Payment of a Soul Debt

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This log was created by Lanfear.
The Void
[Exits: none]
You are floating in nothing.

No one has been through here recently.

(Invis 73) (Intense Dark Red Aura) [GS] Khore is here.

Lanfear steps forward, closes her eyes and concentrates a moment.
Lanfear utters the words 'conjure dancing chair'
Lanfear opens her eyes as a sturdy overstuffed chair that reclines slightly materializes in front of her.

You grin wickedly.

Lanfear nods at the chair as if pleased by it.

Khore grins evilly.

Lanfear gestures for you to sit down. Once you are seated, she gazes at you for a moment, then looks up and her eyes search the dark sky.
Lanfear's gaze lingers at the sight of the moon.

Khore tries to relax(!!)

You smirk.
You say (in common), 'its confy enough?'.

Khore says, 'Oh, quite.'.

You smile happily.
You say (in common), 'good'.
You say (in common), 'have you seen the moon?'.
You say (in common), 'A full moon out.... just right for tonight's purpose.'.
Lanfear smiles mischievously.

Khore wonders if he should start howling yet.

You snicker softly.
You shake your head.
You say (in common), 'just sit back and relax :)'.
You say (in common), 'I'll do all the work'.
You grin to yourself. You must be thinking some NASTY thoughts...

Khore says, 'Ok!'.

Lanfear arcs her head back and stretches, straining the tight black outfit.

Lanfear looks around, searching for the Lady of Fate.
You sigh.
You say (in common), 'oh Lady,... I have always felt the Wyld inside me... '.
You say (in common), 'It felt like glowing embers... buried deep in my mind. '.
You say (in common), 'It whispered to me o so softy.. coaxing me.. seducing me.. inviting me to Dance... '.
You say (in common), ' Dance with the Sword. '.
Lanfear's hands move down along her neck and one hand fingers two tiny marks on her neck.

Lanfear looks at you and her violet eyes meet yours.
You say (in common), 'You gave me these marks when I was Reborn. '.

Khore nods.

You say (in common), 'Ever since you blew new life into me, I have changed... '.
You say (in common), 'The Wyld inside me calls out harder to me then before. '.
You grit your teeth and look mean.
You say (in common), 'Your kiss...that Vampires Kiss,. it was like a gust of wind that caused those embers in my mind to burst into flames. '.

You sigh as you think of him.
You say (in common), ' Wyld side burns with a blinding brightness. '.
You say (in common), 'It no longer whispers... '.
You say (in common), 'it wails... it shouts... it shrieks inside my mind. '.
You say (in common), 'The Wyld inside wants it's dance... demands it... begs it... I want my Dance! '.

Lanfear tightens the grip on her weapons until her knuckles are white.

Lanfear's eyes sparkle with delight as she looks at her weapons... then, with a grimace on her face she slowly lets her weapons fall from her hands.
You stop using (Emanating light) Dawn, Submission of the Dark .
You stop using a black dagger.

You say (in common), 'I want my Dance.. yes.. but not with the sword.. not yet. '.
You say (in common), 'instead, I'll dance with the fire itself.. that burning desire inside. '.
You say (in common), 'I will embrace the Wyld tonight.. let it have it's way.. and I'll have it's fire, it's passion embrace me in return. '.

Lanfear walks a circle about you, stopping to stand behind you. The moment your head turns slightly to look at her...
Lanfear rests her hands upon the back of your head, directing it forward gently.

Lanfear leans forward, a warm breath tracing up your neck before her voice whispers in your ear.
Lanfear whispers "Place your hands on your lap and please keep them there."
Lanfear whispers "Any contact not initiated by me will disrupt the Wyld within, and end the dance. I do not wish that."

Khore does as he is asked.

