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[Back Story: Cordir was wed to Keller a short time ago, and subsequently kidnapped by Molo. The Time of Madness has just recently passed, and in its wake, her memories have been tampered with by the Arch-Lich to suit his fancy and to hide her past from her. Moments before this scene, Khore instructed Mystil, one of Cordir’s friends in the Kindred, to attack her, hoping that the shock of Rebirth would disrupt Molo’s tampering. The vampire obeyed her Lord, assaulting Cordir as they were grouped, and is successful in bringing down the unsuspecting mage. Items in bold+italics are room echos by Molo. Molo is the 'Someone'.]

Cordir asks the Lich, '*nod* is it Your will I speak with him, then?'.

Someone nods.
Someone tells the Conclave: 'Greetings Jedi'.

Khore tells Cordir 'Sleep brings dreams, not surcease of sorrow.’

Cordir prays, 'I am ignoring him in slumber, currently.’

Borneo tells the Conclave: 'Evening Jedi'.

Azra tells the Conclave: 'lo Jedi'.

Someone tells the Conclave: 'Jedi...kill Mystil'.

Cordir wakes and stand up.

Azra chuckles at his own joke, since none of you would.

Sadow says, ‘oh wait a minute..Azra and Cordir aren't gods'.

Cordir says, ‘Sleep brings oblivion, Khore.’

The Mausoleum of Molo, the Arch-Lich
[Exits: east]
You see a large mausoleum resting in a hushed silence. A cloud of darkness envelopes the tomb, and the essence of evil permeates the very air. A low mist surrounds your feet. A dais extends from the south wall, forming a circular area. The floor, steps, and walls are of black obsidian, highly polished and gleaming. Four steps lead to the upper platform, and upon it sits a great throne of dark purplish basalt, with leering demon faces and carved grinning skulls.
(Red Aura) The Unholy Codex of the Arch-Lich rests on a pedestal here.
(Red Aura) Sadow is flying here.
(Red Aura) Styx is here.
(Red Aura) Azra is flying here.
(Red Aura) Khore is here.

Styx tells Cordir 'I did not hear, I am sorry'.

Khore says, ‘Death brings oblivion.’

Azra says, ‘and I bring death'.

Cordir says, ‘Is that what you wished to give me, Khore? Death? Because I am Nashite?'.

Khore says, ‘No.’

Borneo tells the Conclave: 'Let's camp in MG for awhile, Titian'.

Khore says, ‘Nay.’

Sadow comforts Cordir.
Sadow says, ‘Bad Vampire'.

Titian tells the Conclave: 'ok'.

Khore says, ‘Remembrance, because you were the chosen of the Triat.’

Cordir trembles and turns into Sadow's sheltering arms.

Do not trust them Cordir....they are trying to deceive you.

Sadow utters the words, 'qhiat ay sfainfrauai'.

Cordir is surrounded by a magical cloak.

Azra says ‘Triat’s dead'.

Khore says, ‘I am not the deceiver.’

Cordir nods in recognition to Azra.

Styx grovels in the dirt.

Khore says, ‘The Triat is dead if you allow it to die.’

Azra says, ‘died with Ebon'.

Borneo tells the Conclave: 'Give her time '.

Titian tells the Conclave: 'nod'.

Azra says, ‘good riddance'.

Cordir says, ‘You are the Lord of Vampires... who Hunt the Conclave'.

Khore says, ‘Who told you that?'.

Cordir says, ‘I cannot believe anything you say, Khore'.

Khore bristles softly.

Sadow nods in recognition to Cordir.

Borneo tells the Conclave: 'Anyone notice if she was wearing a blocking?'.

Cordir says ‘You despise Nashites..’

Azra says ‘Cordir, please get a hold of yourself. In NO WAY can the followers of Khore hunt us'.

Khore says, ‘I oppose Nashites. I do not abhor them.’

Jedi tells the Conclave: 'shake'.

Cordir trembles.

Sadow says ‘The monkeys in Cordir's head are turning extra fast tonight'.

Khore smiles happily.
Khore says, ‘Futility, eh, Azra?'.
Khore chuckles, evidently amused.

Someone tells the Conclave: 'I want Mystil's broken (empty is fine) corpse NOW!'.

Cordir rocks back and forth.

Titian tells the Conclave: 'Mystil Jedi'.

Azra tells the Conclave: 'Kaern on Sadow'.

Styx says, ‘BAH'.

Styx leaves east.

Khore says, ‘For your arrogance, fate has her price, Azra. It is not mine.’

