
A voice intones, 'Khore, son of Darkness... strengthen this one, if she is not ready...'

Lena trembles, afraid.

A voice intones, 'For now, the embrace comes. She has asked, we, I, us must answer.'

Khore says 'Hold tight, Lena. Come here.'

She leaps onto his lap, and sinks in her claws. He holds on to her tightly, comfortingly, as she begins shaking like a leaf.

You can see nothing, there is only darkness.

But there is a sudden shift... you feel like you are falling ... upwards.

There is a sudden overwhelming feeling of surrounding.

You struggle to maintain coherence as you feel the presence of Khore shield you from the worst of it.

You feel his body stiffen slightly... his shielding you is putting great strain on the him.

Lena whimpers.

A voice intones, 'Behold'.

Suddenly, you find yourself in a field. You have no sense of body. You see with disembodied eyes. The field shifts... time moves underneath you. You watch in amazement as you see the grass grow tall over your head, then wither away as the seasons change before your eyes. Then suddenly, time slows... it moves... at a normal pace. The scene before you is one you cannot recognize... but strange memories pull at you.. On the horizon, a cloud of swirling darkness and light, and warriors in shining armor advancing. Behind you...

Lena sniffs, trying to catch a scent.

An army of armor clad... wemics.

Lena trembles down to her very soul.

Behind the advancing army, the Maelstrom rumbles loudly and you can feel the energy of it's power.

You sense chaos at the soul of each approaching deathknight. Behind you, the wemics slowly begin to advance. Each face becomes visible... each set in stern and absolute conviction. And at the very forefront, a proud and noble wemic riding a steed the likes of which you have never seen. His eyes draw you. They are your own... and there is fear behind the bravery. But bravery above all else, and courage... and conviction... you sense more than you see this.

Your sight and perception shifts... far behind the lines the proud wemic leads...A female wemic, holding a small bundle whose eyes search the horizon for the leader of the army. The eyes on the female hold and draw you also... for they too are yours.

Lena whimpers.

There is a flash, and your perception is again drawn back to the field of battle. Suddenly there is a strike of lightning in the middle of the field. Both sides stop advancing. Bezil steps from the cloud of fire and faces the wemic army behind you, oblivious to you.

The guardian vampire says, 'Stop. Do not do this thing. You will perish. Flee.'

Lena looks confused at Bezil's presence.

Bezil's face is... younger than you have ever seen it... The army advancing in front of the Maelstrom begins to charge... Above the roar of the Maelstrom, the voice of the wemic general cries out... "Vivo et morior pro gloria ordinus nosferatus!!!"

Lena whispers the words, echoing...

Bezil nods at the general. The guardian vampire says, 'Your name will not be forgotten...'

The general nods, his strong voice failing as the hint of tears begin to draw down the inside of his helm. The general rides forward into battle. The Maelstrom swirls and then there is only chaos.

Your perception shifts.

Bezil appears in front of the female wemic who holds the small bundle. The guardian vampire says, 'The maelstrom comes. Flee. Dracul has built Sanguinna, he can shelter you there.'

The wemic looks at Bezil and says, 'Vivo...' her voice fails her. The wemic shakes her head and picks up hastily made makeshift weapons.

Lena keens in mourning.

The wemic stands and behind her, an army of youths and women begin to advance toward the maelstrom.

Bezil nods sadly.

On the table, the female wemic has left the bundle... it cries softly, purring between wails... Bezil picks it up, and flashes into darkness.

A voice intones, 'Behold.'

Lena keens in mourning.

From above you, in the sea of stars, two pair come down to gaze at you.
There is pride.
There is recognition.
There is peace.
They fade.

You feel yourself suddenly wrenched away.

Lena sobs, "But those are the lost ones... right, Khore? They're lost..?"

A voice intones, 'One survives of the noble race.'

The Kindred Lord nods, and the child in his arms howls in soul-wrenching sorrow. He closes his eyes, bowing it, absorbed in the loss. He nods.

The sea above shifts slightly.. A vast area of it... with eyes strangely the shape of yours begin to close in together.

Lena screams, "So I AM alone... I AM the only one left....They're dead and gone and lost!" She howls in pain and loss.

A voice reaches from the past and says, 'Never alone.'

Khore nods.

Lena cries brokenly, "It hurts worse, now.."

Khore says 'Never alone.' Khore hugs Lena.

A voice intones, 'The truth is shadow. In the shadow, there is peace. In darkness... I am. I was. We will be. Us will always be.'

You feel a touch on your forehead.

Lena cries out, "Then let me go, too..."

You feel the soft brush of lips, and the remembrance of soft... fur...

Lena struggles to get out of Khore's arms, to jump into the darkness.

A voice whispers, 'We will be here, young daughter...'

Khore holds on to her tightly.

Lena screams, "LET ME GO! I wanna go.. I want my momma.."
Lena howls in pain, struggling to no avail as Khore holds onto her tightly.
Lena whispers brokenly, "mommma..."

A voice intones, 'Stop. Purpose. She remembers. Let her go, Khore.'

Khore says 'If I let her go, she will leap.'

A voice intones, 'Who will let her fall?'

Lena nods at Khore's words, gazing up at the red lights above her.

Khore releases Lena.

Lena searches the heavens for the eyes that called to her, and whispers, "momma?"

The eyes hold on to you, from somewhere far.

Lena whispers, "I wanna come home, momma... please...?"

A voice whispers, 'We are with you.'

Lena begs, "Please..?"

A voice whispers, 'Home is where you make it. This is not home... Not yet... find a home for us... we will come to... your home.'

Lena howls in heartbroken loss and pain and sorrow. She collapses into Khore's arms and sobs. He holds on to Lena and leaps off the ledge.

You slowly sink to the floor of the cave.

Khore hugs Lena, and she sobs in Khore's arms.

A voice intones, 'We will not. I will not. Us will not... forget. Do not forget. Purpose. Find a home. I will, we will, us will... free our burden to you.We cannot, I will not, us should not... hold them forever. They live. Live... alive.'

Khore nods, murmuring, 'Bezil knew what was best.'

Lena looks confused.

Khore says 'From orders of Vlad directly. You will have to find his meaning in your own way, little one.'

Lena sits down and tilts her head to one side, thinking deeply. She says 'Bezil.... Bezil knows..'

Khore says 'He speaks in words that are not meant for this world. They come as riddles.'

A wind blows through the cave..., 'Remember...'

Khore says 'I will be here for you always. And they will speak with you now that you know.'

Lena nods.

Khore says 'Find me when you need me. I will take you to them.'

Lena says 'Can Bezil tell me..'

Khore sinks down heavily on his coffin.

Lena says 'Can he tell me their name?'

Khore says 'Bezil may... in time, when he is ready to tell you. He has not forgotten his name.'

Lena nods, and kneels before Khore.

Khore says 'I hope this brings you peace.' He strokes Lena gently, then hugs her.

Lena remembers how it felt, before, when her Lord needed strength..... She opens her soul, her essence to Khore, to restore his strength.

He nods in recognition to Lena, and cradles her in his arm, stroking her softly.

She says 'I have lots to think about..'

He puts her down and scratches her behind her ears, saying 'Then go and think, little one.'

She nods and bows gracefully before Khore.

He smiles happily, bowing in return.

(end scene)

The next chapter is found in The Tale the Darkness Told.