l khore
Fear prickles the hair at the back of your neck and a fine, chill sweat
breaks out over the entirely of your body. Like a midnight sun, the mere
presence of the individual who hovers before you beats at your skin, cold
and unrelenting. Every instinct tells you to flee, run, hide, get AWAY...
this is a predator. Ivory fangs gleam as He smiles slightly, drinking in
the heady wine of your emotional response.
One elegant, pale hand brushes back locks of the darkest inky hue, drawing
Your gaze up to his face. Those eyes... like gleaming pools of blood or
raw, angry wounds or the dark coals of a forge ... they are unrelenting,
boring into the recesses of your mind, weighing, witnessing, seeing all.
An invisible wind, laden with the dry scent of caves hidden deep within
the earth, stirs His hair, and causes the fine fabric of his garb to
ripple softly. His eyes close, as if to receive the tender caress of a
ghost. But then the moment of rememberance passes, and only the weary,
uncaring Undead Lord remains...
Khore is bathed in the essence of charisma.
Khore is in perfect health.
Khore is using:
<worn on finger>    a silver ring set with an oval Saphyre
<worn around neck>  a twilight gray silk cravat
<worn on head>      the faintest hint of moonlight
<worn on legs>      a pair of tailored black suede trousers
<worn about body>   a full sleeved, banded collar shirt of black muslin
<worn around wrist> starched white cuffs with onyx buttons
<worn around wrist> starched white cuffs with onyx buttons
<held>              the spiny adamantine staff
<worn with pride>   the black Cape of the Ordinus Nosferatus
<worn with pride>   (Glowing) (Humming) the Medallion of Godhood

You nod.

Lanfear lets go of your head, completes her circle until she is right in front of you and looks at the black mist swirling around her waist.

Lanfear grins as she sees you looking at her hips that are already turning in slow, small circles.

You stop using a jewelled mithril hair pin.
You wear a whisper thin veil on your head.
Lanfear pulls her long silver braid over her shoulder and removes the cord at the end.

Lanfear's hips move sensually in ever growing circles while she untangles her hair.
Lanfear closes her eyes and looses herself in the music only she can hear.
Lanfear shakes her head from side to side in the same slow rhythm her hips are moving in.
Lanfear's arms and hands move in harmony with the rest of her body, drawing intricate patterns in the air.

(Invis 73) (Intense Dark Red Aura) [GS] Khore is here.

Lanfear draws a pattern that leaves a faint trace in the air... strange... your surroundings seem to waver briefly.

Lanfear's head suddenly stops swinging and slowly turns towards you.
Lanfear opens her eyes, their color changed from violet to a scarlet red.
Lanfear looks deep into your eyes and whispers something under her breath.
Lanfear's eyes bore into your mind, finding all your dreams and unfulfilled desires.

You grin to yourself. You must be thinking some NASTY thoughts...

Lanfear's stare paralyzes you and the Void around you seems to grow.
Lanfear's smile widens as you feel the Void seep into your mind.
Lanfear ..the chair..the Void.. all shatter into a thousand pieces, causing bright flashes in your mind, temporarily robbing you of all your senses.

You stop using a heavy soul-debt.
Lanfear stands further away as your vision returns... you notice that the dark mist around her waist is gone.

Lanfear snaps her finger and you hear a pounding drumbeat starting out of nowhere, through the fading buzzing in your ears.
Lanfear puts a finger to her lips just as you wanted to ask what just happened, as if she read your mind.

Lanfear starts circling her hips again and leaves you wondering how she was able to remove her soul-debt to you.

Lanfear moves forward, led by fluid circles drawn with her hips.

Lanfear pushes her leg forward first, toes gently touching the ground, heel arching into the air, moving her knee and thigh forward.
Lanfear continues the upward motion through her hips, slow swiveling circles sliding forward.

Lanfear glides nearer with each undulating movement, hands moving together against her collarbone, separating to outline the swell of her chest.

4 players.
Hel [        God        ] [GS] Khore: at the heart of every bad apple. <Inv 73>
Hum [    Cl:27 Wa:24    ] Paython Grimward, Sniper of the Ash Moon. *Galatea*
Gia [    Wa: 9 Sh:16    ] Dethius the Giant
Elf [    Ma:25 Ra:25    ] Lanfear, Daughter of the Night   *Fate* *EBG*

Lanfear moves her hands slowly down to her ribs before resting them on the sides of her hips, as if their force propels the writhing movements forward.

Lanfear nears you, leaning her torso towards you, neck tilted to expose the bite marks that decorate her neck.
Lanfear's hand strays up to caress the marks, as her scarlet eyes meet yours.

Lanfear places one hand on the inside of each of your knees, pressing outwards in a smooth motion, her eyes locked onto yours as if captured.

Lanfear draws a fingernail across the bitemark on her neck, the scent and sight of blood filling your senses as the marks are gently and easily reopened.

Lanfear moves against you, only to toss her head forward, allowing her hair to fall over your shoulder.

Lanfear pulls her head back slightly, drawing the silver locks over your shoulder and slowly down your torso, to land in a silken puddle in your lap.