Sadow tells the Conclave: 'nod'.

Cordir hums tunelessly under her breath.

Azra says ‘I am still waiting on my price'.

Khore utters the words, 'peace'.

Azra says ‘keeps passing me by 'as it should'.

Khore gazes penetratingly at Cordir.
Khore says, ‘What do you remember of the Triat, Mad one.’
Khore says, ‘That is your title. Have you forgotten that?'.

Are there any vampires above 20th level?

Sadow snickers softly.

Khore smiles happily.

Khore says, ‘There are a few. Very few.’

Cordir says, ‘I remember the Triat...’

Sadow says, ‘dadon was a vamp wasn't he?'.

Jedi tells the Conclave: 'who curses'.

Khore shakes his head.

Cordir says, ‘The Weaver, she who is Honor and Perseverance'.

Azra, Sadow....slay them

Khore says, ‘Dadon allied with Fire.’

Titian tells the Conclave: 'I will'.

Khore throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!

Cordir says, ‘The Wyld, who is Change and Chaos'.

Borneo tells the Conclave: 'Both of you if you can, I would ungroup one cleric to make sure that happens'.

Sadow sits down and thinks deeply.

Khore says, ‘Change and Chaos.’

Azra says, ‘Dadon'.

Khore says, ‘Now remember, Wyrm.’

Azra says, ‘a poor excuse for a shaman'.

Cordir says, ‘I remember the Wyrm, who is Learning and Self Enlightenment.. growth'.

Sadow nods.

Someone tells the Conclave: 'Bring me blood sucking corpses'.

Cordir says, ‘They are dead'.

Azra says, ‘Wyrm is dead'.

Khore says, ‘They are not dead.’

Azra says, ‘Ebon is dead'.

Cordir says, ‘They are dead'.

Azra says, ‘Wyld is dead'.

Khore says, ‘They are dead if you have killed them, Cordir.’

Jedi tells the Conclave: 'we been caught'.

Khore says, ‘You were the last.’

Cordir says, ‘No....’

Styx tells the Conclave: 'I would appease your hunger lord, but I am not able'.

Khore says, ‘Yes.’

Azra says, ‘give them a real god'.

Sadow says, ‘No’
Sadow giggles.
Sadow says, ‘I just wanted to be part of this conversation....’

Cordir whispers softly, "Thaygar killed them."

Azra says, ‘let them follow me then'.

Khore says, ‘Thaygar set them free.’

Cordir shakes her head.

Khore says, ‘Those without strength fell. You had that strength.’

Cordir says, ‘Thaygar abandoned them'.

Titian tells the Conclave: 'mg..?'.

Khore says, ‘Do not lose it now.’

Borneo tells the Conclave: 'OK let's give her space, I would suggest dropping into MG'.

Cordir says, ‘Thaygar abandoned me'.

Khore says, ‘Thaygar set them free.’

Borneo tells the Conclave: '=)'.

Titian tells the Conclave: 'or guild?'.

Borneo tells the Conclave: 'No one ever dies in the guild'.

Styx tells the Conclave: 'NOT in MG'.

Azra says, ‘Cordir is stronger than what she was before'.

Titian tells the Conclave: 'true'.

Khore growls.

Sadow cheers you on, confident that you will win.

Someone tells the Conclave: 'WHERE IS THAT CORPSE!?'.

Khore says, ‘THEN WHY?'.

Cordir says, ‘He ignored my pleas... he ignored my prayers, my devotion'.

Azra says, ‘the hand only limited her'.

Khore says, ‘WHY the spell of forgetfulness?'.

Cordir says, ‘What spell!'.

Khore says, ‘If she is stronger, if NASH is stronger...’

Borneo tells the Conclave: 'We are on it, Lord'.

Khore says, ‘That would not have been necessary.’

Titian tells the Conclave: 'working on it Milord'.

Someone utters the words 'Mind Blank'

Khore says, ‘What spell?'.

Khore growls.

Khore says, ‘It will not work for me, Lich.’

Sadow tells the Conclave: '*SHIVER* If there was any way for me to help Lich, I would do so'.

Khore says, ‘But I cannot win against you.’

Cordir says, ‘Lord Nash created the Triat... but it was entirely Imperfect.. thus He destroyed it..’

Khore says, ‘And we both know that.’

Someone nods in recognition to Khore.

Someone comforts Khore.

Khore says, ‘But I am not alone, am I?'.

Cordir says, ‘My Lord Lich?'.

You have an uneasy feeling...as if a Lich was nearby watching you.

Cordir says, ‘May I ask a service of You?'.

