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Created 2000
Status Inactive
Race Human (Vampire)
Hometown Midgaard
Classes Mage
Followed Cordir
Relatives Dalamar

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

Co-Written by Cordir & Dalmiera:
You sense a slight movement to your right that startles you. Spinning, your hand, which had instinctively moved to your weaponry, falls back to your side as you see not a hulking foe, but rather the willowy form of a girl. Unaware of the alarm she has caused, she twirls a lock of ebon-hued, hip-length hair around her slender fingers. Biting her lip in a slightly nervous, uncertain gesture, she looks up at you with an intense emerald gaze and with features that seem hauntingly familiar.

"I'm sorry, I didnt mean to intrude, but...I am looking for someone. He went by many names; the Dark Angel, The Avenger, The Cloaked One, and once roamed the world for many many years. You would most likely know him by his given name... Dalamar the Elder." Her voice falters for a moment as a blush rises in her features, highlighting their delicacy and youthful beauty.

"You see..he was..is...my father, and...well.." She bites her lip once again, and you notice, to your general unease that the gesture has revealed canines that are perhaps a bit longer than normal..."I have so many questions that only he can answer...."

A frown of distress creeps over her expressive face. She abruptly turns away, the dark cloud of her hair concealing her features. As her emotions grip her, you are struck with a sudden sense of unease. What was just a curious child a moment ago is now a creature of much greater danger and presence...

"Forgive me..." you hear her soft voice murmur "I won't bother you any more..." and with shoulders squared with grim yet weary determination, she slips away into the darkness to continue her long search.

WHO Lists:

Hum [       Ma: 6       ] Dalmiera seeks answers along the Path of the Wyrm            02/26/2000
Hum [       Ma:10       ] Dalmiera seeks answers along the Path of the Wyrm            03/07/2000
Hum [       Ma:10       ] Dalmiera Servitor of Fate-Im sorry Sabella                   Date Unknown
Hum [       Ma:12       ] Dalmiera Servitor of Fate, Seeker of Answers                 02/13/2001

Character History:

A little over 14 years ago, a woman was beset by a band of thieves. As they were about to take all she had, including her virtue, a shadow appeared from out of the darkness, and claimed all of the thieves in a horrific display of blood and savagery.

Opening her eyes after having shut them before the horror, the woman took note of her savior. He called himself Dalamar, the Dark Angel. The woman was strangely captivated by this man, though she knew little about him.

For the next 2 years, whenever the woman found herself in danger, He would appear, as if summoned by her need. She found herself becoming more and more attracted to this man, and finally after saving her from the clutches of one bent on taking her life, she realized that she loved him. His dark charms, striking features, and obvious power had won her over. Offering herself to him, she found her emotions returned in a fiery embrace that seemed to warm the very night itself.

After their union was complete, once again he disappeared into the night, and soon the woman found herself with child. For reasons unknown, the child, a daughter, was given to others to raise immediately after she was born.

Her adoptive parents raised her as their own, with love and support, and a firm sense of right and wrong. They never hid from her that she was not their natural daughter, and it would have been nearly impossible had they chosen to try. Her slightly pointed ears were dead giveaways that somewhere in her true family there must be one of elven blood. All that her parents knew of her mother was that she was a very saddened woman at the time of the birth, and knew that the child could not remain with her. Beyond that, all her parents could tell her was the name given to her by her mother - The name of Dalmiera.

Once she reached the age of ten, Dalmiera, even though she was happy in her home and loved her parents dearly, decided to leave in search of information about her true parentage. Armed only with the name, Dalamar, and what little information her parents could tell her about the woman who was her mother, she set out in search of the answers she required.

Her search led to knowledge that shocked and dismayed her. Her father was known by several names, including The Dark Angel, The Cloaked One, The Dark, and he had a reputation as a killer of some renown. He had been an important part of one Goddess' following early in his life, only to fall prey to the vampiric needs of another god later. His life as a mortal ended, he set out to carve his own path as a vampire, and this path eventually crossed with the unknown woman who was her mother.

Dalmiera came to understand that she is the union of vampire and mortal, sharing traits of both, while being beholden to neither. Her nature is generally easy-going, though she does possess the fiercesness of her father, as well as his penchant for trickery when the situation demands. She bears an uncanny resemblance to her father in the facial areas, while possessing a lithe, trim figure that has turned more than one man's eye as she has reached early maturity.

Dalmiera has waist length, raven black hair with emerald green eyes. Angular features give her a penetrating, intelligent appearance that takes nothing away from her overall beauty that shows promise of becoming ever more fetching to the eye as she matures.

She has chosen the path of her father, and has undertaken the study of magic, in the hopes of somehow being able to find a spell to help her contact her father or her mother, as rumor has it that her father left the world via the power of his magic, his name having since been taken by another.

Because of her dual heritage, as she has reached early maturity, Dalmiera has come to feel certain cravings that she cannot understand, and that are becoming ever more difficult to control. The sight of blood, for example, fills her with an unbearable hunger, and as she passed her 12th year, she suddenly found herself adorned with fangs that had not been there before. Sunlight has also become painful to her eyes, and she must often find herself shading her eyes from it's painful glare.

As these changes have begun to shape her, she has become ever more desperate to find someone, anyone, who could help her understand both her legacy and what she is happening. Word came to her of one who may hold some hope for her, a Goddess named Cordir.

It is Dalmiera's hope that she will be someday be able to gain the attentions of the Mistress of Fate, and that she would be able to help her unravel the mysteries of who she is, what she is, and most important of all, who is her mother, and where are her parents now?


Dalmiera says (in common), 'For the magic: I shall commit body and soul to being nevermore than a member of the Magi.' Dalmiera says (in common), 'For the celebration of new life: I shall give to those new to life (levels 2-5) at least 2 items from my stores at each login.' Dalmiera says (in common), 'For myself and for the love I have for The Chosen:.' Dalmiera says (in common), 'I shall not feed my inherited Thirst upon any but a willing member of The Chosen.' Dalmiera says (in common), 'And lastly, for Knowledge: Upon obtaining the skill Improved Identify, I shall spend one day per week providing this skill to all who desire it, friend or foe, with two exceptions. I will not ID corpses, nor shall ID for Anathema.'


Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

02/23/2000: Dalmiera is created.
02/25/2000: Dalmiera reaches 4th & 5th level.
03/02/2000: Dalmiera gains Life Lessons from Cirth.
03/07/2000: Dalmiera is present when Cordir is released from her punishment Geasa. Later that night, Dalmiera joins the Chosen of Fate along with Boromir.
03/17/2000: Dalmiera is present when Cordir and Deamhan renew their vows.

Player Information: