The Tale of the Soulless

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[Notes: The year is 1998. Jerald is a DemiGod, and he and some of his followers are sitting in Nyles House of Ale in the old Ofcol, chatting. He begins relating the tale of how he was given the name, “Soulless” by Thaygar. Log by Heartsbane 09/15/1998. Includes a WHO list at the bottom of the log.]

Hum [    Cl:12 Wa:10    ] Sorliea maiden of the ARTS      *Jerald*
Min [    Th:10 Ma:11    ] Heartsbane, poems by request. Epics arranged.  *Jerald*
Hum [      Demigod      ] Jerald: Lord of Poets, Bard of Bards.

Nyles' House of Ale
[Exits: east]
This is a very busy bar, with everyone holding homemade bottles of
ale. You see even the more gentile persons here, laughing along with>
Nyles, who offers you a quart of ale too.
A shot of whiskey is on the table.
Corri is here.
Aphelion is resting here.
Bliss is resting here.
Jerald is here.
Nyles the Bartender is here, ready to serve you up a good brew.
A bard is here, singing of the glories of Ofcol.
Corri smiles brightly.

Jerald says, 'this would hae been maehap 250 years ago, maehap more..'.

Bliss tells you (in common), 'hey, i like your title by the way'.

Jerald says, 'th' calendar changed in tha' time.'.

Jerald says, 'nae, at this time mae purposes were twofold.'.

You tell Bliss (in common), '*grin*'.

Jerald says, 'th' first was t' help th' new, as th' Most High Laird Tynian hae decreed.'.

Jerald says, 'an' th' second grew o' th' first, for in doing so I gained an enemy o' th' followers o' th' false god nash.'.

Jerald says, 'an' they slew me for th' items I carried t' help th' new, an' I slew them in turn.'.

Bliss nods in recognition to Jerald.

Bliss hugs Corri.

Jerald says, 'nae, one day a young man hae died t' th' Orcs o' th' Vile Rune.'.

Someone hugs Corri.

Corri squeezes Bliss fondly.

Corri ruffles someone's hair playfully.

Jerald says, 'an' asked for aid, which none were willing t' give save I.'.

Jerald says, 'I did this nae so much for him but because I owed th' Orcs a blood debt.'.

Jerald says, 'ye see, they killed mae company, when I served as a mercenary.'.

You wince. Ouch!

Jerald says, 'so I ventured forth, slaying th' vile beasties right an' left'.

Jerald says, 'rivers o' blood flowed down th' path t' th' vile Rune, such was mae vengence.'.

Jerald says, 'an' such was mae undoing, for I hae t' slay th' mighty Orog t' gain th' wee lads body..'.

Jerald says, 'an' such proved impossible, as I slipped on some blood..'.

Someone winces. Ouch!

Jerald says, 'an' was forced t' defend maeself, mae gestures useless..'.

Bliss says (in common), 'ack'.

Jerald says, 'an' so I found maeself dead jus' as th' world itself descended int' chaos.'.

Jerald says, 'upon awakening in midgaard, for midgaard is th' seat o' power for man, although mae home a' tha' time was here, in ofcol, nae far from th' dragon o' th' g'.

Jerald says, 'golden citidel, I found maeself naked.'.

Jerald says, 'such hae been mae lot many a time, an' such hae strengthened me, for I learned self-reliance.'.

Jerald says, 'but this time, th' Laird o' Magics, IvoryTiger, descended t' th' world.'.

Jerald says, 'for a' this time he walked th' world still.'.

Jerald says, 'he gave me a mighty Hammer.'.

Jerald says, 'forged o' th' stuff o' mae own soul.'.

Jerald says, 'an' thanked me for a deed I hae done.'.

Jerald says, 'I knew nae wha' I hae done, so I aked for clarification..'.

Jerald says, 'but such was nae for men t' ken, an' so he left me w'out mae answers but w' th' hammer.'.

The boy arrives from the east.

Jerald says, 'an' it served me well, as I gained in material possessions.'.

Jerald says, 'until lo, I was as those who walk th' earth t'day an' are spoken o' in legend.'.

Jerald says, 'but such was th' way o' men in those days, t' dress in weapons an' armor o' greatness.'.

Jerald says, 'but none hae a weapon named.'.

Jerald says, 'one day, I was fighting a being o' etheral night.'.

Jerald says, 'an' again due t' a patch o' wet grass I fell.'.

Jerald says, 'but this time, upon travelling t' recover mae body, I found an' invisible warrior, Mars, stealing from mae corpse.'.

Jerald says, 'Mars is a name tha' is seldom mentioned in these worlds, for he gained ill favor an' his doom was t' be destroyed utterly by the Most High.'.

Bliss gasps in astonishment.

Someone raises an eyebrow.

Jerald says, 'but a' this point he served Thaygar, who hae been mae friend ere he followed his doom into evil an' darkness.'.

Jerald says, 'I gained most o' wha' I held, but o' mae Hammer t'was naught.'.