You may ask, my Witch

Cordir says, ‘There is a nasty mark on my neck..’

Khore says, ‘You cannot watch her every second. My hand is not weak, Lich.

Khore gasps, 'No!’

Azra chuckles, evidently amused.

Cordir says, ‘Something unpleasant must have bit me... would You heal it?'. *

Khore says, ‘Do not ask that.’

Azra says, ‘in the mortal world it is'.

Khore growls.

Cordir says, ‘I once had respect for the One who left that mark..’

Khore interposes himself between Cordir and the shadow of the Lich.

If that is what you wish, Witch.

Cordir says, ‘I have it no longer... and do not wish to give honor to that creature by bearing such a mark.’

The room goes dark.

Khore says, ‘Cordir, give me one sentence before you decide.’

Flames sear around you.

Cordir basks in the fire.

Khore sighs loudly.

The black flame of the Lich cleanses you!

Sadow makes sure to scrub behind his ears.

Khore sighs loudly.

Cordir smiles happily.
Cordir says, ‘Thank You, my Lord and Master'.
Cordir kneels and trembles in her Lord’s presence.

Khore sighs loudly.

Someone nods in recognition to Cordir.

Sadow looks at Khore.
Cordir looks at Khore.

You find you lack the words to describe the genteel individual standing before you. Where loose locks of jet black hair once hung dishelved around his face, a mane of dimly glowing silver hair adorns it. His clothing is formal as is his manner. He wears a dark black cloak about his body and it seems to wave in the breeze... save that there is no wind. His eyes draw you next. Orbs of darkest night, they hold you spellbound. He smiles an airy, almost nonchalant smile and nods his head in acknowledgment. His smile betrays the fear that had until now no source.... Fangs.... Just as suddenly, your mind is thrust in convoluted questions of self worth and conflict rends your soul. Every doubt you ever had about yourself and your abilities surface as you struggle to retain control. He looks at you and nods his head almost imperceptibly. With the same suddenness, you find yourself regaining confidence, and a dark peace floods you. He grins and turns his gaze elsewhere.

Khore says, ‘What do you remember, when you look at me?'.

Cordir says, ‘Vampires are predators, Lord Khore... I don't know why you chose me as Mystil's Prey.. I am now on guard, and warned. I shall have to avoid Deamhan, as well, least he be ordered to attack me as well...’

Khore says, ‘Predators do not kill their friends.’

Cordir says’ You commanded her to attack me. That made me her Prey, not her friend.'

Borneo tells the Conclave: '*curse* She is still parked in her temple'.

Khore says, ‘For what purpose? Why would I do that?'.

Cordir shrugs eloquently.

Khore says, ‘Do not Shrug, Mad one.’

Cordir says, ‘I don't pretend to understand the convoluted mind of an immortal'.

Khore says, ‘You have a guess if you do not know.’

Cordir shrugs, uncaring.
Cordir says, ‘The Lich has told me of the plans of others to harm me . I can only assume that You and the Lady Darkmoon have spoken..’
Cordir shrugs once more.
Cordir says, ‘IT matters not'.

Khore says, ‘I cannot scream louder into your ear than the immortal that has seduced you can.’

Cordir says, ‘Seduced?'.
Cordir chuckles darkly..
Cordir says, ‘I begged for the honor..’

Khore says, ‘Converted. Stolen.’

Cordir says, ‘I Quested for a long time and earned my place..’

Khore sighs loudly.

Borneo tells the Conclave: 'Cordir, are you out xping?'.

Cordir says, ‘No one seduced me..’

Cordir tells the Conclave '*shake*'.

Khore says, ‘What is at your back, you cannot see. But is closer to you, than ever I can be.’

Cordir says, ‘Only what is before you... that is all that matters. The direction your feet take you.. Not where they have been'.

Borneo tells the Conclave: 'Could you run some locates to ascertain whether Mystil wears a blocking if you do not already know?'.

Cordir tells the Conclave: 'She wears a blocking'.

Khore says, ‘Khan, attend to me.’

Borneo tells the Conclave: 'Thank you'.

Azra has arrived.

A shadow of an ogre hovers in the air...

Azra sighs loudly. Azra grumbles to Khore.

Cordir backs away.

The ogre mage says, 'I cannot stay here... the forces that stand against it are too much...’

Azra crosses his legs and begins to humm.

Cordir chuckles darkly.

Jedi tells the Conclave: 'checking DH now... gonna get some Zombies'.

Suddenly, Khan's image shatters.

Khore sighs loudly.

