Interview with a Vampire

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Notes: Nameless Demonspawn, a Nashite belonging to the Silver Fellowship of Gryphon, had grown close to DarkClaw of the Kindred Vampyric. This was causing no small amount of distress and alarm among those who knew them both, among the Kindred, and among the Silver Fellowship. Nameless wished to speak to Lord Khore, to make clear his intentions...

The Cave of Khore
You have entered what appears to be a subterranean cave. All around, the sounds of dripping water echo and reecho. The bounds of the cave are not readily visible; the walls disappear into the darkness. Flames, barely visible amidst the almost tangible darkness, hang suspended in the air flanking a wide sandy walkway to the apparent center of the cave. There you see rock formations jutting from wall and floor and ceiling at impossible angles, all crackling with a red lightning that leaps back and forth. The rocks form a circular enclosure around a raised section on the floor. Five great stone pillars of the gothic style melt into the floor and ceiling encircling the raised section. Each pillar has a black plaque embedded in it, glowing with blood red letters. In the center of all this, an eerie red light emanates from an ornate wooden coffin.
Fear grips you as doubts about your self worth begin to tear at your soul. Internal conflict rages nearly suffocating you... and then, there is only a dark flooding peace which overwhelms you. A voice intones, 'The Lord of this cave is the Lord of Fear. He who shall enter his chamber shall fear nothing but him.' The presence of the Vampyre Lord Khore is overwhelming here... strangely terrifying yet calming you with a foreboding and silent stillness. High above you, the ceiling seems to writhe and move...
An ornate wooden box pulsates with a dim red glow.

DarkClaw utters the words, 'Summon.' Nameless arrives suddenly.

Khore chuckles, evidently amused.

Nameless extends and sweeps his massive wings, lifting him off the ground! Nameless stands up.
Nameless bows before Khore.

DarkClaw beams a smile at Nameless.

Lena growls softly at Nameless.

Khore says 'Nameless, stand still.'

Lena says 'DEMON!'

Nameless says 'thank You Lord Khore for this audience'.

Medea curtseys gracefully to Nameless.

Lena leaps to her feet.

Nameless shifts his wings until he is comfortable...

DarkClaw says 'No, Lena...'

Nameless says 'yes Lord Khore'.

Khore says 'Yes, we will for the moment forget you are a follower of the Nashite god.'

DarkClaw says 'Please...'

Lena paces towards Nameless. Lena growls, "NASHITE???"

Nameless turns his face towards Lena.

DarkClaw sighs.

Nameless says 'yes...'

Look at Nameless:
You see before you a figure cloaked in shadows. Something is not quite right about him. You look closer and see that he seems 'bulkier' than he should. Suddenly, his face turns towards you. The scent of a Beast fills your nostrils. From the depths of his cloak, glowing red eyes stare into your soul, shriveling it with his gaze. This 'thing' stands and snarls, his cloak falling away...
What stands before you resembles NOTHING human. It looks like something out of your worst nightmare. A huge, hulking, deformed Beast. A lion-like head, huge bat-like wings, a long whipping tail, and fur covering his entire body. Where in the realms something this 'repulsive' could have been borne you do not know, nor do you wish to ever find out.
Then you look closer, past the Demon-like visage. You are drawn to his eyes. Something else is there. Something other than evil mindless hatred. He returns your gaze, unwavering. And then you see it. A single tear rolls down his Bestial visage, and deep within those blood red eyes you see the only 'human' trait left in this deformed, wracked body...
for he is nameless, and he is the son of Ebencaleneezer. King of Demons.

Khore says 'Be at ease Lena.'

Nameless says 'this one follows the God of Perfection'.

Lena looks at Khore for His direction.

Medea looks at Lena with concern.

Lena puts her hand to her blade.

Khore stands next to Lena and pets her as he rises and stands before Nameless.

Nameless lowers his wings, making himself as un-intimidating as possible.

Khore says 'Watch how you pronounce 'perfection' in this cave…And watch how you define it as well.'

Lena growls ferally at Nameless

Nameless nods in recognition to Khore.

Khore says 'You have your audience.'

Nameless says 'yes Lord Khore. thank You'.

Khore says 'You may thank DarkClaw for that.'

Nameless turns to look at DarkClaw.

Lena carefully sits between Khore and the Demon Thing.

DarkClaw say quietly, ' May I leave?'

Khore says 'If you wish.' Khore beams a smile at DarkClaw.

