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Notes: Log by Cordir - approximate date May 2003. I have no idea if it was a full moon that night, or folks were just punch-drunk or sleep deprived, but... things got mighty weird in the guild that night. I was invisible but most folks there knew who I was. Between Silence, Isolas, Wylin and Zeks, with occaisional lines tossed in by others, the subject matter bounced like a ping-pong ball all over the place. It started off with a bizarre take on Jeopardy and ended up with a discussion of fetishes... a number of lines from this evening made it to the Quotables list for that year, including something about the Arch-Lich in HC Hammer genie pants, and Abe being "angelic" - Cordir 07:41, 7 June 2012 (MST)

Raszagal questions (in common), 'invisible items?'.

Isolas answers (in elven), 'false'.

Wylin answers (in common), '"C"'.

Zeks answers (in common), 'C++'.

Wylin answers (in common), 'maybe it's like jeopardy'.

Zeks questions (in common), 'What was the question again?'.

Isolas answers (in elven), 'What is... false.'.

Zeks answers (in common), 'True'.

Wylin answers (in common), '"what is an item you can wear, but you cannot see"'.

Raszagal questions (in common), 'err there are 3 invis silver tunics in pit'.

Zeks answers (in common), 'true!'.

Zeks answers (in common), 'err.. what is true?'.

Raszagal questions (in common), ':)'.

Wylin gossips (in common), 'sorry dr zeks your original answer was not phrased as a question.. -$500'.

Zeks gossips (in common), 'Oh!! nooo!!!'.

Raszagal questions (in common), 'lol'.

Zeks gossips (in common), '*sob*'.

Isolas gossips (in elven), 'I'll take Items In The Pit for 600, Wylin.'.
Isolas answers (in elven), 'What is a cold beer.'.

Wylin questions (in common), 'this red cape is more commonly named after the specific shade of red'.

Isolas answers (in elven), 'What is a scarlet cape'.

Wylin answers (in common), '+$600'.

Isolas gossips (in elven), 'I'll take 'Current U.S. Presidents' for 700, Wylin.'.

Wylin gossips (in common), 'this president is named after something the nerds in the revenge of the nerds always wanted to see'.

Isolas answers (in elven), 'Who is George W. Bush.'.
Isolas answers (in elven), 'Ewww... or who is Dick Cheney.'.

Phlegm gossips (in ogre), 'dual pentium 4's with 2 1024 ram sticks?'.

Wylin gossips (in common), '"C"'.

Phlegm gossips (in ogre), '*coughs* I mean..big ogre wimen.'.

Dart gossips (in common), 'This seem like a true statement??? :)'.
Dart gossips (in common), 'Abe tells you (in common), 'I'm not scary. I'm joyful and angelic.'.'.

Zeks gossips (in common), 'What is... no.'.

Majere gossips, 'hes a puppy dog!'.

Silence gossips (in common), '*in sign* its true'.

Abe gossips (in common), 'woof. whimper.'.

Majere gossips, 'hehe'.

Abe gossips (in common), '*pee on floor*'.

Wylin gossips (in common), 'dogs like beer.. *beer* Abe!'.

Zeks gossips (in common), 'get the newspaper!'.

Isolas gossips (in elven), '*beer Abe!*'.

Alexis gossips (in common), 'get one of those invisilbe fences for the guild'.

Wylin gossips (in common), 'we finally found a use for the newspapers!'.

Triston gossips, 'whack gnomes with them?'.

You tell Triston, 'We don't wanna know about your sexual habits, Tris.'

Zeks gossips (in common), 'gotta use 'em to line the guild's floor. abe makes a pretty big mess'.

Wylin gossips (in common), 'I put one in gh to keep the mess by the door'.

Alexis gossips (in common), 'rub his nose in it...i hear it helps'.

Zeks gossips (in common), 'that's an old urban legend'.
Zeks gossips (in common), 'dogs actually like that'.

Isolas gossips (in elven), 'How do you know?'.