Jerald says, 'I later found tha' Mars hae given it as a gift t' his laird.'.

Jerald says, 'an' it was a' this point tha' mae heart darkened an' mae path grew dim.'.

Jerald says, 'for I came upon me a mighty plan..'.

Jerald says, 'I would claim a change o' heart, an' insanity...'.

Jerald says, 'serve th' dark laird...'.

Jerald says, 'an' gain his trust, an' mae Hammer.'.

Bliss frowns.

Jerald says, 'this I would d' an' then betray him t' good.'.

Jerald says, 'so this I did.'.

Jerald says, 'save tha' Thaygar demanded blood sacrifice t' gain th' item...'.

Jerald says, 'an' Rishana, who I loved, cursed me for mae choices..'.

Jerald says, 'so I sat upon th' citidel, an' thought.'.

Jerald says, 'mae outward seeming was o' an' Ebon Prince, dark an' mad..'.

Jerald says, 'but inside still mae heart was true..'.

Jerald says, 'so finally, I held palaver w' Thaygar an' told o' mae scheme.'.

Jerald says, 'an' so mighty was his wrath, tha' he stripped from me mae armor, an' kept as a trophy mae Hammer...'.

Jerald says, 'an' so I was left alone on a dark shore, all for greed.'.

Jerald sighs loudly.

Bliss sighs loudly.

Aphelion sniffs sadly.

Jerald says, 'this is hae I gained th' name Soulless, for by Thaygar's ken I hae nae soul.'.

Jerald says, 'but I claim tha' I gave unto him only mae greed, for mae soul n'er belonged t' him, but raither t' maeself, an' only mae outward seeming proved t' serve h'.

Jerald says, 'serve him, for if I served true, others would hae died by mae hand, an' mae greed would hae darkened me in fact, as well as name.'.

Jerald says, 'such is mae tale, o' a time few know o'.'.

Bliss shows her approval by clapping her hands together.

Jerald drinks mead from an endless flagon of mead.

Someone bows before Jerald.

Jerald nods in recognition to someone.

Bliss says (in common), 'that was a good story of fact '.

Bliss smiles happily.

You smile happily.

Someone says (in common), 'I had heard about Thaygars downfall, yet not of these atrocities.'.

Jerald raises an eyebrow.

Jerald says, 'I was nae aware Thaygar hae a 'downfall'.'.

Jerald says, 'prithee, share this tale.'.

Someone says (in common), 'I was under the impression Thaygar was a Paladin of Good and was seduced by ... hmm ...'.

Jerald laughs.

Jerald says, 'ye think o' Maurice.'.

Someone says (in common), 'the leader of the Ebon Hand?'.

Jerald says, 'I see there is much o' th' past I must teach.'.

Someone says (in common), 'please'.

Jerald says, 'I am nae th' best t' tell these tales, for Tel was his boon companion an' would know more.'.

Someone says (in common), 'and I will ask lady Gwen to tell me the stories again, so that this time I may retain them.'.

Jerald says, 'but I will tell wha' I know.'.

Bliss stands up.

Bliss says (in common), 'brb'.

Bliss leaves east.

Bliss arrives from the east.

Bliss says (in common), 'oops, don't know way'.

Bliss sighs loudly.

Jerald says, 'When we were young an' th' world was new...'.

Jerald ftells, 'wha' is wrong?'.

Bliss says (in common), 'i need food'.

Bliss drinks water from a buffalo water skin.

Jerald ftells, 'there's food nearby..just explore a bit :)'.

Jerald says, 'Tel an' I served th' Demigod, Splat.'.

Jerald says, 'Tel was his Paladin, an' I was his High Priest.'.

Aphelion nods.

You give some fried human to Bliss.

You tell Bliss (in common), '*chuckle*'.

Bliss thanks you heartily.

Bliss says (in common), 'yummy'.

Jerald says, 'Tel's companion in all adventures in those days was th' Giant warrior, Thaygar.'.

Bliss eats some fried human.

Jerald says, 'Thaygar served nae master, an' save for Tel an' maeself he spoke little.'.

Jerald says, 'his mind was set on one goal, an' one goal only..'.

Jerald says, 'for ye see, his heart hae been taken an' he was smitten w' th' Silver Lady.'.

Jerald says, 'unfortunately, shortly before mae birth th' Lady was corrupted by gods o' darkness an' became Siren, th' Mistress o' th' Dark Mist.'.

Jerald says, 'this would prove th' seed o' woe tha' would sprout many o' th' present worlds troubles.'.

Jerald says, 'Tel an' Thaygar journied together, Tel w' a mind merely t' th' next adventure an' th' service o' his laird.'.

Jerald says, 'Often Tel would aid mae quest t' help th' new w' items.'.

Jerald says, 'but in time, they both began t' reach th' pinnacles o' power, an' Thaygar declared he wished t' wed Siren.'.

Someone pulls his knees up to his chin and listens intently.