Lanfear lifts her head, drawing her hair up your torso. She tilts her head to the side as she nears your mouth and rubs the open marks along your chin.

Lanfear places her hands on your shoulders and drops to her knees between your separated legs.

Lanfear presses forward, her mouth moving next to your ear as she slowly exhales a warm directed breath across your earlobe and down your neck.

Lanfear's lips barely brush the skin on your neck, raising Goosebumps in their path.

Lanfear draws backwards to look into your eyes, searching for something. Seeing
it, she smiles a wicked smile, Wyld want magnified and returned in her wanton

Lanfear's hips flow smoothly forward, pressing against your inner thigh as her torso rises to meet yours.

Lanfear's face all but disappears on the edge of your vision, as her lips brush the other side of your neck infusing you with desire.

Khore fidgets in his seat.

You grin wickedly at him.

Lanfear presses against you, motions much like waves, rocking you gently against the back of the chair to the beat of the drum.

You stare dreamily at Khore, completely lost in his eyes.

Lanfear turns and shifts her body to press her back against your chest, her hands wrapping over each of your knees to support her.

Lanfear leans her head back over your shoulder, arching her back upwards, then down, in a writhing motion.

Lanfear sighs in your ear as the swell of her breasts rise and fall in your field of vision, straining the thin black silk that covers them.

Lanfear presses her hips backwards three times in a rhythm that is unmistakable before releasing your knees, stepping forward and standing in a fluid motion.

Lanfear stands before you, facing away, hips completing small circles that grow wider, her ribs and shoulders and head turning as she sways.

Lanfear dances in a small circle, the shift of her hips mesmerizing as she raises her hands above her head, open palms facing upwards.

Lanfear spins in slow circles, turning in place, displaying every curve to her advantage, leaning forward to undulate her chest and beckons with her hands.

Lanfear softly bites the top of her index finger and grins wickedly when you do not take the bait, and remain seated.

Lanfear's hips rotate in small circles as she moves around your side, one hand resting upon your chest.

Lanfear runs a delicate fingertip in a thin line up and over your shoulder to the back of your neck. You feel her hand grabbing a fistful of hair.

Khore gulps.

Lanfear stands behind you, gently pulling your head backwards until you face upwards, your eyes meeting hers again.

Khore smiles at you.

Lanfear moves her face over yours and plants a whisper soft kiss on the corner of your mouth, her lips then moving across your cheek to your ear.

Khore says, 'Oh my goodness...'.

Lanfear brushes her lips gently against the skin of your neck, parting her lips to press her teeth lightly, invitingly upon the vein underneath the cool skin.

Lanfear's mouth moves away from your neck, as she rises to stand directly behind you again.

Lanfear's chest moves against the back of your head, the swell of her breasts keeping your head faced forward.

Lanfear's hands rise over your shoulder to massage at the muscles in your chest.

Lanfear kneads the muscles there, moving against you in soothing motions.

Lanfear massages down, hands running along the waist seam of your suede trousers that cover your skin from direct contact.

Lanfear runs her fingers just inside the seam creeping down, only to withdraw as she moves backwards, breaking all contact.

Lanfear dances around from behind you, the undulating movements of her body slow and precise, her eyes locked on yours.

Lanfear moves before you, again kneeling to press her hips against the inside of your thigh.

Lanfear's eyes blinks slowly, the Wyld churning within her as she presses against you again, bringing her face forward as if to kiss you.

Lanfear moves to the side at the last second, another whisper light kiss landing upon your cheek..

Khore swallows, keeping his hands dutifully (difficultly) on his lap.

Lanfear whispers 'You better'

Lanfear bends over you, her long silver hair brushes your shoulder as she kisses you on your neck.

Lanfear's kiss leaves a warm feeling that ripples through your body and for the first time in ages you feel alive again.

Lanfear gives you (Warming) The Dreamdancers Kiss.

Lanfear fluidly presses against you, her hips heaving against your thigh, chest against yours, a soft warm breath now carrying a sigh near your ear.

Lanfear runs her hand over your cape and takes hold of one of the tips.

Lanfear undulates backwards and stands, slowly turning in small circles again, wrapping her middle in your cape as the drumbeat dies.

Lanfear drops to her knees again, this time her head bowed forward, yet tilted.

Lanfear brushes the hair off her sweaty shoulder, exposing your bite mark.

Lanfear sits upon her ankles, her legs folded beneath her.

Lanfear wraps a black silken cord about her wrists.