Wylin gossips (in common), 'lol'.

Zeks gossips (in common), 'i don't even have to do that to my dog now, he does it himself'.

Wylin gossips (in common), 'thy sometimes eat it.. why not give it a snifferoo'.

Silence gossips (in common), '*in sign* not ELLOYS!'.

Abe gossips (in common), 'As a point of fact, I have been reminded that I'm a musk ox, and not a puppy.'.

Wylin gossips (in common), 'musk ox's shed bad'.

Abe gossips (in common), 'and stink to high heaven'.

Zeks gossips (in common), 'better leave the newspapers on the floor'.

Wylin gossips (in common), 'someone needs to get abe a flowbie'.

Abe gossips (in common), 'If it weren't for this extremely poor temperment, i'd suggest a bath'.

The Kitchen
[Exits: west]
A small white fountain gushes forth here.
Kodak is here.
(Dark Red Aura) Silence is here.
(Dark Cyan Aura) Wylin is here.
(Light Green Aura) Isolas is resting here.
(Light Red Aura) Zeks is here.

Wylin says (in common), 'infact you haven't been :P'.

Silence signs - i use the spell hands.
Silence signs - makes anyone able to understand me like tongues.

Silence signs - i thought Wisdom judged people not followings.

Zeks says (in common), 'there he goes again with the hand gestures'.

Wylin tries to remember how many bags you stole from me.

Isolas laughs.

Silence signs - i dont think its steal from you, your way to big.
Silence grins evilly.
Silence signs - did i?

Wylin thinks about taking off his shoes to count more but decides not to.

Silence signs - i suauly dont have the balls to hit peopel your size.

Wylin says (in common), 'you've stolen lots from me'.

Silence snickers softly.
Zeks snickers softly.

Wolfwood arrives from the west.

Zeks enthusiastically cheers Wolfwood to victory.

Wylin says (in common), 'mostly when I was smaller'.

Wolfwood beams a smile at Zeks.

Zeks is bored!

Wolfwood is too!

Zeks gossips (in common), 'DAELIN!'.

Wylin says (in common), 'good old steal, get hit, flee, return, steal, get hit, flee'.

Silence snickers softly.
Silence signs - good tactic.

Silence signs - all i know is that you aren't in my steal form file.

Zeks makes some hand gestures of his own, the mean to which is very obvious.
Zeks grins evilly.

Wylin is pretty lazy now days anyhow.

Silence signs - and neither was kedar? i forgot his name.

Isolas signs the whole song U Can't Touch This by Hammer.

Wylin says (in common), 'dekar'.

Zeks says (in common), 'hey, you remember that 2 legit song?'.

Wylin says (in common), 'did you say if it was in tc or not?'.

Isolas says (in elven), 'Not really, just the Can't Touch This song'.

Silence nods.

Silence signs - tc.

Wylin holds up 2 fingers.

Silence signs - but they were waiting.

Silence signs - not fighting each other.

Wylin then shapes an "L"

Silence signs - and hit me in tandem.

Wylin holds up 2 fingers.

Isolas says (in elven), 'I want a pair of the genie pants'.

Zeks wiggles his bottom.


Zeks grins evilly.

Silence signs - he says it was by acciden.

Silence gossips (in common), '*in sign* i knwo what you cant touch'.

Zeks says (in common), 'hey, that was me!'.

Zeks gossips (in common), 'RATH!'.

Wylin says (in common), 'your an easy target now'.

Rath gossips (in common), 'what's up Peks'.

Zeks says (in common), 'who?'.

Isolas says (in elven), 'It's Hammer Time, baby.'.

Zeks gossips (in common), '*flex*'.

Wylin says (in common), 'whoever :P'.

Wolfwood rests.

Wylin gossips (in common), 'oh-o oh-o here comes the hammer'.

Zeks is confused now.

Silence signs - i can survive mordith.
Silence signs - i survive mordith often.

You say, 'He's still talking about PK.'.

Isolas says (in elven), 'That's what I want my restring to be.'.

You say, 'while we've all moved on to the man with the silly pants'.

Zeks says (in common), 'i dunno what he's saying'.

Isolas says (in elven), '<worn on legs> a pair of MC Hammer Genie Pants'.

Zeks says (in common), 'i can't read sign language'.

Silence throws his head back in . . . . well if he could make a noise it would be laughter . . . you guess.
Silence signs - zeks hush.

DarkClaw giggles at Zeks's actions.

Silence signs - your a cleric.
Silence signs - you know what tongues is.
Silence signs - hands is just like tongues.

Wylin says (in common), 'I'll spar you if you want silence'.

DarkClaw ponders what Silence is talking about.

Zeks says (in common), 'what's he saying?'.

Silence signs - does the exact same thing.

DarkClaw doesn't follow that logic.

Cordir knows there is a difference between her hands and her tongue.

DarkClaw cackles gleefully at you. Better keep your distance from her.

Cordir does very different things with them.

Zeks laughs.

Silence sniffs sadly at the way Zeks is treating him.

DarkClaw nodnods.

Daelin gossips (in common), 'I thought money made the world go 'round'.

Silence makes a complicated-looking gesture.
Silence writes the word 'Hands' in glowing letters in the air.

Zeks says (in common), 'TMI!'.

Wylin giggles.

Zeks says (in common), 'VERY TMI!'.

You giggle.

DarkClaw snickers softly.

You giggle.
You giggle.

Wylin passes a beer to someone.

You nod in recognition to him.

Isolas says (in elven), 'STOP!'.
Isolas says (in elven), 'Hammer time.'.

Silence dances.

Zeks gets down!

Wylin says (in common), 'oh-o oh-o'.

Wylin says (in common), 'I liked the adams family one'.

Zeks says (in common), '2 legit... 2 legit to quit! hey! hey1'.

Isolas says (in elven), 'Yeah, that was a great one.'.

Zeks nods.

Isolas says (in elven), 'PS, I hope you were all this looney before.'.

Wolfwood does the electric slide.

You nod.

Isolas says (in elven), 'And I didn't cause this sudden drop in IQ.'.
Isolas tries to break dance, but nearly breaks his neck!

Zeks grins evilly.

DarkClaw sings, "They're creepy and they're spooky. They're ordinarily cooky."

Cordir wants ice cream.
You ponder the question.

Zeks says (in common), 'i've always been this way :('.

DarkClaw says (in common), 'Or something.'.

DarkClaw does, to.

Silence signs - det invis me.

DarkClaw sighs loudly.
DarkClaw says (in common), 'too'.

Silence has ice cream.
Silence smiles insanely and gets a crazy look in his eyes. Better keep your distance from him.

DarkClaw sticks her tongue out at Silence.

Zeks makes a funny face and gives it to you. Isn't that sweet!

Wylin says (in common), 'in the old things I miss colum I'm adding "the kool-aide man bustin through walls to bring thirsty kids refreshment"'.

Silence makes stupid looking faces . . . you hope you dont look like that when you sing.

DarkClaw says (in common), 'Zeks, when're you gonna learn create ice cream?'.

Isolas says (in elven), 'I am now on a quest to download all 3 mentioned hammer songs.'.
Isolas nods in recognition to Wylin.

You scold Zeks.

Isolas nods in recognition to Wylin.

Zeks says (in common), 'hmm'.

You say, 'Yeah! Its his fault!'.

Zeks gives you the puppy-dog eyes... sealed in a Zip-loc bag. Eew!

DarkClaw looks at Isolas and shudders.

Wolfwood says (in common), 'I want to break through walls going OOOH YAH!'.

You say, 'We Need Ice Cream!'.

DarkClaw nodnods.

You ponder the question.

Zeks says (in common), 'i died and lost my icecream!'.
Zeks says (in common), 'i had a big bucket of it too'.

Wylin says (in common), 'oh yeah!'.

DarkClaw says (in common), 'That was NOT your ice cream, Zeks.'.
DarkClaw giggles.

Wylin says (in common), '"hey koolaide man!"'.

Zeks says (in common), 'it was while i had it'.

Cordir starts singing, "We're gonna Zoom-A-Zoom-A-Zoom-A-Zoom! Come on give it a try! We're gonna show you to fly HIGH.. ZOOM!"

Silence snickers softly.

Wylin gossips (in common), 'zomm-a-zoom zoom and a boom-boom?'.

Zeks says (in common), 'just shake your rump'.

Wylin gossips (in common), 'err zoom-a-zoom'.

DarkClaw thinks that looks like an old Batman series.

Cordir wiggles her money maker.

Isolas wiggles his bottom.
Isolas wiggles his bottom.

Zeks wiggles his bottom.
Zeks wiggles his bottom.

Isolas tries to break dance, but nearly breaks his neck!

Zeks struts proudly.

DarkClaw says (in common), 'BIFF! BAM! POW!!'.

Silence gossips (in common), '*in sign* damn this fat rat'.

Wylin says (in common), 'I heard some old two-live crew in the bar last night'.

Wolfwood says (in common), 'We need those effects when you level'.

Silence gossips (in common), '*in sign* does anytone know where to find -a fat rat-'.

DarkClaw grins mischievously at Wolfwood.

Wolfwood says (in common), 'Oh good old Two live crew..'.

You say, 'Wrecks N Effects?'.

Wylin says (in common), 'oh, me so horney and shake your a.. b.... and let me see what you got'.

DarkClaw rolls her eyes.

Silence signs - me love you long time.

DarkClaw says (in common), 'That's my cue...'.
DarkClaw leaves west.

The Ghost of Orpik says, 'I will haunt you for mentioning me!'

Zeks laughs.

Wolfwood says (in common), 'Hood-rat Hood-Rat Hoochie-mama'.

Silence giggles.

Wylin says (in common), 'I was in the bar with my parents too.. it was funny'.

Isolas says (in elven), 'Think we could get the Lich into a pair of the genie pants?'.

Silence gossips (in common), '*in sign* fat rat where are you, why do you mock me so!'.

You say, 'QUOTABLE!!!'.
You say, 'QUOTABLE!!!'.

Zeks laughs at Isolas mercilessly.

Cordir roffles.
Cordir alughs so hard she typos.

Wylin says (in common), 'you're in trouble now'.

Isolas grins mischievously.

Silence signs - uh oh.
Silence signs - the typos.
Silence signs - the ice age was a typo you know.

Wylin says (in common), 'we have some cliff thingys that were carved by the glaciers here in wisconsin'.

Silence signs - i snow boarded on a glacier.

Wylin says (in common), 'well, bluffs I guess'.

Silence smiles insanely and gets a crazy look in his eyes. Better keep your distance from him.

You ponder the question.

You say, 'Why is it that Silence reminds me of the field mice?'.
You say, 'And makes me feel like Little Bunny Foo Foo'.

Silence signs - i get killed a lot?

Phlegm bonks silence.

Wolfwood says (in common), 'then who's the fairy?'.

Wylin says (in common), 'we could have our next gt in wisconsin dells, that place has plenty to do'.

Silence signs - i thought it was bops.

You ponder the question.

Wolfwood says (in common), 'Its bops'.

Phlegm snickers softly.

Silence nods.

Zeks utters the words, 'sanctuary'.
Phlegm is surrounded by a white aura.

Cordir blips Silence on the head.

Phlegm says (in common), 'bonk..bap..whatever'.

You say, 'blip!'.

Phlegm bows deeply.

Silence bops himself on the head.

You say, 'not blop'.
You say, 'or bop'.

Wylin watches someone hopping through the forest.

You say, 'or bloop'.
You ponder the question.
You say, 'or boop.'.

