Creation of the Hound

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Katrana ran a following quest for her weasels...This helped in the RP progression of a handful of her members (especially one), as well as providing some intrigue for them for the evening. As Wyld as her weasels are, 2 of her Hunt kept stalking each other, one granting a successful Rebirth to the other...

Members that took part: Aoide, Tagnik, Myst, Maeron, Pitic, Sagan

You ftell, '*You hear your Wyldess scream in pain.*'.

You ftell, '*Check the board notes*'.

[ 5] Katrana: A hound has fallen (Hunt Quest for Quest night!)
Fri Apr 15 17:34:01 2011
To followers of: Katrana
A scroll lays bound tightly at your feet, sealed with blood-red wax. Upon breaking
the seal you see lines of spidery text that shifts Wyldly even as you read it. The
page is spattered with what you think are stains made from falling tears.

My lovelies...I write this quickly as I do not have much time. hound
grows weak. Something, someone...has attempted to remove his Thread from the Pattern.
The Pattern quakes due to this unspeakable attempt. Not even I, the Wyldess, can
remove a Thread. I worry that my recent re-appearance in the Realm has caused this
unknown force to strike. I bid each of you to look into this dire matter. I was left
a note whose cryptic contents I will share...but not here. It is not safe. We have
no home to call our own yet, meet me where the essence of the Triat is strong...Meet
me at Lake Hali. Find me there. Make haste.

Aoide ftells, 'shall we go together?'.

Aoide ftells, 'now men, no fighting tonight'.

Aoide ftells, 'we must focus our efforts on whatever is causing our lady pain'.

Sagan ftells, 'You are right'.


Katrana sobs holding Ashendarei in her arms.

Aoide gasps in astonishment.

Aoide says (in common), 'is he...still breathing?'.

Katrana nods slowly.

Katrana eyes shift hues from cyan to gold.

Katrana sniffs sadly.

Katrana strokes Ashendarei slowly.

Aoide gets a black laquered ebony and brass clarinet from bag made from dwarven shopkeeper hide.

Ashendarei whimpers and cries for aid.

Aoide holds a black laquered ebony and brass clarinet in her hands.

Aoide plays a slow, forlorn tune.

Aoide says (in common), 'this will perhaps calm him'.

Aoide says (in common), 'it is an old Elvish healing song'.

Aoide plays the final notes and falls silent.

A strong wind stirs the air as you enter the presence of the Wyldess.

Sagan looks at Ashendarei and sighs.

Katrana rests cradling a mottled grey hound...can this truly be Ashendarei?

Beyond the Wyldess is the Pattern, wavering and shimmering with power.

The once-powerful hound lays panting across Katrana, his eyes growing dim.

Tears streak down the face of the Wyldess as she slowly looks up to you.

Katrana whispers, 'My Hunters, you shall seek a way to reverse this sickness...if not reverse, then to rectify.'

Katrana whispers, 'A cryptic message was left...I..'

Ashendarei whimpers and cries in agony.

Aoide winces. Ouch!

Lightning flashes angrily, and thunder crashes in your ears as the Wyldess snarls.

Katrana gently lays Ashendarei down, and rises.

Katrana quickly turns to the Pattern and snatches one of two bone-white Threads.

Katrana recites an incantation you cannot understand.

The alabaster Thread pulses with power before its aura goes dim.

The roses in Katrana's mane start to fall slowly from her hair.

Katrana sighs with exhaustion.

Katrana whispers, 'I am unable to do this myself. I must keep his Thread intact.'

Katrana growls, 'I should not be struggling to do this...I should be able to contain this myself.'

Katrana sighs heavily.

Katrana looks to each of you.

You say, 'I have solved 2 of the riddles...I cannot solve the last. I will post the note now.'.

You say, 'In addition to that riddle, you are required to obtain a weapon.'.

You say, 'Not just a weapon, but one used to spill the blood of the unwilling in unholy rites. '.

You say, 'You shall also slay three...'.

Katrana strains to complete the sentence.

You say, 'Three shamans of significant power. Bring their remains back to here. '.

You say, 'Go my Wyldlings, my Hunters, go with haste.'.

The Wyldess returns to the Hound, the hail turns to rain as she breaks down into tears.


You ftell, '*note posted*'.

[ 6] Katrana: The riddle left...
Fri Apr 15 17:46:02 2011
To followers of: Katrana
Before the mountain of goblins,
near the ghost of Shudde'Mell
Liquid spilled yet still contained
Crimson prize of a Wyld-blessed hermit


Aoide ftells, 'so was their really blood?'.

Aoide ftells, 'are we intended to drink?'.

You ftell, '*sniffs* It is needed for the ritual.'.

Aoide ftells, 'for me to drink? or intact for something else?'.

