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Notes: The solar eclipse in this story was a RP precursor to a special reboot to bring in a new mob. I've deleted most of the references to it in the log, because in Isolas' temple, it is always night.

The Tower of Sorcery
[Exits: north]
(Light Red Aura) Captain Global Warming, Snowman of Isolas, is here.
Isolas arrives from the north.
Captain Global Warming bows before you.

>close n
Cordir closes the archway.

Isolas creates a slender silver key out of thin air!
Isolas locks the archway.
Isolas eats a slender silver key.

Cordir rises through the air to the loft above.

Isolas watches curiously.

Cordir gestures for you to follow.

Isolas flies upward, joining you.

Cordir lands lightly and glances about, having never been up here.
Cordir says, 'I heard rumor there was some sort of sleeping device...’

Isolas goes to a particular glass pane and pushes it open to a wide walkway that wraps around the Tower.
Isolas steps through to the outdoors, where a large bed sits.

Cordir blinks, surprised, but follows in your footsteps.
Cordir murmurs, 'outside? Interesting.'

Isolas says, 'it's always night out here.’

Cordir slides onto the bed, sitting upright against the headboard.
Cordir folds her legs underneath her, sitting in tailor-fashion.
Cordir makes a pillow of your discarded outer robe, and sets it on her lap.
Cordir crooks her finger in your direction.

Isolas slides over to the bed, sitting on its edge.

Cordir pats the folded robe. 'C'mere.'

Isolas considers hesitantly.
Isolas says, 'You're sure?'.

Cordir says gently, 'rest.'

Isolas lays his head down on the robe slowly.

Cordir leans slightly over you so that her hair falls down to make a tent that blocks out even the stars.
Cordir strokes your brow lightly with her fingertips, soothing away the tension that is always buried there.
Cordir lightly massages the planes of your face, the touch carefully neutral but soothing and gentle.
Cordir gently strokes the length of your hair where it spills over the robe, playing with the brown strands.
Cordir hums softly, the tune an old ballad, in tune with the movement of her hands.

Isolas exhales slowly, somewhat staggered and nervous.

Cordir softly exhales, the sound a gentle, 'shhhhhhh.'
Cordir continues the light, soothing touch: your brow, your hair, the line of cheek, shoulder.
Cordir glances to either side, a commanding look making even the winds at this height still, so as not to distract you.
Cordir continues humming softly, accenting the tune with touch and comfort.

Isolas stares upward, his eyes shifting around.

Cordir shakes her head slightly, the movement making the strands of her hair brush your cheek. 'Shhh.'

She barely strokes the curve of your eyebrow, her thumbs sweeping over your eyelids, urging them closed.

Isolas tries to keep his eyes still, but can't.
Isolas says, 'I am ... vulnerable, here. I am not guarded.’
Isolas says, 'I don't remember how to be that way.’

Cordir pauses, and looks at you. She asks quietly, 'Do you want me to stop?'

Isolas says, '’

Cordir says, 'Do you trust me to keep you safe?'.

Isolas says, '...yes'.

Cordir nods, as if she wasn't sure what your answer would be.
Cordir says, 'then... rest.’
Cordir resumes her light touch, fingertips stroking over your face and hair.

Isolas says, 'But...’
Isolas says, 'what if I sleep?'.

Cordir says, '.. and if you do?'.

Isolas says, 'You can't keep watch over me the whole time.’

Cordir says, '... I can't?'.

Isolas says, 'You have duties to all in the realm, not just me.’

Cordir says, 'They can wait.’

Isolas opens his eyes again.
Isolas says, 'will you sleep?'.

Cordir shakes her head.
Cordir says, 'No. I'll watch over you.’

Isolas says, 'You should sleep.’
Isolas says, 'I can watch over you.’

Cordir asks softly, 'Do you trust me?'

Isolas says, 'Yes.’

Cordir says, 'Then rest.’

Isolas swallows hard, closing his eyes.

Cordir continues her soft humming, words here and there barely discernable in old-common.
Her hands are astonishingly gentle and light, soothing, barely brushing your skin and hair.

Isolas whispers, 'I don't know how to be taken care of. Only how to be the one who takes care of others.'

Cordir softly and slowly sings (in old-common), 'Plaisir d'amour'
She caresses your cheekbone.

Cordir softly and slowly sings (in old-common), 'ne dure qu un moment'
Her hand smooths your hair from your brow.

Cordir softly and slowly sings (in old-common), 'Chagrin d'amour'
Fingertips brush along your shoulders and chest.

Cordir softly and slowly sings (in old-common), 'dure toute la vie'
Cordir brushes her hands along your upper arms, barely skimming the fabric, but radiating warmth.

