On Becoming A Demon

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Log is on: 1-11-2009. Participants: Rincewind, Corri, Cordir

The Chamber of Contemplation
[Exits: down]
Soft music can be heard coming from an unseen source, and the faint fragrance
of incense can be detected in the air. A feeling of peacefulness comes over you,
and you feel that here you can sit, think, and meditate on the meaning of the
universe without distraction.
(Token magic) A pool of glistening water casts dancing lights on the walls.
(Invis) Corri is resting here.
(Invis) (Light Red Aura) Rincewind is sleeping here.

Corri looks at Rincewind.
Corri looks at Rincewind.

Corri smiles quietly, looking up guiltily from where she rummaged through his things.

You snicker softly.

Corri grins wickedly at you.
Corri says (in common), '..you know something of the demon realm, don't you Lady?'.

Rincewind wakes and stands up.
Rincewind rests.

Corri tilts her head curiously.

Rincewind says (in common), 'Hello Lady Cordir.'.

You say, 'Am I intruding?'.

Corri says (in common), 'I wasn't going through your bags, Rince.'.

Rincewind says (in common), 'no no you're always welcome'.

Rincewind says (in common), 'oh that had no twinge of guilt....'.

Corri flashes her innocent grin *tm Palmer*

You snicker softly.

Rincewind checks his belongings.
Rincewind sits down and thinks deeply.
Rincewind says (in common), 'hrm...'.

Rincewind says (in common), 'So.. this is where I do most of my thinking...'.
Rincewind says (in common), 'on becoming a demon...'.

Corri's lips press together immediately, disquieted.
Corri nods in slow acceptance, keeping a lid on her comments briefly.

Rincewind says (in common), 'I still haven't gathered the courage to make the journey'.

Cordir's eyebrows raise slightly.

Rincewind says (in common), 'anything that casts basically hurts me'.
Rincewind says (in common), 'I need to throw in some svs before I go anywhere'.
Rincewind says (in common), 'anywhere**'.
Rincewind says (in common), 'I haven't spoken to Phantom on the subject yet either...'.
Rincewind says (in common), 'He may veto the whole thing..'.

Corri looks vaguely relieved.
Corri says (in common), '..I still worry.... '.

Rincewind says (in common), 'I know.. and I haven't gotten any support from other Magi'.

Cordir murmurs quietly, almost as if to herself, 'Demons.'

Rincewind says (in common), 'I think most are too scared'.
Rincewind says (in common), 'Which only strengthens my belief in the power that Eben must have'.

Corri grins ruefully.
Corri says (in common), '... you are brother.'.
Corri looks at him bluntly.
Corri says (in common), 'you know that, yes?'.

Rincewind says (in common), 'I...'.
Rincewind says (in common), 'I mean..'.
Rincewind says (in common), 'You never said anything like that before'.
Rincewind says (in common), 'I know it will be difficult to adjust.. but imagine the power.. remember the prophecy'.
Rincewind says (in common), 'he will take neither his crown nor his title.....'.

Corri says (in common), '..well its true. and I remember... I just don't know if you're nervous -enough-...'.

Rincewind says (in common), 'Perhaps not.. and it's looking more and more like I must make the journey alone..'.

Corri juts her chin out stubbornly.
Corri says (in common), 'I'll go.'.
Corri says (in common), '...but please. We can't stay long.'.
Corri says (in common), 'I - can't explain it, but I -wilt- around demons.'.

Rincewind says (in common), 'no no.. only long enough to speak with the demonking'.

Cordir spits out the words, 'give Vil my regards... at the point of your blade.'
Rincewind says (in common), 'If he refuses to give me demonic powers.. I'll have to kill him.'.

You ponder the question.
You say, 'Do you recall Tylorn?'.

Rincewind says (in common), 'I don't'.

You say, 'he was one of the Ordained of the Black Conclave.'.
You say, 'A more fearsome individual... I scarce have seen, save for Daelin himself.'.
You say, 'Tylorn sought demonic power, and obtained it.'.
You say, 'Through ritual.'.