Maeron ftells, 'myst is not the mvp btw!'. ((NOTE: My Wyldlings are of course Wyld, and Myst cut Maeron's Thread -during- the quest. Because Maeron summoned him.))

Aoide ftells, 'I do not want to waste anything Ashenderei may need'.

You ftell, 'Bring back to me, once you have the other items...'.

Myst ftells, 'we got teh jar'.

Myst ftells, 'now just need dagger and shamans'.

Aoide ftells, 'now we need a ritual weapon'.

Aoide ftells, 'used to spill blood of the unwilling in an unholy ritual'.

Aoide ftells, 'Tagnik, something awful has happened'.

Aoide ftells, 'we are currently seeking a weapon used in sacrifices'.

Aoide ftells, 'if you know where one is, it would be of great aid to our lady'.

Sagan ftells, 'We have everything except the weapon. '.


Aoide taps her temple. ((NOTE: Some took a bit longer to get back...)

Tagnik says (in common), 'Hello, brothers and sisters'.

Aoide says (in common), 'some brains if no experience'.

Katrana sobs quietly.

Katrana strokes Ashendarei's fur softly.

Aoide says (in common), 'my lady, would you like the items at your feet?'.

You shake your head.

You say, 'Hold on to them please'.

Aoide nods.

Aoide is not as dumb as previously indicated (cough Bard quest).

The Frozen Lake Hali
[Exits: south west]
Black ice, dark and opaque, extends in a plain about you,
forming a lake of dark, slick perfection. A sense of dank
horror overcomes you, begging you not to continue. Mayhap
you should listen to it ...

There are lots of indistinct tracks that seem to lead nowhere.

(Invis) (Light Red Aura) Myst is here. (Light Red Aura) Tagnik is here. (Light Red Aura) Maeron is here. (Light Red Aura) Aoide is here. (Light Red Aura) Sagan is here.

You say, 'We must begin the Rite before it is too late for Ashendarei.'.

You say, 'Sagan has volunteered to be the focus for the spell. Are you all prepared?'.

Sagan nods.

Maeron nods.

Aoide nods.

Tagnik says (in common), 'Yes, m'lady'.

Katrana makes a complicated gesture.

A glowing sigil of azure light springs into existence on the ground.

Katrana gently lowers Ashendarei onto the sigil, her face a mask of pain.

You say, 'Now, my lovelies... let us act quickly.'.

Katrana beckons to her favored Bard. 'Step forward, Aoide.'

Aoide steps forward.

A strand of the Pattern detaches itself and passes across Aoide's face.

Katrana looks sharply at the shimmering Pattern.

Aoide looks at Ashenderei with a worried expression.

Katrana murmurs, 'Interesting... this must be discussed, dear one. But not now...'

You say, 'Have you the answer to the riddle?'.

Aoide says (in common), 'yes'.

You say, 'Please give it to Sagan.'.

Aoide gives a dark red jar to Sagan.

Sagan nods.

You say, 'Sagan, trace the liquid along the Sigil's pattern.'.

Sagan traces the sigil using the remaining blood in the jar.

The Sigil pulses with an eerie hue.

You say, 'Have we the three cut Threads needed?'.

Sagan nods.

You say, 'Place them on the ground.'.

Katrana points to three points of intersections on the glowing sigil.

Sagan drops the corpse of Shar-Ti.

Sagan drops the corpse of the shaman's apprentice.

Sagan drops the corpse of the Shaman of Og.

You say, 'Sagan, do you have the blade?'.

Sagan shakes his head.

Tagnik gives a sacrificial dagger to Sagan.

Sagan says (in common), 'Ah!'.

Sagan thanks Tagnik heartily.

Aoide adjusts the apprentice's corpse slightly to align properly.

Aoide beams a smile at Tagnik.

Sagan thanks Aoide heartily.

You say, 'Spill what remains of their life-essence then.'.

Katrana's eyes shift to a bloody-crimson hue.

Katrana points at the corpses.

Sagan pierces each corpse with the dagger.

Aoide says (in common), 'quickly, Sagan, before they have nothing left!'.

Sagan sacrifices the corpse of the Shaman of Og to Katrana.

Sagan sacrifices the corpse of the shaman's apprentice to Katrana.

Sagan sacrifices the corpse of Shar-Ti to Katrana.

The sigil flares and soaks up the oozing blood.

Ashendarei's limp form takes on a crimson hue.

Katrana perks up as her hound stirs.

Ashendarei struggles to his feet before collapsing again.

The pulsing of the sigil slows as the corpses wither.

You say, 'No! Ashendarei! Sagan, do something....'.

Sagan panics.

Aoide says (in common), 'more blood?'.