Ankh says 'I should go too'.

Khore says 'As you see fit, young ones.'

Lena says 'Do you wish me gone, Lord?'

DarkClaw nods slowly.

Khore shakes his head.

DarkClaw bows before Khore.

Nameless says 'this one apologizes if this is a desecration...'

Khore says 'Those that have no pressing concerns should stay.'

Lena says 'You should STAY, DarkClaw. I smell ... HIM... all over you.'

Nameless looks to the floor....and waits.

DarkClaw looks to Nameless, then turns for the exit, the darkness consuming her in its' welcomed embrace. DarkClaw leaves south.

Nameless sighs loudly. Nameless says 'Lord Khore...'

Khore ftells: 'DarkClaw, perhaps it best you stay.'

Khore says 'Speak, your audience begins.'

Nameless maintains a stance of respect in His presence.

Khore says 'What would you bring before the lord of the Kindred Vampyric.'

Medea tells Lena 'Must be about Love *gag*'

Nameless says 'this one has become aware of a ...'feud.

DarkClaw sighs softly, and quietly answers 'Yes, Khore...'

Nameless says 'between Yourself, and the Followers of Nash'.

Khore says 'I acknowledge no feud.'

Lena tells Medea '*nod* I Think so..'

Nameless nods in recognition to Khore. Nameless says 'as You wish Lord'.

Khore says 'I do acknowledge... a rift of beliefs.'

The door opens. DarkClaw has arrived. DarkClaw closes the door.

Medea tells Lena 'Doesn't it just make you sick?'

Khore says 'But I know to what you refer.'

Nameless says 'very well...'

Khore says 'How does this concern you, Nameless?'

Nameless says 'this one...has had, and still has...the highest respect for the Kindred'.

Khore says 'Respect is a good thing.'

Nameless says 'they are one of the most Honorable in the realm'
Nameless says 'regardless of 'aura.

Lena raises her head slightly and sniffs at the Demon Thing.

Khore says 'Honor is sometimes a byproduct of Respect.'

Nameless says 'this one is simply curious as to why You...'

Lena tells Medea '*nod* I smell HIM all over her..'

Nameless nods in recognition to Khore. Nameless says ' is… and this one must say he also respects the Kindred. But this one is curious as to Your ...'opinion' of this one's God, Nash?'

Khore says 'It is their respect for you, Nameless, that allows you to stand in this place... without holes being punched in that neck of yours.'

Lena growls softly, deep in her throat.

Nameless says 'this one has heard 'rumors'...'

Medea snickers softly.

Nameless clears his throat.. *ahem*
Nameless says 'yes...thank you'.

Khore smiles happily.

Nameless bows slightly to each in turn.

Khore says 'Though I imagine DarkClaw may have more than a little desire to do that.' Khore grins evilly.

DarkClaw looks quickly to Khore, saying nothing.

Telamon ftells: 'hey Khore'.

Lena growls, "They both smell of each other..."

l medea
Let me guide myself with the blue, forked torch of this flower Down the darker and darker stairs, where blue is darkened on blueness until a deep crimson red even where Persephone goes, just now, from the frosted September to the sightless realm where darkness is awake upon the dark And Persephone herself is but a voice or a darkness invisible enfolded in the deeper dark of the arms Plutonic, and pierced with the passion of dense gloom, among the splendor of torches of darkness, shedding darkness on the lost bride and her groom.

Nameless does a pretty good job maintaining his composure.

Khore hugs DarkClaw. Khore says 'My opinion of Nash? He is a god that misleads his followers.'

Nameless says 'how so?'

Khore says 'His teachings are false.'

Nameless says 'pardon this one's boldness Lord.. but there are those who say the same of You'

Khore says 'Nash rules all, does he not, Nameless?'

Lena lashes her tail angrily.

Nameless shakes his head.

Khore chuckles, evidently amused.

Medea frowns.

Khore says 'Brazen, Nameless.'

Lena looks quickly to Khore for the slightest motion... the slightest indication..
Lena grips her blade's hilt.

Khore restrains Lena, softly stroking her fur.

Lena remains vigilant, but softens her stance slightly.

DarkClaw looks to Lena, then to Nameless.

Khore says 'Let us say, Nameless, that I am indeed a prophet of lies.'

Medea blinks.

Khore says 'For the sake of argument, Nameless, that I mislead my children.'

Nameless says 'for the sake of argument'.

