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Official Information

No longer available as a class within TFC, Paladins were the pre-cursor to Ordained. Paladins could only be of Good alignment, and had to be Human.

Player-Supplied Information

Paladins received a large amount of hit points per level, and had an innate ability that was equivalent to protection from evil. They dealt increased damage to evil creatures and players.

Rumor and Speculation

Famous Paladins

Hum [      Paladin      ] Kalten the Crusading Knight           PSYKILL       August 23, 1995
Hum [ Paladin ] Erond: Dazed and CONFUSED December 31, 1995
Hum [ Paladin ] Athena: need help? give me a tell. COURT April 5, 1996
Hum [ Paladin ] Gryphon will help. Ask me (Mirth) April 15, 1996
Hum [ Paladin ] Gaul is happy. My purpose is to help. Ask. June 30, 1996
Hum [ Paladin ] Awhanil is looking for sleeves -=*LIGHT*=- August 19, 1996 Hum [ Paladin ] Keller Amberlin D'Augustine. July 29, 1997
Hum [ Paladin ] Boyardee is battling his arch-enemy:Hunger! February 23, 1997
Hum [ Paladin ] Dove: Tiger Paladin. March 16, 1997
Hum [ Paladin ] Ankara: PBS April 17, 1997
Hum [ Paladin ] Gators is the long lost Paladin of Virtue May 8, 1997
Hum [ Paladin ] Mercury, Ivory Knight of Purity *Quicksilver* March 18, 1998

Arac, Paladin of Sinclair
Anwar, Paldin of Tel
Dirkstrom, Paladin of Jaxxon
Jaxxon, Paladin of Sinclair
Tel, Paladin of Splat
Wren, Paladin of Gryphon