Sagan slices his own palm deeply with the dagger.

Sagan places his palm on the sigil.

Katrana gasps.

You say, 'Not that!'.

The sigil explodes with light as Sagan's blood is drawn into the web of energy.

Tagnik says (in common), 'The girl'.

Tagnik points at Aoide accusingly.

Sagan collapses.

Aoide gasps in astonishment.

Ashendarei looks at Sagan and crawls weakly to the fallen dwarf.

The Hound licks at the rough face weakly before his eyes close once more.

The sigil pulses faster, drawing ever more of Sagan's blood, but Ashendarei still lies still.

You say, ' is too late for my Hound. Sagan must be saved.'.

Katrana begins sorting through the Threads on the Pattern behind her.

You say, 'The Wyld has power over Death, but little over life. If only my Sister, the Wyrm, were here.'.

Katrana sheds a blood red tear as she looks to Tagnik.

You say, 'Tagnik, step forward and aid your fallen brother while I try to save at least one of their lives, please.'.

Aoide says (in common), 'she has not been seen for many years'.

Tagnik steps forward.

Tagnik utters the words, 'cure serious'.

Tagnik utters the words, 'cure serious'.

The sigil flares again and Sagan begins to breathe once more as Tagnik draws near.

Ashendarei disappears in an azure flame.

You say, 'Tagnik... how did you do that?'.

Katrana reveals the alabaster thread, now stained with splotches of a dark, emerald green.

You say, 'I... I can not find Sagan's thread, but this is not that of my Hound either.'.

Sagan stands and glances around curiously.

Tagnik says (in common), 'I'm.... not sure'.

Sagan sniffs the air tentatively.

You raise your eyebrow.

Katrana turns her head to one side and glances at Sagan curiously.

You say, 'It can't be.'.

Sagan whines annoyingly. Why don't you slap him?

Tagnik gasps in astonishment.

You say, 'Sagan, do you feel okay?'.

You raise your eyebrow.

Tagnik says (in common), 'You seem different, brother'.

Tagnik looks at Sagan.

Aoide says (in common), 'but, what happened to Ashenderei? The threads, my lady..the emerald..'.

You nod in recognition to her.

Aoide says (in common), 'have you seen it's likeness recently?'.

You say, 'Dear one, I have never seen this.'.

Sagan looks quizzically at Tagnik.

Sagan sits down and thinks deeply.

Sagan licks Tagnik.

Sagan smiles happily.

You say, 'Perhaps my Sister has...she has more experience with Threads...'.

Maeron says (in elven), 'Sagan's a dog?'.

Tagnik says (in common), 'The hound and Sagan have joined... into one?'.

You nod in recognition to him.

Tagnik gasps as he realizes what Sagan did.

Aoide says (in common), 'what are we going to do with Sagan the hound?'.

You say, 'It appears that Ashendarei has merged with Sagan...'.

Aoide says (in common), 'but what will this mean, for Sagan, for Ashendarei?'.

Sagan shows his approval by clapping his hands together.

Maeron says (in elven), 'well..he already smelled like a dog'.

You say, 'This will be permanent is my guess, until we can find a way to bring Ashendarei back.'.

Tagnik pulls out a leash and a pooperscooper.

Aoide says (in common), 'can they be separated? SHOULD they be?'.

Sagan growls at Tagnik. Better leave the room before the fighting starts.

Aoide nods in recognition to Maeron.

You say, 'I am not sure as to what damage may occur Aoide.'.

Aoide sits down and thinks deeply.

You say, 'I have never seen two Threads become one...'.

Aoide ftells, 'and Myst of house puppy! What a canine operation we're becoming :)'.

I just thought that comment was hilarious so I left that one in!

Sagan utters the words, 'create water'.

You say, 'Threads wrap and become entangled yes...'.

Sagan drinks water from a dark red jar.

Sagan licks his lips and smiles.

Aoide looks closely at Sagan.

You say, 'But never merge...'.

Manatheren emerges from the shadows...

Aoide says (in common), 'we shall have to be satisfied that we have not lost both, then'.

Stalking Sagan...before pouncing on him.

Tagnik says (in common), 'With the merging of threads comes strength. I expect we will be seeing great things from Sagan'.

Sagan is so excited that he cheers just for the hell of it.

You nod in recognition to her.

Aoide nods in recognition to Tagnik.

You say, 'We have managed to save both...'.

You say, 'And lose both...'.

Sagan ftells, 'I won't be using public channels and stuff, Sagan isn't able to talk anymore FYI'.
((As an FYI to the realm))

You say, 'I'm not sure think.'.


Ftell spanned after this with, well who was behind the attempt, what is going to happen to Sagan, how could Tagnik do what he did...and not even know it? What is happening to Aoide...