Cordir murmurs, 'You were mine to take care of for a long time. I didn't forget how.'
Cordir brushes a hand along your hair.
Cordir murmurs, 'Sleep.'

Isolas begins to breath deeper, drifting away.

Cordir hums another, even older tune, her caresses gentle and soothing.
Cordir hums the first verse, then murmurs the words of the second.

Cordir sings softly, ' Take time to thrive, my ray of hope, in the garden of Dromore'
Cordir sings softly, 'Take heed, young eaglet, till thy wings are feathered fit to soar'
Cordir sings softly, 'A little rest and then the world is full of work to do'
Cordir sings softly, ' Sing hushabye loo, low loo, low lan'
Cordir sings softly, 'Hushabye loo, low loo'
Cordir sweeps gentle caresses along your brow and hair.
Cordir hums the chorus.
Cordir glances down at you tenderly.

Isolas breathes deeply and slowly.

Cordir brushes a brown lock back from your face.
Cordir smiles quietly, her expression one of joy and peace.
Cordir rests one hand on your chest above your heart, the other continuing its soothing touch.
Cordir lays her other hand lightly against the side of your face, listening for the prayers of your people.
Cordir closes her eyes briefly, a thought held safely behind them, then opens them and smiles at your sleeping form.

Cordir tells Hedschott, ‘May I make an odd request of you?'

Hedschott tells you (in common), 'um?'.

Cordir tells Hedschott, ‘and it may sound odd. But... Please don't ftell or pray right now. '.

Hedschott tells you (in common), 'no worries'.

Isolas lays perfectly still, breathing the only sign of life.

She breathes a whisper to one of your folk, checking on them and asking for continued silence.

Cordir blinks, and moves her hand slightly on your chest, seeking your pulse.

Isolas turns onto his side, hair falling over his face.

Cordir smiles tenderly, and brushes the hair back from your face.
Cordir lays a hand lightly on your shoulder, letting it slowly trail down the line of your back.
Cordir resumes her soft humming, the sound soothing.
Cordir glares as a bird approaches, winging past in the night. It veers off abruptly.
Cordir resumes her humming, one hand resting lightly on your brow, listening for the prayers of your folk, the other stroking your back.
Cordir glances up at the stars and smiles a little.
Cordir murmurs, 'All is well. Sleep.'
Cordir glances into the distance, checking on your Magi. She nods in satisfaction, then returns her attention to you.

Hedschott ftells, '(info) ### Viteazu has scored 8 points on a location quest (290 points total).’

Cordir winces as she hears a voice, and lightly shifts her hands over your ears to muffle it.
Cordir murmurs, 'shhhhhhhhhh....'

Isolas grips the blanket a bit in his sleep.

Cordir strokes your shoulder. 'shhhh.... sleep. All is well.'

>at hedschott l
Entrance to Mage's Guild
[Exits: north south]
The entrance hall is a small, poorly lit room.
This place is unusually quiet...
(Invis) (Light Red Aura) (White Aura) Hedschott is here.


>at hedschott l
Entrance to Mage's Guild
[Exits: north south]
The entrance hall is a small, poorly lit room.
This place is unusually quiet...
(White Aura) Golson is here.
(Invis) (Light Red Aura) (White Aura) Hedschott is here.


>at hedschott l
Entrance to Mage's Guild
[Exits: north south]
The entrance hall is a small, poorly lit room.
This place is unusually quiet...
The guildmaster is here, fighting Golson.
Golson is here, fighting the guildmaster.
(Invis) (Light Red Aura) (White Aura) Hedschott is here.


>at hedschott l
Entrance to Mage's Guild
> [Exits: north south]
The entrance hall is a small, poorly lit room.
This place is unusually quiet...
The guildmaster is here, fighting Hedschott.
Golson is here, fighting the guildmaster.
(Invis) (Light Red Aura) (White Aura) Hedschott is here, fighting the guildmaster.


>at hedschott l
Entrance to Mage's Guild
[Exits: north south]
The entrance hall is a small, poorly lit room.
This place is unusually quiet...
The guildmaster is here, fighting Hedschott.
Golson is here, fighting the guildmaster.
(Invis) (Light Red Aura) (White Aura) Hedschott is here, fighting the guildmaster.

Hedschott ftells, '(info) ### Viteazu has scored 8 points on a location quest (298 points total).’

Cordir winces.

Cordir utters the words, 'quiet'.
Silence envelopes you!

Hedschott ftells, '(info) ### Fugue is incapacitated at Camp Tolanrael.’

Cordir watches over the cleric as he travels, her gaze distant.

Cordir's hands lightly stroke your hair.

Cordir hears the cries of the injured fish-child, and murmurs a word of healing to silence its whimpers.

Cordir watches the stars turn in the skies above, her smile peaceful.