Zeks says (in common), 'bleep'.

Wolfwood says (in common), 'blip?'.

You say, 'which would be a whole different thing.'.

Zeks says (in common), '*beep*'.

Wolfwood says (in common), 'It's bop'.

Zeks *beeps*

You say, 'BLIP'.

Silence signs - blap.

Zeks can't blip!

Wolfwood says (in common), 'I won't live in a world where a god will alow it to be Blip'.

Zeks bleeps!

You say, 'the rhyme is british - they use Blip!'.

Wylin wonders if the someones aren't multiplying.

You ponder the question.
You shake your head.

Wolfwood says (in common), 'and being british makes it right? that alone it should make it Bop'.

You say, 'No, silly'.
You say, 'I can type fast, but not THAT fast'.

Silence signs - never trust an englishman.

Wylin says (in common), 'little bunny fo-fo hopping through the forest, picking up the field mice and bopping them on the head!'.

Zeks says (in common), 'or canadian!'.

Isolas says (in elven), 'What's the wandering bard guy? Nevyn?'.

You nod in recognition to Isolas.
Wylin nods in recognition to Isolas.

Wolfwood says (in common), 'why is he going through the FOREST picking up FIELD mice??'.

Isolas says (in elven), 'He needs to do Can't Touch This'.

Wolfwood says (in common), 'How does that work out?!'.

Silence signs - becuase angels are cool like that.

You say, 'They've run in fear from Silence's strange antics.'.

Wylin says (in common), 'oh oh here comes the hammer would be funny'.

You say, 'confused, the mice ran straight into the forest'.

MissFit nods.

You say, 'where they were waylaid by the Bunny Foo-Foo'.
You nod at yourself. Are you getting senile?

Wolfwood says (in common), 'Nah, I think whoever wrote that didn't seem to proofread his writings'.

Silence signs - i dont need mice, i need to find a fat rat.

Wylin says (in common), 'I think they all are in hunt now'.

You giggle.

Zeks grins evilly at Wylin.

You hug Wylin.

Zeks says (in common), 'i can feel the love!'.

You nod.

Isolas says (in elven), 'I think Wolfwood and Wylin need to form a band called the Bloos Brothers.'.

Zeks enthusiastically cheers Wylin to victory.

Wolfwood sighs loudly.

Zeks snickers softly.

Wolfwood says (in common), 'THat was really really REALLY bad Isolas'.
Wolfwood says (in common), 'And that's why I love you'.
Wolfwood bounces onto Isolas's lap.

Isolas hugs Wolfwood.

Zeks laughs.

MissFit says (in common), 'And where does that leave me?'.

Isolas says (in elven), 'Because I'm the man.'.

You say, 'better than the Blooz Brothas'.

Wylin says (in common), 'missfit is blue also.. that's 3 haha 3 blues *lighting*'.

MissFit is blue.

MissFit sniffs sadly at the way Isolas is treating her.

Zeks needs a cookie.

Wolfwood says (in common), '1 bloo, 2 bloo, 3 bloo!!! Ah-Ah-AH (lightning)'.

You ponder the question.
You snicker softly.
You say, 'points to the count'.

Wylin says (in common), 'most ppl used to watch sesamee st'.
Wylin nods.

Zeks will now play the part of the cookie monster!

You ponder the question.

Wolfwood says (in common), 'That show is about pimps, druggies, and large birds'.

You get steak made from Solaron from (Tattooed) (Writhing) The Covenant of the Chosen.

Zeks says (in common), 'me want cookie!'.

You eat steak made from Solaron.

Zeks bows deeply.
Zeks says (in common), 'thank you! thank you!'.

Silence arrives from the west.
Silence is bored.

Abe auctions (in common), 'location of 'a fat rat.

Wolfwood is now being played by Snuffy.

Silence auctions (in common), '*in sign* for free because im such a nice guy'.

Isolas says (in elven), 'Silence, just download a hip hop song from 1988-1991 and listen to it for an hour.'.

Wylin says (in common), 'I liked that big bird was always halucinating that snuffelupagus dude'.

Isolas says (in elven), 'All boredom is cured.'.

Zeks auctions (in common), '3 gold coins taken from silence's corpse'.

Wolfwood says in a bad cracked out voice "Hi Bird...I need some crack big bird."

Abe auctions (in common), 'min bid, 50k'.

Zeks auctions (in common), 'that's my bid!'.
Zeks auctions (in common), 'd'oh!'.

Phlegm auctions (in ogre), '..3 coins.'.

Isolas says (in elven), 'Just for a minute, lets all do the bump'.

Isolas bump.
Isolas bump.
Isolas bump.

Zeks bump.

Cordir arches an eyebrow inquisitively.

MissFit bump.

Zeks moshes into Isolas.

Wylin wiggles his bottom.

Silence auctions (in common), '*in sign* hehe not paying 50k for this level of mobm :)'.


Wolfwood says (in common), 'Do the Hustle!'.

Isolas says (in elven), 'Another Hammer lyric, sorry. I promise I'll quit now.'.
Isolas says (in elven), 'Okay, I can't promise anything, but I'll try.'.

Wylin didn't know that one.

Zeks says (in common), 'me either'.

You shrug.

Abe auctions (in common), 'Have a look in emdeeville.'.

Zeks says (in common), 'vanilla ice!'.

Silence nods.

Isolas says (in elven), 'Ninja rap!'.
Isolas says (in elven), 'I have that one too!'.

MissFit rests.


Zeks says (in common), 'go ninja, go ninja, go ninja, go!'.

Silence signs - ninja ninja rock.

Isolas says (in elven), 'Go ninja go ninja go! Go ninja go ninja go!'.

MissFit leaves west.
Eclipse leaves west.

Zeks says (in common), 'T-U-R-T-L-E Power!'.

Wylin says (in common), 'as long as you don't try to do the locomotion, the macarena or to walk like an egyptian'.

Zeks says (in common), 'ooh.. walk like an egyptian!'.
Zeks won't try that.

Isolas says (in elven), 'I have no shame'.
Isolas tries to walk like an egyptian.

Zeks enthusiastically cheers Isolas to victory.

Isolas says (in elven), 'Think I could get Tynian to use part of the Contingency fund to buy me that new Jim Belushi/Dan Ackroyd album?'.
Isolas says (in elven), 'It sounds terrible, but I'd still have it for the sake of having it.'.

Wylin says (in common), 'there is a new album?'.

Isolas nods.

Isolas says (in elven), 'Advertised late at night on public access channels.'.

Wylin throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!
Isolas says (in elven), 'They said on Leno that it was okay to download and burn it, but since no one on KaZaA has it, I can't very well do that.'.

Draco says (in common), 'cast tongues on isolas please zeks?'.

Zeks utters the words, 'tongues'.

Draco thanks Zeks heartily.

Isolas says (in elven), 'How about everyone just learns Elven.'.

Draco snickers softly.

Zeks nods in recognition to Isolas.

Wylin says (in common), 'ok'.
Wylin says (in common), 'oh wait I already did'.

Isolas nods in recognition to Wylin.
Isolas says (in elven), 'Good man.'.

You say, 'gentleman, its been fun'.
You say, 'really weird... but fun'.

Zeks waves happily.

Isolas waves happily.

Wylin says (in common), 'I'm going to head out too.. busy day of sitting on my butt tomarrow'.

Isolas pats Wylin on his back.
Isolas waves happily.

Wylin says (in common), 'I might have to sit outside so I get a tan'.

Zeks says (in common), 'where'd i get a fetish from?'.

Isolas says (in elven), 'Sounds personal, Zeks.'.

Zeks gives the dull oak fetish to Isolas.
Zeks shrugs.

Wylin says (in common), 'tmi zeks'.

(End Log)