Jerald says, 'a Mortal declaring such was unheard o', for in those days only one wedding...tha' o' Crowbar an' Estrelle, hae occured.'.

Heartsbane grins at the romance of it all.

Jerald says, 'an' Maurice was wrath t' hear this, for in his heart he harbored a secret desire for th' still beautiful lady.'.

Jerald says, 'aye, this was in th' days ere th' fall o' Thalos.'.

Jerald says, 'so a mighty quest, in three parts, was given.'.

Jerald says, 'an' Thaygar completed each part o' this quest, an' in doing so he drove himself slowly into madness.'.

Jerald says, 'but th' quest itself is another tale, one long an' nae t' be told w' this.'.

Jerald says, 'a' th' end he was truly a god.'.

Sorliea ftells (in common), 'hello?'.

Jerald says, 'but he was also quite evil an' quite mad.'.

Bliss ftells (in common), 'hey!'.

Jerald ftells, 'hello, lass.'.

Bliss nods in recognition to Jerald.

Jerald says, 'his faith was th' Ebon Hand, after th' hand blackened by th' demon a' th' end o' his quest.'.

You ftell (in common), 'Hiya Sorliea :)'.

Jerald says, 'an so began a reign o' darkness tha' echoes still t'day.'.

Sorliea ftells (in common), 'well hello everybody *hug*'.

Jerald drinks mead from an endless flagon of mead.

Jerald says, 'did tha' clear things up for ye?'.

Someone remembered bits of the story then...

Someone says (in common), 'it did'.

Bliss nods.

Aphelion waves happily.

Bliss smiles happily.

You say (in common), Twas quite enlightening :)'.

Aphelion says (in common), 'I must shove off.'.

Bliss nods.

Someone says (in common), 'of course, it being after 7pm RL, it probably will stay in my memory until I close my eyes.'.

Bliss giggles.

Aphelion stands up.

Aphelion leaves east.

Jerald nods.

Someone says (in common), 'wait, I can copy and paste the story.'.

Jerald says, 'an' w' tha', I retire t' mae Hall :)'.

Bliss waves happily.

Bliss hugs Jerald.

29 players.

Hum [ Wa:12 Cl:16 ] Ankh: Now with a fresh scent of pine... Naturally Elf [ Cl:28 Th:28 Ra:30 ] Myronides: Avatar of Natural Forces Hum [ Wa: 5 ] Adam Hel [ Wa:23 Ma:22 Th:22 ] BeelzeBub, Sorcerer of the Black Conclave. Elf [ Ra: 2 Ma: 9 ] Grifter, disbeliever. Aar [ Wa:25 Sh:24 ] Nicademus the Shamior *Nature's Finest* Hum [ Th: 4 Ra:12 Ma:10 ] Admire thief of TRN i guess Elf [ Ma:20 Wa:20 ] Elfrumdom, *TRN* Hum [ Cl:12 Wa:10 ] Sorliea maiden of the ARTS *Jerald* Hum [ Cl:28 Wa:23 ] Rocky, Bishop of the Black Conclave Hum [ Draoi Sucellus ] Gaul: Druid of Sucellus, Guardian of Nature. Elf [ Ma: 8 Ra:12 ] Dantrag Baenre weapon master of the 1st house Hum [ Cl:26 Wa:24 ] Clue: Tiger Medic (Tiger Guard) {Rigel} {IPS/KGB} Hum [ Wa:22 Th:22 Ma:22 ] Lynain, Avatar of Trinity -Questing- Hum [ Cl:15 Wa:15 ] Claw, Curate of the Black Conclave Hum [ Ma:19 ] Grimble aren,sith+oscuro beat my whoz..Tiger Msgt Ogr [ Wa:21 Sh:25 ] StoutHBound, Lord of the Storm. -\/\NATURE/\/- Hum [ Wa:15 Ma:13 ] Ishammel, Guard of the Black Conclave. Min [ Th:10 Ma:11 ] Heartsbane, poems by request. Epics arranged. *Jerald* Hum [ Ma: 9 Th:10 Wa:10 ] Humble: listens to whispers of treachery. *TRN* Elf [ Th:11 Wa:11 Ma:11 ] Jolynn yells, 'Balance a what? where? NO WAY!!' Hum [ Demigod ] Jerald: Lord of Poets, Bard of Bards. Hum [ Cl: 3 Wa:13 ] Aurora Nyara, Queen of the Ryche Hel [ Ra:10 Ma:14 ] Quin hehehehehehe Hel [ Ra: 9 ] Bracus the outdoorsman Elf [ Ma:28 Wa:29 Th:28 ] Dalaran: Solanthas for Attendant. {Elven Paladin} Hum [ Wa:22 Cl:24 ] Abender Stormreaver:Knight of Honor{Katrana}*Tel*IPS* Hel [ Ra:19 Th:18 Ma:19 ] Elladan, Gnarley Ranger. *Nature* IPS Hum [ Wa:13 Cl:15 ] Taws stalks the night, chasing a Mysterious Moon