Khore says, ‘The Lich is strong. I respect strength.’

Cordir says, ‘Did you need my services, Azra?'.

Khore says, ‘He harnesses evil. I respect that.’

Cordir says, ‘The Lich is all powerful, Lord Khore. His might is respected by all'.

Khore smiles happily.

Khore says, ‘If he were all powerful, I would not be in existence.’

Jedi tells the Conclave: 'I have a good ambush point'.

Khore says, ‘Do not forget that. He is strong. But not all powerful.’

Borneo tells the Conclave: 'Where’s this?'.

Cordir says, ‘He is not Lord Nash... But… Of the immortals...’

Jedi tells the Conclave: 'there are like 5 no-exit rooms in DH'.

Khore says, ‘The truth will set you free.’

Jedi tells the Conclave: '2 lockable'.

Cordir shrugs eloquently.

Khore says, ‘I have said my peace. I can offer only one last thing. It is almost nothing...’

Cordir raises her eyebrow inquiringly.
Cordir says, ‘What, Predator?'

Khore says, ‘When the sun rises each morning, for that moment only, all my strength will be yours.. It is a curse and blessing.. For in that instant...You will remember.’
Khore utters the words, 'Bind'.
Khore nods.

Cordir says, ‘Remember what?'.

Khore says, ‘I am sorry that is all I can give. Wait for the sunrise.’

Cordir shakes her head angrily.

Khore sighs loudly.
Khore says, ‘peace be with you.’

Cordir says, ‘I never liked sunrise... I prefer midnight'.

Khore says, ‘So do I.’

Cordir says, ‘I think I'll have to start sleeping in late..’

I warn you Cordir...there is only one place where I can not guard you from this villain.

Khore says, ‘Sunrise only because, I must rest at that time.’

Jedi tells the Conclave: 'need a zombie or two'.

Cordir says, ‘My Lord?'.

Yes, Witch.

Cordir says, ‘What place should I then avoid?'

Styx tells the Conclave: 'are you in crypt Cordir?’

Stay clear of this one's lair.

Cordir nods and says, ‘I would never step foot in it, Lord.’

Styx tells the Conclave: 'still engaged with Khore?'

Khore sighs loudly.

Cordir says, ‘Never of my own free will'

His power is great in there.

Cordir glare icily at Khore.
Cordir says, ‘Of course... he is not one to care about one's feelings or he would not have ordered Mystil to attack me. It was not of her will… Such is His way.’
Cordir shrugs.
Cordir nods at the Lich’s instruction, and says, ‘Of course, Lord Lich, I shall avoid it assiduously.

Khore sighs loudly.

Borneo tells the Conclave: 'She's still parked'.

Khore says, ‘In my temple, you will find remembrance.’

Someone utters the words 'Dismissal'

Khore screams loudly!

Cordir says, ‘There is no way I could enter, unless willingly... and I am not willing.'
Cordir smiles happily, hearing Khore’s screams.

Khore struggles.

Someone utters the words 'Dismissal'

Khore growls.

Borneo tells the Conclave: 'Moving, on her way out'

Khore says, ‘So... be it.’
Khore disappears in a flash as a winged creature glides off into darkness.

Azra disappears into the void.

Cordir sighs in relief, and leans against the wall, shaking.

Someone comforts you.

Cordir sobs.

Jedi tells the Conclave: 'gr me titian'.

Was that deity bothering you?

Cordir trembles, and tries to gather herself, then nods and 'Yes... He frightened me. I tried to be brave, but..’ Cordir shivers.

What did he do?

Cordir says, ‘He cast some spell on me.. Then ordered Mystil to attack me saying he hoped it would make me remember. He cast another spell on me here..’

He did?

What would you have to remember?

Cordir says, ‘But neither time did I feel anything...’

Cordir shrugs eloquently.

Cordir says, ‘So I would imagine His power is not great enough to affect those You protect'.

Cordir smiles shakily.

Styx tells the Conclave: 'mystil in Grand Entrance'.

You are under my "mind blank" spell.

Cordir says, ‘Still.. it was frightening'.

Styx tells the Conclave: 'Mystil 1up pit'

No power other than Lord Nash himself can dispel it.

Cordir says, ‘I... would imagine You have good reason for it... and will not ask why. Though I am curious. Why do they wish to force me to remember things You deem best forgotten?'.

Styx tells the Conclave: 'mystil in recall now'.

It is apparent to me...that certain powers wish you harm, Witch.

Styx tells the Conclave: 'just left'.

Cordir nods.

Haven't you noticed?