Khore says 'Whyfore do I mislead them?'
Khore says 'For my glory?'

Nameless says 'that is not this one's place to question Lord, that would be the place of Your followers'.

Khore says 'Shush, Nameless, I am not yet done.'

Nameless says 'they follow You because they believe in what You stand for'.
Nameless says 'sorry...'

Khore says 'For my glory? as I was saying.'
Khore says 'Which of us, Nash or me, require that we hail his name?'

Nameless lowers his head respectfully...

Khore says 'Answer.'

Nameless says 'Nash does not 'require' that His name be hailed'.

Khore says 'No of course not...'

Nameless says 'that is a testament of the Black Conclave's. They also believe that 'killing' and 'death' brings them closer to perfection'.

Lena growls, "Ask the .. “*spits* “.. LICH"

Nameless says 'this one...and the others in the Silver Fellowship...'

Khore says 'Molo is the prophet of Nash.'

Nameless says 'we do not believe such things'. Nameless shakes his head. Nameless says 'Molo is simply...a spokesman'.

Khore says 'Even within his own beliefs, there are rifts of understanding. You disagree with what Nash is.'

Nameless says 'this one does not follow Molo....'
Nameless says 'this one apologizes for interrupting Lord Khore'.

Khore says 'I know who you follow Nameless. Nothing is hidden from me.'

Nameless says 'of course...' Nameless bows his head.

DarkClaw scuffs her boot on the floor absently.

Khore says 'If I may ask, Nameless.'

Nameless says 'anything Lord Khore'.

Khore says 'Why am I here being inquisitioned by you on my beliefs of your false god?'

Medea ftells: 'Yeah, is there a point to this?'

Nameless says 'because Lord Khore.. as this one said...he respects You...and believes You are one of Honor'.

Khore says 'Your bravery is worthy of my respect Nameless.'

Nameless says 'however'. Nameless bows before Khore. Nameless says 'thank You Lord do this one Much Honor'.

DarkClaw ftells: 'I'm sure there is, Medea... '.

Ankh ftells: 'Point to what?'

Nameless says 'if this one may be so bold...'

Khore says 'You have been thus far.'

Telamon ftells: 'the discussion between nameless and Khore.'

Khore says 'feel free.'

Lena ftells: 'If the demon thing doesn't get to it soon, I'm going to BITE him.... *growl*'.

Nameless looks down,....then up again.

Medea ftells: 'I KNOW what the point is...I just wish he'd get around to SAYING it (sorry DarkClaw)'.

Nameless says 'this one 'feels' though you are... not respecting the rights of others to... follow another God... or another belief'.'

Ankh ftells: 'Oh, what's the prob with nameless?'

DarkClaw ftells: '*stays her control*'.

Khore laughs. Khore says 'Surely you jest. Oh blinded mortal. Look me in the eyes and tell me I stand in your way. I believe your god to be false. And have I struck you down for that?'

Nameless looks into Khore's eyes...
Nameless shivers uncomfortably.
Nameless says 'no Lord Khore. However...the Black Conclave does such...'

Khore says 'What have I done to deserve this, Nameless? These accusations that have no grounds.'

Nameless says 'and You have judged Nash, based on the Conclaves actions'.

Lena growls warningly, menacingly at Nameless.

Khore says 'When I have allowed you into my temple.'
Khore says 'I have judged Nash based on Nash.'

Medea ftells: '*sigh*'.

Nameless bows deeply. Nameless says 'very well Lord Khore'.

Khore says 'I have judged YOU, based on You.'

Nameless says 'how is this one to be judged then Lord Khore?'

Khore says 'My judgment, Nameless, is not universal. My judgment is to satisfy my own beliefs, and those that the Kindred adhere to. By choice.'

WHOIS Nameless:
Hum [ Wa:14 ] Nameless. sorrow. only sorrow. (-All) {Nash}

Nameless nods.

Khore says 'None of them are held against their will. What you believe, whether or not it be true, is no concern of mine.'

Khore says 'You are not my charge.'

Lena purrs and nuzzles Lord Khore's hand.

Khore smiles at Lena.

Nameless nods.

Khore says 'I judge you this way, Nameless.'

Nameless maintains a rigid stance...unwavering.

Khore says 'You are the follower of a god which I denounce as facetious and false. My opinion on him is publicly known, if not loudly shouted. I see *you* Nameless as a brave individual who has been led down paths that perhaps are not the best for him. I see you as brave. Brave enough to stand here and face me and tell me that I am wrong.'