### Maiali has connected.
Isolas ftells, '(in a chilling whisper), Greetings, Initiate'.
Maiali ftells, 'hello phantom'.

Isolas opens his eyes wide.

Cordir glances down. 'Hello there.'
Cordir says, 'All is well.’

Maiali ftells, 'what ya doing hed?'.
Hedschott ftells, '(info) ### Fugue is mortally wounded at The Pit.’

Isolas closes his eyes again tightly.

Cordir returns to her gentle stroking.
Cordir murmurs, 'shhh.... easy.' Her thumbs stroke along the furrows in your brow caused by your tight expression.

Hedschott ftells, 'hey was afk'.
Hedschott ftells, 'goldin with gols'.
Maiali ftells, 'we have to wear 5 dex to be at 39?'.
Hedschott ftells, 'yah'.
Maiali ftells, 'nice'.

>at hedschott emote whispers, 'shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh'
Cordir whispers, 'shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh'

Maiali ftells, 'hmm i need a spellbook :P'.
Hedschott ftells, 'oh cordir wanted me to not pray or ftell awhile back'.
Hedschott ftells, 'dunno if thats still in effect tho heh'.

Cordir tells Maiali, '*whispers* the Phantom is asleep. Please let him rest, if you can.’

Maiali tells you (in elven), 'ohhh'.
Maiali tells you (in elven), 'no spells darn'.

Cordir tells Maiali, 'what do you need?'.
Cordir tells Maiali, 'and for PK or exp?'.

Maiali tells you (in elven), 'oh exps'.
Maiali tells you (in elven), 'imp invis'.

Cordir softly murmurs to Maiali, tending the initiate's need.
Cordir utters the words, 'improved invis'.

Isolas is fully asleep again.

Cordir tells Maiali, 'NO pk with my spells on you, fair enough?'.
Maiali tells you (in elven), 'nod fair enough'.
Cordir tells Maiali, 'kk. :)'.

Cordir smiles.
Cordir glances into the Pattern after the Cleric and Mage, watching over them with practiced ease, her hand gentle on your brow.

> at maiali l
In the Timerian Courtyard
[Exits: north south]
You stand in a beautiful courtyard, with a tall, arcing fountain in
The sky is rainy and a cold northern gust blows.
(Invis) (Light Red Aura) Maiali is here.

>at hedschott l
The Mithas Temple
[Exits: east up]
This is a simple outdoor temple where many of the Mithas people come to pray.
Above you is a strange grey vortex or you can exit east to Salias square.
The sky is rainy and a cold northern gust blows.
(Invis) (Light Red Aura) (White Aura) Hedschott is resting here.

Maiali ftells, 'nice i cap!'.
Hedschott ftells, 'hah'.
Hedschott ftells, 'gogo'.

>at maiali emote whispers, 'shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh'
Cordir whispers, 'shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh'

Maiali ftells, 'with leveling gear nice!'.

Cordir winces.
Cordir reinforces the orb of silence.

Maiali ftells, 'man i do miss playing a ranger'.
Hedschott ftells, 'heh'.
Maiali ftells, 'i just hate playing a blue'.
Hedschott ftells, 'i miss warrior'.
Hedschott ftells, 'hehe'.
Hedschott ftells, 'tho this guy is just as good'.
Hedschott ftells, 'and swings more i guess'.
Maiali ftells, 'yeah'.
Hedschott ftells, 'still, nice to see demos and annis'.
Maiali ftells, 'yeah i love seeing those'.
Maiali ftells, 'no ann but demo'.

Cordir begins softly humming another lullaby.

Hedschott ftells, '(info) ### [The ghost of a museum guard says, 'My prey is gone!!']'.

>at maiali l
By the Exhibits
[Exits: south]

Maiali ftells, 'lol'.

>at maiali ch maiali
Maiali has a few bruises.

Cordir tells Maiali, '.. thank you for giving him time to sleep.’

Cordir tells Hedschott, ‘.. thank you for giving him time to sleep.’

The Tower of Sorcery
[Exits: north]
(Invis 71) (Intense Light Red Aura) Isolas is here.
(Light Red Aura) Captain Global Warming, Snowman of Isolas, is here.

Cordir continues her soft humming.

Isolas lays perfectly still, turned onto his left side.

Cordir lightly strokes your hair above your pointed ears, avoiding the sensitive tips.

Cordir leans her head back and watches the stars slowly turn above.

Cordir tilts her head to one side, and makes a 'come here' gesture with the hand that isn't stroking your hair.

A tiny black spider appears.

She looks at it a long moment. It nods.

The spider creeps through the still-open window and down into the Tower.

Cordir nods, and closes her eyes briefly, her hand still slowly and lightly brushing your hair.

