The Wicked Witch

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(Back Story: Prior to this point, Sabella had enlisted the aid of Myronides to help her find 'pretty' clothes. He had done so, but the best prize was out of her grasp thus far - a specific pair of shoes... but no one was sure where the elusive footgear could be found. Unable to accouter herself to her standards, Sabella fell back on her favorite thing to do - seduction and corruption. Individuals of Note: Myronides, Sabella, Abender Stormreaver, Tokugawa, Rubicant, Thaygar)

The Baths
[Exits: north]
You are in a spacious chamber. Marble benches surround the room, facing in toward the large bathing pool that fills its center. Steam curls up from its waters, and you are aware of the warm humidity that fills the air. Water flows forth from a statue in the center of the pool, keeping it hot and fresh. A marble archway leads out to the north.
Abender is here.
Rubicant is here.

It is 11am on Ozymandiut the 6th, the month of the Testing of Fates, in the year 2379.
TFC started up at Mon Nov 8 11:30:13 1999 / The system time is Mon Nov 8 22:38:19 1999

Sabella tells Myronides, 'any luck?'.
Myronides tells Sabella, 'nope. No lava popp'd'.
Sabella tells Myronides, '*cry*'.

Rubicant looks at Sabella.
Rubicant rests.

Sabella says, 'Abe, do you really know a way in to the manor?'.
Sabella says, 'Or are you just pulling my jewelry?'.

Abender says, 'both, whenever possible'.

Rubicant smirks.
Rubicant says, 'nipple ring'.

Sabella bounces onto Abender's lap.
Sabella says, 'PLEASE tell me?'.

Rubicant chuckles, evidently amused.

Sabella says, 'Myron checked the secret key and the lava key...'.

Abender says, 'I don't think so, Witch'.

Sabella slumps, dejectedly.

Rubicant throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!
Rubicant says, 'Hag is fitting'.
Rubicant rests.
Rubicant nods in recognition to Abender.
Rubicant stands up.
Rubicant leaves north.

Sabella blinks. Sabella says, 'I am NOT a hag!'.

Sabella gossips, 'Rubicant, you rude, rude little boy! I AM NOT a hag!'.

Abender nods.

Sabella gossips, 'A nag, yes, a brat, yes, a wench, yes, a pain in the donkey, yes...'.

Abender nods his head in agreement.

Sabella gossips, 'But I am NOT a 'hag'!'.

Abender agrees with you 100%.

Thaygar gossips (in old-common), 'This One bids thee fare well, mortal souls. May your enlightment well within, bursting forth from the stagnant vessels that carry you. Hunt Well'.

Tech gossips, 'Night Thaygar'.

Sabella gossips, 'Hey, Thaygar, I’m just trying to look pretty for when I die next...'.

Abender gossips, 'Night, Lord Thaygar'.

Sabella gossips, 'Could you ask your Ebon Lore Dude to help me find my shoes?'.

IMM RECHO: I took your shoes.

Sabella gossips, '*wail*'.
Sabella gossips, 'That must be Lady Darkmoon... only SHE could be so cruel.... or Lorna. Lorna's a meanie, too!'.

Thaygar gossips (in old-common), 'Most pleasant to hear, Lady. This One shall see what He can do ... gathering something for its Loss would be a fitting task to send him on'.

IMM RECHO: Glad to know you think I'm a meanie.

Thaygar is hurt to not be included in that.

Sabella gossips, 'Any time, Lady of Chance... *mutters, 'Shoe thief!'*'.

Thaygar smiles at Sabella.

Sabella sighs.
Sabella pauses in thought for a moment.
Sabella says, 'I'll make you a deal...'.
Sabella says, 'I'll ... um....'.

Abender says, 'No..'.

Sabella says, 'well, no you won't let me do that...'.

Sabella pauses in thought for a moment.
Sabella says, 'I'll...'.
Sabella sighs.
You shake your head.
Sabella says, 'no, you won't let me do that, either.'.

Sabella says, 'How about...'.
Abender says, 'no'.

Sabella pauses in thought for a moment.
Sabella says, 'What if I promise to leave you alone, utterly, for a whole WEEK'.

Someone gossips, 'What did your shoes look like, Sabella?'.

Abender says, 'um.... '.
Abender sighs loudly.

Sabella says, 'I won't attack your WarDancers'.