Nameless averts his eyes for a moment.

Khore says 'Brave, and foolish. I see more than you, Nameless.'

Nameless lowers his gaze...

Khore says 'Do not deceive yourself. Do not preach at me. I have been in this world and before it before you were a strand on the loom of fate.'

Nameless looks up at the mention of the loom...

Khore says 'I tell you this. The weaver is not Nash, nor the weaver's father. That is my belief.'

Nameless nods.

Khore says 'If I am wrong, then fate will have her hand with me.'

Nameless nods. Nameless says 'that is all that can be said about us all...'

Khore says 'I do not believe myself to be wrong, or I would not have allowed myself to continue to be so. I care for the Kindred. I would not intentionally mislead them.'

Lena smiles and bows gracefully before Khore.

Nameless nods.

Khore says 'That is why my admiration for Nash is Spartan at best. I see him misleading his charges. For his own personal glory. My first law is Solidarity.'

Nameless says 'You feel this one is mis-led?'

Khore says 'His is personal glory. Nameless, I know why you are here. Step forward, DarkClaw.'

Nameless looks up...then over at DarkClaw.. Nameless sighs loudly. Nameless shakes his head.

DarkClaw nods slowly, then does as instructed.

Nameless looks up suddenly.

DarkClaw say quietly, ' Yes, Khore?'

Khore says 'You desire the companionship of this one? For that also, do I respect you.'

DarkClaw nods.

Nameless whispers 'yes Lord...but that is not the only reason this one is here...'

Khore says 'Then speak it. Come stand by me, DarkClaw.'

Nameless looks longingly at DarkClaw.

Khore motions.

Lena moves over and gets out of the way.

Khore says 'The other side will do, Lena.'

DarkClaw moves between Khore and Lena.

Nameless says 'this one wished an audience...'

DarkClaw says '(OOPS!)'.

Khore smiles happily.

Medea ftells: '*chuckle*'.

Nameless says 'to learn Your true opinion. not the opinion of rumors'.

Khore says 'My true opinion?' Khore chuckles, evidently amused.

Nameless nods.

Medea ftells: 'He's been SO upset about this whole thing...'

Nameless says 'that which You have spoken, answered this one's questions'.

Khore says 'Gatherer of knowledge, who seeks the beliefs of Gods.'

Nameless looks to the floor... Nameless says 'no Lord...'

Khore says 'You sought truth. You will not find truth here. You will not find truth in this world Nameless. This is a world of deception. What seems to be is not what is. My eyes see farther than yours, with clarity yours cannot imagine. But they too see shadows and fog.'

Nameless says 'this one merely respected Your word...and wished to know what 'it' was'.

Khore says 'They too see patches of midnight that I cannot penetrate. There is no truth. If there were, if there truly was... we would all be followers of truth, would we not?'

Nameless nods.

Khore says 'We follow the strands of the tapestries. We see the reflections.'

Nameless whispers 'this one has never believed in 'truth' Lord'

Khore says 'We watch the movement of waters, and the way the clouds shift. And each sees a different thing in them. And so, because the clouds are different to each, the perceptions of truth for each are different.'

Nameless nods.

Khore says 'Because I have seen more, the Kindred trust me to be their sight where they cannot see. Not to be their sight where they have eyes. Because they too must come into their own perception of truth.'

Lena nods in recognition of Khore's words.

Khore says 'Bezil, attend to me.'

The guardian vampire says, 'My lord wishes me?'

Nameless looks into the shadows.

Khore says 'Bezil, what is truth. Answer me that.'

The guardian vampire says, 'Truth is shadow.'

Khore says 'Why do you say that?'

The guardian vampire says, 'It was the answer that was given.'

Khore says 'By whom?'

The guardian vampire says, 'By the darkness.'

Khore says 'Who asked it?'

The guardian vampire says, 'The first one.'

Khore says 'Him being?'

The guardian vampire says, '...'

Khore says 'Who was the first one?'

The guardian vampire says, 'My lord...'

Telamon drinks water from a buffalo water skin.

Bezil looks dismayed and confused.

Khore says 'What is his name?'

Nameless looks to Bezil with interest.

The guardian vampire says, 'My lord, he has no name.'

Khore nods. Khore says 'Not Nash?'

Nameless suddenly averts his eyes...and looks to the floor.

Bezil laughs.

Medea snickers softly.

The guardian vampire says, 'No, lord, not Nash.'