Rincewind says (in common), 'How did he ever achieve such a thing...'.

You say, 'Silonch may be able to tell you of it.'.

Rincewind says (in common), 'I see..'.

You say, 'but it involved several dark rituals, and sacrifices of all that he loved upon the altar of Nash.'.
You say, 'Know what you seek:'.
You say, 'Demons have no care for anything mortal '.
You say, 'They are hunger and wrath and violence and fell deeds.'.

Corri says (in common), '..chaos of unmaking.'.

You nod in recognition to her.

Rincewind says (in common), 'I have met a Demon who was not such things'.
Rincewind says (in common), 'He was a deal maker... a .... "negotiator"'.
Rincewind says (in common), 'of course striking a deal with such a creature will surely end in ones demise'.
Rincewind says (in common), 'however, after meeting him I sought to learn more about demons'.
Rincewind says (in common), 'and I read the writings in the ancient library of Tier Shalen'.

Cordir smiles wryly.
You say, 'I have a long and lengthy history with demons.'.
You say, 'My second husband, Deamhan an'Shalach, was half demon.'.

Rincewind says (in common), 'Do you recall the Prophecy written of the demonking?'.

You say, 'of course.'.

Rincewind says (in common), 'He will fall at the hand of one of his own sons'.

You say, 'his son shall overthrow him.'.
You nod.

Rincewind says (in common), 'but take not his crown nor his title'.

You say, 'indeed.'.
You say, 'that is a very, very old prophecy.'.

Rincewind says (in common), 'So there is a demon.... who is not like the others'.

You say, 'Vil, one of the demon princes, is my daughter's grandsire.'.

You say, 'For the longest time, I thought that prophesy referred to Nameless Demonspawn, an adventurer from ancient days.'.

You say, 'but.. he never gained the strength to fight his father - who was Ebencaleneezer.'.

Rincewind says (in common), 'Perhaps a demonson, born of ritual.. blessed by lord Nash, maybe all the strength needed'.

You ponder the question.

Rincewind says (in common), 'this is the haunting thought that invades my dreams'.

You say, 'Does Corri mean aught to you?'.

Rincewind says (in common), 'Corri means a lot to me'.

You say, 'Because she will no longer, should you succeed.'.
You say, 'Demons do not love. They do not care.'.

Rincewind says (in common), 'and if the demonking is slain forever, would this not be a worthy cause?'.

Corri crosses her arms over her front and listens.

You say, 'to sacrifice love and friendship for?'.
You say, 'I would say not, but I am something of a bleeding heart Excommunicate.'.
You say, 'Some things in this world are a constant:'.
You say, 'the hunger of the Great White.'.
You say, 'The expanses of the desert.'.
You say, 'The eternalness of the forest.'.
You say, 'The rage of demonkind.'.

Rincewind says (in common), 'I am evil, I admit, but I believe evil should be lawful, not chaotic'.

Rincewind says (in common), 'ridding this demonking of his existence would further the lawful cause, be it good or evil'.

You say, 'I do not believe that Ebencaleneezer can truly be slain, in the truest sense.'.

Rincewind says (in common), 'OOC: if I make it to him and defeat him solo I am going to request Tynian change his short description to honor the quest'.
Rincewind says (in common), 'OOC: perhaps, the animated corpse of the once great demonking'.

You grin mischievously.
You nod.
You say, 'it has been done, though, fyi....'.

Rincewind says (in common), 'some such thing, it's not like he's as popular these days'.

You say, 'that someone cleared demon realm solo.'.

Rincewind says (in common), 'wow'.
Rincewind says (in common), 'who?'.

You say, '(Abender Stormreaver. I witnessed it.)'.
You say, '(I have a log of him standing in a room fighting thirty demons simultaneously.)'.
You say, '(it was .. epic.').
Rincewind gasps in astonishment.
Rincewind says (in common), 'I would love to read that'.

You say, 'one single round of combat over-fills an entire screen '.

Rincewind says (in common), 'omg'.
Rincewind says (in common), 'he must have had a lot of armor...'.

You nod.
You say, 'unmatched.'.
(End Log)