Cordir says, ‘I have .. I don't understand why... I'm just a simple witch.. no one of consequence.. no one important, like Sadow or Azra..

Styx has arrived

Styx bows before Cordir.

Cordir bows before Styx.

Styx says, ‘sorry dear'

Daelin tells the Conclave: 'hello all'.

Cordir says softly, "I just don't understand it at all, Lord."

Borneo tells the Conclave: 'Heya, Daelin'.

Styx grovels in the dirt

Cordir tells the Conclave '*bow*'

Someone nods in recognition to Styx.

Styx says, ‘should I leave?'.

Someone says, ‘nah'.

Styx says, ‘your will, lord'. Styx smiles happily. Styx rests.

Borneo tells the Conclave: 'Guys, let's give her an hour or so till her guard is down,'.

Someone says, ‘doh'

Cordir raises her eyebrow inquiringly.

Someone raises an eyebrow.

Styx tells the Conclave: 'she was running all over guild earlier. Nobody there now.’

Cordir wonders if Someone is Malkav.

Cordir peers about the corners of the room.

No, Witch

Cordir nods.

Styx tells the Conclave: 'Lich?'.

Styx says, ‘Lich?'.

Immortal eyes constantly are getting caught watching my tomb.

Cordir tries hard not to think about why the Lich would blank her mind.

yes Styx

Ask for instruction on MIND BLANK, Witch.

> help mind blank: MIND 'MIND BLANK'
> Insulate your mind from an opponents mental attacks. (*unimplemented*)
> Mind blank is available to: Mages  : level 26

Cordir smiles happily.

Cordir sighs contentedly.

Cordir says, ‘Thank you, Lord.’

It is a protective spell.

Styx hugs Cordir.

Cordir says, ‘They.. had said it was to strip my memory.. I didn't know'.

Styx says, ‘ID's Cordir?'.

Cordir kneels on the floor, pulls her knees up to her chest, and wraps her arms around her knees.

Cordir nods in recognition to him.

Styx says (in old-common) 'never mind, they can wait'.

Styx bows before you.

Cordir says, ‘Its ok'.’

Someone says, ‘I am going to my crypt'.

Cordir says, ‘I could use something to take my mind off the visit of the Vampire'.

Someone says, ‘Cordir is free to id for you'.

Styx bows deeply.

Cordir says, ‘My Lord?'.

Someone unlocks the grate.

Cordir says, ‘At sunrise?'

Someone opens the grate.
Someone says, ‘You are safe here, Cordir'

Styx sits down and thinks deeply

Cordir smiles in relief and says, ‘Thank You, Lord'.

A form drops into the resting place. The grate closes.

Cordir kneels before the Unholy Codex.

Cordir draws strength from its Arcane energy.

Cordir smiles and shivers.

Gengis tells the Conclave: 'I have a couple no drops lich'.

Someone tells the Conclave: 'what are they Gengis?'.

Gengis tells the Conclave: 'witches hat in inventory and worn ;('.

Cordir tells the Conclave 'Consider yourself lucky, Gengis! I had to hunt to find one of those..’

Gengis tells the Conclave: 'why?'.

Cordir tells the Conclave 'Now I'm looking for a broom..’

Daelin tells the Conclave: 'silly witch *pat cordir*'.

Someone tells the Conclave: 'ok....bbl'.

Cordir tells the Conclave 'Good for thumping bats with... *waves a broom menacingly at Khore's bat form*'.

who kindred: 4 players.
Elf [ Cl: 5 Wa:11] Athera Quintessence of Evil Desire: Kindred Gatherer
Dwa [ Sh: 8 ] Bliss is Misery. (Clan of the Cave Bear) [Kindred]
Hum [ Cl:11 ] DarkClaw k'Treva, shadowed Gatherer. [ Kindred]
Hel [ DemiGod ] Khore, dangerously furious Lord of the Kindred

Cordir tells the Conclave 'My, My, My... all sorts of bloodsuckers on, now..’

(Cordir leaves and heads for Recall)

Recall Room
[Exits: west]
Soulscream is here.
(Blue Aura) Strider is resting here.
(Blue Aura) Noah is here.
(Blue Aura) Keller is here.
Crumm is here.
Wohdin is here.
(Blue Aura) Cyan is here.
(Blue Aura) Jdreamer is here.

Cordir shudders at the sight of Sir D'Augustine.
Cordir leaves west.
Cordir tells the Conclave 'Good night, Conclave...’
Fare thee well!

* For backstory, see: [The Gift of Khore's Kiss.]