Khore smiles happily.
Khore says 'Bezil, relay the story of the Darkness.'

Lena growls softly at that name's mention..

Khore says 'For many have not heard it. And Nameless could use this particular parcel of wisdom.'

The guardian vampire says, 'As you wish.'

Nameless bows before Khore. Nameless thanks Khore heartily.

The guardian vampire says, 'In the beginning, before the Maelstrom, there was only darkness. The light came after, because it was The First that wished it, and The First that forged it. When The First was but a child, he came into being, and knew the darkness. They are not entities as we know them.'

Khore says 'Who are not?'

The guardian vampire says, 'The First and the Darkness. They were all encompassing, they were all. They are beyond comprehension. But when The First was born, he knew one thing. That while in his relative blink of an eye, eons passed... the Darkness was infinite in age. The darkness was eternal.'

DarkClaw looks to Nameless briefly.

The guardian vampire says, 'And even before The First willed... 'Let there be light...' He sought the companionship and wisdom of the only other entity. Darkness.'

Khore says 'What were the hundred questions that he asked?'

The guardian vampire says, 'The first my Lord, was 'Who am I?.

Khore says 'And the answer?'

The guardian vampire says, 'The Darkness merely conveyed, 'The First'.'

Khore nods.

Khore says 'The second question?'

The guardian vampire says, 'That was, 'Who are you?''

Khore says 'And the answer for that?'

The guardian vampire says, 'There was none.'
The guardian vampire says, 'There was only a sense of emptiness, overwhelming emptiness and... null, void...'

Nameless closes his eyes.

The guardian vampire says, 'And so he was named Darkness by the First.'

Khore nods. Khore says 'And the third question, Bezil. The important one.'

The guardian vampire says, 'What is truth?'

Khore says 'And the answer?'

The guardian vampire says, 'For eons, silence. The Darkness seemed himself not to know. Then there was a voice. Truth is shadow.'

Khore nods.

Nameless opens his eyes suddenly...

Khore says 'There is much more to that conversation.'

Nameless nods.

Khore says 'It is ingrained in the teachings of the Kindred.'

DarkClaw beams a smile at Khore.

Nameless sighs loudly.

Khore says 'But, before The First willed light and created the Maelstrom...'

Nameless nods.

Khore says 'He knew that truth was Shadow.'

Khore says 'Behold.'

A flame dances between Khore and Nameless.

Nameless does not flinch...yet seems...comfortable.

The shadow behind Nameless dances and weaves as the flame flickers.

There is no shadow behind Khore.

Nameless looks ever more bestial in the flame light.

Khore says 'I cast no shadow.'
Khore says 'I am not truth. But better for me to know that... then for yours to be unsure, Nameless.'

Nameless nods.

Khore says 'Look around you.'

Nameless looks around...

Khore says 'Each of them, the Kindred cast shadows.'
Khore says 'I see a greater shadow than they see.'

Nameless looks each Kindred in the eyes...then turns to the next.

Lena growls warningly, menacingly at Nameless.

Khore says 'I have my own share of truth.'
Khore says 'I see my own shadow. My truth is not visible to you.'

The flame extinguishes suddenly.

Nameless rests his eyes upon DarkClaw...

Khore says 'But do not believe that that flickering truth of yours...'

Nameless quickly returns his gaze to Khore.

Khore says 'Is enough to see you through this world. And do not believe that Nash does not hide in your shadow. Stealing form the truth that you exude. I have said my piece on Nash.'

Nameless nods.

Khore says 'His name will not be spoken here again this night.'

Nameless extends and sweeps his massive wings, lifting him off the ground! Nameless stands up.

Khore says 'One more thing Nameless.'

Nameless says 'this one ...thanks You for...yes Lord Khore?'

Khore says 'This one approves of DarkClaw's choice. You are dismissed.'

Nameless bows before Khore.

Khore opens the door.

Nameless says 'thank You'.
Nameless leaves south.

DarkClaw beams a smile at Khore.

Lena slams the door shut behind Nameless.

Khore says 'DarkClaw. You have chosen Nashite. But you have not chosen Nash. There is distinction.'

DarkClaw nods in recognition to Khore.

Khore says 'He is mislead, but he is not the misleader. He may have based his existence on that, and I do not expect him to change. Or at least not easily. But you cannot allow him to change you.'

Khore says 'My acceptance is not the world's acceptance.'

DarkClaw shakes her head.