Isolas mumbles.

Cordir murmurs, 'sshhh..... all is well.' Her eyes do not open.

Cordir hums softly, her voice slightly hoarse from the many hours.

Cordir arches her back slightly, to stretch the muscles.

Cordir settles back into place.

Cordir resumes her humming and light touch.

Cordir bites her lip, gazing down at you.

Cordir hesitates, trying to make a decision.

Cordir lightly strokes your cheek, and murmurs your name. 'Isolas... there will be a moment of darkness in a short time. Sleep through it if you can.'

Cordir murmurs, 'But don't be alarmed. Wake if you will. Sleep if you wish. I am here. You are safe.'

Cordir resumes her soft lullaby, the light stroking of your shoulder and hair.

Cordir watches you sleep, a smile on her lips.

Isolas breathes deeply.

You feel the faintest whisper of a thought: *safe*

A mischievous look flashes across her face as she ponders sliding into your dreams... but she simply sits watch.

Cordir lightly brushes your mind, to determine your level of sleep, then withdraws.

Isolas grips the blanket, his expression tightening.

Cordir murmurs, 'sshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...... It's okay. All is well.'

Cordir runs light fingertips along your brow, soothing away the furrows.

Isolas moves a bit, mumbling again.

Cordir withdraws even that delicate touch, not wishing to intrude on your thoughts.

Isolas settles in again, relaxing.

Cordir smiles down at you.

Cordir swallows hard to moisten her dry throat, then hums softly, yet another ancient tune.

Cordir whispers, 'There will be an eclipse soon. All will be dark. You will be safe.'

*The moon slides fully over the sun*
* The moon begins to slide away along its path, a tiny sliver of sun emerging *

Cordir whispers, 'shhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... all is well.'

Cordir watches your sleep for any sign of disturbance.

Cordir forces herself to quiet, so as not to disturb your sleep.

Cordir closes her eyes, letting the world turn as it will.

Cordir watches you sleep, her hands still upon your shoulder.

>l isolas

Cordir rests her head against the headboard, watching.

Isolas just breathes, features still.

Cordir smiles tenderly.

> l isolas

Cordir rests her hands on the ebon silk of your over-robe, enjoying the lush texture.

Cordir watches you in silence.

Cordir lightly strokes your cheek, watching you sleep.

Cordir murmurs, 'All is well.'
Cordir lightly brushes a lock of your hair back.

Cordir stretches slightly, rolling her shoulders then resettles.

Cordir looks down and smiles.

Cordir lays a light hand along the side of your face - not listening but simply checking on your state of conciousness.

Isolas stirs at your touch, slightly nuzzling into it.

Cordir smiles softly, fingertips and palm cupping your cheek.

Isolas mmms gently and smiles a bit in his sleep.

Cordir resumes humming - her voice barely audible.

Isolas turns his head slightly upward and opens his eyes suddenly.

Cordir glances into the Pattern and seeing your people safe, nods to herself.
Cordir smiles. "hi there."

Isolas says, 'Hello.’

Isolas raises his head up to look around.

Cordir says, 'you slept a long time. '.
Cordir says, 'your people are safe and well.’

Isolas says, 'How long was I sleeping?'.

Cordir tilts her head to one side. She quotes you from long ago: "Awhile"

Isolas sits up suddenly, surveying the surroundings for any signs of ... anything.

Cordir remains still, letting her hands fall to her lap.

Isolas says, 'all is well?'.

Cordir nods.
Cordir says, 'You slept.’
Cordir says, 'I watched over your folk.’
Cordir says, 'They came to no harm while you rested.’
Cordir painfully straightens out her legs and stretches.

Isolas nods.
Isolas says, 'Thank you.’

Cordir smiles happily.
Cordir nods.
Cordir says, ‘Gladly.’

Cordir says, 'there was an eclipse. But you slept through it.’

Isolas nods.

Cordir asks curiously, "did you dream?"
Cordir blushes.

Isolas cautiously withholds. "I don't remember."

Cordir says, 'I wanted to .. peek.. but did not.’
Cordir says, '.. is everything okay?'.

Isolas nods.
Isolas says, 'Regaining my bearings.’

Cordir nods.
Cordir slides off the bed and smoothes her gown into place.
Cordir walks to your side and holds out the folded mass of your robe.

Isolas takes it into his hands.
Isolas says, 'Thank you.’

Cordir murmurs, "I’ll let you get yourself settled, then."
Cordir nods and smiles.

Isolas stands and hugs you close.

Cordir smiles up at you.

Cordir says, 'I should be going - until later, then?'.

Isolas nods.
Isolas says, 'Soon.’

Cordir rests her hand on your cheek a brief moment.

Cordir nods.
Cordir fades out of view.