> c locate heels
Nothing like that in hell, earth, or heaven.

>c locate heels
A pair of black leather stiletto heels in someplace mysterious.

>c locate heels
A pair of black leather stiletto heels carried by a cooking servant.

Abender says, 'I welcome the attacks.. that's hardly a bargaining chip'.

Sabella gossips, 'A Pair of Black Leather Stiletto heels, carried by a cooking servant'.

Sabella grumbles.
Sabella gossips, Cept we think they're locked in the stinky ole Manor, and all the keys are missing... and Abe knows a way in, but he's being a meanie, too'.

Sabella gossips, 'And he won't tell how to get in!'.

Tokugawa gossips, 'aww'.

Abender says, 'Now I won't ever tell you'.

Tokugawa gossips, 'thats not nice!'.

Sabella gossips, 'I even promised to stop attacking him and the warDancers for a whole WEEK!'.
Sabella gossips, '*sigh* But... alas.... to no avail.'.
Sabella gossips, 'I think he's _fibbing_ and he doesn't know HOW to get in.'.
Sabella glares icily at him.

Abender says, 'Your public proclamations are frivolous and serve only to anger me'.

Abender utters the words, 'gaiqhjabral'. Abender is surrounded by a white aura.
Abender leaves north.

Sabella smiles happily.
Sabella says, 'Good.'.

Tokugawa gossips, 'now stop being so mean to sweet little Sabella, Abender, sheesh'.

Sabella gossips, 'Yeah! How's my favorite Tokugawa tonight?'.

Tokugawa gossips, 'I'm good Sabella, how are you?'.

Abender gossips, 'I'm being nothing to Sabella. She can rot for all I care.'.

Sabella gossips, '*dejectedly* All I wanted was a pretty pair of shoes... = ( '.

Tokugawa tells Sabella, 'heh, I know where I want to take this but I would get in trouble....'.

Sabella tells Tokugawa, 'so do tells, dearie'.

Tokugawa tells Sabella, 'was gonna say something about Abe frustating you, etc, etc'.

Sabella gossips, 'Hey, Toku... wanna see my pretty sparklies?'.

Tokugawa gossips, 'your sparklies?'.

Sabella gossips, 'I'm in the Bath.. c'mon in, the water's great!'.

Tokugawa appears before you.
Tokugawa raises an eyebrow.

Sabella bounces happily onto Tokugawa's lap.
Sabella points proudly at herself.

Tokugawa coughs.

Sabella tells Tokugawa, 'check out third paragraph of desc'.

Sabella stops using a red robe.
Sabella drops a red robe.
Sabella poses.

Tokugawa says, 'uh, very revealing'.

Sabella turns to reveal her very tightly bound wrists.

Sabella grins evilly.

Sabella says, 'Utterly helpless!'.
Sabella says, 'eep eeep!'.

Tokugawa grins evilly.

Tokugawa spanks Sabella playfully. OUCH!
Tokugawa spanks Sabella playfully. OUCH!
Tokugawa spanks Sabella playfully. OUCH!

Sabella gasps, then moans huskily.
Sabella squirms in delight.
Sabella says, 'Not so playfully next time?'.

Tokugawa gently caresses Sabella along the cheek.

Sabella says, 'Harder...'.
Sabella frowns.
Sabella says, 'HEY!'.
Sabella says, 'None of that gentle crap'.

Sabella pokes Tokugawa in the ribs.
Sabella sighs.
Sabella says, 'So Abe's being a stinky...'.

Tokugawa says, 'but I'm of Balance, need both sorts of attention'.

Sabella snickers softly.
Sabella says, 'Honey, you're not Balance.'.
Sabella says, 'You've been Good...'.
Sabella says, 'right?'.

Tokugawa says, 'sorta'.
Tokugawa smirks.

Sabella says, 'And you've FOUGHT evil....'.
Tokugawa says, 'not really'.

Sabella says, 'But never really..... understood it....'.

Tokugawa says, 'avoided it more like'.
Tokugawa snickers softly.

Sabella says, 'work with me, here, Toku..
Sabella says, 'How can you be a balance between the two'.
Sabella says, 'If you've never really embraced either?'.

Tokugawa says, 'I ran away from the Shamans'.
Tokugawa grins neutrally.

Sabella nods.
Sabella says, 'most do.'.
Sabella says, 'that's smart'.

Sabella gossips, 'Hey, Myronides, did you give up? = ( '.

Tokugawa ponders an Evil Neutral following.

The Giant Pudding swallows something.
The Giant Pudding briefly glows red!

Sabella says, 'Hey, the pudding stole my robe'.
Sabella shrugs.
Sabella says, 'I look better without it.'.

Sabella smiles slowly.
Sabella says, 'I can show you evil, honey....'.
Sabella sits astride Tokugawa's lap and puts her arms around his neck.

The Giant Pudding leaves north.

Sabella pauses in thought for a moment.
Sabella says, 'If you wanted me to.'.

Tokugawa says, 'this looks promising'.
Tokugawa grins to himself. What IS he thinking about...?!

Sabella smiles happily.
Sabella says, 'Evil is all about desires.'.
Sabella says, 'Tel had it close...'.
Sabella says, 'Passion... '.
Sabella says, 'Is the darkest of all.'.
Sabella says, 'He thinks the dark passions don't come from him'.
Sabella says, 'He's soooo wrong...'.

Tokugawa chuckles, evidently amused.

Sabella says, 'We ALL have dark passions.'.

Tokugawa says, 'passion can be all consuming'.

Sabella says, 'Haven't you ever just wanted to ....'.
Sabella says, 'to ... to SMACK someone...'.
Sabella says, 'Who was being too damned nice?'.
Sabella says, 'So cheerful you could just rip all their hair out?'.

Tokugawa sits down and thinks deeply.
Tokugawa says, 'not really'.

Sabella sighs.
Sabella says, 'See?'.
Sabella says, 'You don't know darker passions.'.
Sabella says, 'Did you ever want to do anything... really.... naughty?'.
Sabella smiles suggestively.

Tokugawa grins to himself. What IS he thinking about...?!
Tokugawa says, 'you bring several ideas to mind'.

Sabella says, 'Something you wouldn't want... anyone... else to know about?'.
Sabella says, 'Something so wicked... you get horrified and embarrassed just thinking about...?'.

Tokugawa says, 'oh,,,if I was Evil, I could care less if they knew'.

Sabella says, 'But also....'.
Sabella says, 'excited..?'.
Sabella smirks.
Sabella says, 'evil has its secrets, too'.
Sabella says, 'the difference is that we commit the act in the first place'.
Sabella says, 'we don't just think about it'.

Tokugawa nods.

Sabella says, 'Take me, for example.'.

Tokugawa says, 'you dont supress it'.

Sabella says, 'There isn't.... anything.... that I won't do.'.

Tokugawa says, 'you revel in it'.

Sabella smiles happily.
Sabella nods.
Sabella says, 'Exactly.'.

Tokugawa says, 'excess!'.
Tokugawa snickers softly.

Sabella says, 'If I want to bathe in the blood of my friends and foes.... I do.'.
Sabella says, 'If I want to die a dozen times for the exquisite release of it... I do.'.
Sabella says, 'If I want to torment someone... I do.'.
Sabella says, 'If I want to spend hours ... doing things to drive myself blind.... I do.'.
Sabella says, 'If I want to tease Rhina or Silonch... I do.'.
Sabella says, 'If I want to play with you.... I do.'.
Sabella smiles wickedly.
Sabella says, 'that is the beauty of it.'.

Tokugawa nods.
Tokugawa nods.
Tokugawa says, 'and I like it'.
Tokugawa grins to himself. What IS he thinking about...?!

Sabella says, 'Haven't you ever wanted to just... reach out... and take want you wanted?'.

Tokugawa nods.
Tokugawa nods.
Tokugawa nods.
Tokugawa nods.

Sabella says, 'and not worry about what people would think, or do'.

Tokugawa says, 'yep'.

Sabella nods slowly.
Sabella says, 'That... is the seed... that grows into what I am.'.
Sabella says, 'I..... do.'.

Tokugawa sighs loudly.

Sabella says, 'See... I play with you because I don't see the bent old man that most folk do.'.
Sabella says, 'I _know_ .... I _sense_.... that wicked man in you.'.
Sabella says, 'That vibrant, grinning, wicked man who wants to ... do....'.
Sabella says, 'to take...'.
Sabella says, 'to ... be.'.
Sabella says, 'And its him I've been seducing all these years...'.