Khore says 'Whether or not you have my approval, you will face those that do not approve. My power is on you, and in this domicile of mine.'

Medea says 'No, this is perfect Lord. Can I say something?' Medea curtseys gracefully to Khore.

Khore says 'Its reach beyond that is tenuous at best, and nonexistent at worst.'

DarkClaw looks to Medea.

Khore says 'And yes, Medea, of course.'

Medea says 'Sorry, my apologies for interrupting. It's just...I know the Conclave, and particularly Sirak, will be unable to accept this love... and considering how devoted Nameless seems to be...'

Khore shrugs and says 'Sirak's will is not my concern.'

Telamon says 'Sirak'. Telamon grumbles under his breath.

Medea says 'That works for our betterment'.

Khore says 'Medea, stop yourself. Our betterment?'

Medea says 'When given a choice between their god and their chose their love'.

Sarah says 'I may be speaking out of turn...but love is no place for politics.'

Khore says 'Since when has DarkClaw's happiness, or any of the Kindred's been the price for 'Our betterment?.

DarkClaw blinks.

Khore says 'Sarah is correct.'

Medea sighs loudly.
Medea says 'I spoke out of turn then, I'm sorry'.

Khore says 'We better ourselves, Medea. Because sometimes, we kill others to do it. Sometimes because our hunt provides that.'

Medea says 'But if Nameless leaves his current group to be with his love, I think that's good'.

Khore says 'Sometimes because our search for truth gives us that.'

Medea shrugs.

DarkClaw shakes her head. DarkClaw say quietly, ' I don't expect that of him...'

Khore says 'If Nameless finds a better truth, better for him.'

Medea says 'Of course not, but be realistic. '

Khore says 'That is his betterment, and DarkClaw's. Not ours.'

Medea says 'He'll be hunted for this, or rejected'.

Khore says 'He knows that.'

DarkClaw sighs loudly. DarkClaw nods.

Khore says 'If he did not, I would not have approved. He knows the price.'

DarkClaw say quietly, ' As will I...'

Khore says 'If his devotion is that great, then so be it.'

Medea says 'If it is for DarkClaw's betterment, is it not for all of our betterment, Lord Khore?'

Khore chuckles, evidently amused. Khore says 'Do not twist my words, Medea, daughter of the serpent tongue.'

Khore says 'DarkClaw's happiness is personal to her. We are happy for her happiness.'

Medea says 'My apologies Lord'.

Khore says 'We are not bettered for it.'

Medea blushes.

Khore says 'Love is no place for politics….How appropriate, Sarah. :)'

Lena shifts restlessly.

Khore smiles happily.

Khore sits down on the coffin.

Medea says 'My apologies Lord...I do not believe in love, except among brethren'.

Lena stands. Lena walks over to the corner.

Khore pats his lap and motions to Lena.

Lena turns around three times and tries to sleep, growling unhappily.

Medea says 'I do not see that kind of love as anything BUT politics'.

Khore sits down and thinks deeply.

Medea says 'I know my views are not shared...'

Khore says 'Do not allow your own version of truth to be the truth that you expect others to live by.'

Lena twitches at ear at what Medea said.

Medea bows her head and tugs her white dress shyly.

Khore says 'I believe in love.' Khore's eyes glaze slightly over. Khore says 'I had it once.' Khore shrugs. Khore says 'That is behind me. I have known it to be true.'

Medea sighs and a flash of bitterness briefly crosses her face.

Lena stands and paces restlessly.

Khore says 'And I will not dissociate nor devalue my memory because I want to not believe in it.'

Medea says 'I thought so too once'. Medea curtseys gracefully to Khore.

Khore says 'Come here Lena.'

Lena shakes her head in refusal at Khore. Lena pads over to the door of the cave.

Medea says 'But I do not expect others to follow my belief, only the freedom to speak my own mind'.

Khore says 'Lena, wait.'

Lena says, unhappily, "I need to leave."

Medea says 'Lena?'

Lena pauses and looks back at Khore.

Khore frowns.

Medea sighs unhappily.

Khore says 'What ails you, wemic?'

Medea says 'Don't leave because of what I have said'.

Lena sighs. Lena tries to find the words…Lena stammers, "I..." Lena bows her head. Lena shakes her head mutely.

Khore says 'Lena, come here.'

Lena shakes her head, No. Lena murmurs "forgive me, Lord."

(End Scene)

What comes next: Kin Tails.