You wear a black silk cord around your left wrist.

Lanfear raises her purple eyes to meet yours, issuing an invitation.

You say (in common), 'If this dance has pleased You, bestow again the mark of Your favor upon this Wyld dancer'.

Khore grins evilly.

You grin wickedly at him.

Khore leans forward and quietly bites you, closing the wound as soon as it has opened.

Lanfear shudders with delight.
Lanfear looks up at the sky again smiling at the moon... you look up and notice it is still in the same spot it was like what seemed two hours ago!

Khore chuckles, evidently amused.

Khore says, 'Hand me the debt.'.

Lanfear grins mischievously as she sees your puzzled look.

You say (in common), 'shht'.

Lanfear whispers 'Time to wake now' and the Void surrouding you shrinks into the nothingness.
Lanfear disappears as well and with a start you jump to your feet.

Lanfear stands a few feet away from you, cool and composed.

Lanfear watches you with no emotion.. except maybe the slightest wisp of a smile.

You grin to yourself. You must be thinking some NASTY thoughts...
You give a heavy soul-debt to Khore.

Khore says, 'What a strange dream.'.
Khore grins evilly.

You smile at him.
Lanfear touches her neck... was it?

The Void
[Exits: none]
You are floating in nothing.

No one has been through here recently.

(Invis 73) (Intense Dark Red Aura) [GS] Khore is here.

You smile at him.
You grin wickedly.

Khore gives you a belt of woven dusk and twilight.

l self

Before you stands a woman dressed in white silk. Her fine robe with long
sleeves cannot hide her slender figure. Silver brocade circles the cuffs,
runs around her neck and down the front, woven silver belts her narrow waist.
She is without a doubt the most beautiful drow woman you have ever seen,
with dark, smooth skin and long silver hair.
As she notices you staring at her, she looks at you with unflinching eyes.
Her thoughtful gaze finally locks with yours. Eyes like dark, mountain pools,
seem to read your deepest, most secret thoughts. A small, knowing smile curves
her lips as she moves a bit closer to you. Though she moves with the grace of
a dancer, her moves strike you as measured, precise and guarded.
Lanfear is in perfect health.
Lanfear is using:
<used as light>      (Glowing) some sickly green moss
<worn around neck>   (Glowing Red) a pair of tiny fang marks
<worn around neck>   the Amulet of Ice
<worn on body>       a black spider silk dress
<worn on head>       a whisper thin veil
<worn on legs>       sheer black silk stockings
<worn on feet>       some soft soled black boots
<worn on hands>      some skin-tight black gloves
<worn on arms>       a pair of studded leather sleeves
<worn about body>    a fine cloak, black as a moonless night
<worn around wrist>  a black silk cord
<worn with pride>    a niobium nipple ring

Khore says, 'It fits with your attire well, does it not?'.

You are carrying:
a belt of woven dusk and twilight
(Emanating light) Dawn, Submission of the Dark
a jewelled mithril hair pin
a black dagger
a pick
( 3) an egg casing
a canvas bag
a mage's spellbook
( 2) a leather backpack

You whistle appreciatively.

You wear a belt of woven dusk and twilight about your waist.

Khore says, 'I free you of your debt.'.

Lanfear sweeps a curtsey.

Khore says, 'Were it dream or were it reality, my existance, as yours is merely the sum of our perceptions.'.

You say (in common), 'It did not feel like a debt'.
You nod in recognition to him.

Khore says, 'Even if I slept through it and grasped for it as I woke, whatever it was you owed to me,'.
Khore says, 'You owe no longer.'.

You smile at him.

Khore says, 'Though I am amused to find I slept sitting with my hands on my lap.'.
Khore says, 'The power of suggestion, I suppose.'.
Khore grins evilly.

You grin wickedly at him.
You say (in common), 'no.. the power of the dreamdancer'.

Khore grins evilly.
You smile happily.

You say (in common), 'what happened.. happened in your dream.. nonetheless.. it was very real :)'.

Khore grins evilly.
You snicker with him about your shared secret.

Khore grins evilly.
Khore says, 'I keep my dreams close to my chest.'.
You snicker softly.
Khore says, 'er, you know.'.
Khore says, 'No pun intended.'.
Khore stares at the sky.

You say (in common), 'yes?'.

Khore says, 'A beautiful dream.'.

You smile happily.

You say (in common), 'good'.
Khore smiles happily.
You say (in common), 'It was supposed to be...nice'