Tokugawa says, 'do you know why I went Ranger thousands of years ago?'.

Sabella says, 'To bind yourself'.
Sabella says, 'So you couldn't give in to temptation'.

Tokugawa nods.

Sabella nod slowly.

Tokugawa says, 'and now Rangers can be Evil'.
Tokugawa throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!

Sabella says, 'I understand you, Tokugawa...'.
Sabella runs her fingertip along the side of your jaw.
Sabella lays a light, almost gentle kiss on your lips.
Sabella says, 'I know ... buried deep.... he's in there.'.
Sabella says, 'That wicked, wicked man...'.

Tokugawa says, 'and you think you can bring it out?'.

Sabella says, 'And someday... I’m going to find him.... and bring him out... so that you can see he's nothing to fear.'.

Sabella pats your cheek gently.
Sabella says, 'But... that's probably enough for tonight...'.
Sabella says, 'I don't want to scare you.'.

Tokugawa says, 'oh, you dont scare me, you intrigue me'.

Sabella smiles evilly. Her eyes glint coldly, empty and dark. There _is_ something to fear there.

Tokugawa says, 'hmm'.
Tokugawa slaps you across the face leaving a distinct stinging sensation.

Sabella moans huskily.

Tokugawa says, 'ah, thats better'.

Sabella smiles wickedly, and wriggles on your lap.
Sabella chuckles softly.

Tokugawa says, 'hmm?'.

Sabella says, 'Now.... didn't it feel ... fun.... to hit me?'.

Tokugawa says, 'yes'.

Sabella nods.
Sabella says, 'Very good.'.
Sabella says, 'I wasn't sure if you'd admit it.'.
Sabella says, 'Violence is a wonderful thing.'.
Sabella says, 'And very, very fun.'.
Sabella says, 'Sexual violence... even more so.'.

Tokugawa says, 'I also know whats gets YOU going Sabella'.

Sabella grins evilly.
Sabella says, 'Do it again.'.

Tokugawa looks around.

Tokugawa leads Sabella to the statue and ties her to it.
Tokugawa grins to himself. What IS he thinking about...?!
Tokugawa gets a tiger's feather from a backpack.
Tokugawa wields a tiger feather.
Tokugawa tickles you with the feather.

Sabella screams.

Tokugawa cackles gleefully at you. Better keep your distance from him.
Tokugawa says, 'I think I'm more twisted than you thought'.

Sabella gasps for breath through the screams, 'Torment, you brat, is just as wicked as pain..'
Sabella screams.

Tokugawa says, 'its from a former Good following'.
Tokugawa grins to himself. What IS he thinking about...?!

Sabella chuckles.
Sabella says, 'all the more wicked.'.

Tokugawa nods slowly.
Tokugawa slowly traces the feather up the back of your legs.

Sabella shivers.
Sabella lets her weight fall on her arms as she tries to wriggle her legs away.

Tokugawa chuckles, evidently amused.
Tokugawa traces the feather up the small of your back then around to the front and to your armpits.

Sabella screams.
Sabella says, 'brat!'.

Tokugawa chuckles, evidently amused.
Tokugawa says, 'I have been called that many times...'.

Sabella narrows her eyes, and nods.

Tokugawa wields a club.
Tokugawa puts a tiger's feather in a backpack.
Tokugawa says, 'that's enough of that'.

Sabella says, 'gotta go...'.
Sabella says, 'Better untie me.'.

Tokugawa unties the silk cord from the statue.

Sabella smiles happily.
Sabella says, 'But think about what I told you.'.
Sabella smiles happily.

Tokugawa says, 'until we meet again Sabella'.

Sabella says, 'And think about just what it was that you were about to do....'.

Sabella hugs Tokugawa.

Tokugawa says, 'oh, you would have liked it'.
Tokugawa says, 'I'll remember'.
Tokugawa grins to himself. What IS he thinking about...?!

Sabella smiles happily.
Sabella says, 'I know.'.

Sabella tells Abender, '*sullenly* Mean thing.'.
Sabella gossips, 'G'Nite everyone...'.
Sabella gossips, 'Don't do anything I would..'.

Tokugawa spanks Sabella playfully. OUCH!

Sabella grins evilly.

Tokugawa says, 'now go'.

Fare thee well!